Shetland (2012) s08e02 Episode Script

Season 8, Episode 2

Ellen Quinn's our barefoot girl.
We think she stole some money from
Remis' flat.
Good chance our little
Zola Budd saw the shooting.
We're here to deal with the girl and
get the money back to the boss.
She's gone home.
- Can't you send someone else?
- DI Calder?
- You must be DI McIntosh.
- Call me Tosh.
This is the Bains' farm.
- They're here about Ellen, Mum.
- She might be in trouble.
You know who this is?
Reverend Calder's daughter.
You've still got it, Ruthie!
- An old friend of yours?
- I barely knew him, really.
Morning, sugar.
- Where is your sister, Rory?
- Get away from my grandson.
We know you put her up at the
cottage, so you need to tell us
where she is, or your friend
is going to end up dead.
- Where's the money from the flat?
- Someone took it. Some guy.
She's got pressure marks
around her throat.
They look pretty uniform.
We need to wait on Cora
but I'd say she was strangled.
Maybe manually.
There's no sign of the money.
And it looks like she's lost her jacket.
That's them here.
It's Ellen Quinn.
We need to inform the family.
Can you get Cora and the forensics
team started?
- Sure.
- Once you've done that,
I need you to find out who lives nearby.
Jim Peel's place is closest.
OK, great. Talk to him. Find out
if he saw anything last night.
Are you OK?
DI Calder?
Why didn't they just shoot her?
Strangulation, it's too personal
for the likes of Howell.
Why did they not just shoot her
like they shot Maura Watt?
Guns make noise?
You could fire a cannon out here
and nobody would hear it.
We don't know she died here. Maybe
this is just where they left her.
This is miles from anywhere.
How did they even find it?
We'll find out when we catch them.
Help me with him!
- Jesus!
- Come on, come on.
Get in.
Get in!
Do you live nearby?
Couple of miles back.
A husband.
And a son.
Nice try.
Oh, come on. Come on.
Right, lock it properly this time.
I don't want to be chasing cows
all afternoon.
Rory, go and see your gran.
- Why?
- Just do it.
What's happened?
It might be best if we go inside.
Tell me.
We've found a body.
Are you sure it's Ellen?
We'll need you to formally
identify the body.
But we're confident it's her.
I can't believe I'm going to
ask this but was she, erm
- Was she killed?
- Again, we're still to confirm,
but you should prepare yourselves.
Oh, God!
Did either of you hear from Ellen
yesterday after our visit?
- No.
- Stella?
Can you tell us where
you both were last night?
These are just routine questions.
I was here with Rory.
Stella and Bobby were out
looking for Ellen.
What happened?
Where's Ellen?
Oh, God, Stella.
No, no, no. Rory, you can't be here.
Please, will you go outside?
- Leave him be.
- He's too young.
She WAS his sister.
Someone's murdered my granddaughter?
We can't say anything for sure.
Who was it?
- That's what we aim to find out.
- It was the men!
The ones who were here yesterday.
- What men?
- A couple of tourists turned up.
Oh, they weren't bloody tourists.
They were looking for Ellen.
The one with the gun said so.
What gun?
What are you talking about?
He never said anything about a gun.
- What did these men look like?
- One was black. English.
The other was white. Foreign accent.
This one was fawning all over them.
Jesus, Kieran.
I didn't know.
No, Stella, I didn't know.
OK, look, we'll need to take
statements from all of you,
but we can do that tomorrow.
And we'll need access to any of her
belongings, if they're still here.
It didn't look like she was coming
back, so we've been using the room.
Well, erm
Kieran's been sleeping in here.
I should be with Rory.
Separate rooms
What is it?
The girl had imagination.
I used to hide mine in a tampon box.
No chance of my dad finding them there.
Mind you, I always made sure
I smoked mine before I ran off.
Right, I'll get uniforms
to move all this.
Jesus! Argh!
Oh, God! Christ!
What are you doing?
Get out my way.
Now, stay still.
What happened?
It was an accident.
- He needs a hospital.
- Not going to happen.
Well, you don't have a choice.
No hospital.
You listen to me.
Your friend has been shot
in the stomach.
The fact that he's still breathing
means he didn't damage any major organs.
That's about as lucky
as he's going to get.
He'll bleed out
if he doesn't get treatment.
Sh, sh, sh.
It's me.
I need to speak to him.
I don't give a shit!
Just tell him to call me, yeah?
It's urgent.
I'm looking for Jim Peel.
Jim? Moved away six months ago.
Peter Ayre. I bought the place.
DC Wilson.
We're investigating an incident
that happened last night
- a few miles up the road there.
- I saw the police cars go by.
- Were you at home last night, Peter?
- Not the whole night, no.
I was at the kirk at East Roe
till about nine.
- Must have got back here about ten.
- Did you see or hear anything?
There was a van parked up at a
passing place a mile up the road.
What time was this?
Erm, I was on my way to the kirk,
so would've been just before seven.
- Did you see the driver?
- No.
But I see it parked up there a lot.
Sometimes with a car as well.
A silver Transit.
I made a note of the registration
a few weeks back.
Just seemed a bit dodgy,
it being out here,
so I took it just in case.
Forget something?
Ellen's dead.
Bobby called.
The police turned up this morning.
- Someone killed her.
- Jesus.
They found her at Eala Water.
- We need to get up to the farm.
- Whereabouts?
- What?
- At Eala. Whereabouts?
I don't know. We need to go!
Erm, I'll follow up in a bit.
Why can't you come now?
Need to get a shower.
- How did it go with the Bains?
- About as bad as you would expect.
What about Howell and his mate?
- We're still looking for them.
- Well, we need to do something.
Harry, we're doing everything we
can. The patrols are still out
and we're watching the airport
and the ferry terminal.
And we might have an ID on the car.
A resident in Usta saw a beige saloon
driving out of the village
yesterday evening at speed.
Have we sent this out to the patrols?
- Searching for it as we speak.
- Any word from Sandy?
Erm, interview room, with Cal Innes.
Why is he interviewing Cal?
Got a witness who saw Cal's van
parked up at Eala Water last night.
What were you doing up that way?
Just driving.
You stopped at Eala. A witness saw
your van parked near the ruins.
Come to think of it, I did stop up
at Eala Water yesterday, for a smoke.
How long were you there for?
15 minutes.
- Were you on your own?
- Aye.
Did you see anyone else around?
- What's this about, anyway?
- What did you do after your smoke?
- I went home.
- Stayed there all night?
Can anyone vouch for you?
My brother.
And Ruth Calder.
Trying to remember the last time
I spoke to her.
I know I phoned her a few weeks ago.
I know we talked.
I can't remember what she said.
Probably nothing.
You know what she was like. She
couldn't wait to get off the phone,
get on with her life.
I would've told her I loved her.
I always made sure I said that.
She knew we loved her, right?
- Stella?
What is wrong with you?!
Why aren't you doing SOMETHING?!
Where's Bobby?
Big barn.
What happened to Ellen?
Girl went and got herself killed.
Soon as you finish your shift,
we'll talk.
No, I'll come to you.
I want you to find out who did it.
I want you to promise me, Bobby.
I promise.
The girl didn't have it.
I told you.
Look, boss, this whole job has been
a fuck-up from start to finish,
but it's going to get
a hell of a lot worse
if we don't get him out of here.
You need to do something.
All right.
As soon as you can, yeah?
RADIO: The body of a 23-year-old
woman has been found near Eala.
At this point in time, the police
are not releasing the woman's name
but are treating the death
as suspicious.
The discovery comes on the back
of the shooting
of a 66-year-old shopkeeper.
Maura Watt, a resident of Usta, was
found dead in the shop where she
- What have you two done?
- OK, listen.
My boss is getting us out of here
but it's going to take
some time to sort,
so I need you to keep him alive
until then, yeah?
Can't do that.
Yes Yes, you can.
Because you know what
you're doing, innit.
I can tell you've had training.
What are you? A nurse?
Long time ago.
But it never leaves you.
What is that?
It's for the pain.
Take this.
It'll help.
But But I need a hospital.
- That's up to your friend.
- Fuck him. He's not my friend.
You have to help.
Cal's an old friend of mine.
I dropped by to see him last night,
and it got late.
I don't have a car,
so I just stayed the night.
- When did your witness see the van?
- Sometime around seven.
- And what time did you arrive at Cal's?
- Erm, I don't know. About ten.
After ten.
How quickly can you get us
a warrant to search the van?
- Within the hour.
- Wait a minute!
Is this necessary?
Eala Water's miles from anywhere.
Ellen didn't get there on foot.
There's a good chance
she was driven there.
Probably by Howell and his mate.
You said yourself, the location's
too obscure for outsiders.
I thought it was odd,
but it's more likely
she was driven there
by them than by Cal.
How can you be so sure?
- How can I? Because I know him.
- Do you?
I mean, the last time you saw him
was what? 40 year ago?
- Try 30.
- We understand.
Cal's a friend.
But him being there yesterday
makes him a person of interest,
so we have to follow this up.
For his sake as much as anything.
Tell me that interview was taped,
because I want a picture of
Sandy Wilson's face the moment
I told him that you were my alibi.
Ellen Quinn is dead.
- Jesus.
- Murdered.
Her body was found in the ruins
at Eala Water this morning.
What, and they think it was me?
Well, they're going to search your van.
Because you were there last night.
Look, Cal, if there is anything
that you need to tell me,
just now would be a really
good time to do it.
- Well, I didn't bloody kill her.
- OK.
Is there anything else?
There's nothing.
Will I see you tonight?
I had no idea who she was.
Well, if I'd known, I'd never have
thrown her off the bus like that.
And then when I heard,
well, I felt awful.
That's why I called, Bobby.
- Why did you throw her off?
- She was hysterical.
Shouting the odds.
Said her bag had been stolen.
- Had it been?
- I don't know.
She seemed to think some lad
had pinched it from her.
- What lad?
- Just one of the passengers.
He wasn't local.
Worked at the wind farm, I think.
What did he look like?
..20s, streaked hair.
Work gear.
- I know he got off at Brae.
- Was there anybody else on the bus?
Just him and Ellen.
Look, I'll go to the police.
I'll tell them everything
I know about this guy.
No, you won't.
- But, Bobby
- I'll deal with it!
Hi. It's Bobby Bain. Are you
still working up at the wind farm?
TELEVISION: Ellen Quinn's body
was found in a ruined croft
near Eala Water this morning.
Police have cordoned off the area
and are following up
- on a number of leads
The 23-year-old victim was a native
of Shetland and police are asking
for anyone with any information
to come forward.
We need to talk, Azir.
What do you want, Heather?
Ellen's dead.
- I know.
- I'm going to need more.
The police are going to
start going through Ellen's life.
We don't have any more.
Well, you better find it.
Oh, thank God.
Where the hell have you been?
Bullshit. I called the hospital
last night.
They said you'd swapped shifts.
I've been trying you all night, Liam.
- Where were you?
- Just out.
- Where?!
- What does it matter?
Because Ellen's dead.
I know.
That medication in there.
It's for cancer patients.
Is it yours?
It's my husband's.
How is he?
Passed away
..end of last year.
My wife,
she's got breast cancer.
I mean, she had it.
It went away and it's come back.
I need to use the toilet.
What about him?
Just keep him conscious.
Talk to him.
I spoke to the boss and, erm
..he's sending help.
It won't be long, yeah.
You're not the only bird freak.
What was it? Erm
Puffins, yeah?
Let's make it quick, yeah!
They're taking Ellen's body
to the mortuary.
Cora says she'll have some
initial findings tonight
but she thinks Ellen was strangled, too.
Anything from the SOCOs?
They took some prints and blood off
the chest freezer at the Usta shop.
They'll run them as soon as.
We need to find these guys.
I've pulled some bodies
off the Usta crime scene.
They'll start setting up roadblocks
We're not going to catch them on
the main roads. It's more likely
Cassidy will try and smuggle them
off the Isles, probably by sea.
What? We can't cover the entire coast.
Someone here to see you.
She spent the night with a suspect.
Cal Innes isn't a suspect.
Not yet.
- Ruth?
- Hi.
I'm Amma.
Your sister-in-law?
Amma! Yes.
- Is everything OK?
- Yeah. Everything's fine.
I just thought I'd drop in,
erm, say hello,
and invite you to dinner tonight.
It's short notice, I know.
No, no, no. Well
..yeah, kind of, but, erm
- Does Alan know about this?
- Yeah. Yeah, it was his idea.
No. No, it was mine.
But, you know, he agreed.
Or at least he will when I tell him.
I just thought it would be good
that we got to know each other
- a bit better.
- Yeah. Yeah, of course.
It's just I mean, I'm probably
going to have to work tonight.
Yeah. Yeah, course.
Well, look, you know,
we usually eat at eight.
I always cook too much so,
if you're there, you're there.
They've found the car.
- Sorry. I've I've got to go.
- OK.
It was a mistake.
Last night.
Staying at Cal's.
I went to see my brother after work
and we had an argument and
..I was angry.
I just ended up at Cal's.
Thing is, back in the day,
I used to fight a lot with my dad.
Always ended up with me
storming out and sleeping there.
Guess it must be some kind
of Pavlovian thing.
You don't have to explain.
I'm not judging you
for staying at Cal's.
Well, I am.
What have you done?
- Nothing.
- Right.
So they're out there just searching
the van for a laugh?
I was up at Eala Water last night.
It's where they found Ellen Quinn.
- What were you doing up there?
- Nothing. Just driving about.
- Did you see her?
- Course not.
- That why you were off last night?
- What? I wasn't off.
- You were acting weird.
- Ruth Calder came round.
Before Ruth came round.
- Er Where are you going?
- Out for a bit.
- What about them?
- Fuck them.
Don't go too far, Cal.
- What is it?
- Gerry Bryce?
Wrong room, mate.
You are lucky you didn't touch her!
You come back here, you're dead.
A delivery driver saw it on his
way to the Voe. He called it in.
- Did he see anyone around?
- No.
It's a mess inside, ma'am.
That's a lot of blood.
Erm, it says here their bills
change colour through the year.
Back in a minute.
Either you take him to the hospital
now or he dies on that couch.
I told you,
my boss is getting us out of here.
He's sending a boat.
- From where?
- I don't know.
The mainland, probably.
Have you any idea
how long that could take?
- We're talking hours.
- All right. Maybe the boat
- is coming from somewhere closer.
- And maybe it's not coming at all.
Listen, if you won't take him, let me.
- No, I can't risk it.
- Oh, good God, man.
You'd just let him die so that
you don't have to go to prison?
It's not about me!
I told you, my wife is sick.
We've got a daughter.
I am the only one
who can take care of them.
I promised them that I would come home.
I need the toilet.
- Again?
- I'm 70 years old.
No-one's coming?
The boss said he'd come through, OK?
He lied.
Yeah? How do you know?
Because we don't matter.
Give me the gun!
- Where did that come from?
- Give me the gun!
Is it even loaded?
You could've just said yes!
All right All right.
Now give me my phone.
Look, look
Let's just all take a breath, yeah?
Give it to me.
Now get over there. Go on.
- No, no, no, don't do that.
- Hello? Yeah.
I need an ambulance.
It's Agnes Moffat, Braeside Croft.
Two miles outside Collavoe.
And I need the police as well.
What the fuck did you do that for?!
Now, what am I going to do with you?
Leave her.
I really don't need this!
It's Cassidy.
Let's keep the road closed
until we can get the car towed
back to the station.
We've got more blood.
Whoever it was they have moved,
it stops here.
RADIO: Romeo two. This is control
So, they got into a different car?
Well, either that or
they vanished into thin air.
This is Romeo two. Go ahead.
Need a welfare check on an
Agnes Moffat at Braeside Croft.
Negative, control. Unable to attend.
Can you send someone
Wait, wait, wait.
What's the problem with Agnes?
Control. This is Romeo two.
What's the issue with Agnes Moffat?
Emergency services received
a call requesting police
and ambulance, but the call was aborted.
No response
when the handler called back
Everything OK?
Agnes Moffat. Crofter.
She's just tried to make a 999 call.
It's ringing out.
How far?
It's about two miles that way.
Right. Now, come on. Come on.
We're nearly there.
Hey. Hey.
We're getting out of here, yeah?
We're getting out.
That's Agnes's Land Rover.
That's them.
In pursuit of a blue Land Rover.
Registration, Alpha 830
Kilo Uniform Bravo.
Along the
Well, where the hell are we?
- Collavoe Road.
- Heading north along Collavoe Road.
- Request backup.
- We need someone to check on Agnes.
And we're going to need a unit to
check on Agnes Moffat at her croft.
Got it.
Nearly there, yeah.
Come on!
Right, we're going to need an ambulance.
Grant, get after him.
I don't care what she says.
Get them to check her over.
I'll come and see her later.
Uniforms found Agnes Moffat
locked in one of her outhouses.
- How is she?
- No physical injuries
and she's tearing strips off the
paramedics so I guess she's fine.
And what about this guy?
Name's Lukas Nowak.
He died before the ambulance
got to the beach.
They're waiting on the official
cause of death
but the smart money's on the
gunshot wound to his stomach.
Howell tell you what happened?
Hasn't said a word
since we pulled him out of the sea.
We found a gun in the Land Rover.
It's on its way to ballistics.
Hopefully we can match it to the
bullet that killed Maura Watt.
As well as the one
we dug out of Philip Remis's skull.
You need Howell to talk.
Maura Watt.
Just a nice woman.
A mum.
Friendly. Caring.
Good neighbour.
Worked part-time in the local shop.
Shot in the back of the head
and then dumped in a chest freezer.
Have you got anything to say about that?
No comment.
Ellen Quinn.
23 years old.
Strangled and then left in a pile
of rubble in the middle of nowhere.
Hey. Take a look.
Have you got anything to say about that?
- No comment.
- What about Agnes Moffat, then?
The woman you hijacked at gunpoint,
and held hostage for five hours.
Surely you must have something
to say about that?
No comment.
- What happened to your friend?
- No comment.
- Looked like he was shot.
- No comment.
- Did you shoot him?
- No comment.
Do y'know what? It's doesn't matter
whether you talk or not
because I am going to find
the evidence that proves you
killed these people.
Do you think that's funny?
No comment.
Interview suspended, 17.23.
Can I have a word with you a minute?
Are you OK?
I'm fine. What is it?
He's not going to say anything.
I've only been at him five minutes.
Five minutes. Five days. It won't
make a difference. He won't talk.
- We'll see about that.
- Hey. It's not a reflection on you.
He just knows his best bet
is to keep his mouth shut.
- So, what do you want to do?
- Can I talk to him?
You don't have the authority
to conduct a formal interview.
Then let's make it informal.
There's more chance of him talking
if he knows it doesn't count.
We need him to say something.
Remis was a legitimate target,
I'll give you that.
Ellen Quinn?
Well, she did take your boss's money
so I guess that makes her fair game too.
But the shopkeeper?
Agnes Moffat?
They were civilians.
So here's where we are.
We've got your fingerprints
all over the gun.
Ballistics'll match it to the bullet
that was used to kill
the shopkeeper and the one
that was used to shoot Remis.
Got a forensic team going over your car.
They'll find evidence that
Ellen was in it.
Plus they've got your clothes,
so any DNA that was
transferred from her to you.
And then there's Agnes.
..and ready to talk.
You've been in this long enough
to know what that means.
Might not be too bad.
I mean, I'm sure Cassidy's got some
sway in Scottish prisons, too.
We didn't kill the girl.
We found her in the
phone box outside that shop.
We had her in the car but
..she got away from us.
What about Maura Watt?
We didn't kill the girl, all right?
So, if you and your Highland Terrier
over there think you can wrap
this up by pinning it on us,
it ain't going to happen.
Because we didn't do her.
Which means you've got yourselves
a home-grown killer running around.
There's a good chance he's lying.
But he might be telling the truth.
The guy's a career criminal.
You were in the room with him.
Do you think he was telling the truth?
OK. Listen up. Change of direction.
It's looking like someone else
killed Ellen after
she escaped Howell and Nowak.
Maybe someone from Shetland.
According to Howell,
they lost Ellen up near Stavaness.
Now that is about ten miles
from where we found the body.
We've got to work out how she got there.
Is there anything from Cal Innes's van?
It's a death-trap. But it's clean.
Howell mentioned a phone box.
He did. Billy, get a list of all the
calls made from the Usta phone box
- yesterday evening.
- Will do.
What about motive? If Ellen wasn't
killed over the money then why?
If you want to know why Ellen
was killed,
I think you need to start
looking into her life before London.
We've already commissioned
her phone records.
Sandy, I want to see her socials again.
OK. I need to check on Agnes,
then I'll get an update from Cora.
So I'll see you all tomorrow.
Yeah? Early.
If Howell and Nowak are ruled out,
then I guess you don't have a
reason to be here anymore.
Guess not.
Look, I'm so sorry.
I feel as if I've left you
all in the shit.
It's all right. We can handle it.
It was good working with you.
Yeah, you too.
Temporary DI.
Shit. Amma didn't tell you.
Oh, she told me. Just
I didn't think you'd actually
turn up. Come in.
You redecorated?
We did.
About 15 years ago.
I heard about Ellen.
Any idea who did it?
They're still working on that.
- Are you OK?
- Fine, eh
Oh, I don't know.
We nearly caught up with her yesterday.
I'm sorry.
That must be hard.
Erm, I'd kill for a glass of wine.
All right.
Look who turned up.
Oh. You made it! Come here.
Oh, right. We're hugging, are we?
I forgot to ask
if there's anything you don't eat.
Oh, no, no. I'm an omnivore.
Oh, thank God, cos it's a meat-fest.
Er, Ruth, this is Peter.
He's one of our hero volunteers.
Nice to meet you, Ruth.
We were just talking about
poor Ellen Quinn.
Aye. Must have been a tough day for you.
It was.
Erm, red or white?
Whatever comes quicker.
Well, I should be going.
- Are you sure? There's plenty.
- Oh, thanks.
- But I should be getting back.
- Right, well, I'll walk you out.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I'd feel better if you went to the
hospital and got checked over.
There's no need.
I'm just sorry I couldn't save him.
There's something I need to show you.
Found her first thing this morning.
So there I am in a Scottish
church in the middle of London,
with the happy-clappy brigade
- They weren't happy-clappy
- They were a bit happy-clappy.
So I thought,
I have got to get out of here.
And I was all set to go
when I saw your brother.
Yeah, and then you really wanted to go?
I couldn't, even if I'd tried.
What were you doing at a Church
of Scotland retreat anyway?
Ah, a mate of mine
in London signed us up for it.
She was from Edinburgh.
She made it sound like a spa break.
So instead of facials and massages
you got scripture and prayer group?
It's not like that anymore.
Oh, aye. Party Central now, is it?
Well I have to admit,
it wasn't really my thing
but, you know, after spending
time with Alan and reflecting
He really helped me.
Oh, you haven't seen the wedding
photos yet, have you?
- I haven't.
- Would you like to?
Well, I'm certainly drunk enough.
Stay right there.
- She seems lovely.
- Yeah, she is.
She's very good for you.
How would you know?
Fair point.
I didn't know there were
this many photographs of us.
Didn't know we had any.
Hm, Dad was always taking photos.
- Was he?
- Aye. He had that daft camera, mind?
The disc one they brought out.
I would have thought photography
would be too frivolous for him.
He didn't display them.
I found them in a box
in his room after he'd died.
There's loads of them.
Just remember,
the whole thing was last minute.
We didn't get to plan a big day.
Plus, we were skint.
What you doing here?
What did the police want?
They just wanted to know what I was
doing parked up at Eala last night.
- What did you tell them?
- I just said I was having a smoke.
- Did you mention me?
- Well, you weren't there, were you?
Well, I couldn't make it. I got held up.
Sorry about your cousin.
Yeah, thanks.
I didn't know her,
but she seemed like a nice lass.
Look, I could take the stuff now.
No, it's long gone.
Flushed it down the toilet
as soon as I could.
What? What all of it?
- Aye.
- For fuck's sake, man.
And just as well, they searched
the van this afternoon.
What we going to do now, eh?
It's over.
I'm afraid your life of crime
has come to an end.
I had fun.
It was good to see you.
Maybe don't leave it quite
so long next time.
I'll wait with her.
- For the taxi.
- I can wait, too.
Dishes won't do themselves, babe.
You really don't have to wait
with me, y'know?
The taxi will be here in a minute.
Ulterior motive, I'm afraid.
You want one?
Erm, no, thank you.
I'm I'm good.
Your brother thinks I've quit.
He was always spying on me
when he was a kid.
He talks about being a kid a lot.
That must be fun for you.
He talks about you a lot.
I'm sure he does.
He's happy you came back.
Well, I'm
..happy that he's happy.
Oh, this is me.
Oh, well
It was great to finally meet you.
We're hugging again, are we? OK.
Ah. Would you like me
to dispose of the evidence?
You're a life-saver.
Now go on, get in.
You'll freeze out here.
- Yes. See you.
- See you.
- Lerwick is it?
- Aye.
This is just preliminary, Tosh.
Until I do a full postmortem,
I can't say anything for certain.
Well, I would say asphyxiation.
She's got some light bruising around
her neck
but there's no signs of the
petechial haemorrhaging I'd expect
to see with manual strangulation.
- Which means?
- It's hard to say.
Maybe she didn't put up much of a fight.
So, no defence wounds?
She's got some bruising
on her right thigh.
Along with a fairly large cut.
Maybe there was a struggle.
And we found some green
fibres in her hair.
We'll get them tested.
What's that?
It's a tattoo.
Can I see it?
Pretty amateur. Probably home-made.
What is it?
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