Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e09 Episode Script


1 That Sunday I What made you want to come to the park all of a sudden, Emi? Come on down, it's dangerous.
I'm going to be a pianist! At the top of the jungle gym, I chose a future as a pianist.
I abandoned all my other infinite possibilities, and chose that one.
Come back! Come back! Welcome.
Now, now, where are your manners? How do you do? I'm Yuriko Ochiai.
What's your name? Um What is it? So that people who hear me will think, "I want to be a pianist, too" Will I be able to play the piano like that, too? Come back! If you wish for it hard enough, Emi-chan, I'm sure that the music will respond to you.
The piano will listen to you.
Can I play it? Of course.
That's the only kind of sound I can make But the sounds that boy made were just like sunflowers Kousei Arima, who I yearned to be like.
Every great performer played for the first time at some point.
Even Mozart, even Beethoven.
Even the person who made you think, "I want to become a pianist.
" What will you pour into your piano playing? What wish will you ask it to grant you? I I want to play the piano like that boy.
I want to stand on the same stage as him.
That way, I just know That I'll be able to see what he sees.
Let it ring Let it ring My piano! Let it ring.
Is that girl for real? That was insane.
Entrance to Greenrooms Good job.
You were amazing! I! What? What? You confessing your love? Sorry.
I'm gonna go change.
Before you catch a cold.
Just spill it already! Right nowthere's no need for words.
Because I poured all my feelings into the piano.
There will now be an intermission.
Judging will resume in fifteen minutes.
Did you see that girl who just left? What a pile of medication.
Huh? Yo, just spotted a hot girl! What's the matter, Tsubaki-chan? The closer it gets to Kousei's turn, my stomach It's so much easier to deal with my own matches! It's not like you're the one who'll be playing, Tsubaki-chan, so just sit back and relax! I know, but is Kousei gonna be all right? Just spotted an angelic older woman! He could be quaking in his shoes after that amazing performance.
And that's so not happening.
Cause you know what, he's a man! We will now resume judging.
Thump, thump.
My heart's pounding even harder than before.
Arima's choice of piece today is Chopin's Etude Op.
25 No.
5 Inconceivable! Till now, Arima's always showcased his ability to play difficult pieces without a false note.
That's why I challenged him with my Op.
25, No.
11 I'm sure Takeshi did, too But the song Arima chose to play today can't be considered a difficult piece It's inconceivable.
How did you pick out Kousei's piece? It landed on 25-5, so You used a pencil to decide? A pencil It didn't matter what piece he played.
As long as he entered the competition.
It really didn't matter at all.
Kousei Arima.
Please get ready.
All right.
Just by placing himself in this particular space, he's sure to feel stimulated.
There's no way he won't feel provoked.
The other pianists won't let him hang back.
They won't allow him to stop.
After all, Arima-kun's a musician.
This is so strange.
Is it because it's been two years? My heart is pounding.
It's so hot, and so violent.
Is it because I watched those two perform? Without holding back, grasping with both hands, shaking my soul to its very core.
Check it out - this is who I am.
Watch me! I'm the same as you.
I'm sure the clock's hands will move.
Time will start flowing again.
Kao-chan I never knew.
That music could be this colorful, and that it even had a scent.
Are you ready? I believe that he'll take a step forward.
So music can make your blood boil this hard.
Here he is! It's Arima-kun.
Arima Arima Now even I'm nervous! I wanna go to the bathroom! Hey Here he is at last, huh? Are you ready for your journey? Come on, we're gonna play dodgeball! You can just dodge all the time, okay? Tsubaki I'm in the middle of a lesson with my mom.
Whaaat? Not again? Huh? How'd you get that welt? I was in a hurry, and I bumped my arm.
You really are a klutz, aren't you? Kousei, hurry back now! Whoa, that scared me! Sorry, my mom's calling me, Tsubaki.
Ask me another time? Sure.
Okay, then, good luck! Chelsea Sit yourself down.
All right, let's begin, Kousei.
No running in the halls.
Okay! I brought you your laundry, Mom.
Oh, Kousei.
How did it go? The Nagai Memorial Competition? I got first place.
Here's the certificate.
But Haydn's given you such trouble.
I practiced a ton! Good for you.
That makes me feel better.
Your achievements are the best medicine for me, Kousei.
Well, I'll take first place again! If it makes you better, Mom, I'll take first place as many times as you want.
So What's the matter? He's standing still? Don't waver.
Don't be afraid.
Dammit, it's overpowering me! We're all afraid, you know.
Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on! There's Kousei, under the spotlight again.
He's back.
The invincible one, the pianist who's a breed apart.
The one I looked up to Kousei Arima.
He's back His unmatched accuracy.
His playing - like a mirror image of the score.
The stainless steel-like piano inaccessible to the rest of us.
This is the Kousei Arima of two years ago.
I can hear the notes.
My fingers are moving.
I can play the score exactly as I've memorized it.
I can play on the strength of my muscle memory.
How does the real you want to play this? This is no different than how I've always played.
That's how it should be.
A musician should be a mirror that reflects the score.
Besides, you can't win unless you do it this way.
You're going to get first place for me again, aren't you, Kousei? You were playing the piano this morning again? I came to buy food.
Since my dad's away on business, it's for me and my mom.
Hey, it's just egg sandwiches! That's not very healthy.
Well, she won't let me use a knife.
I'll bring you something to eat.
We have oden leftover from yesterday.
How's your mom doing, Kousei? My mom said she hasn't been feeling well.
She's going to be hospitalized soon.
But why? I'm sure It's all my fault.
Huh? What? Oh, nothing.
My mom got mad because I couldn't play the way she told me to, and she ruined her health.
So I'm gonna take first place, and make her well again.
First Place - Arima Kousei Kousei Arima - The Child Prodigy Arima's in first again? The Human Metronome, huh? Just go overseas already! Bland and innocuous.
He's so in my way! And he's nothing but his mother's puppet! Shut up, shut up! None of you know what you're talking about.
I'm the only one who's on Mom's side.
Next time, my mom's coming from the hospital to see me perform.
Oh, really? So your mom's recovered now? That's great! I bet it's all thanks to that visit from handsome me.
And my candy erasers! Well, I don't think Kousei's mom knew what to do with them.
The entrance on the left side, facing the audience.
A spot where I can see her.
That's my mom's special seat.
Mom's here today.
So you see, in order to make Mom well again, in order to make her happy, I'm gonna play my very best as a gift for her! What are you doing, Saki? Just what do you call that performance? How many times have I told you to review the score? You idiot! Stop it, Saki! Too harsh But I've never heard Arima-kun play better.
Misplaying both the third and eleventh measures! I'm going to get one of the staff.
You make mistakes like that because you're drowning in your own emotions! You're not going to bed until you can play that part.
Why can't you even play an easy piece like that? You're so worthless! I'm in the middle of a lesson with my mom.
Whaaat? Messing up the same part! That kid's covered with bruises.
That's why he always wears long sleeves.
Who'd be that harsh with a kid? She's a monster.
How dare you throw that score - you should be ashamed of yourself! All I wanted was for you to be happy.
Even when I wanted to play with Tsubaki and Watari, even when you hit me, I put up with it I put up with it, and kept practicing All I wanted was for you to get better All I wanted was for you to be happy And yet I wish you would just die.
That was the last time I said anything to my mom.
Kousei? Hmm? Are you going to compete in the final? Yeah.
Since I did get through the prelims.
I know it's awful.
My mother just passed away, and here I am, worrying about the competition in a few days.
How awful is that? Are you okay? Sure I'm okay.
Because that's how I was built, after all.
I can't remember my mother's face that day.
It's like there's a big black hole peering back at me.
His mother just passed away, didn't she? How can he play the piano like nothing happened? He's not off by even a fraction.
It's business as usual with him.
He's a demonic chip off the old block! The entrance on the left side, facing the audience.
A spot where I can see her.
That's my mom's special seat.
This is this is my punishment.
That's right, this is your punishment.
You understand that, don't you? My darling, darling little Kousei.
The notes Huh? The sound of the piano I can't hear it.
He's starting to unravel.
About Arima-kun Rumor has it that he can't hear the notes anymore.
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