Sherwood (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Do you know what a spy cop is?
Someone's been living their life
under the identity assigned to them
by the Met.
- Did he give you a name?
- Just a code name - Keats.
A mining family like yours was respected and, you
know, to be a policeman from a family like that
- That night I remember
- We all remember that night, don't we?
If you'd just stayed at your post,
just done your job,
none of this would have happened.
Kids! We're just kids out here,
playing games, no clue.
What's your name, Officer?
It's Daphne.
Why us?
I mean, is it all of us he's
sending a message to, or?
No point asking
questions we can't answer.
But are we, like, in danger?
What did I just say?
- No.
- We should tell them.
- The police.
- Don't be soft.
We don't want this getting out.
People are wary enough of us as it is.
Wait. "Arrow." "Sparrow."
You what?
Arrow, Sparrow.
Arrow, Sparrow. It rhymes.
Fuckin' hell, are you
malfunctioning, or what?
I'm just saying it rhymes.
It might have summat to do with it.
He's not a beat poet, Ronan,
he's a psychopath.
You all reckon it's me
he's after, don't you?
Like what you said when he was up here.
He mentioned me being
on this "list", or summat?
Yeah, it's not you.
It's me.
I think it's a message to me.
Go on.
He asked me, if.. if
if he made it out OK,
or summat, could I help him.
And I I just
I said, "Yeah, whatever.”
We need to tell the police.
We won't feel safe until they catch him.
No-one round here will.
What do you think?
As the search for
the murder suspect Scott Rowley
continues into the second week,
many questions remain.
How has one man been able to evade
hundreds of police officers?
How long will restrictions in
and out of the county continue?
And when and how
will this manhunt come to an end?
What on Earth?
Rosie! Mum!
I thought I heard you!
He wouldn't let me in. Why have
you got people at the door?
- Are you safe?
- Yeah. Come in, love, come in.
Mum! Mum!
Oh, come here!
Oh, I'm glad I'm here now!
I don't know what else to say.
What else is there?
You left, Ian.
You stepped outside this marriage,
even for a moment, to question it.
- No.
- Yes!
Well, that's my job.
It's my job to act
without bias or prejudice.
You know, my job, which I
I gave up everything for -
- my family
- I'm your wife!
And you thought I could have
been this other person,
this spy!
I thought you were in danger, Helen.
I was just trying to protect
Why does it matter so much,
finding them,
that you would sacrifice even?
Because I need to know!
And I need to know about that night
because it could have been different.
It didn't have to happen!
And you, you
You kept such a big part of
yourself secret from me, Helen.
I kept it from everyone.
I blocked it out from myself.
That's how some people
deal with trauma, Ian.
That's how they survive.
Is that why you didn't want kids?
Why you were against having a family?
Because you should have told me. I
wanted them, and you knew that.
That is so unfair!
You should have trusted me.
If you'd trusted me
with your past, then
Don't talk to me about the past, Ian!
You spent a life
living on the outskirts,
running from things
that have happened. Fine.
Can't bear to face up to
your father till it's too late,
ignore your brother because
it's too bloody painful.
Having children wouldn't
have fixed any of that.
That's on you, Ian St Clair, not me.
So what now?
How have they not found him?
I mean, if I'd been here, Mum,
I'd have gone in them woods me self.
I'd have pulled him out and I'd have
killed him with me own bare hands!
I mean, this is unbelievable.
This is unbelievable!
This doesn't happen!
I want to see him. Dad.
You don't want to see him,
love, no, not like this.
Just Just remember him as he was.
Has she shown her face?
Well, yeah, she
she's been very good, an' all, Cathy.
I mean, this hurts her, too, doesn't it?
I mean, he's nothing to do
with her, really, is he?
I don't know, in
in the cold light of day,
none of that old stuff seems to matter.
- Wow.
- What?
Oh, nothing. I mean
it's not my war. I mean,
I've been saying for years to
bang your bloody heads together
and sort it out.
She's matured ten years
since I've seen her last.
Yeah, well, er
I've something
to tell you about that.
She's seeing a boy.
She's 17, Mum.
She'll be seeing lots of boys.
Yeah, but it's that Ronan Sparrow.
I'm no psychologist,
but I've got this, like,
supernatural ability to sense
when my wife is a bit tense.
What's that Star Wars thing?
"A disturbance in the Force"!
You know what I reckon
with my wise old head that I've
been giving a good wobble all morning?
That caravan.
We bought that so we could
tour the coast together.
No kids, hotels, other guests,
nosy Parkers. Just us.
Well, we can't leave now.
No, no, not now. But
just saying.
I love you.
And that's the only thing
that doesn't change.
Everything else,
anything else, we can
chuck away, put on hold,
run a mile from.
We can do anything we like,
relying on no-one else, just
finding ways to be
happy together.
Like we always have.
So you just, er
let me know, yeah?
Where are you?
We found tyre tracks
just south of the old pit,
but they didn't go past
the perimeter of the woods.
And we have another arrow
at the Sparrow farm
from about 5pm yesterday,
about an hour after we tried
to take Andy Fisher alive.
But he has £15,000 with him
to potentially help him on his way.
Given the community impact assessment,
I think a public meeting
wouldn't be a bad thing.
A lot of people
are finding this traumatic,
so anything we can do
to support would be good.
Can I grab a private word with you two?
The Home Office have
confidentially confirmed
that there was an undercover
officer here in '84.
Right. So, who is it?
They won't tell me.
I don't blame them,
and I'm not pushing it.
Yeah, but this is
an ongoing investigation!
There are hundreds of
former officers from this unit
who are allowed their anonymity
for their own safety,
and, so far, no-one's been able
to explain why exposing
this person now would help
Scott might be looking for them.
He could be on his way to them
right now, for fuck's sake.
Then you'd better find him.
And please calm down.
What about the people of this
community? Don't they deserve to know?
Do you think your proximity
to this might be
clouding your judgment
at all, DCS St Clair?
Oh, fuck off!
Could you give us a moment, please?
No. No, he's been my partner
throughout this.
He's behaved with integrity
and professionalism,
so if you've anything to say
to me, say it in front of him.
All right.
I'm saying there are
more important things
than your personal curiosity
about who this person is.
Do not pursue.
That's an order.
I know being from two different
forces has sometimes felt
that we're not always on the same side.
But it has its benefits.
I've got a friend down south.
He's a crime scene photographer.
Way back when, he was struggling a bit,
so, er, I got him into recovery,
which helped save his marriage, his job.
He always felt like he owed me one.
I always told him not to bother,
but he wouldn't let it go,
said he'd find a way to pay me back
like taking forensic photos
of a dead ex-copper's phone
and the four numbers
he sent his last message to.
Thank you.
I'm just, er
Oh, right, yeah, OK.
You OK?
No. Not really.
I wasn't sure whether
you'd still be here or not.
Yeah, yeah, still here.
I thought about
But I can't quite seem
to exit the scene
not until the job's done.
Force of habit.
No. No. Sorry. Sorry.
I wasn't expecting
I mean, obviously, I've thought
Well, no, I don't mean that.
I just I just didn't imagine
Are you sure?
I don't know.
Are you?
God, come here.
I'm sorry.
"Beauty is truth
"truth beauty."
I'm guessing this is you
cos you're the only one
who answered out of the four.
That your code name?
So, why did you answer?
You worried?
Curious about how close we're getting?
I wonder if we've met.
I know you, don't I?
I wonder what it's like,
living a lie like that
all those years.
And that's that's quite something.
Almost sociopathic.
I'm sorry.
That's not fair.
Everyone carries lies around,
don't they?
I get it.
I've buried all my shit over the years.
In '84, it were you, weren't it?
You gave the names,
those who started the fire.
Well, you weren't alone.
I named them, too.
My own father.
And his friends.
So there you go,
you didn't do it on your own.
Tell me who you are, and we can fix it.
We can fix it together.
I want to help
because you're in danger.
Go on, it's all right.
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
- OK. Bye.
- Bye.
All right?
God, you forget, don't you,
how easy and simple
it all feels at that age,
before we complicate it all
with things that hardly matter?
Still, actually, I suppose they've got
some things in common, haven't they?
Both their grandads down the pits.
Didn't you always say that,
that your old man was
I can drop her back at yours
after, if you like.
Yeah. Yeah, that's good. Thanks.
I'm going to go.
No, come on.
I need to go.
I don't want to be look, just
stay and have a bit of breakfast.
Coffee. Have some coffee.
- Hello. Morning.
- Morning.
Thank you.
There you go.
Well, that's not great, is it?
Well, she must know who I am.
And why would we be
having breakfast together here?
But you're staying here.
What, are you embarrassed?
No! But I am the headmistress
of the school, and
We didn't do anything.
- We just
- I'm married.
To someone who betrayed you.
No! Did he?
I'd forgotten!
I don't know.
This thing
with my husband
I should be crushed,
shouldn't I? On the floor?
But I'm not.
I'm not.
And I think it's because
I'm not the same person you
fell in love with back then.
Kevin, I don't think
the best thing for me right now
is to throw myself into
You don't have to say it. It's OK.
For the first time
in a long time, it's OK.
It's like, erm
It's like a spell's been broken.
And in a way
it makes other things
possible again.
We're holding a community
meeting at the Welfare later.
Everyone's welcome.
Oh, where the bloody hell are you?
What the fuck?
You bastard!
This is Mickey Sparrow.
Rowley's here. The allotment.
He's got a bike. I'm going after him.
Eyes on Rowley.
Right, you little shit.
You think you're the new
badass of this place.
I'll show you badass!
Hey! Move!
Move back!
Move back!
Listen to me.
I need you to listen to me now.
Come on, this is over.
I promise to listen
to what you have to say,
if you drop that weapon now.
Get in there!
Clear the bow.
Stay still! Cuff him.
Scott Rowley, look at me. Look at me.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention when questioned
something which
you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
I'm sorry.
You murdered Gary Jackson
on the evening of Sunday 12th,
when he were coming back from the club.
You know I did.
You have to say it, for the record.
You murdered Gary Jackson
- on the evening of Sunday 12th
- Yeah.
Gary bullied your dad.
Well, a lot of people bully me dad.
He isn't a strong man.
Have you met me dad?
But that's a conclusion
you knew we would entertain, surely.
Your dad was one side
of the miners' strike,
your victim was the other.
No, I didn't kill him because
of the fucking miners' strike!
What, so it wasn't a revenge
thing? You didn't plan it?
No, I planned it. So don't
be making out it was some
that it weren't planned.
People didn't
They didn't see me.
Online, they did. But
That man, Gary
everybody saw him.
Whistling, walking,
name-calling, proud as Punch,
you know, no shame.
And there I was, getting sent down
for something I didn't even do,
and no-one cared!
Well, I bet people are seeing me now.
Aren't they?
What about these arrows you've
been firing round the place?
train, golf course, the
Sparrows'. What about them?
Just small people.
Hypocrites and liars, probably.
The Sparrows owed me, offered help.
And the message in the lock-up?
"You're all liars"?
You are.
Everyone is.
You know, folk always
make judgments about people -
me, me family, being odd.
But when you peer into their lives
they've all got their secrets.
Then there's you lot
running round like headless chickens,
trying to put it all together!
When there's nowt
to put together! Fuckin' hell!
So you weren't after this spy cop?
But you knew about that, didn't you?
Yeah. I saw it in that bloke's
emails, his solicitor.
Who is it?
I ain't got a clue, mate!
You left a note
in the forest.
Yeah, yeah, I figured that's
what you might be thinking.
So I thought, yeah,
good to keep that going,
send you all in circles.
I hoped if I could lie low long enough,
then the police'd assume I'd gone,
start to drift off themselves, meaning
I could slip away easier.
I were close.
Wasn't I?
You said you're getting sent down
for something you didn't do.
But you did do it, didn't you?
Claiming unemployment
when you had your father's pit
Yeah, well, I didn't know
you couldn't do that!
I didn't know you couldn't claim if you
had savings, savings I didn't even ask for,
his guilt money for passing me
off onto that woman and then
having to take me back again.
Where'd I learn that from, eh?
School? College?
They don't care lads like me,
somewhere like this. No-one does.
That's no justification
for taking a man's life.
Yeah, what about my life?
What life? I mean
And you're told, aren't you?
"You don't deserve any better.
You're just"
You're just a man.
A white working-class man.
And northern.
Not even northern,
not even that. Not even here.
Where we're from, we're nowhere.
All the old men round here are so
so proud.
Proud of what?
They're going nowhere.
And they don't see it.
I see it.
I'm not
I'm not denying anything.
It is what it is.
He didn't know.
Our undercover cop had
nothing to do with any of it,
- all this.
- Yeah, but we know.
We know they're out there.
But what difference
would it make, exposing them
after all this?
You got your man, Ian.
You got your man. It's over.
So, what will you do now?
I don't know.
I have this weird
and overwhelming desire
to go and get a hug from my son.
Well, thanks for all your help.
I mean it. Sorry we didn't
wrap everything up
the way that we hoped.
Well, maybe in the end
there was nothing to wrap up.
Wild-goose chase and all that.
Maybe don't go tormenting yourself
chasing old ghosts, eh?
Right, well
see ya.
Go well.
- Hi.
- Hi.
All right?
- There's the meeting agenda.
- No, you're all right, love, thanks.
Right, well, er,
thank you, er, all for coming. Erm
I'm not sure if, er,
anyone has any experience
of this kind of thing,
but, erm, we, the police
with the help of
a facilitator, are aware
of the stress an incident like
this can have on the community.
And it can be helpful to
express our feelings around it.
As you know, we've charged someone
and we have them in custody.
Wouldn't have taken so long if
he'd targeted working miners.
Well, he weren't targeting miners.
It didn't stop you lot stirring it
all up again, though, did it?
That's not the purpose of this meeting.
What? You just said that you
wanted us to air our feelings.
Didn't you?
I mean, their side
they're always airing their feelings.
Gary did. I'm sorry, Julie,
I am, but how many of us here
have had to hear that word thrown at us
time and time and time again,
year after year, eh? Al? Fred?
Well, maybe you should have
had the courage to stay out.
Can we just maybe?
It wasn't about courage!
It's the thing your side
never understood.
It wasn't about having
courage, it was about
having brains, you daft bastard.
Careful, Fred.
Look where we are!
The land we were born onto,
the coal beneath our feet,
it had no future. It were dying!
That's no-one's fucking fault,
for God's s
And you lot were
just in denial about it.
Or, er
start a fight. Well, y'know,
anyone can do that.
Instead, some of us
wanted to make sure we could
eke out for as long as possible
everything we could get
from it, so that, y'know
there was something left
to rebuild on.
Yeah, and how's that
working out for you, Fred, eh?
They used you, man.
They used Nottinghamshire miners
to break a whole class of people.
You broke that.
You broke that, you and your bullies.
that's what it was, it was bullying!
Coming down here
to intimidate and frighten us.
And it was frightening! It was!
And it shouldn't be.
No-one should be
frightened in their own homes.
And that's why I
I can't forgive him
my own son
how scared he made you all.
For no reason!
I should have talked to him more.
No, we don't do that, do we?
We don't talk.
That's the most frightening
fucking thing of all, innit?
No. No.
Er | know what we're expected
to do, but I can't.
I can't forgive.
You lot, you always talk like
you're the victims, eh? Always.
What about the night of the fire, eh,
when we all tried to come together,
to recogni
to acknowledge the suffering your
lot were going through? Eh?
And that's what you repaid us with!
I mean, look at him.
- Don't!
- Well, look!
No-one did this to me.
It were an accident.
That's it. That's all.
That's not a good enough story, is it?
There's nowhere to
nowhere to put your anger then
the blame.
I'm sorry
I blame.
We could've won.
United we stand, but divided we fell!
Scab county for evermore.
Which is exactly
what they want, isn't it?
Blame each other rather than them.
We're still bloody doing it!
They didn't care about us then.
They don't care about us now.
They just use us.
I mean, look at what they still call us,
what we call ourselves -
a "former mining town".
How the hell are we meant to
move on from that when even
the way we talk about ourselves
is by what we aren't any more?
How are my grand kids
meant to imagine
a future beyond that, eh?
40 years of this.
You get one bloody life.
I've learnt that this week, God knows.
One life, and we're
spending it hating.
Aren't you all tired?
I am.
So fucking tired.
And so what's he been saying?
You can tell me. I can take it.
He's just, y'know
a messed-up young man. Angry. Lost.
So are a lot of people.
They don't do what he did.
Well, it seems like he
developed an obsession with Gary.
Well, with your whole family.
Happy. Together. Y'know,
everything he never had.
Didn't stop everyone
making it about the past,
though, did it?
Raking it up.
God! People!
So now what?
The circus packs up
and leaves? It's over?
To some extent, yeah.
- Then they go on to other things.
- Yeah.
Well, I can't.
I can't shake this need
to know who this person is.
People say I should just
drop it and move on, but, er
I don't.
They lied about my husband
the night of the fire.
And whether it were deliberate
or not doesn't matter.
It got him blacklisted,
cost him everything.
You'll think I'm being daft now, but
I've been thinking a lot
about the past, obviously,
and, er
But maybe it's because me granddaughter,
she's going out with
with one of her lot, Daphne Sparrow.
Her Ronan and our Cinderella,
a proper little Romeo and Juliet. But
she always said
her dad were at Clipstone.
Now, maybe I've misremembered,
maybe not, but I've checked,
and he weren't.
There were no Dunns at Clipstone.
And she never had
other family here or nothing.
Well, not until she married
into that lovely lot.
Like Steve McQueen in The Sting!
It's Bullitt, Dad.
You've got a great big dent
in the side of the car.
Want me to get it bashed out?
No, leave it. Folk need to know
it were me what caught him.
Hey, they must have
questioned him by now.
Must've not said owt about us.
Nothing he can say. He's a murderer.
We can all relax.
Right, shout if you need
anything from here,
otherwise it's going
to the school for donations.
Rory, come on, love,
help me bag this up.
Look at you! All right, all right!
Ow! All right, all right!
You're skinny! Look at them!
Let's get some muscles on you.
You cheeky bugger!
I like your extension.
Oh! Yeah. Er
We had it done
Yeah. Rosie had just turned 21.
We had a party.
That must have been nice.
So, what's Fred said?
Is he going to visit him?
Do you know what? Don't answer that.
I don't want to know.
Oh, God!
I found it in Gary's stuff.
Look at us!
Couldn't tear us apart, could they?
All the things we've done
separately since
birthdays, christenings
kids' parties.
You never even actually
came to my wedding.
I did attend.
Sort of.
On the day
Gary knew I was going to feel
I mean, even though he weren't
going to relent, you know -
"She's marrying a scab," ”
and all that
But Well, you can
You can see the registry office
from the Co-op car park,
so he let me drive there
and park up and
just sat there with a little, cheap
bottle of plonk, screw-top, and
I just, you know, sat there
so you didn't see me.
Just quietly on me own,
just had a little
I did see you.
And I were ever so grateful.
We're a right fucking pair, aren't we?
I need to ask you something.
I know I've no right,
but I'm just, erm
Go on.
This undercover unit, we think they
they were using
dead kids' names to build
their, erm, you know, their characters.
Well, I've been ordered
not to pursue, so I can't
use the police computer.
But there
might be social work records
on some of them.
And I just thought that if you could
Thank you.
I need to start with her.
Daphne Dunn. That was her maiden name.
Now, if she stole that name, then
like I say, who knows?
I understand why you
kept it to yourself, Helen.
I do.
I see it every day in my job,
what people go through, so I understand.
And what I said about kids
I'm sorry.
We made that choice, you and me.
And I don't know how
I would have survived
without us being together. So I am
I'm sorry.
Don't normally see you
at this sort of thing.
Small-town village life.
Yeah, well, I just thought
I'd show me face
a bit more, you know?
There was a Daphne Dunn who
died as a child in 1965
down in Peterborough, but
can't be sure of it, so
All right? If you can take your seats
So what are you going to do?
Are you going to confront her here?
So, I think I can safely say
- I don't know.
- that we're very glad
to be all together this morning
in the safety and the warmth
of our school.
You've already given so generously,
so I'm sorry to ask,
but we might need a little bit extra
for those that can afford it.
Coming up to Christmas time,
which means it's panto season!
Oh, no, it isn't!
Oh, yes, it is!
And we'd love to take
every one of our kids
to see it this year.
So during the next song,
anyone who wants to
buy a ticket for one child,
just text this number on the screen
with your name
and how many tickets you want to buy.
And by the end of the song,
we'll see how many lucky
Sherwood Community School pupils
we've got a seat for so far.
And only if you feel like you can.
Thank you!
Al things bright and beautiful
Al creatures great and small ♪
- Should contribute something.
- Why?
People should see our name.
How many kids in a class? 307
30 tickets.
You're going to bleed me dry, you are.
All of 'em.
We'll get tickets for each kid.
How's that for a modern-day
Robin Hood, eh?
Go on,
type it in. "All tickets."
All right, hang on.
I've not got me glasses on.
Fuck does that mean? "All Keats"?
Where you going?
Erm, I won't be long.
You're going to take it all
away from me. Aren't you?
As if none of this was real, this
this life I've lived.
I'd rather end it all now
as Daphne Sparrow
than go back to being her
the person who
who caused all this.
You can't make me go back to being her.
They made you do that job.
They should never have
put you in that position.
We were kids
young coppers, both of us,
in the middle of that madness.
And, yeah, we fucked up.
But we didn't cause that mess.
That weren't down to us.
I needed to know.
I'm sorry.
But nobody else needs to know,
I promise you.
We keep this between us.
You're lying.
- Police lie.
- No.
When I told you on the phone
that we can work together,
I meant that.
I don't deserve to
to carry on amongst
these people that I've just
Hey. Look.
This is your home.
You made this life.
We need to stop
being trapped by the past.
What matters is the here and now,
and here and now you are Daphne Sparrow.
This is your family,
your friends. You belong here.
And I'm asking you to trust me.
As the miners filed in,
coal board officials were
waiting to welcome them.
Both Annesley and Ollerton pits
are now likely to shut,
with the loss of 1,400 jobs.
This were me last
resort, to be honest, mining,
well, what I thought was
going to be a good future.
I've no actual trade. I've just
Not happening. There's no jobs
out there, really,
not for someone who's not got a skill.
We're about to be overtaken
by a revolution
which will sweep away almost
every distinctive feature
of the British industrial
relations system.
All right?
I, er I've brought some beers.
Best come in, then.
Now, here's another
quite incredible addition
to the tale of the recent
Nottinghamshire manhunt,
which we now know was one of
the largest in British history.
It's being speculated that many
tens of thousands of pounds was
hidden by one of its suspects
and is still out there.
Buried treasure in Sherwood Forest.
You couldn't make it up!
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