Shooter (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Swing Vote

Previously on "Shooter" Thought you were here to talk me out of a wrongful death suit that Sam was filing against you today.
I think you're gonna have a hard time coming up with any evidence to back your claim after more than 30 years.
Yet, here you are.
Makes me wonder why.
- Gutierrez? - Nice to meet you.
You served with my father, Earl Swagger.
Which is why I've been hiding since Earl Swagger was assassinated.
Just a few weeks before he died, he said he wanted to expose Atlas.
What do you know about Atlas now? Nothing.
But there is someone else you can talk to.
Katherine Mayfield.
After Vietnam, she became something of a dark lord - in the Pentagon.
- Where is she? She was committed to a psychiatric hospital upstate.
- She's crazy? - Not necessarily.
You stole something from the safe.
Decryption card called the God box.
Red Bama wants it.
That means Atlas wants it.
I'll let you know where and when to bring the card.
Tell Red he has me to thank when he realizes how screwed Atlas is.
- She slipped it to me.
- What is this card? It's a decryption key to a government communications network, but you have to access Titan's internal system - to know which one.
- Nadine is blown.
She needs some help getting out.
People, there's a bomb in this building! It could go off any minute! How's Atlas likely to respond to this? They'll activate any sleeper agents who've been working at Titan all along and send an extraction team for when it's done.
How does this end well for Nadine? I surrender.
I'm unarmed.
Sun's up.
We should go.
Go where? They moved her.
She could be anywhere by now.
No one left behind.
You know that crap was invented when we were stanng in a line shooting at Redcoats in a field.
It's a new world, Swagger.
A new war where the enemy is invisible and people don't die.
They disappear.
If Atlas has Nadine, she's gone.
We don't know if they have her.
We've gotta try to find her.
Nice to see you all too.
Who are you? Wanna play Alphabet? I go through the ABCs, you tap the wheel when I hit the first three-letter agency you work for.
Keep playing it cool, Memphis.
I know that's your thing.
I'm not here to kill you.
You're too clean-cut for CIA.
Not ripped enough no offense for DEA.
You're not FBI.
Takes one to know one.
They were right about you.
What you lack in grace, you make up for in grit.
Dangerous combination.
Who's "they"? Odd you bringing me here by yourself.
- No room for mistakes.
- I don't make mistakes.
Private location.
Close enough to the office just in case the boss calls.
You're DOJ.
But you've gone rogue.
This whole thing is off book.
Stop the theater and tell me what you want.
Never heard of it.
I've been chasing Atlas for years.
I can give you an inside track.
We can work together.
Let me think.
Three patriots, once upon a time.
Whoo, boy, where to start? Grand theft, assault, kidnapping.
Of a diplomat.
With immunity.
In Germany.
It's a messy business.
I don't have to tell you.
You were there for half of it.
Oh, we got Swagger and Johnson tracked back to 2012.
Helmand Province.
Stumbled on a big pile of drugs.
- Finding heroin isn't a crime.
- Selling it is.
- They burned it.
- You sure about that? Carlos Perez.
Murdered at point-blank range in Mexico.
- This is bullshit.
- And then there's you.
You were Patricia Gregson's pet project.
Seems she thought you were something special.
She liked that I played in her game.
She protected you.
More than you know.
Gave you the space you need for your extracurriculars.
Except she's not around anymore to pick up after you.
Death is common around you, isn't it? You're out of your depth.
We still live under the rule of law, Memphis.
Cuts both ways.
You have any proof of any of this crap? You know that doesn't matter.
It's my truth.
So it's the truth.
And if I'm not interested in your offer? Well then, send me a postcard from Supermax.
'Cause there's enough here to bury the three of you for a lifetime.
What are you doing? I told you I'd help finish packing.
Found these at the bottom of a file cabinet.
Look at Look at that.
Maybe 25.
Just out of law school.
Full of fight.
Oh, you were handsome as hell.
- Still am, God damn it.
- Oh, God.
Give me a hand.
Take it easy, all right? Ooh, you okay? Yeah, just tired, is all.
So, uh What was it you couldn't tell me over the phone? After you left yesterday, Bama came by.
Junior? And senior.
Said we need to drop the wrongful death suit or else.
- He made a threat? - Came all the way down here to talk about old Swagger's death 30 years later.
I'd say we struck a nerve.
But there's still nothing that says Bama helped Jimmy Poole escape that day.
Then we still got work to do.
So it has evacuation routes? For every VIP in D.
Congress, the cabinet, everybody.
That's not possible.
Evac routes are changed and re-encrypted every day.
Yeah, well, this thing decrypts it.
Real-time locations on everyone from POTUS all the way down to him.
Over 2,000 people, where they are In case D.
comes under attack.
Best way to hit a protected person is when they're in transit.
Yep, drop a bomb and snipe them as they run.
The question is, when does it happen? - And who's the target? - And we got nothing.
Gutierrez did tell us about this lady who used to pull the strings for Atlas for a long time.
Katherine Mayfield.
Yeah, she helped build the whole thing.
- Back to Vietnam.
- Okay, so where is she? Armstrong Psychiatric Hospital.
So our one lead is in a full side drool, watching "Judge Judy"? Maybe.
Could be a cover.
You guys go.
I gotta run an errand.
Where? Our DOJ friend Margo said Gregson hid a burn drive.
Names and dirt on all the biggest players in Atlas.
I gotta get into Patricia's house and find it.
Gregson's house is a crime scene.
Atlas will be watching.
Price of my freedom.
This DOJ agent Margo.
She just gives you back the card and lets you waltz out of there? She wants to work with us.
- Show of faith, I guess.
- I'll drive.
Thought you might really be gone this time.
Crossed my mind too.
Maybe a suicide mission isn't the next move.
Margo's built a case against us.
Says she can have you, me, and Isaac thrown in prison.
- For what? - Pretty much everything that's happened since you and the 8113 stumbled onto that heroin.
Margo's good at her job.
We've been off the reservation so long, we forget what this might look like through a legal lens.
I'm glad you're okay.
You're not in this alone.
I know.
Delay? Red, you know that's not possible.
Then we run the risk of the whole thing falling apart.
Where are you with the card? It's gotten complicated.
You know who has it? Swagger and his band of merry assholes.
They know what it does? They broke into Titan.
Logged on.
So that's a yes.
But they don't know the when.
Or who.
God damn it.
I should bring Hayes back to life just so I can kill him myself for screwing this whole thing up.
As I was saying, we need to reset the clock.
We can't! Look, this isn't about you picking the best day to take your cattle to market.
The confirmation's already on the calendar.
This is happening.
We have to make sure it happens in the right direction.
There may be another problem.
Earl Swagger's evidence might be in play too.
The day keeps getting better and better.
Focus on the card.
Once we're through the next week, the evidence won't mean shit.
This needs to be put to rest.
I got it.
Just pay him off.
No questions, no gum flapping.
You hear me? Loud and clear.
We're here to see Katherine Mayfield.
IDs? Down the hall.
Orderlies will take you in.
She'll be happy to see you.
You're her first visitor in three years.
You know, this woman, she used to run ops for your Pop's unit back in the day.
You might not wanna hear what she has to say.
I'm at peace with it.
You're not at peace with much.
Enter access code.
Go ahead.
This is Jensen.
Armstrong Psychiatric.
Swagger's here.
Thought you should know.
Message received.
Intel will be dispatched.
Katherine Mayfield? Oh, you took your time.
I've written dozens of letters.
You're lucky I'm not dead already.
What are you waiting for? The gas leak's in my room, not out here.
Um, I think you have us confused with someone else.
You're not from the gas company? No.
Silly me.
So, who are you? Uh, my name is Bob Lee Swagger.
You served with my father, Earl.
Too bad.
This one could have been perfect.
Oh, no, we just wanna talk to you.
We're not gonna take a lot of your time.
If you're here, Mr.
Swagger, there is no more time.
Let's hope Patricia left us some bread crumbs.
- Stop looking at me.
- Sorry.
Just, uh Where you from, Carlita? You married? Single? Atlas advised against relationships.
Mmm, yes.
Fully devoted to the cause.
Some causes are more important than the bullshit everyday people tend to value.
Some bullshit is normal.
And healthy.
It's also self-serving.
Atlas is a lifelong commitment, but it's for something greater than oneself.
And once you give yourself to it, you're in it For as long as you can be of use.
Because going into each new mission, there are only two acceptable outcomes.
A successful mission or death.
You don't stop until you reach one.
That's just how it is.
If you're a true believer, at least.
Guess you're not a true believer, then.
Otherwise why would you be here? Can I help you? Go on in.
Damn, Imelda.
How very 2012.
Well Either Christmas came early this year, or you want something big.
Son, you called me.
I'm not selling, so you'd better tell me what you're buying.
We'd prefer to let sleeping dogs lie.
And this, uh this dog is Earl Swagger? Among others.
You know who killed him? We both know Jimmy Poole did.
You know there was more than one shooter.
All I know is Earl's been dead a long time, and it needs to stay that way.
Don't know that Bob Lee sees it like that.
Finding out you never knew the truth after all these years, that that doesn't sit well with the man.
You need to stop digging up graves.
All right? Real ones and otherwise.
Is that it? 20 grand We drop the wrongful death suit? Is that the offer? It's not an offer.
I want Earl's stuff too.
- What stuff? - His stuff.
You know.
His files? Seems old Earl had some stuff he wanted to get off his chest.
The hell you talking about, son? Look, just take Swagger the money.
Why? I know where he'd tell you to put it and there ain't no spending it there.
Have a good day now.
So the people you're hiding from, are they the same people you worked for with my dad back in Vietnam? Yes, dear boy, but I'm not hiding.
You chose to live here? I'm "diagnosed" as paranoid schizophrenic.
Atlas put you here.
They didn't have the heart to kill me.
I didn't have the heart to do it myself.
So this is our cozy little arrangement.
I get to live as long as I keep taking my meds and play nu.
Play nuts or is nuts? And the system was working so nicely until you showed up.
I suppose I will never see this fountain again.
Actually, that's kind of a relief.
So before it's all over, tell me, Mr.
Swagger, why are you here? For your father? Country? Or do you just love crazy old broads? First two.
Earl would have said the same thing.
What was he like? A patriot.
Like all of us in Vietnam.
It was a noble undertaking, a revolution in intelligence and vital to national security.
Seems like it lost its way.
When things grow too big, can't control them anymore Government, children, lies.
Do you mind if we cut to the chase? What is Altas planning? Your friend, he's so impatient.
Yeah, he's not my friend.
We're trying to stop an attack on Washington.
We believe innocent people are gonna die.
Innocent people in Washington.
And you think I'm crazy.
Talk to me.
- I tried, Daddy.
- You tried? You want a participation trophy? Look, I gave him the money.
You know, I told him to stop investigating, and that we needed Earl's stuff back.
You told him what? You are about as useless as tits on a bull, you know that? I did what you asked.
He didn't go for it.
I don't wanna hear any of your bullshit whining and excuses.
If I wanted that, I'd have called your mother.
What I need you to do is handle this.
Do you hear me? - Yes, sir.
- Whatever it takes.
Yes, sir.
You worked with Atlas for years.
What's their end game? - Control.
- Of what? The future.
The past.
Hearts and minds.
Can you narrow that down a bit? I'm sad you two aren't friends.
All my friends are dead.
- This is a waste of time.
- Just wait.
We were friends.
Just like I'm sure you and my dad were friends once.
But then shit flew out of control.
Now we're just trying to put things right.
So please just give us something, anything doesn't matter how small.
What's the final check on absolute power in government? The people.
The voting booth.
Mmm, four years is a long time to wait.
The Supreme Court.
Control that, control everything.
- Senator Hayes - Hayes was the kingmaker.
He controlled the senate judiciary.
He would have picked the next chief justice.
In other words, an Atlas pick.
With a four-four split, that pick is the swing vote.
You control the court.
But Hayes is dead.
That doesn't change who he already picked.
Or maybe it does.
I'm crazy.
What do I know? Look, they've been building up to this for decades.
Gerrymandering they control the votes.
Education they control the masses.
Money in politics.
Executive power.
But there's still a constitution.
People still have rights.
Blow up D.
on top of it, now you're talking martial law.
Well, then come with us.
Help us end this.
We can protect you.
East wing! East wing! - Find us a way out of here.
- All right.
I'll stay on him.
Shit! Shit.
Hold it right there.
Don't you even blink.
- I didn't shoot that woman.
- On your knees.
Hands where I can see them.
All right, all due respect, I can't do that, man.
I just - Thanks.
- Found a way out.
Fire extinguisher.
- You have it? - No, but I know where it is.
How are you so sure? Surveillance at Gregson's house paid off.
Carlita Cruise.
She's buddied up with Swagger's team.
So? So the bunker's the only place they've got to go.
What do you need to expedite its retrieval? A small army.
I'll send some bodies over there.
Send them to me.
Take them there myself.
I need to speak to the judge! - Sir, just calm down.
- The judge! Hey, hi.
Oh, thanks for coming down, Julie.
I didn't know what to do.
Just let me in to see the damn judge, - and I'll be on my way.
- Hey, hey, let's calm down.
Why can't he see the judge? Because the judge he's asking for has been dead for 15 years.
Oh, shit! Okay, thanks.
Hey, Sam, come on.
Let's walk outside for a second.
Let's get some fresh air.
He tried he tried to bribe us, Julie.
I got the whole thing on tape.
Just need the judge to See, now Okay, hey, let's calm down, okay? Just stop for a second, okay? Talk to me.
How can I help you? I thought I had more time.
Okay, look, when you retire, you're gonna have more time.
All right? I'm sick, Julie.
What do you mean? I'm dying.
Sam, what are you What are you talking about? I kept losing my keys, I find myself in the kitchen, not knowing how the hell I got there.
Doctor says it's the size of a pea.
Ain't done growing yet.
That's why I accepted your offer to help me out.
I figured at least get my affairs in order.
Listen to me.
There's a lot of - really great doctors out there.
- No, this this No, no, let's get a second opinion on this, okay? This is what it is.
I don't wanna die like this.
I'm gonna forget who I am.
I wanna die on my terms.
No, you you can't do that.
A man is the sum of his memories.
If those are gone, who am I? Mayfield said Hayes made the pick before he died.
When are they gonna announce it? - Soon.
- How do we stop a nomination - before it happens? - You can't.
And I I realize it'll be a dark day if Atlas ever gets somebody on the Supreme Court, but you're forgetting something, which is that the senate still has to confirm them.
If Atlas already has their guy locked and loaded, why attack Washington? Must be worried about the Senate.
So they attack D.
then pick off the senators who are opposed to him, using the evacuation plans decrypted by the card.
Destroy the card, destroy their plans.
Destroy the card, they're gone.
Guys, they're not gone yet.
They're here.
What the hell is Red Bama doing here? You think I got on that list by accident? Wait.
Let's be civil.
Knock, knock.
Now, I'll get right to it.
You can either come out here and bring me the card, or we can go in there and take it.
But I gotta warn you, the latter will end in violence.
This place is impenetrable, right? Nothing's impenetrable.
Good talk.
I vote for violence.
Get in there! Everybody okay? Oh, my God.
The card! No, leave it.
We gotta go.
No, we can't risk them finding it.
Draw them away.
I'll keep looking.
All right, is there another way out? There's a tunnel on the other side, but it's walled in.
We'll make our own exit.
Harris, grab this.
Yeah, yeah.
All right.
- Exit's behind that wall.
- Buy us some time.
I got eyes on Swagger.
Bring Swagger to me.
And that goddamn card.
I want that card intact.
Swagger, I will take either way.
Do you hear me? I want Swagger dead or alive.
Well, then come and get me, or I come get you.
Either way, it ends in violence.
Time to man up, son.
All right.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey, you guys safe? Yeah, we're fine.
Lots to talk about.
It's been quite a day.
Mary wanted Anne to read to her tonight, and they both ended up falling asleep.
Is everything okay? Yeah, just, uh, promise me that whatever you and Sam are into with Red, Sr.
, you don't take it too far.
Where is this coming from? Trust me, Red, Sr.
Is not to be underestimate Just use precaution.
I am, but I have to tell you that we already filed the wrongful death suit against him.
- What? - Sam says that there's enough evidence for us to move forward, so we're going to.
Julie, these Bamas are dangerous people.
They're not gonna let you do this without a fight.
Well, we'll be ready for one.
Yeah, it's not that kind of fight.
It's time.
Listen, there's something about Sam All right, I gotta go, but, uh, just make sure Sam - knows the risks, okay? - Okay.
All right.
Love you.
You've reached Sam Vincent.
Please leave a message.
- Isaac's in position? - Yeah.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Margo wants Patricia's burn drive.
It's the only reason she hung our files out.
- And if you're wrong? - Then I'm wrong.
Tomorrow's another day.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just wondering how deep this rabbit hole goes.
Let's find out.
You could have gotten this yourself.
Why the cloak and dagger routine? There are people on the DOJ people I work for I can't trust.
Anonymity is survival.
Hiding is not gonna help us expose Atlas.
And how's your way working out? Well, we have this, don't we? Which has annoyed the shit out of Atlas, but has it stopped them? I don't like her.
You're not a people person.
No, but that lady's a Fed.
That's a special kind of dislike.
Do you like people? No, not really.
I like my country.
Is it worth dying over? I've given it everything else.
Okay, so you have all the answers.
Then tell us, how do we end Atlas? I don't have answers, Memphis.
What I have are facts.
I tried that.
It's encrypted.
MARGO Yeah, by me.
Huh, guess you were closer to Gregson than I was.
We all have our secrets.
My boss in the DOJ was investigating Atlas.
Gregson was helping him.
It was completely off book.
And then she died, my boss disappeared, and so did these names.
So you have a few names.
How's that gonna help us? These aren't just any names.
Heads of Atlas, with dirt on all of them.
That's Andrew Gold.
Chief of Staff to the President.
And many, many others.
Believe me, they will take any necessary measures to preserve their agenda.
In, um In the matter of Ulis vs Ulis vs.
Beckett County, the plaintiff respectfully asks I'm closed.
Door was open.
Was just about to lock up.
This'll only take a minute.
We're not interested in Daddy's money, Junior.
Move along before this gets away from you.
First of all, that deal's expired.
Secondly don't call me junior! You should have played ball, old man.
Swaggers ain't worth dying over.
Now, I want Earl's evidence, and I want it now.
Go ahead and kill me.
It'll prove how much of an idiot Red's got for a son.
Piece of shit! Sam.
Hey, Sam.
Hey, I'm right here.
Can you hear me? Kay, stay with me, okay? I'm right here.
911, what's your emergency? Hi, I need an ambulance right now.