Shetland (2012) s08e01 Episode Script

Season 8, Episode 1

I I don't think I can do it.
There. Have a look.
You'll be fine.
Remember, you won't have much time.
Need to get him home as soon as.
Bloody hell. I was about to
send out a search party.
Just getting some drinks.
Is one of them for me?
How about we go back to your flat?
And then what?
Well, drink up and you'll find out.
Cleaner turned up at midday,
found him like this.
Cleaner got their own key?
but she says the door was unlocked.
She say anything else?
Just that the TV was blaring
when she arrived.
Guess he was a metal head.
It was to cover
the sound of the gunshot.
Watch is missing.
Along with his wallet and phone.
They robbed the place?
Did the entire flat.
We know what else was taken?
Maybe they forced him to
give them the code to the safe.
Maybe they didn't have to.
Boss is here.
Remis's dead.
Single shot to the head.
Whoever did it knew
what they were doing.
- You think Cassidy ordered it?
- Yeah, pretty sure.
We're going to catch hell for this.
Well, I don't see how it's our fault.
Remis was our informant. Now he's dead.
Probably because he was our informant.
We finally get someone inside
Cassidy's operation and
What do you mean "pretty" sure?
- The flat was burgled.
- And?
Well, if this was Cassidy's people,
they'd have no need to rob the place.
- Maybe they staged it.
- To hide the fact that it was a hit?
- Yeah.
- No.
If Cassidy is taking out
police informants,
he's doing it to anyone else
that's thinking of crossing him.
He doesn't want that hidden.
The robbery part doesn't fit.
If you're going to steal drug money,
why leave some of it behind?
He's in here.
Look at the state of him.
Wake him up.
They had to leave in a hurry.
Howell, someone's here.
That's a girl.
A girl with no shoes.
She does have a bag though.
Doesn't look much like a hit man.
No, but they do.
Find out where that cab went.
Met Police!
Are you OK?
Kirsty Bell.
Her flat-mate, Ellen Quinn,
is our barefoot girl.
Said the door was
kicked in at 4am by two men,
one black, one white, looking for Ellen.
So, how'd they get here before us?
Probably found her the same way we
did, through the taxi company.
Plus, they had a ten-hour head start.
So, what were they looking for?
The money probably.
Did she say why Ellen was with Remis?
Seems Kirsty and Ellen
were running
some sort of honey-trap scam on him.
So, they're not connected to Cassidy?
Just picked the wrong mark
on the on the wrong night.
Good chance our little
Zola Budd saw the shooting.
No wonder she was running.
And she'll have to keep running
if she wants to stay alive.
- So, where is she now?
- Kirsty reckons she's gone home.
And where's home?
We don't know if
she's actually going there.
No. But she's young, she's scared
and Shetland is at the edge of the world
so, you know, there's a good chance.
Well, let the local police find her.
She's too important. We want to
find Cassidy, this girl is the key.
Look, she's in danger.
You think Cassidy
hasn't made the connection?
We need to get this girl before he does.
Can't you send someone else?
Pack your bags. You're going home.
And this happened last night?
How many does that make now?
Including this one? Five.
Same symbol.
Any idea what it means?
Not yet.
Well, Ewan Dickie seems to think
it's the work of some kind of cult.
Says the isles are being
overrun by Satanists.
And how is Ewan?
Ah, still an idiot.
People are worried.
We're losing livestock.
I know.
We're working on it.
Right. Better get you back.
Anything else happens, call me, OK?
Hi, Billy?
DI Calder landed at Sumburgh
20 minutes ago.
- She's on her way here.
- OK. I'm heading back now.
Business or pleasure?
Your visit?
Here for long?
Let's hope not.
Found him passed out
next to the library.
He's been drinking all night.
Not again, John Joe.
- Eh, do you want him in a cell or?
- No chance.
He's not getting off that lightly.
Call his wife.
Oh, no.
Fiscal's looking for you.
Oh, thanks.
Any chance of a tea?
I can do you a scone as well.
You are a fine man, Billy McCabe.
- You wanted to see me?
- Ah.
How'd it go with Agnes?
Same as the other ones.
Throat was cut and
a symbol painted on the carcass.
Any chance it could just be kids?
Pretty weird kids if it is.
Hmm. Erm, DI Calder's waiting
for you in the incident room.
I said you'd be her neighbour
on this Ellen Quinn case.
And remember,
she has no jurisdiction up here
so you're in charge.
- They're on your head, Harry.
- Ah
Have you seen these before?
Drugs? Loads of times.
You're funny.
We took them off a couple
of students up from Aberdeen.
They bring them with them?
No. They say they got them
at a party in Lerwick
but I've never seen
pills like these here.
I'm wondering if we've
got a new distributor.
Might be worth checking out.
DI Calder?
You must be DI McIntosh.
Temporary DI. And call me Tosh.
This is DC Wilson.
Erm, Sandy's fine.
Is that a Scottish accent, DI Calder?
That's right.
Er, well, can we get you anything?
Tea? Coffee? Billy's made scones.
I would rather we just got started.
My DCI should've sent you through
the background on all of this.
Yes, he did.
Ellen Quinn witnessed the murder
of one of your informants?
Philip Remis. He worked as
an accountant for Kyle Cassidy,
head of a crime gang that
we've been investigating.
Remis was ready to give
my team evidence to help us
prove a case against Cassidy.
And you think this Cassidy
was behind Remis's killing?
We think he ordered the hit, yes.
What was Ellen doing at the flat?
Robbing the place.
We think she stole some money
from Remis's flat that might have
belonged to Cassidy.
Explains why she didn't come
forward about the shooting.
Well, that and the fact
she's probably terrified.
We need to find her before
Cassidy or his people do.
What, you think
he'll follow her up here?
There's every chance.
OK. Well, we know she arrived
on the Aberdeen ferry yesterday.
After that, we lost track of her.
You you don't know where she is?
Well, uniform have her details.
They'll keep an eye out and
I'm checking the town CCTV.
And what about her family?
Parents stay down near Bigton.
Right, well, let's go
and talk to them, then.
In case you're wondering what it is
about the place that looks strange.
No trees in Shetland.
It's the wind apparently.
It's too exposed.
I mean, there are some trees
but generally it's like this.
A lot of first-time
visitors are surprised by it.
Yeah, it's not my first time here.
Oh, you've been before?
I was born here.
Grew up near East Roe.
Oh, wow.
Oh, it's beautiful out that way.
If you like it bleak.
I take it you didn't?
I couldn't wait to get away.
Left two days after my 18th birthday.
I'm not born and bred but one of
the things I like about living here
is everyone's so proud of the place.
Never really understood that.
This is the Bains' farm.
Ellen's mum's a Bain.
The Bains used to be
a big noise when I lived here.
Still are.
Cutting it a bit fine, aren't ye?
Oh, you're not here for the party?
We're looking for Stella Quinn.
Why do you want to see Stella?
Is she here?
I'm Stella Quinn.
Temporary DI McIntosh.
This is DI Calder of
the Metropolitan Police.
Is there somewhere private
we could talk?
What's this about?
It's about Ellen.
Ellen's living in London.
She has been for the last six months.
Well actually, we think she
came back to Shetland yesterday.
Have either of you had any contact
with Ellen since Thursday?
Haven't heard from her in weeks.
Ellen can be a bit flaky.
Sometimes she forgets to keep in touch.
Has she done something wrong?
We just need to talk with her.
About what?
About an incident that
she may have been involved in.
A very serious one.
I'll call her now.
She won't answer her phone, Mr Quinn.
It's been off for the last two days.
Just plain rude if you ask me.
Turning up at a birthday party
and not even introducing
yourselves to the guest of honour.
They're here about Ellen, Mum.
She might be in trouble.
What kind of trouble?
They won't say.
I think it's best if
we speak to Ellen first.
Can you think of
anywhere else she could be?
Maybe Rosemary.
Who's Rosemary?
Rosemary Strachan.
Well, she and Ellen
were best friends at school.
And where would we find her?
She's living with her
boyfriend in Lerwick.
Liam Kenmuir.
You're his double, you know?
Took me a moment there.
You know who this is? It's Ruth Calder.
Reverend Calder's daughter.
Aye, you were a few years
above me at school.
And now she's a policewoman?
- Detective Inspector.
- Oh
Who would have seen that coming, eh?
Your brother's
the minister at the church now.
He's fine, I suppose.
Bit wet for my liking.
I preferred your father.
He was more resolute.
If anyone see her or she gets in touch,
it's vital that you call us.
Thank you.
Bobby, get that lot out of here.
What will I tell them?
Tell them the party's over.
You going to keep doing that?
The Temporary DI bit?
- Is there a problem?
- It undermines you.
Makes you sound like
you're just filling in
till the real power shows up.
Plus, it's annoying.
OK, so you're 23 years old,
you're running for your life,
You come home but you don't go to
your family for help, why not?
Maybe she did and they're lying.
Do you think they were lying?
No. Me neither.
Let's go and see the pal.
There's nothing I can do, Tina.
Yeah. Yeah. I know, babes.
I've got no option.
I have to do this.
But as soon as I'm done,
yeah, that is it, I'm out.
It's just me, you and Elsie
from now on, all right?
I promise.
Get your hands off of me.
- Stop it! Leave me alone!
- Shit.
- Get off me!
- Tina, I got to go, yeah
You're supposed to pay for things!
I didn't take anything.
You can't just come in here
and just take things from me!
- I'm not trying to!
- What the hell's going on?
Little shit's calling me a thief!
He was about to walk out
without paying for the book.
Bullshit. What book?
It's in his pocket.
You know what?
Erm, my friend made a mistake.
He's sorry. Aren't you?
Look, erm, let me square you up, yeah.
How much do we owe you?
For a book?
It's all right.
There's 50.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Just get in the car, yeah.
50 fucking quid!
What the fuck are you doing
stealing books?
You expect me to buy it?
I expect you to keep a low profile.
What do you want with
a bird-watching guide anyway?
It's for the puffins.
The puffins?
Yeah, they're birds.
I know what fucking puffins are, yeah?
What I don't know is why you care.
Well, you can see them here.
And not just puffins,
terns, shags, kittiwakes.
Are you taking the piss?
Listen, we're here to deal with the girl
and get the money back to the boss.
- That is it!
- I know.
But I thought maybe after
we can go see some puffins.
- If you don't want to, it's fine.
- No, I don't fucking want to.
Haven't spoken to Ellen
since she went to London,
and that was ages ago.
You two are best friends though.
We were, yeah.
You didn't keep in touch?
We text now and again
but, to be honest, she ghosted me a bit.
I guess she was having
too much fun down there, eh?
Well, I wouldn't bet on it.
What made Ellen go to London?
Bright lights, I suppose.
She never liked it here.
Too small, she said.
Rosie, have you seen my scrubs anywhere?
Sorry. Didn't realise we had company.
Er, police are here about Ellen.
Apparently she's back home.
You a friend of Ellen's, too?
Ah, well, I mean, I know her
but only through Rosemary, so
Either of you have any idea where
she might go if she was in trouble?
Is she in trouble?
Who she might turn to?
Sorry. No.
Shetland Lettings.
Do you work there?
Aye. I do the turnovers.
Holiday cottages right?
Mm. That's right.
Well, if you do hear from Ellen,
can you please call us?
It's really important.
So, you're 23 years old,
you're running for your life,
you don't go to your family
for help because
You've got a pal who can hide you
in an empty holiday cottage.
We need a list of
the properties she manages.
We need to check them out.
So according to their website,
Shetland Lettings have
two unrented properties right now.
One on Yell
..and the other's up at Nibon.
Yell still a bugger to get to?
Yeah, Nibon's the smarter bet.
- Ruth!
- Oh, shit.
- Ruth Calder?!
- Cal.
I didn't know you were back.
Well, I'm I'm not really.
It's just It's a few days.
It's a work thing.
Brilliant. You look great.
You look good, too.
Yeah, I know.
What you doing with this lass?
We're working together.
- Wait. You're a cop?
- Aye.
- No. Fuck off.
- Aye.
OK, well, we've kind of got
somewhere to go,
- so it was great to see you
- Hey, hey. Wait a minute.
- We need to catch up.
- Sorry. I can't. Bye, Cal.
An old friend of yours?
What? No.
I barely knew him, really.
You've still got it, Ruthie!
- Er, Nibon you said?
- Yeah.
I want her back.
I don't care if you have to
drag her kicking and screaming.
Talk to her pals.
The Strachan girl.
Anyone she might've gone to.
Maybe we should hold off for a bit.
Just until we know what's happening.
She's in trouble.
That's what's happening.
We don't know that for sure.
The police just want to talk to her.
God's sake, man.
Do you not know
your own daughter by now?
My mum's right.
This is Ellen we're talking about.
I just think we should
let the police handle it.
The police? You mean Ruth Calder?
That tramp. Not a chance.
The Bains take care of their own.
Ellen's a Quinn.
Bring her home.
Something's happening.
I should come with you.
You stay here with Mum and Rory.
No, I I want to come with you.
Don't worry.
We'll find her.
I know you can hear me!
I know what happened!
And I know that you're scared!
But I can help you!
Look, you can't keep running, Ellen!
Please! Just me.
The best thing that you can do
right now is to come with me!
I can help you!
Are you angry with Ellen?
Course not.
Why would you ask that?
Because the police are after her.
No. They're not
They're not after her, Rory.
They just want to talk to her.
So, she hasn't done anything wrong?
Then why doesn't she come and see me?
Stay here.
Er, can I help you?
Yeah, I hope so.
Me and my friend, we're kind of lost.
Looking for"Sum-burg" Head?
- "Sum-burg" Head?
- It's Sumburgh Head
You're a bit off course.
What did I tell you?
My name's Frank. Good to meet you.
- Er, Kieran.
- Kieran.
You couldn't show me on the map
how to get there, could you, Kieran?
- Do you not have a map on your phone?
- No signal, mate.
Mind if I use your toilet?
No. Yeah, go on.
Door on your right as you go in.
So, er, where did we go wrong, Kieran?
What's your name?
So, basically, it's just straight
back down the road we came on, then?
Yeah. That'll do it.
This your place, is it, Kieran?
The farm. You own it, yeah?
Oh, no.
No, that belongs to my wife's family.
That your dad out there, Rory?
Your mum here?
What about your sister?
Is Ellen here?
Want to see something cool?
Where is your sister, Rory?
Get away from my grandson.
Rory and I were just talking.
Get out of my fucking house.
See you around, Rory.
I want these two off my farm.
Grace, they just want directions.
Then direct them off my farm.
Hey, it it's OK.
We're going.
You're a bloody idiot.
Need someone over here, please.
You recognise the brand?
Looks foreign.
Can we get them bagged up?
She left this behind.
Any sign of the money?
Great. So, basically,
she's got everything she needs
to get off the island, then.
We've alerted the airport and
the ferry terminal. She can't leave.
And we've got cars out patrolling
the area. They'll pick her up.
There's something you need to see.
Two men assaulted Magnus McCall
in his shop earlier.
One of them had a London accent.
Managed to get this image
from the shop's CCTV.
Cassidy knows she's here.
Sandy, call the media office.
We need Ellen's details made public.
Any sightings, they've to call us.
Then drum up as many uniforms
as we can spare to help search.
And get someone to bring
Rosemary Strachan to the station.
Got it.
- Er, Lerwick.
- OK.
Thought I had it to myself.
The bus, I mean.
Been on since Mossbank.
You're the only other person
that's got on.
You fae here?
Aye, I thought so.
I'm from Glasgow.
Up here for a job.
On the wind farm.
Got a six-month contract.
The money's good.
Place is shite.
I'll leave you be, then.
Do you recognise this bag, Rosemary?
We found it up at Nibon.
In one of the cottages you manage.
It's Ellen's bag, isn't it?
Any idea how it got there?
We don't have time for this.
Rosemary, have you been in contact
with Ellen in the past two days?
Course she has!
We know you've seen Ellen, we know
you put her up at the cottage,
so you need to tell us where she is
or your friend is going to end up dead!
Could you give us a minute,
please, Rosemary?
- I need you to stay out here.
- What? Why?
I'M conducting this interview.
I'm just trying to help things along.
Well, your "help"
is distressing our witness.
Plus, it's annoying.
DI Calder's right.
We don't have time for you
to play the loyal pal.
She called. Two nights ago.
Told me to pick her up off the ferry.
Why did you take her to the cottage?
She asked me to.
Said she needed somewhere
to lie low for a bit.
I knew something bad had happened.
- How?
- Because it was Ellen.
- Do you have any idea where she is now?
- No.
- Where she's going?
- No. But I know she'll be OK.
What makes you so sure?
I've known Ellen since she was ten.
She's a nightmare. Yeah.
Causes trouble everywhere she goes.
But no matter how bad things get,
Ellen always walks away
without a scratch.
Where are we?
- Where's my bag?
- What bag?
My bag! The one I had
when I got on. Where is it?
The guy Where is he?
What guy?
The one that was sitting up the back.
The guy from Glasgow.
- Oh, he got off just before Brae.
- We have to go back.
I can't. I've got a schedule.
Well, fuck your schedule! He stole
my bag and you fucking let him!
- Well, there's no need to be abusive.
- Where's my fucking bag?!
- Off the bus! Now!
- No. No.
Off! Now!
- Wait. No. no. Please don't!
- You can't talk to me like that!
No, no.
Please, you need to take me back!
Please, no!
Wait! You can't just leave me here!
Please don't!
We're watching the cottage
in case Ellen goes back there.
And we'll have patrols out all night,
but it's a lot of ground to cover.
What about these two?
No further sightings.
They're probably on the move.
- How dangerous are they?
- DI Calder reckons they're serious.
What is your take on her?
DI Calder?
She's good.
But nothing.
Well, if she's gone to ground, we're
going to have a job finding her,
especially now
that she knows we're after her.
Well, it shouldn't be that hard.
Can't be many places to hide up there.
It's not a village.
We're talking 500 square miles
and 100-odd islands.
Yeah, well, you'd better
start covering it, then.
So, look, the CCTV image you sent over,
got an ID on the older guy. John Howell.
Career criminal with
a history of violent assault.
And it looks like you were right.
Howell is connected to Cassidy.
All right. Well, I'll keep you posted.
Should've shot the old bitch.
The kid knew where his sister was.
We could've got it out of him.
- Should've let me check the flat.
- What?
Remis's flat. You should've let me
check it out before you did him.
If you'd just waited, yeah? Two minutes,
I'd have found the girl in there
and we wouldn't be in this mess.
You're blaming ME for this?
You know what your problem is?
You like to complain too much.
It's good that you're quitting.
You don't have the balls
for this any more.
What the fuck is wrong with you?!
Shut up.
I'll be through in a minute!
Supposed to be here yesterday.
But the delivery driver
missed the ferry.
So, here I am
Course, I'm on my own today.
As usual!
Rush hour, is it?
Is, er? Is everything all right?
These guys have been following me.
Please. You need to help me.
Just my daughter's little joke.
It, er
It might be best if you boys leave.
- There's no need for that.
- Leave.
Or I'll call the police.
No. Don't do that.
I will do what I please.
- Move.
- Get off!
- Get off!
- Hey!
- Actually could you wait?
- Mm-hm.
I'll put up a message on the church
page asking for donations.
I'll contact the supermarkets to see
if they've got any surplus stock.
That's that's a good idea.
- Can we catch up tomorrow, Peter?
- Sure.
Night, Reverend.
I heard you were back.
Uh-huh. Just for a few days.
- You look well.
- Thank you.
So do you.
I'm back for a work thing, actually.
Ellen Quinn. I know.
Everyone talking about her,
then, are they?
Hmm. Her.
- And you.
- Oh
I need to ask you some questions, Alan.
I don't remember a photograph.
Well, it's on her socials.
You, Ellen and a bunch of other kids.
You're all in hiking gear.
- The Island Walk.
- The what?
It's a charity thing. Sponsored walk.
We used to do it every spring
before lockdown.
Ellen joined us one year.
- Were you and Ellen close?
- No.
You looked close in the picture.
- What are you implying?
- I'm not implying anything.
I just need to find this girl
- and I need to ask
- What?
You think I'm hiding her?
Is that why you came out here?
I barely know Ellen. Can't remember
the last time we spoke.
I can't believe
you're the minister here now.
Well, it's what I always wanted.
Guess the old boy would've been proud.
I hope so.
How's, er
..your wife?
Amma's fine. Thanks for asking.
Yeah, sorry I didn't make the wedding.
We didn't expect you to.
Figured if you didn't come out
for your dad's funeral,
you're hardly going to bother
with your brother's wedding.
He wouldn't have wanted me there.
Is that what you tell yourself?
You know it's true.
Right. Well, I'd better go.
Yeah, that figures.
Do you know what?
You don't get to judge me, Alan.
I don't know what kind of life
you had with him after I left
but MY experience
of our dad was not good.
I didn't like him,
and he certainly didn't like me.
He wouldn't have wanted me there.
But I did.
Where to now?
Right. Where is it?
Where's what?
The money from the flat.
Someone took it.
Some guy.
- Bullshit.
- No, I'm telling the truth.
I was on the bus
and he must've taken it
when I fell asleep,
and then when I woke up, it was gone.
Keep an eye on her.
Are you going to kill me?
I didn't mean it.
Stealing from that guy.
It wasn't my idea. It was Kirsty.
She said we'd make enough
to pay the rent.
It was wrong.
I should've said no.
But I'm
But I'm not a bad person. Really.
I don't care.
I care.
I'm a good person.
I'm a good person!
Help me!
Police let you go, then?
Well, they were just asking questions.
About her?
And what did you tell them?
Well, that I saw her yesterday.
Look, Liam, she's a friend.
She's a user, Rosemary,
and you fall for her shit every time.
Bloody hell!
Hey. How are you doing, James?
Well, Ruth Calder's sneaking out
of my house at six in the morning
so I must've travelled back to 1992!
I just dropped by last night.
Did you, now?
I fell asleep. Nothing happened.
Mm, morning, sugar.
Just don't.
So, when did you start all this?
Oh, we set it up about eight years ago.
Hm. Candles?
No' just candles.
We do diffusers,
oil burners, essential oils.
- Mm. There money in it?
- We're growing.
We do regular deliveries
to a shop in Aberdeen.
- And are you part of all this?
- Course.
Chief executive in charge of
logistics and distribution.
He's the delivery driver.
- DI Calder.
- A body's been found.
Shop worker killed in Usta.
She was shot.
Er I'll meet you there.
It'll take some time to move her body.
DI Calder, this is Cora McLean.
Cora's our pathologist.
What can you tell us?
I can tell you that Maura
Watt was a good woman.
She'd do anything for you.
It's bloody awful.
Looks like she took a single
shot to the back of her head.
Doubt she would have felt it.
Small mercies.
How long has she been dead?
Well, hard to tell, given she's frozen,
but probably sometime yesterday.
Well, how come she wasn't found earlier?
She lives alone.
No-one noticed she hadn't come home.
Plus, whoever killed her
locked up the shop.
Do you think this is Cassidy's people?
We've got another body.
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