Shetland (2012) s05e03 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 3

It appears to be the body parts of a young male.
Daniel came here to find his sister Zezi.
Give them what they want.
They'll kill me! Please find a way! Jamie? I need some help here! Prentice and Carla are both dead.
I should've helped her.
Instead, I just ran.
Local family killed.
No-one will care about my Daniel and Zezi.
The Hayes and Daniel Ugara are connected? There's something much bigger behind this.
Something organised.
You think a trafficking gang is working on the island? - Paul Kiernan.
- Real name Aaron McGuire.
Are we going to have a problem? No.
We think that Zezi is being held by people traffickers.
Have you got any idea who you're dealing with here? I was on your boat, Calum, and I saw the fish hold that you kept them in.
This thing is huge.
These people are everywhere.
Calum? Calum! - When did you find him? - About 20 minutes ago.
Ah, Christ, Billy! I know.
I know.
How's he doing? Not good.
He's lost a lot of blood.
We have to get him to the hospital as soon as possible.
Let's give these guys some room to work.
You did a risk assessment, right? Yes, of course.
- I'll need to see it.
- Mm-hmm.
When did you last check on him? About 40 minutes before I found him.
Where did he get the pen from? I gave it to him.
He gave me no clue he was suicidal.
I didn't think for a minute he'd do something like this.
Well, he was about to lose his boat, his livelihood.
Maybe you should have.
Inform the Custody Inspector.
Then go and get yourself cleaned up.
I'll go and tell his wife.
No, I'll talk to her.
I was the custody officer.
That's not a good idea.
Go on.
What is it? Morag, Calum's tried to take his own life.
I'm going to take you to the hospital.
Don't worry about the kids.
WPC Kirk's going to take care of them.
Is he going to be all right? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I need a hand in here, please.
Call upstairs for the defib.
He is unresponsive.
Can I have some IV access and adrenaline packs, please? What's going on? What's happening? What's happening to him? What are you doing? Is he going to be OK? Calum! Calum Dunwoody died about 15 minutes ago.
Do we know why he did this? He was so scared.
He was so scared, he'd rather die than talk.
I'll need to take statements from both Sandy and Billy.
We have to establish whether their actions - contributed to Calum Dunwoody's death.
- Yeah, OK.
Tosh can deal with that.
I'm still heading to Glasgow.
Just to be clear, this could get messy for Sandy.
The PIRC are going to want to interview all of you.
I know.
But we need to find Zezi.
I think she's the key as to why Daniel and Prentice were killed.
And McGuire's got her.
I'm sure.
And what about Carla? I just I just don't understand.
How does she fit in? OK What is it that you're not telling me about this? When I first arrived, Carla befriended me and we got close.
And it developed into something else.
Something deeper.
Rhona You should have said.
I just want to know what happened to her.
Make sure you get the statements to the Custody Inspector and then go and talk to Jamie Hayes again.
And this time This time, put a wee bit more pressure on him.
Don't worry.
I will.
I've got the money.
Not all of it, but enough.
Where did you get it? Well, it don't matter how or where I got it.
I got it.
So tell 'em I'll pay.
I can't do that, Olivia.
You know that I don't have any way of communicating with them.
The media.
Put it on the news, like you did Daniel's photograph.
Honestly, Olivia, it won't work.
We'll just get inundated with crank calls.
Look, I heard you found drugs up at the Hayes place.
So Daniel might have found that while he was looking for Zezi and these people might have killed him.
OK, maybe.
And that boy in hospital will know what happened? Yes, but I don't know that yet.
Once I get a clearer picture, then I'll get in contact with you.
Now, I'm sorry, but I have to go.
And what am I supposed to do? Just sit here and wait? - I understand how difficult - No, you don't! Don't say that.
Cos you haven't got a clue.
- Detective Inspector Perez? - Hi.
DCI Sam Boyd, trafficking unit.
We spoke on the phone.
Car's this way.
Sounds like you've got your hands full up there.
To be honest, it doesn't surprise me.
Why's that? The people involved in trafficking, life means nothing to them.
What about Aaron McGuire? He's a thug, no doubt about that, but no history of people smuggling.
So what's he doing running a hotel up in Shetland with just mattresses on the floor, then? That's a fair question.
I don't know.
Let me show you something.
Our big problem at the moment is Romanian girls.
In this street alone, there's about three or four flats with trafficked girls in them, all run by different gangs.
And those girls there, they're brought in from Eastern Europe to marry Pakistani men, so that those men can get an EU passport.
It's a lucrative trade.
And one that's coming to an end, so they're busy.
And what about Nigerian girls? Yeah.
Nigeria, Syria, south east Asia, lots of places.
And if we pick them up, they just go straight back to their handlers.
Is that those guys? Yeah.
They run a car wash business.
In fact, that's maybe where your missing men could turn up.
It's all about control.
We call it extreme exploitation.
And McGuire He just doesn't have the clout to instil that level of fear.
Not on his own, anyway.
He wasn't up in Shetland for the fresh air, Sam.
Your hotel in Shetland was a safehouse along the pipeline.
McGuire is a foot soldier, not a general.
What pipeline? That's what they call the route from there to here.
Now they're using the smaller ports, coming in through the back door.
And what we need is for you guys to close that door.
Is that right? So how do I find him? I think his ex-wife might be our best bet.
I haven't seen my ex-husband in two years.
And I don't want to either.
It's a relief, having him out of my life.
So you wouldn't know what he was doing running a hotel on Shetland, then? A hotel on Shetland? Doesn't sound like him at all.
He was using a false name.
Paul Kiernan.
Really? Listen, I'm sorry, I can't help you.
I don't know what he's involved in.
Although nothing would surprise me.
What about people trafficking? What? We think he's involved in bringing people into the country illegally, then forcing them to work for little or no wages, or as domestic slaves.
Can we have a list of your staff and clients? We'd just like to check their residency papers.
Make sure none of them are being exploited.
Yeah, well, I can assure you, we only supply household staff that are legal and willing.
Nothing to hide, then, have you? You know, this is beginning to feel like harassment.
Look, your ex-husband could be involved in as many as three deaths on Shetland.
So you're lucky we're not tearing this place apart.
If he gets in touch with you, you contact me straight away.
Or I'll consider it obstruction of justice.
You believe her? No.
Thanks for this, Sandy.
So I just need to ask you a few more questions about the hours before Calum Dunwoody took his own life.
His last conversation with you, he asked for pen and paper.
- You gave it to him.
- That's correct.
- Did he write anything down? - No.
And you had no reason to think he was going to use the pen - to kill himself.
- No.
Would you? That's not really relevant, is it? No.
Did you talk about anything else? He asked me to tell his wife to get off the Isles, to go to her mother's.
And how did he seem when he asked this? What do you mean? Well, did he seem frightened, agitated? No, not really.
And did you? Tell Morag? No.
I said I would, but only if he told me who he was working for.
That was the last time we spoke.
Thanks, Sandy.
The review commission will want to interview you.
Now, it's voluntary, you can refuse, but I suggest you play ball.
Do you think I'm in trouble? I'll have to wait until PIRC concludes their investigations before I decide whether further action should be taken.
It's possible that Prentice was involved with Aaron McGuire.
Do you think this had anything to do with the attack on your family? You're not telling us the whole story, Jamie.
And you need to.
The more you lie, the less you look like a victim.
Do you understand what I'm saying? None of this is my doing.
But you knew, and you didn't do anything.
I was scared of my brother.
He, he wouldn't listen to me or Mum.
He brought this on himself.
Did he kill Daniel? Is that what you mean? No.
I don't know.
I just Everyone hated us.
Because of him.
Because of the way he treated people.
So, who did he treat badly? The people who worked for him? Aye.
And the girls up in the caravans.
Like Rosie.
He treated everybody like dirt.
You OK? You got to get back for family or? No.
No family.
You? Er I've got a daughter.
She's left home, though.
Looks like Claire McGuire's going somewhere.
OK, that's her.
I just spoke to Jamie.
He didn't like the way Prentice treated the girls in the caravans.
Especially the one called Rosie.
I still feel like he knows more about the attack - than he's letting on.
- OK.
Listen, check with Cora, see if those wounds could be self-inflicted.
And then find Rosie.
Be good to talk to her again.
Yeah, OK, will do.
I'll put someone outside the Hayes place for a couple of days, - just to be on the safe side.
OK? - OK.
Good idea.
Police We're going nowhere until you open this door.
Thank you, thank you.
Zezi? No, it's OK.
It's all right.
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
Stay here.
A young girl in here.
I've checked the living room.
No, it's all right.
It's OK.
Does anyone speak English? We need to know where you came from.
Where are you from? - Hotel.
- Hotel? Hotel.
Is it this hotel? This girl? Did she travel with you? Did she Look a wee bit closer.
- I need to find this girl.
- No.
There's nothing to be worried about.
Don't be scared.
I don't know.
I don't know her.
I don't know anything.
Any of you guys? Have you seen this girl? - Are you sure? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Hey, you.
I want a word with you.
In there.
What are you doing here? Same as you.
Looking for my ex-husband.
What, he lives here? He owns the flat.
Go through there.
Look, if he is involved with what you're suggesting, and if these people are being trafficked, then I need to know.
This is going to affect me.
If they've been trafficked? I gave some of them jobs as cleaners.
Aaron said it would do them a favour.
They would send the money back home to their families.
You told me you hadn't seen him for two years.
I need back-up at 43 Calder Road.
I have potential trafficking victims.
Male and female.
That's right.
Soon as.
Are you from Nigeria? Is she from Nigeria? Can you speak any English? Do you recognise this girl? It's all right, you're not in any trouble.
I just wondered if maybe you'd seen her in the last few days? Don't be scared.
Where did you get your tattoo? You? Who did this to you? She's not going to hurt you.
Tell me about the tattoo.
A woman do it.
She came into the room.
This room here? I remember was a cold room and the sound of the sea.
Did you hear her name, or do you remember what she looked like? There was a snake on her hand.
A snake with two heads.
- Sandy? - I've got Rosie's home address.
She's not been back there for weeks.
No, she's still here.
The milk's fresh.
You know, I've seen that butterfly tattoo before.
On a girl in the Macbay Hotel.
It could be branding.
Traffickers like to mark girls with their own logo.
I know.
WOMAN: Keep your mouth shut if you want to see your kids grow up.
Hey, there.
How are you? Yeah, I'm fine.
You busy? Chris is watching TV and I'm just about to make something to eat.
No, not really.
What is it? Well, I'm trying to read this book.
I see.
I'm not doing too well.
Would you like me to give you the short version? Yes, please.
There is always something left in love.
You believe that? Yes, I do.
I spent my day in a house full of trafficked people.
And they were all scared, and one of them was just a kid.
And they didn't want my help.
The world's broken, Jimmy, and you can't fix it.
Not everything.
I know.
I wish you were here.
I have to go.
Who was that? Oh, just work.
I might have to stay late tomorrow.
- What are you doing here? - Come to see you.
What is it? You keep staring at me.
You're going to say you miss me.
I miss you too, I miss Shetland, and I don't need reminded.
Something you should know.
Duncan and Mary have split up again.
This time, I think it's the real deal.
Well, what's he done now? No, no, no, no, no, no.
He hasn't done anything.
It's what Mary's done.
She's met someone else.
How's Alan? See much of him? Yeah, he's, he's doing OK.
Think he likes the city life.
We could all go out for dinner later, if you want.
- Sure.
- Yeah? There's loads of great places around now.
Not like in your day, it was all chips and cheese.
Well, then I'll give you a phone when, um, when I finish up.
How's that? Cool.
Oh, I'm this way, so I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Bye, darling.
- Bye.
- See ya.
I don't think Jamie's wounds could have been self-inflicted, Tosh.
The serrated edge of the knife suggests a right-handed attacker.
He's left-handed.
And he's also got several defensive wounds.
It's unlikely.
Unlikely, not impossible? No, not impossible.
I suppose he could have turned the knife round.
Used the other hand.
OK, cheers for that.
Stay away from there.
There's nothing for you to see out there.
Is Niki all right? Niki's fine.
Then why are you keeping us here? I want to work.
I can work.
So can Niki.
We need to work.
We need to send money home.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You're special, we don't want you sullied.
That's it.
Come on.
For God's sake.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, bloody hell, don't! Come on.
McGuire owns another building on the South side.
It's rented out to tenants on housing benefit.
No sign of him.
We searched Claire's agency.
She has workers coming in from various countries.
It's, it's possible that she's taking on trafficked workers and splitting the wages with their handlers.
She's been told to cease trading until further notice.
Is there any way that we could search the database for a tattooist with a snake on their hands? Look, if you need to be somewhere else, I can do this on my own.
It's just I don't have time to, to babysit you.
I've got a pile of cases on my desk.
And a missing girl isnae important? I have dozens of missing girls.
There's a tattoo parlour on the South side.
I know the tattooist there, she might know someone.
Don't ask.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
I wasnae gonnae.
- Hey.
- Hi, how you doing? Just take a seat.
Oh, I'm not here for a tattoo, I'm afraid.
Looking for someone who does butterflies.
Two-headed snake on her hand.
Ring any bells? You know anybody with a two-headed snake? OK Actually there was a place in the town run by a woman.
I think she might have had a snake on her hand.
Haven't seen her for years.
I think she sold her business to Graeme Benson.
- You know who I mean? - Yep.
Do you know what her second name was? Sorry, she was just Andrea to me.
I want to talk to DC Wilson.
- I'll check if he's available.
- Just get Sandy Wilson, now.
She wants to talk to you.
You can't talk to her until you've made a statement to the PIRC.
It's not a good idea to ignore her either.
I'll talk to her.
I'm sorry, Morag, but it's against standard procedure - for Sandy to talk - I want to know what he said to him.
He threatened him, didn't he? If you want to make a complaint, you'll have to contact the Independent Review Commission, but I could help you with that.
We have kids! Explain to them why their dad comes to help the police and doesn't come home ever again.
I want to know what was said.
I want to know why he did this! Come out here and speak to me! Sandy didn't threaten your husband.
How do you know? Were you there? Look, if you want to talk to me, about anything, any time, just call.
Why would I talk to you? Any of you? Cheers.
OK, her name's Andrea Doyle, there's no previous on her.
Can't get an address for her.
She seems to have dropped out of sight.
All right, what about this Benson guy? He's a leading property developer in the city.
I doubt he'll have kept in touch with somebody like Andrea.
Yeah, I'd still like to talk to him, though.
Are you all right? What's wrong? What's happened to you? Thanks.
Come on in.
Um how can I help you? Actually, uh, would you like a coffee or something? No, we're fine, Mr Benson, we won't keep you.
So, um, my secretary says that you're looking for someone called Andrea Doyle? Is that right? You bought her business a while back.
A tattoo parlour.
Well, technically, I bought the whole building.
We wondered if you'd stayed in touch with her.
She just seems to have disappeared off the radar.
No, I did not.
I was after the building, not the business.
In fact, in the end, I'm not even sure that I met her.
She has a tattoo on her hand.
A snake with two heads.
Well, that I would remember.
Has something happened to her? She might be involved in people trafficking.
We really are on a race to the bottom, aren't we? How do you mean? Desperate people do desperate things.
And cheap labour helps absolutely nobody.
If you don't pay someone a decent wage, they can't spend any money.
If they can't spend any money, then the whole system doesn't work.
But don't get me started.
You'll be here all day.
Do you have outhouses as well? A few.
You're very welcome to look around on your way out.
It is a fascinating building.
It was built by a shipping magnate.
And they say that he made boats for the Confederate army during the Civil War.
So a house built on slavery? You could say that.
Where are you from? Nigeria.
How did you get here? Amsterdam.
We need to go to the police station.
Maybe the hospital first.
That cut looks really bad.
No, police, please, a police station.
Darling, you'll be no use to your friend if that cut gets infected.
We're nearly there, darling.
Don't worry.
You'll be all right.
Not here.
Not here.
- Move it! - Please! - Move it! - Please! Get in there! Now! Move it! I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
I'll check with my property manager, see if he remembers her.
That'd be great.
That's Shetland.
I grew up there.
That's the day me and a few old pals went clay pigeon shooting.
At Scalloway? That's it, yeah.
- You know it.
- Yeah, I know it.
Where are you going? - I know what you're thinking.
- What? The girl in the flat said she heard the sound of the sea.
I get that.
He has a butterfly print.
I get that too.
And so what? You find it hard to believe that an all-round good guy would be involved in trafficking, is that it? No.
It's just, he doesn't need to, not from a financial point of view.
Look, he's from Shetland.
Now, he never mentioned the Hayes.
You think he doesn't know what happened to them? OK.
What do you need? I just want to know where all his money came from.
- So, whatever you've got.
- OK.
Sir? Tosh.
Graeme Benson.
Grew up on Shetland.
I need to know if there was any connection between him and Prentice Hayes.
Phone calls, e-mails, whatever you've got.
I need to know if he was in touch.
On it.
Just had Morag Dunwoody's lawyer on the phone.
He's talking about involuntary manslaughter and criminal negligence.
She's going to bring charges? Isn't that up to the fiscal? They're talking about pursuing a civil case.
What? I've got a feeling she's going to make this very difficult for all of us.
You mean for me, don't you? [DOOR OPENS.]
Give them this.
It's the money, at least, as much of it as I could get.
Give it to 'em, please.
Give who it? What are you on about? I just want my daughter back.
Just tell them I just want her safe.
Tell them that.
Tell who? I don't know anything about your daughter.
- Take it! - Look, I can't.
I don't know who I'd give it to.
My Dan would have been about your age.
Now Zezi is all I've got.
And you understand that, cos you've lost people, so don't lie to me, don't tell me that you don't know anything.
Just take the money.
Take the fuckin' money! Take the mon! What are you doing? Wait! Hang on! [PHONE VIBRATES.]
Hello? Hi, Hi, it's, it's me, Donnie.
Got your number from Mags.
Is this a good time? Olivia Lennox just paid a visit to Jamie Hayes.
Who? Donnie.
The invisible man? No.
I wondered, if you, uh, fancied getting a drink later.
- When? - Just now.
Hopefully She was trying to pay the ransom.
He said she was threatening him.
A coffee, if you prefer.
Oh, my God.
Something to eat? I'll speak to Jamie.
Find Olivia.
We need to talk to her.
Everything OK? Somebody's threatening my daughter.
And I've got a pretty good idea who it is.
Right, we'll get those traced and I'll get an officer over to the university straight away.
Hey, darling, how are you? Hey, Dad.
Where are you? I'm just going to meet a friend at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.
Why, are you cancelling? No, uh Who is it that you're meeting? Just my friend Lynn.
What is it? Stay inside.
Just until I get there.
And don't come out, OK? I need to talk to you about something.
- Whatever you say.
- Yeah, bye.
Kelvingrove Art Gallery.
OK, sure thing.
There she is, sat down, with the checked jacket.
- Hiya.
- Hi.
I'm Cassie's dad.
I need to steal her away a wee minute.
What's going on? I'm putting you on a flight back to Shetland, today.
What? I need you back home, so I can keep an eye on you.
Uh, Dad, what are you on about? I'm, I'm not going anywhere.
It's only for a few days.
I will call your tutors and explain.
Explain? Explain what? Cassie, it's about you being safe.
And you're not.
Not here.
Not right now.
OK? That's what I'm saying! The bank won't give me an extension until they know what your plans are with the house.
Then I can get a loan to finish the bar.
Come on, Mary, all you've got to do is call them! Everything OK? You seem a bit stressed.
Just haemorrhaging money.
I need a gantry fitted in the brasserie and the guys that I usually use have left me high and dry.
But apart from that, tickety boo.
- Cheers.
- Hm.
Listen, I can do that gantry for you, no problem.
You've got your own house to do up.
Och, a day here or there's not going to make any difference.
Are you sure? Seriously? You'd be doing me a big favour.
Just make sure you don't tell Alice, right? Cos she'll kill me if I don't get our place finished.
Oh, I have to take this, two ticks.
Jimmy? Cassie's on the next flight, Duncan.
So I'm going to need you to pick her up at the airport.
- OK.
Is there a reason? - Yeah, we've had a threat against her.
It's probably nothing, but safer if she's at home for a couple of days.
What kind of threat? It's nothing to worry about, Duncan.
I'm just playing it safe.
OK? Just be there, all right? - I love you.
- I love you too.
I don't think you should be talking to lawyers, Morag, I really don't.
And I'm saying that as a friend.
You hardly know me.
I know you well enough.
And I know you're suffering but you're lashing out at the wrong person.
You should focus your anger on the men who made Calum so afraid that he took his own life.
And that was not me.
You should have looked after him! You should have made him safe! I tried.
But if Calum was involved with traffickers, he got himself into this mess.
Now, we've got two missing girls.
And who knows what's happening to them? Morag.
If Calum told you where they were going, you have to tell me.
Did he tell you anything? Anything at all? He ferried the men across.
But there were no women on the boat.
Are you sure about that? Maybe he just didn't see them get on board? No.
There was only men.
One of the women was ill.
They didn't have time to wait for them.
- How are you doing? - I got something on Benson.
He's got his hand in various enterprises.
Nail bars, tanning salons, minicab firms.
All types of businesses that are known to use trafficked workers.
But nothing on Shetland apart from one property, which he owns anonymously under a beneficial company.
The McBay Hotel.
Thanks, Tosh.
This you? That looks nothing like me.
Did you have my daughter followed? Would you excuse me a moment? No, no, no, it's fine.
We can do this right here.
Well, I would rather not.
I am genuinely confused here.
Why would I have your daughter followed? I'll find out who sent those images, and if they're linked to you, you're finished.
These traffickers that you are looking for.
Clearly, they're serious.
So maybe I can help.
You do business in this city, you meet all sorts.
And the truth is, you don't always know exactly who it is that you're dealing with.
But maybe I can make a few phone calls.
To who, exactly? People who don't always do business strictly by the book.
See if we can find out who it is that's trying to send you a message.
Oh, so that's what this is, it's a message? It's not in a bottle, but it's clearly a message.
Though why anybody would be intimidated by you, I just don't know.
But I'm willing to do what I can to help.
That's right, I keep forgetting, you're one of the good guys, aren't you? Well, it's an offer.
Take it or leave it.
See, if anybody comes anywhere near my daughter again, I'll take the eyes right out of your fuckin' head.
Zezi wasn't on the boat.
Not according to Morag Dunwoody.
You spoke to her? I've just come from there.
Calum only took the men.
Zezi never left Shetland.
I'm on the next flight home.
I know, but if Jimmy thinks it's for the best, Cass, you should probably listen.
Yeah, well, he isn't the one missing classes.
He wouldn't do it if he wasn't worried.
Worried about what? I don't know what I've got to do with this anyway.
I didn't even know the Hayes.
Look at the bright side, at least you'll get to spend more time with me.
You should've told me about you and Mary.
Yeah I didnae want to distract you.
Or sink any lower in your estimation.
You haven't.
Well, let's face it, years of lying and thinking I can have my cake and eat it didn't help.
Listen, I'll just clear my stuff out of your room.
You try anything like that again and I'll kill you.
You listening? Sorry about earlier, I was having a shit day.
Me too but it just got better.