Sherwood (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Gary, we're NUM.
This was
predominantly a UDM village.

A break-away union.

They didn't support the strike.

- No.

- No!
But you know what folk
are saying, though, right?
That someone's targeting striking miners.

I mean, who's next? Am I next?
I think they're aiming at me.

Can you think of anyone or any
reason why someone might do this?
That was a horrible
- Armed police!
- Armed police!
Mr Rowley, Scott killed
Gary and we need to know why,
so we can prevent what he's
planning on doing next.

Do you know what a spycop is?
Undercover cops in the '70s.

Well, they were following orders and
they buggered off when it all ended.

Apparently, this undercover
officer didn't bugger off.

This was someone who assumed an identity.

Moved here in the '80s.

Spied on people, and then
remained here -- to this day.

What are you doing, Ian?
Little Ian St Clair all dressed up.

- You should be ashamed.
- Just think how proud your dad would be.

Think how much fun you'd
have if you was on this side.

Don't we look fun?
Let's get to it, eh?
Oh, Gary.
- No, Gary.
No, no.

- Come on.
Come on, lads.

Shut up, the lot of yous! Shut up.
We're miners.

We'll never be defeated.

We're miners.

We'll never be defeated.

We're miners.

We'll never be defeated.

Right, then, lads.

We're miners.

We'll never be defeated.

We're miners.

We'll never be defeated.

Armed police, make a line!
Get off of me! Get off me!
- Get off him!
- Get off me!
Stop! Stop! Get off him!
The man we'd like to talk to urgently
is Scott Rowley, 24 years old.

And I believe Mr Rowley is residing
in the woods around Annesley,
Newstead and Hucknall.

We believe he's on foot.

And our officers are
searching numerous locations
based on our own intelligence
and from sightings by
members of the public.

And with that, I want to
stress that the public
should not approach
Scott if they see him --
he's armed and dangerous.

So if you come across his whereabouts,
please call 999 instead.

And now, I'd like to invite Catherine
Cathy Rowley
who is Scott's stepmother,
and she'd like to appeal
to Scott directly.

I feel silly being the one here.

Silly's the wrong word, looking at it now.

Speaking to you.

If you're listening.

Cos I know I'm only your stepmother,
but I feel like we could always talk,
me and you.

Even though I feel split in two
about what has happened to my old family
and what's happening now to my new one,
I want you to know
that the best thing to
do is to hand yourself in.

And if you do, everything will be better.

I know you're upset and you're confused.

I know you are.

But, please, can you come in?
For everyone.

Thank you, Cathy.

We're appealing to members of the public
for any information they might
have, and they can contact us
- How are you, mate?
- All right, mate.

- Dad?
- Hi.

Present from darkest Manchester.

Thank you.

You look like shit.

Yeah, I'm a bit under the weather.

I've asked for the day off.

I saw it in the station up there.

It's for your mouse.

Your computer?
You still have a mouse, don't you?
They knocked down this Victorian frontage
in the 1960s, of course,
for the electrification of the line.

Shame, in a way, but there we are.

Listen, erm, don't worry
about the other night.

- You know, the thing?
- Oh.

- Aye.

- Yeah.

Why don't you come round for a
cup of tea or something later?
Why don't you?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I'll see you later.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!
Mrs Sparrow.

You know, round our neck of the woods,
which happens to be
your neck of the woods,
when you wrongly accuse
someone of something,
you ask them for forgiveness.

Well, I'd like to express regret
for any inconvenience caused
and to say thank you for
helping us with our inquiries.

did Scott ever visit
your archery range?
Sorry, am I being questioned
without a solicitor?
You're not being questioned.

It's just a question.

Did he learn from you lot
how to use a bow and that?
Did he Did he buy his arrows from you?
God, my mind's gone absolute blank.


That's it, then?
This lad's lost his marbles,
and you've got to catch him.

- That's all there is to it.

- Ey up.

Hey, what's that song?
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

Oh, don't worry.
What is it your dad said?
There's plenty of things
we could send you down for.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Well done.

Ian, two ticks.
I need you
at this Safety Advisory Group.

There's a Forest match tonight.

Well, I'm in the middle of this.

Quick second.

A Yorkshire team in Nottingham
can get a bit dicey,
but nowt that our ground team
don't handle a dozen times a year.

Sorry, it's been a while
since I've been to the match.

You're not saying that away fans
still shout that at Forest, are you?
My counterpart at Barnsley
says that they don't condone it
and they are actively trying to stop
it, but there's still a tradition.

When certain Yorkshire teams
play Nottingham Forest,
a chant has oftentimes come
from their fans over to ours.

Scabs, yeah.

Also, we're picking up some stuff online.

Some fans are planning to
divert to Gary's village today,
sort of an on-the-hoof memorial service
for their fallen comrade
this side of the border.


With old NUM members
incoming, and with passions
running extra high, I say
we be extra vigilant.

I mean, you could move the level
up from category B to category C --
higher risk.

But that means you need to bump
up your number of officers.

I'm not diverting my men from
a manhunt.
Are you kidding?
You saw the size of the
area I have to deal with.

Ey up, it's Barnsley fans
that are the problem.

Why not get Yorkshire coppers down here?
You cannot have a neighbouring
force march into our county
to help with a crisis
caused in no small part
with a happening years ago.

Well, then, we need some
numbers from your manhunt.

What choice do we have?
Have you caught him?
No, not yet.
Might take some time.

I just wanted to, erm
We think some of Gary's friends,
NUM, you know, from north of the border
might be paying the village a visit.

Out of respect, but I, um
What? Do you think they might
not exactly be respectful?
What do you want me to do about it?
Nothing necessarily, just
I just wanted you to be aware, you know?
Well, yeah.

OK, thank you.
Yeah, I'm aware.

Listen, erm
Did Gary ever talk about his
meetings with his solicitor?
Cos we think he might have
been looking for someone.

Looking for someone?
Someone he thought was a copper
here in the '80s, undercover.

Someone who was linked
to his wrongful arrest.

Well, he mentioned that
he was looking into
I mean, I didn't take it seriously,
but he was looking into some sort of spy
in the village.
I was just like, you know,
"Come off it, you daft ha'p'orth.
Did he mention a name?
Is that why you think he was killed?

No, just
following up every
line of inquiry, you know?
Oh, God, what is it now?
Ah, sir.
It's, er
The body was discovered by her husband,
who's next door with his dad.

- Her name is Sarah.

- Sarah Vincent.

I was at her wedding at the weekend.

Sorry, sir.

Oh, no, no.
I didn't know-her know her.

You know, she's just a
colleague of my wife.

Andrew Fisher is her father-in-law.

- What, the train driver?
- The body is stiff.

It looks like she was probably
killed sometime yesterday afternoon
to late evening, but the PM
will help narrow that down.

And this spade's the murder weapon?
Yeah, I'd say so.

There's matching blood
and hair stuck to it.

It looks like the edge penetrated
her skull with some force.

There's no prints so far.

Signs of forced entry?
Actually, no.
None at all.

So maybe she let 'em in.

Or they let themselves in.

And there's a connection to Scott.

She's the daughter-in-law
of one of the other targets.

Or it's an entirely unrelated homicide.

What, a place like this?
One murder every blue moon.

Now we're at two in a matter of days,
and they're entirely unconnected?

Neel, I'm so sorry.

Is it him? The same guy who
shot his thing at me? Why?
- Why would he?
- Look, I
So I believe you found her this morning.

So you weren't at home
last night or yesterday?
I've been away a couple of days.

I've come back today.

I just walked in and I fucking
saw her on the floor
And I And I And
I heard Neel screaming.

This is me.
I live next door.

Did you go round via the garden?

And you you didn't hear anything,
like, late afternoon, early evening?
No, nothing.
There was nothing.

Neel, I'm sorry, but
I've got to ask some questions.

I don't bloody care.
Just ask.

Well, there's a spade in the kitchen.


Right, I have no clue
where that came from.

I've never seen it in my life.

We're doing up the garden,
though, so it might be theirs.

Yeah, but it doesn't look like
it's been used, brand-new, so
Well, she bought it
herself, then.
She was
She was ordering this stuff online.

It would have to have arrived
on Wednesday, then, yesterday,
if she had it delivered.

I I don't know.
I suppose.

- Why?
- Well, if she
Well, forgive me, but if
she ordered her own
Well, yeah, the weapon that
Then that might help narrow
the window a bit, yeah?
Was, erm
Was the front door locked
when you got here this morning?
Uh, yeah.


She was proper security conscious.

She locked the front
door even if we were in.

Right, and what about
the back patio doors?
No, actually, they were unlocked.

So someone could have left
through those back doors,
then gone through the gap
in the fence and then
What, through here?
Don't know.

Do you have the name of the builders?

There's a card on the kitchen
countertop next door.

All right.

All right?
Seven days.

Less than seven days married, Dad
All right, all right, it's all right.

Neel, did either you or Sarah
Did you know Scott Rowley?
I don't know who that is.

It's the guy who killed
that man on Sunday,
the one on the loose that nearly
bloody well got me with a
It's got to be him, right?
Yeah, but, if anything,
this Gary was on the opposite,
like, side to Sarah's family.

Her dad used to bus working
miners through striking pickets.

They were his coaches.

So they're not the same
at all, like, politically.

This is dated yesterday
-- missed delivery.

It could be the spade
-- "too large to post".

It might have gone to
one of the neighbours
who maybe dropped it back here later.

Well, including you, I suppose.

- You obviously didn't sign for it.

- No.


When did it happen?
I've no idea when, we
only just noticed it.

It must have been in the early hours.

Poor thing.

Do you have any security cameras?
Just inside.

Should I be worried?
Should we even be open?
We don't believe there's
any immediate threat,
but we will get as many officers down here
as possible to canvass the area.

On a usual day like this
Boss, you're not going to believe this.

Talk to you later.

There's been another arrow
attack -- Newstead Abbey.

Anyone hurt?
- Peacock.

- A peacock?
Yeah, a peacock -- feathers, beak.

Listen, did you have to talk
so openly in front of them?
She might have ordered
her own murder weapon?

Were you not interested
to gauge their reaction?
They're suspects, too.
Prime suspects.

Yeah, but there are ways.

And as the SIO, I expect
you to follow my lead.

Yeah, all right.

I'll get my guys to check out the alibi.

- You worried?
- About what?
Well, like you say,
this doesn't follow the
pattern of the first murder.

Gary was a striking miner killed
by the son of a working miner.

Now we have the daughter
of a working miner,
or one of their main allies back
then, dead a few hours later.

Well, that's quite a leap.

True or not, it's what
people will believe,
and that's a massive problem.


You You probably don't
remember me.
It's cos
Well, I haven't
I'm Julie.

My husband passed at the weekend.

I'm, erm
I'm so sorry.

Can I, erm Can I make you a cup of tea?
No, I'm not staying.

Thank you.
Sorry, I've not I've not come to
I've not come to talk about his
They've, erm The police have him still.

So I've no idea, you know,
when they'll, you know.

Look, I don't know how things
run here, but I've been told
that quite a lot of my
husband's old pals, I suppose,
are travelling down
here to mark his passing.

But there's nowhere for them to do that.

And I'm worried that they'll
They'll just go and get
tanked up at the pub.

And the church opposite us is
being used by the police, so
This afternoon?

It's just somewhere for them to be.

Like I say, I hate
I hate to ask, but.

Of course.

Of course, we can We
can welcome them here.

It will be our pleasure.

Well, I'll I'll herd them your way.

I'll be here.

There you are, son.

My guys are in touch
with the delivery company about the spade.

If we can get the time
that the package arrived
and maybe the name of the driver, then
Sorry, sorry.

- I've got to take this.

- Yeah, yeah, sure.

I'm so sorry, love.

What's happening? That poor girl!
Who would do this? That same lad or?
Oh, we'll find out.

- I might be late.

- I-I-I
I'm actually shaking.

Shit! We meant to Bollocks!
We invited Jenny and
Jacob to dinner tonight.

I-I-I'll have to cancel.
OK, I'll, erm
I'll cancel.

Well, see how you feel, huh?
I mean, it might be good to
have some old friends round.

Mrs Rowley, sorry about this.

There are some, erm,
visitors heading this way
from the north.

From the north? What north?
Gary Jackson's old union.

It's like an impromptu memorial thing.

But DCS St Clair has
suggested, as a precaution,
that you come with us to the parish hall,
where we have officers stationed.

It's just for safety.

If there's a memorial,
shouldn't we be going?
I won't hide.
We've done nowt.

Yeah, I should be going.

He was my brother-in-law.

I mean, what are the rules
for this sort of thing?
I don't know what I'm
meant to be doing, Fred.

Will you stop saying that
and just get in the car?
Do as you're told!
So we have a second victim.

Sarah Vincent, now Fisher.

So, did you know her? Did Scott know her?
- No.

- What about Newstead Abbey?
Is that a place of
significance for you or Scott?
Why are you asking about Newstead?
Did you ever visit it as a family?
No, we never really did
that kind of thing.

Can I ask a question?
Over £15,000,
just sat there in an
account of a young man
with no training, no
qualifications, no job,
still living at home with his parents.

That's not a question.

Why didn't he spend it?
Who was he keeping it for?
What? You never asked?
You ever talk about it?
I mean, it was your redundancy, wasn't it?
He resented him having it, that's why.

He only gave it to him to
stop his ex-wife having it
- during the divorce.

- Not the only reason.

What, your ex-wife being Scott's mother?

She lives over in Bestwood.

It's a pit village other
side of the woods.

Well, former pit village.

And what was Scott's relationship
like with his mother?
Would he go there?
Oh, for
She's his mother.

When we split up, I weren't in a
In a good way, you know?
Didn't think I could look
after him, like, you know
Pits had just closed.

She was having it off with
another fella, and, erm
Scott would be about three or four.

So I sent him off to be with her.

I thought it'd be best for him.

A change.
But it didn't work out.

I don't know why, he didn't settle.

Well, you do know.

Cos the new fella's kids
didn't get on with Scott.

So then she didn't want him.

You didn't want him.
She didn't want him.

So, you know, he's not stupid, is he?
Kids know things.

You never wanted him.

I tried so hard.

Harder than you or her ever did.

Gary Jackson reckoned
there was an undercover
cop in the village,
came under a false name and stayed.

You ever heard about that?
Have you always lived here, Fred?
Well, um, you know, I was transferred
over from Shirebrook to Annesley Pit in
must have been '83, you
know, by the Coal Board.

Never been in the police, though.

Not that I've owt against the police.

You know, you lot, you kept us
all going, earning a living,
you know, clearing the path
to the pit so we could work.

And I know how hard that was.

For you.

Folk don't talk about that, do they?
Not you, coming up, earning a few
quid, knock a few heads together
and piss off again, but, you
Well, we all know.

Those of us who remember.

And what else is there to
do round here but remember?
What else is there to do?
You know, a mining family
like yours was well liked
around here, respected, and, you know,
to be a policeman from a family
like that at a time like that
I get it.
You you
know what it feels like
to be ostracised, I suppose,
you know, by certain people.

You know, and the choices you have to make
over how to carry How
to How to just survive!
And who to survive it with.

I almost feel sorry for a
kid growing up like that,
but the emphasis firmly on the almost.

I mean, we've got two dead
-- former miner, councillor --
and then the arrows, you know?
And a train, a solicitor
and a fucking peacock.

I mean, what's he up
to? What's his pattern?
I didn't know that, about your family.

But you don't, you know
Was it because of what
happened that night?
Let's not.

I was so young back then.

Well, we were both so young.

Younger than my boy now.

Do you think they know, at that age
I didn't.
I mean, you don't, do you?
quite how beautifully,
wonderfully young you are?
Quite how many things it's
possible to do with your life
at that point?
And that you should be so
happy and excited about it all?
The man we'd like to speak
urgently to is Scott Rowley,
24 years old.

Now, I believe Mr Rowley is residing
in the woods around Annesley,
Newstead and Hucknall.

We believe he's on foot.

Our officers are searching
numerous locations
based on our own intelligence
and from sightings by
members of the public.

And with that, I want to stress
We're miners.

We'll never be defeated.

We're miners.

We'll never be defeated.

- Reception committee's here early.

- Yeah.

All right, boys and girls,
mind your p's and q's.

Get those banners out.
That'll do
That's it.

Come on, lads.

Is the banner really necessary?
Well, this were Gary's union.

He gave his life to it.

Maybe literally, even.

- That's it, pull it tight.

- It's a mark of respect.

That's it.

All right.

- Right.
Here we go.

- Ready?
Remember why we're here.

It's for Gary.
Come on.

It's, a
Well, it's, a testimony to Gary
how you were all able
to mobilise at short notice
to honour him here today.

It's clear that he is
a man who meant a lot
to a lot of people.

To family and friends,
but also simply to people who share
a heritage.

I suppose that's the
thing about people,
is they're always more than one thing,
sometimes lots of contradictory things.

Speaking to Julie, I
know that Gary was proud,
but humble.

He was principled,
but with his kids and his
grandkids, a total pushover.

He was passionate with his views.

But he listened.

He has no idea what he's doing
to us, does he, this lad?
To our relationships.

What, mine and yours?
Stop being a knob.

Our business relationships,
which are tenuous.

New suppliers, younger, flashier
And they have these cuckoos dotted about
- that will always undercut us.

- Why?
- Cos they use kids as couriers.

- Cos they use kids.

Do we use kids? We do not.

Well, you know, maybe
we should stop doing it.

We've got the taxis, we've got
Taxis aren't enough on their own.

What's wrong?
We trained him.

Didn't we?
We must have done.

And folk'll know.

- We need to think of some sort of
- What?
Well, acknowledgement of that,
some some some sort of penance.

A drink, Julie?
No, I'm all right, love.

Sorry to gate-crash, like
We wanted to briefly pay our respects.

And, erm, no hard feelings
for pointing the finger.

Suspension of hostilities sort of thing.

Right, here.

Put this behind the bar.

Oh, no, no, no.
no, don't.
I I can't accept.

You can accept it.

We're all neighbours.

We all live in the same
place at the same time.

And I still think that's
a thing what matters,
what means something.

You can accept it.

- OK.

- Go on.

Thank you.

Come on, get a drink.
Don't be shy.

What bitter have you got on?
Not Mansfield.
You any Tetley's?
Oh, we're at capacity.


Not in the mood for bygones
being bygones, then, eh?
We're not even allowed to raise
a glass for a fallen friend?
Been up to much else while
you've been down here, have ya?
Heard about a beautiful
young lass just been killed?
- Eh?
- You what?
Look, how's about you just pootle off, eh?
And sharpish, please.

Gary's family kept
solidarity with us in '84.

You're still drinking with them.

No, please don't use my family
as a pawn in any of this.

No, I mean it.

Look, I know Gary appreciated
your many whatevers
Kindnesses over the years,
especially when they weren't
extended to him on his own doorstep,
but I think it's best that you go.


Can can I just say one thing, please?
Something I think Gary would have liked
made known amongst some of his
holier-than-thou neighbours.

Gary was a good
A good man who believed in things,
believed in being straight, honest.

And he were a loyal friend.

But someone here
is not who they seem.

Gary sh-shared it with us.

You have a great pretender in your midst.

What's he on about?
I don't know, do I?
Well, in the past couple of months,
Gary talked about it, you know, a spy,
but I didn't know what to think.

I thought it were bollocks.

It is bollocks.

Go on, coming here to
stir up the past.
Ey, ey up.
Don't shoot
the messenger.
It in't me.

I mean, our union

My union.

Your lot broke away, I recall.

In't that right?
Yeah, well, our lot are
lobbying the government even now
to find the truth about these spies!
Look to your neighbours,
look to your friends.

Someone who came here just
before or during that strike.

An outsider with an identity
plucked from nowhere --
fake job, fake name --
who spied on all of you,
and stayed for whatever reason,
and is still here, walking
among you, bold as brass.

And I'll warrant that
mad bastard in the woods
knows who it might be.

Cinds, are you in?
It's DI Salisbury.

I need a PNC check on a vehicle
or registered keeper details.

If you have the address
I'm starving.

What? I am.

You're always hungry.

What's happened to my name?
What do you mean?
Who's Robbie Platt?
What did you say?
Oh, my God.

What is it?

- Just incredible.

- Thank you.

Things like that Thank
you happening round here.

I feel for you both, seriously.


He's in my school, you know?
Noah Jackson.

It's so sad.
Poor kid.

Although, I'm sure at that age,
he'll be more resilient than his sister.

I just hope it's over soon.

And what's-his-face, your new
pal, can bugger off back to London.

What's his name?
Erm, Kevin.

Then you can stop being so tetchy.

Who's this?

Some Met inspector Ian had a
run-in with way back when.

Right, erm
- Yes!
- Oh, yeah.

Shall we have another bottle?
Well, I'm driving, so just pudding for me.

All right?
Erm, pint of cask, please.

Is that a London accent?
Yeah, yeah.

Just here for work, you know?
Christ, we've had all and sundry in today,
haven't we, Martin? Oh, it's 2.
50 thanks.

There you go.

Do I know you, pal?

I tend not to forget a face, mysen.

People tend not to forget mine.

All right, what's happening?
- Hey, hey, Ian!
- Nothing.

- Martin
- Oh, they're there now.

I don't mean to say anything,
but they started it.

They just came straight
in, and he went mad!
Is it him? Tell me it's
not that cop.
Is it him?!
Oh, what?
- I'm just telling the boss.

- What are you doing here?!
Eh? Come on, get up.

Get all these inside now.
What, are you are you
actually fucking working here?
All right, look, just calm down.

Get inside, drink some water.

One of the fuckers who did this is to me?!
He's here to help.
Now you get inside.

- You don't tell me what to do!
- You're a fucking wanker!
Don't arrest him.

Just get him inside, calm
him down, get some water.

Inside! You
in the car.

Fucking arsehole!
In the fucking car!
Loot at this, eh? What a surprise!
Once a turncoat, always a turncoat!
He said not to arrest him.

Calm down.

For fuck's sake.
Come on, in you go.

Go easy, all right?
Just relax.
Just relax.



Yeah, well, I never asked to be here.

Yeah, well, neither did I.

You don't have a clue, do you?
You don't have any fucking idea
- Nope.

- .
what it were like for us.

You know, those left behind,
the people who lived here had
to clear up after your mess.

You did all right.
did better than me
Having that hanging over me,
being tarred with the same
brush as you bastard lot.

Friends who wouldn't talk to me.

Family who just
And here we are --
happening all over again.

Me defending you in front of my
I'd have stayed here, you know.

- What?!
- I really wanted to stay here.

It was you.

You took that away from me.


Everything that went wrong
for me, everything
I can trace back to here.

Trace back to you.

Let's just do our job, shall we?
Catch this killer and then
you can fuck off back home.

Yes, Chief.

Are you OK?
Why are you asking me that?
It's me who should be asking you.

Cos it's you.
It's you who's lost someone.

Well, because you're crying.

I don't know why
he did that.


Please, don't say his name.

Sorry, sorry.

I hope they find him.

I hope he rots in jail
his entire miserable life.

What do we do now?
- Morning.

- Morning, sir.

DI Salisbury.

Oh, yeah, cheers.
Thanks for calling back.

Yeah, can you give me the name
of the person that signed f?
Are you sure?
Well, can I check the house number?
All right.
Yeah, cheers.

Thanks for your help.

- What is it?
- Courier company.

The person that signed
for Sarah's missed
package the day before
was Andy Fisher.

Once we've registered the, erm
the thing
we should
We can go and get a coffee.

Or something.

Maybe a garden centre, maybe?
Still don't feel real.

Any of it.

How could anyone have it in 'em?
Like, have it inside 'em to do such a
It'd be like psychopathic.

Proper evil.

I just want to top myself.

I want it gone, this feeling.

I was going to spend
my life with her, Dad.

I know that
I know that feeling, Neel, I know it.

When your mum
But I promise you, over time
here and there, bit by bit
it becomes possible to live again.

It does, honestly.

And in the meantime
In the meantime
you'll always have me here.

All right?
Leave it.

- It's probably more press.

- It could be important.

Neel, it's Ian St Clair.

We were wondering if you could come in.

- I'm sorry, but there's been a development.

- Uh-huh.

OK, we can come in now.

I'll swing by with my dad.

No, erm, best come in alone, eh?
Well, I'm with him now in the
I'm right next to him.

Hi, Andy.

Yeah, well, in that case,
why don't you both come in?
All right.

Dad, what are y?
What is?
Dad! Dad!
Where are you going?
Ma name is Geordie Black,
aa'm 'm getting very awd
Aa've hewed tonnes of coal in my time
An' when aa wes young,
aa could either put or hew
Oot o' other lads aa
always took the shine
Aa'm going doon the
hill, I canna use the pick
The master hes ne pity on auld bones
Aa'm noo on the bank ♪
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