Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e21 Episode Script


1 No way.
When I went to see her the other day, we talked like always.
"Let's go shopping for spring clothes" That kind of stuff.
When Kousei and I got to the hospital Like, all of a sudden.
Kaori-chan's in the ICU right now.
She's gonna be okay, right? We can see her again, right? I dunno.
But it really doesn't look too good.
No You and Kousei? So Kousei knows about this, too? Training with Hiroko Complete Eastern Japan Piano Competition Finals Seto Hiroko Arima Please Save Kousei, please Kousei's gonna break down all over again Arima Dammit, Kousei! I'm coming in! Kousei! What do you think you're doing? Do you understand the situation you're in? You only have so many days before the competition! Okay, we're going to practice! Get on your feet now! I can't do this Can't do this anymore Hiroko Why does it have to end up this way? All I all I ever wanted was To play the piano, and make my mother get well that's all All I did was fall in love Why does it have to end up this way? I can't go on.
No more I can't try anymore Totsuhara University Hospital Requested.
-Watari Adorable stationery! Requested.
-Watari I want canelés.
Hey! They let me come back to my room yesterday.
Oh, boy, what an ordeal.
That was my first time ever inside an ICU.
You just can't relax in there, you know.
You really caught me at an awkward moment! That's why I told you not to come to the hospital.
Hey! Wh-What are you doing? Don't come to see me and then stand around looking so gloomy! You're gonna make me even sicker! Oh Canelé! I want to eat it outside! It's too cold.
Not in this hospital room! Come on, come on, come on! One word about me being heavy, and I'll kick your butt, all right? I think you could stand to eat more.
She's light Very light.
At some level, I felt easy in my mind.
That she was all right now.
That she was so strong, she could just send her illness packing.
That this "now" would go on forever.
She loves stuffed animals, and loves sweets.
You're just a normal girl, and yet I'm a moron.
Wow Snow.
Are you playing the piano? No, I'm not.
I knew it.
"You're feeling sorry for yourself.
" I can't do it anymore.
The people I care about keep leaving me.
The people I care about music takes them away from me.
I'm going to be left all alone.
But you have me.
But you have me.
I'm going to have surgery, see.
Training with Hiroko Complete Eastern Japan Piano Competition Finals On February 18.
I'm going to struggle as hard as I can.
Struggle, struggle, struggle, like there's no tomorrow.
It's your fault.
It's all your fault, all of it.
The reason I'm putting up such an unseemly struggle, why I'm so fixated on living it's your fault.
You gave me this desire to cling to the time that I spend with you.
Aren't you going to struggle, too? We're so good at struggling! We risk our lives to struggle, because we're musicians, remember? But I haven't touched the piano for a week now.
My fingers It was the same when you were my accompanist.
Back then, I was always playing the piano for my part-time job.
No way can I play decently now! Being able to play in this state would be a miracle.
You're looking down again.
See? Miracles can happen just like that! You exist inside me, Kousei Arima.
You like egg sandwiches.
You like Moo Moo Brand milk.
What else do you like? What are your favorite insects? What kind of stuff did you collect? What anime shows did you like? There's so much that I don't know.
I envy Tsubaki-chan for knowing everything.
I want to know so many things about you.
So I'm so scared.
I'm so scared.
Don't leave me all alone! I'm a moron.
She's ultra-violent.
Her personality blows.
She leaves the worst impression.
But She's beautiful.
You're so beautiful in the snow.
Eastern Japan Piano Competition We're going to start the anesthesia, all right? Now take a deep breath.
Listen, Doctor "We all need someone to kiss us goodbye.
" Marcie.
Her pulse is stable.
Anesthesia induction complete.
We're going to begin the surgery now.
Bravo! Igawa-san! You've won You couldn't have played better, Emi! All I can do is sigh.
Brother gave a great performance, too, but on another level, she didn't concede an inch! I see So this person is ahead of me on the path I want to follow.
That was splendid.
I thought that Takeshi would be the runaway favorite, but there's no way to tell.
Artistic impression's all that separates them now You're certainly putting on the finishing touches.
You damned witch.
This district is unbelievable.
There are actually two prodigies.
Wonder which one's gonna win? Oh, amateurs! The greatest pianist of all has yet to play, you know.
Huh? Miike? As always, so adept at fanning the flames of determination, that Ms.
Seto, how was he? Mr.
Arima? Oh, awful.
I brought him to the venue, but who knows if he can play decently.
He's reverted to that state from two years ago.
It's not even a matter of how he does in this competition anymore.
He might very well be finished as a pianist, too.
Help me.
Help me! I'm at my wits' end Good job! You were good! Did you see that, Takeshi? Arima? Hey, what's the matter? You're not feeling well? Want me to get you some medicine? I can bring you an antacid right away.
Isn't he just getting himself focused? Huh? Oh Yeah, but still play.
Gotta play, gotta play, gotta play.
Operation in Progress Arima will be up soon.
Arima! Arima will be coming.
Can't wait! To hear the transformed genius! No.
23, Kousei Arima.
You're going on soon.
Please stand by in the wings.
Are you okay? Yeah I'm fine.
I'm fine, all right? You're fine? Your face couldn't be paler.
Anybody can see that you're not yourself.
Come on, let's go to the infirmary! Sorry.
But I've got to play.
Because I'm a pianist.
Because I promised.
It's Arima! It's Arima-kun! There he is! It's Arima-san! Dude's not gonna pass out or anything, is he? I made you remember something you don't want to remember.
A violinist who can't hold her own bow that's pointless.
I won't forget.
I won't forget, even if I die.
I've got to play.
You can just forget about it all, like you've pressed the reset button.
I've got to play.
I guess maybe we never should've met, huh? I've got to play.
I've got to play.
Because I'm a pianist.
Arima? Kousei! What's going on? Is it the pressure? It's getting to Arima? You're looking down again.
Tsubaki, you dummy! I don't know you! I don't know you! Tsubaki You're here I see.
Everybody's watching me.
This isn't just pesante It sounds so deep, so unhurried.
Ah What a remarkably rich sound Chopin's Ballade No.
1 in G Minor, Op.
Like a whisper, like a show of affection, so gently The sound of Chopin's Ballade, emanating so sorrowfully.
You were thinking about a girl you like, right? You bet I was.
For now, just play from your heart.
Inside my heart, it's all chaos.
What a cliché.
It's not all bad, you know.
Oh, come on.
You've done nothing but play the piano.
Can't help that.
I'm not good with words, remember? Everybody's watching The reason I'm here right now is because I had you.
The people who played a part in my life.
The people who made my life fuller.
I can't let them down.
Hey, we're musicians.
So everything's gotta be expressed in music, right? Yeah, Aiza.
You're absolutely right.
Even if we're sad, or a total mess, even if we've hit rock bottom, we've still got to play.
Do you think I can do it? No worries, no worries.
We'll figure it out.
Because we rule! Play.
That's who I am, how I'm going to live my life.
Because I'm a pianist.
Just like you I'm a musician, after all! Amazing! This is incredible Mr.
Arima! Mr.
Arima, your life Mr.
Arima, your music It's taken on all this color! Kousei's performance is bursting with color.
Snow Bursting with such mournful color.
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