Sight Unseen (2024) s01e02 Episode Script


[PA ANNOUNCEMENT] Dr. Abel to Oncology.
Dr. Abel to Oncology.
[CONCIERGE] Unknown caller.
[CONCIERGE] Unknown caller.
with information to come forward.
[MIKAELA] Detective, she's awake.
There's something in the shadows ♪
[SUNNY] Peanut butter on your left.
I got a call this morning
Made me feel like a cop again.
I actually started going
through an old case file.
Bread's further right.
So who called you?
The mother of a victim.
Her daughter, Hannah Wexler,
got hit by a car a few weeks ago,
and she's been in a coma ever since.
The bastard who hit her fled the scene.
So why did the mother call you?
Well, actually, Hannah's waking up
And I was originally
assigned to the case, so
She thought I could help.
So? Why can't you?
'Cause I quit, remember?
Anyway, even if I didn't,
90% of hit-and-runs are never solved.
I can't, um
So what happens to her case?
Uh, Jake's got it now.
What did you do
This one's mine.
You can't hog all of Avery's cases.
I'm keeping 'em warm until she returns.
Oh, she's not returning.
So I say we divvy up her easy ones
and make hay while the sun shines.
Since when do we describe
a hit-and-run as "easy"?
This isn't just a "hit-and-run".
This is Hannah Wexler, the coma victim.
If she remembers something,
I get an easy close.
If not, it's not a major
investment of time.
You know, how you didn't win
"Personality of the Year"
- is quite beyond me.
- I'm a practical man.
That's why I have the best solve rate.
Second best.
She's gone, so best.
Wish me luck.
She's at Memorial Hospital!
- Who?
- Hannah.
Uh first floor, Trauma Ward, room 67.
I really think we should go.
Look. There is no "we", okay?
And I told you, I'm not on the case.
Did you know
that 90% of hit-and-runs
are never solved?
Sunny, I told you that!
What's your point, anyway?
We can beat those odds.
Look, there is not a lot to go on
in this type of case, okay?
That is what they said about
that White House burglary,
and what did that turn into?
A-Are you seriously
comparing this to Watergate?
I have read enough true crime
to know that throwaway cases
can turn into something much bigger.
And I have lived
through enough true crime
to know the opposite is true.
A hit-and-run
Is just a hit-and-run.
She needs you!
And you need to get out of your house.
Or do you want to eat more cheese puffs?
[SUNNY, EXITED] This is just like
the beginning of that
Sue Grafton novel when
One more "Grafton" reference
and I'm getting another EyesUP agent.
Admit it
You're pleased that
I got you out of the house.
Stop. To your right.
Is that her?
Oh, yeah, it's her.
Aw. She doesn't look so good.
Detective Avery?
I thought you weren't coming.
I wanted to see how she's doing.
Not good.
When I learned she woke up,
it was the happiest moment of my life.
She's coming along,
but it's hard.
Her shoulder higher.
I'm so sorry, Mikaela.
Did a detective come to visit?
Came and went.
Hannah doesn't remember much,
so I'm afraid she
wasn't much use to him.
Do you mind if I talk to her?
[MIKAELA] Hannah's been in and
out of sleep since she came to.
I had my headphones on
No, but I just I
love to run to tunes,
but I never have the volume past 50%,
so I can hear cars.
What were you listening to?
Uh the Bobby Lees.
Hannah, uh
Do you mind if we try something?
I want to take you back there.
Close your eyes.
The Bobby Lees are playing
You're running
You feel the pavement under your feet.
Anything coming back to you?
I was suddenly on my side.
Could barely open my eyes.
You called 911 from your phone.
Do you remember making that call?
- Did I?
- Did you hear a car?
I don't think so
Why didn't I hear anything?
You know, maybe your brain
picked up on something else
a-a sound, or a smell
Something out of the ordinary.
Oh, I, um
I remember a-a jingle?
Yeah, I-I opened my eyes, and
There was a
I remember, a-a a jogger.
Maybe he was the one that called 911?
So you saw him?
No. No, I-I couldn't see.
My glasses were knocked off.
It-It's not about his face
it's about the impressions.
Details that nobody else notices.
You know, the way he
cleared his throat, or, um
The sound of his shoes on the pavement.
His shoes!
Yeah, I-I remember his shoes.
Can you describe 'em?
I don't know. They were
Brown and
Kind of old-timey.
- Retro?
- Yeah.
And they had, um stars on them.
I was I-I- think they were stars?
Thanks, Hannah.
How did you learn how to do that?
By being a detective for ten years.
Yeah, but I've been
questioned by cops, but never like that.
10 degrees right.
You've been questioned by cops?
We're on you now.
Let's just say, when I grew up,
I learned the powers of
observation were very useful.
What does that mean, exactly?
Oh. Hold on.
You know, a 911 call
was made from Hannah's phone,
but the operator said
that there was just
silence on the other end of the line.
You're deflecting.
Okay, it's clear. Keep going.
Look. We thought it was Hannah,
but maybe she's not the one
who made the call.
Is it weird to go for
a jog in fancy retro shoes?
Search "Retro brown running shoes
"With stars".
Yeah. Nothing's coming up.
At least, no brown shoes with stars
Oh! Oh! Left, left, left!
[TESS] Sorry about that
- Tess?
- It's Jake.
What are you doing here?
The family called me.
They said you left.
No, that was Leo.
I couldn't let him mess it up.
Well, good.
You had me worried.
I should go.
Wait. Wait a second.
Why are you doing this?
Why quit?
Come on, is it really
because of our last case?
I choked, Jake.
I didn't take that shot
and I almost got you killed.
We all choke, all of us, all right?
And we move through it.
Just talk to me.
What are you not telling me?
I gotta go.
Ask Hannah about the jogger.
[SUNNY] You didn't tell him?
Let it go, Sunny.
He's your partner.
Doesn't he deserve to know?
I've been busy.
Those cheese puff crumbs say otherwise.
Hey, how long you been
in that apartment of yours?
537 days.
For real?
[CHUCKLES] One word delivery.
Okay. So you always eat alone?
Sometimes my husband joins.
You're married?
We're living apart.
Tomorrow's our anniversary.
Okay. So.
Uh, I have been searching
Vancouver papers online,
and Hannah's story
has barely made a dent.
Yeah, well, it's a busy news day.
Fire in Quebec,
disappearance of that
"wellness guru" fraudster.
Oh, yeah! Charles Adams.
I have all of his books.
You would.
Hey, this doesn't sound
like my neighbourhood.
I took us on a little detour.
[TESS] So what are we doing here?
We're looking for shoe impressions.
The road is asphalt.
You can't lift prints from asphalt?
Maybe six weeks ago,
when we did this already, Veronica Mars.
Point taken.
I just thought we should see the site.
Hannah was coming around the corner
when she got hit,
and the road ahead is a straight shot.
If the jogger was coming
in the other direction
Wouldn't Hannah have seen him
before she got hit?
That "jingle" she heard
Could that have been car keys?
Maybe it was the driver.
Play "The Bobby Lees" volume ten.
Hannah played it at half-volume!
Hannah ran against traffic
She says she didn't
hear anything coming
We couldn't identify the skid marks,
but we know that the car
swerved around the corner.
It was on the wrong side
of the road when it hit her.
On his whole pretty face ♪
He's sayin' Let's get lost ♪
And baby run far away ♪
I know you're hiding out now ♪
But I'll find ya Somehow ♪
- Tess!
Tess! I can't see
behind you! Be careful!
[TESS] I heard it coming a mile away.
Wait, if you heard it coming,
wouldn't Hannah have heard it, too?
Unless it didn't make any sound.
Because it was electric.
I need to see Hannah's file.
[MATT] Why can't you get this
through the proper channels?
I don't want to have
an awkward conversation
with those channels.
This girl's entire life
has been put on hold
and we are the only ones
who can catch whoever did this.
Is that really true?
It is my case
and I'm gonna put it to rest.
Well, what about your invisible friend?
Can't she handle this?
Sliding into
the forensics lab is above my pay grade.
Look, Matt.
I need to make sure this girl
gets the justice she deserves.
Okay. Okay.
"Hannah Wexler."
Hit-and-run, June 3rd
time of impact, 16:43.
How did they get the time so exact?
[TESS] Thank you, smart phones.
We found a paint chip on scene,
the day Hannah was hit.
It was our only real piece of evidence.
The analysis has gotta be in by now.
Hold on, hold on.
It's just a bunch of
"blah, blah, blah"
Eh okay! Wait.
Here it is
"Electron microscopy compared
against a control sample
identified a widely-used formula
discontinued in 1979."
- 1979?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, if the car that hit
Hannah was vintage,
there's no way it could be electric.
Anything could be electric, for a price.
Show Sunny the paint chip.
[SUNNY] Hmm. That's such a weird colour.
I've never seen a brown like that.
[MATT] Yes. Dirty-diaper brown.
Okay, okay, can you just
check online for matches?
This is literally
the only thing I'm seeing is this
This dude with some retro blender.
"Charles Adams Fountain of Juice."
No accounting for taste.
You think that this guy
copied the colour on his car?
No, just "Charles Adams."
Why is that name so familiar?
Because I have all of his books?
The wellness guru
[SUNNY] Uh-huh, who
vanished into thin air
the night that Hannah was hit.
That can't be a coincidence.
I found a photo of his electric car,
and guess what colour it is.
Did we just find our Watergate?
Look, Adams was already
being investigated
for insider trading
If he hit Hannah, he could've
just ditched his car and fled.
Jake, I know the paint
chip matches his car.
Okay, but we put out
a B.O.L.O. on the car
when his family reported him missing,
and got nothing. Okay?
We assumed he fled to
escape the impending charges.
Wait. Can you
Why are you still working?
I told you. The family called.
Leo and I have got it covered.
And you quit, remember?
So what's going on?
Just put out a second B.O.L.O.,
and do it wider this time.
He's gonna find out eventually.
You know, you owe it
to him to tell him yourself.
Do you think I don't know this?
So why don't you tell him?
What are you two gonna eat?
Your anniversary dinner?
You're changing the subject.
Quite skillfully, I might add.
Homemade Bolognese.
Okay. So
We know what direction
Adams was travelling
when he hit Hannah
Which means we know
which way he went after the accident.
Well, all the main highways
have CCTV cameras,
and nothing came up.
So he stuck to smaller roads.
Yeah, he probably just panicked
and took the quickest
route off the highway.
You know what?
There's no other roads for miles.
There is a service road.
I know where he went.
Tell your driver to turn left!
So we're looking for CCTV cameras.
It's beautiful,
but it's desolate.
There's nothing here.
Perfect place to hide evidence.
Especially a car.
Oh! I bet he used a stick
to wedge the gas pedal
and drove it into the water
Like "D" is for Dick.
What did I say about
Sue Grafton references?
I'm sorry.
The water's shallow.
I can see the bottom.
If it's that shallow, you'd
definitely see a car from here.
Can you turn right?
No, no. Your other right.
I-I there's something there.
It's a pier.
Maybe he drove the car off the end?
Picking up my leftovers?
Thought I closed the Wexler case?
I re-opened it.
Your funeral.
[SUNNY] Watch the edge.
Let's just have one last look.
No! No. This is crazy.
It's wet, I'm freezing.
Oh! B-B-B
- Ow! Mother of
I assume your next word is "Mary"?
Oh! What'd I just hit?
Uh, it's sign.
Hold it up.
[SUNNY] "Turnbell Conservation Area."
Someone must've hit it
Pull up that paint chip.
I'm gonna scan it.
Ah, it's a wooden post. No paint marks.
[TESS] Wait.
There's a gouge.
Take another look.
[SUNNY] Looks like a match.
Oh, my God.
Ooh! Come on.
You're taking Tess's stuff now?
It's better back support.
I wasn't aware that you had a spine.
She's coming back.
She just needs more time.
Sounds like you're the one who
needs a little more time, Campbell.
Your ears burning?
[TESS] Jake? I think
we've got something.
We need divers.
[JAKE] What's Bennett gonna say
when he hears about what you found?
[TESS] I didn't find anything.
You did.
[OFFICER] Detective?
It's there.
License plate's a match, but
You need to see this.
[SUNNY] Well,
looks like we found where
Charles Adams was hiding.
Whoever killed him hit Hannah.
So, that was way less enjoyable
than it should have been.
[TESS] The Jake I knew
never had trouble
taking credit for my work.
Yeah, taking credit's one thing
Having it handed to me
on a silver platter is another.
I miss your stupid laugh.
This is the part where you're
supposed to say you miss me, too.
I do, it's just
Yeah, you're not coming back.
Really? You're gonna let
me get stuck with Leo Li?
Li's a good cop.
Li's a loud chewer with squeaky loafers.
- He's half the cop that you are.
The department's got
excellent support progr
I got to tell you something.
I'm happy where I am.
I don't buy it.
If you were happy, you wouldn't be here.
You know, I keep thinking
if there's an upside
to you leaving that
I got to get back to the scene.
I almost broke out the
popcorn for that one.
Sunny, I forgot you were here.
You still haven't told
him about your sight.
Tell me something I don't know.
Communication really is the best policy.
If I tell Jake,
it becomes real.
I'm not I'm not ready for that.
[JAKE] Now!
[SUNNY] So I was thinking
of swapping out the
sherry for the white wine,
to give it a little richness
and to offset the low-sodium broth
that we're gonna need for
your high blood pressure,
but if you would rather
stick to the tried and true, I'm game.
You wanna order instead?
I had a thought
The French restaurant
where we had our first date.
Call from Jake Campbell.
Call from Jake Campbell.
Autopsy's in on Charles Adams.
[JAKE] Rae.
We got lucky with the cold
weather, and the predation.
Adipocere formation helped as well.
Point is, he was in remarkably
good shape for when we found him.
Ironic, right?
The guy dedicates his life to wellness,
this is how he ends up?
Or he dedicates his life to fraud,
gets what he deserved.
[RAE] Hey!
There's that "Tess
bluntness" that I miss.
So you're back?
Uh, it's complicated.
Couldn't get enough of
this guy's aftershave, huh?
His head's circled in red.
Y Uh, w-what's with his head?
Ah, yes. Okay. Well, see,
this is where it gets interesting.
[JAKE] Okay.
Do you see this fracture?
[JAKE] Yeah.
[RAE] We thought it was
from the impact of the crash,
but the guy was strapped in
Angles are all wrong.
Mm. Well, how bad was the head injury?
Not enough to kill him,
but more than enough to knock him out.
Are you saying Adams
was placed in the car?
I'm saying you can rule out suicide
or accidental death.
Our wellness guru
was murdered.
[TESS] Hey, Audio.
Play "Baroness of Death".
Playing "Barbershop Quartet".
Doo-de-doo Doo, De, doo ♪
- No!
- Doo-de-doo, De ♪
Okay. No. No! Audio, stop.
- Ow!
- I'm tickled pink ♪
- [SHOUTS] Stop playing!
- That things are rosy ♪
- Stop it!
- And skies are blue ♪
- Hello!
- Once again ♪
Okay. So, the way I see it,
there are three main
suspects in Charles's murder
there is the brother,
the best friend, and the wife.
You realize how this works, right?
I call you when I need an assist to see.
I'm not your agoraphobia
therapy session.
Shh-shh-shh-shh. Hear me out!
Even though Charles Adams is dead,
they're all gonna be
at the Adams' charity
event tomorrow night, and
So will we.
Once again, there is no "we".
I got you in.
Let's go find the killer.
Okay, one last tiny dusting a blush
and then you're good to go.
I feel like a character
in a John Hughes movie.
And not one of the cool ones.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, you look beautiful.
- Well, I feel moronic.
- Look.
Rich people will notice,
and you're playing a rich person.
Make sure to keep
the camera well-hidden.
I'm outta my depth here.
You're not the only one.
I said yes to Arjun.
You're going to the French restaurant?
First time out in 539 days.
Go, you!
how do I look?
You look perfect.
Oh, and I've registered
you under a fake name.
Okay, Nancy Drew.
[SUNNY] There's a step six paces ahead.
My name is "Irene Adler"?
Sherlock's nemesis?
- Step up.
- Could you be any more obvious?
Champagne to your right.
One step and you're clear.
Ten paces.
[SUNNY] Everyone's here!
Tech tycoons and "Real Housewives".
That's Britney Spears' ex!
I thought you had a list of suspects,
not a "who's who" of reality T.V.
I do. I've narrowed down the field.
The hit-and-run suspect is here.
We just have to find him. Or her.
Veer left
Eight or nine paces.
[GRANDLY] Now, scan the room!
[SUNNY] Uh-huh. A little to the left.
Right there. Okay.
Let's start with
Charles's best friend
Now, Ron put up the seed money
for Charles's wellness line,
but, according to the trades,
Ron wants out.
Clock right.
Next we have Philip Adams,
Charles's brother
also, an aspiring stand-up comic.
Charles cut off support
after Philip made disparaging remarks
over Charles's books at a show.
And then we have
Charles's wife, at 10:00.
Now, Michelle has controlling interest
over the company, so,
basically, what that means is
- [CRIES OUT] Wah! Oof!
What happened?
I just tripped over my heels.
Did you get dressed up for this?
Okay, just a little bit,
but I wanted a practice run
for my anniversary dinner.
Oh, fine. As long as
you're not practice-drinking.
[GULPS] Of course not.
[TESS] Okay, let's just focus.
I'm gonna listen,
you're gonna be my eyes.
Okay. We can do that
We can explore that
the best friend and the wife
might be more than business partners.
What makes you say that?
Body language!
Oh. See if you can dig up some gossip.
There is a man
beside you, 2:00.
Two steps forward.
Uh, they look cozy, huh?
Are you referring to Mrs. Adams?
And you are?
Her son.
She's very lucky to
have such good friends.
I'm sorry about your father.
[BEN] Dad would've wanted
to keep up appearances.
Irene Adler.
You're Irene?
Uh, I wanted to thank
you for your donation.
will have quite an impact.
[TESS] Oh, of course.
Thank you all for coming.
Though a somber occasion,
my husband would be pleased to know
his death brought so many of you
to open your hearts,
and your wallets,
to the causes he holds dear.
[HUSHED] 20 grand?
How do you have that kind of cash?
Hang on. Michelle's
staring daggers at someone.
[MICHELLE] While my
husband may not be here,
your generosity ensures his legacy
You are avoiding the question.
And I I couldn't be more grateful.
Thank you.
She's getting a drink.
See if you can chat her up.
I'll guide you.
Three steps.
Veer right.
Ten degrees.
She's six paces, 10:00.
Her dress is Pucci.
How good are you at talking fashion?
I still think bucket hats are cool.
Well, they are in style again.
You know what? I'll just
feed you the lines.
Just go! Go, go, go, go, go!
And do what, Sunny?
This is not a movie.
My instincts are telling me
that she knows something.
And mine tell me this is
a $20,000 wish-fulfillment
fantasy for you to live
vicariously through me.
The leads you're having me chase
are paper-thin, at best.
You're the one who admitted
that I got you out of the house.
We should never have come here.
I'm giving Jake the list of suspects.
- I'm leaving.
- No, no, no, no. Please!
Please, Tess? Please!
I saw something.
What are we looking at?
I see a photo on the wall.
Step forward.
[TESS] Who is it?
It's Charles and his son, Ben,
but it's not who, it's where.
That lake behind them
I could swear
it's the lake with the broken sign.
Are you sure?
It's I mean, it's hard to say.
But, you know, if I'm right,
then that puts Ben on the suspect board.
Okay, long shot
Can you see his shoes?
They're brown runners with stars.
Just like Hannah described.
Get me somewhere private.
I got to make a call.
Are you certain?
He was wearing the runners
identified by Hannah.
The photo puts him at the scene.
Does he know you're on to him?
- 'Course not.
- Okay, here's what you do
Go back inside,
and relax
And you enjoy the arrest.
[TESS] You can handle it.
I'm gonna go tell Hannah we got him.
We did it, Tess.
We cracked the case.
[TESS] Knowing who hit Hannah
won't change what happened to her.
She and her mom are gonna live with that
the rest of their lives.
They'll never forget.
What about you, Tess?
I mean, what happened to your mom?
She died in a fire.
I was 16 and
no matter what I tried,
her drinking got worse.
We fought.
She told me to stop calling her out,
I did.
She had this boyfriend at the time
"Mr. Blue Lighter".
Got a bad vibe from him, but
I gave her what she
wanted, I kept my mouth shut.
It took them four weeks to identify her.
All that time, I was
Praying she was out
on a bender somewhere.
It made it that much worse
when they told me.
They said it was an accident
from a cigarette left burning.
I knew that wasn't right, though.
She didn't smoke.
And what happened to him?
Up and vanished.
And you've been
searching for him ever since?
Yeah, I made sure never
to miss any details again.
Well, that is what makes you a good cop.
Not anymore.
I lost my superpower, Sunny.
Your compassion is your superpower.
That's why you're here,
instead of watching the arrest.
And for the record,
your eyes do not pick up detail,
it is your brain.
- Call from Jake Campbell.
- Someone calling. Hang on.
Call from Jake C
Ben was gone when we got to the house.
A witness saw him take off in his car.
I got a bad feeling about this, Tess.
Do you think he's after Hannah?
He's acting erratically.
We can't take any chances.
I'm on my way to the hospital
I'm still a way's out.
Good thing I'm already here.
Don't scream.
- It was an accident!
That's why I made the 911 call.
Say that you believe me!
[SHOUTS] Say it!
[TESS] I believe you.
I'm not Irene.
I'm police.
My name is Tess Avery.
You said Hannah was an accident.
Was your father an accident, too?
We got into a fight.
It got heated.
And you were just trying to
reason with him, weren't you?
Talk to him about the investigation?
But you couldn't help it
Things got out of hand.
[SUNNY] He's pacing back and forth.
He's on edge.
He was playing a dangerous game. Okay?
Our business was going
down because of him.
And, uh
we got into it
in the garage
and I just pushed him.
His head hit the metal
tool cabinet and-and
My mom found us
and she tried doing CPR, but, uh
But she couldn't save him?
It was her idea to drive
his body to the lake.
She said she couldn't handle
losing both of us that same night.
Ben, I saw the medical report.
Your father was alive
when he hit the water.
That's impossible.
My-My mother is a doctor.
She would've known.
She did know.
[BEN] No.
That would mean
No! My mom wouldn't
have done that! No! No!
Step forward
Right hand out. Hannah needs you.
It's okay, Hannah. It's over. It's okay.
It's okay.
Nice work.
Did you get the part about the mom?
Already relayed it back to the station.
Arrest should happen any minute.
[MATT] Hey.
Got your pool pass.
You've been going
twice a day since you quit.
Just keep it.
You know, I hate getting
my hair wet anyways.
- Hey.
- Mm-hmm?
She here?
Just you and me.
Do you remember when
we were in ninth grade
And you pretended that you
didn't know who Tyler Lang was
Even though you
both were hookin' up?
Because you knew that I knew that he was
a righteous douchebag? Remember that?
Okay. Yeah. You were right. So what?
So there was a disconnect.
So you were holding something back,
like there was something you
wanted to get off your chest.
Well, it's there again.
You haven't told Jake.
Tess, you cannot just
be dodging this forever.
I'm not dodging anything.
So you ain't here swimming twice a day
because it's something you
could do without abandon,
just like it was before
you lost your sight?
- I j
- Hmm?
You know, I really hate
how well you know me.
Yeah, you think that, by saying it,
they're gonna slap some label on you.
You're still Tess.
You're always gonna be Tess.
I know it.
Jake knows it.
I'm gonna go.
I'm glad you called.
Been a while since we
did hot dogs in the park.
Oh, it's all about that
mustard and relish.
- Mm-mm.
- No finer synergy, baby.
See, we've had this argument
before, and you're wrong.
It's all about this diced onion here.
That's the key.
[BLURTS] I'm blind.
What do you mean?
That's why I missed the shot.
It's why I quit.
Uh I mean, how long
Since when?
Couple of weeks.
Longer, actually. I
First, one eye. Now it's both.
You're mad at me.
Because you lost your sight?
Because you lost your partner.
Have you not been following
what we just did today?
We j
We just solved a case together!
I haven't lost my partner at all.
Completely blind?
Well, clinically.
I mean
Well, I got some shapes
and colours, but
But I'm losing it.
It's genetic.
[JAKE] Wow! Wow. Wow. Wow.
I'm sorry, this is a lot
for me to process.
Well, I'm sorry this is so hard for you.
I mean! [LAUGHS]
We gonna be okay?
Well, I'm not so sure about
me. You're gonna be fine.
How can you say that?
Because you're the bravest
person I've ever known.
I don't feel that way.
You will.
You just need to take the first step.
He never had a word to say ♪
He move just like a
bunny hat and trick ♪
He gone, gone just
like your lick-'em stick ♪
- And now Bobby hides up in the sky ♪
Winkin' at me with
that one Crowley eye ♪
And, oh, my Bobby I wish that I knew ♪
But you're good
You don't leave a clue ♪
And one day I heard that he was ♪
Dead ♪
I never believed
it when they said ♪
They said Bobby Lee was dead ♪
Bobby Lee, yeah ♪
Yet here you are ♪
You're back again ♪
Honey, Bobby ♪
Bobby Lee is ♪
Honey, Bobby ♪
Bobby Lee is ♪
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