Shetland (2012) s05e05 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 5

Whoever murdered Daniel Ugara and the Hayes is involved in people trafficking.
Their response was to target you.
I reckon that we need to look into this guy, Graeme Benson.
You must be Cassie.
We've decided that Calum Dunwoody's suicide warrants further investigation.
I can't stop thinking about you.
There are other people at risk.
What, like that mad woman's daughter? Olivia? Yeah, you ought to rein her in.
Me and Zezi and Daniel are blood, which is why I'm not going anywhere until I find her.
Niki? [SHE SCREAMS] She was getting threatening phone calls from a woman.
It could be Andrea Doyle.
You're not my boss.
Really? Jamie! Andrea Doyle's been taken to the interview room.
We've found a phone hidden in her flat.
It's a burner.
No way of seeing the text messages or e-mails.
Only three messages received, all from one encrypted number.
The tech boys are trying to crack it.
If they do we have a direct line to the traffickers.
Question then is, do we want to use it? Pay the ransom? This is just really risky, Tosh.
If we call them, and then they panic, then they could kill both the girls.
Oh, Billy, what's that face? What? What? Rosie from the caravans has just called.
Says Jamie's been abducted by Olivia Lennox.
Right, Billy.
Get Rosie in here.
I want to talk to her.
Get a description of the car out on local radio, and tell everybody to keep their eye out for it.
VOICE MAIL: Leave a message and I'll get back to you.
Olivia, this is Jimmy Perez.
Bring Jamie Hayes to the station, now.
You are not helping your daughter.
What happened? I didn't think she was that ill.
I didn't.
- I'd have done something - You knew.
- And you could have saved her - You, shut your mouth.
Need to get her out of here.
Leave her alone! Don't you touch her.
Shut it! You'll be next! Hi, Rosie.
Do you have any idea where Olivia might have taken him? No, I have no idea.
Well, how did she seem to you? I couldn't tell.
You don't think she's going to hurt him, do you? I mean, she's got a screw loose.
And he can't defend himself, not with his injuries.
No, don't worry, Rosie.
She just wants her daughter back.
But we'll find them, soon enough.
OK, this is important.
If you lie to me now everything changes.
You need to talk to Aaron McGuire.
- I just do the inking - No, I don't believe you.
I can't tell you what I don't know.
Then tell me what you do know.
And you can protect me if I do? From who? We're just the tip of the iceberg.
There's people out there that I've never even met.
But they know me.
And they'll know where to find me, if I talk.
I can't make you any promises.
The encrypted number on the phone we found in your flat, was that McGuire's? Yeah.
Is Zezi Ugara still in Shetland? As far as I know.
And the other girl? What's her name? Niki.
Where are they? McGuire'll have panicked after I was picked up.
I mean, they could be anywhere.
No, last chance.
Where are they? I don't know the address.
I could show you on a map.
What's McGuire planning to do with Zezi now? If the family don't pay, and he can't get her off the island, he'll kill her.
Right, how long have we got? Hours, rather than days.
Sandy, move around the front.
Tosh, check down here.
There's nobody down here.
You need to see something, out the back.
Ah That's Niki.
Bastards! It's on the road to Wester Skeld.
We need the owner's name.
ON PHONE: It's registered to Hunter Holiday Rentals.
Hunter, as in Duncan? Aye, it's one of his.
Are you going to tell him, or will I? No, it's fine, I'll do it.
Duncan owns it.
You got a holiday let at Wester Skeld? I do, aye.
It's, erm, not the crown jewel in my empire, to be honest.
Who's renting it? Er, nobody.
It's been empty for ages.
It needs too much work done.
OK, who knew it was empty? Mary and Joanne, from the office.
Anybody else? No, why? Is there a problem? Cos we've found a body on the premises.
Young girl that used to work at the Macbay Hotel.
When was the last time you were over there? I I don't know.
A month ago? - And there was nobody there? - No, I told you.
Don't give me that look, like you don't believe me! Not again.
Has Graham Benson been in contact with you? No.
So, if I looked in your phone, I wouldn't find his number in it? I don't know.
I've got a lot of missed calls.
I owe money to half the island, so I'm not answering unless I know who it is.
You better not be getting into bed with these people, Duncan.
I swear to God.
I want all the details on that property.
And I mean everything, today.
There's coppers all over the island, looking for us.
I just need to dump this van! [SHE WHIMPERS] We found Niki at the house.
She's dead.
Is that it? Nothing to say? What is wrong with you? There's a young woman just been murdered, and they threw her body out the back, like it was a bag of rubbish! She was ill.
She was ill, how? She'd had a miscarriage on the way here.
I don't think she'd recovered.
She was bleeding a lot.
Did you get her a doctor? It was too dangerous.
You could have dropped her at hospital.
- You could have done something.
- I just did what I was told.
So did McGuire.
Any news on Olivia and Jamie? We have a sighting of a blue Suzuki, travelling north.
She could be heading to the North Isles? No, Olivia doesn't know Shetland well enough to do that.
There's no sign of her on any of the inter-island ferries.
I'm guessing she parked up someplace.
Tosh, go and check the guest house.
For what? For anything that points to where she might have taken him.
How are you feeling about this PIRC interview, Sandy? Are you ready for that? I'm ready to see my chances of promotion go down the drain.
That's if I'm not charged with negligence, first.
Right, well, try not to let it distract you.
We've got four murder victims and a missing girl on our hands.
Did she ask about the other islands? How to get anywhere? No, she's been keeping herself to herself.
What's up with the loo? It's blocked.
The sink, as well.
Got someone coming to have a look.
Miss Lennox has been using the bathroom downstairs.
- Since when? - A few days.
Looks like it could be the murder weapon.
It was blocking a drain at the back of the guesthouse.
Has Cora checked this? Yeah, it's been cleaned.
No prints.
But there are traces of blood.
She's checking to see if they're a match for Prentice or Carla.
And there's something else.
After I found this, the receptionist admitted that she wasn't entirely honest, when she gave Olivia an alibi.
I know.
She didn't want the owner to know that she was in one of the spare rooms with her boyfriend most of the night.
She didn't see Olivia, which means we don't know when she got to the Hayes' place.
It looks as though Olivia Lennox's alibi for the Hayes murders isn't holding up.
So, we now have to assume that she may be planning to harm Jamie Hayes.
We're going to need roadblocks on every road north to south.
Tell Willie at Brae, if he wants to use volunteers, that's fine by me.
We'll take whoever wants to help.
This arrived.
It's Olivia's file from the Wandsworth Social Work Department.
When she was younger, she attacked her stepbrother with a knife.
[DISTANT ARGUING] I was just wanting to pick your brains about working on the rigs.
Well, the money's good.
Why, do you fancy it? Well, I just, erm Think I need to get away for a while.
You know they found a body at one of my properties? What? - When did this happen? - This morning.
That's horrendous.
It just It feels like everything's getting on top of me.
I just I feel like I need a break, you know.
Well, don't even think about roughnecking, cos that is tough.
Especially at our age.
To be honest, I'm thinking I might pack it in.
I'm not sure I should leave Alice alone at the moment, with the way things are.
No? Was Alice round at Jimmy's place when I was on Yell? Erm, well, she dropped a book off, I think.
Any other time? No, not that I can remember.
Yeah, I mean, this It might just be a case of the grass is always greener.
But, erm She talks about him a lot.
Well, they're old pals, you know.
I don't know what I'd do if she left me.
I really don't.
Come on, that's not going to happen! Alice is just settling in, you know.
I mean, you're used to moving around.
It's different for her.
Aye, aye.
Maybe you're right.
Thanks for the drink.
- I better head.
See you later.
- Aye.
Good luck.
Looks like I'll need it.
OK, listen.
Nobody, least of all me, thinks you were negligent in Calum's death, and when I speak to them, I will back you all the way.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
You need to hear something.
There was a guy down at the plant threatening Mr Laird.
It was getting pretty heated.
And it was odd, it felt like I recognised him from somewhere, but I can't remember where.
What'd he look like? Quite tall.
Grey beard.
Sort of dark eyes.
Is that him? Yeah.
Yeah, that's him.
Remember, every nook and cranny.
Don't you think this is a bit unnecessary? You tell me why you've never mentioned your connection to Aaron McGuire and then I'll decide for myself.
Because I don't know anyone called McGuire.
Well, maybe you knew him as Paul Kiernan? Kiernan? Sure.
I used to drink with him at the MacBay Hotel.
[DOOR SHUTS] Just had word.
They've found bags of lye in the garage back at his place.
Is that significant? Och, do you know what, I don't have time for this.
Gavin Laird, I'm arresting you on suspicion of having committed a crime.
I need you to come with me now.
What? There's nothing out here.
Look, we're going round in circles.
We've been driving for hours.
This road doesn't even go anywhere! What are you doing? Stop! You can't drive out here! Stop! Please, stop! What are you doing? Stop the car! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! [HE SCREAMS] Argh! Stay there! Tell me where my daughter is.
I told you, I don't know anything! - [ENGINE REVS] - Argh! Now, just so you know, the fiscal's keen that I charge you with murder, and I think she's got a point.
Why? I didn't kill anyone.
Industrial lye, traces of which were found on Daniel Ugara's body, was found in your possession.
You were also seen talking to Aaron McGuire, a known people trafficker.
That lye was there when I bought the place.
It's been there for years.
And what about McGuire? Why were you talking to him earlier? If you're going to lie, you need to think faster than that.
So, were you working for him? Was he working for you? Neither.
Look we've got the CCTV from your plant, and we have people who can lip read, so we'll know exactly what you were saying.
He wanted to borrow one of our vans.
I presumed so he could get off the island undetected.
I told him I couldn't do that.
And why come to you for help? We'd do each other the odd favour.
That's how it works here, you know that.
And you didn't think that was important enough to call us? I didn't want to get involved.
I've got enough on my plate.
Did McGuire kill Daniel Ugara? Why would I know that? The only thing I can tell you about Mr Ugara is he threatened me.
He said he would tell the authorities I was using trafficked workers unless I told him what I knew about his sister.
- And what did you know? - Nothing! I don't use trafficked workers.
But I knew if anyone searched the plant, they'd find the second pipeline.
Is that the one you didn't use? Yeah, well, I lied about that, obviously.
Right, so why should we believe you now? I just told him to get on his bike.
That's all.
I didn't touch him.
Jamie's car's been spotted heading towards the cliffs up by Eshaness.
You know what I don't understand? Why aren't you looking for the people that killed your family? - Like I am? - Because I don't know who killed them.
You're not even trying, though, are you? Makes me think you know things.
I don't! You lie to me one more time, I'm going to drive us off the edge of this fucking cliff! I don't know! Please, please! I don't know.
For all I know, you you might have killed her.
Me? Why are you saying that? Then tell me something different.
I can't.
I don't know anything.
You have ten seconds to tell me where my daughter is, or I'm driving us both over the edge! I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
Please I don't care.
I don't care any more! [ENGINE REVS] Prentice saw people being landed up near here.
He knew what McGuire was doing.
He saw them being transported to the hotel.
He told McGuire he wanted money to keep him to keep him quiet.
- And Daniel? - I don't know.
Maybe he saw the same thing.
Maybe that's why he was killed.
I don't know.
Olivia, I don't, I don't.
You pull on the hand brake! Pull on the hand brake and turn the engine off now! If I can't save my girl I might as well be dead! Look, we've got new information, Olivia.
We're getting close.
We're getting close.
I will find your daughter.
I swear I'll find her.
[ANGUISHED CRY] I swear it.
I thought you were at the house? No, I was meeting with Duncan today.
I did say.
Ah, that you did.
- I hate that.
- What? When you just stand there and watch.
You could help me with this, please.
- Is it for real? - Is what for real? The way you feel about Perez? You can take as long as you want.
My feelings for Jimmy are what they've always been.
I saw you together, in the bar.
He wanted my advice on his case.
Again? Why are you helping him, really? Because it's the right thing to do.
I want to be part of this community.
Isn't that the idea? - Not if it ruins us.
- Us? Ruins us? Are you serious? You're never here, Chris.
I mean, even if what you think is true who'd blame me? You're either on the rigs or at the house on Yell I am trying to build a future for us.
By accusing me of having an affair! That's how you build our future? You're just digging a hole to bury our marriage in! My people have been running around all over the place, looking for you, when they should have been looking for your daughter.
Do you realise that? - I read your social work file.
- Oh [SHE EXHALES] When your mother died, you went to live with your stepfather and his son and you attacked your stepbrother with a knife.
- You want to talk to me about that? - No.
There must have been a reason.
It was in the past, what has it got to do with any of this? Because the Hayes were killed with a knife.
That's what it's got to do with this.
Ah, so that is my weapon of choice now, is it? [SHE CHUCKLES] You know, your file is just a list of self-destructive behaviour.
You lash out at anything and anyone and the only thing that's missing is Why? Because I was angry.
Because no-one believed me.
They passed me between themselves.
And when I was 11 years old and the social just saw me as someone who got pregnant, who got into trouble, they didn't care why.
I'm sorry.
I can't imagine that's something you ever get over.
Lucky you only have to imagine it, then.
So did you think that the same thing was going to happen to Daniel and Zezi? I saw it coming.
I didn't know what to do.
I haven't I haven't loved anything apart from those two.
So is that why you let the social workers take them away, because you wanted to protect them? They said I was violent.
[SHE LAUGHS] They said there was a cycle of abuse that needed to be broken.
I think they had a point.
I mean the abused becomes the abuser, right? No, that's, no, that's not always the case.
Man, it doesn't matter about me.
I mean, it was just about making them safe, so [SHE CLEARS HER THROAT] I gave them up to keep them safe.
But they weren't safe.
I thought I thought saving Zezi would make me stop hating myself.
It won't.
It won't.
I did stab my stepbrother, yeah.
And I admit that.
I went at him.
I really did.
Because I was protecting my kids.
I didn't kill the Hayes.
You know, if they harmed Daniel, I am glad they are dead.
But I did not kill them.
I didn't.
What are we charging her with? I'm not charging her.
She abducted Jamie.
I know.
I'm not charging her.
Chris knows how I feel about you.
He's walked out.
Are you? Are you OK? Well, to be honest, I'm relieved.
We should meet up later.
I'd like that.
I'll call you when I finish up.
You're getting yourself into something? - I I don't want to talk about that.
- Maybe you should.
I don't want to be the guy that breaks up a relationship.
Well, in my experience if she feels the same way about you, it's already broken.
- I think that's pretty good.
- No, it's awful.
- Has it not got 20? - No, but, seriously, level 340? What level are we on? Like, 600 and something.
I don't believe you, let me see it.
Later, I need to pack.
Pack? Where are you going? I'm not hanging around here any longer.
You want to tell Jimmy, or will I? You know what Jamie told Olivia about the landings at Eswick? I've checked those employment files from Claire McGuire's agency in Glasgow, and there's a pattern.
New arrivals at the same time every month, which means there must be a regular landing just before that, right? - Which would be when? - About now.
They might have closed the pipeline, but if not, we could be there waiting for them.
Right, let's get started, shall we? What we're looking at this afternoon is the events before and after the death of Calum Dunwoody.
We've established that you did a risk assessment.
Can I ask how Mr Dunwoody appeared before he was taken to the cell? I'd say he seemed subdued.
Did he request to speak to anyone? His lawyer, for instance? No.
His wife? Did he say, "Tell her I love her"? As I recall, yes.
What did you think when he said that? How do you mean? Do people often ask you to pass on messages like that? Sometimes.
If they've been drinking, or under stress.
Had Mr Dunwoody been drinking? No.
Here comes the cavalry.
No, I just I want to talk.
I need to get on with my life.
I've got classes.
There's stuff I need to do.
Right, you need to get back to the station and tell PC Kirk to get down here.
A few days isn't going to hurt you, is it? It's my decision, Dad, not yours.
OK, I'm on the ferry tomorrow.
Don't worry.
I'll get her some protection till this is over.
What about the next time? You ever think about taking early retirement? Dodge can always find another Sheriff.
I'll sing, "Do not forsake me Oh, my darling" while you gallop off into the sunset with Alice.
What's that supposed to mean? Chris has been asking me a lot of questions about you two.
I told him there was nothing to worry about, but it doesn't feel right lying to him.
And I am lying to him, amn't I? I really I really hadn't expected to feel this way about somebody ever again.
Taken me by surprise, if I'm honest.
As far as Cassie goes, I'm more than aware of how my job has impacted on her life.
But you've got some brass neck on you, Duncan, seriously after everything you've put her through.
You've done more than your fair share.
- Can I speak to you for a minute? - Sorry, Chris.
I don't have the time.
I just need to know what's going on with you and Alice.
Right, there's nothing's going on.
Would you like it to? Oh.
Two points to me.
Look, I've answered your question.
The thing is, I don't want to get in the way if you two want to be together.
Nobody wants the sympathy vote, do they? The techies have cracked Andrea's phone.
Do we contact McGuire? I know you said it was risky, but But that was before Niki.
Your call.
- Are you sure about this? - Mm-hmm.
Olivia makes the call first thing tomorrow morning.
They set the time and the place and then when McGuire pitches up, we move in.
- What if he doesn't take the bait? - I don't know.
I don't know cos I'm out, Rhona, I'm all out of ideas, so if you've got a better one? If Zezi knows who's behind this, what they look like, why would they release her? I just think that if they if they'd planned to kill her, I think that she'd be dead already.
[SHE WHIMPERS] I'm sorry I'm late.
You're fine.
Look at that view.
I could stand here all night.
I I can't stay long.
We're very close to finding Zezi, I think.
You know where she is? No, we're going to pay the ransom.
And if that works, and it's a big if, then we should have her back in safe hands by tomorrow.
Oh, God, Jimmy, I hope you do.
How about you? I'm OK, really.
I knew it was wrong even before we got married.
I thought moving here might make a difference.
But it was only when I saw you again, I realised what would.
So waiting a little longer won't hurt, then? Oh, it will hurt.
As long as I know that you're there.
I'm not going anywhere.
- I have to go.
- Yes.
Hey How did the interview go? I don't know.
They don't have a case, Sandy, they just don't.
I mean, what do they expect us to be, mind readers? You just can't win in this job.
Well, try not to worry.
And get some sleep.
We've got to keep this place running tomorrow.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh! That wasn't awkward at all.
No, it was seamless, wasn't it? - I got you one in.
- Good man.
I wasn't sure I should.
Thought it might look presumptuous, like you were definitely coming.
Did you think I wasn't going to come? Why? Did you think about not coming? Are you always this self-confident? [THEY LAUGH] How's work? Hellish.
I need this.
And another.
Oh, you looking for a new job? Aye.
Well, there's nothing going in Shetland, though.
Might have to go back down south.
Well, I mean, I could take whatever's going.
But I just don't know why I would do that.
You're an IT guy.
IT guys have to do IT.
It's in the blood.
My father was in IT, and his father before him, and his father before him.
The shame it would bring on the family name! Look.
The Merrie Dancers.
Did you know that's what they call the Northern Lights? Aye, cos I'm from here, remember? Look I'm sorry about what I said earlier.
I'm just, I'm I'm dead tired.
Well, if it's what you think, you might as well say it.
I'm away back inside.
I'll see you in the morning.
Every chance you get, you put me down.
I mean, you've been doing it for years.
And then you accuse me of a crime that I would never have done.
You put a wedge between me and Mary.
Between me and my son, me and my daughter.
Och, away, you're pissed, Duncan, away and get some sleep And now you're doing it again.
This time it's it's peo it's people trafficking?! Well, they did use your property as a safe house.
Oh, I bet that made your day! You know, your son doesn't want to know you because you didn't want to know him.
And your wife can't take any more lies, and sure, Cassie might be being less than sympathetic, but honestly, what did you expect? Everything would have been all right if you hadn't dragged me through the shit.
This isn't about that.
This is about how you managed to destroy every single good thing in your life.
There are people who would have killed to have had what you had.
And I'm one of them.
But you pissed it away.
One lie after another.
Whenever you're ready.
[PHONE RINGS] OLIVIA: Hello? It's Zezi's mother.
I want to pay.
I have the money.
In in cash.
Just let her go, please.
I said, I've got the money.
How did you get this number? Daniel.
It was in his belongings.
I'll call you back in two minutes.
He says he'll call me back.
Checking with his boss, then? Maybe.
Let's see.
This is a waste of time.
No, just Let's wait and see.
They don't have many choices.
[PHONE RINGS] Hello? There's an empty byre near Toft.
Ten o'clock.
Bring the money.
No-one else.
Your daughter'll be released.
I understand.
[HE HANGS UP] OK, heads up.
A vehicle approaching.
Yeah, that's the van.
It's pulled up.
Come on [PHONE CHIMES] He's clocked us! Move! Move! No! No! [SIRENS WAIL] Come on! Come on, come on! He's going to stop, right? Jesus! She's not in there.
Ambulance is on its way.
Ah, somebody must have tipped him off.
Help! Help! I need help here! HE SCREAMS: Help!