Shetland (2012) s08e06 Episode Script

Season 8, Episode 6

She's got pressure marks around her
throat. I'd say she was strangled.
Cal's van went off the road last night.
- Is he all right?
- He's dead.
What do you mean, he was with you?
Don't mention me,
don't mention the money.
- Keep my name out of it.
- Bob, Bobby!
We need to access his bank records.
Then you need to talk to Tosh.
These are London transactions.
Bobby was in London?
Go and secure the Sadat house.
I want their car processed too.
Forensics have found something.
Where did you take Ellen?
I asked her where she wanted to go.
I told her I'd take her anywhere.
Bobby Bain's lying.
They're all lying.
Ellen came home that night.
Ellen! You can't stay out here.
Oh, you're freezing.
It's fine.
Are you hurt?
I said it's fine.
I need that money, Azir.
We don't have it. Everything
we have, we've given to Heather.
I don't care.
Either you help me or I tell
the police everything.
..I might be able to get you some money.
Won't be a lot and it won't be tonight.
In the morning.
What about tonight?
I'll be all right.
I'm not leaving you here.
Let me take you somewhere
you'll be safe.
Are you sure you'll be all right?
Go home, Azir.
What's all this?
We have a warrant to search
the farm and all the vehicles.
- Hold on, why?
- We have reason to believe
Ellen was here the night she was killed.
DC Wilson and these officers
going to be interviewing you all again.
Where's your brother, Stella?
I don't know. Probably in the barn.
- Wait, wait! Where's she going?
- Stella?
What the hell's going on?
Ellen came home.
What do you want now?
We've a warrant to search the premises,
- including your workshop.
- Jesus.
You lot are a joke.
- Knock yourselves out.
- And we need you to come with us.
Why's that?
We're arresting you in connection
with the murder of Ellen Quinn.
Where do you think you're going?
Get this lot off the farm.
They have a warrant, Mum.
I don't give a damn.
This is my property
and I want them gone.
Hey, you! Get away from the truck!
Mum, they said that Ellen came home.
Get your hands off my son!
Don't worry, Mum, I'm fine.
It's OK.
You're going to regret this.
Bobby, we believe that Ellen was at
the farm on the night she died.
Did you see Ellen that night?
Of course I didn't.
But you and Stella had gone out
looking for her that evening.
We didn't find her.
So then what did you do?
- Went back to the farm.
- Then what?
It was late. Went to bed.
Do you sleep in the big house?
- Workshop.
- Ah.
So you were on your own.
I didn't see Ellen.
Is the workshop
where you keep the money?
What money?
Neil said that you have a bag
of money, thousands, he reckons.
He's got that wrong.
You're saying he's lying, then?
Let's leave that for now
and talk about your trip to London.
Your bank records show that you made
a number of debit card payments
down there, between
the 16th and 18th of this month.
These ones.
Why were you in London, Bobby?
- I had business.
- What business?
With loan companies.
Did you visit Ellen?
I was in London, I thought I'd
check in on her, see how she was.
Did you tell Stella and Kieran
that you were going to check in
on their daughter?
Why not?
Because it was a
spur of the moment thing.
But you told them when you got back.
When they asked you how your trip was,
you mentioned that you'd
seen their daughter?
Look, I went to see Ellen to try
and persuade her to come home.
Stella had been missing her.
We all were.
We thought it'd be nice surprise
if I brought her back with me.
I didn't tell them cos I wasn't sure
if Ellen would agree.
Didn't want to disappoint them.
And I take it Ellen didn't agree?
Is that why you argued?
Ellen's neighbour took that photo.
Said you two had a row so bad,
she had to call the police.
Did you and Ellen argue often?
Is that why she ran off to London?
- It wasn't as dramatic as all that.
- OK.
Here's the thing, Bobby,
we think Ellen left Shetland
for a reason.
And we think that reason was you.
I had no issues with Ellen.
But did she have issues with you?
Was she scared of you?
She runs away to London,
you follow her down there,
you're arguing with her. Ah, come on.
I'm not going to come out and say it,
but you have to admit
what it looks like.
Don't you fucking dare!
That girl was my family!
I know.
And that's the problem, Bobby.
OK. All right. All right.
Let's just take a break there,
Bobby, OK?
Give you a chance to calm yourself down.
We need help going through
the outbuildings.
- Head to the back of the property.
- Sure thing.
This is all Ruth Calder's fault.
- The woman's got an axe to grind.
- Mum.
I'll say what I please in
my own damn house.
How long is this farce going
to go on for?
Until we've completed our search.
There's nothing to find.
In the meantime, we'll start
taking your statements.
We've already done that.
We need to go over them again.
Look, if Ellen came home that night,
we'd have known about it.
I'm on my way.
Stay here.
The fact that Bobby visited Ellen
and didn't mention it is
highly suspicious.
It's troubling, but he had his reasons
- for not telling anyone about it.
- Yeah, before Ellen died, maybe,
but he should have come forward
One argument doesn't justify
what you accused him of.
I - didn't accuse him of anything.
I just put it to him.
And let's face it, it's what
we're all thinking, isn't it?
We're all trying to work out why
Ellen ran away to London.
Well, I think an abusive uncle
would definitely fit.
So why go back to the farm?
Well, maybe she was going to
confront him about it
or expose him to the family.
But he got to her before she could.
- Are we OK to hold him, Harry?
- For a couple of hours, maybe,
but you need to come up with evidence.
- Well, then, there's Ellen's money.
- Which you don't have.
OK, look, we keep him until
they've finished searching the farm.
Billy, can you please go through
Ellen's phone again?
Pull out every single piece
of communication
between her and Bobby in
the last 12 months.
You didn't ask him about Cal.
- Sorry?
- Bobby.
You didn't ask him what happened
between him and Cal.
I'm waiting for Crash Investigation.
Is it Ellen's?
Looks like it.
Why's it in here?
It's really important
that you tell the truth, Rory.
Do you understand?
Did you see Ellen recently?
Come on, just answer the question, Rory.
When did you see her, Rory?
Shh. Meet me in the lamb pen.
Wrong feet, div!
Where have you been?
Seeing some pals.
The police are looking for you.
And there were men here today.
One of them had a gun, Ellen.
- What happened?
- It's nothing. I fell.
- I'll go get Mum.
- No, no, no.
You can't tell Mum I'm here, or Dad.
You need to promise me, Ror.
- But
- No, this is our secret.
All right?
OK, I need you to go back to the
house quietly
and get me the box with the bandages.
The first-aid kit.
It's underneath the sink.
And remember, don't tell anyone
I was here. Ever.
So, you didn't see her after that?
Why didn't you say something?
Ellen made me promise.
Oh, Jesus, Rory
It's OK, Rory.
I need you to think. OK?
Did you see anyone around?
Think really hard.
Did you notice anything when
you went back to the barn?
The light was on.
What light?
The boy got it wrong.
Rory says your light was on.
It might've been.
I have no idea.
I would've been fast asleep.
So, you never saw Ellen?
If I saw my granddaughter,
I would've told you by now.
You two have a nerve.
Our family is grieving
and you come in here
She's lying.
She saw Ellen that night.
I did not.
Grace, we have a forensics team
going over the house.
If Ellen was here that night
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Barging into my home,
arresting my children!
You think I don't know
what this is really about?
Did you see Ellen?
You forget, I know you.
I watched you growing up.
You were a vandal.
You broke everything
that you ever touched.
Did you see Ellen?
Just like your father, another one
who couldn't stop breaking things.
Jumping into bed with Jean Ferguson
when your mother was lying in
that hospital!
Oh, aye, we all knew.
Standing there in the kirk, preaching,
and her down the front,
gazing up at him like
some lovestruck teenager!
Did you see her?!
I saw her.
She came and
..and then, she left.
Where did she go?
I have no idea.
How long was she here for?
Too bloody long.
What happened?
It's a private matter.
Mrs Bain, right now,
you were the last person
to see her alive.
You need to tell us what happened.
I don't need to tell you anything.
- Mum? Where are you taking her?
- To the station.
Hold on, what for?
What's going on?
What is going on?!
Come on. Let's get you out of here.
No matter how long
she sits in that cell,
she's not going to say anything.
Whatever happened between her and Ellen,
she'll take it to the grave.
Yeah, well, we'll see about that.
She let her go, Tosh.
Ellen had been missing for two days,
Grace had everyone out looking for her.
This is Grace Bain,
she lives for her family,
so why did she let her injured
granddaughter walk out
- in the middle of the night?
- Obviously, something was said.
Something so bad that she's willing
to risk everything for,
even her relationship with
her own daughter,
to make sure that nobody ever
found out about it?
And you're back to Bobby.
Grace would do anything to stop
something like this coming out.
You can't think she killed her.
Well, not on her own.
But we know that Bobby was at
the workshop that night.
We don't have proof.
I need to speak to Alan.
What, now?
I just need to find out something.
I put together a list of all
the calls and texts between Ellen
and Bobby Bain in the past year.
There's something you should see.
Oh, come on.
- All right?
- We need to talk.
Aye, come on in, why don't you?
- Have a seat.
- We need to talk in private.
I should be going anyway.
No, you stay and finish your tea.
Me and Ruth can go
through to the kirk. Come on.
The reason we didn't find any
communication between
Ellen and Bobby is because there
wasn't any.
What? None?
Ellen blocked his number.
- When?
- About seven months ago.
When was the last communication?
17th of September last year.
A text.
I checked his phone.
All it said was, "I'll see you later".
September 17th.
So, that's around the time
Akmal Sadat died,
but before she got the tattoo.
Bobby Bain. Interview room.
I mean, really?
Well, there was something going
on between Bobby and Ellen.
Grace not talking is more
than suspicious.
No, it can't be right.
Why not?
Abuse, though?
You said yourself, Dad started
keeping his distance from them.
Yeah, but it was nothing
to do with that.
How can you be so sure?
Well, for one, this was decades ago,
before Ellen was even born.
So, when did he cut them off?
About the time that
he and Stella were close.
Maybe a bit after.
- When Stella and Kieran got married?
- Yeah, about then.
When was that, exactly?
Here's where we are, Bobby.
We now know Ellen was at the farm
on the night she died.
Rory confirmed seeing her
and so did your mum.
She told us Ellen came to
the house and then she left.
What she won't tell us is what
happened between her and Ellen.
- What do you mean?
- Well, we think they argued,
but your mum refuses to say
what it was about.
Can you think of a reason why Ellen
and your mum would've argued?
Well, maybe you can help me with this.
We found a date marked on
a calendar belonging to Ellen.
The 17th of September.
Any ideas why that date was
significant to her?
That's the day he died.
My dad.
Why would Ellen mark that?
Because it's a family thing.
We get together and remember.
And were you and Ellen at this
get-together last September?
Did anything unusual happen?
- No.
- Are you sure?
The reason I ask is that we went
through Ellen's phone records again,
and we noticed that she put a block
on your calls that night.
We also went through your records
again and saw that you tried
to contact her in the weeks after.
Bobby, what happened that day?
Please, stop.
Right you are
You've got Kieran Quinn and Stella Bain,
married January 10th, 1999.
Stella was four months pregnant.
Wouldn't hold it against her.
Hardly the first bride to walk
down the aisle up the duff.
Are you sure it was an affair?
Dad and Stella Quinn? Are you sure?
As sure as I can be.
Alan said that you caught them
together in the living room.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
- And, what, were they at it?
- Ruth.
Were are they having sex?
- They were in each other's arms.
- And did you confront him about it?
He said he was consoling her.
About what?
Her father had just died, but
Well, I know what I saw, Ruth.
- Ugh.
Whatever happened between
Ellen and Bobby
happened on the 17th
of September last year.
That's when Ellen cut off
all contact with him.
When I asked Bobby about it,
he broke down.
What do you mean, he broke down?
I mean, the man was in
the interview room,
sobbing his heart out.
Right, I'm on my way.
This is what we've been looking for.
This is the start.
Everything she went through,
the parties, Peter Ayre,
Langbank, London,
we thought it was about Akmal's death.
But what if it was something
that happened on this date?
Why is the date significant?
It was the anniversary of
Kenny Bain's death.
The Bains mark it every year.
Bobby and Ellen were both
there last year
and something happened.
Perhaps you're right.
Maybe we are looking at some sort
of abuse on Bobby's part.
And if Bobby was worried that Ellen
came back that night to expose him,
then he would have motive to kill her.
And opportunity.
Ellen could've left Grace's house
that night
and gone to see Bobby in the workshop.
It's all still conjecture.
There's no proof.
We need to know what happened that day.
Grace, I want to ask you about
the 17th of September last year.
That's the anniversary of your
late husband's death, isn't it?
What about it?
What happened that day?
Same thing that happens every year.
We get together as a family
and we remember the things
he did for us.
Did anything unusual happen
last year, Grace?
Anything different?
Not that I recall.
A happy occasion, then?
Why are you asking this?
Because we think something happened
between Bobby and Ellen.
Something that upset Ellen, maybe.
Ellen was always upset.
- What do you mean by that?
- Oh, God, forgive me,
she was my granddaughter but
she was an actress.
- An actress?
- Everything had to be about her,
she had to have the spotlight.
Every family's got one, I suppose.
Got what?
Someone who causes trouble.
How did Bobby and Ellen get on?
They got on fine.
Were they close?
When did your husband die?
The year, I mean.
So, Stella and Kieran got married,
what, four months after that?
Bit soon, after such a family tragedy.
I suppose they had their reasons.
I'm not embarrassed that Stella was
pregnant when she got married.
She gave me a granddaughter, after all.
A granddaughter that was trouble.
That doesn't mean I didn't love her.
And yet, you turned her away
when she came to you that night.
What did she do, Grace?
It must've been bad for you
to throw her out.
Did she tell you something about Bobby?
Something you didn't like?
I didn't throw her out.
She left.
- And where did she go?
- I've no idea.
Do you think she went to the workshop?
Bobby could never hurt Ellen.
Because he's your son?
Because we're family.
And family's everything.
It's everything to me.
Then why did you let Ellen leave?
If family is everything,
why did you let
your granddaughter leave?
What was it that Ellen did?
Can I have a word outside?
What are you doing?
Everyone thought it was an affair,
my dad and Stella Quinn.
What if this was about something else?
- Ruth, what are you talking about?
- Let's just say I got this wrong,
let's say this is not about abuse.
I still think something happened
between Bobby and Ellen at that party.
Something so bad that it caused
Ellen to have a breakdown.
Made her run off down to London.
"That girl was my family."
Bobby didn't say the Ellen
was part of the family
or that Ellen was family.
- He said
- "That girl was MY family."
You need to call Cora.
No, it's not true.
Our pathologist carried out
a DNA comparison this afternoon.
You had no right to do that!
We know Kieran isn't Ellen's dad.
How did this happen, Bobby?
Dad died.
My mum went to bits as soon
as it happened.
Just locked herself in her room
and just She wouldn't come out.
I was just on my own
and I was trying to deal
with everything, the
..the hospital,
the funeral arrangements,
people calling all the time
I was working in Newcastle at the time.
I flew up as soon as I got the call.
I found Stella in a state.
I mean, we were kids.
Didn't seem like it at the time, but
that's what we were.
And Bobby took over.
He just dealt with all the arrangements.
Stopped people coming round,
switched off the phone.
We just locked ourselves in
here for three days.
Just the two of us.
Grieving together.
The second night, we
We got drunk
Found a bottle of malt.
It was It was one of my dad's.
I can't remember if we
..if we crashed out in my room
or in Stella's.
When I woke up, it was still dark.
And we were lying on top of my bed.
I could hear him crying.
You know, quiet,
like he was trying to hide it.
And I know, I know I shouldn't
have turned around, but he
..he was my big brother.
And he was in pain.
Oh, God
I want it written down
that it wasn't Stella.
It's not some horror story, OK?
I I am NOT a victim here.
You tell them I forced myself on her.
Bobby is not evil.
It was just a one-off.
And it just happened.
I mean, Bobby and I,
we just went back to normal.
And I'd been seeing Kieran for
a few months by then.
The odds were it was Kieran's baby.
I don't know why I told Ellen.
I was low.
Maybe it's
..cos of my dad's anniversary or
..cos I was about to lose us
the farm, but
..I was 45 years old,
I'd nothing to show for it.
All I had was Ellen.
She's the only thing in my life
..I was proud of.
At least Ellen didn't know.
We think Ellen found out.
We think Bobby told her
before she went to London.
That's why she was in
such a bad place before she
No. No, no, no, no, no, no
Bobby just wouldn't do that, OK?
He wouldn't tell her.
Oh, no
He told her?
I'm so sorry.
Oh, Ellen
Oh, God
Did you know?
I mean, before Ellen came
to you that night,
did you know, Grace?
You didn't, did you?
What are you going to do?
We're going to find who killed Ellen.
You know what I mean.
This doesn't have to come out.
I don't think we can stop it.
YES, you fucking can!
That's all you are!
Nothing but a bloody vandal!
Stella confirmed it.
Bobby did too.
I don't know what to think.
What's to think? It is what it is.
What's your gut on Bobby?
I can't see Bobby hurting Ellen.
So, who does that leave?
Is Gran in trouble because of me?
Rory, it isn't your fault.
But I told the police.
And it was the right thing to do.
But, yeah, you should have said
something earlier.
There's something else.
Something else what?
Something I didn't tell them.
What was it?
It wasn't in the yard that night.
What wasn't?
Your car.
Did Kieran know?
Do you think he'd still be around
if he knew?
He said he was at the house
the night Ellen died.
He was here when I came back with Bobby.
But you weren't together all night.
Kieran slept in Ellen's old room.
But if he'd left the house,
I would have noticed.
You didn't notice Rory going out.
Where's Kieran now?
He left with Rory hours ago.
OK, I'm about five minutes away.
- Let Rory out of the car, Kieran.
- OK.
Listen to me, son.
Things are going to happen.
Bad things.
And it's going to get hard, and I'm
..I'm so sorry.
Get out of the car.
I want you to remember
that I'm your dad. Yeah?
- I love you, Rory.
- Kieran!
Watch out!
- Rory, get out of the way!
- What's going on?
- I've got Rory, Kieran's driven away.
- You'll need to head him off.
- Which way was he heading?
- I've got him.
- OK, stay on him, I'll call for backup.
He's slowing down.
- Where are you now?
- We're just past Skelberry.
I have absolutely no idea
where he's headed to.
He's going to Eela.
I had a mind to buy this place.
It was just after Ellen was born.
I used to drive by here and think,
"This would be a good place
to bring up a family."
Pipe dream, of course.
Like everything else in my life.
You saw Ellen that night.
I couldn't sleep.
Knowing she was out there on her
own, I had to do something, so
..I went out looking for her.
I drove around for hours,
which was pointless. And
When I made my way home,
that's when I saw her.
Ellen, wait!
- No, come on.
- Let me go.
I will not! I will not.
You're coming home.
Your mum's worried sick.
No, whoa, whoa, OK. All right.
Now, it's all right. It's OK.
Shh, shh.
Do you want to tell me what's happened?
- I'm not coming back home.
- All right, OK.
Do you want to go somewhere else, yeah?
- Just the two of us.
We'll work this out.
Come on, you're all right.
She told me what happened.
Those two fucking bastards who put
their hands on my little girl.
When she was about eight, right?
She couldn't
Her handwriting was bad.
And I'm not talking messy,
but she had this thing,
dysgraphia they called it.
See, I'm dyslexic, so I thought
it was my fault.
I thought she inherited it from me.
So I got all these exercise books
and I worked with her for months,
and she hated it.
But she did, she got better.
I took something that was broken
in me and I fixed it in my child.
And I was so proud of that.
She didn't get it from me, though.
What happened after she told
you about the men?
I was taking her to see you guys.
You didn't get there.
No. She didn't want to go.
Stop the car. Let me out.
- Calm down, please.
- Stop the car!
Look, we're going to go to the
police and tell them, all right?
- I'm your dad!
- No, you're fucking not!
She always had a sharp tongue.
She always knew just how to hurt me.
I thought that's what this is,
she's just lashing out.
And then I saw the look in her eyes.
Kieran, I
I can't imagine
what that would feel like.
But you raised Ellen.
She was still your daughter.
Oh, come on. She wasn't mine.
Jesus! This is not just about biology.
It is, though. It is!
To Grace,
to them and that whole fucked-up family,
it is.
Blood is everything to them.
You must have still loved her.
Of course I did.
How'd it happen?
She wouldn't stop.
How could you be so stupid?
How could you not see?
She played you for an idiot.
The whole lot of them, laughing at you,
and him bossing you around the farm,
treating you like shit.
All the while you're bringing up
his kid!
Look at me.
Look at me!
You see this?
This is pure Bain!
The rage came up on me so quick,
and everything went black.
And then
..I stopped and I took my hands away.
But she was still gasping.
And then she just went limp.
I tried to help her.
I did.
Last I heard, Stella and Rory
have moved out of the farm.
Staying with a friend on the mainland.
Harry's not sure what charges
they'll bring against Bobby and Grace.
That's that, then.
Actually, there's one more thing.
The reason it's taken so long is
I asked Crash Investigation
to double-check their findings.
No other vehicles involved and Cal
was twice over the limit.
They also found evidence
of drugs in his blood.
An accident.
I'm sorry, Ruth.
So, when do you go back?
Actually, not for a while.
I was due a shitload of leave from
work and I just thought,
seeing as Alan and I are sort of
back on speaking terms, I thought
I might stay on for a bit.
- Stay on? On this rock?
- All right, rein it in.
I mean, it's still too small
and the weather's awful
- and everybody knows your business.
- Hey, Ruth.
But it's home.
I suppose it is.
- Hey, did you ever find the money?
Still looking.
DI McIntosh.
Are you sure Dad knew?
Yeah, Stella went to him for advice.
He told her to come clean but,
in the end, she chose to say nothing.
Why didn't he say something?
I suppose he was trying
to protect her. And Ellen.
Listen, Alan, I really am sorry.
- About what?
- You were right.
I should have been here for this.
I'm your big sister and I should
have been here for you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.
I didn't know whether
this was a good time.
You're fine. You're fine.
I'm glad to see you.
- Well, shall I?
- Yes. Yeah.
I'll be over in a minute.
- Amma's moving back in.
- Good.
Oh, for God's sake, go.
I'll see you later.
So, you'll be around for a bit?
For a month or two, yeah.
It was my fault, James.
What do you mean?
The reason Cal was up
at the Bain farm that night,
I think it was because of me.
I think I made him go.
I've got something for you.
He'd have wanted you to have it.
He's been playing the bloody thing
nonstop ever since you got back.
If he was there for you,
then I'm glad,
because you meant a lot to him.
Thank you.
Oh, it's work.
Shetland Aromatherapy?
[MUSIC: Star Sign by Teenage Fanclub]
Hey ♪
There's a horseshoe on my door ♪
Big deal ♪
And say ♪
There's a black cat on the floor ♪
Big deal ♪
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