Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Twinkle Little Star

1 23rd - Summer Break 25th - Summer School Starts x becomes 4.
Substitute this value in the formula to calculate the value of y.
Now you can derive the coordinates at the top, enabling you to draw a graph.
31st - Gala Concert You're totally distracted! I'm doing what I'm supposed to.
You were playing reluctantly! It sounded like your heart wasn't in it! Listen Do we have to play this piece for the gala concert? What's that? Is there a problem? For a gala concert, we should be playing something more glamorous.
Let's change it to something more major No way! This is the song I want to play.
Don't worry, don't worry.
If you and I play it, it will sound glamorous enough.
I wonder why you're so reluctant to play it? When the score was overflowing with so much love for you? Kreisler's Love's Joy.
Love's Sorrow.
Love's Sorrow, the companion piece to Love's Joy by Kreisler, was written for the violin.
There's a piano version of this song arranged by Rachmaninoff.
Huh? Did I stick it here? Falling asleep under the piano again You're going to catch a cold.
You've gotten heavy, haven't you? Kousei This is your punishment.
The piano isn't responding to you, is it? I wish you would just die.
I can't hear! Help me, Mom! I wonder why you're so reluctant to play it? Why? Because it reminds me of my mother.
Hiroko-san, I've got to practice No sweat, no sweat! It's good to have a change of scenery, to take a breather! Cotton candy! Frappes! Hey, don't get lost on me.
Rachmaninoff's Love's Sorrow.
Saki used to play that all the time since we were students.
She used to play it a lot as a lullaby.
This piece just reeks too much of my mom.
So raw and vivid It closes in on me My mother must've had despised me, right? No mother on earth despises her own child.
That day That was the moment you grew up, both as a person and as a pianist.
There's no way that wouldn't make Saki happy.
There you are! Sorry! But it is just a little bit sad, you know.
To see your kid grow away from you My mom Do you think she'll forgive me? For trying so hard to forget all about her? Is it all right for me to play the piano? If that's how you feel, play.
If there's something holding you back, then play with conviction, and try to hear Saki's voice.
Voice "Don't sit there brooding over ridiculous matters, it's high time you manned up!" Play.
You and I are pianists, you know.
A candy apple.
You don't like candy apples? It's not like that.
It's just that I've never had one before Don't cry! I'll eat it! I'll eat it, okay? Thanks! Am I being too harsh with him? But he's got to play.
So that he can mature as a pianist So that he can say goodbye.
Jeez! 31st - Gala Concert Look how late it is! Yeah, because you wouldn't give up.
What a baby! What about you, you kept whining about the piece! Since we're so late coming home, I wonder if your folks are mad Hey, look up there! At the sky! You're ignoring me? The stars are so beautiful.
It's like the stars are speaking to us! Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are.
A cake shop? I'm home! Hold on a sec! I'll be heading home now.
What do you want with my daughter? Uh I Arima-kun? Arima-kun? Hey, if it isn't Arima-kun! These are just leftovers, but have your fill, all right? Th-Thank you very much! We've got some test samples, too, right? Oh, but I've already had more than enough My parents are fans of yours.
When I was little, they came to hear you a lot.
I heard all about it, Arima-kun! You shouldn't abort your performances.
That's like flushing all your struggles till now down the drain! It's like baking a moist sponge cake, only for it to be totally ruined by some horrible-tasting cream! Sorry about that.
But I like a young man who does the unheard-of! Good for you! Once it's inside your stomach, there's no difference.
Since the ingredients are all the same.
Thank you very much! Want to see some pictures of Kaori back in grade school? She was so adorable! We have some from kindergarten, too! Don't show him! Here, for your folks.
Thank you very much.
And thank you for all the cake.
We'll be going to the gala concert to cheer you on.
Good luck! Right, I'll do my best.
I'll walk you to the street.
So that's Arima-kun, huh? He's got manners, and he's a good kid, don't you think? Yes Really! They even hauled out the pictures of me as a newborn! Stark naked, no less! I can never get married now! You sure have cheerful parents.
My mom's always stuffing starving dogs with food.
Starving? Huh? Hey, did you get taller? Huh? I don't know Oh, I see.
It's because you're not looking down anymore.
Anyway, it sure is hot this year.
A meaningless conversation.
Familiar scenery.
It's so humid! It's so deplorable, it's really muggy, don't you think? Even so, the reason I remember it so well is probably Oh, but I do like summer because there are fireworks.
I'm sure because of that summer night.
31st - Gala Concert Itoldyou! Make that part flow more elegantly! But the accompanist can't just ignore instructions! Or else the violin won't stand out.
It will too stand out! Because I'm gonna be playing it! It's peaceful.
You're so arrogant! Follow what I'm doing! Where's my green tea and red bean shaved ice? It's not that simple! You runaway horse! Huh? I'm eating it.
You monster! That was my shaved ice! I've had enough! I don't want to go to summer school! I want to play! I want to go to the festival! I want to watch fireworks! It's peaceful.
Done! The year's first fireworks! So pretty! You sure we won't get caught? Sneaking into the pool area and lighting firecrackers Oh, no worries! I mean, the teachers have all gone home anyway.
And as for water, we've got a whole boatload at our disposal! But lay off the rockets, okay? Kashiwagi-san? Oh, crap! Summer school again tomorrow! Well, just suck it up.
It's your fault for being a moron.
Shut up, you lousy scholarship student! What are you two gonna do? I mean high school.
You're not attending summer school, so does that mean you two are on the music college track? I'm not even thinking about the future yet.
For now, let me just say that I'm going to rock the audience at the gala, and claim the spotlight! Because we're the almighty duo, after all! That's the spirit, that's the spirit! So glorious! Yeah those two look great together.
What are you gaping at? Why? Why? It's totally dark at the bottom I can't hear a sound It's like my Help me please help me.
I can't hear anything.
It's dark it's dark The fact that you can't hear the notes means that you're not bound by auditory sounds, I think.
Not bound by sound? The images you have within you.
The sounds that rise up from the bottom of your soul You've been letting them override all else without realizing it.
The sounds within you, the imagined scenery Wasn't there ever a moment when you sensed the notes suffused with your desires and emotions? Losing the ability to hear the notes.
I'm sure that that's a gift.
A gift? Close your eyes, cover your ears, and play as you feel for now.
You have the technical ability to pull that off.
The ability to trace the sounds within you, the sounds you imagine.
And those are the memories Saki left you Did you get taller? Oh, I see.
It's because you're not looking down anymore.
It's because you're looking up now.
Kousei! Kousei He's alive! He's in pain! That's proof that he's alive! How could you? How could you drown in such a shallow pool? Everyone's gonna blame me! He freakin' slammed his head right into his savior's face.
Not bad.
Is it because it's a pool? Is it because the moon's out? Maybe just maybe, the light can reach even the bottom of a dark ocean.
31st - Gala Concert Miyazono-san's playing, too, right? Yeah, that kid who stopped playing midway.
The people who run this are reckless for sure.
I think she'll actually make an impact.
Can't wait.
Wonder if she'll play it right today? She'll probably go bonkers again.
Well, I came today just to see her.
Curse All right! There's nobody I know around here.
Emi? Aren't you going to take your seat? Ms.
Ochiai? Uh did you call me Emi? I'm the one who told you about Arima-kun being an accompanist today.
N-N-N-Not that I came here to see Arima I'm just here to enjoy some violin music Here's your program.
Let's go.
It'll be starting soon.
You witch! No judging at gala concerts, so we can just sit back and enjoy ourselves.
With this level of talent, we can certainly afford to listen like everyone else Now then, is it almost time for my favorite? Kaori Miyazono Sumitani Junior Highschool What does she think she's doing? The violinist a no-show? That's just insane! Who is she, Michelangeli? Pogoreli? The show's started.
Kao-chan's not here yet? What am I supposed to do? Is Kaori Miyazono this unpredictable? I've been calling her cell, but she's totally not picking up.
Watari-kun This is serious.
I can't Let's go in and get prepared.
So we'll be ready whenever Miyazono does show up.
Please, keep calling Miyazono's cell.
Right! Onee-sama! I'm counting on you.
Ma'am! Good luck! What should we do? I'll go ask if they'll move you guys down in the order.
Since it's a gala concert, they might be a little more flexible.
As long as we can get the performers to agree We can wait on Miyazono till the last possible second.
Why If that doesn't pan out, we'll just have to forget it.
Yes you're right.
But why? What will you do? This is the song I want to play! Weren't you looking forward to this? I was an idiot for getting carried away.
It's almost Kaori Miyazono's turn.
Wonder what she's going to do this time? It's been a while since I've felt this excited.
That's unacceptable.
Please! She's on a bus right now, on her way here! Be that as it may, I don't have the authority to What's going on? Miike-kun? Miike-kun He's the final act of the junior high division? That's right, being that he won the competition.
Nice timing! Sorry, but could you let them play after you? Our violinist's running late.
Running late? Her name's Kaori Miyazono.
I'm sure she'll be here soon.
You think you could let her play after you? Miyazono-san's playing, too, right? Can't wait! Absolutely not.
The final act of this gala concert The starring role it's mine.
Well, of course it is.
It is your moment of triumph, after all.
We only have ourselves to blame.
I apologize for being so presumptuous.
Looks like we're going to have to withdraw.
A-Anyway, it's her own fault for being late on a day like this.
Her playing's such a mess, no wonder her lifestyle's all messed up too.
She thinks she's special just because the audience kind of liked her, so she shows up late without a second thought! You don't have to go that far But isn't that a fact? The music is written in the score.
What she produces is disastrous.
It's not music or anything at all! You little brat, who are you to talk like that? All right, then.
Sorry for causing a disturbance before you perform.
Come on, Kousei, aren't you pissed at all? He insulted your partner! Let's go by the program.
Please perform the final act of the junior high division, Miike-san.
However The spotlight! Today's spotlight belongs to us.
The promoters' choice for the junior high division, Ms.
Kaori Miyazono.
Here she comes! At last.
It's Miyazono.
She got here in time? It's Kaori Miyazono.
Isn't he the accompanist? Where's the violinist? Where's Miyazono-san? Arima, surely you're not playing alone? Unprecedented.
Kousei Twinkle Little Star Episode 13 Love's Sadness Watch Again Next Week! Two People on a Bike is Forbidden By Law