Shooter (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Lines Crossed

Previously on "Shooter.
" Your former boss was holding on to something of mine A decryption device.
We call it the God Box.
If we don't have it.
Then Gregson does.
Show me the card.
Still doing their dirty work, I see.
She slipped it to me.
That card is all Alice wants right now.
Whatever it is, they're gonna turn over the world to get it.
Why did you pay Rick Culp to help Jimmy Poole escape from prison? No idea what you're talking about.
Now, if you and your daddy don't give me the cash, I'm gonna tell Swagger everything I know and then I served with a kid not much older than you.
A Corporal named Gutierrez, shot himself in the leg horsing around one night.
I was looking for some information on a Marine wounded in Vietnam in 1970.
Uh, Corporal Gutierrez.
Who is this? Ramon Gutierrez.
Patricia Gregson said you wanted to talk to me.
For all this trouble, this guy better know something about Atlas.
Gregson made sure to put us in touch with him before she died.
- Had to be a reason.
- It's risky.
Gutierrez won't meet with us unless we follow his instructions.
All right, you go right, I'll go left.
We'll meet up at bus 168 to Bloomsville.
And if there's trouble? Handle it, and we'll meet - back at the bunker in D.
- Copy that.
Yeah, there it is.
Silver Spring.
Come on.
Where the hell are you? Yo, yo! Hold up, hold up! I got on the wrong bus.
Sorry, man.
Cutting it close, no? I wanted to make sure we were clean.
Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay Now what? All Gutierrez said was get off at the stop in Bloomsville, Maryland.
So we just sit tight.
I don't know if I can I can't I don't think I can do this.
This decryption card says "Titan Incorporated.
" Your friend, Rebecca Simmons, works for Titan Incorporated I know, but I've barely spoken to her since college.
We just like each other's posts and wish each other happy birthday.
She's just gonna be suspicious that I wanna see her all of a sudden.
Not if you pretend it's a dinner date.
Flirt and ask her if she's seeing anyone, then guide the conversation to work then the decryption card.
I don't like toying with people's emotions.
You're not doing it to be cruel.
You're doing it to survive.
Because if you can't put your contacts to good use and make this happen, then you're not worth our protection.
Who are you, again? - A friend.
- Um, okay.
Well, no offence, friend, but that's not the kind of protection I want, okay? Is she one of us now? Harris, you said you wanted to help.
So help.
Well, I guess it's too late now.
There she is.
Okay, make sure you sit by a window, - otherwise we can't protect you.
- Okay.
And keep your phone on.
We'll be listening.
- Okay.
- And don't mention the card right away.
Be smooth.
Even if Rebecca has intel, Harris doesn't have the skills to extract it.
I know.
So what are we doing here? We need to keep an eye on them.
You know, I get why you wouldn't tell him the whole plan, but why keep me in the dark? Because I don't trust you.
You notice? This bus just got on a highway headed south when Bloomsville is north.
I'll go ask the bus driver if he got lost.
No, I'll go.
I don't want you shooting the guy for making a wrong turn.
- Isaac - Don't.
Gutierrez? Nice to meet you.
Where the hell did you get this? Your online dating profile.
Said I was looking for a man in uniform.
You don't think that's me in the photo.
But you can't change the past.
You can't hide from it, either.
Accidental discharge after a drunken celebration one night post-mission.
Your father tell you that story? All that would be in a file somewhere for Atlas to have.
That's true.
Which is why I've been hiding since Earl Swagger was assassinated.
Well, if you're that scared, you must know why they killed him.
I wouldn't endanger my associates by letting them hear my secrets.
Follow me.
So you're not Atlas, but you're a drug trafficker? I needed an income when I went off the grid.
And this is medicine, not heroin.
So, what's the plan? You gonna lecture us on the healing powers of weed, or can we get down to business? We're not doing anything until I know you're not being tracked.
Change your clothes.
These don't look my size.
You could have a device sewn into the fabric.
Come on, man, we got nothing to be ashamed of.
I'm being modest for your sake.
I wanted to reach out when I heard Senator Hayes died, but I just figured you probably needed space.
Yeah, yeah, that was that was difficult.
Uh I'm glad you called.
It just always felt like you were one of the good guys.
Oh, well, you know, I try.
- You know how D.
- Yeah, oh, my God, right? Down is up and up is down.
Yeah, it's bad.
I I found something when I was going through, uh, Hayes' stuff, cleaning it out.
Um, this little card thing.
Real smooth, Harris.
- Do you know what that is? - Yeah, and there's no way you should have this.
This is way above your clearance.
Okay, well, what are you doing with it? I am taking this key to HQ and reporting you.
Otherwise I'm getting fired, maybe even facing prosecution.
Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on.
I came to you in good faith, okay? Just what is it? What is it? Why didn't you turn this in with the rest of Hayes' things? Because the Senator told me to keep it in case, you know, something happened to him.
But he didn't tell you what it does? You're a shitty liar, Harris.
You come with me.
We're on our way.
Come on, let's go.
All right, there you go.
What do you got there? Oh, Bob Lee is being asked to give, uh, an official statement in a missing persons case.
Wait, who is missing? Mmm, Rick Culp.
Says that he was a guard at the Wilson Prison and Bob Lee was one of the last people to speak to him before he disappeared.
Well, this this law firm is no joke.
Has he ever gotten one of these before? No, but, I mean, people come after Bob Lee in so many different ways.
Always seems harmless at first, but I've learned to see through the smoke screen.
So, what do you do? You just ignore it? I would if it came from some two-bit lawyer, but it is the biggest law firm in Texas, so There's money behind it.
Okay, we jumped through all your hoops.
Now talk.
Why did Atlas kill my father? Your father was gonna tell the world about them.
Not just that they existed, but how they operated.
Where they got their money.
What do you mean by everything? We already know that his dad was one of Atlas' - founding members.
- He was indeed.
He was also living proof of some of Atlas' earliest war crimes.
Your father had innocent blood on his hands.
You're trying to say he was a war criminal? Come on, man, he ran one black ops unit.
There were probably dozens of others just like it.
But those units didn't go on to become Atlas.
Your father's did.
Yeah, but he didn't know that.
If he had, he He would have done what? Stopped it? Pull your head out of your ass.
Deep down you know he had a darkness inside him.
War puts a darkness inside of everyone.
There's war, and there's what we did which was a whole new level of evil.
Your father wasn't just following orders.
He was vetting targets, volunteering his tactical expertise.
And no one had to twist his arm to do it.
You gotta give us some names and dates.
Intel we can verify.
July, 1970.
By then, our orders weren't coming down through the chain of command.
Well, where were your orders coming from? A shadow faction inside the Pentagon.
Not the kind you find on any org chart.
Sergeant Swagger.
You should know that I consider this meeting unnecessary.
I'm only here because the secretary insisted.
He must place a high value on this target, then.
Katherine Mayfield.
Top of her class at MIT.
Kissinger recruited her.
She was the brain behind our operations.
Tell me I didn't just travel 8,200 miles for you to show me stick figure drawings.
The missions you're sending us lack an understanding of what's really going on here on the ground.
They've been successful by my count.
Because I've been able to improvise around your lack of imagination.
Your math is good at picking missions, but it's horrible at predicting how things will go down in combat.
For instance, our next mission, Dat Van Thieu.
You got us backed up against this river, and you've bet our asses on him being in his bedroom when we arrive.
He will be.
I've studied his routines.
It's almost a certainty.
The only certainty is that things will go sideways once bullets start flying.
What do you suggest? Katherine Mayfield spent the next 40 years planning Atlas missions.
Thanks to your dad, she learned how to trap target no matter which way they tried to run.
Nadine and I learned that Atlas uses probability calculations to position their assassins.
How do you know my dad met with this Mayfield person at all if you weren't there? Earl told us in the mission brief that night.
And then we went out to do the job using our new operating principles.
Everything changed.
No uniforms.
No dog tags.
Non-American weapons.
Our target was a VC general who slipped across the borr to secure black market weapons for the Vietcong.
Earl and I were responsible for killing the general.
One glance around the target's room, and I knew something was off.
Yeah, there were guards outside, but he didn't have any military gear or weapons.
Just some fancy-ass suits and shoes.
What are you waiting for? This guy is no general.
This guy is the mission.
Check it out.
I'll cover.
Oh, my God.
What? - We need to report this.
- What good would it do? What's done is done.
Let's go.
This crazy old man has wasted our time.
What reason would I have to make any of this up? Hey, you gotta listen to this like he's not talking about your father.
Yeah, but he is.
And I know who my father was.
He was a guy who seemed to enjoy Vietnam way more than he liked raising his family, and his way of dealing with that was running off and being a hero all the time.
But he had a code.
There were lines he wouldn't cross.
Yeah, he was a hard ass, but deep down he was a good man.
You've got no clue what it's like.
Your father's entire focus was to complete the mission no matter the cost.
Over and over and over again.
That type of grind it'll have you doing things you never imagined.
Trust me.
Give us our stuff back and point us in the direction of the nearest town.
You want to leave, fine.
But I won't have you compromising our location.
Give me some time to make arrangements.
Next time you wanna blame the fog of war for all the shit you pulled, When you sold me out, you'd been out of the core for years.
Becca, I'm sorry.
I didn't I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
Someone tried to kill us.
We have got to go to the police.
- We can't trust the police.
- Who the hell is she? Her name's Nadine.
She is sort of FBI.
Sort of FBI? What have you dragged me into? What is this card? It's a decryption key.
To a government communications network.
But you have to access Titan's internal system - to know which one.
- Any computer in Titan? No.
All that stuff happens on the seventh floor.
- Could you get up there? - Yeah, I could, but I won't.
Hey, that's my stuff.
Not anymore.
You need to go into hiding.
- That's insane.
- I can get you somewhere safe.
Why would I go anywhere with you? Rebecca, you have every right to be mad at me.
But for your own safety, you have to trust them.
I'll take my chances on my own.
Rebecca I guess you look similar enough.
You're prettier, though.
This is what you were actually after, right? Seems I don't have to explain things to you after all.
If you impersonate her, you'll have to go in unarmed.
Don't worry about me.
I'll get what I need.
How the hell did you get back here? Oh, I just smiled and told your men that you summoned me, and they ushered me right this way.
Well, why don't you take your fake-ass smile and get off our property? Go fetch me a brush, Junior.
This mud's a lot tougher than I thought it would be.
I believe you'll find one in the shed.
I apologize for my son's lack of hospitality, Ms.
What can I do for you today? I was wondering if you could explain this to me.
Well, I must confess my confusion.
This letter would indicate a problem with the Culp family.
Yes, but I asked around today and it didn't take long to learn that you're the one paying for the investigation into Rick Culp's disappearance.
Well, that's some impressive investigating on your part, Ms.
Try to keep my charitable efforts anonymous.
Why do you care about Rick Culp? His family came to me for help.
They fear he might've been murdered.
I'm just trying to be a good neighbor.
What would happen if I just balled this up - and threw it away? - Ooh.
Well, if Bob Lee didn't respond, I imagine that the missing man's family would be furious.
And if any harm came to Bob Lee, folks would point the blame at the Culp family.
That's a horrible thought to even contemplate, Ms.
But I do see the logic in your thinking.
Now, as nice as it's been meeting you, I really should get back to my work.
I know you can find your way out.
I don't understand why her husband is still alive.
You know, I had hoped that by this time you would have learned to use your mind before your mouth just every once in a while.
When these are clean, I'll see you inside.
Ma, I can't because it's a secret.
If I tell you, it won't be a secret.
Yeah, I'll try to call you in a few days.
No, Ma, no, I'm not gonna tell you from where.
- Your ride's here.
- Hey.
This photo's dated July, 1970.
That's the same month that you said you saw my dad kill civilians.
My accident occurred the night we got back from that mission.
Couldn't have been too disturbed by what you saw if you partied all night and smiled for the photo.
I smiled because your father was sending me home.
Really? Thanks for waiting on me, guys.
- Took you long enough.
- Oh, come on, now.
- Oh, shut it.
- Here.
Where's my whiskey? One of you guys gonna deal me in? Sure, sarge.
Pull up a chair.
You're looking a little glum for someone who just survived a suicide mission.
You forget what you signed up for, Ramon? Hmm? This unit is responsible for taking out anyone who threatens the war effort.
Collateral damage is unavoidable.
Collateral damage? Hey.
Look at me.
Look at me, God damn it.
You don't like it, there's only two ways out of this.
One of them's in a body bag.
The other is you keep your ass in line.
Choose wisely.
I knew Earl was right.
I got myself into the situation.
And only I could get myself out.
Your father acted surprised Let the guys believe it was an accident.
Then he signed paperwork saying I was injured during the mission.
In exchange I smiled for the picture the next day and kept my mouth shut.
Years later, I learned that our mission in Cambodia wasn't even about the war.
The general was a drug smuggler who wouldn't share his routes.
That woman we killed was a prostitute.
- That's bullshit.
- Bob Lee No, there's no way my dad would have encouraged - that kind of cowardice.
- Cowardice? Shooting myself was the single bravest thing I did during the war.
Your father even said as much when he called me years later.
He called you? Just a few weeks before he died.
He said he wanted to expose Atlas.
Well, did he say why he was finally ready to come clean? No, he was killed before we could meet.
What do you know about Atlas now? Nothing.
But there is someone else you could talk to.
Katherine Mayfield.
After Vietnam, she became something of a dark lord in the Pentagon until she retired abruptly a few years back.
Where is she? Last I heard, she was committed to a psychiatric hospital upstate.
So she's crazy? Not necessarily.
Well, either way, we should talk to her.
It would be much wiser to disappear.
There's no sense in running.
We got something Atlas wants.
They're not gonna stop coming after it.
My advice give it back to them.
Or get as far away from it as possible.
The more you dig, the more you'll suffer.
The vehicle is clean.
Shouldn't have any problem getting where you're going.
I always thought drug traffickers prefer flashier rides.
Only if they wanna get caught.
Something on your mind, son? You left Phoenix, but my dad stayed.
Presumably kept doing horrible things.
I'm just wondering why.
Your father loved his country.
And like a lot of people, he'd lost his way.
Take some comfort in the fact that he wanted to make it right.
He just never got the chance.
- Hey.
- Hi, I'm headed into town.
- Do you need anything? - Oh, no, I'm good.
Thank you.
Wow, Bob Lee's really making some progress.
Yeah, well, he thinks he can do anything.
That's not new, Julie.
You know, I distinctly remember you saying that you liked that about him when you guys first met.
Yeah, that's true.
I guess I thought after all this time, though, you know, we would take on the world together instead of him doing it all by himself.
My mistake was wishing and hoping instead of making it happen.
But I did figure out that Red Bama had that letter sent today.
Yeah, I had him explain it to me, and he, uh, well, he showed his hand a little.
- The cattle rancher? - How is he mixed up in all this? Yeah, he's the only one who knows the truth about who killed Bob Lee's father.
- Hi, Rebecca.
- Hey.
Don't answer.
Could be Atlas.
Hello? Hey, I'm trying to get a hold of Nadine.
- Why won't she answer? - It's Bob Lee.
Uh, yeah, she won't pick up because she's in Titan, which blocks all electronic communication inside or out.
You sent her in blind and alone? No one sent her.
Nadine's calling the shots.
All right, just text us your location and we'll be there soon.
Back when Earl was killed, Red Bama owned two slaughterhouses with cattle on 100 acres.
He was just a a pissant upstart.
So how is it Red pulled the strings behind Earl's murder? I don't think that Red was at the center of it.
Well, if that's the case, how do you connect Red - to the murder? - Well, through Jimmy Poole.
Look, I don't think that Jimmy escaped prison work detail at Bama's slaughterhouse.
I think that Red helped get him out.
- You want the facts.
- I do.
Three months after Earl dies, Red gets a sweetheart deal for 2,000 acres of government land.
Within a year, he gets appointed under-secretary of the Agricultural Department, despite being unqualified for the job.
It's thin.
But it's something.
How far are you willing to go with it? All the way.
Don't think I've seen you around.
It's my first day.
Hey, what's the situation? Nadine is blown.
She needs some help getting out.
Plus some cops just walked in that did not look like typical DCPD.
You got a clean phone? - 911, what's your emergency? - There's a bomb inside the headquarters at Titan Incorporated.
It's about to go off.
Ladies and gentlemen, please proceed to the nearest exit.
Ladies and gentlemen, please proceed to the nearestxi Hey, hey, I'm with Homeland.
You gotta leave the building immediately.
- Sir, you can't come in here.
- There's a bomb.
Did you hear me? There is a bomb - in this building.
- I don't care It's been confirmed.
We all gotta evacuate.
You hear that? People, there's a bomb in this building! It could go off any minute! Let's move, move! This way, this way, everyone.
Come on.
Unit three, we're headed up the north stairwell.
Copy that.
Step aside.
Come on, people, move it.
Clear a path.
Hey, you, hold it! Sir, you have to evacuate immediately.
I left my keys in the desk.
I gotta go grab them.
No, I can't let you do that, sir.
You're carrying a Maxim 9.
Is that standard issue for a c Clear the 7th floor.
She hasn't left the building.
At least the authorities are taking our bomb threat pretty seriously.
It would be disturbing if they didn't.
Shouldn't have let Bob Lee talk me into staying out here.
You're not the first person he's done that to.
Hogging the hero spotlight is one of his many talents.
So now what? How's Atlas likely to respond to this? They'll send in half a dozen hitters, activate any sleeper agents who've been working at Titan all along, and send an extraction team for when it's done.
So somewhere around here, they have people waiting - to pick them up? - Yeah.
- Let's find them.
- Get out.
If Nadine escaped, she'll need a ride, ASAP.
Right, yeah.
I'm in pursuit of target on the sixth floor.
All agents converge on the sixth floor.
Code green.
You're authorized to terminate target sight That's the fifth time that police van's circled by.
You're right.
Or else we're about to start a war with legit cops.
Why would legit cops be circling around outside the security perimeter? I'll get in position.
Hey! DCPD on sight.
All agents pull back.
I surrender.
I'm unarmed.
All right, just keep those hands in the air.
I'm unarmed.
I surrender.
That's far enough.
While you were gone, two dozen more cops showed up.
How does this end well for Nadine? It doesn't.
After thinking about it for a bit, my son would like to apologize to you for the way he spoke to you before.
Junior? I'm sorry for cussing you and insulting you, Mrs.
I actually think you have a beautiful smile.
Thank you.
I hope you'll accept my apology as well.
I should have raised him better.
Well, apology accepted.
Especially since I thought you were here to talk me out of a wrongful death suit that Sam was filing against you today.
I'm not real big on wasting time, Ms.
And given your husband's stubborn nature, I don't imagine I can talk a Swagger out of anything.
I was just here to speak with Sam - to reason with him man to man.
- Well, Sam is out.
I can see that.
And it looks to me like the rumors about Sam closing up shop might be true.
Yeah, he is retiring.
Good for him, good for him.
He deserves a rest.
It seems kind of odd to me that he'd take on a new case this close to the end.
Well, Sam's always had a knack for picking good cases.
Maybe he wants to go out with a win.
Well, I think you're gonna have a hard time coming up with any evidence to back your claim after more than 30 years.
Yet here you are.
Makes me wonder why.
Maybe a jury will wonder too.
Know that if you go forward with this, I intend not only to win, I intend to make everyone involved very sorry that they bothered.
You tell Sam I dropped by to wish him well.
Not many people in this life make it to retirement.
He should consider himself one of the lucky ones.
All right, let's think.
All right, if the real cops have her, she's probably here at central booking.
If not, she's already dead.
Let's assume she's alive and figure out a way to get in there.
So what, we're we're gonna assault a police station? Not we, Harris.
This is insane.
All we need to do is get Nadine back.
Then she can tell us what's on the card.
I'm afraid this whole discussion is pointless, guys.
I mean, that police station is more secure than the Pentagon.
She's right.
After 9-11, all the D.
government buildings got a major security upgrade.
You'd need a tank to get in there.
If we can't get in, Atlas can't get in, either.
There's no official ID Atlas can't spoof.
I'm sure they're already inside.
Then we sit on the place and see if they move her.
What if they already have? Get up.
You're being moved.
- Moved to where? - Hands through the bars now.
I want a lawyer.
Non-compliant inmate.
Now! Hey, look, I'm FBI, and you don't understand what's going on here.