Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Hand in Hand

1 Tsubaki caught a cold? That she-gorilla who wears shorts year-round? What a weird sneeze.
Combat medics! Take shelter! Gorilla germs! Who you callin' a gorilla? It's on the warpath! Here some lemonade.
Wh-What's up with that? My mom said that vitamin C's good for colds.
I-It's not like I have a cold! Gorillas don't catch colds! You're not a gorilla, Tsubaki.
You're a girl, Tsubaki.
All better now! Whoa Happy New Year! Oh, man, entrance exams! I was cramming all through winter break.
Maybe I'll try for a lower-ranked school.
Long time no see! He got early admission.
No fair! Wednesday January 11th I got a Grade B! National Unified Junior High Mock Exam Entrance Exam Results - By School Love, right? Yeah, it's love.
Because of love.
You can do it if you try, Tsubaki! I'm gonna go brag to him! Music Preparation Room Kousei? Darn.
Hey! Where do you think you're going? No way! I'll only be a third wheel! You're checking in, right? My Kaori-chan's waiting.
Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Hey, you, just because you made it through the prelims, don't think you can afford to get cocky and loiter here! Go practice, you loser! You're the one who told me to stop by! Today at school, see Yes, yes? This one girl said she's going to an all-girls school.
Okay? I guess all-girls schools are kind of glamorous, huh? What? I don't know about that.
Well, you'd fit right in, Kaori-chan! At an all-girls school! What? You think so? Yeah, yeah, yeah! Kao-chan likes Watari, you know.
Watari-kun! Watari-kun! A girl who likes my best friend.
I'm a voyeur, and a substitute, and a baggage handler, and a pianist, and an accompanist, and I'm not Watari.
Hey, are you serious? Your mom's gonna blow a fuse.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes so that she'll let me keep her.
My mom likes animals, too, you know.
I bet it'll be okay.
Drink this.
If you don't dry yourself off, you'll catch a cold! I couldn't find Chelsea anywhere.
Not at the junkyard or under the bridge If she's out here in this cold She'll die! Even though I couldn't say a word, and I knew that my mom would get rid of her, Chelsea still might have survived, but Puppet.
The human metronome.
They're exactly right.
I'm just a soulless puppet that my mother created.
That's not true, you do have a soul.
You've got all these good qualities - a ton! I know you do! For example Like right now, you're running around like your life depended on it.
Isn't that because you regret it? Because you want to tell Chelsea you're sorry? You do too have a soul, Kousei.
It's just that you're good at hiding it.
So good, you can't even find it yourself.
So I'm going to find it for you.
So you won't lose your way, so you won't have regrets I'll stay by your side forever.
After all, I know everything there is to know about you.
Going to the hospital today? Yeah.
She orders me to check in with her regularly, then she says if I have time to go, I should practice.
Which is it? Watari Watari came to see Kao-chan, too? Tsubaki Looks like it's gonna rain.
Let's head home today, huh? I can smell the rain.
Hey, here it comes! It's coming down! Here.
I wish it would just snow instead.
You'd only wish that until it piled up.
If the snow had its own flavor, we'd have world peace, huh? If our tap water was lemonade, it would eradicate the common cold.
Talking like we always do The banter joking around Suddenly having to take shelter from the rain.
That's a cute handkerchief you're using, Tsubaki.
A boy right next to me.
You're like a girl, Tsubaki.
You're a girl, Tsubaki.
So you're a girl, Tsubaki.
I know you didn't want to.
To go see Kao-chan.
Because Watari was there.
That's not it.
Well, I didn't think we should get in their way.
When it could just be the two of them.
No! You just can't take it! It hurts to see Kao-chan and Watari laughing together.
That's why you're avoiding her.
I can tell right away when you're holding back.
Just like you stayed by my side, I want to stay by yours.
I can read you like a book, Kousei.
You like Kao-chan, Kousei.
Miwa said something once.
"The moment I met him, my life changed.
Everything I saw, everything I heard, everything I felt all the scenery around me It started to take on color.
My world began to sparkle.
" Friend A! Yeah.
What a moron! Kao-chan likes Watari, you know! She always did, remember? As if she'd ever give you a second look! I know.
When it comes to girls, if you're up against Watari, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell! I know.
You said you'd stay by my side.
I can tell right away when you're holding back.
You don't know the first thing about me, you liar.
You've never once thought of me as a girl.
What a moron Kao-chan likes Watari.
And you have no choice but to love me! Moron! Moron! How's that for taking the plunge? Screw you! I took the first step! I made him see me as a girl! I went through a lot of suffering.
So you can suffer, too! Suffer, suffer, suffer, and think about me constantly! It finally started.
But what's gonna happen now? My heart's about to burst.
The rain in winter feels so good.
It tastes like lemonade.
The time I exist in just started flowing M-Morning.
Uh Hey, Tsubaki! I'm exhausted.
Let's go home.
Don't you have a cold? I just got caught in the rain.
Don't worry about me, just pitch.
You're gonna chase them down, okay? Sure thing.
Did something happen between you and Arima? You trying to kill me?! Idiot Tsubaki! It's your fault for saying something freaky like that! Humph! It's so obvious.
You were so aiming for the music room Did you two fight again? Nope.
I just gave Kousei a good kick.
Come to think of it, he was limping.
Imbecile! Smartass! Four Eyes! Suffer some more for all I care! No way am I ever gonna show up to root for you again! Live a lonely life! Don't yell at me.
Think about me more, dummy Kousei! Reach him Reach him My shot.
And you have no choice but to What was that all about, I wonder? She was just messing around, right? But for Tsubaki to make that kind of joke He's like a kid brother.
Enigmas girls are such enigmas Seto Hey, you! Are you into this or not? You don't have much time before the finals in February! I'm sorry.
What a cop-out of a performance.
How cliché.
Did he wet his pants? You're up against top talents loaded with grit and passion.
Whether you'll be going on to high school here, or leaving the country, how you do in this competition will decide your future as a pianist.
Better man up, you're standing at the crossroads.
You don't have to come to the hospital anymore.
Huh? The final's coming up soon, right? If you have time to come here, you should go over the sheet music.
Pound even one more phrase into your head! So anyway, bye bye now! What's up with that?! She's the one who told me to check in regularly! She's so selfish! So irresponsible! So outrageous! Was it something I did? Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that chocolate bar at the hospital.
And I don't say anything when I'm there.
Maybe I pissed her off by talking about Aiza-san? If I stop checking in then I won't have a reason to see you anymore.
Kaori Miyazono What do you want? Look! Look! There's a plane in the sky! It's a night flight! Amazing! Huh? Oh, hey, you're right.
What? You can see it, too? Wow, the sky's connected, then, huh? Huh? Is that all? Yes.
Something wrong? The plane crosses the sea of stars.
Like a cat, you silently creep up to me.
You told me not to come to the hospital.
But I didn't say I wouldn't call you.
It's flying really low, even though it's night.
She bombards me from an unexpected angle.
I'm dumbfounded, always following you.
I'll stop by again.
I told you, you don't have to.
You know you don't have the time.
It's not about the time.
I want to see you.
A lump of steel, like a shooting star.
Just seeing the same sky as you makes familiar scenery look different.
I swing between hope and despair at your slightest gesture, and my heart starts to play a melody.
What kind of feeling is this again? What do they call this kind of feeling? I think it's probably called loved.
Is that a problem? I'm sure this is what they call love.
I'm finally set.
Hey, good for you! Well, it's a sports scholarship, so no surprises there.
They told me to report to the soccer team starting in March.
It's the bottom of the heap all over again.
Gonna be tough.
Yeah, but still, who knew? You hated it whenever I asked you to come with me to see her.
I was avoiding her.
Whenever I compare myself to Watari, I always get depressed.
You like Kao-chan, Kousei.
You're you.
Hey, Watari.
I really like Miyazono.
Stupid! I knew that.
Hey, so you're finally gonna duke it out with me, huh? Get Dr.
Katagiri! Isn't that Kaori-chan's room? Hang on! The doctor will be here soon, all right? Ms.
Miyazono, are you with me? You'll get better in no time, okay? Take a deep breath, Ms.
Miyazono! Please hurry, Doctor! Ms.
Miyazono! Ms.
Miyazono! Ms.
Miyazono, look at me! Ms.
Miyazono! Ms.
Miyazono, look at me! Ms.
Miyazono, can you hear me?! Ms.
Miyazono! What are you two doing?! Ms.
Miyazono! Stay with us! We're treating her now! Go home today! Totsuhara University Hospital Hello?! Hello?! Hello?! Get me that X-ray.
Check its blood type.
He was pretty much beyond saving when he got hit.
I'm sorry, but Thank you very much.
Are you okay? Yes.
Do you think you'll be able to forget? You come, too! Your hands are happy to be touching mine.
I'm glad it's you.
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