Shetland (2012) s08e03 Episode Script

Season 8, Episode 3

Ellen Quinn's our girl. We think
she stole money from Remi's flat.
- She's gone out.
- Where's my bag?!
We're here to deal with the girl
and get the money back to the boss.
She's got pressure marks around her
throat. I'd say she was strangled.
We didn't kill the girl, all right?
Which means you've got yourselves
a home-grown killer running around.
Same symbol
Any idea what it means?
Not yet.
The Bains take care of their own.
Ellen's a Quinn.
I want you to find out who did it.
I promise.
You come back here, you're dead.
We need to talk, Azir.
I'm going to need more.
The police are going to start going
through Ellen's life
Did you see or hear anything?
There was a van parked up
a mile up the road.
I was up at Eela Water last night.
It's where they found Ellen Quinn.
Morning, sugar.
It was a mistake, last night.
I'm Amma. Your sister-in-law?
Amma. She seems lovely.
Yeah, she is.
Your brother thinks I've quit.
I guess you don't have a reason
to be here any more.
It was good working with you.
Yeah, you too.
- What's that?
- It's a tattoo.
DI Calder.
You're supposed to be on a plane.
Right. Yes, err Look, change of plan.
I'm going to need a few more days.
- Everything all right?
- Yes.
Just tying up a few loose ends.
- Where is it?
- It's over here.
It's creepy, isn't it?
And you've no idea where it came from?
Who was on duty last night?
I didn't see anyone.
Let's get this bagged up.
So, we're still waiting on the full
pathology from Cora,
but the initial
examination threw up this.
A tattoo on Ellen's right thigh.
And I'm sure you all recognise
the symbol from the sheep
carcasses we've been finding recently.
So, what's the connection?
I don't know yet.
But the designs are too similar
for it to be a coincidence.
Any idea what it means?
Hm. My best guess is, it's a one-off.
Only the person who created it
knows what it signifies.
And just when you thought things
couldn't get any weirder,
someone managed to breach
the cordon at Eela last night
and leave this at the crime scene.
- What the hell is that?
- That looks like a corn doll.
We used to make them at harvest time.
Have you got any idea
who's making them now?
I'm sure I've seen them
at craft fairs and things.
I'll ask around,
see if I can get a name.
Quick as you can. Whoever left this
went to a lot of effort.
I want to know who put it there and why.
OK, Ellen's movements. Anything?
We've had uniform knocking on doors
near Stavaness,
but nobody saw her that night.
- What about the phone box at Usta?
- Still waiting on the records.
Get on to them again. Right away.
We need to know who she called that day.
Now, in the meantime, I will ask
the Quinns about the tattoo
and the doll at the ID.
Thought you were going home.
Decided to stay for a few days.
Thought I'd see if I could maybe
build a few family bridges.
But if you can use me
Oh. We can definitely use you.
Come on.
Do you need a few minutes?
Is this your daughter, Ellen Quinn?
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
It is Ellen.
She looks like she's just asleep.
I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine how difficult
that must have been.
Did they confess?
The men.
The ones you caught.
We interviewed one of them
and we don't think they killed Ellen.
But they came to the farm.
One of them threatened Rory with a gun.
We know, but we now believe that
someone else was responsible.
That's what we'd like to find out,
so, if you feel up to it,
we would like to ask you
a few questions.
Were either of you aware
that Ellen had this tattoo?
No. I've never seen that before.
- Kieran?
- No.
Do you recognise the design?
Should we?
Well, we just thought maybe
the symbol was significant
to Ellen in some way.
It's just a tattoo.
Kids get all sorts
of daft designs these days.
Yeah, but they also get ones that
can mean something to them.
Did Ellen ever have any
alternative beliefs?
Was she interested in any unusual
philosophies or religion?
Like what?
The occult?
The occult? Are you serious?
We're just asking questions.
No. No.
She was never interested in any
of that stuff, OK? I would know.
OK. Just one more thing.
Have either of you ever
seen one of these?
Christ almighty.
Are you OK, Kieran?
I can't
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
Jane Knox.
Err, who's Jane Knox?
Well, she used to make those dolls.
And you know her?
She and her husband.
Well, they were friends with my mum
and dad.
But I think they fell out decades ago.
Why did they fall out?
Erm, well, Dad bought some land
off of them just before he died.
The Knoxes said that he cheated them.
Bad blood ever since.
Oh, sorry. I I should take this.
You know he talked about you sometimes.
- Sorry?
- Your dad.
Well, I used to go to the church
a lot when I was younger.
The youth groups.
- I got to know him quite well.
- Right.
Look, I don't know
what is going on here.
But I want you to promise me,
you'll find whoever did this.
- I'm just assisting the
- Promise me.
Thank you.
That was Sandy.
The call records came in.
Ellen called an extension
at Langbank House,
a mental health clinic.
He's he's checking it out.
Are you OK?
Let's go and talk to Jane Knox.
RADIO: What you do to me ♪
What you do to me ♪
I know, I can't believe ♪
Grub's up.
Twice in one week?
Aye, well, you know.
I'm sorry. About the van.
Well, it looks great.
I wouldn't hold out too much hope.
I mean, it's great she's back,
but I doubt she'll stay.
And even if she did,
I doubt you'll get a look in.
Don't be daft.
I'm not interested in Ruth.
Why would you think that?
I mean, she's obviously got
her life all sorted.
High-flying career down in that London.
- Unlike yourself.
- Hm.
Leave it be.
She was really hard work back then.
All that stuff with her dad.
It's better in the past.
What happened to your hands?
Ah It's nothing.
Doesn't look like nothing to me.
Just something that needed sorting.
The invoice just came in
from Laidlaw's for the tractor.
I looked in the account.
There's not enough money to cover it.
You said we were doing OK.
Things are a bit tight, is all.
Well, what about the wholesalers
you met with in Edinburgh?
Didnae work out.
So, what we going to do?
Do we need to talk about this now?
I thought they'd be home by now.
Aye, well
..I guess these things take longer
than you expect.
How long does it take to
identify your dead daughter?
Oh, that'll be them back.
Yeah. It was Ellen.
What did the police say?
They asked about Jane Knox.
Jesus. Talk about weird.
Who are you?
Temporary DI McIntosh, Shetland Police.
- We're looking for Jane Knox.
- Stop saying temporary.
Erm she's not here.
- And you are?
- Tom. I'm her son.
You got any idea where we
might find your mum?
- She's in the hospital.
- Oh.
Do you mind if we come in
and ask you a few questions, Tom?
Your mum, is it serious?
She's been ill for a few years.
She got an infection last week.
Doctor said she needed
a stay in hospital.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Tom, the reason we wanted to talk
to your mum is this doll.
Your mum makes these, is that right?
Aye, she used to.
- Before she got sick.
- Was it a hobby of hers?
Sort of.
Erm, she used to sell them
at markets and things for tourists.
Did she sell any recently?
Not for a while.
That doll was left at a murder
scene this morning.
We're trying to find out
who put it there.
You got any ideas?
This your book, Tom?
They all belonged to my dad.
And where is he?
He died. Four years ago.
Your dad was interested in symbols?
Erm Well, he liked history.
Archaeology and that. It was his hobby.
What about you?
Do you like this kind of stuff?
Old signs and symbols?
Not really.
Tom, did you know Ellen Quinn?
I mean, aye, like I knew her.
We talked a few times
but we weren't close or anything.
You know what happened to her?
Well, she was murdered.
It's strange, you and Ellen talking,
cos we had heard there had been
some trouble between your mum
and the Bains.
Ellen wasn't like her family.
How would you know?
Just that, you know, if you
and Ellen weren't close,
how would you how would you know
what she was like?
When did you last see Ellen?
I don't remember.
It was months ago.
Have you been in contact with her since?
Where were you on Saturday night?
I was at the hospital.
I I was visiting my mum.
Visiting ends at eight.
What did you do with
the rest of the night?
Yeah, I just came back here.
Well, we'll leave you to it, Tom.
I hope your mum gets home soon.
Hiya, Farida.
Hi there. Is she ready?
Sorry, we weren't expecting you.
Azir was supposed to tell you this
morning when he dropped her off.
He didn't mention anything.
But never mind, I'll get her now.
Sorry. It's just,
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Won't be long.
She's just finishing her lunch.
It's Peter, yeah?
DC Wilson?
- Err, do you want a hand with that?
- Aye.
You work here?
No, they called me in. Burst pipe.
You're a plumber?
You are a detective right enough.
Any luck tracing that van?
Yeah. We found it in the end.
Well, I can take that from here.
DC Wilson, Shetland Police.
I need to speak to whoever's in charge.
Can I help you? Azir Sadat.
I'm the Consultant Psychiatrist
here at Langbank.
We're investigating the murder
of a local woman named Ellen Quinn.
I heard about Ellen.
Just terrible.
You knew her?
Erm, not well.
She did spend some time here
with us here in September.
- Ellen stayed at Langbank?
- Only a few days.
On the day she died, Ellen made a
call to one of the extensions here.
Do you know whose line that is?
It's mine.
When did you say the call was?
Saturday evening. Just before six.
I wasn't here. Sorry.
Erm, I can check my voicemail.
You have no new messages.
I'm sorry, there's nothing.
Why do you think Ellen called you?
No idea. I wish I'd been here
to answer the call.
Maybe I could have helped here.
Why was Ellen admitted?
She suffered an acute
dissociative episode.
A breakdown of sorts.
What caused this breakdown?
I didn't get enough time
to work with her,
but her cousin said she was using
a lot of recreational drugs.
Err, excuse me a moment. Hello?
Hi. It's Sally at Jumping Jacks.
- Is Zuma OK?
- She's fine.
Just wanted to let you know
that Farida's picked her up.
Farida has? Wh when?
A few minutes ago.
But she seemed a bit frazzled.
I thought I should let you know.
Well, I'll check in on her.
I'm sure she's fine.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
- You mentioned Ellen's cousin?
- Yes.
Erm, Heather Bain. She was the one
that brought her here.
Erm, I'm really sorry
Drug burn out?
That's what the psychiatrist said.
Apparently, Ellen was so bad they
had to keep her in for a few days.
- Does he know why she called him?
- Reckons she was reaching out.
- What was his name?
- Azir, Azir Sadat.
Why is that name familiar?
Last year. The boy who drowned.
What boy?
Azir Sadat's son, Akmal.
He fell into the loch
behind the family home.
I wonder why the Quinns
never said anything
about Ellen being at Langbank.
Could be they didn't know.
Sadat said it was Ellen's cousin
who brought her in, Heather Bain.
Well, maybe we should go
and talk to her.
Actually, there's something
I need to do.
Any chance I could borrow a car?
Sure, yeah.
Billy, can you sort that out?
Aye. Come with me.
She's still here?
She offered to stay on and help.
And you said yes?
She's a DI in the Met, Harry.
And we're not exactly overstaffed.
- Right, are you coming?
- Yeah.
Well, it makes a nice change
from Abide with Me!
I didn't think
this would be your kind of thing.
I like doing the flowers.
I find it really restful.
But I am shit at it.
Do you mind if I have a go?
I think
..I'll just
I used to help my mum do the flowers.
Alan loves them. He says it makes
the place feel alive.
I need to ask you about Ellen Quinn.
Did you know her?
No. I mean
..not really.
But you had met her?
Yes. At Langbank.
That's the mental health place, right?
I do some freelance work there.
Yoga classes, movement workshops.
I met Ellen when she was there,
but I didn't get to know her that well.
And have you seen her
since she came back?
What? No.
God, no.
It's just that we found some
cigarette butts at the holiday let
where Ellen was hiding out.
I just noticed it was the same brand
that you were smoking last night.
Quite a specific brand,
quite difficult to get round here.
Ah, it's you.
Wondered whose car it was outside.
Flowers look great!
Ruth was just passing by.
- Yeah, you staying for a coffee?
- Er, no, sorry.
- I've got to get back to work.
- You sure?
- Shall I walk you out?
- Hm.
Here, I looked this out this morning.
Thought you might like it.
When was this taken?
'84, I think it says on the back.
Can't have been all bad, eh?
Look who's back to visit.
My word. It's been a long time.
- How're you doing?
- I'll see you later, Alan.
She had to get back to work.
Coming inside?
We're looking for your mum.
Right. Thank you.
I remember that night.
Not one I'm likely to forget in a hurry.
Can you tell us what happened?
Ellen was staying with us
for a few weeks.
I came home from work late.
And there she was, sat on the
couch, staring into space.
She started trembling and moaning.
I tried to talk to her
but it was like she was locked in.
I'll be honest, I was terrified.
What made you take her to Langbank?
Well, my first thought was the hospital,
but I clean for the Sadats.
I knew Azir, so I called him
and he told me
to bring her straight over there.
Did you tell Stella or Kieran?
I should have.
But Ellen asked me not to,
and I didn't want to stress her out
any more than she already was.
Anyway, a week later she was off
to London, so it hardly mattered.
Why was Ellen staying here?
She wasn't coping at the farm.
She and Stella were arguing.
Grace was being Grace.
Ellen needed a break.
Azir Sadat thinks Ellen's breakdown
was due to drugs.
That sound right?
He's the expert.
But I can say Ellen was living hard.
Just talking about Ellen's freak-out.
Neil drove us to Langbank
that night. He was a proper star.
Were you close to Ellen, Neil?
Yeah. I mean, she was family
but we didn't hang around together.
- Why's that?
- I don't know.
Her and her mates could be pretty wild.
Neil's too sensible.
He's not one for partying.
Did she ever hang around with Tom Knox?
Er, no chance.
Why not?
Well, Knox used to give Ellen hassle.
What sort of hassle?
I don't know the full story,
but I know he gave her grief.
For a while,
she was really scared of him.
TANNOY: The ferry is now ready
for boarding.
Once on board, please switch off
the vehicle's engine.
What're you doing, Ri?
We need to go.
We need to leave this place.
We need to get away from Heather.
I can't do this any more, Azir.
I I can't.
We need to speak to you again, Tom.
I'm going in to visit my mum.
Well, before you do,
do you want to tell us why
you were harassing Ellen?
I didn't harass her.
Then why was she scared of you?
She she wasn't.
I mean, at the start,
maybe I was a bit full-on.
How were you full-on?
- I was maybe a bit mean to her.
- Why?
- I'm going to be late for my mum.
- Why?
Cos she was a Bain.
Cos of all the stuff
with my mum and dad.
- Your mum and dad's farm?
- Aye.
And then I talked to Ellen
and I realised it wasn't her fault.
And that's when we became friends.
You said you weren't close.
- Now, you're saying you were friends.
- We were friends.
So, how come nobody remembers you
two hanging out together?
We kept it secret.
Can you really see Ellen Quinn
being friends with him?
Name's Amma Calder. Used to be Edwards.
Just need a background.
Can't you just run one up there?
It's Shetland. It's a bloody backwater.
Everything's so slow here.
This woman family?
No. It's same surname, no relation.
All right. I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Looked over the Knox farm sale.
Contracts seem above board.
Could say the Bains paid
below market price but that's all.
Contracts aren't the whole story.
I spoke to a friend
that lives up that way.
The feeling is the Bains took
advantage of the Knoxes' situation.
- That situation being?
- Well, they were broke.
The bank was about to take the farm
until the Bains offered to buy it.
The deal was, the Bains would sell
it back to the Knoxes
once they got solvent again.
- And did they get solvent?
- Couple of years later.
- But the Bains refused to give it back.
- Sounds like the Bains.
But karma might have
caught up with them.
I looked into the farm's finances.
The Bains are broke.
Anyway, Jane Knox believes
the Bains stole her heritage.
Stole Tom's heritage too.
- Could be motivation?
- Yeah.
Except Tom's now claiming that he
and Ellen were the best of pals.
But he was also harassing her.
I'll admit he's an odd fish.
But can we really see him killing Ellen?
He ticks a lot of boxes.
Hold off on him for now.
We can pick this up in the morning.
I know you think it's a mistake,
but we don't have enough to
bring him in.
I agree.
All we have are rumours
and the fact that he's weird.
You bring a kid like that in,
it'll taint him for life,
even if he didn't do it.
So what is your plan?
I'm going to go through Ellen's boxes.
See if I can find any reference to
this bloody symbol.
Give you a hand if you like.
Should we get something to eat?
Ooh, good point.
- Hello?
- We're going to need some chips.
What can I do you for?
Just wanted to have a chat with you
..about the business
you've got on the go.
What business?
The pills you're selling with Cal.
It's nothing, Bobby, right?
We're just dealing to mates.
It's small-scale.
You ever think about expanding?
Expanding? Wh-what do you mean?
I have some money I want to invest.
Aye, right, but why would you
want to invest it in us?
To make a profit.
But you're already loaded, Bobby.
Look, are you interested or not?
Yeah, yeah.
Yes. Course.
It's not about me.
It's Cal. He's calling it quits.
He was the one with the contacts,
so without him
Maybe I should go talk to Cal, then, eh?
Aye. Maybe.
I don't think maths
was her strong point.
More to life than maths.
Here, now that I have you
What's the deal with the whole
temporary DI stuff?
It's accurate.
I am temporary.
Aye, but how come they
haven't made it official?
Did you fail an exam?
I passed everything.
So, what's the issue?
I would have to go and work
somewhere else
before I could come back here.
And I don't want to go.
I like it here.
My family likes it here.
I don't want to make them leave.
You probably think that's pathetic.
Why would I think that?
I don't know.
Bad feminism.
I don't think wanting your family to
be happy counts as "bad feminism".
I mean, if they offered me
a way off this rock,
I would jump at the chance,
but I get it.
Do you mind if I ask you a question?
What's the issue with your dad?
- Sorry, you don't need to
- Come and see this.
I'll call the lab.
It's all right.
I'm here.
Think I've messed up, Mum.
Oh, my goodness!
What are you doing out so late?
She wanted to see her mum.
- Aww, hello.
- Hiya.
Oh, sorry. Ruth, this is Donnie.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you, Ruth.
Yes, and you.
And this sleepy wee girl is Louise.
Aww. She's a sweetie.
Do you need a lift, Ruth?
No, no, I'm fine. I'm going to walk.
OK, well, see you tomorrow.
Come on, then, you. Get you to bed.
Remember when we were young? ♪
Remember when we were young? ♪
Please, please, you're too kind.
Thank you very much.
We're just going to take a quick break.
What are you doing here?
I heard you were playing.
Come on, let's get you a drink.
You sounded good up there.
Sounded shite.
The PA's ancient and the
acoustics in here are rotten.
Listen to you!
I remember when you
could only play one note,
now you're moaning about acoustics.
Genius is never happy.
So, how's the case?
Hmm, think we made some progress today.
Aye? That's great.
Sounds like you should celebrate.
We could grab a bottle of wine after.
- Oh, Jesus, Cal.
- What?
Look Ugh.
I had fun the other night,
I really did, but was just a one-off.
Actually, it was a three-off.
More like a two-and-a-half, but
I was rounding up.
Point is I don't think that we
should see this as a second chance.
Why not?
Because I'm not the same person
I was when I was 16.
Oh, really?
How many trips around the sun
..until you know that
you're the only one?
- What is that?
- What do you mean?
Oh, that is a lyric and you know it.
- Cal - My audience awaits.
Cal, tell me or this is
really going to bug me!
- I'll maybe see you after.
- Cal!
Right, I'm on my way.
What the fuck, Tosh?
I know, I know, I know.
How the hell did this happen?!
I don't know.
One of the assistants came in
and found Ellen's body gone.
Surely there are systems in place
to ensure that this doesn't happen!
Of course there are. It's a secure area.
You need a pass to get in.
So, only the staff have access?
- Well technically, yes.
- "Technically"?
They're just key cards.
Sometimes they get lost or borrowed
Or stolen?
Well, it's never been
an issue for us before.
I mean, people don't usually break
into mortuaries and steal bodies.
Well, certainly not in Shetland
because everyone's just so nice.
Not everyone.
Look, I'm not being funny here,
but is there any chance
that the body's just been?
Well, it's a fair-sized hospital
and bodies do get moved around.
We've checked everywhere
she could possibly be.
Check again. Please.
If you need a pass to get in,
then we're looking at staff
or someone who has access to staff.
And someone who knows
how this place works.
I mean,
smuggling a body out without
being noticed? That is no mean feat.
It's got to be someone who works here.
Or someone who spends
a lot of time here.
Hi. We're looking for Jane Knox's son.
Oh, it's a bit early, even for Tom.
Was he here last night?
He's here every night.
What time did he leave?
Er, about eight.
But then he came back.
He came back?
About midnight.
What was he doing here at midnight?
She's very poorly.
At this stage, we try to be
as flexible as we can
with family visiting hours.
Now we bring him in.
Everything all right, Azir?
You need to back off, all right?
There's no more money.
And even if there was,
I wouldn't give it to you.
It's It's too much, Heather.
If you don't stop,
I'll report you to the police.
Do you hear yourself?
You're talking like a man
with nothing to lose.
What do you think would happen, eh?
We both know who killed your boy.
So, if you want to see
your little girl grow up,
you'd better stick to the deal
..or I'll ruin you.
Uniforms found the Knox place empty.
No sign of Tom or his car.
Has anyone tried his phone?
It's been switched off.
Right, get an alert out.
I want everyone looking for him.
Sandy, get over to the hospital.
We need all their CCTV from last night,
including the car park.
Billy, I need a list of everyone
who was on duty last night.
We need to start interviews right away.
I'll get on to it.
Her body was stolen?
- I know.
- Stolen, Tosh.
Saying it twice isn't going to
make this any better, Harry.
Does the family know?
We haven't spoken to them yet.
Well, we won't have to
because the news is going to
be all over the Isles by now.
Tom Knox.
Are you sure?
Police are searching his place.
Well, where is he?
They're still trying to track him down.
Oh, God.
Right, Bobby, let's go.
Go where?
I want to find this guy.
And how are you going to do that?
The kids are getting together
for Ellen at the sands.
We can start there. Yeah?
All right. Get back here and
start going through the CCTV.
Sandy says there are no cameras
covering the mortuary corridors.
Course there aren't.
I think at some point we do
have to ask the question,
what is he planning on
doing with the body?
Trying to destroy evidence?
It could be something else.
You said yourself, he was an odd fish.
Might have a sighting of his car,
heading north on the A970
about 20 minutes ago.
He's going to that
gathering at the sands,
the one the kids are having for Ellen.
Who have we got up there?
Lorna, I need you to start
looking for Tom Knox.
If you see him, I want you to hold him.
You got that?
The Bains have just turned up.
Find Tom and get him out of there.
Hi. Have you seen Tom Knox?
You know Tom Knox?
Kieran! Kieran!
Knox! Knox! I'll kill
Where is she, eh?
Where the hell is she?!
- What have you done with her?
- What?
Hey! Let him go, Mr Bain.
Mr Knox is leaving with me,
so you'd better back away, yeah?
I want to know what's happening.
Sit down, Tom.
Tom, we have a serious situation here.
Last night, Ellen's body was taken
from the hospital mortuary.
Do you know anything about that?
No. Course not. Why would I?
Well, we know that you were
at the hospital last night.
To visit Mum.
Yeah, but you were there late, Tom.
We know you came back at midnight.
I just wanted to sit with her.
I don't like her being there alone.
What did you do in between?
Between eight and 12.
It's four hours. What did you do?
I-I walked into Lerwick.
And did what?
- Got something to eat.
- Where?
Chinese place.
Must've been some meal if it
took you four hours to eat.
I was only in there for an hour.
Then I-I went for a walk after.
Just round the harbour.
The harbour's not that big.
I went other places too.
Up to the fort, back into the town.
I just didn't want to go home.
Why not?
Cos it's lonely.
Let's leave that for now
and talk about the corn doll,
the one that was left where Ellen died.
Did you leave it there?
So, if we were to test this doll,
we wouldn't find your prints on it?
Or any of your DNA?
Is that right?
Listen to me. Ellen is dead,
her body is missing
and right now, you lying to us
makes you sound
I didn't kill Ellen and
I didn't take her body.
I loved her.
I'd never hurt her.
She helped me.
Coming to the house.
Sitting with me.
Talking to Mum.
She was good with her.
Mum loved Ellen too,
even though she was a Bain.
I left that at Eela because I
I wanted to say goodbye.
And I wanted to give Ellen
something from my mum.
Car park CCTV shows Tom leaving
the hospital just before one,
so unless he's got Ellen's body
in his pocket, it's not him.
Could've done it earlier.
The manager at the restaurant confirms
Tom was in there from around
nine until ten last night.
Did anyone see him at the harbour?
I haven't checked yet.
What do you reckon?
Hold him until they've finished up
searching the house and the car.
Think they'll find anything?
No, but I want to be sure.
I've seen this car before.
- Where?
- The witness at Eela.
What witness?
Peter Ayre.
That's his car.
Clocked at 2:21.
What camera is this?
South car park.
Not far from the mortuary.
What do we know about him?
Jim Peel says Ayre came to
the Isles about a year ago.
Rented his place for six
months before buying it.
Says it was a cash sale.
Where was he before that?
Well, originally from Manchester.
He grew up just outside of Inverness,
then moved around a lot,
various addresses including
Shetland in 2006.
Any previous convictions?
2014, he was arrested while working
at a farm in Caithness.
What was the charge?
Malicious damage.
To what?
We need forensics up here. Now.
On it.
Tosh, out here!
Taka sinn! Hafu sinn! Ryoja sinn!
Taka sinn! Hafu sinn! Ryoja sinn!
Taka sinn! Hafu sinn! Ryoja sinn!
GROWLS: Ryoja! Ryoja!
Taka sinn! Hafu sinn! Ryoja
- You two, round that side!
- This way! Go!
Oh, Jesus, she's in there!
Peter, I need you to stop!
Peter Ayre, I'm arresting you under
section one of the Criminal Justice
Scotland Act 2016, on suspicion of
the theft of the body
of Ellen Quinn.
You are not obliged to say anything,
but anything you do
say will be noted down
and may be used in evidence.
Do you understand?
We need her body out of
there and safe as soon as.
Get the fire extinguished
and secure the scene.
You OK?
Yeah. Yeah.
Are you?
What are you doing here?
I thought we might talk.
Why would we do that?
I don't know.
Clear the air.
It's really not necessary.
You know, I'm sure it
suited you to think of me
as the evil woman for the
past 30 years, but I'm not.
Ah, I barely gave you a second thought.
I loved your father.
And I think he loved me.
I'm not ashamed of it.
Right, but sleeping with him
when my mum was dying in hospital?
You must feel ashamed about that.
I mean, any normal, decent human being
would have some kind of remorse.
It was a difficult time.
Well, it didn't seem all that difficult
when I found you in my mum's bed.
It wasn't all my doing, Ruth.
Oh, don't worry, I've got
plenty of anger for him too.
I wasn't the only one, you know.
After me, there was someone else.
None of my business.
Actually, I think it is.
I'm not a police officer, but
..isn't there stuff about
conflicts of interest?
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the mother of
the girl you're investigating.
Stella Quinn was half his age.
And even I was ashamed of that.
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