Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Let it Ring

1 Takeshi, you've received an invitation from the Schuberstein Competition.
It's in Germany You're finally going overseas! The Maihou Competition's around the same time, but let's cancel that one.
I won't be going to Germany.
What? I'm going to enter the Maihou Music Competition.
But why? They invited you, you know! It's a golden opportunity that almost never comes up! And you also need to get overseas exposure before the Chopin competition! You already won Maihou last year, so there's no reason to make it a priority But there is a reason.
Kousei Arima might be competing.
You keep saying that, and how long have we waited? But he hasn't shown his face in public for two whole years now.
There are even rumors that he can't hear anymore.
He might be competing this time.
Takeshi! I know it's ridiculous.
But my goal isn't to go overseas, or to play in the Chopin competition.
My goal is Kousei Arima.
The competition that he'll be playing in.
It's gonna be all right.
You can do this.
You can play it! I like your expression.
Don't get overeager, Takeshi.
All right, that's a great start.
Takeshi! Is she listening to another person's performance? What an intrepid soul! Arima? Are you watching? Are you listening? Arima? Could this be the same piano? He sounds totally different than everyone before him Confronting the music with sincerity A strong will enabling him to stand up to his fears.
An unswerving fortitude at his core.
This is Aiza's Chopin.
I'm grateful to Arima-kun.
He's the one who made him grow up.
Just by existing you pushed the pianist, Takeshi Aiza to the top.
The reason I was able to hang in there during the two years you were gone was because I always believed that you'd be back one day.
Have I caught up to you yet? Or am I even further behind? Will you let me chase you down like a mirage again? Will you be the one I aspire to be? Hey, answer me.
Show me what you've got! Come on, now it's your turn.
Kousei Arima! Huh! Well, I gotta admit he's pretty cool.
Just as expected! Awesome, awesome! Oh! He looked this way! He's so cool! What's up with that? It's the TAKESHI Brigade! A rival is a special thing.
All the more so for adolescent boys.
A rival can make you grow far faster than being taught by someone.
It's all because of you.
It was you who made Takeshi reach those heights, Kousei Arima.
It was all for the sake of catching up to you That's what the piano is saying.
Do you feel that way, too? Don't make me laugh.
It's over! That was great.
Good job! Now they start trembling! Good job.
Well? Did you see that, Arima? You were amazing.
Uh Hey, that was nothing.
Creepy There will now be a 15-minute intermission.
We will resume judging at :45.
He was really cool, wasn't he? That was really tight! Aiza-kun sure has great presence! You could even say he's imposing.
He didn't make any real mistakes, either.
You can tell how grueling his practice sessions must be.
He doesn't look it, but he's a diligent player, don't you think? Even though his mentor, Takayanagi-kun is so shallow! Name of mentor: Akira Takayanagi First place in all of his recent competitions.
He's certainly flying high at the moment.
He's a phenom ready to take the world by storm.
In comparison, she's fallen quite far back in the pack.
Man, she's cute! Let's see.
Oh crap! Oh, it's Igawa-san.
She's popular, too.
I knew they seemed familiar.
When I used to go cheer Kousei on, both that Aiza-kun, and Igawa-san I used to see those three together all the time.
I remember because their names were always at the top.
But of course, it was Kousei who always ended up in first place! Yeah, and why are you acting so smug again? So listen, is this Emi-chan any good at the piano? She's got to be good.
Because she's cute! I know how to size up people.
I bet Emi-chan's gonna run away with this competition.
I mean, 'cause she's so cute.
Already using her first name? Jerk Hmm, but I think Igawa-san's been struggling a little lately.
An honorable mention at the Kumagai Competition, third place at the Tanizaki Music Festival, and the other day, she didn't even make it past the preliminaries.
Sounds like she's been running hot and cold.
To think that those three always used to be a lock for the Top 3 Pardon me.
Oh, Mr.
Hello, Ms.
Tell me How's it going with your student, Igawa-san? What a snide man.
Aiza-kun's performance was masterful.
I'm sure it's all due to your instruction.
Well thank you very much.
In my case, the student has surpassed the master! But I do believe it's time for him to start thinking globally.
Since there probably isn't anything left for him to accomplish domestically.
No one can challenge him anymore in Japan.
You saw that yourself, didn't you? In everyone's eyes, Takeshi is No.
1! Today, he'll destroy Arima, and head overseas! Feel free.
So how's she doing? Igawa-san? That girl Emi can be so temperamental, you see.
The most trivial thing can have a drastic effect on her performance.
Like her new shoes pinching her toes, or her neighbor humming in a bizarre way She can even be swayed by the weather that day.
For the last two years, it's been so hectic for everyone, trying to keep her motivated Because the goal she should have vanquished had disappeared.
But it's different today.
The last two years The goal she should have vanquished The goal she should have vanquished! Are you implying that she doesn't see Takeshi as her goal? Well, Aiza-kun doesn't see Emi as a rival either.
"The results speak for themselves" It's written all over your face.
Are you trying to pick a fight with me, Ms.
Ochiai? You're the one who threw down the gauntlet, Mr.
We women are combative creatures.
Do you understand? Little boy? We will now resume judging.
Aiza-kun's reign will end today.
Emi will bring an end to it.
Ugh, goosebumps.
It's turning red! It's been a while since I felt this way.
That's right It's been two years.
When I was five, I went to a piano recital to cheer on a friend.
Just when I was about to fall asleep from boredom, He appeared onstage.
He was such a bundle of nerves, my heart started pounding.
That Arima-kun was? Hmm I found out later that that was the first time he'd ever performed in front of other people.
That moment of silence before his fingers touched the keys The time he took to bid his hesitation and confusion farewell The moment his fingers touched the keys, my future was decided.
I did it! Oops! What, you started bawling? Embarrassing, I know.
I'm sure it was awkward for young Arima! He was crestfallen, and beat it out of there.
My heart wouldn't stop pounding, and tears were filling my eyes.
All of my emotions came gushing out at once.
I was just so moved.
As if I was embodying all the pleasure music brings.
But he, on the other hand Kousei Arima changed.
Like a machine.
His mother's puppet.
A slave to the sheet music.
A pianist made only for competitions.
So Kousei Arima's mother, Saki Arima, was dreaming.
I can understand that.
She entered her son in that competition to test him, and her dreams for him began with his magnificent performance.
The dreams that she could never realize for herself.
And so she drilled him to give performances that would leave results, that could win competitions.
Exactly what the score calls for.
Like a machine.
I get it.
As an instructor, it's painful not to be able to deny that.
But you're different, aren't you? Because you're a strong child.
You know, she can be unfriendly, and she says stuff that sounds pretty mean, but she really has a thing for you, you know, Arima.
For me? Yeah, I swear, it's like she's in love with you.
I mean, she was always telling me "Takeshi, you don't know the real Arima, do you?" So beautiful Pretty! She just takes my breath away.
Her, and the black piano I mean, really what a sight! What a lovely sound.
But If that's all she's got It's true that Emi can be erratic.
Like a stormy sea, the waves of her emotions are surging unsteadily.
That being the case - today It wouldn't be a surprise to see those waves reach their crest.
Hey, hey I'm in sync with the piano.
My fingers feel light.
Today, I'm in the zone.
It's probably because the scone I had for breakfast was so good.
Because my new dress looks good on me.
Because I'm having a good hair day.
That's got to be it.
No, of course that's not it! I'm not a child.
So why am I making excuses to myself? He's here.
After two years, he's so near He's gotten taller.
He looks a little more mature.
But I knew him at a glance.
Ever since that moment, my excitement has been surging.
He's right there, and he's watching me.
Do you feel that way, too? Don't make me laugh.
Because I I've been playing the piano all this time in order to reject Kousei Arima.
I know that she has the technique.
But not at this level Go! Go! Emi! Let it all out with a bang! Let your feelings reach them! A fourteen-year-old girl has this audience enthralled.
Is she really a junior high student? I'm going to reject you.
Even if I lose, even if I get trounced, I'm going to reject you every time.
Playing for competitions That's not the Kousei Arima that I want to hear.
I'm going to reject you with my playing.
What I want to hear is Red, yellow, yellow Are these her emotions? Red and yellow Anger and Do you feel that way, too? Yes, I do.
I'm only here because of you.
Just under four minutes A performance lasting just under four minutes That's what made me a pianist.
Come back, come back, the Kousei Arima that I looked up to! Let it ring! Let it ring! Let it ring! My piano! Let it ring! Let it ring! Let it ring! I see Red and yellow.
Her anger, and Her loneliness.
Chopin's Étude, Op.
25, No.
"Le vent d'hiver" - Winter Wind.
Super-cute! Dial it down, Watari! Right So you play by pouring your soul into the notes, too, huh? Let it ring.
Let it ring.
Let it ring.
Let it Ring Let it ring.
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