Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e17 Episode Script


1 "Want to commit double suicide with me?" Just kidding I just thought I'd say it.
You see, I Are you going to forget? Kousei, do you feel sick or something? I'm okay.
I'm asking because you don't look okay.
Why don't we go visit Kao-chan? We haven't been able to go together lately.
It's been a while, let's go! Hey, good idea.
I'm not going.
Did he have a fight with Kao-chan, maybe? You okay with that? Saying such a thing What thing? Like rubbing salt into your enemy's wounds.
Enemy? If he's having issues over music, then I don't know how to help him.
I just think that Kousei will cheer up if he sees Kao-chan, so Well, I don't think it'll kill you to dial it up a little.
For whose sake are you studying against your will? For whose sake did you choose a higher-ranked high school? Choosing a high school near Okutsu Music College Affiliated High Who'd you do that for? Oh! W-Well, you know! Kousei's totally helpless on his own, so If only you'd be that honest and tell him that yourself.
The truth is, I wish he wouldn't go at all.
It makes me feel anxious, and I get frustrated.
I feel like being snarky to him, too When he said he wasn't going, I know I felt relieved.
And full of guilt.
And since I don't want him to see me like that, I'm doing my darnedest to put on an act.
Have I always been so horrible? I'm discovering all these different sides of myself that I never knew I had Facing all these different sides of me.
I guess that's also What you call being in love? Your head is miles away.
Let's call it a day.
Go on home.
I'm sorry.
Oh! Um, Seto-sensei, I have an emergency! Sorry! I'm counting on you, okay? Totsuhara University Hospital - 890m Huh? Arima-sensei? I was able to catch up to you just walking at a normal pace.
You walk too slow.
Your posture's terrible! You need to get a grip, or you'll look like a slob! May your dreams come true! So this Kimoto dude, he goes, "I'll play my oboe for you at the culture festival, Nagi-kun.
" How deluded is that? But wouldn't that be pretty thrilling? Depends on who.
Comes down to probably their face.
You're such a realist! Finally got you to laugh! Thanks.
Sorry to make you worry.
N-N-N-Not at all! Worry about you? Are you crazy? It would be a bore to have a wuss for an enemy, that's all.
That guy, he's unbelievable, you know.
Everyone's freaked out because he's got the whole score memorized perfectly, but he doesn't even bat an eyelash.
What is he, a gunman out of a Western? Sounds like a die-cast robot with that heart of steel, huh? Like a hero, right? Dammit! What am I supposed to tell him? Good luck Don't let him beat you How irresponsible is that? Kousei Arima Sumitani Junior Highschool So Instead of thanking him, my selfish way of compensating for being so powerless was only for self-satisfaction.
I'm an ugly phantom.
Kimoto-kun's gonna be a great performer, you know.
What? You think so? It's more important than you'd think, playing for someone else.
What are you going to play the piano for? For someone else's sake? You said you started playing the piano for someone else, right? That's when you're able to play well.
When you've shared those sounds with tons of people, when you've reached tons of people with those sounds, when your hearts come together It might be that music transcends words.
That's just a cliché.
Women are realistic.
We only believe in words.
May your dreams come true! Ravel Welcome! I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear Ravel! Commit double suicide with me.
I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to think about anything! I wish I could just stop hearing everything! Music Preparation Room Yo.
We're on our way to visit my Kaori-chan in the hospital.
Come with us.
I'm gonna pass on that.
No need to hold back because of us.
Come on, let's go.
I said I'm not going! What's wrong with you? Listen, you don't you think you're being callous? After Kaori-chan did so much for you, why are you running away? Look at me! H-Hey Kousei Watari What am I supposed to do? You see, I It doesn't look good for me.
It's not true.
It's not true.
I'm so sorry.
I made you remember something you don't want to remember.
I guess maybe we never should've met, huh? I couldn't say a word.
What could I have said to her? How should I act when I see her? Listen, Kousei.
This is just my opinion, but I think you should go see Kaori-chan after all.
Sure, if she was okay with me, I'd do anything in the world.
If it was for a girl I liked, I'd even drink muddy water, just slurp-slurp-slurp, you know? But you know what, I think for Kaori-chan, I'm not the one, you know? When she wants her own way or needs to lean on somebody Whenever she wants somebody to do something for her, it's you she always turns to, Kousei.
Enter a competition! Be my accompanist! I wish I could have a canelé.
Please support me in this moment that I'm about to lose heart.
But I just don't know what to say to her.
Don't sweat it you'll know once you're there.
A man can only take action! But for me, it's impossible.
Whether or not it's impossible, the girl will let you know.
"I didn't think you'd ever come again.
" Because I promised to bring you some canelés.
Have you been practicing the piano? Yeah.
How's school? The same as usual.
How's everybody doing? So-so.
What kind of answers are those? You don't even want to be here, do you? Yes I do! I do, but I don't know what to say, that's all.
Just go back to the way things were before.
You can just forget about it all, like you've pressed the reset button.
Tap, tap, tap like that.
Why would you I won't forget.
And that will make your heart lighter.
There's no point in remembering, anyway.
A violinist who can't hold her own bow that's pointless.
Why would why would you say such a thing? After all that howling, slapping me around, forcing me up onstage against my will After carving so many scenes into my mind that I don't want to forget That's my canelé! Like I'd let such a cranky whiner have it? I'd feel sorry for the canelé! But I'm the one who asked for it! I'm the one who bought it! What's that? That's that! Not again You're irresponsible! I wash my hands of you! Wait– You really are a weird one.
I feel so bitter so bitter And it's just so sad.
You gave me so many things Isn't there anything I can do for you? If it was for a girl I liked, I'd even drink muddy water.
I want him to notice that I'm here with my playing.
I drew this Whaaat? You want to perform at the culture festival? A bolt out of the blue? I don't get it! What are you thinking? You're really pushing it.
Please! Fine.
No way! But it's your big moment.
What am I gonna do? Are you really sure? I only asked because I had nothing to lose.
Grovel some more, Kousei Arima! I don't really know where this is coming from, but since I was struggling to come up with a program and I think it'll be intriguing Thanks.
Arima-sensei why do you want to perform at the culture festival? Hey, there, my princess.
Wanna discuss The Knight of the Rose with us? We reserved a booth at a diner for you.
Nagi, let's have a crepe on the way home.
Can't do it.
You have a date? Make it sound more springy.
Use your wrists to play softly.
Maybe you should wait an extra beat.
Speed up the intro and vary the pace.
No way! How many times did you go over it? It's even more accurate than yesterday.
You're not eating? No.
I'm not really hungry.
I'm gonna go practice.
She's pushing herself too hard, don't you think? I made a mistake! I'm sorry! Don't worry about misplaying the notes sometimes.
Let's hear you play it through.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Good luck! We'll be there, no matter what! You're this year's main draw! Ibata-sensei will be in the audience.
So turn in a perfect performance.
If he acknowledges your talent, you'll be set for life! I hear they're sending a reporter.
They're doing a feature on "a beautiful young female pianist.
" Four more days.
I'm looking forward to this.
Four more days.
I only have four more days to make this piece my own.
We have high hopes for you! She gets extra points for her looks, don't you think? The magazine writer's coming just to see Nagi.
She'll own everyone else without even trying.
Lolicon bait! Your parents must be so proud.
Good luck! She's nothing but a pretty face.
I've got to endure this suffering for another four days? Hey! Nagi! Help me, Mom My hearing Once again, I'm a failure as an instructor.
I'm about to let history repeat itself.
Nagi I I'm afraid.
Even though it's just a school event even though it's not an important competition.
We're all afraid.
Even me, even Kousei And I'm sure even Takeshi Aiza-kun Your whole life is condensed into a scant few minutes onstage.
Sure it's scary, and it makes no sense, either.
Then why are you still a pianist, Seto-sensei? Once you get past that, there's a moment when the slate gets wiped clean.
All the months of agony, screaming, suffering, and struggling There's a moment when you're rewarded for all that.
When you've reached tons of people with those sounds, when your hearts come together music just might transcend words.
Maybe we're creatures who just can't help ourselves possessed by that moment.
It's a little like being in love.
We Gotcha! Don't monopolize the bathroom! I give up! Koharu, at least take the left leg! Your place is not here in the bathroom.
You're afraid to go out onstage because you practiced so hard.
You gave your body and soul to the piano, and that's why you're afraid to expose them.
If anyone calls you a "mentally unprepared coward," I'll kill them myself.
Throw out that non-existent chest of yours.
You're Kousei Arima's apprentice! No, I'm not! He's my enemy! That's the spirit! Now let's settle this once and for all, onstage Watari? Huh? I want you to do something for me.
But I haven't told you anything yet.
If it's you who's asking, it's cool.
Kurumi School Festival Kuru School Festival This is the scent of pure, musical maidens! The place is packed with cute girls! Woo hoo! You're like a walking hard-on.
Hey! This way, right? Looks like it's already started.
Too bad they're plodding along like that when they've got those costumes on.
That's what makes them cute.
Nagi-chan will be up soon, right? How did that turn out? Who knows? She wouldn't even tell me a thing about it.
Could it be that she's outgrown her big brother complex? Must be sad for you, Big Bro! Nah, it's a relief.
Good job, Komugi! I think I did a good job! Huh? Where's Nagi? Namahage? Bad kids will They're getting huge laughs? That's gonna make a serious act like ours stick out like a sore thumb! This school festival is a terrifying event! Are you okay? O-O-O-Of course I'm okay, why wouldn't I be? You're quite calm yourself, Arima-sensei! Lose your head more! I'm so overwhelmed, I don't have time to be nervous, I guess That's right.
The first time I met you, your hand was trembling, too.
What do you think you're doing, you pervert? You sexual harasser! If you squeeze my hand so hard, your fingers will lock up.
Now open up your hand and relax We're all afraid.
Even me, even Kousei Were you driven into a corner, too? Are you afraid, too? The same way I am? A friend of mine told me once.
"Just play with sincerity, give the performance of your life with everything you've got.
" But I've only lived for thirteen years.
Even if it's only been thirteen years for you, and for everyone who's watched you till now, it's thirteen years that can't be replaced.
Let's believe in it, the time you've devoted to music.
Performer No.
8, please take the stage.
That's us All right, let's go! Right.
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