Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e13 Episode Script


What the hell? What is this? That's far enough! Another move and the kid gets it! Wong! Starting today, I work under the great Lan Di! Starting today, I work under the great Lan Di! Cut it out! Get your hands off! Lemme go! Cut it out! Get your hands off! Lemme go! And this whole city will soon be groveling at my feet! Cut it out! Get your hands off! Lemme go! And this whole city will soon be groveling at my feet! And this whole city will soon be groveling at my feet! Let go already! That must be Lan Di.
Lan Di! It's you the Hazuki boy.
You son of a bitch! Ryo! Don't you care what happens to this kid?! Master Lan Di? Come.
You have improved, somewhat.
Ryo! Dumbass! Don't let him get you so wound up! Enough! There is nothing to be gained by bringing harm to these people.
I will tell you what you want to know.
But first, put the child down.
Huh? You don't give the orders here! I'm not gonna- Very well.
Release him.
Wong! Ouch! It's in Bailu Village.
Lan Di! Quit it, man! M-Master Lan Di? B-b-but what about my total domination over Hong Kong? Hurry and clean up this mess.
It's a valuable opportunity for you to show Master Lan Di that you can do something useful.
You damn rats! I'm gonna squash you all flat into the dirt! Not good! Guys! C'mon! We're making a break for it! Hear me?! Watch out! Make yourself scarce! Lan Di! Use your head, fool! Snap out of it already! Your obsession with revenge is making you blind to everything happening right in front of you! Becoming blind Listen to me! You're not the only one whose ass is on the line now! Remember what you said? You can't stop until you reach your goal, dammit! I can't stop So move! Yeah you're right.
Thanks, man.
You guys make a break for it! Okay! Not so fast.
None of you are going anywhere.
Just leave the suits to me.
You go knock Dou Niu down a peg.
I'm sick and tired of dealing with you goddamn annoying brats! You can't beat me! Ryo! Oh no! Damn it Father what more must I do? Ryo it's still not enough.
You are lacking.
Keep that in mind.
A father does not show all of his faces to his son.
I refuse to lead a young man like yourself into such a lion's den.
If I were in your shoes I'd do exactly the same.
Why do you practice the martial arts? Like the stillness of the surface of water, you must clear your mind.
Become free from distraction, and channel your focus entirely on your mind itself.
Is there a problem? You've got your eyes shut tight! I guess that means you're ready to die! Ryo?! What's wrong?! Wait, that technique Burn in hell! Sweet move! He can master it.
Sorry, fellas.
You'll need a few decades of training to even come close to beating me! I'm gonna wring the life right out of you! Channel all of my focus Die! Entirely on the mind! Way to go! He achieved the serenity of a polished mirror.
Lan Di We're not done.
Ren's Hideout So Iwao died at the hands of Lan Di.
Fate is a cruel mistress indeed.
Please tell me.
Why would Lan Di kill my father? For revenge.
Lan Di sought retribution for the death of his own father, Sunming Zhao.
Do you remember Sunming Zhao? Yes, he did mention that name.
Lan Di's real name is actually Longsun Zhao.
He firmly believed that your father, Iwao Hazuki, was the one who killed Sunming Zhao.
However, I do not know the truth behind that accusation.
I see Hey, gramps.
Tell us what the deal is with the mirror that Ryo has.
Show him.
My father kept ahold of this mirror.
Oh! I know of it! This mirror used to belong to Sunming Zhao.
This Phoenix Mirror is paired with another known as the Dragon Mirror and together they form a key.
The key to a massive fortune of hidden treasures that are intended to revive the Qing Dynasty.
I knew it! Nobody's got a better intuition for this stuff than me! Uh-huh, sure.
So, how can we get our hands on this treasure? Hm? Only by bringing both mirrors together will the secret to that be revealed.
Okay, so Phoenix Mirror alone doesn't do squat.
That's not the real problem here.
After all this, hardly any light has been shed on the truth surrounding the murder of Ryo's father.
You should go to Guilin.
Guilin? That is the place where Sunming Zhao and Iwao once underwent training together.
It is also home to the rare Phantom River Stone, which was used to craft these mirrors.
The descendants of the craftsmen should be living there, too.
Lan Di is making his way there now.
Lan Di?! Back then That's right.
I told him about Bailu Village in Guilin.
Bailu Village Lan Di! You've stopped touching it.
The cut on your cheek.
The answers should lie there.
Have faith in Iwao no, in your father.
Keep pursuing the truth.
I will! Hey Ryo! You're leaving, huh? Don't go doing anything stupid.
Of course.
I owe you both so much.
Thank you.
Bye for now! Later.
Ryo will be okay.
He's tougher than nails.
We'll see him again someday.
Ryo! How've you been, Fangmei? Thanks for all your help.
So it's true you're leaving Hong Kong soon.
Well then, does that mean you've made sense of the Master's teachings? I'm not sure yet.
That's why I'm going to Guilin.
Good luck.
I've got it all figured out! The reason why you gave Ryo so much guidance was because you had Master Xiuying in mind the whole time! You talk too much.
Hanhui, Fangmei.
Thank you both so much.
She's waiting inside.
Go and see her.
So, you're choosing to leave.
And chase after Lan Di.
I'm going after the truth.
Take this.
What is it? I don't want you to end up being like my brother.
A martial artist fueled by rage, barreling toward his own destruction.
More than anything, I hope you avoid that path.
To some extent, I understand how your brother felt.
And deep down I know that you do, as well.
I'm not going to die.
I'm certain that somewhere your brother is alive too.
Thank you for everything.
Huh? Hey Mom Did dad come to pay you a visit? I guess sometimes I should visit him myself.
What's with all the dumb looks? Ren! Just look! Come one, come all! Step right up and be amazed! I've got the best deals on fresh bananas that you've ever seen! It's first come, first served, folks! Buy before they're gone! Him? A salesman? Has he totally lost his marbles? Don't be stupid.
There's never been anybody in this town with their head on straight to begin with.
Guilin, eh? Sounds like a good time.
At Bailu Village Bailu Village.
And this man, standing next to my father He might be.
Yingshuihe River I wasn't prepared for a downpour According to the locals, I need to pass through the mountains on this path to reach Bailu Village.
Seriously?! Let the goat go! You'll drown! No! He'll never make it without me! Dammit! There! Father you were always getting on my case.
Telling me that I'm "lacking".
Now, after meeting so many people, it's finally hit me.
Maybe the thing I've been searching for is whatever's "lacking".
That's why I've come so far.
Father I'm not done.
I'm going to keep moving forward Thank you for saving me.
The baby goat made it out, too.
My name is Shenhua.
And you? My name is Ryo.
Ryo Hazuki.
Where am I? Bailu Village.
Really?! That tree It's called the Shenmue tree.
It blooms those beautiful flowers around this time every year.
That tree is like family to me.
I grew up with it.
And the flowers that bloom on the Shenmue tree They are called Shenhua.
Huh? Yes.
My namesake.
Ryo, let's go back inside.
Do you live here on your own, Shenhua? No.
I live together with my father.
My mother is gone.
I see.
I don't believe it! What's the matter? What is this diagram? My father told me it's been passed down in our family for many generations.
They match.
Ryo, where did you get that mirror? It's something that my father had.
It's made of Phantom River Stone! How on earth did it end up with you? What's wrong? There's a legend in our village.
Long ago, special mirrors were made from Phantom River Stone at the direct order of the Emperor.
But there were terrible disputes over their ownership due to the hidden powers they contained.
Many lost their lives.
My father may be able to tell you more.
Please take me to meet your father.
The door is ajar What's on the inside? I don't know.
My father has never allowed me inside.
This isn't normal.
Something's wrong.
Shenhua, let's go in.
Shenhua! A letter? Dear Shenhua.
My purpose is now fulfilled.
I have completed the Phoenix Mirror, our family's life work.
Village lore has long spoken of this fateful day.
Shenhua, my girl.
Take the bearer of the phoenix and undergo the trial of proof.
Then entrust yourself to him.
And go forth, together.
I bequeath to you our family heirloom, the Sword of Seven Stars.
Think of me as the sword and keep it by your side.
Know that I am watching over you, forever.
Father Coming across the sea, from a distant land in the east, he shall appear.
A young man, unaware of his own strength.
A strength that can both destroy him, and bring his dreams to fruition.
When he is ready, he shall seek me.
We will traverse this barren road together.
As it was written upon the stars, from long, long ago.
A dragon will rise from the earth, conjuring dark clouds to blot out the heavens.
A phoenix will descend from above, delivering purple winds with a flap of its wings.
Yet even as the sky is devoured by darkness, a single morning star radiates its bright light.
That long, winding tale shall now begin.

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