Silent Witness (1996) s21e04 Episode Script

Duty of Candour - Part Two

1 Two stab wounds to the back.
So she might have been trying to protect her stomach.
Karen Sawyers was carrying someone else's baby.
Adam Adam Hayes.
- It's OK.
- We just want to help you.
- You said Jack is angry with you? You OK? Something's been forced right down his throat.
Hamilton Ashe.
Mean anything? We're a whisker away from code red, and it's only noon.
A cyber hacker .
calling himself Splinter managed to download patient files.
Hi, Jason.
Where are you? All on your lonesome, Jack? Testator silens Costestes e spiritu Silentium Testator silens.
Male, roughly 30 years.
Two visible stab wounds so far -- one in the chest, one in the upper abdomen.
BP 100 over 50, pulse 90.
CS of four on discovery.
Possible pneumothorax on the right side.
Hey yourself.
- Um The victim's name's Jason Farrell.
- Mm-hm.
He's a barrister, lives in Queen's Park.
Long way from home.
Do you know what he was doing here? Looks like he was making a drop.
According to the hospital, he was wearing leather soles, size 12s.
He approached from this direction, departs the same way.
Then we have another set of footprints here, also approaching the bag.
Judging by the sole pattern, this guy was wearing trainers.
This is our blackmailer? If so, I'm sure he was hoping for more than just a few shirts.
The hospital said he suffered two stab wounds .
but still managed to flag down a car on the Exeter Road.
See these smear patterns? He dragged himself 150 yards over rough ground to get help.
This guy wanted to live.
Jason Farrell is in a coma.
There's no question of you examining him.
He was the victim of an attempted murder last night.
Surely you understand that his body may hold vital evidence.
Look, he is in a stable condition, but that's about the best that can be said for him.
I can't have you barging into ICU! I'm not going to go barging in anywhere! There are protocols for examining living victims, which I will follow to the letter.
Why don't we wait until his condition improves? Because delay means deterioration of evidence.
It's vital Dr Alexander examines him as soon as possible.
Jason Farrell is the second victim of a medical extortion scam.
Prompted by data theft from this hospital.
Oh, you know that for a fact, do you? It's the working theory, yes.
Yes, well, I can't jeopardise his welfare on the back of hunches and theories.
Look, the offences being investigated are extremely serious and the longer we spend debating this, then the more likely it is that the perpetrator will escape justice.
The police have already contacted Jason's fiancee, and she's indicated that she's happy for us to examine him, so I don't really understand the problem.
Nikki, could you give us a moment? - Hey.
Your dad will be out in a minute.
- OK.
Dr Alexander? - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm late for a meeting, but I was hoping to get in touch with you.
Right, that's all good.
Come on, Rosie.
Let's go and see your mum.
- Sorry.
Got to go.
- Of course.
I think last night was the second time Jason Farrell was blackmailed.
The second time? Last month, he took out an instant loan for £10,000.
The money was withdrawn in cash the following day.
It could be gambling or Jack found cocaine in his car, but even the most committed junkie would be going some to burn off that amount in one go.
I think the blackmailer went back to Farrell after Karen Sawyers refused to pay.
If he did, I'm guessing things didn't work out as planned.
Any thoughts on who this guy is yet? Well, I found some posts from a couple of years back.
A graffiti artist operating locally, whose tag was Splinter.
So I cross-referenced them with police records to find out who was cautioned for graffiti, anti-social behaviour, and, um And? I drew a blank.
But I did find a couple of more recent outings.
A Splinter tag was painted on the wall of a skate park in Kensal Rise three days ago.
I've got the kit.
I think we're pretty much ready.
Well, we'll have to try it.
It's got to be something, hasn't it? - Oh, yeah, you know.
- Hiya.
- Good morning, Thomas.
- Max.
You haven't seen Rosie, have you? I thought she was at the hospital with you.
We're just off to Julia was asleep, so I brought her back.
She was supposed to be in my office watching a DVD, but Thomas.
Rosie! - What do you think you're doing? - I haven't touched anything.
Like hell you haven't! Just by opening the door, you can contaminate the body.
I'm sorry, I didn't know! I'm going to have to take a DNA sample from you now so we can eliminate you from the police's inquiries.
- I mean, how did you even get in here? - I borrowed a pass.
For God's sake, Rosie! We talked about this! I'm sorry! I'm sorry.
All right.
Right, well, hopefully, there's no harm done.
Come on.
How long had he been using? We found a significant amount of cocaine in his car.
You won't help him by keeping quiet.
He started using coke in his early 20s.
He was a barrister, earning good money.
All the guys in the Chamber were doing it.
I begged him to stop.
I threatened to leave him, loads of times.
He'd beg and cry, ask for another chance.
Like a fool, I gave in.
He knew.
The crazy thing is, he knew it was destroying his health.
He made silk last year.
Proposed to me the same night.
And he vowed to beat it.
Enrolled on the drug rehabilitation course here.
How long had he been having treatment at Hamilton Ashe? Ten months.
Platinum cards, membership cards, nearly 200 quid in cash.
Which his attacker neglected to take.
Farrell had a Rolex on too, according to the paramedics.
So why bother taking the wallet if you're not interested in the contents? - Maybe there was something else of value in it.
- Such as? Such as have a look through the rectangular window.
What do you see? Nothing, right? But when I do this .
you can just make out the silhouette of a photograph image.
Passport photo size.
Probably put into the wallet just before it dried.
Can we tell who it's of? It lacks definition, but we can ask the fiancee.
I'll let Dr Alexander know.
Great! So we've got a blackmailer who's not interested in petty cash, a wallet with little forensics, bar a blurred picture, and a key witness who's currently in a coma.
Hey, it's not all bad.
Come here.
Come and see what I've got.
I've been looking at our attacker's potential escape routes, once he dumped the wallet.
There's not much in the way of CCTV around there -- it's mainly residential properties -- but there are traffic cams because it's a school run hot spot.
One of them picked up this guy just before eight o'clock.
Trainers, dark hoodie.
I think that's our man.
Do you know if Jason carried a photo in his wallet? In the clear plastic window, there was a photo there, apparently, but now it's gone.
It was one of those photo-booth photos -- we took it on our first date.
It's nothing special, but he liked it, so Can you think of anyone who wanted to harm Jason? A dealer? Someone he owed money to? Not that he told me about, no.
What is your connection to the firm who supplied our digital defences? Let's just put out the press release, deal with the consequences, and then we can look into internal matters.
It's a simple question! Do you have a personal relationship with anybody employed by DZK Digital Consultancy? I don't see how that's relevant.
It's relevant because several members of your own team raised concerns about DZK's ability to manage and to protect the hospital's confidential data.
Those concerns were dealt with at the time.
Not in any minutes I've seen.
There were several tenders from other companies with a much better track record in this field, but you chose to go with DZK, even though their tender was one of the most expensive.
I liked them.
I thought they'd do a good job.
Yet by your own admission, their cyber defences have proved to be completely inadequate.
So I ask again -- do you have a personal relationship with anybody at DZK? The owner is an acquaintance of mine, yes.
But, you know, I know lots of suppliers.
It's part of my And did you profit financially from awarding DZK the tender? Did you? What's it like to cut up a dead body? I don't know.
It's my job, I suppose.
Doesn't it freak you out, though, knowing that it used to be a living, breathing human being? No.
No, not really.
Never has.
It would me.
I suppose I'm just good at switching that part of my brain off.
It's a thing you develop.
You have to be able to maintain focus, cut out all distractions.
There are always things on a case that are difficult -- you know, complicated or upsetting -- but you just have to take all those things, all those feelings .
and file them away, like they don't exist.
We found a number of empty canisters at the skate park.
I took prints off them, got a couple of hits, but this guy is the most interesting.
Introducing Gary Brockham.
He's been arrested and cautioned several times for anti-social behaviour, assault, possession of a knife, digital piracy.
- He's completely off grid.
- Completely.
- He's not on the electoral roll - Uh-uh.
- .
he hasn't got a job - No.
- .
doesn't claim benefits.
- What was his last known address? - Waltham Cross.
- Which - Is, what, just about - Half a mile -- it's got to be.
- Half a mile from your drop site.
- Our drop site.
Mrs Brockham, police! Is your son at home? Police, open up! According to his surgeon, Jason Farrell received two severe stab wounds -- one to his stomach and one that nicked his lung.
He also has two large bruises on his forearms.
The bruises are a similar shape and they're in a similar position.
So I think that the attacker stabbed his victim then knelt on his arms before attempting to strangle him.
There's extensive bruising all the way around his neck.
What are the marks around the bruising? Possibly an allergic reaction.
Well, I've asked the hospital to run some more allergy tests, but here's the thing.
Farrell would have been immobilised by those stab wounds, yet his attacker still tried to strangle him.
Well, the attacker was ambushed, probably feared for his life.
If Brockham is responsible, he's only a kid, he might have panicked.
The force used was so great that Farrell may have permanent damage to his larynx.
I think that this was personally motivated.
Where were you last night, Gary? At home.
Your mum can confirm that, can she? Sure.
And what did you get up to? Surfed, played a couple of games.
Computers your thing, are they? All that gear must have cost, what, 10, 15 grand? You know, I kind of admire you -- earning all that cash without getting off your arse.
Extortion scams, cyber blackmail.
I take it you have proof to back up these allegations? Do you know anything about the Imprimo program, Gary? No.
Oh, that's funny, because we found it on one of your hard drives.
It's a malware program.
Once we've interrogated your system, I've no doubt we'll be able to link you to a number of illegal data breaches, but the one I'm most interested in is your raid on Hamilton Ashe Hospital.
You lifted 30,000 files.
Plenty of material there for extortion.
That is your stock-in trade, isn't it, Splinter? Pretty lucrative, I'm guessing.
Except, this time, when the hospital didn't play ball, you went after Farrell.
What you on about? How do you know him? Did you do drugs with him? Did you meet him in court? Your mum and dad are divorced, right? - Was there a custody battle? - Yeah.
So what? Why did you target him twice? This is pure speculation on your part.
Was it greed? Or did you just want to punish him? What did he do that made you hate him so much? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Got the results from the hospital.
Jason Farrell is allergic to latex.
So there were no prints on the wallet or the holdall, which suggests Farrell's attacker was wearing gloves.
And if latex gloves were held against Farrell's skin for long enough, then that would explain the rash on his neck.
It would.
Er When he dumps the wallet, he's wearing gloves.
And when this picture's taken, moments later, he's not.
There might have been blood on the gloves and he didn't want to wear them in the street.
So maybe he dumped them too.
I mean, there's loads of business and residential properties round there with big bins.
So it's got to be worth a try, right? Oh, you've got to be shitting me! Hang on, hang on, hang on! Hang on there, lads.
Lads! Where did you get that bruise, Gary? Skateboarding accident.
Did it a few days ago.
Come off it.
That bruise is a day old at best.
Farrell give it to you, did he? I've already told you, I don't know the guy.
Look, we can do this dance tomorrow and the next day, it won't change anything.
My guys are opening up your hard drive as we speak, picking your life apart.
We're going to be able to read every message, every e-mail, including the one you sent to Simon Laing.
You're an accomplished hacker, Gary, with a history of violence -- assault, possession of an offensive weapon My client has never been charged with an offence.
- It all points to you.
- This is insane! So why don't you just admit to what you've done? Three people are dead, another is fighting for his life in hospital, because of you.
I'm showing Mr Brockham photos of the deceased.
This is Andy Hayes.
- This is Karen Sawyers.
- Oh, come on! - This is her husband Peter.
- This is just pure manipulation.
And this .
is their unborn baby.
I didn't do that.
You may not have intended to hurt THEM, but we can't say the same about Farrell, can we? I've got some photos if you'd like to What are you talking about? I'm talking about you stabbing Farrell.
If he dies, we're looking at four deaths.
Four deaths, Gary.
So far, you've told me a pack of lies, but I'm going to give you a second chance.
If you know anything about these crimes, if there's anything you'd like to tell me, now would be a very good time to do so.
I hacked the hospital.
And tried to extort them for money? - Yes.
- And then? - And then nothing! - When the hospital refused to pay up, you moved on to high-worth individuals instead.
Farrell was a barrister, Sawyers an estate agent -- both rich targets.
- No, I'd never do something like that.
- Why not? Because I don't target ordinary people.
Let's stick to the specific incident No, I hack institutions, not individuals.
Banks who rip off their customers, phone companies that sell your personal information Hospitals? Hospitals that give your medical data to pharma companies.
Hamilton's cyber defences were so weak, it would have been rude for me NOT to hack them.
And when they didn't cough up? When they didn't pay your "fine"? - I sold the information on.
- To whom? A contact on the dark Web.
I don't have his name.
I think his line is credit card fraud.
- Very convenient.
- It's the truth! I don't think you know the meaning of the word.
What is it? They've suspended me.
You'd think ten years of service might count for something, but - .
- What's happened? They know about DZK.
It was foolproof.
There was no paper trail, nothing that led directly to me.
But Glenister had worked it out.
- So you lie! - She put me on the spot! She asked me directly if I knew anyone that worked there.
I thought if I lie in front of all these witnesses, I'll just dig myself in deeper.
- I'll dig US in deeper! - Don't! Don't you dare drag me into this.
Eleanor, please Get out, Simon.
Well? - Downloading Brockham's deleted e-mails and messages.
- Mm-hm.
The encryption was actually pretty sophisticated.
Though there's nothing I can't handle.
Well, you did go to nerd school.
Takes a geek to catch a geek.
What is that smell? I'm getting cat food, ripe bananas One pair of latex gloves.
One chisel.
Slightly used.
I'm off to burn these clothes.
Why latex? Hmm? Why not use normal gloves, something you might have at home? To me, latex suggests specialist use.
I don't know.
Maybe our blackmailer uses them in their line of work.
If he's a .
decorator, lab technician, whatever.
Or if they work at a hospital.
Latex gloves have been phased out in most hospitals.
We don't use them.
You know that.
But if the hospital was still using old stock Well, it would certainly cut costs, but it's hardly standard practice these days.
I think standard practice went out of the window a long time ago at Hamilton Ashe.
I'll make a call.
I fully understand it's an unusual request, but we believe that someone at Hamilton Ashe may have been involved in the medical extortion scam.
So we need the gloves for comparison and analysis.
I'll send over a sample pair, but I don't appreciate the insinuation.
Look, Mr Laing No, I can't believe that someone from this hospital If you want me to go about this the hard way, I'll make the request official.
OK, look, I said we'll co-operate, and, er, we will.
I'll courier them over.
- Can't we run it again? - No point.
If we didn't get prints on the first two runs, we're not going to get them on a third.
We'll send these off for DNA testing.
I don't think it was him.
He was sending instant messages from his computer between 7.
00 and 10.
00pm on the night Farrell was attacked.
It could have been someone else.
He seldom interacts with others, and he's obsessive about security and anonymity.
I can't see him letting anyone else use his computer.
Plus, whoever it was was using high-level encryption programmes.
This wasn't amateur hour.
OK, if he is telling the truth, if he did sell the files via the dark Web, we could waste months trying to trace the buyer.
You might not have to.
If Nikki's right, if the gloves I recovered match the sample from the hospital Thousands of people work at the hospital.
We can't interview them all.
So what now? I charge Brockham with extortion, data theft, obstruction, but it still doesn't get us any further on.
Let me show you something.
When Gary Brockham tried to extort money from the hospital, he e-mailed Laing a handful of files, as proof of his theft.
What if somebody at the hospital saw those files and decided to blackmail Farrell and Sawyers? Both files were included in that sample.
The files had details of their medical treatment, their addresses, phone numbers And only a handful of people saw that e-mail? Yes.
So if we interrogate their movements, probe their alibis You might not have to, guv.
Just heard from the hospital.
Farrell's regained consciousness.
Thank you.
- Great.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Sorry it took so long.
They ran out of soya milk.
Oh, no, you have it.
I have to check something.
How did they get your number? I'm seeing a psychologist at Hamilton Ashe.
Whoever sent this must have got my number from the file.
- Dad? - Oh, thank God! Shit.
Come on! Can you tell me anything about your attacker, Jason? Nothing at all? They had a hood on.
Hair colour? Their skin colour? No.
I'm sorry.
You must remember something.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Is Rosie all right? You know, if you want me to do this No, no, she's fine.
She's safe.
She's with her mum.
- Thanks, Jack.
- OK.
Probably easier to say what ISN'T damaged.
Both legs are broken.
Right arm too, by the looks of it.
Multiple abrasions, massive facial trauma .
and a fractured skull.
All consistent with a fall.
OK, thank you.
Got a depressed fracture of the occipital bone.
Just there, can you see it? That's a very specific point of impact.
The floor is smooth.
It doesn't look like he landed on anything.
I've got blood spatter up here.
And I've got a lighter.
Might have been dropped or discarded.
Got an engraving on it.
"With love from Eleanor.
" There's something else.
Inside the wound.
I can't see what it is.
- We should get him back to the Lyell.
- Yep.
Cadaveric spasm.
- Oh! - What is it? Looks like a locker key.
Is it really necessary to do this now? Look, we're trying to establish what happened.
Isn't it obvious? You think he jumped? Of course! He'd just been suspended from his post.
And you were there because? Because Because he'd called, asking to meet.
I must have got there seconds after it happened.
I tried to save him, but Why did he want to meet in such an out-of-the-way place? I have no idea.
And that was the last time you saw him? He just walked past me as if I wasn't there.
He'd asked me for a coffee .
but when I came back with it, he just took off.
Any idea why? - No.
- How long were you gone for? Erm, 15, 20 minutes.
Did anyone visit him during that time? Did he have any meetings? - No.
He cancelled everything.
- No phone calls from colleagues during the morning when you were at your station? No.
Erm .
he did go and see Dr Hill earlier.
What would you say is the nature of the relationship between Mr Laing and Dr Hill? How long had you two been together? 18 months.
I'd I'd had a pretty messy divorce.
Simon was me dipping my toe back in the water.
And what was the fight about? Simon and I .
we have debts.
I got the wrong end of my divorce settlement, and, well .
Simon's had his issues, too.
We both wanted a fresh start, so I had the idea of setting up my own practice.
But it's costly, risky, and Simon took some money he shouldn't have.
From a hospital supplier.
A bribe? I was furious when I found out, but by then, Simon was already in too deep, so he carried on taking the money And used it to help you set up your private practice.
I was going to resign from the hospital at the end of the month, but the hospital's chairman and the board obviously got wind of what Simon had been doing, and pulled the plug on his career.
And that's what you argued about? I thought he could have fronted it out.
It cost him his job.
And could ruin your reputation, too.
So we fought, I gave him a bloody nose, and he left.
And that was the last I saw of him.
I think it's some sort of powder.
A curved wound.
What do you think? Hmm.
I'll take a mould of it later, see if we can match it to anything.
Maybe a hammer? I've got the building plans.
They're not completely up-to-date, - but they should give us what we need.
- OK.
Excuse me.
Hey, babes.
Jack, I've got the analysis results for some white powder Nikki and Thomas found in Laing's head wound.
It contains warfarin.
OK, so we're looking at surgical theatres and pharmacies? Well, it's also used domestically in pesticides.
Yeah, rat poison.
Thank you.
Where are we? - We're here.
- Mm-hm.
And this is the basement.
Who else knew Dr Alexander was receiving treatment here? Well, her GP, I suppose.
- Did you tell Simon Laing? - Absolutely not.
- You're sure? - Of course.
I keep my private life and my professional life totally separate.
Yet you knew about the recent data breach at the hospital? Simon told me about it yesterday.
He didn't have much choice, really.
And that's the first you heard of it? Yes, of course.
Why are you asking me all these questions? Because someone threatened Dr Alexander earlier.
Someone who had access to her file.
I would never betray my patients like that.
And if someone has done so, then they must have accessed her details without permission.
This is not my fault! Look, I'll show you.
Wait! - I just - Hey.
We need to find out if the hospital has used a pest control company recently and, if so, where they laid the traps, OK? You all right, Bunny? I just wanted to say, I know sometimes I seem a bit distracted by work and stuff, but .
I've always loved you.
Very much.
Nothing's ever going to change that.
Somebody's been down here.
Jack! Bear with me.
Laing had traces of blood on his fingers even before his death.
Because of the nosebleed.
Which he transferred to the key, and therefore could have .
transferred to the locker he opened.
That's right.
Oh! That's a good sound.
Looks like something's been moved around a fair bit in there.
Clothing? Or a bag maybe.
What's this? What? Hey.
- You OK? - Yeah.
You OK with this? It's a piece of evidence.
Are you going to be able to stop them? Yeah.
Yeah, if we can find the evidence.
Fingers crossed.
That's just the cover.
The scan I got was of the notes themselves.
Hey, don't look at me.
They're not my notes.
I said .
it's OK.
I'm in therapy.
It's none of our business.
Yes, it is.
I'd like it to be.
I'm sorry, Nikki.
I know.
So am I.
I've got a print here.
And another one.
No matches on the first print.
It could be Dr Hill's.
She doesn't have a record.
The second one looks more promising.
What? You know this woman? That's Laing's PA.
Jackie Simms.
No, I'm sure her name was Jane.
OK Please leave your message after the tone.
Er, hi, sweetheart, it's me.
Erm I was just phoning to say hi.
Er, to see how you are, see what you're up to.
Erm, I hope you're OK.
Erm And I I miss you.
And I really wanted to tell you that I love you.
And that And that I'm sorry.
Bye, darling.
Jane Ronald is a fiction.
Jackie Simms, however, is very real.
She has a fairly extensive criminal record -- abusive behaviour, acting under the influence, affray.
And three years ago, she lost custody of her son following a messy divorce.
But why would she target Farrell? Because he was her husband's barrister.
During the custody hearing, Jackie claimed that her husband was unstable, unreliable, but that was never proved in court.
By contrast, her drinking, her mental health issues were paraded before the court.
And, apparently, she'd attempted suicide early in the marriage.
Farrell made good use of that, painting her as an unstable, potentially vengeful personality.
And as a result .
her husband got sole custody.
Gary Brockham sends the sample files with the blackmail demand.
Jane Ronald sees the files and spots Farrell.
And took the opportunity for revenge.
And once she started, it seems she got a taste for it.
But this probably wasn't about the blackmail.
And Karen Sawyers? Just a casualty.
We think this might all be about punishing Jason Farrell.
Which means her job's not done yet.
I didn't see anyone come in.
I woke up and it was on the end of my bed.
Is this the money you paid the blackmailer with? Yes, it's my bag.
- Did she leave anything else? - No.
Did she take anything? I think my keys are gone.
She gave back the money from the first blackmail attempt - So it's not about the money.
- Like with the wallet.
That's why she took the photo.
That's how she's going to punish him.
Jason Farrell took something precious from her And now she's going to do the same to him.
Sweet photo.
Who the hell are you? I'm Jackie.
We've never met.
I know your fiance.
What do you want? He took my boy from me.
I don't know anything about that.
Yeah, and now my boy .
erm .
he hates me.
He won't even take my calls.
Please Please [Shelley, are you there?] [It's the police.
] Get off! No! No! Open the door! Stop it! Get off me! Jackie Simms, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Simon Laing and the attempted murder of Jason Farrell and Shelley Brooks.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
All good? Where's Nikki? I wanted to thank her personally.
Oh, she asked me to apologise.
She had to go.
She'll call you.
- OK.
- And I'm off, too.
Rosie and I are going to the cinema.
Her choice of film.
Apparently, I'm going to love it.
- Bye.
- See you later.
See you.
Well, thanks again.
It's been memorable.
What are you waiting for? I don't know.
I don't know what I'm waiting for.
Behave yourself.
- Me, behave myself? Me?! - Yes.
Hey, Silva So that's it? You're just walking away? - My work here is done, Jack.
- Is that so? Mm-hm.
Anyway .
I'm booked in for a sparring session this afternoon.
If you fancy your chances Yeah, I do actually.
I wouldn't mind some more of that chin-chin.
What are you hoping to get out of this, Nikki? I need things to change.
I don't want to be afraid.
I'm ready.
And here with me now in the studio is the US Ambassador, Jonathan Prand.
This is a national security issue.
We're moving on this now.
I got blood on my clothes.
So, Deputy Chief of Mission is what? You should come and see for yourself sometime.
Your country, your crime scene.
A terrorist attack is the most likely scenario.
Testator silens Costestes e spiritu Silentium