Sherwood (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

This programme contains some violent
scenes and some strong language.
Haven't your family always been
painted different, too?
The angry strikers in a town full of
It were 30 year ago.
What's this about hiding police in
our town back then,
to spy on us?
If this is what Scott's up to,
searching for this spy,
for whatever reason, then we need to
get ahead of him.
We need to find out who it is.
That looks like Ragot.
We were in Special Operations
together in the '90s.
Did one of you five stay up at the
coal fields, with a false identity?
You're looking for me?
Helen's from mining stock.
Do you want me to put her name down
as well?
No, no, although everyone's a
I didn't mean to run.
I want to come in.
I'm ready for the consequences.
Were you looking for me?
I need your help with summat.
Can you walk?
Got anything to write on?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Why are you hiding
in the woods?
I did something terrible.
The police,
they'll be after me.
What did you do?
It was an accident.
They'll be here soon.
We don't have long.
We should get going.
You always knew they'd
..that they'd catch you?
Getting sent down anyway
the day I left, so
What's your plan?
Don't have one.
Over here!
I send you to have
a discreet conversation
with a respected
former officer,
and he puts a bullet
through his brain.
Where are we placing this
on the spectrum of
your professional catastrophes
of late, DI Salisbury?
Well, to be fair to me,
he did only have
a few weeks left to live.
After ten minutes
with you, he thought,
"Why even bother with those?"
What did he tell you?
I told him that someone
from his old unit
has been living their life
under the identity
assigned to them by the Met,
maybe married with kids.
He was upset.
he had a hunch
which officer it might be.
And did he give you a name?
No, just the code name.
Keats. The Romantic poet.
I know who Keats was!
There were five of them
in the '80s who policed
the trade unions and the like.
He sent a text before he shot
himself to the other four.
Yes, we have his phone.
I think one of those texts
might belong to the person
we're looking for in Notts.
Well, that means going through
the Commissioner,
the Home Office.
We can't just
hand that over without
I think I might
I think I know who it is, sir.
OK, well, keep me posted.
That were Kevin. He just spoke
to someone who knows
the identity of
the undercover copper here.
The guy shot himself
rather than reveal who it was.
If Scott knows who it is and I
don't, then I can't control it,
I can't predict
what he'll do next.
Half the country's police force
have rocked up in our village.
That's not quite true, is it?
You'll get them
in the end, Ian.
It's a worry
that he's after them.
I worry that he's going
to harm them,
and I I can't protect them,
because I don't know
who they are.
It'll be fine in the end.
I know it.
It always is.
Um, look,
I promised I'd have a drink
with somebody
after work tonight,
so I may be a bit late.
Well, I'd rather you di
Sorry, I No Bye.
Any sign? There's tracks
heading in different directions
as he must have come and gone
this past week.
They reckon the latest
are heading down there,
so the dogs are already
on the move.
Ian There's two sets
of tracks.
We think he's taken
Andy Fisher.
Yes, it's DCS Ian St Clair
here. Um I have
a person of interest
whose records are restricted,
and I need them unlocked.
Yeah, the name I have is
..Helen St Clair.
You have been recruited
for this covert operation
because we identified in you
the skills needed
to survive such an ordeal.
..what do I mean by "ordeal"?
I mean the stresses and strains
of living a lie
during both your working
and personal time
..and the way that
the unremitting nature
of such pressure
can force upon you
a wholly unique lifestyle.
So, your proposed alias
died at only 11 months old.
There's no major news stories
can be traced?
No, sir.
All right.
To Nottinghamshire you go.
Hey, not a chance.
Bugger off, the two of you.
Dean, what do you think you're
playing at, you soft git?
Take 'em down!
Solidarity, mate!
That's what I'm
Gary? Can you get us a?
All right?
Nice to see you, love.
They lost
the bloody game, Gary!
You two ganging up on me,
as per usual.
I have work
in the morning,
so this is my last drink,
I'm going to get
the violins out, Cathy.
At least you're working.
How much does it cost
per cross on Spot The Ball?
Here we go.
What have you
crossed there for?
The players aren't even
looking in that direction.
Why not?
That's where I want to put it,
and that's why they lost
the bastard game, Gary!
Don't you trust me?
Come on.
That's a really good one.
Could be right.
We're miners! United!
We'll never be defeated!
We're miners! United!
We'll never be defeated!
We're miners! United!
We'll never be defeated!
Julie's got some lungs on her,
hasn't she, Cathy?
If you mean she's
a mouthy gobshite, oh, aye.
Where did you say
you washed up from again?
Oh, my dad got moved down
from Bury.
He's at Clipstone pit now.
Clipstone? Aren't they
all scabs down there?
No, not my old man.
Bloody hell!
He's like your Gary -
thinks a picket line
is sacrosanct.
Are they
them St Clair brothers?
Ian and Martin, yeah. I'd let
either of them come at me
with their baton,
if you get my drift.
No, that were far too subtle -
went right over me head.
It's "Sinclair",
not "Saint Clair".
Don't give 'em
airs and graces
they don't warrant
and haven't got.
Right. Shit, my boss'll have it
in for me. I'll see you later.
Now, then, come on,
keep back, keep the road clear.
So if I were to cross
this line, you'd arrest me,
would you, Ian, for walking
on my own street?
Yes. And they're my streets,
an' all, Gary,
and the men who want to work.
And if any of your pals
want to shout, "Scab,"
I'll arrest them for that too!
All right, treacle.
Does it feel good, eh,
being a pawn
in the tyrannical state?
Maggie's boot boys!
Scab! Scab!
Scab! Scab! Scab!
Piss off back to London!
Kevin? Yeah.
I, um
..ordered you a beer.
I wasn't sure.
Listen, um, I don't think
I should be in the middle
of all this, with you and Ian.
You think I'm this other person
that you and my husband
are looking for. Well, I'm not.
You have a restricted
police record.
Does Ian know?
No-one knows.
Because as soon as you tell
just one other person,
even the person you love most
in the world, it starts to
..define you and shape you.
And I refuse to give him
that power.
My father.
He had this horrible habit
of trying to kill us.
But that doesn't
make you a spy.
Oh, right,
you don't believe me?
Mother and child, a brand-new
life in witness protection.
It does happen, you know.
The problem is,
this person we're looking for,
they'll have an uncanny ability
to convince people
they're something they're not.
I think you're scared.
That's why you phoned me
in a panic.
No, I called you
because I'm alerted if I'm
searched for. I called you
Because you think
Scott's after you.
Look, if you need protection
right now
..all you've got to do
is admit it.
Just say the word.
It's not me!
It's your husband.
Can you please, just please,
let me talk to him about this?
Well, it may be the case.
I don't care what it is.
Speak to him about whatever you
like, just not this, please.
Don't get involved, Kevin.
What were you thinking?
Just that know, I do you, Jenny.
I like you a lot
That is not to dig myself
a hole or anything.
So, when am I going to
see you again?
How about tonight?
Clubbie's trying to throw a harvest
festival thing for both sides.
If they play along might be a good night
to slip away unseen.
I could do.
But I don't know.
Two days this week
I've seen you leave
your brother alone on the line.
Don't do that again.
I don't need
looking after! Bloody hell!
If your lot hadn't kicked off
so bloody much,
I wouldn't have to run off
and leave him, would I?
Hard enough, a striking man
in a strike-breaking village,
having to contend with two sons
clearing a path for them, and all.
Dad, none of us knew this was going
to kick off when we joined.
Well, you should've!
Read your history books.
A long time coming.
A lot of folk round here
are grateful.
You want gratitude as scabs?
Look, I'm not saying I'm not
proud of you both for
It's just this thing isn't going
away any time soon, all right?
Cos we're not backing down,
and them fuckers
with Maggie's bonus
lining their pockets aren't.
So there might come a time,
is all I'm saying,
when you've got to make
a choice. In the meantime
..look after each other.
You coming tonight, Dad?
Take charity off scabs?
I'll be at home,
hungry but proud.
OK, I need
to tell someone this.
Can you keep a secret?
Yeah, course!
I've, er
..sort of
Look, I'm not proud of this.
But I have been
seeing someone, actually.
Do tell!
He's a London copper.
You You're kidding!
Jenny Ryan!
It's not what it sounds like.
He's not like
the rest of them. He's
Anyway, he's meant to be
on duty tonight
guarding the bus garage,
but he's sneaking off
to meet me instead.
Oh, shit.
I think I actually
bloody like him!
Afternoon, gents.
Hey, do you fancy
a bit of juicy gossip
..about a certain London pig
having it off
with a local lass?
Course they are.
Like Yanks during t'war,
dipping their dirty wicks.
And, in fact,
this one in particular
..he should be on duty tonight
guarding the bus garage
where the Met
store their supplies.
But he's not going to be there,
he's going to be
having it off instead.
Just thought
you might like to know.
..ta very much.
It's all right.
You're welcome.
Hey, what do you reckon?
Everyone else'll be here,
this do.
Could have a little raid,
help ourselves
to some supplies.
I don't know. My boys,
they're both in the force.
Oh, aye, yeah, the Met always
obey t'rule of law, like.
It's only robbing
a store cupboard.
That's all. Making a statement.
I see what you're saying, pal.
I'll not judge
anyone else, but
..your lot fly in and out
over the border, Warnock.
We have to live here,
win or lose. So, no's the allotment for me
All right. Suit yersen.
More for us!
'Ey, what do cockneys eat,
It's just eels and shit, innit?
Yeah, the uncouth bastards!
If there's anything
you need from us,
you know, owt we can
help you with
Come on! Come on, piss off!
..just let me know. All right?
Goodnight, sir.
Thank you, Salisbury.
Have a good night.
Come on, you idiot!
Where are you?
Once again,
ladies and gentlemen,
you can leave your donations
up on the stage for the benefit
of our striking miners.
But first, we do have a
photographer here from the Chad
who's looking for some folk
to be in a photo
to commemorate this evening.
Come on, Robbie,
let's have you!
I don't I don't really like
having me photo taken.
This way.
will be full of beer.
Cockneys. Dirty bastards.
That's more like it.
Oh, fantastic.
Go. Go, just fucking leg it.
Jesus Christ,
there's petrol everywhere!
Whoa, shit!
We're just, er
Yeah, I know all about "just".
can you, um?
You're all right.
The only grass round here
is on the ground.
All units,
there's a huge fire reported
at Vincent's bus garage.
They've set fire to the garage.
They what?
It's in flames, yeah.
Them! It were them, their lot.
After all we tried to do
tonight, an' all! Bastards!
There's a fire
at Vincent's bus garage.
You'd better
get over there, lads.
This is the thanks we get!
Shit. Shit.
You don't think?
Well, look.
Who's not here?
If it's the coach garage, it's
going to be strikers, innit?
No. Dad wouldn't.
Come on.
Stand back!
Stay back. Get back in.
Oh, my God.
That's Jonathan Ryan,
Dad's mate.
Oh, God.
Oh, God! Dad!
Martin, come on.
Do you think it's him?
Do you think he's in there?
Martin, don't do it. Wait
It's me.
Keats. What the hell
is going on up there?
Talk to me. Give me names.
I think this was me.
I think this were my fault.
I told them that
..the coach garage was
This is the fault of
the perpetrators. All right?
The militants who have been
threatening disorder
for some time.
It's why you're there.
Why?! Why am I here? I don't
I don't know any more.
Look, the constabulary up there
need names, all right?
So do your job.
Some of
the most militant strikers
who weren't there
tonight were
..Gary Jackson
..Jonny Ryan
Tell me how bad it is.
Where is he?
He's being seen to.
I'm going down there.
You need to let them
get on with their jobs. Dad! Fuck!
Where were you
..last night?
Were you at home?
What are you?
I were
I were with some of t'lads.
Jonno. Warnock.
Look, they're going to
put it together
that it were probably strikers
that did this.
And there's only a handful
in the village.
Now, I can't help you
unless I know the truth.
Did you?
..did you start that fire?
We never meant to
We were just nabbing
some supplies, like. Right?
I don't know what happened
after that, some accident
So you were there.
He knew.
Martin ran in there because he
thought that you were inside!
What do you mean?
You mean you left him?
Who even are you?
Wanting to be the big man, eh?
Police officer?
You can't even look after
your own family!
You're fucking useless!
Go on, go. I don't want
to see you. Go!
Ian, you all right?
I'm, er
Yeah. Fine, Gary.
Right, what is going on?
You should know
that someone's come forward
..with names.
A source, OK?
Who? Who's the source?
What source? Who?
Ian? Have you got a minute?
We got it wrong
about Gary Jackson.
That Met lad who deserted his
post saw him at the allotments.
I need you to go and take
his statement.
Sounds like he's been
a naughty boy.
PC Salisbury?
PC St Clair.
Shouldn't I be questioned
by an officer of a higher rank?
Everyone's a little stretched
this morning I'm sure you can imagine.
You saw Gary Jackson
on his allotment last night.
Weren't you meant to be on duty?
I was meant to meet a girl.
A girl?
Local girl, I'm guessing.
It's not what it sounds like.
What does it sound like?
I just don't want you
to think that know, that I abandoned
my responsibilities just
..for some
..when it's actually
It's more
..than that. A lot more.
I'm not expecting some comradely
understanding here. Good.
Because my brother
is in hospital
..with his skin melting off.
What's this girl's name?
Jennifer Ryan.
She's a, er
at the primary school.
She's at the hospital. I
I think her father
Is dead.
Because of you.
All right.
Your own superior
will decide what action
will be taken.
But you can rest assured
..I will be making
a full report.
I didn't know what to get you,
so I got you a pint.
I know you did a background
check into Helen.
You should have told me.
Yeah, well, I didn't know how.
We needed to eliminate her
as a suspect, and I'd assumed
that wasn't something
you'd feel comfortable with.
What, you think I'd let
my personal circumstances
cloud my professional judgment?
Well, you're wrong
..because I checked her out
as well.
I put my duty first matter what the
consequences. You of all people
should know that.
although maybe you didn't
have to dismantle my career
in the process,
before it had even begun.
If you'd just stayed
at your post
..just done your job
..none of this
would have happened.
Yeah, I know that. I know that.
And I've carried that.
We were too young, all of us.
The situation they put us in
Look at what we did
to each other
..what we're still doing.
..until Scott's in custody,
I'm going to take Helen
somewhere safe.
It's not her. I was wrong.
Hmm. I've not got the results
back yet of her file.
I have. She checks out.
Look, er, I shouldn't
..just speak with her.
What do they say?
Mate, stop.
You're doing it again.
She's your wife.
Who the fuck
do you think you are?
I'm trying to be your friend.
Yeah, well,
I don't need a friend,
I just need this job done.
And I'll do it.
Where are we?
Alamo colliery.
The track leads to nowhere now.
..maybe nowhere
can be somewhere for us.
I want to get caught.
I want them to know
that I want to get caught.
Give me a chance to explain
myself, ask for forgiveness.
Who from?
Hey? Your son?
He ain't never
going to forgive you, pal.
He needs to know
it was an accident.
Sorry, but you're delusional,
He's going to hate you
..for the rest of your life,
what you did.
Do you believe in an afterlife?
In Islam, there's a place
..called Araf.
It's like the Catholics'
purgatory, a border
between two places.
Heaven and Hell.
Patala in Buddhism.
I don't know.
If all your sins are balanced
with all your virtues
..everything good you did
..with everything bad
You can wait there
for a while
for your fate to be decided,
for it to tip
one way or another.
If you're allowed guests there,
like a visitors' room,
while you wait
..oh, that's where
I'll see her again wife.
She'll wait for me there.
I know it.
I know.
Go on.
Go on. It's OK. Just, er
Just be quick.
Please just just be quick.
It's back on.
Not long now.
Andy left a message
on his home answering machine.
Neel called it in.
Boss? Right, even though
phones normally ping from three
towers, the remote area means
the phone Andy Fisher's using
is only pinging off two.
Nevertheless, that means
we can still roughly isolate
his last location
to these areas here.
I'm not sure
it's right I'm here. You know,
the sight of me might, like
You should have seen the way
he looked at me before he ran.
No, it's just a precaution,
you know, in case
we need someone he trusts
to talk to him.
Don't worry.
It'll be fine.
It's all going to be fine.
There he is.
Armed police!
Drop your weapon!
Contact, front. Armed police!
Drop your weapon!
Drop your weapon!
Armed police!
Drop your weapon now!
Put your hands up!
Get down!
Right, he needs
to drop that weapon,
and then he can come out
unharmed, all right?
Dad, if you drop
whatever you're carrying,
it'll be all right.
They promise.
Come on! What are you doing?
Look at us! Look at
where we are! Please, Dad!
Please wait for me.
..please wait for me.
Armed police!
Armed police!
Drop your weapon! Armed police!
Show me your hands!
Drop your weapon!
Armed police! Put it down!
Armed police!
Show me your hands!
Armed police! Drop your weapon!
Armed police!
Show me your hands!
All right!
Get Get off me!
Get off me! Get off me!
Get off me
Stay there. Just stay there.
Where the hell is he?
He'll be going
back down to the Smoke,
get him away
from all this mess.
And it's all thanks
to your report, Ian.
Tough night.
Yeah. I know.
I hear you're keen on
becoming a detective one day.
I'm sorry about
your brother. I am.
Martin deserves justice.
Something good
to come out of all this.
As you know
..there's been
a sort of informant
step forward
with a list of names
..the more militant locals
from last night without alibis.
Gary's on that list
..which, obviously,
brings into question
the rest of the information
..given what we've just been
told by our pal from the Met.
It'd help
..if the rest of the names
were corroborated on record an actual officer.
You were at the clubbie, so you
can confirm who was absent.
The force would be
very grateful.
You're a good policeman, Ian.
You don't have
to say any names
..just confirm them
..confirm who we've got.
All right?
Jonathan Ryan, the deceased.
Liam Warnock?
Ron St Clair?
Ron St Clair?
I need you
to say the words, Ian.
You've got to say it.
It's all right.
It's all right.
James Apestead.
What's going on?
We're not meant to meet like this,
in broad daylight. We're meant to be
professionals. Professio?!
Kids! We're just kids out here,
playing games, no clue what
Stirring shit up,
starting fires.
I need you to take a second
and think about this.
Our job was to stir,
flush out the troublemakers,
and then we go home!
Our tour is nearly over.
They call it a tour, like it's
a war. Where's the war?
Who's the enemy?
Is it this lot?
They've done nothing to me
but welcome me in.
The only place I've ever
been somewhere that felt
Why did I give those names?
I shouldn't have.
My name isn't Keats! I don't
I don't fucking have a name.
Yes, you do.
You do have a name here.
Just breathe.
What's your name, officer?
It's Daphne.
Were you a million miles away
Or do you just want to be?
Mickey, you shouldn't.
Big wide world out there.
I could show you
a life of adventures.
Right, what do you fancy?
Don't. That's too obvious.
A pint of mild. Ta.
You fascinate me.
What can I say?
Look, I'm not a bad guy.
You know, people think
Well, just cos I don't
follow the crowd,
cos I'm me own man
on the outside
A bit like you.
I'm not on the outside.
I think you are.
If you can find someone
to live on the outside with,
Take another trip with me,
a drive out somewhere.
No pressure.
You, me
Mickey, that were
a mistake. It's
It's just dead complicated, OK?
I can't explain.
It never is, though.
Folk make it complicated,
but it isn't, really.
It's just about
allowing yourself to have
the things you know you want
..following your heart.
A life of adventures.
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