Sherwood (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

This programme contains some
strong language,
some scenes of a sexual nature and
some violent scenes

- Mrs Jackson?
- Yeah.

- Is your husband Gary Jackson?
- Yes!
Get off of me!
Gary Jackson's arrest file.

Some of it's redacted,
restricted access.

The officer that intervened to get
it dropped was from the London Met.

We're having trouble accessing some
of the relevant details, strangely.

Well, as I'm sure you can appreciate,
it was all quite a long time ago.

The information Notts Constabulary require
relates to a confidential matter elsewhere.

A confidential matter elsewh?
Nevertheless, we feel it might be
good if you actually went there.

When you live in a village and come
from a village,
what's connected to a mine,
what happens in t'community,
happens to everybody.

We are now approaching
Newstead, Newstead Station.

This service is calling at all stations
to Nottingham.

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen,
there's just something
on the I've just got to check
Let's gather.
Had a
murderer on the loose for 48 hours
and a very jittery village,
so no fussing and flapping.

Come on.


just give me a minute, will you?
DCS St Clair?
St Clair.
DI Salisbury.


We've dealt with each other before
- during
- Yeah, a lifetime ago, though, eh?
I was surprised when they told me
you were actually coming up.

I mean, all we needed from your force was
some restricted information on a victim file.

Could have sent you the questions
- power of Zoom and all that.

- Yeah, I'm sure.

But the powers that be and all that.

My commissioner wanted to offer
actual assistance, not just words.

So, here I am.

Right, well, I'm just taking
the morning briefing,
but there's a kitchen down there
if you want a coffee.

Maybe I could sit in,
if that would be useful?
This is DI Salisbury
from the Metropolitan Police.

He's here to offer us any,
um assistance we might need.


Now, the arrow that was
let loose into Gary's body
was from a crossbow.

And the light source on his skull
shows the shape of a butt,
probably from the same weapon.

Our victim profile of Gary Jackson,
loving husband, dad and grandad,
retired miner, remained politically
active as a member of the NUM,
mainly with ex-miners
north of the border, but unpopular
with some swathes of the community
here for staying out
throughout in '84.

The landlady at the welfare said
a pool ball was thrown after Gary
used the word "scab".

He had his usual three pints of mix.

Neighbours have told us that Gary's
been calling him that for years
and nothing's ever happened before.

And I mean, come on,
I've been called worse.

- Haven't we all?
- Right, what about The Sparrows,
the archery range?
Yeah, I'm still working my way
through a list of visitors,
including any other, you know,
so-called scabs.

All right, OK.

Odd as it might sound, particularly
for the younger ones,
and I don't mean to be patronising,
but that word is still incredibly
loaded and very painful round here,
where most of the miners didn't
join the strike when the majority
of miners in the UK did.

And Gary Jackson was an exception
in Nottinghamshire,
joining the picket line
where that word was shouted
out and caused a lot of anger
and extreme violence.

So be mindful, all right?
You know, the tensions still rumble
on and we don't want
to make things worse.

So, what about this dog?
No, nothing really.

Well, get onto the radio
stations, get the word out.

And what about the powder
that was found in Gary's garden?
Spoke to the lab.

There's traces of ketamine,
but it's burnt to shit.

But they're going to do their best.


Control have been in touch.

There's a train service near Newstead
that's been attacked by an arrow.

Well, let's get down there.

- You carry on with this.

- Right.

Er, should I come with?
Well, I don't know what the expectations
- of Scotland Yard are
- Well, my understanding was that
- Nottingham made contact for help.

- .
but all we needed was information.

OK, fair enough.

We'll take my car.
It's ten minutes.


Erm, can I leave my stuff here?
- Whatever you want.

- Nice one.

I mean, unless he IS in his room and
not answering
But, no, no, I don't think
he's in there.
I think he's
- We've got his sentencing this afternoon.

- Yeah, he'll be back.

He's just having
one last night of freedom.

That's all, or summat.
You know,
he had nothing to do with
So why didn't you tell the police
about his weapons, then?
How could you not have told them that?
Plenty of folk would do that
kind of thing - they're not killers!
I just don't know what to write
in a card like this.

Well, you don't write.
your bleed in" sister.
You go round,
- for Christ's sake.

- She won't want me to!
And I can't just not say anything,
can I? I can't not acknowledge it.

So what do you want me to do, then,
Fred? What am I expected to do?
I'm going to write!
Where did I put my tool box?
- I'll be back in about an hour, then.

- Clear the outhouse, as well.

I've just reset the devices.

They're about to do another run.

I don't want the pigs finding your
stuff if they search for it, Rory.

And they will
fucking search for it, so
Do as your mother says.

Ronan, give him a hand.

There's a good boy.

And, Rory
Yeah, I'm not really sure
what assistance I can provide
beyond saying that it appears
to be an arrow and it came
from that direction over there.

I'd say between 50 to 75 yards away.

However, the trajectory
is harder to determine.

- Well, can we at least check for prints?
- Yes, sir.

Would an inclinometer help?
You know, a laser pointer.

- You line it up with the angle of impact
- Yeah, I know what an inclinometer is.

But for an arrow, factoring in the wind,
the skill of the shooter,
not to mention the train
in motion upon impact,
I'm not sure it would help.

Well, it's just a thought.

Anything else?
- No, that's it.

- I'll get this to the lab.

- Cheers.

- Thank you.

Yeah, it's DCS St Clair again.

I need NPAS to send up
a helicopter ASAP.

So not a one-off, then?
Who knows? Could just be
some silly twat imitating.

All those people, a driver
Could be aiming at all of them
or none of them, just random.

Where's it to and from, the line?
The city, Nottingham.
The villages.

And that's really what it's called?
Robin Hood?
I wouldn't.
The boss hates that kind
of thing.

What kind of thing?
Highfalutin ideas.


What's with the notepad?

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Oh! Oh, we met.
Saturday night.

Oh, yes.
Neel's wedding.

Oh, erm, DI Salisbury.

Oh, my.
The Met.
What are
you lot doing up here?
Is this your regular route,
Andy? Would someone know
that you were going to pass
at this time of day?

Yeah, it's every day.
It's, er
What, you think they were
aiming at me, whoever this is?
Well, can you think of anyone or any
reason why someone might do this?
I can't think.

Well, I'll get his suit ready, in case.

fired from that direction
and then scarper back in there.

What's that called?
That's Annesley Woods,
part of the old Sherwood Forest.


I could do it.
You know,
instead of the phones.

I could, like, click on a load of things
and like stuff and just do whatever.

This automation software runs
thousands of clicks an hour.

You ain't that good, pal.

It's only pocket money, anyhow.

Not to be sniffed at,
but just trying to make us more
protected, you know? For change.

Modern world.
Not everyone gets it.

He did, though didn't he?
That lad who'd come up here
and train on the archery range.

I just th
You know, I just thought, you come
down here with him sometimes,
you know, just talking tech and stuff.

Look at him.
Little man,
with your beady eyes everywhere.

- No, no, I was just
- It's all right.
Family, innit?
Look out for each other.

Listen, this old boy that got
killed the other night
The pigs are going to be
looking at us, as ever,
cos of who we are
and with it being an arrow.

The problem is, Sunday,
we were just here, us lot.

You were out, weren't you?
With a mate, you said.

Is he a good mate, this mate?

The thing is, I'm sorry to ask,
but you know what they're like.

It'd really help if you and him
could agree that I was
with you, an' all, on the park,
having a kickabout.

Then we all just came back here,
and we were all just here,
if anyone asks.

That'd be all right?
- All right.

- All right, mate?
- Thing is, it's my fence too.

- I know, and we always said
we'd wait until after the wedding,
and it's
Well, it's after the wedding.

It's just nice to use the momentum,
that's all.
All this new stuff
OK, well, I've just had
a bit of a day of it, that's all,
and I've come home to that mess outside.

Look, I'm not being funny,
but how old was that fence?
It's practically rotten.

We'll cover the cost,
and it's better for the both of us,
then, eh?
- Right, Neel?
- Hey.

There'll be a gate, still,
won't there, between us?
That was important to your mum.

- Neel?
- Yeah.

Where do you think
for this occasional chair?
- Here?
- Mm, yeah.

What's an occasional chair?
It's a chair
you only sit on occasionally.

What kind of chair do you
only sit on only occasionally?
Am I the only one
who's never heard of that?
Eh? An occasional chair.

- Hotels have them.

- Oh!
Are we arguing about a chair?
I'm not.

You're off straight away, are you?
Have to.

And then we've got our trip to
Yorkshire - your steam train ride.

That poor man on the news -
he was at your reception.

- I bumped into him.

- Yeah.

His his wife works for me
at the building society.

I invited her.
I didn't know him,
though, but
Today on the train line, er,
someone aimed something at my cab.

I think they think it's the same, erm
That I'm being, like
For some reason.

- And, erm, I think
- Dad?
- Come here.

- All right.
All right.

All right.
All right.

Thanks for that speech.

Was it all right?
And the money.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Look what we got.
Just wired it up.

It's Bluetooth.

Plays all the way through the house.

Pick a song on your phone.

- Here, give me yours.

- Yeah.

Just log in and, er
Bluetooth connected.

- pick a song.

- I don't have any songs.

On the internet, then.

Just pick anything.

I can't think of anything, Neel.

- All right.

- OK.
All right.

- See you later.

- I'll see you later, yeah.

So, you still live round here?
Way back when, I think
you lived in the village.

I did, but now I live
on the outskirts of the village.

You married?


How's your brother doing?
Let's not.

So, how long do we have you for,
then, to go through all this?
Well, like I say
I'm not completely sure
how much use I'm going to be.

- Dog.

- What?
Black dog.

and that - I mean her, sorry -
to forensics.

I need the collar and the lead
checking for DNA and prints.

Oh, and Gary Jackson and Andy
Fisher, the driver of the train,
they were both at the same
wedding reception on Saturday.

Get me a list of the guests, will
you? Starting with me and my wife.

Yep, sure thing.

Look, if it's
if it's not too presumptuous,
can I suggest one thing?
You're obviously dying to say
something, so why don't you?
But I can assure
you we're quite competent up here.

I'm not saying you're not.
Come on,
you're a DCS, I'm a lowly DI.

If anybody should be feeling
It's just I might have investigated
a larger sample sum of murders
down there, that's all.

Oh, yeah, you think so? Try me.
Go on.

Well, London sounds fucking lovely.

If you swab the dog's mouth,
you might get a human profile
to go through the DNA database.

The dog might have bitten the murderer.

Boss? From the lab.

We have a match on prints
from a polythene bag
in the Jackson back yard.

Aside from the victims,
there were two other sets,
both with records -
Michael and Rory Sparrow.

- Great.
You got a warrant?
- Working on it now.

Let's go.
Look, you can tag along,
if you want.


But, hey, don't be flashing that
badge around.

The Met still provokes a
lot of reaction round here.

Well, if we're heading out,
I might as well change into
an actual suit, at least look like
an investigating officer.

The bog's down there.

All right.

- I'll see you in the car.

- Yeah.

We're just a family taxi firm.

You're saying you haven't
handled any class A drugs
in the last couple of weeks?
Well, I don't I don't recall
doing so, no.

And you, sir, run an archery range?
And you've had no contact
with Gary Jackson either?
Cos we found a burnt carrier bag
in Gary's garden
with your fingerprints on it
and traces of Ketamine.


This is un
You lot, you've been after
this family for years, haven't you?
And now there's a Jesus, a dead body,
and you can't believe your bloody luck.

You daft bastards.

There's plenty you could do us for
if you had half a brain.

- Mickey
- There you are,
having to make stuff up.

While we're playing guess the fuck who,
what's wrong
with simple Simon over here?
Oh, I'm just here to observe
- son.

- You live round here, don't you?
He does, aye.

I picked his missus up.

Lovely little place off Derby Road.

Excuse me.
Sir, same fletching
pattern as those that hit the train.

Yeah, well, we sell them to
Folk like that pattern.

Well, Michael Sparrow,
Rory Sparrow, I'm arresting you
- on the suspicion of the murder
- Oh, this is fucking ridiculous!
- You do not have to say anything
- You've done this before.

- You know the drill.

- It's all right, we'll sort it.

It's not too tight, is it?
Yeah, bag that up, will you?
I can't really talk.

There's somebody
firing arrows around the town.

Well, where'd you hear that?
A story online.
Some train this morning?

Should I be worried?
No, no, you're fine.

No, I meant you, idiot, out and about.

No, I'm fine.
Look, we've we've
got someone.
Talk to you later.


The solicitor says
that the judge has issued
a warrant for his arrest
for missing his sentencing.


Well, that doesn't matter,
he was going to jail anyway.

But this will only add to it, won't it?
So what now?
Well, I don't know.
The police'll
probably come here, won't they?
Police are already here.
half a dozen on every street.

Well, maybe that's why they haven't.

Maybe that's why they won't,
because there's not enough of them.

A small matter like this
We're drinking, I'm sorry.

Actually, I don't know
why I said that.
I'm not sorry.

And, yeah, this is my underage
16-year-old granddaughter.

Yeah, I know, arrest me.

Do you want one?

Oh, go on.
Why not?
All right.

I've only got white wine.

That's fine.

So what's up?
Can I ask, erm
what's your relationship
with the Sparrow family?
Oh, God, not them.
Jesus Christ,
tell me it's not them.

No, we don't have any dealings
with that lot.
Why would we?
They're a bunch of
Oh, shit.

The allotment.

Yeah, this is this is Gary's.

And that's the Sparrows'.

I think this is the only contact
they ever had, but
- Go and see if we can get some access.

- Yes, sir.

I suppose I'm going to have to
pick all this, aren't I?
Is it soon? I've no idea.

And when do you pick
bloody parsnips? I haven't a clue.

He's got a fancy camera there,
sends pictures to his computer
or summat, I don't know.

- Cinds?
- Is it true?
Is it your family, Ronan,
killed my grandad?
They wouldn't.

Except they would, wouldn't they?
You don't know, you weren't there.

- You were with me.

- Oi, they're not like that.

Come and see me, then.

You come and you look me in the eyes
and you tell me that.

I can't.

The police are here.
just wait.
Just please
It's the police.
They've always done
Just leave me alone, OK?
If my mum and nan found out
I've been messing about with a
They would've killed me as it was,
anyway, even before all this.

- Why would they have?
- I'm going.

No, go on, say it.

A security camera shows Gary
entering your allotment
and taking something,
and then the next day
you and your son searching his plot.

Were you looking to take revenge
on Gary for taking your gear?
I'm not the vengeful type.
Too busy.

How do you account for your
fingerprints on the burnt packet
of drugs, then?
We've absolutely no Scooby.

So where were you
on the night of Sunday the 12th?
Well, like our Ronan's already told you,
I were on t'park with him and his mate.

And we all walked home together
about eight or nine.

So was it eight or nine?
I dunno.
I don't have a watch.

Do you know Andrew Fisher?
He's the driver of a train
that were attacked this morning.

No comment.

Must be handy having an
archery range in your garden.

You must be quite good now.

Fairly handy.
Not bad.

Not bad.

Long day?
Yeah, well, it sounds like
you've got a strong case
motive, arrows
And I suppose all this is
a sort of moot issue now, innit?
Not for me, it isn't.

This doesn't add up.

Gary's arrest file.

As you'll see, there's a lot
that I can't see,
which is odd for
an on-paper law-abiding husband
- whose charges were dropped.

- Yeah, I don't disagree.

It's weird seeing
these cardboard folders, isn't it,
in the age of digitised everything?
Is there a transcript of
the interview or an audio recording?
Well, as I'm sure you know,
the taping of interviews
didn't start until 1991.

Oh, yeah.

But I spoke to Gary
that night, so I remember.

There was a lot that wasn't
But that was.

He was accused, arrested,
new evidence came forward
and he were cleared, so why
why the secrecy?
Isn't that why you're here,
to shed light on this?
I'm afraid I think
my superiors sent me here
because they're not granting
access to any of this.

So, what? You're just a gesture?
Well, that's nice.
I'm very touched.

But I need to know
if this adds to any other
motivation for Gary's murder.

Well, you've got the motivation.

He burnt the Sparrows' drugs.

And good for him.

If there were anything amiss
or anything new about that night,
I need to know.

Look, I can only tell you
what I know, all right?
One evening in October 1984
which would have been about, what,
six months into the strike
and there was a tip-off that
implicated Gary and four others
as being involved in an attack which
caused some serious personal injury.

And one fatality.

I was billeted here with hundreds
of other London officers
to help police the escalating violence.

By sheer circumstance
| was able to vouch
for Gary that night
although I didn't know him from Adam.

And for which, incidentally,
a black mark went against my name
for which, I believe,
has forever f
Well, we appreciate you coming up.

We've booked you on the train
tomorrow morning.

Er, sorry.
It's, erm
It's Jenny, right?
Jenny Ryan?
Well, it's been a while
since I was Jenny Ry
- Kevin!
- Yeah.

Sorry, I just
- Why on earth are you?
- I was called up to assist with
Gary Jackson? Why? Why would they?
Well, I didn't ask to come back.

I was assigned.

They needed some information
because of what ha
I'm sorry, erm,
I didn't deliberately
I thought I'd be in and out.

Well, I am in and out.

I'm off home tomorrow.

- And what is home? London?
- Yeah.

What about you?
You, erm, still teaching?
Local primary.

Oh, wow! Thanks.
That's great.


Er, family?
Well, no kids.

Get enough of them at
But, yeah.
You? Did?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- 11.
32, duck.

- Thank you.

Well, I'm glad I bumped into you.

- It would have been weird not to.

- Yeah.

Nice to see you.




The steam train and its railway
Huh! Er
Neel, it's coming through
the speakers, even downstairs.

Just turn it off.

- Turn it off on the downstairs speaker.

- All right.

Are you sure it's not you
watching a dirty porno in your room?
I'm in Manchester.
It's not
going to reach that far, is it?
Have you tried?
Oh, no.


- For fuck's sake
- What?
Neel? What time is it?
Dad, are you?
Um, I'm not sure how to ask this, but
| think you might be
watching something
that's coming through
on t'speakers at ours.

Wh-What do you mean? No, no, no, no.

It's all right, Dad.

Disconnect on the Bluetooth
I wasn't doing anything,
I was just It must've been
some kind of mistake or something.

You didn't tell Sarah, did you?
That it was me?
It's no biggie, Dad,
just turn Bluetooth off.

Sleep tight.

Well, thank you.
Thanks for inviting me.

I am keen to keep you all,
as councillors, up to speed
with the situation.

As many of you know, I grew up
round here.
You know, I was
This was my beat as
a young constable, so
I know the potential
of something like this
to inflame divisions in the community.

Now, I can tell you that we have
some people in custody.

Yeah, but you know what folk
are saying, though, right?
That some fucker's
targeting striking miners.

I mean, who's next? Am I next?
No, we have no reason
to believe that's the case.

After all, Mr Fisher here was
the victim of the act of aggression.

I hope the local elections are still
going to be able to run all right,
cos there are certain parties here
who tend to benefit
from a lower turnout.

So if they're pushing for that,
I'd just bear that in mind.

Oh, come on, it was a joke.

We're all going to get re-elected.

Well, technically,
you're not getting re-elected
as an independent, are you?
You'd be getting newly elected
as a Conservative.

I've always, deep down,
been a Conservative, William.

But until recently, that was like saying
I had shit on toast for breakfast
round here.

Only it turns out we were
the silent majority all along
and just too intimidated to say.

And if anyone should be worried
about what this attack might spark,
it's those who come
from the families that
Well, look, I won't speak ill
of the dead - Gary Jackson
that's not who I am.

But back in the day, the attacks
on my father from striking miners,
my father, who ran the coach company
that ferried the miners
that wanted to work
across the picket line despite, well,
the eggs if you were lucky,
the bricks if you weren't
You want to know where
I get my politics from, Bill?
My belief in the right of the
individual to choose, that's where.

So, not to state the bloody obvious,
but given that the Sparrows
were in custody last night
That's Chakrabarti at the table.

Gimme a sec.


Go ahead.

Thanks, Sally.

Mr Chakrabarti?
I'm Detective Superintendent St Clair.

I'd just like to ask you some questions.

So, you were Gary Jackson's
solicitor, yeah?
Yeah, I
We were pursuing a new wrongful
arrest claim, that's all,
from back in the '80s, but
I've no idea why
he would have been killed or
why I'm now, er
Did you, erm, have any dealings
with the Sparrow family at all?
Dealings? No.
But I know of them.

- Sir?
- Minute.

Why would they want to hurt me?
- Well
- No.

You'll need to be thanking
cockney what's-his-chops.

The dog came through from a bite -
DNA in the database.

Rowley was meant to appear
for sentencing
in the magistrates' court yesterday,
but he didn't show.

- Armed police! Armed police!
- Oh!
Hands behind your back!
On the floor! On the floor, come on!
Hands behind your back!
Stay where you are!
- Stay where you are!
- Fred?!
Mrs Rowley, we have Scott's DNA
connected to the crime scene,
so we need to talk to him.

Why would he?
How could he?
This is you.

This is your fault!
What am I going to say to her?
What's anyone going to say to us?
Mr Rowley, can you think
why Scott would want to kill Gary?
Look, it's extremely important
that you answer my questions
as best you can, so that if it is
Scott, we can find out
why he's doing this and prevent
what he's planning on doing next.

So I need you to think
why he's choosing these targets,
these people and places -
Gary, the train at Newstead
yesterday, the solicitor today.

Gary's widow, that's your sister,
isn't it, Cathy?
Nothing to do with Scott,
They're not related.

He had nowt to do with them.

I had nowt to do with them.

Practically avoided the hell
out of each other.
Ask her.

It's well known that Gary was pretty
vocal about his politics, though,
and that you were a working miner
and you stayed in work in '84.

Yeah, but
That's me.

You know, Scott wasn't even born,
for fu
He didn't care about any of that.

He didn't give a shit.

He just spent all his time
on his computers.
Didn't he?
Oh, but that's what folk
are going to make out, innit?
That it's all to do with me somehow.

Right, yeah.
Well, what have I done?!
He was due to be sentenced yesterday
for benefit fraud.

So unfair, just cos he didn't
declare his savings
when he was claiming his unemployment.

What savings does he have?
My redundancy from the pits.
I gave
it him when he were little,
during the divorce from
his mum.
She were
It's complicated.
Do you have
any idea where he might have gone,
you know, where he could be hiding out?
Well, you lent him your garage.

- Can we go in?
- Yes, sir.

So Scott's been withdrawing
in increments
the entirety of his dad's redundancy
over the last three months in cash.

Cleared out the final amount
on Saturday
a little over 15 grand.

Close this.

What the hell does that mean?
I don't know, but it's not good.

You're listening to Mansfield Radio.

Now, we're just getting word,
and we must stress this is
unconfirmed, but following
yesterday's target of a Newstead
train, it's hard to believe,
but another arrow attack
has been reported in Ashfield.

Now, as it stands,
the police have yet to comment on
or confirm what has happened, but we
are getting lots of calls and texts
from listeners who are anxious
Hi, mate.
A delivery
for next door, but no-one's in.

- Can I leave it with you?
- Yeah.

- Cheers.

- All right.

- Thank you.

- All right.

When's my dad back?
Um, they're just waiting
for the ship to dock,
and then they'll try
and get a flight back,
but they're on their way.

Does it hurt, do you think, to die?
Oh, my God.
Why are you asking me that?
Do you not think I'm doing everything
I can not to think about that?!
There's something going on
at Auntie Cathy's.

Did I say something that would
make the police think?
Oh, shit, I'm trying to think.

But they arrested them, the Sparrows.

I'm going to call her,
me sister.
Sod it!
Oh, God.

She knows.

She knows.

Hi, this is Cathy.
Leave a message.

So, Scott isn't exactly Edward Snowden.

His hacking, such as it is,
is self-taught and pretty amateur.

- So what's he looking for?
- Analysts don't know yet.

A lot of it centres on Gary
at first, I'd say to the point
of obsessive, but then
there's others based locally,
including the solicitor
who was targeted this morning.

- Chakrabarti.

- All right, I'll get over there.

How far did you get?
I was on the platform.

- Well, we don't need you.

- Look
if these targets have got
something to do with Gary's arrest,
then maybe I should stick around.

I'd like to, all right?
Come on, then.

I didn't mean to withhold any, erm,
from when we spoke earlier, I just
I deal mainly in family law
and tax disputes,
- not anything to do with, erm
- It's all right, just from the beginning.

I've been helping with some wrongful
arrest claims from the strike,
a lot of which have been
gathering steam since
with the campaign
around Orgreave and so on.

Over 11,000 miners were arrested
during that year.

And even though Gary's charges
were dropped, he always felt
he'd been blacklisted from then on,
pushed out of the job he loved.

He wanted to know more
about why he'd been arrested,
who had it in for him,
who'd got it wrong.
I'm not a conspiracy nut, tinfoil
hat in the basement kind of
Well, go on.

Do you know what a spy cop is?
Yeah, course.
I mean,
I never personally, but
Undercover cops
in the, what, '60s and '70s?
There's an inquiry going on now
about Well, into the practices
of one old unit from Scotland Yard.

What was it called? Erm

The Special Demonstration
Squad, yes, and
the inquiry is looking into
how and why these spy cops
penetrated so-called radical groups.

The unit's been disbanded, though.

But that doesn't help the people
who over 20, 30 years
were unlawfully snooped on
by their own government
purely because of their politics.

There's long been a belief
that this practice was deployed
in mining communities back then,
that the Government placed
undercover officers
with fictional identities
into the unions or places like this
to gain the confidence of the locals
but were secretly feeding back
intel to the Met Police,
possibly the Home Office,
even the security services.

Gary's beloved NUM not only
believe this is all plausible,
they also told him of a rumour
they'd picked up
about an undercover spy
sent to this community.

Possibly that informant singled out
Gary as a militant for arrest.

But - and I'm not defending
the practice -
- these undercover
- Spies.

officers, OK? Officers.

Well, they were following orders, and
they buggered off when it all ended.

Yeah, but that's the thing.

Apparently, this undercover officer
didn't bugger off.

The rumour, which Gary believed,
is that he never left -
quite the opposite.

He said that he stayed, that this
was someone who assumed an identity,
moved here in the '80s, spied on people
and then remained here under
their fictional persona to this day.

- Oh, God, I'm sorry.

- Andy?!
- I'm sorry.

- What the hell are you doing?!
I knocked.
I knocked.
I did knock.

- I was on the toilet, for Christ's sake!
- Oh
Look, I'm sorry, but I really don't like
that you can just walk in.

I brought you this,
your package.
You were out.

Oh, God.
Thank you.
Thank you.

There isn't going to be a gate,
is there?
There's no gate, is there?
We have a landscape gardener.
making all the decisions.
We just
That's what all this is.

Just speak to Neel about it.

He's the one
with the green fingers, not me.

You could have just
talked to me about it
if that's what you wanted, eh?
- I'm not a child.

- No, I know, I know.

I wanted to, I did.
I told Neel we should,
but he just kept putting it off.

Well, what did he
think I was going to do? I'm not
Oh, God, it just
It just feels like everything's
- Changing.

- Yeah.

Because it is, Andy!
Your son's just got married.

He's not He's not just your son
any more, he's my husband.

And we want a life together.

Right? And and it's not Neel.

I don't want to feel like you can
just come and go when you please.

I don't want to look up
and see you standing there, Andy.

And I don't want to hear you come in
while I'm having a bloody piss!
I don't think that's unreasonable!
Me and his mother
His mother isn't here any more!
Because she died.

No, Andy.

She killed herself.

And everyone pretends otherwise.

And it's not healthy.
It's not right.

Because she was dying of that disease.

- She was dying inside.

- Yeah
I bet she bloody were.
For years!
Oh, God
Look, that was horrible
When Bella's comin' hyem at night
And as she's walkin' doon the street
The bairns cry oot,
"Whe pawned the sheet?
"Why, drunken Bella Roy, oh!"
Then she te them
gans rattlin', rattlin'
And they set off
a-gallopin', gallopin'
Legs and arms gan wallopin', wallopin'
A' for fear of Bella Roy
Noo, when she's ganning
through the chares
The bairns begin to shout ♪
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