Shetland (2012) s08e04 Episode Script

Season 8, Episode 4

One of the assistants
found Ellen's body gone.
- Where have you been?
- Work.
The hospital said you'd swapped
shifts. Where were you?
- You recognise the brand?
- Looks foreign.
Name's Amma Calder. Need a background.
- Calder? This woman family?
- No. It's same surname, no relation.
I wasn't the only one, y'know. After me,
there was someone else.
Stella Quinn
..was half his age.
And even I was ashamed of that.
I looked in the account.
You said we were doing OK.
Things are a bit tight is all.
- What can I do you for?
- Just wanted to have a chat with you,
about the business you've got on the go.
- I have some money I want to invest.
- It's not about me.
It's Cal. He's calling it quits.
Maybe we should go talk to Cal, eh?
Oh, my God, Ellen's in there!
Peter! I need you to stop!
- No, no
TOSH: How are you feeling, Peter?
Just you weren't making much sense
when we found you on that hill.
We need you to explain what you
were doing last night.
Can you tell us why you were
in possession of Ellen Quinn's body?
- Were you planning to burn it?
Are you listening to me, Peter?
Do you understand how serious this is?
You stole a body.
The body of a murder victim.
Not only is that a crime
but the distress you've caused
Ellen's family
It's wha It's what
she would've wanted.
She wanted you to burn her body?
It's better than rotting in a drawer.
Well, it's a refrigerated drawer.
They only actually rot
when you take them out.
How would you know that it's what
Ellen would've wanted?
We were bonded.
By our beliefs.
And what are those beliefs?
You wouldn't understand.
Well, you need to help us
understand, Peter,
because right now,
it looks like you were trying
to destroy evidence of a crime.
I didn't kill Ellen.
When we found you on that hillside,
you were chanting something.
You said something like "ryoya sinn".
Sounded Scandinavian.
What does that mean?
But what with the pyre,
the dancing and the face paint,
I think it was Norse.
That what you believe in, Peter?
Do you worship the Viking gods?
Oh, come on, Peter.
There has to be some
reasoning behind it.
Otherwise, you're just a half-naked
freak burning bodies on a hillside.
It means"cleanse her".
Why did Ellen need to be cleansed?
Because she was stained with sin.
What makes you think that?
Because she told me she was.
- When did Ellen say this?
- The last time I saw her.
And when was that?
Months ago.
Is that when you gave her this tattoo?
Is that your doing?
It's the same design that you have
tattooed on your chest, Peter.
And it's the same design that's
been painted on the dead sheep
- that we've been finding recently.
- You should've let me finish
Last night, you should've let me
finish the ceremony.
Because of you,
she'll never be at peace.
- That guy's wired to the moon.
- Sane enough to deny killing her.
Well, he stole her body
and tried to burn it.
- That is disposal right there.
- Easier ways to dispose of a body
Understood. Thanks.
That was Alex.
He says Ayre's croft
is like a "house of horrors".
Be a while before SOCOs
get through it all.
All right, look.
Right now, Peter Ayre is the prime
suspect in Ellen's murder.
So, I want everyone focusing on that.
Billy, we know he left East Roe Kirk
around 9pm that night.
He says he went straight home.
Look for anything to contradict that.
Oh, and can you chase the lab?
See if we can match him to that card
- we found in Ellen's belongings
- Will do.
Sandy, we're going to need background.
Find out everything you can on him.
And talk to Rosemary Strachan.
Ayre seems to think that he and Ellen
had some kind of deep
connection. See if she agrees.
And, Lorna, can you get
a hold of his social work file?
I want to know who fostered
him when he was here.
I've just had Grace Bain on the phone
- demanding to know what's going on.
- Oh.
Might as well get it over with.
Bloody incompetence, that's what it is!
Bad enough you couldn't tell us
who killed her,
but then, to lose her body!
We understand how distressing
this must've been for you
and we're sorry.
But we have now retrieved
Ellen's remains.
This guy, Peter Ayre.
They're saying that he, er
..that he was trying to burn her?
We got there before that happened.
Hmm, but why was he trying to do that?
We're not sure,
but Ayre does
have some disturbing beliefs.
Beliefs that he claims Ellen shared.
Did Ellen ever mention him?
I don't even know who he is.
He's a friend of her brother!
Look, if Ellen was close to him,
we would've known about it.
Not necessarily.
She was close to Tom Knox.
And you didn't know about that.
Now, that's a lie.
No. Ellen and Tom were friends.
She helped him care for his mum.
Look, whoever this guy is,
Ellen never mentioned him.
And she sure as hell didn't
have any disturbing beliefs, OK?
She was just
..a normal kid.
- Can you give us a sec?
- Sure.
Is it true?
That Ellen and Tom were friends?
- Is that an issue for you?
- No. No
I just don't understand why
she wouldn't tell me about him.
Everyone has their secrets.
GRACE: Stella
What was that about?
I need to tell you something.
Everyone at the hospital's talking
about Ellen's body going missing.
You work there?
Well, I wasn't on shift the other night
but I heard about her going missing.
Well, we managed to retrieve her.
Where was she?
In the possession
of a man called Peter Ayre.
Either of you know him?
- Is he older? Like bald with a beard?
- That's right.
Yeah, sounds like that guy.
The one that turned up to
all the parties.
What parties are these?
Staney Hill.
A bunch of us used go up there
last summer and hang out.
And Peter Ayre hung out, too?
Did you ever see him with Ellen?
No Don't think so.
Might've have found
something interesting.
Why didn't you tell me about this?
I didn't know if it was a thing.
Your sister-in-law in contact
with our victim
on the day she died.
You didn't know if it was a "thing"?
I didn't I wasn't sure.
Did you talk to her about it?
Yeah, I might have had
a chat with her, yes.
And what did she say?
She denied seeing Ellen.
Well So, then, why run the
background check?
Because you think she lied.
I went over this with Ruth.
I didn't know Ellen.
I just spoke to her a few
times at Langbank.
- You didn't see her after that time?
- No.
What about the day she died?
This is about the cigarettes, isn't it?
They're just fags. I get them
cheap off a parishioner,
and I'm not his only client.
He sells to lots of people.
So, why don't you ask them
if they saw Ellen?
Because they're not connected
to Ellen's flatmate in London.
We ran a background check on you, Amma.
Between 2016 and 2018,
you stayed in a flat in
Ealing with Kirsty Bell.
Kirsty Bell was with Ellen the night
Philip Remis was murdered.
Now, you have a connection
to Ellen through Kirsty Bell,
and you never said a word about it.
She said she wanted to leave Shetland.
Had her heart set on London.
She said she needed somewhere to stay
So, you sent her to Kirsty Bell?
Me and Kirsty used to be friends.
And, yeah, she was a bit wild.
But she wasn't a criminal.
Not when I knew her, anyway.
- Well, it sounds like Kirsty's changed.
- Look, I promise you,
I had no idea about the stuff
she was getting up to.
It wasn't until Ellen told me
When did Ellen tell you?
Was it the day she died?
Nah, you're way off base here.
You don't think it's strange that
she didn't mention knowing Ellen?
Amma does classes all over the island.
- She meets lots of people.
- How well do you know her?
Oh, come on! She's my wife.
You've been married, what?
Four years? What about before that?
Did she tell you about her life?
Yeah, of course, she did.
Right, so,
you know who Kirsty Bell is, then?
Look, Amma is entitled to her past.
We all are.
There's no way she's wrapped
up in this, though.
Ellen called.
I drove down to Nibon
..and there she was.
Hiding in a cottage
with a bag full of money.
Did she tell you how she got it?
She did.
She wanted me to try and get it back
to whoever it belonged to.
Said they were after her.
So, what did you do?
You have to understand, um life before I met Alan
I was in a bad way.
I don't know what would've happened
if I hadn't met him.
I mean
I never dreamed that I'd end up
with a life like this.
So, you refused to help her?
I told her to go to you guys.
Or at least, her family.
Even told her to go to Sadat
Azir Sadat?
Well, he was her counsellor at Langbank,
they seemed to get on.
But if I knew
what was going to happen
..I swear, I would have done something.
She was just
Too much trouble?
The bit I don't get,
is why you didn't come to us,
after she was killed?
I didn't want to spoil it.
Spoil what?
What I have here.
So, what did she say?
You were all set to go.
You told me you wanted to stay on
and help.
- I did want to help.
- Really?
Are you sure it wasn't because you
wanted to protect your family?
- I didn't think that
- Yes, you did!
Yes, you did, because you ran that
background check
through your own team
and not through us.
You're right.
If there's anything else you're not
telling me, I need to know now.
There's nothing.
Cora has the Path report.
So, what do you think?
What do I think?
I think you two have
lost your fucking minds.
It's a chance to make serious cash.
- He's already got serious cash.
- Uh-huh.
But we could make a lot more.
I don't know what he's been
telling you about us,
but we're small fish and there's a
reason for that,
- it keeps us under the radar.
- So, we make it a one-off deal.
You buy one big batch, sell them
off quick, we'll split the profit.
Sell 'em off to who, Bobby? We're
not exactly overrun with customers.
So, find new customers.
- From where?
- I don't know. You two are the experts.
No, we're not, and that's my point.
And since when were
you into this anyway?
This is hardly your game, Bobby.
Always looking for an opportunity.
Well, you need to look elsewhere.
I can tell you Ellen Quinn
suffered manual strangulation,
as evidenced by a broken hyoid bone.
But the cause of death
was cardiac arrest.
Which was probably
induced by the strangulation.
She was only 23.
Ah, she was also having the life
choked out of her.
That puts a strain on the heart.
That, her lifestyle,
and whatever else she went through
that night would've contributed.
What about forensics?
Well, fibres we found in her hair
turned out to be wool and polyester mix.
Well, that narrows it down.
The colour was sage, if it helps.
OK. Thanks, Cora.
We've got a problem.
I started going through Ayre's
phone for the night of the murder.
It was hooked up to
the home Wi-Fi all night.
Jeez. That place has Wi-Fi?
Doesn't mean he didn't go out.
He could've left his phone at home.
The web history shows that
he bought stuff online.
Plumbing parts, mostly.
You're saying it wasn't him?
Can't see how he can
be in two places at once.
What if he had an accomplice?
Found this in Ayre's back room.
It's full of letters,
going back years
and all from the same person.
Someone who signs off like this.
This is like fan mail.
The person who wrote these
is in awe of Ayre.
"I've been trying every day
to think like you.
"To see things like you do.
"To see the world as it is."
"Yesterday, I took a lamb
the way you taught me.
It was hard to keep it
still as I cut it."
Looks like Ayre has a disciple.
Billy, did we hear back from the
lab about Ellen's birthday card?
Yeah, they found his prints on it.
- So, these could be from her, then?
- No.
- The writing's far too neat.
- These go back a long way.
Maybe it's someone he met in Aberdeen?
Except, they've all Shetland postmarks.
All of them?
Looks like it.
It's someone from the isles.
I'm Stella.
I'm Ellen's mum.
Sorry about the mess.
No. No. Um, don't worry.
I hear your mum's not well.
She's a wee bit better.
Look, I had nothing to do with
what happened to Ellen.
- The police
- I know It's OK. I know.
So, you and Ellen were pals?
Like to think we were.
And she used to come round here?
Couple of times a week.
What did yous do?
We'd just sit in.
Watch YouTube.
Just hung out.
And your mum didn't mind?
Why would she mind?
Because Ellen was a Bain.
Mum didn't blame Ellen for any of that.
She loved it when Ellen came round.
They'd sit and talk while they knitted.
Sorry, what?!
Ellen knitted?!
Mum taught her.
Well, she tried to anyway.
Um, Ellen was terrible at it.
Supposed to be a scarf.
It's not bad for a first try.
You can keep it if you want.
Thank you.
If he's not going to tell us,
we need to identify who wrote them.
This could be Ellen's killer.
So, come on,
who is Ayre close to?
Far as I can tell, the only person
he has any kind of contact with
is the Reverend Calder.
Well, I think
we can rule out my brother.
He's very much a one-God guy.
One thing.
Ayre's only been living here for a year.
If these letters go back
a decade, then
Well, what about when he was fostered?
Yeah, he could've started
a friendship when he was a teenager
and then carried it on after
he went back to the mainland.
- And picked it up when he returned.
- Yeah, exactly.
Lorna, did you manage to find out
who fostered him when
he was on Shetland?
Yeah, so, he was placed
with Nancy Faulds
from July 2006 to March 2007.
Before then, he had been
back to Aberdeen.
Have you spoken to Nancy?
- She passed away two years ago.
- Ah!
OK, just see if you can get any
info on Peter from that time.
Hospital sent through
a list of the staff
whose passes were used on the night
Ellen's body was taken.
Sandy? Liam Kenmuir.
He's Rosemary Strachan's boyfriend,
- Yes.
- And he works at the hospital?
Yeah, but he wasn't on shift that night.
So, how come his pass was used?
I don't understand.
According to the hospital security logs,
your pass was used on the night
Ellen's body was taken.
But you told DC Wilson that you
weren't working that night.
I wasn't.
So, who used the pass, Liam?
I think I might've lost it.
You think?
Aye. Um, a couple of days ago.
I think I dropped it in town somewhere.
So, if you dropped it in the street
anybody could've picked it up?
I guess so.
Peter Ayre, maybe?
Well, I don't know about that, but
- I suppose he could have.
- Hmm.
- Do you know Peter Ayre?
- No.
Like I told your colleague.
He used to hang about the raves a bit.
- Ever talk to him?
- No.
No, I stayed well clear.
Do you mind me asking how old you are?
I'm 27.
And you grew up on the isles?
My family moved here when I was three.
OK, well, thanks for your time.
Yeah, that boy's not a good liar.
I'll call the SOCOs. See if they can
find his pass at Ayre's croft.
- We'll need to do a background.
See if we can link him to Peter Ayre
around the time Peter
was in the foster home.
Oh, shit!
I've got to go. It's date night.
Lucky for some!
Are you all right to get back?
He's not taking it.
Ah, sure, look,
you'll get the hang of it.
Hey. There you are.
Where've you been?
Just went for a drive.
He's really coming on, Rory.
I called him Che.
After Che Adams.
So, your mum wants us all up for dinner.
Let's just eat us three tonight.
You sure?
I kind of got the feeling
she wasn't giving us an option.
We need to spend some time together.
It's me.
Can we meet?
When I said, "Let's meet."
I was kind of thinking
somewhere like the pub.
I thought you'd like it.
A chance to revisit our misspent youth.
Speaking of which.
That's not why I'm here.
I need to ask you something.
- Something about my dad.
- OK.
After I left, was there any talk
of my dad and
- ..someone else?
- Someone else?
Like a relationship.
Well, I mean, it wasn't exactly a
secret about him and Jean Ferguson.
No, not Jean.
Someone else.
Like who?
- Stella Quinn.
- Stella Quinn?
Or Stella Bain, as she was at the time.
Are you serious? She's our age.
Never heard anything like that.
Are you sure?
Well, it's not like I kept tabs
on your dad after you went,
but, no, doesn't sound like him.
You used to love it here.
Talked about building
a house on the hill back there.
You wanted the bedroom at the front.
So that every morning you woke up,
you could see the sea.
How do you even remember that?
Cos you made it sound great.
I often wondered if there
was a place for me in that house.
There was.
Doubt I'd get planning
permission now anyway, so
If it's what you want,
there's a boy
on the council who owes me a favour.
- Mmm
- I could put in a word.
I need to go.
[WOMAN ON] TV: Better than the last!
[MAN ON] TV: Well,
I don't see why your abilities
with sugar, butter and flour
would make you a desirable party guest.
You're an arsehole.
Aye, an arsehole
who's invited to Ken's party
Oh, OK.
It's a work-free zone, remember?
- We can talk about anything but.
- OK.
- Sorry.
How was your day?
It was good.
I, um, did a bit of work in the morning.
Called my mum.
Yeah, she's thinking of coming up
again, which is nice.
Then picked up Lou.
Saw Farida at the nursery.
She seemed good.
She's married to Azir Sadat?
The shrink, aye.
they're the ones that lost the kid.
- You met them?
- No.
Sandy interviewed him about Ellen Quinn.
Oh, cos she cleaned for them?
Ellen used to be Sadats' cleaner.
Are you sure?
That's what Farida said.
Just give me a minute.
What? Eh?
Oh, OK.
I'm going to need Azir Sadat at the
station first thing in the morning.
Amma told me everything.
I don't understand.
It's bad enough
that she didn't help the girl,
but why didn't she just say
something afterwards?
I'm sure she had her reasons.
Said she was protecting me, yeah.
Let me get you a glass for that.
Look, it's not unusual for folk not
to come forward in cases like this.
Murder scares people.
They worry about getting involved,
and if they do have something
they don't want getting out,
then they just tend to stay quiet.
I mean I'm not saying Amma was right.
But maybe cut her some
- What's all this?
- Er, nothing.
- Why's Dad's photo next to theirs?
- No reason.
- What's going on, Ruth?
- I told you. It's nothing.
- I don't believe you.
- Oh, Alan, just leave it!
No, come on. You've already taken
a wrecking ball to my marriage,
what else have you got for me?
All right.
Dad and Stella Quinn.
OK. Um, what about 'em?
I'd You can't be serious.
Have you have you lost your mind?
I have it from a reliable source.
- Who?
- Doesn't matter.
Well, they're lying.
Look, they're lying.
I know Dad, and he wouldn't do this.
Well, maybe you're not the best
judge of character, Alan.
Wait a minute.
Are you throwing Amma at me?
I'm throwing Peter Ayre at you.
The guy that you said was a hero.
The guy that was about to put
Ellen Quinn's body
on a funeral pyre last night?
Och, I'm just saying that you're
maybe a bit too quick
to see the good in people.
Now, why are you trying to ruin him?
I'm just trying to find the truth.
No, you're trying to hurt Dad.
Dad's dead, Alan.
I can't hurt him.
- His memory!
- Ohhh!
Trying to destroy him because you never forgave him for the fact
that he never liked you.
And why would he?
I mean, why would he?
You were a nightmare.
I hated living in that house with you.
See the day that you left, that was
the day that we STARTED living.
Think you should go.
Aye, I think I probably should.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Everything all right?
Yeah. Fine.
Just something we needed the lab
take a quick look at.
I'm not sure how much more
I can tell you,
as I explained to DC Wilson,
Ellen wasn't with us long.
But you treated her?
Well, we had a few conversations.
Amma says you were close.
- Amma?
- Amma Calder.
She runs yoga classes at Langbank.
She said that you and Ellen had
a more established connection.
- Er
- Plus, Ellen cleaned for you.
For for a short time, yes.
Erm, she filled in for her
cousin for a few weeks.
- Heather Bain?
- That's right.
Heather's our regular cleaner.
But she was on holiday.
Oh, when was this?
Sometime last year, I think.
Was it not a bit weird?
Treating someone that you knew
outside of work?
Well, err, it's not ideal.
But it's hard to avoid
conflicts of interest on Shetland.
- It's a small place.
- Yeah.
Um, Dr Sadat,
we have a witness who says,
Ellen told him that she
was stained with sin.
I just wondered
if she had discussed that with you.
Not that I recall, no.
Excuse me.
You all right?
I did some digging on Liam Kenmuir.
Seems he grew up in Hillside
before moving to Lerwick.
Well, his house was less than a mile
away from Ayre's foster home.
Hillside is a small place.
If Ayre and Kenmuir were
there at the same time,
they'd have known each other.
Where did you get to yesterday?
I went to see someone.
Nice you've got time to go visiting
when there's work to be done.
It was Tom Knox.
- What did you do that for?
- I don't know.
I guess I just wanted to spend some
time with Ellen's friends.
I think we should give it back.
Give what back?
The farm.
The land.
To the Knoxes.
Have you lost your mind?
Why would we do that?
Because it's the right thing.
Your father bought that farm fair
and square.
No. No. Not fair and square.
He cheated them and everyone knows it.
Your father was not a cheat!
Yes, yes, he was.
OK, I loved him, but the truth was
you couldn't trust him.
Now, listen to me.
You've lost a child.
You're grieving and you're angry,
so I'm willing to let this go.
But don't you dare malign
your father in front of me again.
Why not?! You did it enough
when he was alive!
- Stella
- It's true!
She used to run him down all the time.
You know, she's probably the reason
why he screwed the Knoxes over!
Because no matter how much he gave her,
it was never enough.
- What the hell was that for?
- I want the Knoxes repaid.
Even if we wanted to, we're not in a
position to give them it back.
It's what Ellen would've wanted.
SANDY: Well, if you hear from him,
you just let us know
OK. Yeah. All right.
That was Grant.
The search team at Ayre's cottage
just found Kenmuir's hospital pass.
- Where is he?
- No idea.
He's not at the hospital
and he's switched his phone off.
- The girlfriend?
- Trying to contact her.
We need to find him.
You ever hear any
rumours about Stella Bain?
What kind of rumours?
I don't know. Gossip.
You don't think I've got better
things to do than listen to gossip?
- So, that's a no, then?
- No.
Why are you asking, anyway?
Just something Ruth mentioned.
The sooner that lassie goes, the better.
Cos she's got you wandering
about like a fart in a trance.
- Hello?
- It's Cal.
Been thinking about your idea.
Is it all right if I come up?
I'll be here.
Talk to his friends, his workmates,
anyone who knows this guy.
We need him
in custody as soon as possible.
What about the girlfriend?
Her manager says she's changing over
a number of cottages today.
- Well, presumably, she has a phone.
- She's currently out of range.
If Kenmuir thinks we're on to him
he might try and get off the isles.
I've called the ferry terminal
and the airport.
They're on the lookout.
So, that just leaves
500 square miles to search,
and if he's lying low,
we might never find him.
Unless we speak to his mentor.
- Where's Liam Kenmuir?
- I don't know who that is.
'Course you do!
He's your little sidekick.
The one who's been bumming you up
with all those love letters.
He lived in Hillside,
same time as you, back in 2006.
You two were practically neighbours.
And you used his hospital pass
to get access to the mortuary.
Search team found it at your croft.
So, we thought you might have
a pretty good idea
of where he's hiding out.
Why should I tell you?
I don't know, Peter.
Maybe you want to do one thing
to prove to us
you're not completely off your head.
What if he killed Ellen?
And what if he did it for you?
That's not my responsibility.
No, but Ellen was.
And you said yourself,
you two were bonded.
What you did the other night,
that was an act of devotion.
Don't you want to help us
catch the person, who took her away?
Patrol spotted Kenmuir's motorbike
outside the cottage at Nibon.
- Have they approached him?
- They're waiting for you.
There he is,
Bobby Escobar.
Keep your voice down.
What's the deal, then?
Patience. How about a drink first?
Oh, haven't got time for that.
Well, make time, Bobby. Cos I'm not
going into business
with a man who won't share a drink
with me.
Not saying we couldn't work together,
but if I'm being honest,
I'm still not sure of your motives.
Money is my motive.
You can't be doing that badly, Bobby.
This isn't exactly a smallholding.
The farm's in trouble.
How bad?
We could lose it.
If the bank had their way,
we'd be gone already.
What's the family saying about it?
Ah, they don't know.
Christ knows how I'm going to tell them.
That's why I need this, Cal.
Why did you take this place on?
What do you mean?
Well, back in school, you were
ten foot smarter than everyone else.
Proper Horace Broon.
I always thought you were going to
go off to uni or something.
Aye, well
- ..that was the plan.
- So, what happened?
My dad died.
And you played the dutiful son, aye?
I was happy to.
I was proud to, er
I don't know.
I look back now and
- ..I think maybe that was the start
- Of what?
Everything going to shit.
Sounds like you need cheering up.
I'm too old for that crap.
Bobby, you're looking to blow
ten grand on this crap.
You might want try
the product before you commit.
Shetland Police. Open up!
Don't fucking move!
Liam Kenmuir, I'm arresting you
on suspicion
of your involvement in the murder of
I don't have power
to read him his rights!
You've got it all wrong
We know you were
friends with Peter Ayre.
- I wasn't.
- You've known him for years.
No, that's not true.
All right. He used to stay
near me in Hillside,
but only for a short time,
and that was years ago!
I didn't even know who he was
until he came back to Shetland.
What about your pass? You gave it
to Ayre to access the mortuary.
- I didn't give it to him.
- Oh, no, that's right.
You dropped it in the street
and he just happened to pick it up.
I know what this looks
like, but it wasn't me.
- I was just trying
- Trying what?!
Found a freshly killed sheep carcass
about a mile from the cottage.
It's throat had been cut
Do we know why she did it?
Some kind of homage to Ayre?
Did the boyfriend know?
Not the full extent of it.
Said he knew Ayre had some kind of
hold on her that went back years
Wasn't till he found
out about the hospital pass
that he realised that she'd helped
him steal the body.
What the hell is this?
Let's go and find out.
We're struggling here, Rosemary.
You seem like a smart girl.
how on earth did you get wrapped up
with a man like Peter Ayre?
And this.
Six defenceless animals butchered,
and for what?
You just don't seem like the type.
Well, it's always the quiet ones.
How would you describe
your relationship with Peter Ayre?
I suppose we're friends.
How long had you been friends?
Since he first came to Shetland.
So, that was
- ..2006?
- Yeah.
So So you were eight.
And he was 16.
That's a big gap at that age.
What was it that made you want
to be friends with him?
Because he noticed me.
All right.
So, you were lonely?
And you found yourself a pal.
But how did you go from that to this?
Well, Peter was already into this
stuff before I met him.
He used to talk about the Viking gods.
Act out the stories.
Was that all he did?
Well, sometimes, he'd make up
ceremonies for us.
You know like.
Build altars and stuff.
And you didn't think that was strange?
No, I was just happy he let me join in.
How would you describe Peter
and Ellen's relationship?
There wasn't one.
Well, there was, according to Peter.
He says, they shared a special "bond".
The thing about Peter is is that
..he's smart, yeah, but he's got an ego.
It gets in the way.
He misses things about folk.
- What did he miss about Ellen?
- That she was a fake.
This doesn't look fake to me.
Yeah, she was plastered when she got it.
- You were there?
- Hmm.
It was at Peter's place.
After one of the parties at Staney Hill.
Ellen had been on a bender
for a few days
when she turned up at the party.
She was in a state.
Anyway, your lot turned up
and broke it up early.
Ellen latched on to Peter.
Peter invited her back to the croft
And then what happened?
More drink. More drugs.
Peter doing his whole Yggdrasil spiel.
Then, at some point,
Ellen asked for that.
Peter says Ellen told him that she
was stained with sin that night.
It was guilt.
She said she felt guilty.
What about?
No idea.
- And when was this?
- Last autumn. September maybe.
What happened after that night?
Peter never tried to contact Ellen?
He never gave her a second thought.
You see
..I don't think that's true.
I think Peter thought about Ellen
quite a lot.
I mean, the effort that he went to,
to give her that funeral,
that was an act of love.
Would he do that for you?
I didn't kill Ellen.
But you would for Peter.
You already had.
I didn't do that for Peter.
I did that for me.
I enjoy it.
Marie Hunter!
Aye. Me and Marie had a thing!
What about, er, Kirsty Gunn?
Oh, no. No, no, no That was nothing.
Did see her sister for a few months!
What about, er
- Beaton?
- Beaton! Aye.
Nearly got engaged.
What happened?
Didn't fancy the farm life.
What about you and Calder? Eh?
You were thick as thieves
back in the day.
Like, er, Bonnie and Clyde or something.
Aye. Missed my chance there.
- What about Stella?
- What about her?
Well, she must've had some exes?
No, Stella's a one-man woman.
That's not what I heard.
What did you hear?
Well, I heard there was a wee
bit of scandal, before Kieran.
Someone that should've known better.
A man of the cloth, maybe?
I think you should go.
I don't know what's more disturbing.
I mean, Peter Ayre's delusional,
but she makes it all sound
so ordinary.
There's nothing ordinary
about going about killing sheep.
Question is, did she kill Ellen?
What you looking at?
Rosemary says the party got broken up.
This is the incident report.
It's dated the 19th of September.
If they're telling the truth,
then something happened to Ellen
around then
that made her feel guilty.
- Might not mean anything.
- No.
But we know this is
when Ellen went off the rails.
A week later,
she was admitted to Langbank.
I'm getting a tea. Do you want one?
Oh, no. No, thanks, I'm fine.
Temporary DI McIntosh.
DI Calder's not at her desk at the
moment. Can I take a message?
Keeps doing this.
Sounds like your starter.
Open the bonnet.
Now, try that.
You've got magic fingers.
What's wrong?
Your lab results came back.
Do you mind telling me why you ran
a DNA comparison on Ellen Quinn?
- I can't.
- Why not?
Is it because it's personal?
DI Calder, I want to thank you
for your work
- over this past week
- Tosh!
..but we no longer require your
assistance on this investigation.
It's time for you to go home.
It wasn't a match, by the way.
Hey, it's me.
Just been up to see Bobby Bain.
Definitely something
going on there. Call me back.
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But now I'm found ♪
I believe ♪
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