Shetland (2012) s08e05 Episode Script

Season 8, Episode 5

Heather Bain?
- All right, Azir?
- Back off.
Stick to the deal or I'll ruin you.
We need to get away from Heather.
TEARFULLY: I can't do this any more.
The boy who drowned.
Azir Sadat's son, Akmal.
Something happened to Ellen around then.
I drove down to Nibon.
And there she was
with a bag full of money.
So, what do you think?
It's a chance to make serious cash.
- He's already got serious cash.
- Always looking for an opportunity.
- I'm just trying to find the truth.
- No, you're trying to hurt Dad.
I need to ask you something.
Was there any talk of my dad
and Stella Quinn?
Are you serious?
Is it all right if I come up?
Sure. I'll be here.
- Sounds like you need cheering up.
- I'm too old for that crap.
Keeps doing this.
Sounds like your starter.
Open the bonnet.
Hey, it's me.
Just been up to see Bobby Bain.
Definitely something going on there.
Call me back.
[MUSIC: Just Like Honey
by The Jesus And Mary Chain]
Listen to the girl ♪
As she takes on half the world ♪
Moving up and so alive ♪
In her honey dripping beehive ♪
Beehive ♪
It's good, so good, it's so good ♪
So good ♪
Walking back to you ♪
Is the hardest thing that I can do ♪
That I can do for you ♪
Just like honey ♪
- What kept you?
- Had to sneak past the old man.
Happy Birthday!
..Just like honey ♪
- Just like honey ♪
- Just like honey ♪
- Just like honey ♪
- Just like honey ♪
- Just like honey ♪
- Just like honey ♪
Just like honey ♪
I want to swim.
Come on, Ruthie!
You're off your head, Innes!
Come on, Ruthie.
Flight's at midday,
so I should be back in London
this evening, sir.
COOMBES: I thought
you were taking the week.
Aye, well. Change of plan.
What happened?
Me, basically.
Hold on.
- Ruth?
James, are you all right?
SOBBING: It's Cal.
What do you mean it's Cal?
James? What is going on?
DI Calder!
No! You don't want to see him.
There was nothing they could do.
TOSH: Why did you let her near the body?
- Well, I tried to stop her.
- How is she now?
She's in shock.
Do they know what happened?
Traffic team are only getting started
but it looks like he
just went off the road.
We don't know, but Cora thinks
she smelled alcohol on the body.
Let Traffic do their work.
Tell 'em to call me as soon as
they have something to report.
And get Ruth away from there.
Everything we've
learned about Ellen suggests
she was struggling emotionally
before she left for London.
We're trying to work out why.
Well, as I said, Ellen's
lifestyle was pretty intense.
Drink, drugs
No, I I get that.
But I'm starting to think that
the partying
may have been more of a symptom
than the cause.
I wonder if the cause
..may have been Akmal's death.
- What makes you think that?
- Well, we have a witness
who says that Ellen's problems
began just after Akmal died.
Well, the timing could
just be a coincidence.
Perhaps Ellen was going through
something else at that time.
Could be.
Did Ellen ever meet Akmal
when she was working here?
I suppose she must have, but then,
she only did a couple of shifts.
And when she was here,
she barely gave Akmal a second look.
So, there was no connection?
None that I saw.
But that doesn't mean
she wasn't affected by it.
Lots of people were.
The kindness of the people here,
it's what's helped us through.
But when she was in Langbank,
Ellen never mentioned Akmal to you?
Well, it was just a theory.
I really am sorry for bringing it
all back up again.
It's fine.
I'll see myself out.
I am sorry.
I really am.
Cal was a good guy.
Bit of a rogue maybe, but
..he had a good heart.
I mean,
I'm not saying me and him got on
Shh. Shut up a minute.
CAL: Hey, it's me.
Just been up to see Bobby Bain.
Definitely something going on there.
Call me back.
We need to go to the Bains.
Where's your mum and dad?
Still sleeping.
You hungry?
Head up to the big house.
Your gran'll make some breakfast.
I forgot how comfortable this bed was.
What time is it?
You OK?
I was thinking about the day
she was born.
14 hours in labour.
I thought she was never coming out.
Sure, Ellen was always hard work.
She was.
Were you shocked?
..when they told you she was dead,
were you shocked?
Jesus Christ
What kind of question is that?
Because I wasn't.
I mean
..I felt numb and know, grief.
Anger. I mean, I fe
..I felt all the things
I was supposed to feel, but
..I wasn't surprised.
You know, I thought,
"Well, aye. Aye, that makes sense."
Ellen didn't deserve to die.
No, I didn't
I didn't say she deserved it
She was so
She was so reckless.
Someone's here.
- Can I help you?
- Well, you can start by telling us
why Cal Innes was with you last night.
Well, he popped by for a few drinks.
Cal Innes popped by see you?
That's right.
Didn't realise you were pals.
- Did you not?
- Well, as far as I remember it,
you two couldn't stand each other
back in the day.
What's the issue here?
Cal's van went off the road last night.
Just outside of Aith.
Is he all right?
He's dead.
I mean, that's awful. I'm sorry.
How long was he here for last night?
Arrived about seven.
Must've left just before 11.
So, that's four hours drinking. then?
- And talking.
- About what?
Mostly he talked about you.
- How much did Cal have to drink?
- Not sure I should answer that.
Yes, you fucking should!
I'd say he had a fair
few before he left.
And you just let him drive?
I told him not to,
I told him to stay the night,
but he was having none of it.
What did you do after he left?
Crashed out in the workshop.
Anybody vouch for you?
Why does he need someone to vouch
for him if it was an accident?
What was he doing here?
We need to go to the station.
I'm not sure that's a good idea.
Maybe we could call in.
If you can do an extra couple of
hours on Friday that would be great.
Yep. No problem.
I heard about Cal. You OK?
I'm fine. It's Ruth I'm worried about.
Sandy said she turned up at the
accident site.
Saw the body.
Do we know how it happened?
Cora thinks Cal had been drinking.
Is there anyone with Ruth?
I asked Sandy to look after her.
There was no-one else.
Better than nothing, I suppose.
Aye, and there's that.
Where are they now?
Rosemary was bailed this morning.
She's staying at her mum's.
Ayre's on his way to Peterhead.
They'll hold him there until his trial.
- Tosh, can I speak to you?
- Sure.
Get Uniform to do
a welfare check on Rosemary,
just in case there's
any backlash from this.
Will do.
All we know right now is Cal's
van went off the road
sometime last night. Doesn't look
like any other vehicles were
Did you speak with the Sadats?
This morning. Why?
What happened?
Nothing. I was following up on
a theory about Ellen and Akmal
Why? What's the problem?
Their solicitor just called.
It seems Azir and Farida felt that
you were aggressive
in your questioning
and caused them undue distress.
OK, that is not what happened.
Well, the solicitor's threatening
a formal complaint.
And she says she wants all future
contact to be made through her.
- You need to back off a bit.
- Hang on!
They must've made that call
the minute I left.
Suggests they were upset.
I need to see the report
on the Akmal Sadat accident.
If the Sadats are calling in lawyers,
they're hiding something.
What did I just say about backing off?!
I want to see the report, Harry.
Caroline's fixed it.
We won't be getting any more
surprise visits.
We can't hold them off forever.
We won't have to. This will all blow
over in a couple of weeks.
It's not going to blow over, Azir.
We just carry on as normal.
Normal? There's nothing normal about
any of this. It's insane!
And I'm not taking those!
You can't keep numbing me to this.
I'm just trying to keep you calm.
I don't want to be calm!
I'm not like you!
You, you go around acting like
nothing's happened. Like a robot!
What else can I do!
How else am I supposed to get us
out of the mess you put us in?
If you knew the things I've had
to do to protect you.
The things I've done for you.
I have a meeting.
I need you to stay here
and do nothing. OK?
They lost a kid, Tosh.
If it were me,
the last thing I'd want is for it
all to be dragged up again.
- But to call in their lawyer?
- OK, granted, it's a bit extreme,
but then, you know,
maybe they felt you were
What? Doing my job?
Look, I'm just saying.
There's a lot of folk who
feel for Farida and Azir.
Your little harem?
No, not just the nursery mums.
Half the Isles turned
out for the memorial.
Look, I cannot just drop this
because people feel sorry for them.
Yeah, I know, but
..maybe go gently, eh?
- Like, we have to live here.
I'll talk to you later.
Ruth, I'm so sorry about Cal
You need to bring in Bobby Bain.
OK, why?
Because he was with Cal last night.
They were drinking at the farm.
Not just drinking. Listen
CAL: Hey, it's me.
Just been up to see Bobby Bain.
Definitely something going on there.
Call me back.
When did Cal leave this?
Last night, after he left the farm.
Did you call him back?
I didn't pick it up until this morning.
Point is, Cal found out something
about Bobby.
And Bobby was shifty
when we spoke to him.
- When?
- What?
When did you speak to Bobby?
This morning.
Could I have a word?
Ruth, I'm sorry about
We're wasting time here.
- The sooner we move on Bobby!
- How are you feeling?
- How am I feeling?
- About Cal.
Well, I'll feel a whole lot better
when you bring in Bobby Bain.
For what?
For what?!
Did you not hear the message?
Cal finds out something about him,
next thing, he's driving
his van off the road?
Have you spoken to James?
No, I I haven't had time.
Don't you think maybe you should?
He probably needs a friend right now.
I'd rather just focus on Bobby.
So, are we bringing him in
or or what?
I think we should wait for Cora
and the Crash Investigation team.
Oh, for Christ's sake.
Ruth, listen to me.
You need to stay out of this.
Know what? Forget it.
Lab results on those new pills
shows they're pretty high grade.
Well, it is unusual for up here.
I mean
Sandy, take her to James Innes.
Stay with her and
keep her out of trouble.
She going to be OK?
I don't know.
Hi. I've got to go.
There's toast and eggs in the
kitchen for you.
I'm not hungry.
What's the matter?
Just thinking about Ellen.
I know.
I know. It's awful.
Is there anything I can do?
Can you transfer me some money?
I gave you 30 quid yesterday.
It's fine. It's fine. Doesn't matter.
I'll ping 50 over, OK?
- Thanks.
- But I need to go.
- I'll see you later.
- See you.
Cal's dead.
Last night.
Crashed his van on the way
back from the farm.
Police came to see
me about it this morning.
- Why?
- Cos he was with me last night.
What do you mean he was with you?
Never mind. There's a good chance
they'll want to speak to you.
If they do, you don't mention me
and you don't mention the money.
Well Well, what do I say?
I don't care. Just as long
as you keep my name out of it.
Bob Bob!
You don't have to go in
if you don't want to.
I mean, we can just go somewhere else.
You know, when my da died,
I didn't want to talk to anyone.
Just wanted to hide away from the world.
But the thing about grief is,
it needs to be shared.
You can't do it on your
Jesus! Fine. I'm going.
Anything to shut you up.
How did this happen, hey?
What are we going to do?
Come here.
Get me Heather Bain's number.
I don't get it.
It's Azir and Farida's kitchen.
So what?
On the worktop.
By the fridge.
The cleaning caddy.
Isn't that one of yours?
Looks like it.
Guess I must've left it there.
But this photograph was taken
on the day of Akmal's accident.
- Were you at the Sadat house that day?
- No!
But I probably left the caddy
there a few days before.
Is there any chance that Ellen
was at the Sadats' house that day?
Don't see why she would've been.
Well, maybe they got her in
for a shift without you knowing.
I doubt it.
They're not the type, plus Ellen
was a pretty useless cleaner.
Why are you asking anyway?
I think Akmal's death had
an impact on Ellen.
I think it's the reason why
she was struggling.
Did she ever talk about it?
Well, aye. For a while, it was all
anyone was talking about.
Yeah, but, beyond that.
Did you ever get the sense
that it was on her mind?
Ellen wasn't
one for dwelling on sad stuff.
Not when there was a party or
a boy to think about.
I don't know.
I think Ellen was a lot deeper
than people seem to think.
Oh! Sorry, I need to go.
I'll tell you what,
I'll check if I'm missing
a caddy when I get home.
I appreciate that.
- McCabe
- Hi, Billy, it's me.
Going to need you to pull
some call records for me.
You OK?
I can't do other people's grief.
How is he?
James? James is
Well, he's wrecked, but he has good
people around him.
Unlike you.
I'm fine.
Amma's gone to stay with a pal.
Decided to take some time out.
I see.
Just need some space, y'know?
Look, I'm sorry about the other night.
I was out of order.
- It's OK.
- No, it's not.
It's not. I shouldn't have reacted
like that.
I shouldn't have got angry.
You and Dad were close.
I get it.
That's not why I got angry.
I think you might be right.
About what?
About Dad and Stella Quinn.
- And those dates are confirmed?
- It looks like it.
What's going on?
I pulled the call
records for the Sadats,
and Heather and Ellen from
around the time Akmal Sadat died.
Well, because I think there's
something about Akmal's death
they're not telling us.
And I think Heather
and Ellen were involved.
- I
- Look, just
..just listen to me.
Just for a minute. Please.
The day after the accident,
Ellen called Heather seven times.
Now, up until that day,
Heather was lucky to get
a call from Ellen once a week.
Azir's records show that he
and Heather talked 16 times
in the days after Akmal's death.
Some of these calls lasted over an hour
and Heather claims neither she nor Ellen
was working at the Sadats' place
on the day of the accident,
but we have her cleaning
caddy at the scene.
- What's it doing there?
- Akmal's death was investigated.
- I know.
- Police, pathologist, child services,
and even my office decided it was
nothing more than a tragedy.
- Maybe you got it wrong.
- Why?
Because of some unusual call patterns?
A child had died.
It wasn't a normal time for anyone.
And for Azir Sadat,
it was the worst time.
The man lost his son.
I can't imagine how I would feel
if that was my child,
but I am pretty sure the last person
I'd be calling
in the days after it, is my cleaner.
I think you need to focus on who
killed Ellen Quinn.
Harry, I am!
We know Ellen was struggling
before she went to London.
Now we know the date of Akmal's
death was important to her.
I think this could be it.
She felt sorry for him.
Or maybe it was guilt she felt.
Maybe she knew something about it.
Maybe she knew the truth and maybe
that's what got her killed.
That's a lot of maybes in there.
When was this?
Ages ago.
It was my first term at uni.
I was back home for a bit.
And did you see anything?
All I remember is
that Stella was around.
A lot. At the kirk,
sometimes at the house.
I didn't see anything but I spoke
to Jean this morning and,
apparently, she walked in on dad
and Stella one day at the manse.
And that's, I think, what put an
end to their relationship.
- How long did it go on for?
- Couple of months.
Two at the most.
One day, Stella just stopped coming.
- Why?
- No idea.
Next time I saw her, she was
at the church marrying Kieran.
Did he ever say anything about her?
God, no. He did keep his distance
from the Bains after that though.
business being in there, and
What the hell?
I'm not putting up with it!
This is outrageous!
- Get out my house!
- I didn't mean to upset you.
What the hell's going on?
He's trying to blacken
my brother's name!
Body's not even cold and this
bastard's accusing him of dealing!
- I didn't say that Cal was dealing.
- Bullshit!
He's just asked me
if I ever saw him with pills.
What? Why would you ask that?
Let's talk about it later.
There's nothing to talk about.
Why would you ask if Cal was dealing?
I found these in his room.
New drugs started coming
onto the Isles a few months ago.
We've no idea who's behind it,
but whoever it is
they use bags like these
That's it? That's all you've got?
Well, he's got a point. It's not much.
The pills are sourced in Aberdeen.
My Drug Squad contact
down there confirmed it.
And I have a witness who says
the pills come in
every month, regular, which means
Yes, all right. I get it.
Could you could you give us a minute?
I remember Sandy Wilson
when he was at school.
He was a wee shit then
and he's a wee shit now.
James, how often was Cal
taking your stock to Aberdeen?
I don't know.
Not that often.
Once a month?
- You're taking his side on this!
- I'm not taking anyone's side.
Sandy might've jumped the gun a bit.
I know that Cal was up to something.
Let's face it.
It's not really a surprise, is it?
My brother was a good guy.
Yeah, he tried to be.
Look, none of this
is important right now.
I'll talk to Sandy.
It's Neil Bain you want to talk to.
Why do I need to talk to Neil Bain?
He was always hanging around here.
I told Cal to stay clear.
If there's dealing, he'll be behind it.
Him and the other one
were here the other day.
Couple of fly men.
- What other one?
- Think I'm bloody stupid.
James. What other one?
Bobby Bain.
Alan, will you stay with James?
We need to find Neil Bain.
Wait, we're looking for him because?
Because I want to know why he and
Bobby Bain were up here with Cal.
- Keys?
Maybe we should let Tosh know.
Err, do you need to ask her permission?
No. I just think I should call her
and keep her up to speed.
Fine, go ahead. Do that, then.
I'd hate for you to get a row.
That's not going to work.
I'm not 12.
- I'll do the talking.
- Fine, but I'll do the driving.
Hey, you all right?
Have you seen this?
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it?
It says that Ellen and the Strachan girl
were in a cult with this freak.
Ellen wasn't into that stuff.
How would you know?
She was a lot of things,
but she wasn't stupid.
So, what about last night?
- What do you mean?
- What do I mean?
I mean, what the hell happened
with Cal Innes?
I don't know.
A man dies after spending
the night drinking with you
and all you can say is, "I don't know"?
What else do you want me to say?
You don't seem too concerned.
Stella and Kieran seem better.
Better how?
- Well, they're talking for a start.
- Aye, well,
let's hope he can talk some
sense into her.
That girl needs reminding
who her family is.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means, she had no right
breaking bread with the Knoxes.
"Breaking bread"?
Are you serious?
She went over to talk to the boy.
You're defending her?
She just lost her daughter!
And that means we have to hand
over everything we've worked for?
Everything I worked for!
Don't worry.
There's nothing left
for us to hand over.
Right, Lou, what are you thinking
about a wee bun for the way home, eh?
Ah, that sound good?
Are you all right?
- Remember, I'll do the talking.
- Understood.
- You're just here to observe.
- Seen and not heard.
That's the gist of it.
DI Calder, mind if we come in?
We need to talk to you
about your relationship with Cal.
Cal Innes.
You two were friends.
Not really.
I knew him, that's all.
"Knew him"?!
So, you heard he died?
Yeah, he was in an accident.
Who told you it was an accident?
I don't I don't know.
I ju I just heard.
When did you last speak to Cal?
Err, I don't know.
Ages ago.
We weren't that close.
I never really knew him.
Hmm, cos his brother said that
you and him were dealing together.
Dealing what?
The ones that Cal was bringing
in from the Mainland every month.
I don't know anything about that.
Well, here's what we'll do, then.
DC Wilson here's going
to call in a Search team.
We'll get them to go over the place,
and while they're doing that,
we'll get the IT team from
Inverness, they'll start going
through your calls, texts,
chats, internet history
What?! I haven't done anything.
Well, you have nothing to
worry about, then, have you?
- But then, of course, there's the witness.
- What witness?
Oh The
The one that DC Wilson found.
The one who identified you as the
person that sold them the pills.
I didn't sell them.
Maybe gave a few away.
But Cal was the one
who brought them up here.
So, it was you and Cal?
- Mostly Cal.
- What about Bobby?
Look, we know that you and him
spoke with Cal yesterday.
We know that Cal was up
at the Bain farm last night.
So, you need to start by telling me,
what Bobby Bain's
part in all of this is!
Bobby didn't have a part in this.
Make the call.
No, no! Wait, wait. Right.
Bobby only got onboard a few days ago.
Came onboard how?
He said he had some money.
He wanted us to bring in a bigger
stash, but Cal refused.
He turned Bobby down.
So, why were Cal and Bobby together
last night?
I I don't know.
How much money are we talking?
Looked like a lot.
- So you saw it?
- Yeah.
It was in a bag, full of cash.
Thousands, I reckon.
Where's your foot gone?
Where's your foot? ♪
Oh, here's Mummy.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Where is she?
Says she wants to speak to you.
But, Tosh, like, go easy, would you?
- Yeah.
- OK.
How are you doing, Farida?
Donnie says you wanted to see me?
He learned to ride his bike here.
Me and Azir brought him.
It was orange, the bike.
He loved it.
And he was so quick.
One lesson and he was racing
around us, laughing.
I can still smell him.
If I close my eyes and focus,
I can smell the heat on his hair.
It was my fault.
What was your fault, Farida?
I fell asleep.
I was so tired.
And Azir had given me these new tablets,
but I must've taken too many or
maybe I forgot
and I'd taken some before.
I struggle with my moods.
Azir helps me manage them.
I only woke up
because she was screaming,
Ellen, in the garden.
And Heather was leaning over me.
Shaking me.
I couldn't get my head to work.
And she was saying, "It's Akmal."
And I said, "No. He's in his room."
And she said
.. "Oh, Farida."
And I saw why Ellen was screaming.
[VOICE BREAKING]: She was at the
bottom of the garden
..on her knees.
And he was lying across her.
My beautiful boy
..had died alone in that loch
..and I'd slept through it.
I am so sorry this happened.
I have to ask you a few things, OK.
What happened after Heather
and Ellen found Akmal?
Azir came home, and he was crying
and shouting at me.
Saying it was all my fault.
What happened then?
She took over.
Heather told Azir to call the ambulance.
She told him to tell them that he
was there when it happened.
We would say, we took our eyes
off him for a few minutes,
and he must've got into the
garden and into the loch
Why were you to say that?
Because she said we'd lose it all.
The pills.
They weren't prescribed.
Azir was giving them to me.
He'd lose his job.
I'd be prosecuted,
and they'd take Zuma away from us.
So, we lied to everyone.
We betrayed our boy.
Come here Come here
It's all right.
It's all right.
Farida? Where are you?
I'm getting worried.
You You need the
It has to be Ellen's money.
We don't know that for sure.
Well, we know the Bains are struggling.
The farm hasn't made a profit for years.
I mean, come on where's
Bobby Bain going to find cash
to get into the drug business?
Look, even if it is Ellen's money.
She lost it before she was killed.
Says Howell.
Maybe she lied to him.
Maybe she picked up the money
after she got away from them.
She runs into Bobby
and he kills her for it.
Maybe that is what Cal found
out last night.
And if Cal was onto Bobby, that's
reason enough to want him dead.
Well, first, we need to prove
that it is Ellen's money.
I mean, Bobby could've got
it from another source.
Then we need to access his bank records.
- Then you'll need to talk to Tosh.
- Sandy!
This has gone too far.
He was there because of me.
Cal went to see Bobby
because I needed to know something.
Just something
I can't tell you about, but
..he went there last night
because he was wanting to help me.
And now, he's dead.
That stupid, infuriating,
drug-dealing arsehole is dead
and I'm pretty sure that it's my fault.
So, I really need to do this.
Do you understand?
I'll see what I can do.
I want you to know that I only
did what I did to keep my family.
You lied about your son's death.
We were in shock, and Heather
was making all the decisions.
We were frightened.
What did Ellen think about it?
I think she wanted to tell the
truth, but Heather wouldn't let her.
Heather controlled it all.
As soon as we started lying, she had us.
Had you?
In what way?
It started just after the memorial.
Said she needed some money.
Made it sound like it was a loan.
She blackmailed you?
Has been ever since.
Even so,
that still doesn't change
the fact that you and Farida lied.
It was an accident.
A tragedy we'll never get over.
How it happened? Why it happened?
Just details.
Akmal was your family.
He was your son.
And he deserved better than
a sordid cover-up.
Those details you talk about were
the record of his passing,
and they should have been treated
with the proper respect.
I don't understand how we missed this.
They were interviewed.
Social Services investigated them.
It was an awful thing,
and it happened to nice people.
Nobody wants to think the worst.
We'll need to reopen the case.
- Farida Sadat's statement.
- Thanks.
Now, can you tell Grant to go
and secure the Sadat house?
Let us know if Forensics find anything.
- Why are you going over the house?
- I want their car processed, too.
But they've already admitted to it.
I know.
If you're looking for evidence
of Akmal's death. It was months
This isn't about Akmal,
it's about Ellen.
Azir just admitted
that Ellen wanted to tell
the truth about the accident.
And we know she tried to call him,
on the day she died.
Ellen was a threat to the Sadats.
- You call me if they find anything?
- Aye. Where will you be?
With Heather Bain.
Bobby's bank records have just come
through. This guy's broke.
Does it mean I mean, there's no
way Bobby Bain's managed
to raise thousands off his own back.
Ah, doesn't mean he got it from Ellen.
- No. But the odds are shortening.
- There you are.
Even if he is struggling, would he
really kill his own niece for money?
- I mean, the Bains
- These are London transactions.
All of these debit card payments.
Err, last transaction
was the 18th of April.
That is three days
before Ellen came back.
Bobby was in London?
I need to make a phone call.
They lost a child!
A five-year-old son.
And what did you do?
You blackmailed them.
Don't know what you're on about.
No, don't give me that.
Farida told me everything.
Oh, I wouldn't put too much
store in what Farida says.
She gets confused.
Don't you dare!
You don't get to make judgments
on anyone,
not after what you did.
What I did?
Oh, aye, you're full of
sympathy for her now,
but would you lot have been
so understanding
if you'd turned up that day?
A kid in the loch and a mother
blasted out of her mind.
She told you what happened?
Farida doesn't remember what happened!
She remembers you extorted them.
I didn't extort anyone.
But do you know what?
Maybe I should've,
because without me
they'd have lost everything.
I did a good thing.
- And what about Ellen?
- What about her?
Where were you when she needed you?
When she was struggling
with what happened.
- What did you do then?
- I was always there for Ellen.
You sent her to Langbank.
Because she needed help.
Because you needed to shut her up.
You handed her over to Azir Sadat,
because you wanted him to find
a way to keep her from talking.
Ellen was never going to talk.
She didn't break down because of Akmal.
Aye, she was upset.
We all were.
That's not why she left.
Then why did she leave?
Who knows?
And who cares?
Ellen was a nightmare.
I was glad to see the back of her.
Forensics have found something.
Here you go.
So, I've just spoken to my DC.
I'd asked him to check
with Ellen's flatmate to see
if she could confirm that Bobby
Bain was at Ellen's on the 18th.
And she couldn't.
- Well, then, that's that.
- Well, not quite.
My DC found an incident report from
that day.
A call-out to Ellen's flat.
Domestic disturbance.
A neighbour called it in.
- Were there any details?
- Oh, yes.
She said that Ellen was arguing
with an older man
but he'd gone by the time Uniforms
showed up.
- Well, we don't know it was Bobby.
- Yes, we do.
The neighbour snapped the guy on her
phone and my team have ID'd Bobby.
Azir, I want to ask you
about the night Ellen Quinn died.
Did you have any contact
with her that night?
We found this blanket in your car.
Can you confirm it's yours, Azir?
The colour and the fabric
are similar to fibres
we found in Ellen's hair.
You got any thoughts on that?
Well, we also found blood
traces in your car.
Our Forensic team believe
they're relatively fresh.
No more than, say, a week old.
- I didn't kill her.
- But you were with her?
- Yes.
- On the night she died?
When I didn't answer her call.
She came to the house.
- What time was that?
- It was late.
She was wet. Injured.
Why did she come to you?
She wanted money.
Said she was in trouble
and had to leave Shetland.
I told her I didn't have any.
She started getting angry.
Farida was asleep.
I didn't want her upset.
So, what did you do?
I told her I'd try and get
her some in the morning.
And then she left.
You told me, Ellen wanted to tell
the truth about Akmal.
- We all did.
- But Heather stopped you?
Still, if Ellen did choose to come
forward, that would be a problem.
I didn't kill Ellen.
I don't believe you, Azir.
You see, if Ellen turned up
at your house and then left,
how come we have evidence
that she was in your car?
She threatened to tell
the truth about Akmal, didn't she?
She told you she was
going to come forward.
- No.
- And there she was,
on your doorstep,
threatening your family.
- I didn't kill her.
- Then how did she get into your car?
Because I was worried about her!
It was late.
She was on her own.
When she left. I drove after her.
You chased after her?
To To make sure she was OK.
I caught up with her.
Told her to get in.
- And did she?
- Yes.
- And then what happened?
- I asked her where she wanted to go.
I told her I'd take her anywhere.
Where did she want to go?
Where did you take Ellen?
Bobby Bain is lying.
They're all lying.
Ellen came home that night.
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