Silent Witness (1996) s21e03 Episode Script

Duty of Candour - Part One

1 [We're coming for you.
We're coming.
Nikki!] One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Go, come on! Slip.
Two, three.
One, two, three.
Car's outside, Naomi.
- Come on, I've got ten minutes left.
- Come on.
- You're saved by the bell.
- Uh-huh.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
I rang you earlier Yeah.
I was at the gym.
How's that going? Fine.
You? Good.
Better than her, anyway.
Who's in charge? - You in charge? - Guv? - I'm DI Silva - I'm Jack Hodgson, forensics.
Nice to meet you, Jack Hodgson.
Nice to meet you too, Naomi Silva.
Her name's Karen Sawyers.
Local estate agent.
The cleaner found her first thing this morning.
So, how long do you think she's been lying here? Very rough estimate? 8 to 12 hours.
We've got significant facial bruising.
Her bottom lip has been split and her front tooth is missing.
The gum damage suggests it's a recent injury.
Significant bruising around her left bicep, too.
So, it's possible she was grabbed from behind, held tight.
Two stab wounds to the back and multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen.
We have several through and through wounds to the arms.
So she might have been trying to protect her stomach.
I think she could have been pregnant.
PM will tell us more.
Testator silens Costestes e spiritu Silentium Testator silens.
So, we've got blood on the kitchen doors.
We've got blood on the gate.
Neither was secured.
So our man left in a hurry.
Probably, but if you're heading out that way, why make a detour through here? - Look, he wanted to hide something.
- Exactly.
- Be a decent place to dump a knife.
- Yup.
Or a phone.
Whose phone is this? - Peter Sawyers.
- That's her husband.
- Mm-hmm.
And he hasn't showed up for work this morning What was my last call? Alice Sawyers.
Call logged at 9:30pm.
Around our estimated time of death.
Could be his sister, could be his mother.
- Thank you, Jack.
- You're welcome.
Chest wounds are 3cm wide, they match those on her back, but Yeah.
They're considerably deeper.
So, perhaps she was stabbed in the back whilst upright, but the chest wounds were inflicted when she was on the floor? Knife handle impacted on her chest.
Maybe her attacker had more purchase once she was on the floor, could deliver the blows with more power.
Plenty of them.
Six in total, tightly packed together.
What is it? Pregnant.
Without oxygen, the foetus wouldn't have survived long.
So, mother and baby died pretty much the same time.
Right, let's get some sample cells from the foetus.
Sorry to interrupt.
Thomas, you've got a visitor.
Rosie! Hello, darling.
You all right? - Who brought you down? - Erm - Our next door neighbour.
- Right.
Conrad was He had to go to the hospital with Mum.
- The hospital? - They tried calling you.
God! Did they say what was wrong? - Pro clampsea? - Pre-eclampsia? Mm-hmm.
But I've got no idea what that means.
Oh, Bunny.
You mustn't worry.
Mm? Everything's going to be fine.
Mum's in hospital, she's getting the treatment she and the baby need.
They're always ultra cautious about these things, yeah? Must be pretty serious, though.
Conrad was saying how she might have to stay in hospital for three weeks - Three weeks? - Maybe more.
Which is great, yeah? We'll get to spend some time together, yeah? Me and you time? Having said that -- right now I'm in the middle of a PM.
- PM? - Sorry.
A postmortem.
Rosie, can you sit tight for a bit? You want me to stay in here? Yeah.
I won't be long.
You must have some homework to do.
It's the holidays, Dad.
So, just watch TV or play on your phone and I'll be back as quick as I possibly can.
And, Rosie, can you try not to touch anything? Good girl.
Do you think she had a name in mind? For the baby, I mean.
Probably not.
She was only, what, four months along? I don't know.
Julia decided what we were going to call Rosie before we even started trying.
- Is Rosie OK? - Sure.
She's fine.
Little shaken up, but she's a level-headed girl.
Takes after her father.
- I don't understand.
What's going on? - We just need to find your brother.
I've told you, I've no idea where Pete is.
He rang you last night.
About 9:30.
My phone was switched off.
I went to bed early.
Did he leave a message? No.
Check my phone if you like.
When last did you see him? He came round last week.
For my birthday.
- How did he seem? - Good.
He and Karen had just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, they were planning a trip away together.
No signs of any trouble between them? None.
He doted on her.
I sometimes worried he loved her too much.
Please, tell me what's happening.
What's he supposed to have done? - It's a twinkle.
- Should I know what that is? A cosmetic diamond.
So we've got a successful, attractive woman, with a big house, a happy family.
And then what? An explosion of violence.
- Does Sawyers have form? - Not even a parking ticket.
- History of mental illness? - Not according to his sister.
So, why would Pete Sawyers deliberately pull the house down on himself like this? Well, you will want to see this.
I compared the foetal DNA with the sample I took from Pete Sawyers' inhaler, and they're not a match.
Karen Sawyers was carrying someone else's baby.
- Hi.
I'm Jane.
- Morning.
- After you.
- Thank you.
Mr Laing will only be able to spare you a few minutes.
A&E's full, we're running out of beds, and he has to chair an emergency meeting at 12 to review our full capacity protocol.
We're a whisker away from Code Red.
And it's only noon.
So, another day in paradise.
- I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
- Karen Sawyers is dead.
I don't see how giving us access to her medical records is a breach of anyone's privacy.
I'm not sure her family would agree with you.
Have you spoken to them? Look, I just need to confirm the dates of her appointments and check whether anyone accompanied her to her pre-natal examinations.
As hospital CEO, my first duty is to our patients.
Now, I'm not obliged to give you access to her records and I certainly couldn't do so without a valid DP2.
Which is being faxed to you now, but you know how these things are, it'll take several hours for it to work its way through the system.
Look .
all I'm asking for is a little common sense, for you to use your discretion.
The perpetrator is still at large, probably armed and dangerous.
I understand your predicament.
I really do.
But without the proper paperwork, I'm afraid my hands are tied.
Rosie! - I told you not to touch anything.
- I was bored.
Those are confidential files, real cases.
All right, all right.
I don't mean to be cross, but if you're going to be here, we need to establish some rules, some boundaries.
- You are 12 years old.
- Well remembered.
- Rosie Why can't you just take the day off? You're the boss, right? - Because it's not that simple.
- Why not? Because I have responsibilities -- to my team, to the police What about me?! Yes, what about you? I'm sorry, OK? I'll try and find some time later this afternoon, and then maybe tomorrow we can organise something a bit more fun.
Must be someone you'd like to go and see.
What about Janet? Janine.
Janine, exactly.
Shall I call her mum? Whatever.
There are some interesting diary entries here.
- Have you heard a single word I've said? - Mm? Yeah.
Diaries, dates Yeah, got it.
That'll be a no, then.
I said that I found numerous entries in Karen's diary for appointments at a local cosmetic clinic.
- The tooth? - Plus botox, fillers, you name it.
But there's no evidence in her bank statements, or Pete's, for that matter, of anyone ever having paid for those procedures and treatments.
All told they must have cost hundreds of pounds, and that's not even accounting for the cosmetic diamond.
- So, if she didn't pay for them - Maybe her lover did.
I'll let Silva know.
The first treatment was on May 3rd.
Fillers for Karen Sawyers.
That's strange.
The treatment was never paid for.
The account is outstanding.
Normally we're pretty hot on that kind of thing.
Try the next one.
July 14th.
Same thing.
Payment outstanding.
Any idea why that might be? You'd have to speak to Dr Hayes about that.
He was treating Mrs Sawyers - He's not here.
- Where is he? He left about half an hour ago.
Said he had to go home.
You knew this woman? Yes.
How did you know her? You bastard.
You utter bastard.
- You promised.
- It only lasted a few months.
- Well, that's all right, then(!) - And it ended a while back.
- When? - Three weeks ago.
Who ended it? Who ended it, Adam? She did.
Mum, can we eat now? I'm starving.
'Hey, Jack.
So, I'll ask Hayes some questions, then I need you to do the full number -- computers, phones, cameras.
We need concrete evidence linking Adam Hayes to our victim.
- So, I'll need you with me.
- It would be my pleasure.
- Everything all right, Guv? - Yep.
Didn't need asking twice, did he? What? Jack.
Not normally this attentive to the SIO.
Karen Sawyers' toxicology results.
All pretty normal, except for very high levels of Mifepristone.
- She was planning to terminate the pregnancy.
- Yep.
Aw, Mum All my toys are broken! Adam? Adam Hayes? - She was my wife! - Oh, my God! - What's wrong? - Boys, get back.
Get to my room.
Lock the door! Keep it locked! Police.
There's a a man Did you know I worked at the Lyell? Did you ask for me to be assigned to this case? Er, no, I didn't, Jack.
And I don't believe in fate, either.
So, don't get your hopes up.
'Stabbing reported at 46 Rostock Lane, Fanham.
All units to respond.
- 'All units to respond.
' - OK.
Let's go.
I loved her.
OK, all right, slow down, slow down, I think it's round here.
That's him! Peter Sawyers.
Call it in.
[OK] [Breathe] [We'll help you.
] This is not the answer.
We can sort things out.
We know you're in a rough place.
We want to help you.
It's OK.
Would you like Alice to come? Would you like to talk to her, Pete? Want us to do that, Pete? Shall we get her here, yeah? [Pete? Pete?] C'mon, C'mon You're all right.
Pete? You OK? Jack? - Ready? - Sure.
I didn't believe him at first.
Thought it was some kind of sick joke.
He's been very attentive of late.
Presumably since she ended it.
Did you have an inkling prior to today that he was in a relationship with Karen Sawyers? No.
I thought he loved me.
Loved the boys.
What do we have? Multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen.
Similar in width to Karen Sawyers' injuries.
He's taken a hell of a beating.
Massive bruising to the face, broken nose, a couple of damaged teeth.
Something's been forced right down his throat.
Can't have helped his breathing.
Though I strongly suspect that any danger of suffocation was pretty much academic by that point.
"Hamilton Ashe".
Mean anything? Karen Sawyers was having a termination at Hamilton Ashe Hospital.
Antenatal scans have revealed a foetal abnormality.
She'd decided to terminate.
We found this letter in Adam Hayes' throat.
It's from the hospital to her GP, confirming Karen's decision, adding that discretion was required, as the husband was unaware.
But before the procedure is complete, - the husband finds out about the affair, the pregnancy - Yeah.
And takes his revenge.
The knife we recovered had blood traces from Adam Hayes and Karen Sawyers, but only Pete Sawyers' prints on the handle.
How did Pete Sawyers get hold of the letter? Lucky me, I got to go through the Sawyers' rubbish this morning.
There was an empty A4 envelope in it, addressed to Pete Sawyers.
Any DNA? No, self adhesive but it must have got damaged in the post cos there's a small tear in it at the bottom left hand corner.
This letter was damaged in the same place.
- Somebody mailed it to Pete Sawyers? - Looks that way.
Adam Hayes could have done it.
Maybe he was angry at her for breaking it off? Or Hayes' wife? We only have her word for it that she didn't know about the affair.
But why would they have the letter in the first place? Karen Sawyers is hardly likely to have given it to Adam Hayes.
Plus the Hayes' prints aren't on the envelope.
There are lots of others -- probably postal staff -- but not theirs.
Well, if they didn't send it to Pete Sawyers, who did? Well, well, well.
Good to see you, Jason.
You got it? Go on, then.
Have a line on the house.
Seeing as you're here.
No, thanks.
You're no better than the rest of us, you know.
'Hi Jason.
I'm here waiting.
Where are you?' Anyway.
Call me when you get this, yeah? I love you.
I spent the night with someone.
I'll buy a hat, shall I? I don't mind talking to you.
I enjoy it, even.
But It isn't what you're here for.
We both know what's wrong with me.
We gave it a name.
I'm post-traumatic.
I was referred for EMDR.
Eye Movement Desensitisation is just one element of treatment.
And this This is the other part? We need to find a specific moment of trauma to work from.
15 hours in a box? A specific moment of trauma.
We need to get very close to your experience.
From there, we start to desensitize.
You know, Hamilton Ashe came up at work.
And I felt stupidly embarrassed.
You're still working? I thought we said that you were going to I said I'd think about it.
A lot of evidence suggests that returning to work, to routine, is good for trauma.
Your job isn't routine.
Or lacking in additional trauma.
What does work give you, Nikki? I need it, I suppose.
Like I said, I feel useless.
At work I'm useful.
I can help people.
Without answers people can stumble around in darkness.
The answers aren't always comfortable, but they bring some light.
They save people from that darkness.
But nobody saved you.
From the darkness.
They did everything they could.
And they failed.
You said Jack is angry with you.
Did I? He's suffering, too.
But it didn't happen to him.
I have my PTSD.
He doesn't get to call it some fancy name.
Isn't something like this meant to bind us, bring us together? - But instead - You want his forgiveness? I want him to look me in the eye.
I was trapped.
I was dying.
Alone in the dark.
I'm never getting out of there.
I'm dead.
I think that's a strong place to start.
All right, bye.
- All on your lonesome, Jack? - Yeah.
Clarissa is out to dinner with Max, Thomas is playing happy families, and Nikki Well, actually, I have no idea what Nikki does these days.
Looks like we're both at a loose end.
I know I could do with a drink.
- Beer? - Thanks Rough day? Yep.
Pretty rough.
- That's my cousin.
- Oh, yeah? He was a talented amateur, boxed for Hackney Swifts.
He could have gone pro, if circumstances had been different, but We used to spar together when I was younger.
He'll tell you he was better than me, but I was just letting him win.
Bet you were.
How about you? Family? Brothers? Sisters? Er I got a brother.
What does he do? Erm Another time.
Well, chin-chin! - Chin-chin! - West Africa's finest snack.
All right.
Wait, wait, wait.
You got to choose the most attractive looking one.
You for real? You're sure you don't mind? It's really kind of you.
Of course.
That's no problem.
I'll call you as soon as I'm done.
- Keep your phone on.
- Sure.
- Bye, Bunny.
- Bye.
- Thanks again.
- See you later.
Oh, shit! You're in an obnoxiously good mood this morning.
Why do you think that is? Dinner went well? Dessert went better.
Spare me the details I've got something for you.
What you got? Karen Sawyers was pretty diligent about deleting e-mails, texts, tweets But they're not permanently deleted, just moved to the flash memory.
And when I had a poke around This text message was sent to Karen Sawyers exactly one week ago.
It threatens to send her husband a copy of the hospital's letter, unless she coughs up 10 grand.
Two days later, she gets a follow up text, giving details of the drop location.
A derelict warehouse in Waltham Cross.
- Did she respond to these messages? - No.
Did she withdraw any large sums around this time? Not that we can see, no.
She had the money, she could have paid.
Maybe she thought the sender was bluffing, or maybe she just didn't want to play ball.
Either way, a week later the blackmailer carried out their threat.
Carry on.
Don't mind me.
Can we trace the phone the texts were sent from? They were sent from a pay-as-you-go phone that dropped off the grid three days ago.
So we pulled the phone's call and message logs, but it looks like it was only used to send these two messages.
However, geographical mapping shows that both times the phone was used within half a mile of the drop location.
Great! Let's check out the drop-site.
Presumably the blackmailer chose the location specifically, - knows the area well, perhaps.
- My thoughts exactly.
Where did the blackmailer get the letter from? Can you pull the letter up on screen? The hospital obviously had a copy.
So did her GP.
Karen may have been sent the letter too, but that's not what we're looking at here.
This document is a draft copy.
It isn't signed by the consultant or the midwife.
So, this must have been printed off before the letters to Karen and her GP were sent out.
By someone who had direct access to Karen Sawyers' medical files.
You guys check out the drop site.
will you come with me to Hamilton Ashe hospital to speak to Mr Laing? - Erm - Yeah.
Court One, 15 minutes, Mr Farrell.
I don't dispute that my client has been absent from his children's lives, but that was by necessity, not by design.
His ex-wife frequently altered arrangements without consulting him, and when he was allowed in the family home Well, the atmosphere was toxic.
So, for the good of the children, my client took a step back.
That's bullshit! It was never my client's intention to give up on his children.
And given the stable home he can provide them with, it is our belief that joint custody is the very least my client deserves.
To the best of your knowledge, has anyone had unauthorised access to this hospital's confidential medical files? I've said I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment without a member of the Trust's legal team present.
It's a criminal offence to obstruct the police in the execution of their duties.
And if you withhold vital evidence from us, - then you will be charged with perverting the course of justice.
- All right! You've made your point.
Jane! Can you cancel the Departmental Heads meeting? - We'll have to re-schedule.
- Of course.
Jane! The door, please.
A few weeks ago, we had a fairly sizeable data breach.
A cyber hacker calling himself Splinter managed to penetrate our systems and downloaded patient files.
How? He e-mailed our Patient Liaison Service with a bogus enquiry.
A member of the team opened the e-mail and the malware started to download.
Our digital defences should have detected it, but these things are changing all the time.
How many patients are affected? Hard to tell.
Up to 30,000.
People's notes, the treatments they were taking, the drugs they were on? Yes.
You said he was called Splinter? Yes.
Shortly after the breach, he e-mailed me directly.
Alerted me to the theft, and included samples of the stolen files and demanded £100,000.
Said if we didn't comply, he'd put all the files in the public domain.
What did you do? I refused to pay, of course.
- Have you still got the e-mail? - No.
We deleted it and our IT people removed it from the server.
- And he hasn't been in touch since? - No, not a thing.
And you never considered reporting it? I thought it was an empty threat.
- I didn't want to alarm people unnecess - You have a duty of candour to your patients, to your staff I had the reputation of the hospital to consider, the Trust.
What you did was both stupid and illegal.
And has cost three people their lives.
I'm going to need that computer from Patient Liaison.
And your full co-operation.
So, how long have you been working with DI Silva? About six months or so.
Mm-hm? What do you make of her? I'd say her bark is as bad as her bite.
Not that I'd say that to her face, of course.
Your secret's safe with me.
After you.
Walters! Camera.
So, we checked the tapes from the night Karen Sawyers was supposed to pay the ransom.
She never turned up, but just before 8:00pm, this guy does.
He takes care to stay in the shadows for as long as possible, then heads towards the warehouse.
OK? Ten minutes later .
he's back.
Walking away from the scene empty handed.
And presumably pretty pissed off.
What do we know about this Splinter? He's been linked to a number of cyber scams, but has never been definitively identified.
He began with sextortion, then hacked an infidelity website, before moving on to phone companies, broadcasters and banks.
He's a 21st century highwayman.
Data theft and extortion are his stock in trade.
Stealing secrets.
I suppose we've all got something to hide.
I'll get our data forensic boys onto it.
Though they're pretty overrun at the moment.
I've got a better idea.
Didn't think you'd be able to stay away after last night.
'Fancy another nibble, do you?' Max, you're on speakerphone, and I'm with the police.
Ah, of course.
Erm, what can I do for you? Have you seen my bag, Shelley? - Sorry? - My gym bag.
I had it yesterday.
What about the trial? They settled.
Even still, shouldn't you be in chambers? Jason! What's going on? You come home in the middle of the night.
You're gone again before we even get the chance to talk.
You're scaring me.
You know you can talk to me about anything, don't you? Anything at all.
It's fine.
Trust me.
Everything's going to be just fine.
What exactly are you suggesting, Ms Glennister? Let's go public about the breach, issue an apology and then try and rectify the situation.
What would that achieve? Panic.
- Groundless panic.
- It's hardly groundless.
We should let the police investigation run its course before making a final decision.
If the perpetrator is our cyber hacker, and if he's caught, and the hacked files recovered, then we may not need to go public and damage the reputation of this hospital.
Is it damage to the hospital you're worried about, Simon? - Or damage to your career? - Oh! If it's the latter, let me be straight with you.
Tomorrow there will be an extraordinary meeting of the Trust board, - at which your suspension will be discussed.
- I just I need to report the matter to the Information Commissioner's Office, and we also need to liaise with the police about possible criminal charges.
I mean, for God's sake, Simon, why didn't you bring this to me sooner?! All good hackers use obfuscation techniques to conceal their IP addresses.
Meaning? They ping their activity around numerous international servers, usually routing via countries which are hard to police, like Russia and Serbia.
Throw in the fact that they also use sophisticated encryption programmes, and you are going to be pissing in the wind trying to track them via traffic analysis.
Any good news? The good news is that we have the computer from Hamilton Ashe that let the malware into the hospital system.
Each malware programme has its own unique digital make up.
This one goes by the name Imprimo.
If you can work out which UK users have purchased this specific Malware programme via the Dark Web or other covert spaces That must be hundreds of people -- thousands, even.
So, you cross reference your findings with your other big clue -- his online alias.
So, what happens when you type in Splinter, then? I didn't say it was going to be easy.
It's not hypnosis, there is no trance.
Some studies suggest this replicates eye movements during REM sleep .
when the brain is most able to reprocess events.
- I just follow the light? - Mmm.
You were trapped, Nikki.
You open your eyes .
and it's dark.
"I'm dead.
" I can't move.
I push.
I shout.
But there's nothing.
And you feel? Enraged.
You're in the dark.
Jack is trying to help you, he's talking to you on the phone.
I said I could help them.
Now everyone has to help me.
And nobody can.
Are you helpless, Nikki? A helpless girl? What does that bring up? Everyone is trying to talk to me.
They keep saying they want to help me.
But it's not me that needs help.
She's dead.
She's in the box.
Who? You, Nikki? No, not me.
My mother.
You were 14 when she died.
I don't want to talk about this, I don't need to.
Your mother's death came up.
Trauma attaches to other trauma.
That's why it's so potent, it knows you very well.
This is pointless, I want to stop.
This isn't what you hoped for? It's not the fix you wanted.
My patients come in to me on a slab and I have to figure them out.
You have a live one in front of you and this is really all you've got? I don't want to leave this here, Nikki.
Right now you're very vulnerable.
Please, Nikki, sit down.
Do you know there's been a data breach in the hospital? I only heard about it yesterday.
So, I'm vulnerable in all sorts of ways, aren't I? - You're worried about people knowing? - Aren't you? Shouldn't you be? All our secrets! I'm not a child any more.
And I'm not trapped any more.
So, how is this helping? I think we're here at cross-purposes, Nikki.
You seem to be here to want to prove I can't help you.
And I'm here to see if I can.
You're saying that I can't go back to how things were before it happened.
You're saying that it's been there for a long time.
So, what, my condition is defeat? I can't make connections, or can't keep them? Nikki - How was that? Good day? - Sure.
Mum's feeling a bit better, why don't we drop in there now? I've got some flowers, a card you can write.
If you don't like the card, we can get another.
I just thought it might save a bit of time, that's all.
- Got somewhere to be? - No.
I didn't mean it like that.
Anyway, I'm sure she's keen to see you, so jump in.
- I can walk.
- What? I said I can walk.
It's only five minutes away.
I've got the car right here.
Come on, Ro, it's getting late.
I can't have you walking the streets, can I? I walk to school by myself every day, Dad.
I know you do.
But even so, I'm responsible for you, - so I would like you to get in the car and - Fine! I'm going to see Mum by myself, though.
Come out! Come out, you bastard! Come on! 'Hi, this is Jason Farrell.
Sorry I can't take your call.
Please leave a message.
' 'Where are you? Baby, look, I'm freaking out here.
'Please, Jason, just call me.
I'm still at the house.
'I'm not angry, OK? Just call me.
' Testator silens Costestes e spiritu Silentium.