Shetland (2012) s05e04 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 4

Daniel Ugara came here to find his sister.
We think that Zezi is being held by people traffickers.
Right, you know what an awayday girl is? They come over on the ferry to turn tricks.
When they get enough money, they go home.
- But that's not you? - No.
We need a hand in here, please! Calum Dunwoody died about 15 minutes ago.
Keep your mouth shut if you want to see your kids grow up.
It's the money.
- Give it to him, please.
- Give who it? Three or four flats with trafficked girls in them.
And what about Nigerian girls? Where did you get your tattoo? There was a snake on her hand.
A snake with two heads.
You'll be all right.
Move it! Andrea thinks he sold her business to Graeme Benson.
- That's Shetland.
- You know it? Yeah, I know it.
Somebody's threatening my daughter.
I need you back at home so I can keep an eye on you.
Zezi never left Shetland.
[DOOR OPENS] Down you go.
It's OK, it's OK.
Are you OK? She's grand.
She's on the mend.
What are they? Medicine.
Oi! Let her sleep for a bit.
I need to know what's going on.
It's nothing to worry about.
Well, clearly it is, or else you wouldn't have had to smuggle me up here.
That was just a precaution.
Jimmy's just looking out for you, love.
I'm not a child.
OK? I have a right to know what kind of danger I'm in.
We think that whoever murdered Daniel Ugara and the Hayes is involved in people trafficking.
I was following up a lead when I was in Glasgow, and it looks like I might have rattled somebody's cage.
Whose cage? I don't know that yet, but their response was to target you.
And they followed you and they found out where you lived and they took photographs.
Now, that was probably just a warning, just to try and get me to back off, but these people kidnap young women every day.
Thanks for telling me.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] You all right? Yeah.
Cassie, this is Alex.
He's going to be staying around for the next few days.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you, Cassie.
Are you old enough to be a cop, son? I'm 23.
Can you handle yourself? - What? - In a fight? Well, I can hold my own.
Are you quite finished? Yes.
I'll keep coming back to check in on you, OK? Yep, sure.
- If anything happens, you call me.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, Alice, I'm just phoning to see if you're OK.
We should probably talk.
It would be good to meet, so give me a call when you get a minute.
Right, Aaron McGuire is still prime suspect in the murders of Daniel Ugara, Prentice Hayes and Carla Hayes.
And we suspect that he's holding Zezi Ugara, and possibly another girl, too.
Now, Sandy went to see Morag Dunwoody yesterday, and she claims that there were no women on board Silver Darling the night that Calum sailed for the mainland.
Yeah, it's probably not the smartest move, under the circumstances, but it did get us some useful information.
Namely, that these women are still on the island.
But how do we find them, short of searching every house in Shetland? If they are here, then I reckon McGuire is too.
And I reckon that he's going to have to surface at some point.
So, Billy, check everything that we've got on McGuire because if we can find even a trace, then at least we can narrow the search a wee bit.
We're also going to have to look at this guy, Graeme Benson.
He's originally from Shetland.
He's based in Glasgow now.
He's made his money in property and he owns the MacBay Hotel.
I think he's the one that's organising the trafficking.
So, McGuire is working for Benson? Ah! I don't know that yet.
But check out whoever he's been in contact with up here.
OK? How are the kids doing? I haven't told them yet.
And how are you holding up? Look, what is it that you want? Calum said that there were no women on board on the night that he made the crossing to the mainland.
- Did he? - That's what you told me.
Yeah, well, whatever I said, ignore it.
I was upset.
I don't know anything.
I don't believe that.
Calum didn't like doing it, did he? I mean, he was a decent man, so that wouldn't have sat well with him.
Carrying people on the boat like that.
I think he talked to you about it, Morag, because he didn't have anybody else to talk to about it.
Morag, it's important.
There are people in danger.
Other girls.
Oh, and you think I give a shit about them? I have just lost my husband.
My kids have just lost their dad! I have no interest in some wee lassies that have got themselves involved with those evil bastards.
Oh, you're something else.
God, you're something else! People are in danger? No, Calum was in danger.
And you didn't bother helping him.
What was she like last time? She wasn't as jittery as that.
I think somebody's got to her.
Get the patrol car to take a run past Morag's house this afternoon and see if you can get a list of the calls going in and out of the house.
Billy, where are we with tracking McGuire? So far, there's no trace of him being on Shetland in the last week.
He's here somewhere, Billy.
You wanted to know who Graeme Benson was in contact with? Carla Hayes? Benson called her mobile four times in the week before she was killed.
Have you got any idea what these calls were about? No, but it must have been important.
The last one lasted 50-odd minutes.
Sandy, can I have a word? You'd better come too, Jimmy.
I've spoken to the PIRC.
And we've decided that Calum Dunwoody's suicide warrants further investigation.
I'm sorry, Sandy.
Be all right.
Will it? I know how these things go.
Everybody wants a scapegoat.
No, no, no.
No, we just want to establish all the facts.
Well, I gave you the facts, and I had no idea he was going to do what he did.
Where are you going? To call my rep.
I'm making lunch, you hungry? I'm not sure.
You're not sure if you're hungry? No, he never said anything about lunch.
Who didn't? The boss.
It might not look too good if he comes in to see me feeding my face.
Are you afraid of my dad? Frankly, aye.
Well, this stuff needs used up by today, so you may as well eat.
- Grab me a chopping board, will you? - Yeah.
OK, where is this chopping board? Sorry, bottom cupboard.
So, if Carla was working for Benson, are we saying he's the one who ordered the attack on the Hayes? I don't know.
But if he is running the operation, then he's bound to have the right kind of mean bastards to carry it out.
You did the right thing, bringing Cassie home.
Ah! I put her at risk.
It wasn't your fault.
Well, my job made her a target.
She's vulnerable because of me.
Cassie isn't vulnerable.
She's got you and she's got Duncan and, in case you hadn't noticed, your wee girl grew up to be a pretty tough young woman.
That's because of you.
- She's smart, too.
- She gets that from her mum.
I told you, if there was anything dodgy going on, that was down to Prentice.
I kept my nose out of it.
What about your mum? What about her? Well, did she keep her nose out of it, or was she the one organising it all? Organising what? Look, for the last time, Prentice was the one Jamie, come on! I've heard the speech.
Now, you can't keep blaming everything on your dead brother, because Prentice was small-time.
He was a pimp and a dealer, he wasn't a big enough player to warrant getting wiped out along with his family.
This is about something bigger.
And I need to know what your mum was involved in.
She wasn't involved in anything.
This isn't just about your family, Jamie.
There are other people at risk.
What, like that mad woman's daughter? Olivia? Yeah, you ought to rein her in.
She was here last night, tried to make out I knew where her kid was.
Do you know where she is? Of course I don't.
Have you seen this guy before? - No.
- You barely looked.
You do know him? It's Graeme Benson, Mum's pal.
Was your mum working with him? What? No.
No, they were mates.
They went to school together.
They'd catch up when he came up from Glasgow.
So, when was the last time she saw him? I don't know.
A couple of weeks ago? Ah.
They were just pals.
That's all! Tosh, give me a wee minute.
What are you doing here? Jamie asked me to come and stay.
Jamie? You mean the guy that had you selling yourself out of a caravan up there until a few days ago? That was Prentice.
Rosie, this isn't a good idea.
What do you mean? You and Jamie.
Why not me and Jamie? We get on.
Besides, I've nowhere else to go.
What were you doing up there? Trying to pay the rent.
Jamie Hayes doesn't know where Zezi is, and he's not holding her.
Now, you don't know that for sure.
You don't know anything! They sent that video a week ago, and you still have no idea where she is.
We're doing everything we can.
- You failed my kids.
- No, that's not true.
Look, I understand how you feel, I have a daughter of my own.
No, you don't, though, do you? I've been asking round.
That daughter that you talk about, she's not really yours, is she? OK, that's not helping.
Me and Zezi and Daniel are blood.
And blood is everything.
Is that so? Which is why I'm not going anywhere until I find her.
So where were you three weeks ago when Daniel came looking for you? When your son came to ask you for help? Where were you then, Olivia? I told you, I couldn't make it.
Yeah, well, maybe you should have.
Because I'd have been there for mine.
You OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's just call it a day.
I'm sorry, I've been trying to call you all day.
- It's just been - It's all right, really.
Look, shall we go somewhere and grab a drink and then we can talk? - Jimmy - [DOOR OPENS] Oh, hi, Jimmy.
Hey, Chris, how are you doing? Yeah, I can't complain.
I was just bringing Duncan's keys back.
Yeah, Chris has been helping Duncan with the refitting at the bistro.
Ah, OK, OK.
We're just about to go for something to eat.
Do you want to come? Um No, Cassie's home, so - Well, we'd better be off.
- Yeah.
All right.
- All right, see you later, Jimmy.
- Bye.
[PHONE RINGS] - You were warned.
- Oh, no, no, wait.
I I didn't say anything to How's the Marquez? What? Oh! No, I've barely had time to start it.
I wouldn't have thought magic realism was your cup of tea.
It was Alice that recommended it.
His other one's better, Love In The Time Of Cholera.
It's a better story.
- Is it? - Mm-hm.
It's about this guy who falls in love with this girl, but she ends up marrying someone else, so he has to wait 50 years until the husband dies, and then he gets together with her.
Well, I guess I don't need to read it now, do I? You can talk to me.
I know.
So, talk to me.
What about? - What's going on with you and Alice? - Nothing.
Nothing worth talking about.
Oh, God! Oh, God! [SHE SCREAMS] [BABY CRIES] - Come on! - Mummy! Come on! What's happened? House was attacked last night.
They put a petrol bomb through the window.
- Where's Morag and the kids? - They got out.
You OK? Who did it, Morag? I don't know.
I really don't know.
You can't stay here.
We have to move you to somewhere safe.
Not the station.
- When can we get in the house? - Soon as the fire crew say so.
OK, until we get the all clear, check the outside, tyre tracks, footprints, whatever we can use.
Tosh, get some of these uniforms together and go and check the neighbours' houses, see if anybody saw anything last night.
I've called the forensics team, they're on their way over.
Alice, it's Jimmy.
I need your help.
Let's go.
- You need help? - I'll be OK.
Told you she'd be all right.
We should have a wee party.
What? To celebrate her getting better.
I'll cook.
- I'm OK.
Of course you are.
Come on.
How are they doing? Aye, they're pretty shaken up.
Listen, thanks for sorting this place so quickly.
Oh, that's OK.
We always keep a place free for families in emergencies.
I've picked up some food.
It's not much, but it should get them through the day.
OK, thanks, I appreciate that.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
Alice? We should probably talk later.
Yeah, get them settled, then call me.
There's nothing that I can do, I'm working.
You just go to a pal's house! It's not my problem.
Sorry, it's my little sister, she's locked herself out of the house again.
Can't you go and give her her keys? I'm not going to leave you here alone.
Your house is just down the road.
I'll be fine! Off you go! Why don't you come with me? I can't, this was due in yesterday.
I'll just run round.
I'll be five minutes, tops.
Will you just go? Lock the door behind me? [KNOCK ON DOOR] [DOOR OPENS] You don't have to knock, Alex! You must be Cassie.
You finished already? Aye, it went in easier than expected.
Oh, it looks fantastic.
You the only one here? Yeah.
Your project manager came by, asked me to pass on a message.
He says they're downing tools until you make last month's payment.
- Shite! - How bad is it? Oh, you know, there's always cash flow problems in projects like this.
But it's only temporary? Well, I bloody hope so.
I can take a couple of days off.
- I'm more than happy to pitch in.
- No, I can't ask you to do that.
It's not a problem.
I've been where you are.
A little help goes a long way.
So, you're a friend of my dad's? Well, more of an acquaintance, really, but He's at work right now.
I can give him a call, if you want.
No need.
I'm sure we'll bump into each other soon enough.
Shouldn't you be in Glasgow? You're at the university, right? I'm taking time off.
Well, quite right.
It's good to take a break now and again.
Your generation works too hard.
I'm forever warning my girls, you're going to burn yourselves out.
Actually, you might know my eldest, Ellie.
Ellie Benson.
She's at Glasgow, too.
Sorry, I don't.
She's got a flat in Ruthven Street.
You live anywhere near there? [DOOR OPENS] I told you to lock the door when I left.
What is the point in even saying that if you're? Who's this? It's Mr Benson.
He's looking for Dad.
But it seems that he is not here, so I'd best be heading off.
Nice talking to you, Cassie.
Do you remember anything about the attack on the house last night? I remember there was a car.
What kind of car? It was dark, I couldn't tell.
She called before it happened.
Who did? Well, the woman, the one who threatened us.
About an hour before.
Did you recognise the voice? No.
The accent was Glaswegian, though.
Morag, at some point, you're going to have to make a choice.
You're going to have to tell me everything you know about the people Calum worked for.
There's nothing I can tell you.
That was the deal.
He never gave me names or details or anything that would make me part of it.
I figured the less I knew, the safer I would be.
Must've told you something, Morag.
Morag? The boy the one that was killed.
Daniel Ugara.
A few weeks back, I came through to find Calum in the kitchen.
It was four in the morning.
He was just sitting there.
Sobbing, like a kid.
I never saw him cry like that before.
He dumped his body at sea.
Morag claims that they forced Calum to get rid of Daniel's body parts.
- Did you tell her who they were? - Unfortunately not, no.
However, she did say that she received threatening phone calls from a woman before the house was firebombed.
- From a woman? - Mm, with a Glasgow accent.
Who the hell is she? McGuire's ex-wife? Or was there anyone else in Glasgow? It could be Andrea Doyle.
We came across a witness in Glasgow who claimed that Doyle was the one who'd tattooed the trafficked girls.
We tried to find her, but it seems she up and vanished.
And you think she's turned up here? It's a long shot.
But if Doyle was the one who was branding the girls, then she'd know McGuire, so Maybe she's here with him? Sandy, pull up last night's CCTV and see if you can spot anybody in the roads out to the Dunwoodys'.
Where are we on Graeme Benson's movement? He was in Shetland the week Daniel died.
I checked the flight records.
And what about when the Hayes died? Couldn't find anything concrete.
If he was on the island at that time, he didn't come by plane, and he wasn't booked on the ferry.
That doesn't mean he wasn't here, though.
Boss? Have you heard the news? What news? Marine Scotland have closed down the processing plant.
When? This morning.
When did he turn up? About an hour ago.
Why did you let him in the house? I wasn't actually there when he showed up.
What do you mean, you weren't there? It doesn't matter, Dad.
Nothing happened.
Billy! - Who do you need? - Find me Graeme Benson.
Is it true? Laird made the announcement an hour ago.
We're all out of a job.
The cheek, showing your face around here! This is down to you and your boss, putting people out of business.
Now, come on.
It's not worth it.
Don't let Laird get to you.
It's his fault they closed the place down.
Still I am sorry.
Blessing in disguise.
I've been wanting to quit that place for ages.
Are you going to be OK for money? Of course I will.
Push comes to shove, I can always knock off a bank or two.
Well, if you need any help with rent or anything, you know, just ask.
Don't worry, I won't be shy.
What about Donnie, how's he? Donnie will be fine.
Well, he's got brains.
He'll land on his feet.
You seeing him again? I don't know.
You don't like him? No, I like him, I do, I just don't know if he wants to see me again.
Bloody hell, Tosh! What? It's a wonder you catch any criminals at all, being as stupid as you are! I'm pretty sure he wants to see you again.
The lad's mad about you! I warned you! I told you what would happen if you threatened my daughter! - I didn't know that Cassie was there.
- It's our house! I thought she was still in Glasgow, - I went there to see her father.
- I'm her father! I mean her biological father, Duncan Hunter.
Andy here told me that Duncan was living at your house.
I'm deeply sorry if I upset Cassie.
And what do you want with Duncan? Just hoping to discuss some business.
That'll be the same business you had with Carla Hayes? Come on! I was friends with Carla.
Well, you don't seem that upset by her death.
On the contrary, I am very upset.
And what about Daniel Ugara, did you know him? No, no.
Who's he? He was killed in Shetland just around the time of your last visit.
What do you want me to say to that? I am just a businessman, that's all! See, whatever it is you're up to, I hope for your sake it's legal.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How you doing? - Yeah, I'm OK.
Morag and the kids? - Yeah, they're settling in.
- Good.
Do you want to go and get a seat and I'll get some drinks? - Gin and tonic.
- OK.
I spent the last few days trying to convince myself it didn't mean anything.
It was just a kiss, after all.
I didn't mean it like that.
I know.
Oh, God! This is a bloody mess.
It'll be all right.
No, it won't.
Because I can't stop thinking about you.
About us.
Please don't sit there and tell me you haven't been thinking the same.
Well, it doesn't really matter what I think, does it? I mean, nothing else can happen, not while you and Chris are still together.
Well, what if we weren't? Alice, Alice, it's not fair.
- What isn't? - Well I can't sit here and tell you to end your marriage.
I mean, that's your choice, it's got nothing to do with me.
Bollocks! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even be thinking about it.
Do you still love Chris? I don't know.
OK, well, until you've figured that one out nothing else can happen between us.
OK, what are you having? Don't be daft, I'm buying! No, you can get the meal! All right.
Pint of lager, please.
You know what? I'm starving.
Let's get a curry.
Are you sure? Aye, aye, there's a place just up the road.
Fair enough.
You found anything on the CCTV? No.
But this is just the first camera.
We've got another 20 to go.
You could be here all night! That's fine by me.
Do you want some help? No.
It's OK, truly.
There is no point in both of us being here.
You should get out, have fun.
Have fun? I don't know! Just go and do something that isn't in here.
Good luck.
See you tomorrow.
Both of you are hungry? I'm doing that speciality dish.
Smells good.
What is it? Pasta puttanesca.
Puttanesca, do you know what that means in Italian? It means whore.
Seriously, that's what it means, whore's pasta.
My ex-wife used to love it.
I guess that should have been a sign, huh? Here Here, try some.
Mm! It's good.
- Yeah? - Mm.
Have this.
Come on! Come on! We're celebrating.
Cheers! In Nigeria, we say [SHE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE] Good girl.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYS] Here we go! - Hello.
- Tosh! Is everything OK? I heard you had a rubbish day, so I come bearing gifts, pizza and wine? Brilliant! Sorry, come in, come in.
How did you know where I live? I'm kind of a detective Donnie.
Oh, well, that'll explain it, then.
Quiet night.
I had a session with Chris.
Didn't know you guys were so pally.
Not as pally as you and his wife.
Saw you two in the pub tonight.
Luckily, I got Chris out of there before he clocked you.
So you owe me for that wee favour, Jimmy boy.
We were just talking.
Because there's no profit in womanising, Jimmy, you just end up on your own with everybody hating you.
What are you doing with Graeme Benson? Who? Hey, Graeme Benson! Oh He's nothing but a Flash Harry.
Well, he was here this afternoon, intimidating Cassie.
Are you working with him? No.
Don't lie to me, Duncan.
I'm not lying.
I don't know the guy.
Well, then, what was he doing here this afternoon? Duncan? MUSIC: [Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses] This is music! Yeah! Proper music! This music's old.
Play something that makes us happy.
Hm? Want to see how we go? You like dance music? Yes.
OK! Give me that one.
[CAN RATTLES] OK! Remember this one? What the hell's going on here?! [MUSIC STOPS] I was just having some dinner.
Are you stupid or something? Put them back in the room! You're not my boss.
In the room! [GIRLS SOB] MUSIC: [Edge Of The World by Runrig] - Oh, you're up! - And you're playing Runrig.
Don't bad-mouth the Rig! I've got nothing but love for them.
Good girl.
Yeah, so I wanted to make you some breakfast, but, well, things got a bit smoky.
Hence the mask.
Sensitive eyes.
It's a burden.
Do you have any coffee? There's a jar by the kettle there.
You got any real stuff? I'll get it for next time.
Next time? Oh, no, no, I didn't mean it like that.
I'm not presuming.
I wouldn't.
I just meant I'll get some in case you visit.
Instant's fine.
So, ketchup or brown sauce? Oh, neither.
I don't eat sausages.
Oh, sorry, I didn't realise.
You'll know for next time.
Christ, Andy! Have you been here all night? Didn't see much point in going home.
It's not like I'm getting any sleep.
Managed to find anything on the CCTV? Well, whoever attacked the Dunwoody house, they didn't come through Lerwick.
I've checked all the traffic cameras.
So, I figured, maybe they came the long way around, the South Road.
Do we have any cameras on the South Road? No.
But the petrol station does.
I found this.
Taken on the day of the attack.
Is that your woman? Pause it there.
Zoom in.
That's Andrea Doyle.
The car is registered to an Angela Dale.
Yeah, that's too close to be a coincidence.
I'll see if I can get an address.
45 quid for a week's shop? Can't survive on beans and soup.
- Says who? - Says me.
Oh, so you're the boss now, eh? Aye, I'm the boss.
Come on.
So, an Angela Dale rented a flat in Lerwick four weeks ago.
The landlady's meeting us there.
- Is she in? - Nobody's answering.
Check the bedrooms.
Sand! Right, pull on forensics at the Dunwoody place and get them down here.
What's happened? We found Andrea Doyle.
Or where she's been staying, at least.
What about the girls? No, there's no sign of them.
Sir? That's her.
Cut her off, Tosh.
Watch out! Really? [CLANGING] Tosh, get her.
Come on.
- OK? - Yeah.
Watch your legs.
OK? - Thanks.
- There you are.
Rosie! - No! No! - Argh! Jamie! Sir, the search team found the petrol can and the rags in the boot of her car.
Niki? Niki? Niki? Niki? Niki?! Niki! Niki! No! [SHE SOBS] Where are you taking me? Please, just stop the car, OK? No, don't even think about it.
Don't think about it!