Shooter (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

A Call to Arms

Previously on "Shooter" I didn't even know we had a safe in here.
Call my cell if you hear from Mr.
Downey again.
Harris got grabbed.
Harris! Your former boss was holding on to something for me.
It's time I got it back.
I've never seen anything like that in my life.
Consider that your last meal.
- Ah! - Harris, it's me! We gotta go! I came to ask what you want with an irrelevant D.
I thought you'd want answers about your father.
When your daddy got back from Vietnam, he found himself some comfort in the arms of a pretty girl His was called Edie Poole.
I went and saw Edie today.
She gave me these to give to you.
Ah! I brought you something.
It's the 1911 that Earl Swagger carried.
You think you can pay me off with some crusty pistol? Bo Winnick wants to extort you over his ringing ear, he's going to have to pay for it.
You know what, Sam, why don't you let me help you get organized? Department of Agriculture.
" You're not the only ones who gonna take down la Let's go somewhere I know they can't track us.
There were four of us in the room the day we emptied that safe.
- If we don't have it - Then Gregson does Whatever you're looking at must be important if you can resist my chicken fried steak.
It's my dad and some of his squad back in 'Nam.
Well, I guess we know where you got your looks.
There's something about this wounded guy.
I don't know what it is, but I feel like my dad told me a story about him.
Well, why don't you call the V.
after breakfast and see if they can get you some answers? I mean, the date and the type of injury helps, but the V.
will only get me so far without a name.
Then it sounds like you can afford a break.
Come and eat with me, before I have to go to Sam's Come on, baby, I'm all wound up.
I I feel like I need to clear my head.
The Bolt gun or the MC7? Scary how well you know me.
That one was dead center.
Yeah, but that's not the one we're aiming for.
Dad, does that one count? Keep going.
This isn't fair.
Send another.
You don't even shoot long guns.
Send another.
Hey! Careful.
What did I tell you about handling a rifle? Never point a weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot.
Say it again.
Never point a weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot.
Okay, I get it.
Hey, come here.
Let me tell you something I served with a kid not much older than you.
A Corporal named Gutierrez.
Shot himself in the leg horsing around one night, and just like that his career was over, all because he was acting like a dumb-ass, like you are right now.
Grab the rest of the shit.
We're going home.
Hello, ma'am, my name's Bob Lee Swagger.
I know this is an unusual request, but I was looking for some information on a marine wounded in Vietnam in 1970, a Corporal Gutierrez.
What the hell? Where are you going? You have power over your mind, not outside events.
Hey! Realize this, and you will find strength.
Hayes said you were a wild card.
Put the damn gun down.
You draw a lot of attention.
I'm popular.
Where's the decryption card? I'm working on it.
Not good enough.
I'm sorry, we didn't really have a chance to make an acquaintance.
I'm the guy who's in charge of seeing this thing through now that Hayes is dead, which makes you the guy who's working for me.
I've been working on this mission for three years, which makes me indispensable.
Bosses can be replaced.
Find the card.
Where's my driver? You're gonna say I should've done a better job of keeping things organized.
To that, I say you're 20 years too late.
Well, that is why I'm here now.
To show my appreciation, I I got you something.
- How did you get this? - Bo, of course.
Damned fool tried to sell the thing across state lines without documentation, so I gave him a choice: my help in exchange for dropping all charges against you and getting the hell out of town, or spend the next few years in federal prison.
Here we are.
I don't know what to say.
Don't mention it.
That pistol deserves to be in the hands of a Swagger.
Sam, why doesn't Bobby use it? Earl and Bob Lee had a complicated relationship, but only because Earl was complicated.
That man was encumbered by burden unlike anything I've ever seen.
That sounds familiar.
Bob Lee was too young to understand Earl's pain wasn't his fault to realize his daddy actually cared a great deal for him.
I need to get through to him, Sam.
Bob Lee ought to be looking forward not back.
- Can I help you? - You Ramon Gutierrez? Yeah.
You served with my father, Earl Swagger.
Son, that was a long time ago.
I understand.
I just wanna ask you a few questions.
I know you and my dad were part of the Phoenix program.
- You thirsty? - Oh, no, thank you.
It's probably for the best.
I make shit coffee.
Your old man still around? No, sir.
That's a shame.
He really knew how to cheer everybody up.
Earl Swagger? Nicest man I ever met.
Why? What's the problem? Just doesn't sound like my dad, that's all.
You served.
You know what kinda things we see over there.
It's enough to change a man.
What was it you saw? Probably the same thing everyone sees in war, only with the Phoenix program, you can't talk about it.
Well, can you tell me anything about Atlas? That some kind of operation? With all due respect, sir, you can spare me the runaround.
I know that Atlas was the organization born out of Phoenix.
What I don't know is my dad's involvement in it.
Well, we weren't running ops for the bogeyman, at least not while I was still there.
Mostly it was stuff like taking out VC leaders behind enemy lines, a few of us boots on the ground and your dad on overwatch.
My dad was on the long gun? Oh, he loved it.
I could barely get that thing out of his hands.
I take it that's why his son became "Bob the Nailer.
" Mm.
You know, this really is awful.
Hey, how'd you get your limp? This? On a mission.
Some general's bodyguard sprayed a few rounds our way.
I caught one in the leg.
I guess they didn't give you much time to prepare.
Gutierrez shot himself in the leg.
Now, I saw one out there.
Are there others? Atlas is stepping up their mission, and we need to track down the decryption card to stop them.
We need to go after Red Bama.
Can I just float this out there real quick? Um, what is the likelihood that I could disappear and not have to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life? Zero? It's ze it's literally zero? It's it's on your faces.
It's zero? Wow.
Red is Atlas.
Clearly he's got skin in the game, given that shit he pulled at the mining site.
He's our HVT.
Except you of all people know that in order to get at a high value target, you don't always go at them head-on.
- You go after what they want.
- The card.
All we know is that it decrypts something.
That doesn't help us.
We know that Atlas is desperate for it, which means we have leverage.
- You got a plan? - Patricia Gregson.
I know she took the card when we were going through Hayes's safe.
It's the only explanation.
She is our in.
She took it for a reason.
She's not gonna help us.
I know her.
Deep down, she wants to do the right thing.
Even if you're right, she's not gonna let us get near her, not holding something that valuable.
Well I figured you'd have some ideas about that.
I was flagged when I called the V.
, wasn't I? - Is the real Gutierrez dead? - I don't know.
But this was a setup to kill me.
I was paid to sell you a story.
- By who? - I don't know! You gotta get your missions from somewhere.
Doesn't work like that.
You're already burned, so tell me.
A location in D.
Logan Circle, that's where I get my missions from.
If you go they'll kill ya.
I'm used to it.
Of course.
We need to talk.
- My bad, sorry.
- Get in.
Tell Isaac he doesn't need to kill my guy.
Isaac, we're good.
You'd think with all of Hayes's money, you would've invested in better accommodations.
She's not wrong.
You stole something from his safe.
A decryption card called "the God box.
" What's it for? I don't know.
Terrible name, though.
Red Bama wants it.
That means Atlas wants it.
Clearly it's of value to them.
You can thank me later for securing it.
What's your angle on all this? 'Cause whatever it is, we want in.
I don't have one.
Even I know that's bullshit.
Whatever Atlas is up to, it's big.
Innocent people are probably gonna get hurt because of it, and we need to do something.
You don't make a move until you have a handle on all the pieces on the board.
That's how you stay in the game.
So self-preservation over sacrifice no matter the cost? Where's the honor in that? Honorable people die for their country so the pragmatists can run it.
We wanna identify those other pieces, the other Atlas members.
We can do that by putting the card into play, drawing them out to get it.
When that happens, I'm sure you'll figure out how to come away with something of value.
As smart as you are, you know you're gonna need help.
I gotta go.
I got a flight in an hour.
Where? D.
I got a lead, and there's not much time to follow it.
I'm I'm trying, Bob Lee.
Help me understand this.
Uh, what do you want me to say? All these years, you barely talk about your father, and now you'll do anything to figure out what happened to him.
Y-you can't expect me to let this go.
No, I just want you to let me in.
This isn't your problem.
Except I'm your wife.
- Julia - Please.
Think about your family, the ones that are still here.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, as long as you learned your less.
No, I'm sorry I disappoint you.
It doesn't matter what I think Only that I prepare you for the world you'll come to face as a man.
You understand? Yes, sir.
Look, I, uh I've been dealing with some stuff lately.
It's probably why I've been so hard on you.
Can I help? No.
This is my problem to deal with.
I thought nobody came here anymore.
No matter how much you try to contain the fire, it will always burn the way it sees fit.
Things must be really bad for you to be making up aphorisms.
Apparently you have a solution for me.
The decryption card.
And let me guess, in exchange for it, you get Hayes' vacant seat at our table.
Well, let's start with that and see where it goes.
Oh, oh, oh, my, my, look at you, all giddy, because you think you finally have the golden ticket.
You're the wrong kinda screwed to be acting this smug.
And this is the wrong job for you.
You like the recognition too much.
Maybe I just see an opportunity to facilitate some real change.
How do I know you're committed? Nadine Memphis and Isaac Johnson they're pushing me to make this deal.
I could serve them up.
This is your chance to control the fire.
I'll let you know where and when to bring the card.
Oh, Red What's Atlas up to these days anyway? You get yourself a seat at the table and you'll find out.
- What do you got? - It's bad timing.
Intel's limited, but this place is a front for Atlas.
So, you coming on board? I'm not interested in your world.
What'd you call me all the way out here for then? 'Cause I'm following a lead, and I needed another gun.
It's not a social call.
What more do I gotta do? Trading my life for yours at that Mexican prison - didn't square things? - Guess not.
Next time you need a gun, call Nadine.
You didn't have to come.
And I'm here anyway.
Same reason you keep calling me for help, I keep comin You need to learn to let shit go.
Would you? Hey.
Security system.
We got two minutes, tops.
I guess that agent you rolled tip them off.
- Wanna open it? - All right.
They pulled the hard drives.
There's nothing here.
This place is burned.
We gotta go.
All right.
Oh, you know what I meant to tell you, the, uh the knees-groin-eyes thing was surprisingly effective.
Thank you.
It was definitely an Atlas location.
They didn't leave anything useful behind.
Everything I learned about my dad keeps bringing me back to Atlas.
Well, maybe we can help each other then.
I don't think so.
We're looking to expose the heads of Atlas.
We do that, we can all get the answers we're looking for.
And you think answers is all he's looking for? You're right.
Look, we're all in this room for different reasons, because we want retribution, 'cause we want a way out, or because we need to see something through.
We're all here now, so the only way to get what we all want is to work together.
All right, how do we get Atlas? Patricia Gregson.
She's using the card as a bargaining chip.
She will turn on you the first chance she gets.
Remember what the Malik in Sangin told us? Expect deception And you'll never be fooled.
It's Patricia.
So if you wanna pat down your nostalgic war boners, you're up.
Exterior looks clear.
Swagger? No time for chit-chat.
Let's go.
- What is this place? - Think storage locker, but for only the most valuable items: art, antiques, secret cards that control the fate of the world.
Just take my lead.
In and out fast.
You don't take that attitude with Mrs.
All right, let's go.
You guys go ahead.
Come on.
Hey, man, can you open up that door? Come on, we gotta get this door open! On it.
Hurry! Hurry! Ah! Hey.
Sam? Sam! Hey! What happened? I'm fine.
- I just I just tripped.
- On what? Ah, it could've been my own damn feet, I don't know.
Shoot, you're bleeding.
I'm I'm okay I'm okay.
Here here.
Let me get it, okay? Listen, I need to take you to a doctor.
Enough, God damn it! I'm so I'm sorry.
It's fine.
I'm just accepting help is something I'm still getting used to.
I'm working on it.
It's okay.
Hold this here, okay? Put pressure on it.
You knew you were gonna sell us out the second we confronted you about that card.
That place was crawling with Atlas.
Grow up.
This is the way the game is played.
You do realize they weren't shooting at me and Isaac? But now we know where everyone stands.
So Red was gonna set up a meet once you grabbed the card.
Is that still the plan? Oh, he'll still meet.
He'll just be more pissed off than usual.
- Where? - There's a memorial for Hayes's alma matter tomorrow.
That's where he'll do it.
Act quick, and Harris may be able to secure more invitations.
What, so you're on our side now? That asshole is gonna wish he never left Texas.
You're with us until this is done.
Bob Lee It's all right.
You do know you could make a killing if you ever decide to commit to this.
That's not why I'm here.
For someone who says he doesn't want any part of it, you sure are around a lot.
'Cause Atlas killed my father, and I'm gonna find out who and why.
Oh, I have no doubt you'll find the truth.
I'm just not sure you'll like it.
You don't understand.
People will get hurt if I don't do something! Well, maybe if you didn't keep me in the dark! I can't tell you everything! But I am honest with you about as much as I can be.
Really? Who were you on the phone with earlier? Jesus Christ, a war buddy.
Yeah? You sure it wasn't Edie Poole? You don't know what you're talking about.
There are things that you don't know about me.
I know you well enough, Earl Swagger.
I know that you're drunk because you're angry, and I know that you're angry because you got things tearing you up inside, and you take that anger out on the people closest to you.
How'd I do? June I'm surprised you're not thousands of miles away.
It was a nice try, but something you need to learn about me, I get what I want.
I take it you still wanna meet.
I won't hold grudges if you won't.
The Hayes Memorial.
Already got my outfit picked out.
I expect you and the other Atlas members to be there.
Bring the card.
We're not storming Bin Laden's compound.
Shit can get ugly real quick.
Packing heat, let alone getting into a gun fight at a university it's too risky.
There'll be extra security.
I know Bob Lee has his own agenda, but I need us to be on the same page.
I've been clear about my intentions.
Should I come back later? What is it? Uh, good news, bad news.
I was able to get invitations, but I could only get one, besides Patricia's.
Okay, well, we can still patrol the areas around the ballroom.
Harris, you'll go in with Patricia.
It'll look more natural.
All right, good enough for me.
- Hey, you.
- Hey, hon.
How's it going? Things are taking longer than I expected.
I'm sorry.
I'd take answers over apologies.
I just wouldn't even know where to start.
Well, you're gonna have to figure out a way.
You know, I wasn't exactly trained to open up.
I used to think that you were keeping me at arm's-length to protect me.
I'm starting to think I'm not the one who needs protecting You're not alone, Bob Lee.
I will always have your six.
How did I get so lucky? This isn't done.
I know.
Come home.
It's time.
I gotta go, hon.
Love you.
I love you too.
How's it looking outside? Our couple should be passing you in a moment.
I don't know if I trust Harris to keep an eye on Patricia.
Not much choice.
He's not exactly trained for field work Well, better he's with her than out here tracking Atlas.
Besides, nobody's gonna do anything to Patricia inside that ballroom.
I wish I knew what was going on outside.
The last thing we need is for someone to spot you wearing an earpiece.
I should be networking at this thing.
Instead, I'm watching you so that I can help orchestra the takedown of a pseudo- government organization.
Harris grab a few drinks and relax.
I can do one of those things.
Thank you.
Uh, we got regular campus security But those guys they're not secret service or campus police.
Definitely packing.
Watch it, asshole.
You stay with Atlas security.
They'll be heading to the meet.
Okay, stay close.
Easy, tiger beat, or you might just get more of me than you bargained for.
- Stay here.
- Oh You look uncomfortable.
Well, as much time as I spend in them, I have never liked suits.
- You got the card? - Point out the others.
- Let me guess, Congressman - This is how it's gonna wor You're gonna show me the card, and I'm gonna round up the others and meet you in a quieter location.
South Corridor, Room A13.
You don't wear it well.
The suit? No.
Proceed to checkpoint.
Everyone's in the ballroom, including Red.
What's going on outside? Bob Lee? Isaac? Where the hell are you guys? Okay, wha what did he say? All I overheard was, "Room A30.
" Is that I'm gonna have to do this by myself.
Okay, literally my only job is to not take my eyes off you I have something for you to do.
Don't tell me to relax.
Off the table.
It's not I want you to go find Nadine and tell her how lovely she looks.
It doesn't take tradecraft to notice how you look at her.
Now go.
Don't move.
I caught one sneaking around the kitchen.
I'll bring him to you.
Aah! Sh Ah Come to the loading dock.
Nadine, you got two headed your way.
Ma'am, I need you to hold up.
Let me through.
Excuse me? Identification? Listen to me carefully walk away now.
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to stay right here.
Can I get some backup in the reception area? Thanks.
What are you doing here? I can't seem to get free of this.
Figured if Atlas sent this much security, though, there's someone worth taking out.
Is she with us? Where is Patricia? Uh, I think she's headed to Room A30.
She told me to stay here.
Guys, we lost Patricia.
She's in Room A30.
I'm on the way.
I'm Harris.
- Nadine, where's A30? - South Corridor.
I'll try to get to her.
There's no one here.
Harris must've heard wrong.
The card.
I figured as much.
Still doing their dirty work, I see.
You chose the wrong side.
Tell Red he has me to thank when he realizes how screwed Atlas is.
Uhh Shit.
God damn it! She's gone.
The card's not here.
We have to go.
Face it, the plan was never gonna work.
- It was a setup from the jump.
- We had to try.
Not every mission can go our way.
You taught me that.
- They were after something.
- A decryponevice.
Do you know why they need it? No, but I've never seen them so hungry to get something.
Harris, what exactly did she say to you before she left? That she had to do the next part alone.
Well, did she say anything else? It happened pretty fast.
She took my arm, and she straightened out my jack et.
Wait, wait She slipped it to me.
That card is all Atlas wants right now.
Whatever it is, they're gonna turn over the world to get I So we don't let them.
Sorry things came up empty for you.
I don't need your apologies.
Lock it up, Gunny.
You're not my commander anymore.
Yeah? Well, I got some advice for you, and your ass better listen.
You might not ever see me the same again.
Okay, just add that to the pile of regrets I gotta live with.
But whatever it is you're trying to work out for yourself, you better do it fast.
Not 'cause we need you.
It's 'cause that shit will eat you alive.
Trust me.
I know.
Sorry it's not your mom's cooking.
Smells good.
You shouldn't have had to see your old man like that.
- It's okay, Dad.
- No, it's not.
You don't treat people that way, especially your wife, you hear me? Uh, why were you guys fighting? You just need to know that none of this is your mother's fault.
Was it because of what you said earlier about having stuff to deal with? Life's gonna throw a lot at you, son.
The worst thing a man can do is try to carry that burd ane Trust me.
This is Julie.
You know what to do.
Hey, I was hoping I'd get ahold of you.
My dad shut everyone out, and I'm not gonna do that to you, not anymore.
I can't promise I'll always be perfect, but I'm gonna try 'Cause you always find a way to do that for me.
I love you.
- Julie? - Bob Lee Swagger? - Who is this? - Ramon Gutierrez.
Patricia Gregson said you wanted to talk to me