Silent Witness (1996) s24e04 Episode Script

Bad Love, Part 2

The victim is Laura Jennings.
A swimming instructor at the local pool.
- Ron Radford was Laura's ex.
- He's the one that abused her? You should have said that he was ex-police.
She was pregnant.
About six weeks.
I'm on an online sperm donor site.
I'm doing nothing wrong.
You're my garden angel.
This is Cara.
"I'm looking for your brother.
"He's my dad.
" A daughter? Could you do a DNA test for me? You don't know she's mine.
You don't know she isn't.
- Tim Garrick.
- Laura researched the hell out of him.
Address, workplace, school.
It turns out his wife was reported missing two years ago.
I think we've found Joanna Garrick.
There's something else here.
Could be another body.
The body of the female is in a state of decomposition.
Evidence of blood stains.
Potential site of entry wound.
Looks like a single stab wound.
We have what appears to be a dark pattern mark on the male body's face.
Possibly a full-thickness burn.
What is it? I don't know.
If there are any burns, residue of carbon? In areas beneath the clothing, decomposition appears slightly delayed.
We have a similar pattern mark on the right hand.
The dark deposits in the upper airways and trachea - I think it's charcoal.
She's got a pacemaker.
Do we know if Joanna Garrick had a heart condition? So pacemakers store data about heart rate and stress patterns, like a mini computer.
So if this had enough memory, it should show all event information, up to the point of death.
Even a time and date.
What am I after? Something metal.
Like a grid about an inch apart.
Like a grill? From a barbecue? Mm-hm.
If he was pushed in headfirst, burnt his face, puts his hand out to try to stop it? His airways could have swollen.
Death by inhalation of hot gases.
Thanks, Jack.
Nice work.
Ssh! Kids, your daddy's working.
You'll give him a headache.
Who's giving me a headache? - ME! - ME! Wasn't she the one from the swimming pool? No, don't think so.
Is the man coming back? What man? The man at the shops.
What happened at the shops? Somebody helped us with our bags.
That's all.
It was nothing.
My dinosaur killed his cat.
Did he? - You be good for your mum now, OK? - OK.
I did see the man.
Where? What's cooking? I'm pretty sure it's human.
Well, the Garricks' dental records are in and Cara.
What are you doing here? Sorry, Nikki.
Adam? Oh, it's-it's not what you think.
Paedophile? Who's a paedophile? Oh, my God, no, no, no.
She thinks Ryan's a paedophile.
He's not.
He's not.
Er it's complicated.
He arranged for another man .
to have sex with a 15-year-old girl.
What happened to the girl? She died.
It wasn't Ryan but it happened because of him.
"I never want to meet him.
"Who wants a father like that? - "He's scum.
" - Cara Cara.
Cara! Cara! Cara! I didn't know how to tell you.
I'm sorry.
Our female victim's most likely cause of death was the penetrating wound to the abdominal aorta.
Now, as far as we can tell, given the condition of the uterus, her os appeared nulliparous, which means that she hasn't given birth, which fits with Joanna Garrick's medical records of three failed rounds of IVF.
But there's no mention of a pacemaker or any issues with her heart.
So it's not her.
Well, I couldn't initially say that for sure.
There's always the possibility that a pacemaker was fitted in an emergency - maybe the hospital didn't forward the information.
But the Garricks' dental records just came in.
Now, this is an X-ray of our female victim, and this the male.
That's not Joanna Garrick.
And he's not Tim Garrick either.
Then where are the Garricks? Why was Laura at their house? And who are they? We don't know, but every pacemaker has an individual serial number, which is usually on the patient's files.
I've contacted the Danish manufacturer to find which hospital it went to.
We'll find out who she was, and that should help with him.
Thank you.
How can no-one miss them, eh? Right.
I'm heading back now.
When was this? She's a teenager.
She'll come round.
Ryan doesn't want to meet her.
Cara doesn't want to meet him.
She'll go back to where she came from and we'll never see her again.
Problem solved.
She's family.
I didn't even know she existed until a few days ago.
It's fine.
Really? - Adam? - Yep? You're a Forensic Medical Examiner? Yes.
What's going on? Frank Johnson's been attacked.
- Frank the Wank? - Yeah.
They just identified him.
You ready? Is there nothing he can't do? Your blood pressure's rather high, Molly.
We need to keep an eye on that.
Don't want you having another stroke.
Dr Renn's prescribed antibiotics for the UTI.
Make sure you keep drinking plenty of liquids, or you'll end up in hospital again.
I don't like your bedside.
Keep talking around the subject, Molly.
The words will come.
Make sure she drinks enough.
I'm still here.
My bonnie boy.
My chickadee.
I want my bonnie boy.
Not now.
I'm .
Broken ribs.
Skull fracture, extradural haemorrhage.
Acute bleed between the dura mater and the skull.
They operated to relieve intracranial pressure.
The artery on the side of his brain was bleeding.
He could have died.
Does he have any brain damage? Is he going to wake up? I don't know.
Significant bruising on the torso.
Distinct tramline bruising, which occurs when struck with a cylindrical object.
Like an iron bar, or a bat? Same on the arm, suggesting defensive action.
Probably trying to protect his head and face.
Mrs Johnson? We met before.
I'm sorry about Frank.
Is there anything you can tell me about the night he was attacked? I've already spoken to the police.
I'm taking over the investigation now.
He went to work.
He didn't come back.
Were you at home? Was anyone with you? Rocco.
The dog? I got into the shed.
I know what he was doing.
He lied to me.
All this time he said he didn't want kids.
But look what he's done.
Bastard! I hope you die! You bastard! Blood spatter patterns show multiple blows, a dozen plus.
This wasn't a quick smash-and-grab.
I found shards of wood, which I've identified as ash, commonly used for baseball bats.
That fits with the tramline bruising.
And look here - it matches the splinter from under Frank's skin.
I found a slice of what could be leather snagged on a wood fragment, possibly from a glove? Waiting for results on any usable DNA.
Frank's attacker would be highly bloodstained.
You'd think someone would notice.
Not if you know what you're doing.
He's come prepared, evaded CCTV.
Radford knows how people get caught.
You think Ron Radford did this? But there's no evidence to support that yet.
- Thought he was in custody.
- Got bail.
And he's got an alibi - cosying up with his girlfriend.
She's lying.
This is no random mugging.
Ron was obsessed with Laura, and Frank was the man that got her pregnant.
But he doesn't know that.
Or anything about Frank.
Want to bet? - Could be a coincidence.
- I don't trust coincidences.
Or you don't trust your team? I think someone tipped him off.
I just can't prove it.
Oi-oi! Ha-hey! Oi, love.
Cara? Give us a smile! Let's go and have a drink.
Come on, love.
Just come and have a drink.
We're having a party at my place.
Come back to my place.
Where are you? Come on, let's go.
We're going to have a party at mine.
I don't know what that means! Cara! Oh, f I need your help.
She's upset.
I think she's drunk.
Get upset, get drunk - that's something you have in common.
I'm just saying.
- Can't you go any faster? - Where to? Jeez, my grandmother drives faster than you.
Get her to find a street sign and take a picture.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Got it.
- Where is she? Addlesham Road, just off the high street.
Thank you for this.
That's OK.
What are friends for? I'm growing on you.
Like a rash.
Is that her? - Where? - See? Yeah.
Pull in.
Pull over.
Pull over.
One sec.
Er This is Cara.
She's not very well.
Cara, this is your grandad.
Your gran-dad.
G R Here's a toothbrush.
Oh, Christ.
There's more.
There's always more.
SCOOTER REVS - That's it, that's it! There we go.
Whoa! Are you all right? Bro What was that? Go on, get him.
I'll get you for this, Simples! Open up this door, man! Open this up! You're dead! We'll have him.
Fry an egg on that! Come and warm yourself by the fire! This is my reconstruction of the unknown woman.
The data came in from the pacemaker with the time and the date of death.
She died two years ago, on the 13th of April.
I used phenotypic DNA testing for hair and eye colour.
So that's our mystery woman.
Whoever she was.
Coffee? - Morning.
- Morning.
Belonged to your grandmother.
You want it? Yeah, go for your life.
- A little magpie, that one.
- Aye.
There you go.
Cara? Cara? Your mum.
Your mum? I should call her.
Want to see? The other one.
That's your That's Ryan.
You be careful.
Someone's going to get hurt.
How can I help you? I'm worried someone's been in my garden, or my house.
Can I get a description? Sorry.
I didn't see anyone.
I did.
I think it was a ghost.
- You're lying.
- No, I'm not.
Tell him, Mummy.
- I think I should - We could start with your name? Sally.
Sally what? Is there something you'd like to talk about without the children? Maybe to a female officer? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come.
This has been a mistake.
Let's go.
- Jack.
- Oh, I'm going to make your day.
The results on the slice of leather from the wood in Frank's attack, there were skin cells on the underside.
We got a DNA match.
It's Ron Radford.
You were right.
Ronald Radford, I'm arresting you - on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.
- Yeah.
- You do not have to say anything - Of who? But it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, - You're talking nonsense.
- something which you later rely on in Court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
- Yeah, I know this bit.
Do you understand? - Yeah, I understand.
Who? - Frank Johnson.
- Never heard of him.
You're setting me up, aren't you? She's setting me up.
We're looking at GBH at the very least, but I'm going to push the CPS for attempted murder.
- Mike? - You're talking rubbish.
I don't know the man.
But you knew he was being investigated in connection with Laura's murder? - Was he? - Mm.
Well, if that's the case, and he's guilty, then I'm glad he was attacked.
I'd like to buy that man a drink.
When this Frank comes round, are you going to charge him? Are you up to it? If Frank Johnson recovers, then no.
But if he dies, then you'll be charged with murder.
Full disclosure.
We found your DNA at the crime scene.
You're loving this, aren't you? Hello? Frank Johnson? What time was this? Hello? Jack? It's me.
Ryan? Um I've been thinking about Cara, and .
I'd really like to meet her.
Er Right, um, you said you didn't want to.
As soon as I told you she was deaf, you It wasn't that.
I swear to you.
Look, maybe I was scared.
It was a bit of shock, you know? Just needed time to get my head around it all.
If Aoife says she's mine, she's mine.
Even if she was unfaithful, that doesn't mean I'm not the father.
I don't need a DNA test.
I just just need a second chance.
This has happened for a reason.
Cara, now.
I think we need each other.
Well I need her.
I've got a daughter, Jack.
Um, Ryan Ryan, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for it to happen, but I, er What is it? Cara knows you're in prison.
She doesn't want to see you.
Why did you tell her? I get out soon.
She didn't need to know.
If I could have met her first, tried to explain She'll hate me now.
Ryan, listen, I didn't tell her.
I wouldn't be in here if it wasn't for you.
I had a life.
A woman I loved.
I lost everything! And now I've lost her too.
I never want to hear from you again.
Ryan? Ryan? God morgen.
Or is it "god eftermiddag"? What? We have our dead woman's name.
Sally Trask.
- Doesn't sound very Danish.
- It isn't.
She's from here.
Her pacemaker implantation wasn't an emergency, it was a scheduled operation.
Private and paid for.
Why would you go to Denmark to pay for an operation you can have free on the NHS? - That's what I said.
- Yes, it is rather unusual.
What was wrong with her heart? Well, according to the Danish hospital report, sick sinus syndrome.
Irregular heartbeat.
When we thought the body was Joanna Garrick, I pulled up her medical records, and the odd thing is they're almost identical.
They're both the same age, both had repeated failed attempts at IVF.
The lengths they went to to have a family.
Poor Sally.
You go though all that, and then you end up dead on a slab with nothing.
Marie fell pregnant straight away with ours.
I just have to look at her, and boomph.
Anyway He's got super sperm.
What do you think about the whole "having kids" thing? I try not to think about it.
I remember joking with Harry once that I'd end up a dried old prune.
Ten years later, it's not so funny.
I don't know.
Work, life.
Before you know it, you're 100 years old and growing facial hair.
I think you'd look good with a ginger beard.
It's Cara.
It's beautiful.
I love it! Even better than before.
Thank you.
- Adam? Come and tell her I love it.
- OK.
Don't think I need to.
Jack? Look what Cara did.
Fixed it.
Wow! That's amazing.
You're like a proud dad.
Meredith's on the phone for you.
- Hm? - "She's very pretty.
" "Do you like her?" Er I think that's enough of that.
Here, Adam, I need to tell Cara something.
Would you mind? Er, Cara, your dad he's not a bad man.
He, er, he made a mistake and he paid for it.
Could you give him a chance? Will you think about it? For me? "For me.
" For me.
Meredith sent these links across.
This is CCTV from outside the pool on the Saturday, the day before Laura was killed.
And here's CCTV from the street with the Garrick house, where she went the next day.
- That's Laura arriving.
- Mm-hm.
- She was being followed? - Exactly.
The scooter only has a numberplate on the back, so there's no screen grab for the registration.
- What about ANPR? - They're onto it.
Meredith's getting back to me.
Did you see the update on Sally Trask? No.
Look at this.
Meredith sent over her passport photo, and here's my reconstruction.
Ta-dah! Oh, you're good.
And this is Sally's husband, Michael Trask, which matches my reconstruction of the other dead body.
You are talented.
Oh Hey, Meredith.
Just talking about you.
Any luck with our scooter? Yeah.
It's registered to a Simon Morton.
I'll text you his address now.
On my way.
Not getting jealous, are you? Just go! Jack? He works at Daisybeck Nursing Home.
- OK.
- Let's go.
- May we come in? - Mm.
We're looking for Simon.
No tree.
If he's not here, I have no idea where he can be.
He can't have come in today, and that's not like him at all.
Isn't that our man, Trask? Yeah, it looks like both of them.
That's your son, isn't it, Molly? My my Michael.
Over the ocean.
They emigrated to Australia.
It's all right for them, going off and starting a new life, and leaving Molly here.
How do you know? Oh, they sent me an email.
Do you still have it? Has something happened? Where's my bonnie boy? Oh Simon must know Molly's house is empty.
Well, someone's been here.
And recently, by the looks.
- Nikki? Can this wait? - Not really.
I just spoke to Sally Trask's GP.
I think I know why she went to Denmark for her operation.
She didn't want it on her medical records.
She needed a clean bill of health.
The Trasks were trying to adopt at the time.
And they did.
They had two children.
Thanks, Nikki.
Meredith? Nobody said they had kids.
They adopted them.
Did we miss them at the Garricks? Ah, God.
Tell me they're not buried there.
We need to go back.
No, we don't.
They look older here.
He looks like the guy in Laura's old school year book.
Tim Garrick? Yeah.
It's fresh mud.
Simon? Is he fit to interview? I believe he has mutism and social anxiety.
He won't speak under pressure or in a stressful environment.
There might be some communication he has with a family member or a friend.
Yeah, I'll arrange for an appropriate adult, someone he knows and trusts.
Simon? What can you tell me about Laura Jennings? It's OK, Simon.
If you can tell them anything You don't know her? But you were seen on CCTV, following her.
That's Laura Jennings.
And that's you.
So why were you following her? You weren't? Not her.
And who is that? Him? OK.
Thank you.
Laura saw Tim Garrick at the pool.
That's what set this off.
Where's that list of swimming sessions? Trask.
Dylan Trask and Toby Trask.
Simon was trying to find Molly's family.
He found her grandkids and this man with them.
He doesn't know what his name is, but he knows what it isn't.
It's not Molly's son, Michael Trask.
The social worker who handled the Trasks' adoption got back to me.
She said that, as far as they were concerned, the adoption had gone smoothly and that the Trasks had then moved to Australia.
She also said that the Trasks knew the Garricks.
Apparently, they had met on a course for parents who were trying to adopt.
But the Garricks were rejected.
The panel felt that Joanna was still grieving after her last failed attempt at IVF.
And there were question marks about her medical history, anti-depressants But Tim was also an issue.
Coercive control? It came up in a reference.
And, of course, he wasn't happy about that.
Well, look at that.
The money from the sale of the Garricks' house was transferred to an account in the name of Michael Trask.
We couldn't find the Garricks because they became the Trasks.
One couple took the lives of the other, and stole their children.
And nobody missed them, apart from Molly.
Then Laura saw Tim and knew who he really was so he killed her.
Thanks, Nikki.
Don't talk to anyone.
Don't come back.
Tim Garrick, I'm arresting you in connection with the murders of Laura Jennings, Sally Trask, Michael Trask, and the abduction of Dylan and Toby Trask.
Dylan? Toby? Anything? No.
Where's your wife, Tim? Where are the children? - Where are they? - She went to the shops.
She'll be back soon.
So you didn't just ring her up to warn her off? No.
I rang to check on her.
She's not been well.
Laura Jennings recognised you at the pool.
She tracked you down, found your old house.
She was on to you.
Camera? She could ruin everything.
You can't prove it.
Oh, we can.
We found the same DNA on all three bodies, and I'm willing to bet it's yours.
How could you do that to the Trasks? This was their life.
Not yours.
- You stole their children.
- They didn't deserve them.
They got them under false pretences.
You don't deserve to be a parent.
I love my kids.
Then tell me where they are.
Where would your wife take them? No comment.
Meredith! Found a tracker on his phone.
We can find her with this.
Come on.
What's going on? Joanna? No, it's Sally.
Where's my husband? Joanna, my name's Meredith.
I'm with the police.
I can help you, but you need to come in.
You need to talk to me.
Are the kids OK? Joanna? Are you still there? It's all my fault.
I'm Sally now.
I am keeping her alive.
She deserves to be alive.
Joanna doesn't.
Oh, shit! It's OK.
We've still got her.
Don't hate me, OK? Don't hate me.
You all right, Tobes? Hey, look at this.
Would you like it? This was your other mummy's.
We both loved you very much.
Mummy loves you.
I always have.
And I always will.
Are you all right? Where's your mummy? Where's Mum? Jack is that her? Hey.
Are they all OK? All good.
Where's Jack? Here he is.
The hero of the hour.
You must mean some other guy.
I'll drive us home.
All right.
What happened to you at the shoreline? Can't swim.
At last - something he can't do.
- You should keep warm.
- Mm-hm.
Bye, Meredith.
All right? Are you ready to see Ryan? My little chickadee.

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