Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e12 Episode Script


Wong? Joy! Help me! Stop right there! Wh-who's the big guy? I'll explain later! Aw, hell.
Fine then! You won't get away! What the hell was that? He's a Yellow Head! Huh?! Why're they after you?! Cuz I overheard them talking! About what exactly? They've got Ryo and Ren under surveillance! The Yellow Heads know everything! Nobody's in here You sons of bitches.
Gotta admit, you're pretty damn good to get this far! Too bad I was one step ahead of you! It's time to celebrate our reunion.
With some head bashing! Are you sure about that? Positive! They've been keeping tabs on them this whole time! Okay.
And what are you going to do about it? I'm I'm gonna go help them! I already told you before, we don't stand a chance against these people.
Just let it go.
I want to change.
To tell the truth I hate living like this.
I slave away by stealing over and over, but it doesn't guarantee there's food on my plate the next day.
School was never an option for me, so neither was a real job.
I constantly fed myself the same excuse.
"That's just the way life is when you don't have any parents.
" Wong But everything changed when I met Ryo.
I realized that nothing is set in stone like that! If I just do something, anything, to help Ryo out Then I get the feeling that I can change! I'm going.
With or without you! Yellow Head Building, Kowloon Forget about this fool, we need to find Yuanda Zhu! Right.
Pesky little rats! I'll go across first! Get back here! Don't need this! Yo, stupid Dou Niu! Just try leaping over that if you're so desperate! You bastards! Fight like men! Let's get moving.
All right.
Move, move, move! What's your problem?! Hey, what happened to your bag? Got stolen.
Thank you.
That's my name.
Then I can't abide by that until I've accomplished my goal.
I came to Hong Kong to make that happen.
Over there! That's the bike! After her! Stop, damn you! Shit! Fork it over! Get on! Okay! What are you doing here? Did you change your mind? In your dreams! You got all those goons riled up, and now they're even after me! You're mine now! Don't you dare move! I don't have a choice.
I have to go with you now! So tell me, how're you getting inside the Yellow Head Building? I'm gonna find a good spot to sneak in somewhere! I really doubt a spur-of-the-moment plan like that will work well I'll keep them occupied for a while.
You use that chance to search for Ryo and Ren! O-okay.
Here's the plan.
I'll say that you're my baby brother and you just play along until we've both gotten inside! Wha? C'mon, we're just gonna have to search as we go! Why hello boys.
Here comes trouble.
Tell Master Dou Niu that I've cornered the pair of annoying rats.
Sorry, this is the end of the road.
Run for it! You won't get far! Look! Now! Come back here! Dirty rats! That was a cheap move! Nice! Whatchu want? Hey! You're one of the Yellow Heads, right? What's it to you? Let your boss know he's got a visitor.
Tell him it's Chun's daughter, from the White Thai.
Huh?! Master Dou Niu! My hero! What a mess.
Please forgive me.
What is it? We got trouble! This charade is so not gonna work! I'm just a kid, and even I've heard that name! Ten years back, the White Thai was a giant syndicate that had total control over the gambling scene in Hong Kong.
And the hired muscle that took care of all their dirty deeds were Dou Niu and his goons.
But rumor is the Yellow Heads betrayed the top brass and sold them out to a rival gang! So using that name here definitely isn't gonna end well! Spare me the history lesson.
Now then It's time.
You go look for Ryo and Ren.
But how?! If I get caught snooping, then we're all screwed! There's more than one way to get around.
Chun's daughter? After all these years? The timing couldn't be worse! Is she trying to sabotage our deal with the Chi You Men?! What do we do, Master Dou Niu?! No need for us to deal with her now.
Lock her up somewhere.
As you wish.
It almost feels too quiet now Yeah.
Okay, now's our chance.
Time to track down Yuanda Zhu.
Listen up, everyone.
It's Yuan! Chun of the White Thai has a daughter who just showed up at the Yellow Head Building.
What?! Lu Zhang, lock her in the basement cell.
Roger! The rest of you, hurry up and catch those meddlesome rats before our guests arrive! Roger! Let's go.
Something wrong? Yuan, that lowlife was he serious about Chun's daughter being here? What about it? I know Chun's daughter.
It's Joy.
You're comin' with us.
Hey, where'd your brother get off to? Suppose he went to take a piss.
Don't give me that bullshit! Don't think you can push me around because I'm a lady! You bitch! Wait.
I do not wish to harm you.
Just do as your told.
And what if I don't want to? Lock her up in the basement! Her brother slipped away! Find him! Right! Why is Joy here?! Don't ask me! Remember what Yuan said? He told them to lock her up in the basement.
Then we go there! Dammit! Where'd they go?! We'll search the lower floors again.
Okay, we'll search upstairs! Awesome.
Ryo and Ren haven't been caught yet! Joy was right on the money.
I won't get caught moving through here! Crap! Which way do I go? This looks promising.
Here we go! Ow, ow, ow! Wh-what the? I didn't realize the Yellow Heads were recruiting children so young.
I'm not one of the Yellow Heads, gramps! Wait a sec.
Who even are you? My name is Yuanda Zhu.
Yuanda Zhu! Whoa! The real deal?! That's a strange thing for a kid to say My buddy Ryo is here! We can get you out! How are things with Yuanda Zhu? No problems.
They're coming! You need to go, now! Right now? But how? No way! Thank god.
Don't scare me like that! We're leaving to hand you over now.
Say your sad goodbyes to Hong Kong while you can.
Aw, man! What do I do?! I've got it! All right, time to go.
Huh? Sweet! Rats! Oh god, rats! Actual rats! Get them off me! Worked like a charm! Time to run! Y-you punks! Joy! I don't think we can talk ourselves outta this one.
Stand aside.
Are you two friends with this woman? That's right.
She's coming with us.
The woman will go free, but only if you can defeat me.
Open your mind's eye.
Train yourself each and every day without neglect.
That is one of the Wude known as "Gon.
" GON Keep your heart free of conceit, never use force blindly or flaunt technique.
That is one of the Wude, "Jie.
" JIE To act without hesitation for what is right.
It is the Wude known as "Yi.
" YI Never be shaken, remain calm and resolute to make the proper decision.
That is the Wude known as "Dan"! DAN This fight is over.
We're taking Joy with us.
Damn you.
State your name.
Ryo Hazuki.
A name that I will remember Those punks Why did they come here? Where are they? You had a car?! Rats! Rats! What the situation? Rats, dammit! Filthy rats! Rats? What're you talking about? Do you mean Ren and that Japanese kid?! No, idiot! I'm talking about real, live rats! Where's Yuanda Zhu? That goddamn brat! "Brat"? Oh shit! Ryo! Ren! Joy, what the hell are you doing here? As if you have to ask! I came to save two dumbasses from throwing their lives away! Way to flirt with danger.
All that's left is Yuanda Zhu.
Wait, what about Wong? Wong? You haven't met up with him yet?! Find the brat! He broke Yuanda Zhu out and now they're on the run! Catch them immediately! You little shit! I'm gonna rip your head off! Give me a break already! Keep charging ahead, my boy! Huh? But then Just trust me! That was sick! Great! We're getting out of here! Hey, kid.
Keep this up and I'll see to it that you're sleeping with the fishes tonight! You assholes You've really done it now Enough games! I'm shredding you all to pieces! Put him down for good.
You can have these back.
Where are Wong and Yuanda Zhu? Spit it out! How should I know! I'd never tell you even if I did! Watch it, pal! You said that Yuanda Zhu would be handed over.
Where's the handoff happening? Shucks, I forgot.
Oh yeah? Guess you don't mind a taste of this, then.
Huh? What's with all the garbage? I told you before.
He's a total neat freak.
P-please no! On the roof! The deal is going down on the roof! You heard him.
Great! Let's go! Thanks, chump! No! Lan Di! Shenmue Next time: "Shenmue.
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