Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e16 Episode Script

Two of a Kind

1 Gala Concert Huh? What? What? I'm done.
Hey, get over there, teacher.
Your candid opinion, please.
Don't hold back, all right? Holding back? What's that? Make sure there's a distinction between fortissimo and pianissimo.
And count all the rests.
You wrinkle your brow when you play.
Your posture's terrible.
Don't grit your teeth like you're in pain.
The rhythm of your left hand keeps lagging.
My hands are small, so my fingers can't reach right away.
Play those notes by moving your wrists.
Play the first beat with your little finger, and then use that momentum to take your wrist over And move like this.
How about changing the way you step on the pedal at measure 333? That won't help me win.
The score is impeccable! In other words, it's God! We are all servants serving God! Was she always this kind of kid? Did her personality change? Not to play exactly how the score instructs you to is merely the selfishness of someone who's forfeited victory.
Just play with sincerity, give the performance of your life with everything you've got.
The score isn't God.
It's not impeccable, either.
It's just an extremely emotional thing that humans created.
That's why it clings to you, like fetters.
What a cliché.
Blurting out naïve drivel like that No wonder you fell to earth! Hey, I've got time before the lesson.
I was just thinking that I hadn't heard your voice lately.
Hey, that's right I should get her some sweets Those canéles that you like so much I'm not even mentally prepared for this You're always showing up unexpectedly Oh! Who are you again? Amnesia? Because you hit your head? I do beg your pardon.
But as I haven't seen you lately You never come to visit, and the callous are easily forgotten.
I was just about to– Hey, where's Watari-kun? I'm lying in wait for Watari-kun.
Watari's Still at school.
He was in the classroom just now I am as kind-hearted as an angel.
Callous though you are I shall give you a chance to make amends.
I'm appointing you as his substitute.
I guess you'll do.
And you do have a spacious bag.
So cute! This cute one's mine! Don't tug on my cute clothes! Uh I've got a lesson Oh! Adorable! The new one for fall! Adorable stationery! What's wrong with email? Hey, she's lost! Why do you look so thrilled? Attention.
We have a lost child Miyuki! Mommy! Oh, you! Can't just ignore someone in need when you come across one! Heavy Liar! The mother was crying, wasn't she? Yeah.
She must've been really worried.
But you shouldn't make your mom and dad cry.
That little girl when I held her hand, she squeezed it really hard.
So adorable! Like she was saying, "Don't let go, no matter what!" I bet she was scared that if I did let go, she'd be left behind, all alone.
Oh, here.
Your drink.
Oh, I've been making you hold that all this time! Oh, man! Uniform So you came to school today.
As it turned out, I was worrying for nothing.
Huh? Where's your school bag? Huh? Let's go get it.
Seto He's late! Don't beat up the piano.
Kousei's not coming.
What?! He just texted me.
You should've told me! You're okay with this, Ms.
Seto? With such irresponsible behavior? Hold on, you.
You're always turning on Kousei.
Why is that? Oh, no! I just don't want to lose you to him, so I I don't know what your angle is But if you ever put Kousei in danger I'll kill you myself.
Wow, I can see he's loved, that Kousei Arima.
Well, he's my son.
Then why did you take me as a student? Because I thought it would give Kousei something.
Something other than sorrow.
Are you sure you can trust the enemy? Enemy? You're his enemy? Aren't you a fellow musician following the same path? Oh, hey, look how beautifully you drew that.
Go on, show it to Nagi, too.
Here! He's had enough of sorrow.
I want Kousei to become a happy pianist.
Wow! It's so dark! Really creepy! Leaving your bag at school means double the trouble for us.
Where's your bag? Um Over here, maybe? No, maybe it's over there You lied?! Did you lie to me?! My bag isn't here at the school Come to think of it You didn't have it this afternoon, either.
You did come to school today, right? They let me out just for today.
I wanted to come here no matter what.
Because I was starting to forget it I'm the one who should be sorry.
You should've had Watari, not a substitute.
I mean, it was your one day out Are you going to forget? The girl who explored the school grounds.
The girl you helped rescue a lost child.
The girl who snuck out of the hospital and waited for you Are you going to forget? So that I can live in their hearts forever.
The people here won't ever forget us.
I won't forget.
I won't forget.
I won't forget, even if I die.
I'm glad it's you, after all Are you okay? I'm just a little worn out.
This isn't good, riding double on a school bike.
We'll get in trouble if we get caught, huh? Sorry about your lesson.
No big deal.
It's Hiroko-san, after all.
She'll forgive me.
It wasn't a meaningless day.
It was such a wonderful day, I wish that time would just stop in its tracks.
Thank you.
After shopping, and exploring the school at night, the way back as a boy takes me home Just look at how the stars are twinkling.
Is it because it's chilly out? The words we exchange are so warm.
It makes you seem all the more closer.
I'll be Watari's substitute or anything.
Forever I want to stay like this I couldn't ask her the reason for those tears.
Too slow.
The tempo starts lagging because you're not playing it in one go.
Annoyed Annoyed Annoyed But that's just what I'm doing.
I'm playing it as fast as I can.
I can't play it any faster! So here's how you do it Like this Why, you Stupid machine! Don't play it like it's a piece of cake! Have you been listening? Y-Yes! I hate incompetent people.
Okay, then, let's just get this part out of the way.
But I hate Kousei Arima even more.
Nagi! You dumped Kamiyama-senpai, didn't you? How many does that make? Assassination Plan Well, I can't stand the bookish, four-eyes type.
Anyway, did you decide what you're doing for the school festival? Not yet.
The festival's in November.
We need to get on top of it now.
We're allowed to invite guests from outside the school, right? Like graduates I hear Miike-kun's bringing in someone famous.
I don't have time for that right now.
Kousei Arima how am I gonna make those guys eat it? What a hideous stench! It's reeking.
But our festival's known for its top students' unique performances, you know.
Normally, you'd be on fire in that kind of situation.
Top students That's right.
I'm the angel of Kurumi Junior High.
And yet Tengu? Why is he yelling at me? Too fast.
Your fingers are slipping because you're trying to play it too fast.
That doesn't make it forte.
Huh? She ran off! Go after her.
Huh? That's your job, Kousei.
What am I supposed to do? My hands are so small It's just as Hiroko-san said.
Humph! Um sorry about that.
Uh, I've never taught anyone before, so Here, a peace offering.
You think you can smooth things over with a sweet potato? It looks really good.
Melt-in-your-mouth good.
It's a Beni-azuma.
Yum! Did I just cave in to a sweet potato? Do you come here a lot? I used to play here all the time, years ago.
With my hero.
Come on, Nagi! I'm gonna leave you behind! Wait up! He was the one who started playing the piano first.
So I followed in his footsteps You like him.
But he's obsessed with someone else besides me.
And because of that, I feel lost now, and confused I'm in a dark labyrinth, deep inside my heart.
That's why I want him to notice me.
That I'm here.
With my playing.
Why am I telling him all this? Of all people The pianist that I hate Talk about ulterior motives, right? Most opportunities are, you know.
I might have wanted somebody to drive it away.
This obligation I feel towards playing the piano Paper, rock scissors! P-I-N-E-A-P-P-L-E! Let's go! Paper, rock scissors.
Oh Isn't there anyone you're into, Arima-sensei? Two in a row! Nope, no one.
G-L-I-C-O! You're lying.
There is someone It's written all over your face.
Paper Rock What kind of person is she? scissors! That can't be true.
Because she's a girl who's into a friend of mine.
Is that a good enough excuse to give up on her? G-L-I-C-O.
Friendship over love, then? How cliché.
Yeah, you're right.
But this is the best I can do.
What kind of person is she? This girl, see She's like a roller coaster.
Crying, laughing.
She's got me at her beck and call.
Just by being around, she transformed my monotone world into a colorful one She's a really dazzling, really strong person Hey, you! Did you forget the canéles? So heartless! You promised me! They were sold out, okay? Sweet Bean Jelly Well, I brought you some delectable sweets.
My, Watari-kun! True, Arima is slacking off.
I hear he's teaching a first year girl piano.
What!? Introduce her to me! How did you know that, Kashiwagi? Even if I told you, Tsubaki, it's not like you're an expert on the subtleties of girls.
What did you say? S-S-S-Sorry! You messing with me or what? Hiroko-san forced me to! I don't even want to do it! A kiss mark! You're the one indulging in unsavory acts! Just what kind of lessons are you giving her? No fair, Kousei! Getting a jump on Do you really think you have time to teach other people? No, I told you, Hiroko-san Excuses again! You can't afford to be getting cozy with a girl! If you have time to do that, then how about practicing more? I'm doing my best teaching her.
And when I get home, I do my own practicing.
I'm telling you, that's not enough! Hey You're wasting the time that you're teaching! Other people are practicing more! You just don't feel threatened, do you? I told you, I'm practicing enough! Then practice some more! There's no such thing as enough! The competitions are going to start up in December, you know.
Do you actually think you still have time? Before you know it Oops Okay, that was some crazy mode I went into.
I'm sorry.
That trust of yours will soon plunge to the bowels of the earth, Kousei Arima! Hey, did something nice happen to you? Why? The sound of your playing, it's skipping.
But you know sounds don't skip.
Well, if you put it that way, you're right, they don't.
But, yeah I have to say, they're skipping.
She's a girl who's into a friend of mine.
I don't see it happening for a useless wimp like him.
No way will things work out for him.
Just a little We might be just the tiniest bit alike.
Pursuing someone we can never have no matter how hard we try Gazing at them burning with love for them.
I I'm trying to destroy Kousei Arima.
A noble sacrifice.
I'm home! A love that seeks nothing in return.
Aiza Hey, you're home.
You're early, Nagi.
I am the phantom.
The phantom who lurks in the opera house.
I'm home, brother! Hey.
Did you bring anything? Oh, I forgot.
Sorry You've been worrying about me, huh? After all, I was acting pretty weird.
Not like her.
Bursting into laughter at the drop of a hat, shrieking hysterically at trivial things, bursting into tears out of the blue, turning so gentle Giving up on something Someone close to me was just like that She's not like her Not like her at all.
It's not true.
It's not true.
It's not true.
"You really are a strange person" "You came to the hospital to visit me, and yet all this time, you haven't said a word.
" Ichigo Doumei - Mita Masahiro "Want to commit double suicide with me?" Two of a Kind Episode 17 Twilight Watch Again Next Week! Two People on a Bike is Forbidden By Law