Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e15 Episode Script


1 Hey, they're broken? But I hid them! I guess they dried up? But I worked so hard to make them! And they were so shiny! Please don't cry, Tsubaki.
Shut up! Go away, idiot Kousei! It's all the same to me whether you're here or not! Morning! Morning! Wow, check out that tan! I was in cram school all summer, so I didn't have any fun.
Morning! Morning! I'd like to take the entrance exam for Okutsu College of Music Affiliated High School.
That's in another prefecture.
I have permission from my father.
I'm leaving home.
For famous music schools, it's all about how you ranked in competitions and who your instructor is, so I might not make the cut.
Huh? So my piano teacher said I should look into going overseas.
That she'd introduce me to a friend from when she was studying abroad.
Hey, you're thinking global! Go to hell! Give it your all! Right.
Leave the prefecture, leave the country.
Go wherever you want, for all I care! You moron, it's all the same to me whether you're around or not If it's all the same to you whether I'm here or not So you're the type who can't hide her uncertainty.
6 meters, 21 centimeters.
I can read you like a book.
Holy crap! That's a school record! You're covered in scrapes and bruises.
A Band-Aid on your forehead You guys are laughing too hard.
I'm humiliated.
You're gonna kill us! Freakin' scary! Tsubaki's been acting weird lately, don't you think? Listen to you! Why don't you leave her alone? Well, excuse me for my horrible face.
For being covered with Band-Aids! Laughing at me with that nonchalant look on his face! I was hoping you'd praise me.
I'm leaving home.
Talking to you either makes me feel sad, or it sets my mind at ease I'm such a mess How lame is that? Big Wheel! Tsubaki? It's just that your feet are huge.
Are you trying to jinx yourself by chanting that "kid brother, kid brother" curse? Because you're too scared not to.
Uh Senpai? Hey I met someone that I like.
Huh? See, she's older, the manager of the baseball team.
She's really grounded, and she's got long hair.
She's the kind of person who eats potato chips with chopsticks.
Hey, come on, you know we're too alike.
I mean, we're both infielders, we've got short hair, and we're both rough And you always seem so uncomfortable being by my side, Sawabe.
I mean, you're always laughing like you don't know what to do.
You and I We should be with people who are the total opposite, probably.
Uh um I It's not our style to get all emotional, right? So let's be ourselves breaking up.
Sorry I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What's up with that? I'm the one who's dumping you.
Why are you apologizing, Sawabe? Thanks, Sawabe.
For being my girlfriend.
Scoot over, I've got to practice.
Don't push me! I'll fall off the bench! I thought I heard the piano making some strange sounds.
So it was you, after all.
What do you mean, after all? You're not asking me anything.
If you want to talk about it, I'm listening.
I just got dumped.
He was an older guy that I've always looked up to So good-looking and sweet He was like premium ice cream to me.
No, not like ice cream More like a fancy, 120 ml The kind of ice cream that's not my style.
He told me he liked me I got ahead of myself I got stubborn And then I got dumped.
And I ended up hurting that person.
I'm such an idiot, I had no idea about my own feelings.
I wish I'd never realized Because I wanted things to go on just like this.
But I missed my chance to become a star.
I'd like to take the entrance exam for Okutsu College of Music Affiliated High School.
Time keeps flowing Both Watari and Kousei Even if they're afraid, even if it's painful, even if they can't see ahead, still seeking something they take one step after another, mustering the courage to go on inspiring each other, supporting each other, they try to move on.
I'm the only one who can't take that first step.
Time does stop, doesn't it? I'm the only one who's frozen in time What's your problem anyway? All you do is play the piano! Music nerd! Can't you at least try to comfort me, you useless jerk? It's all the same to me whether you're around or not! Okay, then If it's all the same to you whether I'm here or not Then I'll stay with you.
I'll stay by your side.
That's so unfair! Being so nice to a girl who just got dumped It's not like I'm being nice to you.
I'm treating you the same as always.
Always by my side whenever I was in pain, whenever I was feeling sad The boy who's not my kid brother.
I'll stay with you.
You're the one who's leaving me.
It might be too late now But I don't want to give up.
I may be an infielder, and rough, and I may not know anything about the piano, but I want to be with this person.
I hate music with a passion.
It's always taking Kousei far away from me.
Look at that, Tsubaki! The moon's out.
What do you mean? What's that got to do with anything? But it's pretty.
I told you, don't be nice to me Don't snuggle up against me Move on! Take the plunge, Tsubaki! The time I exist in Start flowing Bravo! Emi-rin! Bewitching! You're certainly training an intriguing girl, Ms.
When young talent collides, they polish each other until they each achieve a sheen.
Please thank Arima-kun for me.
Just you wait, Arima! No Don't look back - move forward! Far, far ahead I swear I'm gonna catch up to you! You're just going to visit her in the hospital, so what's there to worry about? A crow? A black cat? Evil omens I guess I'll go see her another time.
All you do is make excuses.
The instant there's a little distance between us, it gets harder to see you.
Even though I didn't think twice about seeing you in the music room.
Now I'm searching for reasons to see you, and not to see you.
Cold! A water balloon!? Konnyaku? A bucket? Evil omens, like I thought? Suffer! Suffer! Wh-What's going on? For crying out loud, Kousei, Seto would you mind not getting things to go? It's not good for Koharu to see! It's not what you think! What's getting things to go? Like burgers? She's come to.
Thank goodness! Where am I? What a sweet girl.
That boy over there brought you home, like takeout, when you fainted.
I'm telling you, it's not like that But you did get her to go! What's getting things to go? Like pot stickers? Um, by any chance What? Are you Hiroko Seto? Well, yes I should've introduced myself sooner.
I'm a first year in the music course at Kurumigaoka Junior High.
My name is Nagi Aizato.
Oh? That's a prestigious music school.
Yes, I'm studying piano.
I'm a pianist.
What was a pianist doing up in a tree? I'm a huge fan of yours, Ms.
Seto! Please take me as student! Huh? Please! Mm, you've kind of put me on the spot here It wouldn't be right to do that to your own teacher All right, then.
Could you convince me with your playing? All right.
The way you carry yourself is first-rate.
Would you like to play Chopin? Or maybe Bach? Well, then, Etude Op.
25 No.
The piece Kousei played at the Maihou Competition Ah! She's good.
But Why is she playing it so harshly? A song like this! A song like this! You're really good, huh? I'd expect no less from Kurumigaoka Junior High Are first years today really capable of playing like this? You sure can play at a high level.
Um What do you think? Hmm All right.
I'm so glad! You don't have to cry I can't believe my idol, Ms.
Seto, is going to give me lessons Eyedrops Sneaked in.
Good for you! Kousei? Yes? You teach her.
Huh? Thank you very much! No black cat or crow around.
I got her a gift, too.
It would be a shame to let it go to waste Uh-huh.
I'm her accompanist, so it's only natural that I'd go see her.
Coming and going I'm always searching for an excuse.
Kaori Miyazono And so she's totally soaked, from head to toe! And then Nakamura from Class 2, see, he's laughing so hard he's got snot dripping from his nose! No way! And then I burst into laughter, too, so hard that I had a little drip going, too.
Of snot! What are you thinking, bringing canelés to the daughter of a cake shop owner? Thank goodness I didn't give them to her.
I'm such an idiot.
Who's this? You're so heartless! Watari-kun's always coming to see me, so why don't you ever show up? Monster! Huh? How? I never gave you my number– I was just thinking that I hadn't heard your voice lately.
Hey, you're eating something, aren't you? Yeah.
A canelé.
Lucky you! I wish I could have a canelé.
I'll bring some to you sometime.
Really? That's a promise, all right? Sure.
You're just like a cat.
If I approach you, you turn tail and head off, far away.
When you're hurt, you get all playful, as if you were trying to share your pain.
That's why I feel so much love for you.
I'd like to have my dad's canelés.
Promise me, okay? Sure.
A canelé eaten at night has a slightly bitter, gentle taste.
Hmm Just as I thought.
I thought her face looked familiar.
Nous Nous Canelé Canelé Nous, nous Huh? Huh? Huh? Stand up! Stand up! You're my legs, aren't you? Stand up! Come on, stand up! Stand! Liar Episode 16 Two of a Kind Watch Again Next Week!