Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

Love's Sorrow

1 Please! Really What am I going to do with you? Idiot husband! Better brace yourself! Or I'm gonna step out on you! Hiro-chan, did you have another fight with your husband? This is no fight.
This is war! If he apologizes, we're done for good.
Idiot husband! Better brace yourself! Or I'm gonna step out on you! Kousei You How can you play the piano? Why wouldn't I be able to play the piano? Saki! Let's turn Kousei into a pianist! Kousei's Kousei's a genius! I'm heading out now.
By yourself? Yes.
Are you serious? Yes.
What are you going to play? Without a violi- I'm not changing the song.
It's not music or anything at all! See, I'm pissed.
So I'm going to prove it.
Just how great a musician Kaori Miyazono is.
And besides This is a supreme directive from the shrew.
These galas are all about standing out.
Wait, this is a violin concert, right? Is that accompanist going to play on his own? This is all your fault.
Because you put me back on the stage.
Always you always move me.
Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! I'm going to prove it.
That I'm incredible.
That Kaori Miyazono, who's named me to be her accompanist is even more incredible! Once again, unprecedented! Arima again? This isn't the accompaniment.
This is Kreisler Love's Sorrow Rachmaninoff's Piano Arrangement.
The song that Saki loved So you've been facing it alone all this time.
But Is this the Love's Sorrow that you've always known? Just watch Just watch Just watch I'm incredible Kaori Miyazono is even more incredible! Gala Concert Unbelievable! So powerful! What a disappointment.
He's only venting his anger.
He's confusing crudeness with ferocity.
This grates on my ears.
Huh? Was I pounding the keys that hard? My whole body is taut This won't do at all.
This piece isn't This isn't how you play it, right? The song that I always listened to was This song was my lullaby I don't understand Even though I can't hear the notes as usual, I can hear the sound inside me.
I think it means that you're not bound by sounds.
Wasn't there ever a moment when you sensed the notes suffused with your desires and emotions? Losing the ability to hear the notes I'm sure that that's a gift.
Kousei Play it more gently.
Like you're caressing a baby's head.
Play it like you're embracing him.
Mom This song If it were her, would she have played it like this? His playing style just changed He's doing it again.
The sound is changing.
Kousei It's Saki.
Saki is there Saki! Even for you, that's going too far! Hitting him hard enough to draw blood - that's way too harsh! You call yourself a mother? Kousei was doing his best just to make you happy! I know that! Of course I know that! Saki! I do know that But I'm running out of time.
Saki Help me Please help me Somebody help me The notes The piano My hearing is I can't hear the notes! Somebody Please help me Mom Kousei I'm the one who drove you into this corner.
It's all because I told her to turn you into a pianist.
I'm so sorry If music only brings Kousei pain and suffering I'm so sorry Then I have no business being by his side.
I'm sorry I'm sorry Kousei Arima Sumitani Junior Highschool But Kousei has returned.
What made you turn to the piano? I want to see that sight again with my own eyes one more time.
That's what made me think That I'd like become a really weird pianist! After losing Saki, Kousei met someone who means the world to him.
If Kousei believes in that, then as a pianist, how can I not believe in the power of music? Saki.
Be sure to watch this.
That son of ours is about to bid you a last farewell.
Oh I can't help thinking about her, after all.
This song has my mother's scent.
Who are you going to play it for? Will it reach her? I hope it reaches her.
After I'm gone What's going to become of Kousei? Will be able to earn a living? Can he make music his livelihood? All I can do right now is make him play accurately, faithful to the score.
As long as he has the skills, he just might be able to support himself someday.
What a terrible mother There's nothing I can leave that boy Will he brush his teeth every morning? He falls asleep anywhere, so what if he catches a cold? He isn't good at sports, so what if he gets seriously injured? I wish I could've stayed with him longer Will my treasure ever find happiness? I knew all along.
The ghost of my mother was a shadow of my own creation.
An excuse for me to run away.
My own weakness.
Mom isn't there anymore.
Mom is inside me.
Yes, that's right.
The piano is meant to be played like you're embracing it, right? Hey, hey Mom? There's both Love's Joy and Love's Sorrow, so why do you always play Love's Sorrow? I play it so you'll get used to sorrow.
We're all connected.
Just like the notes are intermittently connected It's shared by us all.
Through music With the people you know, with the people you don't know, with all the people in the world.
You come, too! Just like with her, I'm connected to Mom, too.
I'm moving forward because I believe that.
So So Goodbye Goodbye My knees are shaking Guess I'm exhausted? Kousei! Kousei! Hey, look at you, hot stuff! If my husband hears that his daughter threw herself into a man's arms, he'll be devastated.
So did you get to see Saki? My mom She's always been by my side.
The way I touch the keys, the way I move my fingers, my habit of squeezing the pedals, my tastes, the order that I eat Mom's in every little gesture of mine.
We're Mom and I are Connected Hiroko-san Do you think it reached my mom? The way I played my very best Do you think it reached Mom? You dummy.
You two are connected, aren't you? Of course it reached her! Because of music, I was given the chance to meet others.
I was moved by those encounters.
There are people that I got to meet.
I got to discover emotion.
These are all memories that my mother, who taught me how to play the piano, left me.
Mom, I'm happy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Goodbye That was so exquisite I'm ready to just go home now! Oh, the next performance, huh? I don't want to hear anything right now.
I never thought I'd be so scared to go onstage.
Miike-kun Now this is a tough act to follow I want to run away Mom Would I have played my heart out like he did? Would I have played with as much sincerity as he did? I want to see if I can sacrifice body and soul like that.
I want to see if I can give it all I can.
Just watch me.
Right now, all I want to do is hear my mom's voice.
Is his playing softer than usual? I see So your heart's been pierced, too? And you're both going to raise the bar, eh? That was awesome.
Isn't violin music lovely? Ms.
Ochiai? I'm glad that I'm a musician.
To obliterate a powerful enemy Now that's the ultimate pleasure A bona fide extreme sadist? Kousei and Onee-sama! Hey! Kousei Huh? Huh? This is so weird I can't find the words to say Freaky Was it okay for you to just leave? Well, why not? I was just a throw-in for the throw-in.
And besides I've got to find that throw-in who blew me off, and rip her a new one.
He's mad.
All right, ready to head home? I'm exhausted from all this.
I want some juice! Hey, your mom could go for some, too.
Tsubaki? You've got nothing to say to me after all my hard work? Huh? Um You look all grown up.
What's up with that? I was hoping you'd praise me.
Huh? What the heck? So weird If I don't hold them in, I might shed tears.
Tears? Tears of relief because I was able to talk to Kousei normally? Or because I was able to talk to him normally tears of disappointment? 31st - Gala Concert If you were there at the concert, you could've said something to me.
You're as spiteful as ever, aren't you? Ms.
Ochiai To think that Arima-kun was being mentored by you That was unexpected.
After all, ever since Saki Arima passed away, you never went near that house.
That boy has changed, too.
He's become quite an intriguing musician.
Instilling something into his music, leaving something in those who hear it.
That kid has taken his first steps forward as an artist.
But The loss of Saki Arima was tragic for Kousei, and for me, but was it really necessary for Kousei Arima, the musician? There's an ever-present sorrow hanging over Arima-kun's music.
If the death of his beloved mother triggered something in him Totsuhara University Hospital Then it's a demon's path that he must walk.
Kaori Miyazono His growth is spurred by sorrow If Kousei is to walk that path, Love's Sorrow he might have to lose someone to move forward.
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