Sight Unseen (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


Somethin' in the shadows ♪
[MUTTERING] Come on,
Sunny, pick up, pick up!
- Where are you?
No time to explain, just follow my lead.
Brace for a bloody crime scene.
A fashion crime.
I didn't see that coming.
Hope we didn't wake you.
[SIGHING] Come on, Wilbur.
What's for breakfast?
If you're into baking,
this guy will be your new best friend.
[SUNNY] I gotta be honest,
I don't know what I'm doing here.
- Whoa!
But I'm so glad you called.
The only reason I agreed to this session
is to show you that I'm actually
really confident in my own kitchen.
Got you.
I don't want to be rude,
but I've never cooked,
and I don't want to cook.
Don't you want to be fully independent?
I'm as independent as I ever was
You ready for your ride?
Let's roll.
Car pooling saves gas.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Hey, I'm Matt.
You must be Tess' low-vision advisor.
She's told me a lot about you.
She's evaded me for weeks.
I'm Mia Moss.
That shaggy one's Wilbur.
Yeah, okay, I'm gonna, uh
I'm gonna go brush my teeth.
[QUIETLY] How's she doing?
Coping the best way she knows how.
That bad, huh?
Anything I can do?
When I first lost my sight,
I didn't want to hear it.
Had to learn the hard way,
by falling on my ass.
Call me if you need me,
'cause she sure won't.
All right, come on, Wilbur.
See you.
See ya.
All right, it's safe. She's gone.
I think I'm going to skip my swim.
Lucas still hasn't texted me back.
I thought I would, you
know, make some calls,
check up on some of his old haunts.
Well, I'm off at 2:00. I could take you.
Nah, I got EyesUP, remember?
I know my brother, he's, uh
He's probably just off on one of
his get-rich-quick schemes.
I know how much you worry, Tee.
Every time I see a kid on the streets,
it just reminds me of how I lost him.
He's a different person
than he was back then.
We all are.
You should get to work.
Wondering when you'd show up.
And who has our attention today?
Male, Caucasian, early 20s.
No wallet, no I.D.
Likely suicide.
- We got his prints on file?
- Nope.
Yoga mama found him on her morning run.
No one saw him go over.
After you.
Ah, thank you
Hi, Rae.
Death by gravity or bad aim?
Premature to say, actually.
Initial assessment
is blunt-force trauma.
The hematoma in the left eye
suggests a massive neurological insult.
So either he jumped, or he fell.
[RAE] Or was pushed.
I would have expected more blood.
Well, you might be right.
We'll know more after the autopsy.
Is everything okay, Ms. Patel?
Yes, of course.
I'm just doing a little refresh.
- Bit of a DIY nut.
- Oh.
You really put your back into it.
To be honest, I didn't care
for that panel either, so
You know it's kind of
rude to just stand there
when someone can't see you, Jake.
I'm sorry, I don't
really know how to act.
Do you want to try normal?
- Let's try normal.
- Yeah, let's do that.
So, you left some things on your desk.
Leo was about to toss them.
I don't know, I feel like Tipsy
Tina deserves a good home.
No way, she belongs at the station,
irritating Bennett.
You know how much he hates her.
Yeah, she'll be missed.
Unknown victim, declared deceased,
being transported to the morgue
It's not Lucas.
[SIGHING] Thank God,
but it is somebody's kid,
somebody's brother.
You got an I.D.?
You know I can't give you
details of an active case.
Kid's still a John Doe, 20s,
it's a likely suicide.
Rae's trying to get an
I.D. on him right now.
You know, jumpers
usually make a bigger mess.
It's probably nothing, I don't know.
Leo's not looking,
for any complications.
You're not Leo.
He is my partner now,
for better or worse.
[SUNNY] Blue, white,
No, no, Sharon, those don't match.
- Oh!
Shift's over, Sharon.
Another agent is waiting to help you.
- Tess!
I was one sock away from losing my mind.
How was the anniversary date?
It's always nice when they remember.
So, what's up?
Tell me you haven't eaten.
There's a woman directly
ahead between the
Oh, my God!
Oh, sorry, people schmutz,
but hey, they're my people.
Jake told me what happened.
About you quitting due to stress?
You are so smart to put
your mental health first.
Wait, are you even
allowed to be in here?
Just wanted to come say hey
And ask about a John Doe.
Burrard Bridge?
[RAE] Jake and Li's case?
[TESS] Jake thought I
might have some insight.
[RAE] You and your John Does.
You know, naming the dead
is an obsession for me, too.
Seen any more come in recently?
Too many, but no John Does.
I'm hoping you see
something that I can't,
'cause I'm getting
nowhere with this kid.
[SUNNY] Oh, God, Tess.
He's so young.
These are always hard.
I hear there wasn't
much blood on the scene.
You think it was the
fall that killed him?
I'd have to open him up to know,
and for that, I need
next-of-kin consent, so
Unless someone claims him
And without a name, how can they?
[TESS] I need you to scan the scene.
[SUNNY] Four more, then sand.
[TESS] Okay.
[SUNNY] I took a
screenshot of the John Doe.
I hope that's okay?
What if nobody recognizes him?
The city inters the ashes
of John and Jane Does
in unmarked graves
if no one claims them.
There's nobody around.
All that's left are bits of police tape.
You think we'll find something?
Don't think.
Wait a second.
Are you sure we're alone?
I I smell
Cotton candy.
Come again?
Oh, wait, I see something metallic.
Ten feet straight in front of you.
Two feet.
One foot
Yeah, got it.
Oh, it's a vape pod.
That explains the smell.
It's still warm.
They must be nearby.
Maybe they saw something.
That's weird, I haven't seen anyone.
What about
Above us?
Looks like a ledge up there.
What are you doing?
We need to find out if
there were any witnesses.
No, no, Tess
It's high. I don't think
Just guide me, okay?
Be careful, it's a steep drop.
The rocks are loose.
[GASPS] Don't move. She has a knife.
[SUNNY] She looks defensive.
I came into your space uninvited.
That's totally my bad.
I'm Tess.
Hey, look, I'm just here
about the kid they found
down there this morning.
Nothing to do with it.
Maybe you heard something,
saw something?
I just need to know who he is.
I need to find his people.
He didn't have a wallet.
You saying I stole it?
Found it.
Held onto it for safe-keeping?
There was no wallet,
just some fancy bottle-opener and a 20.
I spent it on a vape.
I think you dropped this.
[SUNNY] She's reaching.
I'm gonna need that bottle-opener.
[SUNNY] "313".
I'll look it up.
313 Gastro-grill.
Sounds like the name was
put through a hipster blender.
Got it.
It's two blocks away.
Do we hand this to Jake?
but right now,
I got a powerful thirst coming on.
Veer to your 10:00.
Oh, looks like the 313
is in the middle of some major renos.
Walk straight, about 20 feet.
Careful! Everything looks sharp.
- Okay, slow down.
Move to your 2:00.
[WORKER] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, easy there, fellas.
That's very expensive.
Sorry, we're closed.
Open next week.
That's all right.
This place looks too hip for me anyway.
Yeah, you know what, I told my brother
that his little facelift here was
gonna drive away the locals,
but he's got an MBA, so
You can't tell him anything.
[TESS] What was wrong with the old face?
[MAN] Well, food is fashion
You're either the next big thing,
or you're yesterday's news.
Sounds exhausting.
Oh, you have no idea.
Listen, uh, if you don't
mind a little sawdust,
I can make you a drink, on the house.
He's a six, by the way.
Low seven, tops.
I'm just trying to get to
the bottom of something.
Yeah, like a martini?
Ouch. Make that a five.
Do you know this kid?
Oh, man.
What happened?
He was found at the bottom of the
Burrard Street Bridge this morning.
Yeah, his-his name was, um Adrian.
You know what, my brother
handles the employees.
Hey, Andrew!
Yeah, what's up?
Hey, you remember that kid, Adrian?
The dishwasher?
You mean Pink Bunny?
The busboy?
The staff used to call him that.
Maybe he was a furry.
I don't judge, so
He's dead.
I'm just looking for a last name.
I need to contact his family.
Can you check your employment records?
Right, our, uh our records.
I'm getting a vibe here.
Unless he was off the books?
No. No, no, no, we don't
do that anymore,
but, yeah, yeah, no records on Adrian.
I mean, he was only here a
month or so, then he moved on.
Any idea why?
Kids like that come and go.
Hey, I can talk to the staff
see if they know his last name.
If you do find out
anything, call Metro PD.
Ask for Detective Campbell.
Pink Bunny?
Yeah, way ahead of you.
Wow, she's, uh
She's beautiful.
[MATT] You want me to dox a Cam Girl?
Not dox. Locate.
This kid's family deserves
to know what happened.
Okay, just for the record,
are you a former cop
or a future vigilante?
Um, I'm going to go
with concerned citizen
taking the burden off an
overstretched police force.
you know the police budget
is up, like, 6% this year, right?
But I get why you'd
want to I.D. a missing kid.
Any word on Lucas?
I made some calls,
I checked out a few spots with Sunny.
He's ignoring my texts.
He's probably just doing a runner
like I used to back in the day.
[CHUCKLING] I don't miss those days.
That's cause you can't
remember 'em, old-timer
- Where's Sunny?
Wait, she's not here with us, is she?
I told her to give us a minute
so I could sweet-talk
you into helping me.
You mean manipulate?
Always with love, Matt.
So, the stuff on Pink
Bunny seems relatively tame.
It's mostly just gaming
in teeny tiny outfits.
[TESS] And guys pay to watch it?
[MATT] Haven't you heard?
We are in an epidemic of loneliness.
I guess it's like
hanging out with a friend.
Well, my friends don't dress like that.
That's a real pity.
She streams every day at noon.
No sign of her today.
Any luck on an actual name?
Nope, not yet,
but I've managed to
bypass the VPNs on her IP,
and I've got the location
she streams from,
if that helps.
It does.
[SUNNY] Walk straight, 12 steps.
You'll be turning right.
So, we tell this girl that
her boyfriend's dead?
That's not a part of the
job I ever thought about.
[TESS] It's an
important part of the job.
You can switch off if
you feel uncomfortable.
[SUNNY] Right, then left.
This is not a video game.
You need me.
[TESS] You're the one who sounds needy.
- [SUNNY] Stop.
- [TESS] I'm just being honest.
[SUNNY] No, no, no, stop.
We're here. The door is to your left.
The door is open.
It's broken.
[SUNNY] Tess!
Say something.
[TESS, FAINTLY] Something.
I'm trying to find the camera.
Oh, you're bleeding.
We gotta call this in.
Apartment lost to one June Cantay.
No priors, and the neighbours
don't seem to know her very well.
We got an I.D. on the John Doe?
[LEO] Lady in 201
says she saw someone
who fits the description
coming and going.
Well, they look pretty happy.
[LEO, SCOFFING] I don't buy it.
I'm guessing our boy wasn't
nuts about her line of work.
Mm, what, so he jumps off a bridge?
Maybe he's the jealous type.
He confronts her,
they fight.
She breaks his heart, he can't take it.
Okay, so she breaks his heart
Where is she?
I don't know.
Out for drinks celebrating her freedom?
Tell me something, Leo,
who do you know under the age of 50
who leaves the home
without a cell phone?
Our anonymous tipster
said they saw someone
running out of here.
Did your "tip" leave a name?
No, it's probably just a neighbour
who didn't want to get involved.
Leo's onto us.
I always thought he was
smarter than he looks.
Not like I can tell anymore.
Pink Bunny is June Cantay.
We got photos of her with
our young guy everywhere.
We got a name yet?
Still Adrian.
Neighbours are keeping quiet.
Um, we got her cell phone.
We're looking up
Wait, what are we doing?
- What we always do.
- No, I'm aware of that,
I'm also aware that
you are no longer a cop.
Wait, what's wrong here?
- You okay?
- It's a scratch.
- What is it?
- It's just a scratch. Stop.
Dammit, Tess. You see, this
is exactly what I'm talking about.
You could have gotten yourself killed,
or at the very least
jeopardized the case.
It wasn't a case.
You were calling it "a likely suicide".
Wow, you do not miss a beat, do you?
Things are different
now, and you know that.
- Just say it.
- What?
You mean I'm different.
I knew I should never have told you.
I'm Hey.
What I meant was that
you are a civilian now
Oh, great
And as for telling me, you didn't.
You didn't tell me.
You lied to me. You said it was stress.
Are you for real right now?
I needed to wrap my mind around this.
I'm losing everything, Jake.
- You're just losing a work colleague.
- Listen to me.
I know that you don't want
anybody to feel sorry for you,
and you are the most
capable person I know,
as for calling me
"just a work colleague,"
- that is not
- I don't have time to argue
Lucas is still missing.
I've tried all his usual hangouts. I
Look, everything I said is true, okay?
And maybe I've been going
after this John Doe a little
A little rashly?
Yeah, okay, dealer's choice.
I'm sorry.
I will put the word out on Lucas.
As for this case that you're not on,
you're not on it, okay?
Oh, one more thing,
you think it could have
been June that nailed you?
I mean, you saw the photos, right?
She look like she could take me?
[SUNNY] For the last time,
I went to make tea when it got personal.
I have been trained to be discreet,
but it's clear that you
two slept together, right?
[TESS] Wrong.
[SUNNY] Jake is clearly
[UBER DRIVER] Sorry, construction.
Oh, where are we at?
[DRIVER] A block away
Corner of Burwell and Kingsvale.
I can loop around.
No, it's all right, I'll get out here.
Look, Sunny [SIGHING]
Stop making my life a soap opera,
and just get me home.
My batteries are about to
[WOMAN] Watch it!
Come on, Tess, come on,
just plug in your phone!
[MAN ON PHONE] I told you,
I've already booked the tickets.
I'll see you soon, hon'.
Sir, hi. Hey.
I need some help.
Can I borrow your phone?
[TESS] Matt? Can you pick me up?
Tess I can't.
Phillips is sick, I'm taking her 2:30.
[TESS] My phone died, I got lost.
[TESS] I'm using this guy's phone.
Okay, just let me talk to
the owner of the phone.
Hey! Hi, sir, um
What is your closest intersection?
[MIA] Oh, you're a
hard woman to pin down.
And you sound nothing like
the former friend I just called.
Matt said you stepped out into traffic
trying to find your way home
and nearly got yourself killed.
Yeah, I'm fine,
I know, you have your tech,
but it can let you down.
Losing your vision
isn't a secret to hide.
It's a reality you
need to start to live.
What, do you got that
on a t-shirt somewhere?
Etched into a mug, actually.
You're still thinking
like a sighted person.
You need to start to lean
into your other senses.
Great, when does the
super-hearing kick in?
It doesn't work like that, thank God.
Imagine the stuff
you'd hear. [CHUCKLING]
If you start to use sound,
it'll open up your world.
Okay, tell me
Where is Wilbur?
I don't know, probably with you.
Is he?
He's behind me,
to my right.
[MIA] Very good.
[TESS] Well, it was kind of obvious.
No, you were listening
for something specific.
Come on, that's exactly how it starts.
Soon, you'll be hearing things
that you weren't even expecting.
Just you wait until it rains.
It amplifies every sound.
Even footsteps are crystal-clear
when the ground is wet.
Is that how you're gonna get me home?
The sound?
Or we gotta do a rain dance first?
If, by sound,
you mean the voice navigation
on the map app, then yes.
Right, come on.
Come, Wilbur.
Here, grab my elbow.
You can pretend to
be sighted if you want.
[TESS] You do realize this is literally
the blind leading the
blind right now, right?
[MIA DRYLY] Really?
Haven't heard that one before.
State Police.
June Cantay's from Bend, Oregon,
but has no remaining family.
That leaves us with her employers.
Except whoever's
running this Cam Girl racket
is a numbered company.
Lots of numbered companies out there.
That doesn't mean it's shady.
May as well punt this
to Missing Persons.
Let them waste their time.
Where were you?
[TESS] Out for a walk.
That's funny.
[TESS] My phone died, it's fine.
[SUNNY] I was worried.
The work we do is dangerous, and
Whoa, hey.
Are you okay?
[SUNNY] Of course.
Never better.
I did some yoga, I had a nice snack.
[TESS] You know I was a cop, Sunny.
I can tell when people are lying to me.
I'm guessing
your date with your husband was a bust.
I really thought I could
make it out this time.
and I thought I would
make it home on my own.
Yeah, well, at least you tried,
even if you failed.
I'm stuck, Tess,
living on repeat.
Turn around, your cupboards are open.
I think you've been robbed.
- He's back.
- Who?
We need to call the police!
We're not calling anybody.
What are you doing?
What is that?
Tess, what is going on?
What's wrong?
Absolutely nothing.
That mess that was at June's place,
what if that wasn't from a fight?
What if somebody was
looking for something?
[SUNNY] We're
returning to a crime scene,
so, legally speaking,
if you get caught,
does that mean that I'm your accomplice?
I'll just tell them
it was all your idea.
I don't know how we
expect to find something
when we don't know
what that something is.
Well, either they have it,
or they didn't find it
before we spooked them,
and if they don't have it,
we know it's hidden well,
but it's going to be
a needle in haystack.
You know, my mom used to say,
"Oh, Sunny,
"it's like finding a black
cat in a coal cellar,"
which was way better
than my dad's expressions,
which was usually something
off-colour about nuns
Sunny, shh!
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
I hear something.
A rattle.
I think it's coming from the AC.
Oh, you know, when I was 13,
I used a penny
to unscrew the vent in my room
so that I could hide my
diary from my parents,
and it would rattle when the AC started.
The vent
It's five feet ahead of you.
There! There's something there.
Okay, reach forward,
to the left.
What the hell are you doing here?
He looks pissed.
Okay, what part of stand down
sounded like, "break in"?
I didn't buy Leo's
lover's-quarrel theory,
and neither did you.
That's why you're here, isn't it?
No, I came back for a second look
in case we missed something,
and, apparently, I missed the fact
that you can't stay away from me.
It's not personal.
I realized someone may have
been searching the place
probably for this.
How do you keep one-upping me?
Tess, hand it over.
I'll get it to the IT guy,
and say that I found it, all right?
Seems to be the new routine anyway.
What, you want to wait a
week to find out what's on it?
We need to find June now.
She could be in danger.
Okay, what are you suggesting?
I got a guy that could crack this
in under two hours,
I expect to find that drive
where you found it in three.
You get a lead, and you call.
Wait a second.
I know that you said
you had some vision,
how could you find it when I couldn't?
I knew where you'd look,
so I looked everywhere else.
[SUNNY] Are you sure you two never
We were just partners.
That's it.
Hey, thanks for meeting
on such short notice.
I figured I owed you
after springing Mia on you.
You forgive me?
Forgiveness is a process, okay?
You should see the grin on his face.
Maybe I got the wrong guy.
Okay, most recent video
file is 2JuneBugLuv-A.
For "Adrian"?
Tess, put me on speaker.
Let's hear it.
Yo, JuneBug,
I got 'em.
I put the proof on here.
I just need to give them
a taste of what I've got,
and show them what could happen,
and then you and me, we're free.
Hey, look, Juney, I
know you'll be upset,
but please trust me.
I love you, baby.
He was blackmailing
someone, but for what?
Adult sites are legal.
June Cantay doesn't have a record.
Well, she would if she
was mixed up in this
Are those passwords?
[TESS] Hey, Team Oblivious,
you realize I have no idea
what's on the screen right now?
[SUNNY] He's got everything,
he's got banking, socials,
credit-card numbers
Looks like whoever was
running Pink Bunny's website
was stealing their client's information.
And no one reported it?
What, and admit they
got scammed buying porn?
[MATT] They're under a
company called "The Gemini Duo".
A lot of pies.
Girls, hospitality, restaurants.
[SUNNY] He's wearing
my favourite jacket!
So I checked June's employment records,
and guess where she used to work
before becoming a Cam Girl?
- What a coincidence.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, Bennett would
take you back in a heartbeat.
Bennett doesn't know why I quit.
[JAKE] You can still be an investigator.
A blind investigator?
You said you've been
using some kind of app,
or something?
I mean seems to be
working out pretty well for you.
It has its glitches.
- [SUNNY] Hey!
- [JAKE] Look, this halfway thing,
working outside the law,
and feeding me crumbs
like some sort of vigilante
Whoa, hey, hey, whoa,
I prefer "good Samaritan".
Why do you have to make it so hard?
I got lost outside my
own building today.
I was a block from home,
and I might as well have been on Mars.
Truth is
every day the world gets
darker and farther away.
the simplest answer to your question
is I can't pass the firearms test
I can still kick your ass.
Do your job. You're good at it.
I'm gonna be right here.
[SUNNY] Do you believe all that?
Doesn't matter if I believe it.
It's the truth.
How's the Cam Girl racket, Andrew?
We know what you and
your brother have been doing.
The nudity might be kosher,
but skimming the credit card
info of hard-working perverts,
that's more suspect.
Wow, look, I have no idea
what you're talking about, man.
Sunny, call 9-1-1.
[SUNNY] Tess, what are you doing?
[TESS] Just guide me.
You can't be here.
He could be bleeding out.
But you
Either you help me, or you hang up.
Stay flat to the island.
I should be able to get a look.
Pan right.
[ANDREW] I don't understand, man,
we were doing fine.
[TRISTAN] No, we are drowning, Andrew.
[WHISPERING] Do you see Jake?
I just see the brothers.
you burn cash on stupid ideas
One of them has a gun.
like that bar?
[SUNNY] Oh, God, Jake!
He's on the ground, he's not moving.
morons you call friends.
One of us had to live in the real world!
The-the-the cop said that you
That we were running Cam Girls,
skimming cards
Yeah! How do you think
that we pay for all this?
We were heading into black
before that kid Adrian
showed up looking for a cut
What, you killed him?
I kept you safe.
We need a distraction.
Tess, if you go out there,
they'll see you.
So, what are you going to do now, huh?
I'm gonna finish it.
Are you insane? He's a cop!
[SUNNY] Tess, I haven't got eyes on him.
Don't move.
You can come out.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
[SUNNY] Move. Move! It's clear ahead.
What are you doing?
[SUNNY] There's a gun straight ahead.
- [SUNNY] 1:00!
[TESS] Drop it! Drop your weapon!
On your knees.
Down on the ground.
Hands behind your head.
[SUNNY] Straight ahead,
three more paces,
He's on the ground.
[TESS] Andrew Keyes,
you are under arrest
for the murder of one John Doe.
Where are you hit?
It's okay.
I just got knocked out.
The vest took the hit. [GROANING]
Are you okay?
Police! Don't move!
[JAKE] You know, rushing
in there like that was
What, incredibly stupid?
Like, mind-boggling levels of dumb.
Right, so go for the gold, I say.
Granted, if you hadn't come in there,
those guys probably would have
dumped me off the bridge, too.
Well, lucky for you,
I'm always there for
a damsel in distress.
Tess, I really underestimated you.
You saved my ass back there.
Maybe you should think bigger,
And there she is.
June Cantay.
They found her laying low with a friend.
I thought you might want to do the I.D.
Hi, June.
I'm Tess Avery.
I have Adrian's file here.
Are you ready?
[SUNNY] We did it.
We gave him back his name.
Can we please talk
about you and Jake now?
No, we cannot,
Thanks for having my
back in there tonight.
There's somebody behind you!
I know.
He's come looking for
something he's not gonna get.
I'm just glad he's all right.
Who is it?
You know, there are
a few parts of my life
I'd like to keep to myself,
for now.
Goodnight, Sunny.
I'm reporting a crime
against the Merlot in your fridge.
Make yourself at home, Lucas.
I mean, if you can't count
on your sister's hospitality
You can stop looking for the ring.
You're not gonna get it.
You mean my ring?
The one mom willed to me?
The one you pawned that I got back?
Luxury is wasted on you, sis.
Yeah, well, I may be a philistine,
but at least I'm solvent.
Come on, Luke.
I was worried sick about you.
What's the story?
Who do you owe, how much?
You know, just 'fess up
That's not clumsiness
Is it.
It happened,
just like Mom.
I'm so sorry, Tee
No, don't-don't hug me.
I don't need sympathy.
I kicked ass today,
and I finally felt like myself again.
Which means
Oh, yeah! ♪
I can tell by the way that
you switch it and move ♪
And I can tell from the scars
on his whole pretty face ♪
He's sayin' let's get lost
And, baby, run far away ♪
Yeah! ♪
Come on! ♪
Oh, come on! ♪
Oh, well ♪
Do you believe me now? ♪♪
Call Jake.
[JAKE] Hey.
You were right.
I do need to think bigger.
I want to come back to the Force.
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