Silent Witness (1996) s21e02 Episode Script

Moment Of Surrender - Part Two

1 Where's Sally? What's going on? I'm afraid she's gone missing.
- David Cannon.
- Is he a suspect? Maybe you could help us keep an eye on him.
How would you feel about coming to work at the Lyell for a bit? Seriously? We traced her phone to a farm in Kent.
- Just want to talk, Angus! - We need to know Sally's safe! Got a preliminary ID from his wallet.
Livtar Singh.
Do you think it's our fault? Probably.
Regina vs Henry Drake.
Drake had money.
And money bought him Morgan Lawson.
No body, no case.
Who was this woman? And who was she to Livtar Singh? Before Livtar drove to the reservoir, he stopped off at a garage and made some purchases.
He bought two bunches of flowers and a teddy bear.
- Any idea how long we're talking? - 10 years.
Maybe more.
Look at this.
Morphology of the pelvic bone suggests one adult male and one adult female.
And I would say the infant was approximately a year old.
DNA will tell us the sex.
- You all right? - Hmm.
Can't get used to it.
Me neither.
Got a possible ID on the necklace recovered from the female.
Good work.
Greg, Suzie and Fiona Tudor.
Disappeared August 2001.
When am I going to get DNA confirmation? - Close of play today.
- Ow! You all right? Plasters.
In the back of my car.
What happened to the bike? Rode it to Istanbul last year.
Back down the garage.
Hi, Nikki, it's Bernhardt.
Is there news on Sally? No.
I'm sorry.
Merrick's still under.
- But he does have her address.
- How did he get her home address? I don't know.
I'll ask him when he wakes up.
Where are you? Crime scene.
We've had a breakthrough on a case.
Thanks for coming in, Mick.
Sorry it's such short notice.
It's about the Tudor case -- that's all they'd tell me.
Back in 2001 you led the homicide team, correct? - Have you got him? - Who? Greg Tudor.
Have you got him? We've found his body.
Buried alongside his wife and daughter.
What? Greg Tudor didn't kill Suzie and Fiona.
How long were you looking for him? Ten years.
Took early retirement in '03 so that I could do it properly.
Cost me everything.
Why were you so sure it was Greg? Violent man.
Wicked temper.
He was beating Suzie up throughout their marriage.
Had a suspended sentence to prove it.
If I was to read this cover to cover, would I come across the name Livtar Singh? No.
Right, I give up.
What is it? A cornea.
Adhered to blood on plastic sheeting in the boot of David's car.
Could be accidental transfer from a crime scene.
I know.
And it could be Sally's.
I just want to know for sure.
I thought you said they had someone in custody? They haven't charged him yet.
All right, we'll run DNA.
But after that, we're done.
- I am sending him packing.
- What? We have a triple murder on our hands, Nikki.
This is a distraction we can't afford.
- The fact Sally's your friend doesn't change that.
- One more day.
- No.
- I asked him where he went in such a hurry yesterday.
He said to meet Gwen, his lab assistant, - to ask if she had news of Sally.
- So? The woman he met was young enough to be her daughter.
- Why would he lie? - I don't know.
Lovers' tiff? - He's a good-looking bloke.
- She passed him a map of the lanes near Sally's house.
- Come on! I just need to know it's not him.
But if there's a chance he's involved, we have to see this through.
One more day.
Are you all right, Nikki? I mean, are you happy to do PMs, I mean with him? Yes.
I'm fine.
It's easier when we're busy.
DNA matches samples on file with Greg, Suzie and Fiona Tudor.
No question it's them.
All three bodies are skeletonised but high levels of saline in the soil have led to good preservation of the bones.
Greg Tudor was wearing polyester hiking gear so most of the material's survived intact.
Evidence of a massive blow to the top and rear of his head.
Given that Greg's about six foot, well-built, then I think there's a fair chance that his assailant was tall and strong.
It's also possible he was sitting down when he was attacked.
- Or was taken by surprise.
- Mm-hm.
Skull and likely attendant brain injuries are of such gravity that death would have been almost instantaneous.
And we found something long and sharp embedded in the scalp.
Looks like a splinter.
What we've also got -- across the right hand we've got a lot of unhealed fractures, one complete finger break and also the knuckles here, they bear traces of what looks to be like rusted metal.
So shortly before he died, his hand connected to steel of some kind? - A punch, maybe? - Who punches steel? You might have to if your assailant was wearing this.
This is it.
The Tudors were staying here when they disappeared.
Has it changed much? No.
So, what, they were on holiday? Greg Tudor was Surrey born-and-bred but he settled in Glasgow.
His wife Suzie's hometown? Right.
Every August they'd travel south to see his relatives.
Creature of habit was our Greg.
I'm going to set up a video link for us to watch the PM.
Jack? We're We're here.
Tell us about the knife.
You asked me why I suspected Greg? Wasn't just his record.
We found the knife in the boot of Greg's car about five miles south of here, right behind a truck stop.
Fingerprints? Just Greg's -- and the blood was Suzie's.
Good, clear set.
Don't look planted after-the-fact.
Hmm, there's the knife.
Lot of blood on the handle, too.
Nikki, any indication Suzie Tudor was stabbed? None.
And no tears or spatter on what's left of her clothing either.
I can see your logic about the truck stop.
It's a perfect place to hitch a ride.
Even out of the country.
Thanks but you don't have to be kind just because I was wrong.
Suzie Tudor also bears a severe depressed fracture to the front of the skull.
This injury is also studded with wooden splinters but smaller than Greg's.
Makes sense.
We found traces of Suzie's blood and hair on the leg of a coffee table.
What was your theory at the time? Greg and Suzie had a row, she ran to the bedroom, he pushed her over or she tripped and hit her head on the leg.
That makes sense.
Suzie has an unhealed fracture to her right ankle, suggesting the injury was sustained prior to her death.
What about cause of death? I would say, probably, same as her husband.
Blow to the head.
What about Greg? He had a bigger head injury so where's the blood? Not inside the house.
You checked outside? - Of course we checked outside.
- Right, OK.
So we've got Greg attacked first probably outside Suzie comes rushing in to save her baby.
Fiona's body bears no broken bones .
or even damaged bones.
Light blue fibres are attached to a broken nail on her right hand.
Have a look at this.
See, this was taken the morning that she disappeared.
It's possible that the blue fibres came from this blue blanket.
When she was found, her right hand was positioned near her mouth.
Which only really leaves the question -- could saliva be an effective adhesive? Maybe if it was mixed with blood.
Jack? Is there a blue blanket in the scene photos? - Mick? - No.
No, no sign of a blanket.
So we can't say definitively but given the fibres attached to the nail and the absence of injuries I'd say it's possible that Fiona was clawing at the blanket while she was being suffocated.
Is there a next-of-kin? Anyone else we should contact? Greg and Suzie had another daughter -- Jane.
Where was she that night? Stayed behind in Glasgow with her grandparents.
What happened to her? Her grandparents made a good fist of bringing her up but when they died .
bounced from foster home to foster home.
By her 16th birthday, she had a record for drugs and soliciting.
See you back at the Lyell.
Sally Vaughan drives a red Merc.
- I want a comparison by close of play.
- Sir.
Is it her? Yes, sir.
Just out of interest how did you know that Woodlands was closed? Sorry? When you came to see us, you knew our lab was shut.
It wasn't on the news.
I specifically asked the police to keep it under wraps.
We both use GDL Mortuary Products.
- One of the drivers said something.
- Mm-hm.
Did you come back to work the same day I started? Yes.
Jack or Clarissa spoke to the driver -- they mentioned it to me.
We've found her, Nikki.
We've found Sally.
I'm so sorry.
Where? The hay barn on the Merrick farm.
It looks like a neck break.
That could be a seatbelt mark.
Her car.
What the hell did Merrick do with her car? Nikki.
I'm really sorry.
When I last saw her, she was distracted.
She wanted to tell me something.
I got DNA back on the blood and the cornea.
Same unknown female, not Sally.
I'll put it through the database -- might get a hit.
Might even tell us what it was doing in the back of David's car.
How did you find me? Stupid question.
You don't need to run, Gary.
In fact, I'd advise against it.
Not that criminal law's my bag.
Who says I'm running? Just a hunch.
I heard the police are treating Livtar's death as murder.
Did you? All I can think is -- who'd want to hurt Livtar? And did you come up with any answers? Work in progress.
Are you threatening me, Gary? Just so I'm clear.
Why? You got something to hide? No more than you.
But you've got more to lose.
Don't you, Anna? Is that? I'm so sorry, Nikki.
You don't have to be here, you know.
Yes, I do.
I need to be here and I need to stay busy and you, of all people, should understand that.
Fair enough.
Does David know? Not yet.
- So how did you get those? - I asked for them.
But it's not your case.
Jack .
there's something you wanted to tell me? No, it can wait.
Go ahead.
Well .
fragments from Greg's knuckles are decarburised steel and match samples from the welder's mask.
- Right.
- Decarburisation usually occurs between 900C and 950C David.
Sally? I don't know Sally Vaughan.
I think you do.
We found her address in your diary.
You threatened her because she'd "sliced and diced" your brother.
Your words.
I was angry lashing out, that's all.
So why's her body on your property? Someone dumped it there! So why is there paint from her car all over your truck, which has a broken bumper? Earlier I heard someone You "heard someone"? I heard the dog barking You are going to have to do a lot better than that, Angus.
Then I heard a car drive off.
I thought it was your lot watching me.
Angus Merrick, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Sally Vaughan.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention something you later rely upon in court.
We have a name on the woman from Livtar's memory stick.
Now I knew from phone numbers and shop names in the background the pictures were from Glasgow.
Then when Jack mentioned the only surviving member of the Tudor family had tragically gone off the rails Jane Tudor.
Got confirmation from her arrest sheet.
If Livtar was involved with the deaths of Jane's parents and sister, why go after Jane? Same reason he left the teddy bear and the flowers.
He wanted to make amends, and he's looking for forgiveness .
and he can only get that from Jane.
Hard to ask for it without incriminating himself.
Unless he's trying to earn it? I mean, literally, earn it? What do you mean? Remember what Emma told us about the row between Gary Hadlow and Livtar.
Hadlow said, "Asking for money for yourself is one thing, "asking for money for her is something else.
" Was "her" Jane Tudor? So Livtar's asking Hadlow for money to compensate Jane? Maybe Hadlow's also involved in the murders.
Much easier to imagine him smashing in Greg's skull than it is Livtar.
It would explain why he risked going back to scrub his prints Also gives him motive to kill Livtar.
Easy, easy.
We haven't linked Hadlow to the Tudor case yet, let alone anything else.
The splinter from Greg's skull is coated in linseed oil, often found on sports equipment like cricket or baseball bats.
A bat could certainly do this kind of damage.
Elm Tree Hall, the college Livtar was attending - when the Tudors went missing.
- You're going there later, right? - Mm-hm.
The recovered traces of blood from the front of the mask -- enough to score a DNA match with Greg Tudor.
So that explains why they took it away and buried it.
So Greg hits the mask and breaks his fingers.
The mask hits back with a bat or a mallet Cracking Greg's skull.
Which would have caused extensive blood loss -- but that blood was never found.
It makes sense if they were trying to get rid of it.
- But why? - Moving Greg's car and planting the knife was a clear effort to frame him.
If you leave his blood back at the original crime scene, then that casts serious doubt on the framing.
I also found some hairs that were caught in the strap.
Root sheath material is in poor condition but we'll try for DNA Nikki.
- Nice work on the splinter.
- Thanks.
Let's hope it leads somewhere.
This is big now.
A whole family dead.
- Press will be all over it.
- It was big this morning.
They hadn't found Sally this morning, had they? What? I'm fine.
What is it? What've you found? The blood and cornea belong to a Melissa Lowell, 31.
Her DNA's on file thanks to a drink-driving conviction.
- When did she die? - Three weeks ago.
Berry aneurysm.
Suffered facial injuries when she fell but nothing suspicious about her death.
But the coroner wanted a postmortem? Carried out by Sally Vaughan at Woodlands lab.
- Did David Cannon assist? - Not according to the file.
So how did Melissa Lowell's blood end up in his car? Exactly.
Does make accidental transfer less likely We need to view the body.
Was there anything unusual about the state of Melissa Lowell's body? Not that I'm aware of.
Do you take a lot of work from Woodlands? A fair bit.
So you know David Cannon? I knew Sally Vaughan better.
- Right.
- Terrible thing.
What's your interest here? I'm confused.
I was Sally's friend, too.
I'm just trying to do my bit.
Take care of some of her outstanding work.
I see.
Has Melissa been buried yet? I don't believe so.
Can we see the body? I'd have to ask my daughter, Katie.
We offer two funeral packages here -- Standard and Traditional.
Katie takes care of Standard and we keep things pretty separate.
Church and state.
Can we to talk to her? She'll be in later -- I'll have her call you.
Well, thanks very much.
Can I use your loo, please? Well, of course.
It's down those stairs on the left.
As we're taking over Sally's work, we'll need you to sign our lab's terms and conditions.
Is that really necessary? Purely a formality -- but it protects us both.
Yes, yes, of course.
If you've got wi-fi up here, we could do it right now.
Let me see.
That's the form.
All done.
Thank you.
I think we should check where your colleague's got to.
Oh, no, I'm sure she'll be back in just a moment.
No, I think we should check.
Er, Mr Hawke Thanks.
We'll leave you in peace.
Here's my card.
Thank you.
So? Her cornea's been surgically removed -- wasn't the result of any fall.
- Really? - Tendons in her right leg are missing, too.
You're kidding.
- That wasn't in the postmortem either? - No.
It was a neat, surgical job.
If a pathologist's stealing body parts, all they've got to worry about is a watchful undertaker.
But if they're colluding with them Home and dry.
Corneas are valuable and we know that David's enterprising -- he tried to buy out Sally's lab.
What if Sally was on to him? But she was found on Merrick's farm.
You think Cannon put her there? I think he'd know Merrick threatened Sally -- that he was the ideal person to frame.
What? Nikki? That's her.
The woman David met in the pub.
Nikki, are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
God, it'd be good to get hold of David's phone.
Now, Gwen, I appreciate this is hard for you but I need to ask you some questions about Angus Merrick.
And specifically .
did Sally mention his name recently? He turned up at the lab the other day.
Merrick? Sally would not call the police.
And made me promise I wouldn't either.
Why? Sally always wanted to .
understand people.
She said she'd been looking into why Angus was so against her carrying out his brother's PM And? He believed bodily intrusion, cutting the flesh, violates the human spirit.
When did Sally talk to you about this? Recently.
Month or so ago.
She hinted she might contact Merrick.
Well, what did you say? That it was a bad idea! Merrick threatened her life! Why would she want anything to do with him?! - Do you think she listened? - I don't know.
Where are all the pupils? Crammers don't follow the three term calendar.
Short bursts.
High intensity.
Relieved parents.
That's what we're about.
We're here about a pupil who attended in August 2001.
Livtar Singh? Doesn't ring a bell.
What about Gary Hadlow? Sorry.
Did a pupil make that? We used to offer metalwork as a way for the kids to let off steam.
Recognise that? Wherever did you find it? Tell you what.
You see what you have on Livtar Singh, we'll take a look at your workshop.
Jack? Yeah? Look.
Not splintered or broken either.
There's your furnace.
Maybe the bat went in there? Or it's still in the ground, and we didn't dig deep enough.
Look familiar? If you'll come inside, I'll show you what I have on Livtar Singh.
Yeah, I know, but I'd rather have him inside the tent, if you know what I mean.
After banknotes, what printed material do we stuff in our pockets? Cannon? Receipts? Correct.
So I was pretty chuffed to decipher lettering stained on Greg Tudor's pocket.
But unless it was Gaelic or something, didn't make any sense.
It's a mirror.
It's all back to front.
Thank you.
I spun it around, which gave me Moat Wines.
Local off-licence, two miles from the house.
Given the Tudors only arrived that morning He could've gone there the night that he was killed? Excuse me.
Where you from? You sexy thing I believe in miracles Hello? Your new colleagues have been round.
- What? - Nikki Alexander and Thomas Chamberlain.
Got Dad in a right tiss.
What's going on? I don't know.
I'll find out and call you back.
I remember Livtar, now.
Nice kid.
Pushy dad.
Bet you see a few of them.
Oh, yes.
That's Gary Hadlow.
Bit of an emo thing going on.
Who's the girl? Anna Lawson.
Good memory.
She got four As and went to Cambridge, my biggest ever export.
What about Gary? Not sure how he fared.
They were an unlikely couple.
In what way? She was posh, he was a bit rough and ready .
but very much under her spell.
And how did Livtar fit in? Not sure.
I was surprised when he started hanging round with them.
Did any of them stay in touch? Anna came back to speak to our pupils.
Tell them how she snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
What does she do now? Lawyer.
Like her dad, but on the corporate side.
Last I heard, she was working for a mining company.
"Like her dad?" Morgan Lawson, the defence barrister.
"No body, no case"? "No body, no case.
" I think Sally's car was rammed.
Seatbelt mark on her chest, and bruise on her chin is textbook steering wheel impact.
Mm-hm, I agree.
So finding her car is a priority.
David Cannon rented one of these yesterday.
Goes through a steering block.
If you want to cut up a car, this is what you'd use.
David Cannon has nothing to do with Sally's death.
Have you done the postmortem? And? I'm not discussing it with you.
Well, have you found any forensics that tie Merrick to her death? What, apart from her body being on his farm? Yes.
Apart from that.
We've got paint from her car on his truck.
If you're going to plant a body, why not a few paint chips? We have got Sally telling a colleague she wanted to contact and understand him.
We've got Merrick with no alibi on the night and day she disappeared.
- Nor does David - Nikki! Merrick killed Sally.
Let's find her car first.
If David Cannon is up to something else, that is a separate issue.
One person couldn't lift her onto those bales alone.
In that case, the same applies to Cannon.
- What if he had an accomplice? - Nikki, I'm sorry, my advice is this -- go and find a CID who you know and trust and see if they'll bite.
I cannot help you without undermining my case .
and neither of us want that.
- Well, no-one could accuse you of not being thorough.
- Hm! Year later, and all this would have been on hard drives somewhere.
Yeah, well, that's why you're here, Mick -- to help me find the proverbial needle.
Now, we think Greg went to an off-licence on the night that he died.
Moat Wines? No way.
What? We had a lead about a row outside an offie.
Some kids, and a bloke that could've been Greg.
But you didn't get a positive ID? We tried, but resources were limited.
And of course I was so sure Greg Tudor was my man.
We need to keep digging.
If they buried the mask there, why not the bat? We're still shy of a murder weapon.
So we're looking for a witness statement? Mm-hm.
Yeah? A man fitting Greg's description went into Moat Wines around 8pm After he left, the owner heard raised voices in the street Want me to break your jaw? He saw the man facing off with three teenagers, two boys and a girl.
He thought one of the boys looked Indian, or North African.
And who were the other two? I've got a handle on our suspects.
Livtar and two others.
One male, and one female.
Gary Hadlow and Anna Lawson.
You've ID'd them? Just been to the crammer where they met.
Remember the note we found, Regina vs Henry Drake? Yeah? Anna's father, Morgan Lawson, got Drake off because there was no body.
A lack of bodies was also the defining trait of the Tudor case.
So what you're saying is? Livtar wasn't the recipient of that note, he was the sender.
Can you prove that? No prints or DNA on it, except his.
We think he was turning the screw, coercing Anna into paying off Jane Tudor.
If we're right, it suggests Anna was inspired by her father's mantra.
"No body, no case.
" Moving Greg's car.
Planting the knife in the boot.
Livtar's volatile, Gary's a hard case.
Neither had the smarts for that.
We bring in Gary Hadlow.
If he talks, we use it to break Anna.
We're going past his flat in ten minutes.
I'm sending an advance party.
No heroics! Yes, sir.
- Oh, I've - Sorry.
Got to split.
Is everything all right? Yes.
Just got to check that I'm not going completely mad.
How do you mean? Uniform's just arrived.
It looks like he's cleared out.
Oh, sure, while we're here.
Come on.
What are you doing? Checking that I'm not going mad.
Why are you following me? Why are you following me? Sally found out what you were doing and you killed her.
And what am I doing, exactly? I found a cornea covered in blood in your car.
- What? - On the plastic sheeting in the boot - where you keep a freezer.
- That's not my car.
You surgically removed it from a Melissa Lowell.
It's a pool car, it belongs to the lab.
- I think you're selling tissue.
Body parts! - Oh Oh, not again! Mm-hm.
Well done.
You got me.
Hey! HEY! Whoa! Bailey! Two days ago you got a text, and you practically ran out of the lab.
Who did you go and meet? I told you -- Gwen.
Gwen? Is that true, David? No.
It was someone I had a fling with a while back.
What was her name? Katie Hawke.
Daughter of Brian Hawke, he's an undertaker that we sometimes work with.
I believe you've met him.
Why would you lie about that? Cos it's messy.
OK? It's messy.
I ended it a few weeks ago, and now she's trying to use Sally to rekindle things.
How? - Not even worth going into - I think it is.
She thinks her dad's got something to do with Sally's murder.
- It's nuts.
- Why does she think that? - You found a cornea - Why does she think that? Because she heard her dad having an argument with Sally on the phone.
- That's it? - Yes, and she .
she accessed his search history.
He was looking at the lane near Sally's house.
And you don't think that's weird? Course I do, but I don't think it makes him a killer.
You lied to the police about when you last saw Sally.
You said it was at the lab, but it was at Sally's house, wasn't it? Again, why would you lie about that? I lost my temper, and I knew how it would look.
Yeah, you said you lost your temper.
And I smashed a mug.
I threw it in the sink and it broke.
Yes, it was stupid, yes, it was childish and thoughtless, but that does not make me a killer! - This is insane.
- So why not tell the police that? OK.
I'll tell you.
Because four years ago, I was nearly struck off.
Struck off, for falsifying postmortem reports.
And they sweated me for days.
For weeks, they sweated me, and I know that look .
when a policeman wants you to be guilty.
And I saw that look in Bernhardt.
Hi, Nikki.
Thomas has gone back to the Salt Factory.
Has he called you with any news? No.
I told him we had to keep digging.
What's that? All right, let's start with an easy one, shall we? Is that you? Yes.
Do you recognise this? No.
Blood on the mask has a DNA match to a Greg Tudor? Inside the mask, we found a hair on the strap.
That's a potential match to your friend, Gary Hadlow.
You want some?! I'm right here! Come on! After your bust up with Greg, you followed him.
You wanted to get your own back.
Give him a good scare.
You want it, do you?! - You're mad.
- It's a joke! A joke! What you hadn't reckoned on was his temper.
Gary fought back .
dealing Greg a fatal blow.
This injury would've caused extensive bleeding.
But not a drop of Greg's blood was found at the scene.
Suzie's blood, on the other hand, was left in plain sight.
And the knife, bearing Greg's prints, was covered in her blood.
But Suzie wasn't stabbed.
She suffered a break to her right ankle, suggesting she broke it just before she fell.
You were the only one who kept their nerve.
It was your father's case that suggested a way out.
Put the bodies in the car.
What? No bodies, no case.
And one of you .
killed the baby.
When Livtar became a dad, he couldn't live with himself.
When he found out what happened to the Tudors' surviving daughter, that made it even worse.
I haven't seen Livtar in years.
He asked you to compensate her.
All I'm hearing is baseless speculation.
And that was a crazy idea, wasn't it? A suicidal idea.
I'd like to leave now.
So, to deal with Livtar, you utilised the shadier contacts that you've made in the mining industry.
What, mercenaries on the payroll? You're 30 years out of date.
Well, you've managed to get them off the payroll.
Well done.
Nikki, can I have a word? Find the bat? No.
A black bin liner full of earth.
- Greg's blood.
- Yeah, and something else.
I think you're right.
I think the baby put up a fight.
How do you know? Her blanket.
We've run DNA.
My theory? The broken fingernail came from scratching an assailant.
- Or it could be her own blood.
- It's not.
The DNA's not a match for her, or her mother.
But it is female.
We're going to need a DNA sample.
How could you live with yourself? I want to speak to my lawyer in private .
as is my right.
It's Gwen.
She's working with Katie's dad.
The receipt for the saw rental.
- It's hers.
- It was in your jacket.
Course it was in my jacket, I wanted to ask her about it.
- 900 quid's a lot of money.
- Oh, bullshit.
- Yeah, but Listen.
Listen! Sh-sh-sh! Just ask yourself this, OK! Sh-sh-sh! Why am I still here? Hmm? Sorry.
Why haven't I run away? Hmm? Why haven't I run away? What's Gwen's address? Why? Her address.
Write it down.
- If you're - The only thing I'm guilty of is pressing Sally to sell the lab.
And I feel more terrible about that than you will ever, ever understand.
- Are we going to sort this out? - No.
You stay here.
I'm sorry.
If what you're saying is true .
then I'm the one that's sorry.
- Nikki.
- Jack.
You asked about the pictures from the Sally Vaughan scene on my computer.
Where are you? Bumper damage.
Red paint.
Sally drove a red Mercedes.
Why didn't you tell me? About what? About David.
You didn't ask.
- It wasn't my call.
- Since when has that stopped you? If Gwen and Brian are stealing body parts regularly, they must have a regular buyer.
Brian, Brian, Brian What are you doing? This is private property.
- Please put that down, Mr Hawke! - Hey! - Brian! Brian! Call the police.
Jack Jack! Jack.
You OK? You OK? Let me see.
Let me see.
You're OK.
You're OK.
Well, well, well.
It's always nice to see a familiar face.
Did you ask for me to be assigned to this case? No.
I didn't, Jack.
So, don't get your hopes up.
Boys, get back! Look, get to my room.
Lock the door! Local estate agent.
Cleaner found her first thing this morning.
Multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen.
Similar in width to Karen Sawyer's injuries.
I didn't think you'd be able to stay away after last night.
You're on speaker phone, and I'm with the police.
Do you know there's been a data breach in the hospital? He e-mailed me directly, alerted me to the theft, and demanded £100,000.
The perpetrator is still at large, probably armed and dangerous.
So I'm vulnerable in all sorts of ways, aren't I?