Shooter (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

The Importance of Service

1 BOB LEE: Previously, on "Shooter" You're having a heart attack, Senator.
Who's Carlita Cruz, Department of Agriculture? Did you know you'd set off such a shitstorm killing Senator Hayes? Let's go somewhere I know they can't track us.
That was Atlas issued.
Access to the phone is encrypted.
I haven't heard the name Jimmy Poole in a long time.
He had a good job lined up at the slaughterhouse.
Bama Cattle? HARRIS: Red Bama? What business does that backwoods drunk have with the Undersecretary of Agriculture? [GASPS, GRUNTS] - I was handling - You weren't handling shit.
Swagger's not some local loser you can push around; he's a professional.
Atlas and this Swagger's been interlinked since the beginning.
I wanted to be the first one to officially welcome you to the family.
This family have a name? BOB LEE: Government said the Phoenix Program ended after the war.
What if they just changed their name? To Atlas? If Phoenix became Atlas, then my dad was one of the founding fathers.
[PHONE RINGING] "Connect to download target file.
" Adam Lee.
Open target for termination.
locations? NADINE: They're using probabilities.
Location one has an 85% chance of contact.
Location two only has 15%.
So they gather data on a target, - then use an algorithm to - [DEVICE BEEPS] What did you just do? ISAAC: I signed up for the first location.
But we don't even know what target ISAAC: Someone else just grabbed number two.
All right, I'll cover that.
We're gonna have to split up.
What happens if the target shows up in your sights - instead of mine? - Gee, I don't know, Dad.
If that happens, that means you're gonna have to neutralize whatever operative just signed up and take the target on your own.
Well, then I'll handle it.
Can't have it both ways, Isaac, choose a target or the operative.
I want the target.
[TENSE MUSIC] [GRASS CRUNCHING] Awfully noisy for a famous sniper.
If I was trying to kill you, you wouldn't hear me.
Stand down, Frank.
Never even get it unholstered.
You know, I've always liked conversing out here in the fresh morning air before the day's bullshit has gone and polluted it.
New target every day, huh? Today, pheasants.
Yesterday, Harris.
Who's it gonna be tomorrow? Ah, I don't know, it's early yet.
What the hell do you want? I came to ask what you want with an irrelevant D.
Or better yet, what Atlas wants from him.
I thought you'd want answers about your father.
Same thing.
This proves my dad was in Phoenix during Vietnam.
We both know that Phoenix became Atlas after that.
I'll be darned.
: You know, you seem to think that everything is some big conspiracy when the truth is much more biblical.
What's that supposed to mean? It means that when your daddy got back from Vietnam, he was messed up good.
So he found himself some comfort in the arms of a pretty girl.
His was called Edie Poole.
Jimmy Poole's wife? - That's bullshit.
- You sure about that? What I'm sure of is there was a second shooter.
And he was a Poole too.
Now you go on with due diligence and you'll see that I'm right.
Now, what is your interest in this kid? You turn him over to me, and I'll leave you be.
[GRUNTS] [COUGHING] Happy huntin'.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] HARRIS: Did he say what he wants from me? BOB LEE: Nope.
He was too busy spouting off lies about my dad.
But he's not gonna stop coming at you.
And I'm sorry, man, but I can't have that danger around my family.
Oh, I completely understand.
Uh, Texas and I are actually in the midst of a very mutual breakup.
Thank you for the clothes.
I will mail them to you, uh once I've washed the fear out of them.
Keep 'em.
I already talked to Nadine.
I'll take you to Dallas.
She's gonna fly in, make sure you get someplace safe.
I can't decide if the fact that my ex-girlfriend is now my babysitter is kind of hot or kind of sad.
I'm gonna go check in with my wife and then we'll roll.
Hey, Dallas is five hours from here, right? Yeah, that's why we got to get moving.
Okay, I'll I'll take the bus.
Ah ah, that's not a good idea.
Swagger, don't argue with me.
I'm a grown man.
I can accept the the risks.
I will, however, take you up on a ride to the nearest bus station.
Also, I was thinking, maybe a gun? [SCOFFS] So he shoots one guy's face off and all of a sudden, he wants a gun.
Let's just say my position on guns has changed dramatically in the last 24 hours.
Try this instead.
- It's very pink.
- It's pepper spray.
Julie used to carry it up in Seattle.
- Suits you.
- Thanks for that.
Okay, seriously if you get into any trouble, just go for the vulnerable areas, okay? - Your groin, eyes, knee.
- Yeah, yeah.
Groin, eyes, knee.
Thank u.
I've got eyes on location one.
Location two in position.
ISAAC: Good, we have some time.
Not really.
I'm wheels up to Dallas to pick up Harris soon.
Just can't get rid of that guy, huh? NADINE: Bob Lee says he knows something.
Maybe he'll prove useful.
Like a screen door in a submarine? [SCOFFS] What would you have me do? Leave him to fend off Atlas alone? I'm not in the business of saving lives, Nadine.
I leave that to you and Swagger.
Except right now, we are saving a life.
We take the target alive so we can find out what he knows, That's how this whole thing works, right? - [GUN COCKS] - Copy that.
- We're making cookies, Daddy.
I can see that, Mouse.
Auntie Ann's teaching us how to make 'em from scratch.
- Yeah? - And I don't share my top secret recipe with just anyone.
Do you want to help us? Oh, I wish I could but Daddy's got to run an errand.
But could you save me a couple for later? - For a midnight snack? - [BOTH LAUGH] Yes, Mouse, for a midnight snack.
- Babe, you got a minute? - Yeah.
Did you even come to bed last night? Briefly.
Couldn't sleep again.
So, um, this errand, does it have anything to do with your friend in the panic room? Yeah, that's just Nadine's ex, Harris Downey.
She asked if he could crash here for a couple of days, but I'm taking him to the bus station now, then I'll be home.
Look, whatever trouble he's in I'm guessing it has to do with your father's death, right? You saw the bullets, Jules.
There was a second shooter.
But I also heard Sam, and he said that it was probably a Poole, so case closed.
Sam said what? - Yo, Sam! - [KNOCKS ON DOOR] SAM: You here to raise hell about me giving Julie a job? Or just to take an old man to lunch? That all depends on how you answer my questions.
Oh, Lord.
Here we go.
The other day you said if somebody else shot my dad it would probably been another Poole.
What did that mean? Those Pooles are like cockroaches, son.
You tell yourself there's just the one in front of you and there's always more.
I heard a rumor.
I need to know if that's all it is.
Edie Poole, my father.
That's it.
I already let you sully his corpse.
I won't let you do the same to his reputation.
That's not a no.
You listen to me, Bob Lee.
Earl loved June.
Through and through.
I just want the truth.
I deserve that much.
It's not my secret to tell.
All right, well, then tell me where Edie is.
I'll ask her.
I haven't the faintest idea where that woman is.
I'ma find her myself.
Wait just a damn second.
Bob Lee! - [PHONE RINGING] - It's taking too long.
Lee should be here by now.
Yeah, I know [TENSE MUSIC] Shit, he's here.
ISAAC: Damn it.
All right, there'll be at least one Atlas operative, maybe two.
NADINE: Yeah, I know.
ISAAC: Remember, it could be anyone.
Yeah, I know that too.
What do you see? Who do you see? Isaac, shut up.
Memphis? Shit.
Hey! Hey! [GRUNTING] What the hell? [GUNSHOT] [SCREAMING] It's Atlas.
Come on, let's go.
[KNOCKING AT DOOR] [BANGING ON DOOR] Hey! Thought I told you last time, Swagger, you ain't welcome here.
I ain't here for no trouble, Johnny.
Then what the hell you doing trespassing? I don't give a shit about what you got going on down there.
I'm still looking for Edie.
Now, is your grandma or or you daughter [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [DARK MUSIC] [HOLLOW RINGING TONES] Bet you woke up now.
You don't want to do that.
No? Why's that? 'Cause I'm not gonna be locked up here forever.
After you're dead, we'll untie you so we can keep that chair.
Who'd you tell about our operation, Swagger? Who knows you're here? Nobody, man.
I told you.
I'm here about Edie.
SUZY: What the hell's wrong with you, Dad? Help me get him up.
You ain't supposed to be here, Suzy.
Mind your own business.
Hey! [GRUNTS] Get the hell out of here, both of you.
Don't you think it's a little cliché, dealing drugs, beating up young girls? You know, it's guys like you that make some people not think too kindly of the South.
[GUN CLICKS] The objective was to neutralize the Atlas threat and bring the target here, which I did.
You didn't neutralize a threat.
You shot it in the shoulder.
Now the SatPhone is burnt and Atlas knows we're on to them.
Wh I need to go get Harris.
So go.
Calm your nerves.
Okay, so are you guys gonna tell me who you are now? 'Cause you're not Atlas and you're not cops.
So who are you? We're the people that saved your life.
And we suggest you start paying that debt by telling us why they want you dead to begin with.
He tells me what I want to know, he'll be fine.
[EERIE TONES] [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Is she coming back? I need to know who you told about us.
Did it ever occur to you that I didn't know shit about your backwoods coke operation till you decided to tie me up in the middle of it? Coke? Please.
America wants opioids now.
That shit sells itself.
Hey, man, you want that on your conscience, ain't no business of mine.
I came here with questions about Edie.
You answer 'em, I was never here.
And if I don't? Well, I imagine the sheriff is a lot less forgiving when it comes to drug dealers.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, you got some big ones, Swagger.
I'll give you that.
Giving me orders when you don't got shit.
[GRUNTS] [GAGGING] Make a sound and I'll shoot you.
You answer my questions, I was never here.
So ask, asshole.
Was there another Poole on a long gun the night my father was killed? What the hell you talking about? I'm about to break your arm at the elbow.
That's six months of no jerking off, we clear? If we knew Uncle Jimmy was gonna meet your daddy that night, there'd have been 20 of us in that field, not one.
Trust me, no Poole would have killed your daddy and kept his mouth shut about it.
Anybody ever run their mouth about Edie and my dad? Even she wouldn't have stooped so low.
I need to find her! Good luck, I ain't seen that bitch in 30 years.
Back in there.
All right.
I'm gonna get up now and then you are too, slow.
Come on now.
[GRUNTING] I'm gonna be keeping this and you're gonna be keeping your hands to yourself from now on, you understand me? Get off my property, asshole.
Oh, gladly.
Get in that room.
Go on.
BIG POOLE: You shouldn't have helped him, you stupid bitch.
[CLATTERING] [DARK MUSIC] Hey! [GRUNTING] - [GASPS] - [GRUNTS] Come on, I'll take you someplace safe, - maybe your mom's.
- She's gone.
Well, I can't leave you here.
This is where I live.
It doesn't have to be.
Don't hurt him! BOB LEE: You take better care of her, you understand? And tell your brother I'll be checking in.
Anybody around here hurts her again, I'm coming back, but it's gonna end different.
[TENSE MUSIC] Why do you always drive to this feed store when there are places closer to home? [SIGHS] There's a girl that works here.
Her husband got himself in trouble a while back.
I had to put him away.
So I check in on her from time to time.
You're a good man, Earl Swagger.
That's what Ma would say.
Oh, morning, Sheriff.
This must be your boy.
Hello, I'm Is my order all ready then? Course, got it inside for you.
I'll be right in.
That's her? She's nice.
This world is shit, Bob Lee.
Yes, sir.
Don't just say "Yes, sir.
" Think about what I'm saying to you.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Yes, sir.
That's why a real man commits himself to service.
To remember that there are things that are more important than our own selfishness.
Wait here.
HARRIS: Are you here? Nadine, the guy next to me was literally eating Chinese food while trimming his nose hairs.
I need to get back to civilization.
I don't see you.
Where are you? I just got here.
I'll be down in 60 seconds.
- Stay put.
- Oh, great, because I'm sure no one can kill me in 60 seconds.
NADINE: No one's here to kill you, Harris.
If they knew you were on that bus, they would have done it then when you were a sitting duck.
Oh oh, Jesus.
Uh, okay.
NADINE: Just stay calm, act like you have somewhere to be.
I do have somewhere to be, my old life, where reading a presidential tweet was about the most excitement I'd have in a day.
HARRIS: I-I feel like everybody's watching me.
All right, hold on a second, I'm gonna try something.
NADINE: No, Harris, don't try anything.
Just stay where you are.
Harris? Okay, right, I lost 'em.
Never mind, false alarm.
NADINE: Take it down a notch, Harris.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, all the excitement, I get a little Hey, man, you got a dollar? Jesus! [SCREAMING] NADINE: Harris? Come with me, sir.
- Hey, somebody call the cops! - NADINE: Harris! Harris! [PEOPLE SCREAMING] Harris! [EXCITING MUSIC] Hey, home in time for lunch, huh? [SIGHS] What's wrong? My father w was having an affair with Jimmy Poole's wife.
What? Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
I even remember once he took me to the feed store where she worked apparently still does.
So are you gonna go talk to her? For what? Baby, the more I learn about him, the more I realize everything I knew about him was a lie.
Look, that's not true, okay.
- I just I think that - [PHONE RINGING] It's Nadine.
[PHONE BEEPS] Yeah? Hey, Harris is gone.
Freaked out, got himself grabbed up.
I've combed the place top to bottom.
- I've got nothing.
- Damn it.
I knew I shouldn't have let him go alone.
It's got to be Red.
I know.
Do you have any idea where'd he take him? BOB LEE: Out of Texas, Probably on a plane by now.
Isaac's got an arms broker in custody.
He's worked for Atlas.
I'll lean in on him.
NADINE: He might be able to lead us to active Atlas locations.
Yeah, have him check anywhere he sent anything the last few weeks.
My gut tells me that Red will stay local, rural.
He's not gonna take Harris to D.
, not if somebody else wants what he might have.
Text me if you get a lead.
I'll meet you when I can.
Harris got grabbed.
What does that have to do with you? - Come on, Jule.
- [SIGHS] I'm serious.
If it's not one conspiracy, it's another.
Yeah, but this isn't a conspiracy.
This is me trying to help save someone's life.
You don't really want me to just walk away from that, do you? JULIE: Do what you got to do.
[SIGHS] I asked you a question.
[SIGHS] I'm just a broker.
A middleman.
What's your expertise? I sell all kinds of shit.
Okay? Guns, tanks, meds, whatever you need.
What does Atlas need? Explosives.
[PHONE RINGS] [LINE RINGING] ISAAC: I'm still with our friend, Memphis.
- What's the sit-rep? - NADINE: Atlas got Harris.
We need to pressure Lee on likely holding locations.
NADINE: Turn the heat up but keep him breathing.
Copy that, Memphis.
I need to piss.
- Hey! - Not until you tell me where you sent the explosives.
What the hell, man? I want exact locations.
- Stop it! - You like to party, right? That's what I read in your Atlas file.
This'll just look like a drunken night gone wrong.
What, you are Atlas? ISAAC: I am who I need to be minute by minute.
All right, man man, I-I've sent stuff all over the world, all right? Iran, Kuwait.
Last month it was some small city in Nigeria called Yolo.
Where that bomb killed 30 kids in school? I told you, I'm a middleman.
If I didn't set up the sales, someone else would.
Come on, man, hate the game, not the player [SHOUTS, SCREAMS] Oh! Okay! Let me back in! Let me back in! I want domestic locations, recent.
Virginia? Texas? Domestic shipments have all been Semtex.
Uh, last shipment was to a-an airfield in Missouri.
It's called Five Mile! It's called Five Mile! Five Mile? It's called Five Jesus.
Downey, come in, come I Take those cuffs off.
I told you this would not be necessary.
That's all.
I am sorry about that.
Please, have a seat.
I knew you were a bright one.
First of all, let me apologize for going through such measures to get you alone.
Disruptive but necessary.
That's subjective.
Yes, well, we won't have to worry about any interruptions here.
What do you want from me? I want to offer you a job, for one.
You worked for Hayes.
You know how our behemoth of a government operates.
Thought I did, until recently.
Well, all this fighting, hiding, sneaking around, that's not you, Harris.
You're a city kid.
You drink lattes.
You read "The New Yorker.
" And if you come to work for me, you can have your old life back.
Your former boss was holding onto something of mine.
It's time I got it back.
HARRIS: What is it? RED BAMA SR.
: A decryption device, one of a kind.
Made by a very smart mathematician, Hoffman, a German, but we can forgive him for that.
What's it decrypt? That's classified, but internally we call it the God Box.
Now I am told that you're the one who emptied his safe.
Is that true? Yes.
This was not in there.
Have you ever head the saying "Man is not what he is, he is what he hides"? [TENSE MUSIC] Telling you the truth.
I-I've never seen anything like that in my life.
That's fine, Harris.
That's that's fine.
Hi, I'm I'm looking for Edie Poole.
Do I know you? I'm Julie Swagger.
Let's get some fresh air.
I'm sorry for just showing up like this.
I look, I-I'm here for my husband.
He's, you know, been searching for answers about Earl - and I - I-It's all true, dear.
I promised myself years ago that if Earl's boy ever sought me out, I would tell him the truth.
[SIGHS] How how did it all start? The church assigned all of us young girls a local soldier to write to during Vietnam.
I got Earl.
Course, it was friendly then, innocent.
It wasn't until Earl arrested Jimmy more than a decade later that it became more.
That's why Jimmy killed Earl.
Because he found out? No.
No one knew.
Oh, come on, Edie.
It's West Texas.
Gossip spreads faster than wildfire.
If Jimmy knew then all the Pooles knew.
And if that was the case I'd have been six feet under the very next day.
In a town that small, sometimes the only privacy you get is keeping a secret.
You know, Earl wasn't much one for the limelight.
But he loved the job.
Gave him purpose.
Yeah, I think, uh I think Bob Lee misses it too.
You know, the purpose of a mission.
You know, he's back, it's just not the same.
Can you wait here a minute? - I got something for you.
- All right.
Something that might help Bob Lee understand the man his daddy was.
[COUNTRY MUSIC OVER RADIO] It's cold outside I just wanna stay in bed [MUSIC CONTINUES FAINTLY] - You just getting here? - Yep.
Memphis could have got you a plane.
BOB LEE: Nah, the drive did me good.
I needed time to think.
NADINE: Finally.
ISAAC: Had to wait for light anyway.
NADINE: I know.
I just hope he's okay.
I wouldn't worry too much.
After spending two days with him, I'm pretty sure Harris can run his mouth until a rescue.
All right.
There's an old mining camp.
It's been inactive for decades, land abandoned, but it was bought at auction a few years ago.
I traced the sale.
Cash came from a government grant for rural development, courtesy of the Department of Ag.
That's Red.
And you got all this intel from the arms broker? He sent Semtex to the closest airfield a few weeks ago place called Five Mile.
Two clicks over the Missouri border.
I connected the rest of the dots to lead us here.
So at first light, I'll go in on foot.
You take overwatch.
Memphis, keep the engine running.
I'll grab Harris, you'll be exfil.
- How? - How we gonna get out? No, how did you connect an airfield in Missouri to a mine in Oklahoma? How did you know to tell her to trace the sale? I've done this once or twice.
You know I'm not about to get played.
[TENSE MUSIC] I've been there before.
For a meeting, with Meachum.
He had me flown into Five Mile.
And then they black-bagged me across the Oklahoma border to the mine.
That's where we decided it would be you.
You're on overwatch.
I'm going in on foot.
Do not fire a single shot until you know Harris is safe.
NADINE: Bob Lee.
See you at dawn.
[TENSE MUSIC] I count six so far, two vehicles.
Bob Lee? ISAAC: He's in.
You know, you said that that guy would be fine if he told you what you wanted to know.
NADINE: And then you threw him out the window.
ISAAC: Do I have to remind you how many kids he killed? NADINE: That's not the point.
I need to know that I can trust you.
ISAAC: Jesus, Nadine, this ain't the FBI.
I'm here to take Atlas down.
If you really want to help me, hands can't stay clean.
My hands spiked Hayes' scotch, remember? NADINE: I'm not afraid to do what it takes, but only when necessary.
ISAAC: I need to know you have my back, no matter what.
You guys want to shut the hell up? Thank you.
[CLATTERING] All right, let's go through the safe contents one more time.
All right, I got a visual.
ISAAC: Head's up, Bob Lee.
Guard's coming your way, northeast corner.
I don't have eyes.
NADINE: What? What's going on? I can't see shit, I'm moving in.
That's not the plan, Isaac.
Isaac? - [THUD] - [GASPS, GAGS] HARRIS: It was all folders, files, uh, coded account numbers.
His kill list, in progress, which I don't even know why I was on because his coffee was always hot and I told you, I don't know anything.
: You really should place a higher value on yourself, Harris.
The more valuable you are, the more vulnerable you are.
[CHUCKLES] That might be the first smart thing you've said since you got here.
You're the one who said I was bright.
I was lying.
And so are you.
Or maybe you're not.
In either case, consider that your last meal.
- Frank! - Uh, okay, sir, I-I-I RED BAMA SR.
: You know, it's funny that you chose pancakes because that mathematician that I mentioned, Hoffman, he had waffles.
We're done here.
J-just a second, right? T-there's got to be a way that I can help, right? There's got to be.
: Sorry, son, I don't think you can.
Come on, move.
They're moving him.
Memphis, I need those guards out front distracted.
Can you draw their attention? On it.
HARRIS: Guys, guys, this is crazy, okay? I can't die down here, seriously.
W-w-what do you guys want? Is it money? I can get you money.
That's not a problem.
Whatever Red's paying you guys, I can get you more.
I It's Frank, right? [BLOW LANDING] [GASPING] Come on, get up.
[GRUNTING] Groin! Eyes! - [SCREAMS] - Knees! - Go get him! - Yes, sir.
The kid's got cavalry.
Think they followed us into the mine.
No shit.
[SCOFFS] God damn, Swagger.
Where's your partner? Still underground.
All right, get him up and then blow it.
I'm getting out of here.
You'll have to find your own way home.
That's all.
[TENSE MUSIC] Leave the kid and get up here.
FRANK: We're gonna blow it.
MAN: Roger that.
Setting the charge now.
- Ah! Groin - Harris, Harris! It's me! It's me! Oh, thank Christ.
- They're coming.
- Shut up! Come on! - We got to go! - Okay.
- The exit's that way.
- Follow me! [RUMBLING] Come on.
Run, run! [METAL CREAKS] [BOTH COUGHING] NADINE: I still don't get it.
Why would he tell you it was a decryption device? HARRIS: Probably because he was planning on murdering me.
Where am I gonna sleep? What I don't get is why you can't be more specific than a white keycard.
I was.
I said it was thicker than a keycard and more high-tech-looking.
He must have said something else.
Only that it was called the God Box, like I told you, and that it was supposed to be in Hayes' safe, but we all know it wasn't.
Or it was.
There were four of us in the room the day we emptied that safe.
Oh, let me see that.
If we don't have it.
Then Gregson does.
What happened to you? You smell like a bonfire.
I almost was one.
JULIE: What? Can we just talk about it in the morning? I'm beat.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
I went and saw Edie today.
She gave me these to give to you.
You know, there are a lot of ways that you're like your Dad.
There's plenty of ways that you're not.