Silent Witness (1996) s24e05 Episode Script

Reputations, Part 1

Monsieur Rahul! Il est la, mon sauveur.
Merci, Monsieur.
Merci du fond du coeur.
Dieu vous benisse.
Is Mr Okoye ready for the theatre? Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
We're down to ten fentanyl.
What's he doing here? Have we sent? What's going on? Where's Mr Sayeed? Oh, a change in plan.
I'm operating.
I don't think so.
Do you want to take it up with the Medical Director? First case is a Hickman line.
Mr Rahul? Take a message.
I'll call them back.
He says it's urgent.
Yes, I got your little note.
Stay where you are.
Dan, get the on-call anaesthetist to come and take over.
I'm not having this.
Go into the hospital and find out what we can and can't cordon off, realistically.
- All right? Off you go.
- Hey, Steve, you good? It's Adam.
Dr Yuen? Forensic medical examiner.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, all right.
How you doing, Doc? Yeah, I heard you got the DI's job.
Are you taking the piss? Steve Galloway.
Detective Sergeant.
Jack Hodgson, forensics.
Nikki Alexander, pathologist.
Our victim is a Mr Arnie Rahul, consultant surgeon, 48 years old.
And this place is? It's supposed to be the new operating theatre, but they got the wiring spec all wrong so they've got to redo it all.
Our taxpayers' money at work.
Blood staining on the clothes suggests penetrating wound to the chest.
Evidence of a struggle.
No defensive wounds.
Hands are clean.
No abrasions.
He fell, face down, and then moved.
Or was moved.
Smearing on the floor is consistent with this.
The assailant would have had extensive cross-contamination with the victim's blood.
I'll say.
A lot of blood.
Extensive spatter.
Looks like a frenzied attack.
Could be from multiple sources.
We'll see.
All right.
What's this? Smaller droplets of blood here.
This is different.
What if .
he took a swing at his assailant Mm-hm? .
hits him in the face, gives him a bloody nose? The assailant bleeds .
continues to bleed.
Maybe he wipes his nose with his hand, leaves blood on the door handle on his way out? So not the victim's blood? I don't think so.
Steve? Oh, look.
Our new Detective Inspector.
DI Ruth Cracknell.
So the victim was about to start an operation in theatre number 7, upstairs, gets a phone call, walks out, never comes back.
And was that the last place he was seen alive? - Mm-hm.
- We should seal that off, then, too.
All yours, Steve.
February, March at the latest.
A word.
How nice to see you.
Would you excuse us for a moment, please? Is this anything to do with you? What are you talking about? My grant, from the Cancer Research Council.
Five years of research money, - gone.
- I heard.
Oh, you heard.
Emily, what do you want? You sit on their advisory board.
You can persuade them to reverse the decision.
That's the least you owe me.
Your funding was suspended because a key member of your team is a total liability.
That is a lie.
Then prove it, and maybe they'll reconsider your grant.
Don't worry.
I will.
So .
I hear they're floating your little company.
Going to make millions from my research at St Jude's? Look, erm .
shouldn't you answer that? Listen, we don't have to be at war.
- Maybe the Cowley Institute can help.
- How? Well, if you've got some good projects ready to go, maybe our foundation could step in with some funding.
Oh, I get it.
I show you all my data and you steal that as well.
Emily, Emily, Emily.
Your original stem cell work was brilliant.
But for years you tried and failed to turn it into a viable cancer treatment.
We made that crucial step.
That's all.
Everyone knows Edison didn't invent the light bulb.
He just made it work.
Edison was an arsehole.
Professor, there's an urgent call for Dr Braithwaite.
CCTV, guv.
There's a clip of him crossing the corridor from the operating theatre.
He's fully scrubbed - gloves, gown.
What's that in his hand? Looks like a syringe and needle.
A very big, long, sharp needle.
- You all right, Steve? - Mm.
Well, that could be the murder weapon.
And the gloves and gown are all missing.
Yeah, we're searching all the bins in the vicinity.
Good luck with that.
Sorry? This is a hospital.
It produces a ton of rubbish every six hours.
You think you're going to find a pair of bloodstained gloves in that lot? What about the needle? You'd put that in a sharps bin, wouldn't you? Same problem.
There's a finite number of sharps bins.
And they are changed less frequently.
If we found it, we'd get DNA, maybe prints.
It might tell us the assailant's movements.
Steve, you heard the man.
Bag up every sharps bin in this hospital.
What's the time? Mum, don't get anxious.
I'm not standing for this.
Right, I want interviews with all the staff working with Arnie Rahul today.
And identify and inform the next of kin.
Be discreet, yeah? Who's in charge here? Detective Inspector Cracknell.
You are? Dr Braithwaite, Medical Director.
I'm afraid you can't just shut down an operating theatre.
Unfortunately, it's now a crime scene and a police matter.
But we have patients needing urgent treatment.
I can get a warrant, Dr Braithwaite.
Can I suggest something? Sorry.
Nikki Alexander, pathologist.
Ah, that we seal off the theatre for .
what do you think, four hours? Yeah, that'd work.
Very well.
Four hours.
Not a minute longer.
Come on.
Dr Braithwaite! Oh! Mum, you all right? Are you OK? We've been waiting an hour.
Mrs Fletcher, I-I'm terribly sorry.
Come this way.
Can we get you a wheelchair, maybe? I'm not dead yet.
Rahul was scrubbed up, ready to start the operation.
It was a Hickman line.
Dr Mitchell, we don't all share your knowledge of medical procedures.
It's a long-term vascular access device for people who need chemotherapy or blood transfusions or whatever.
It's a minor procedure.
And what happened then? Rahul got a phone call, and left.
Just walked out.
Is it true you two had an argument before surgery? Nothing to speak of.
But you said he shouldn't be operating.
Not after the Harry Fletcher incident.
Who's Harry Fletcher? A patient.
Arrested on the table during surgery last week.
Currently dying on ICU.
Trust investigation blamed the anaesthetist.
Do you disagree with the investigation's findings? We don't believe the current management has assessed Dr Rahul's performance with sufficient .
Arnie Rahul.
Asian male.
Age, 48.
Facial contusions.
Bruising and abrasion of the lower vermilion border.
Consistent with blunt force trauma.
Loose lower-left central incisor.
Single puncture wound to the left chest wall.
Lateral to the sternum.
Third interspace.
CT shows multiple rib fractures.
Rahul's phone, ID badge and locker key.
You're going to check that for texts and calls, right? Yeah, of course.
Come here.
There's something else I want to show you.
This is a central line insertion kit like the one Rahul had, OK? And it was all there in the theatre, except for the needle and syringe.
You OK? Yeah, fine.
You don't look fine.
It's just, erm .
I don't like needles.
Oh, mate.
You are so on the wrong investigation.
It's not funny, all right? Long story short, we're looking for one of these.
Oh So Arnie Rahul died from a puncture wound to the chest.
The weapon caused penetrating injuries to the ascending aorta, a three-centimetre tear to the superior vena cava, and then the upper lobe of the right lung, leading to extensive hemopneumothorax.
Injuries are consistent with a central line insertion needle.
If he just got stabbed with a needle, how come there was so much blood? What is it, 18-gauge? Stick that into a big artery and blood'll flow out like a high-pressure hose.
He also had facial bruises .
and several broken ribs.
So he took quite a beating? No.
Chest compressions.
CPR? Why would you kill someone then try and revive them? There's something else.
Blood alcohol level, three times the legal driving limit.
Share certificates.
Talogen Biosciences.
You ever heard of them? No.
It's called vacuum metal deposition.
Shows up fingerprints.
How does it work, then? A tiny amount of gold, and then zinc, are vaporised inside.
The gold sticks to everything except the fingerprint and the zinc sticks to only the gold, so we get a reverse image of the print.
Five minutes on defrost? Right, two male DNA profiles at the scene.
One matches Rahul.
The other is not on the database, and presumably belongs to the attacker.
This profile was found in spatter, roughly head-height and on the door handle, which suggests the attacker may have facial injuries.
The fibre analysis is interesting.
Its predominant population's consistent with standard-issue surgical scrubs.
So everyone in the room was wearing scrubs? Looks like it.
So a staff member? What would he do with the scrubs? They'd go to the laundry with a million others.
Right, Steve, you need to tell the hospital to hold on to any used scrubs.
What do we know about Rahul? Erm, general surgeon, worked at St Jude's for ten years.
Good reputation, although he's fallen out with a few people recently.
Surgeons, eh? Erm, divorced, financial difficulties.
We did find something interesting in his locker.
A share certificate for a company called Talogen.
- Talogen? - Yeah.
That's a spin-out from the Cowley Institute of Oncology.
Professor Adrian Cowley.
World expert in gene editing.
So Rahul is drinking, he's not getting on with his colleagues.
He gets a threatening note, then he gets a phone call.
Well, yeah, what do we know about that? Ah, male voice.
Then he leaves theatre, feels the need to .
pick up a weapon on the way, gets into a fight, ends up stabbed.
Here we go.
Linda Fletcher.
Arrested for criminal damage in 1989.
Pre-'95, so no DNA on file.
Well, you said the DNA at the scene was male.
Accomplice, then? Fletcher.
Harry Fletcher was Rahul's patient.
He had a cardiac arrest during an operation.
He's still on intensive care.
Dr Mitchell claimed Rahul botched the surgery, but the hospital blamed the anaesthetist.
Adam? Jack, hi.
Where'd you get to? Well, I had to nip home to sort something out.
I won't be long.
Oh, OK.
Give me a shout when you get back, eh? Will do.
Linda Fletcher? I'm Detective Inspector Ruth Cracknell.
Linda, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder - of Arnie Rahul.
- What? What are you doing? You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence Mum? .
if you do not mention when questioned Right, take it easy.
something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say will be given in evidence.
She's 70 years old.
She's just got cancer.
- How could she murder anyone? - Where were you between the hours of - 8:30 and 9:30 this morning? - Mum! Look, they just turned off my dad's life support.
- Take it easy.
Look, take it easy! - Leave me alone.
Mum! One more step and you will be arrested.
You know, I shouldn't be talking to you.
But it's been such a long time.
So forensic pathology.
How did that happen? It's an endlessly fascinating field.
Do you get back to Singapore much? Maybe once a year.
Do you know they asked me to be examiner at your old medical school? That was a trip down memory lane.
It's all changed, of course.
Since your father and I ran the lab there together.
Adam, I have a favour to ask you.
It's a sensitive matter.
One of our patient's life support has been turned off today.
Harry Fletcher.
I want you to do the postmortem.
The surgeon in that case was Arnie Rahul, wasn't it? Yes.
Technically, that would be a conflict of interest.
I need someone I can trust.
He was a good man.
Yeah, sure.
Why not? Excellent.
In return, you have to tell me something about Rahul.
Did you know he had shares in Talogen Biosciences? Cowley.
It's not enough that he stole all my research, he's trying to poach all my staff.
Can you open your mouth? All done.
You know, my mum, she, erm She hated that surgeon, but there's no way she could I'm really sorry about your dad.
He only came in for a routine operation.
You know Rahul, he came in after and he said that there'd been some problem with the anaesthetic.
And then this anaesthetist, she comes in, and she's sat with Mum for ages, saying, "Oh, how sorry I am because I didn't spot Dad's heart disease.
" But that's bullshit.
That is bullshit because Dad didn't have any heart disease.
Don't tell me you've changed your mind.
No, but just to be clear, we can't have any contact while this is going on.
Don't worry.
Discretion is my middle name.
Just let me know what you find at the postmortem.
No, I can't do that.
I report directly to the Coroner.
Emily? Emily? Where do you want them? Oh, right.
In the back, please.
Come on.
Through the back.
I knew there'd be a lot, but this is Yeah, there's another three vanloads out there.
- What? - Right, I've got to go.
We're going to pay this Cowley bloke a visit, see what these shares are all about.
Good luck with all that.
Where's Adam? Not been in.
Want to give me a hand? I don't like needles.
Ah, more.
Yes, this way.
That's excellent.
Professor Cowley? Ah, two seconds.
The advisory committee's at ten.
Thanks, Jenny.
So Dr Yuen, I can give you 15 minutes.
I don't want to interrupt.
Oh, not at all.
This way.
Of course, we've met before, haven't we? You gave that fascinating presentation on single-cell RNA sequencing.
Well remembered.
What can I do for you? There was an incident yesterday at St Jude's.
Oh? Do you know Arnie Rahul? Well, I know of him.
I don't think we've ever met.
He's a Braithwaite acolyte.
Controversial fellow.
What's he done now? He was murdered.
Attacked as he was about to start an operation.
My goodness.
Did you know he owns shares in Talogen Biosciences? Are you sure? It's your company.
Actually .
it isn't.
My interest was placed in a charitable trust years ago.
Talogen helps to keep this place going, but beyond that I'm out of the loop.
Well, you're right.
Here he is.
Acquired as a new share issue, along with several other names.
Scientists, mainly.
How did you acquire them? Oh, consultancy fees, I expect.
No, these people have all done work for the company in exchange for equity rather than cash.
It's quite common with spin-outs.
Do you think that's what got him killed? What do you mean? Talogen's going to be floated in a matter of weeks.
That stock will be worth a fortune.
Who knows what he'd got himself into.
Well, thank you for your time.
Not at all.
And do keep in touch.
A bright lad like you should keep his options open.
Interviewing witnesses? Who does the man think he is?! Yes, it was inappropriate.
It makes me look like I don't have control of my own investigation! Well, it won't happen again.
She's right.
I just thought, I know him a bit.
I thought it would be a good contact to follow up on.
Just be aware whose toes you're treading on, yeah? So .
Linda Fletcher has admitted to writing the note, but she denies any involvement in the death of Arnie Rahul.
What have you got for me? Neither Linda nor Jed Fletcher are a match to the DNA at the scene.
And, as we know from the fibre analysis, they would've had to be wearing scrubs.
Yeah, well, couldn't they have got them from the linen cupboard? Ah, no.
Scrubs are issued by a vending machine inside the changing rooms.
You need a staff ID to get them.
So we'll be releasing Linda Fletcher, then.
What about the patient? The guy Rahul was going to operate on, have we spoken to him? Yeah.
Ah Mr Yeah, Wilfred Okoye.
Beninese national.
He's still in the hospital.
What's he going to know? You won't find out unless you ask him.
- Mr Wilfred Okoye? - Ah, oui.
I'm Detective Sergeant Steve Galloway.
Can I ask you a few questions? I'm afraid Mr Okoye speaks very little English.
Erm, sorry.
And you are? I am Reverend Kanu.
My church runs a charity that helps people like Mr Okoye get treatments that would otherwise not be available.
I can translate if you wish? That would be great.
Thank you.
Mr Okoye, you're from Benin.
Vous etes Beninois? Oui.
J'ai une maladie du sang.
Elle est tres courante dans ma region.
Yes, I have a blood disorder.
It is common in my region.
And how long have you known Mr Rahul? Depuis combien de temps vous connaissez Monsieur Rahul? Depuis une semaine.
Just a week.
And, erm Ah Did you notice anything strange about him? Avez-vous remarque quelque chose de bizarre chez lui? Non.
C'etait un homme tellement gentil.
Pourquoi devrait-on voir lui faire du mal? No, he was such a kind man.
Why should anyone wish to hurt him? Hm.
Vous allez bien, Monsieur? Are you feeling OK? Yes.
Ah, sorry.
I've just got a A little headache.
Erm, sorry.
Erm Merci, Mr Okoye.
Would it be possible to take a swab of your mouth for DNA? It's just for elimination purposes.
Serait-il possible de faire un prelevement dans votre bouche pour de l'ADN? C'est juste a des fins d'elimination.
Ah, oui.
Oh, don't worry.
He'll be fine.
Nikki, Harry Fletcher died yesterday.
I was just been speaking to the Coroner, and given the crossover, I persuaded her that his PM should be done here.
Do you agree? Definitely.
I'll do it.
I was going to ask if I could do it.
Erm No, I'm going to pull rank, I'm afraid.
There's something strange about all this.
I'm not exactly overworked at the moment.
If you feel that way.
But we'll need to discuss your findings straight away, yeah? Of course.
Summarising postmortem examination, Harry Fletcher.
Brain shows significant swelling, flattened surface undulations.
The heart has a slightly increased weight at 400g.
Mild left ventricular hypertrophy.
No valve abnormalities.
Coronary arteries free of atheroma.
No coronary or pulmonary thrombosis.
Yet preoperative ECG is grossly abnormal.
Seen Nikki? She's gone for the day.
She has some class or other on Friday nights.
Class? I don't know.
Pilates or something.
Give her a ring.
Hey, Nikki.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
Harry Fletcher's autopsy Ah, where? Hey, Jackie.
Volunteering? Jack thinks you're at pilates.
There you go.
So Harry Fletcher was admitted for a routine gall bladder op.
Immediate cause of death is hypoxic brain injury caused by cardiac arrest.
The heart is surprisingly healthy.
However, very abnormal preoperative ECG.
How do you square that? On microscopic examination, there is a small area of inflammation in the heart muscle.
Myocarditis? Mm.
Did you find it anywhere else? No, just one small area.
What about the abdomen? Gallstones, small superficial haemorrhage on the surface of the liver, otherwise unremarkable.
So what instruments had they used in the operation? A Veress needle, to fill the abdomen with gas.
Could that have caused the lesion on the liver? Mm And what if gas was pumped into the liver? It would circulate to the heart and cause cardiac arrest.
The operation notes stated that the surgery hadn't started.
Anyway, there were no gas bubbles in the heart or pulmonary circulation.
Well, he lived for a week afterwards.
It would've all be reabsorbed in that time.
So how do you explain the ECG? I can't.
Which makes me suspicious.
You think somebody switched the ECG? Seriously? What about Dr Braithwaite? No, she wouldn't do that.
I mean, someone in her position would have nothing to gain from that.
Well, why don't you sleep on it? Right.
Well, we'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
I wasn't expecting to see you again today.
Oh, I just came to collect these.
Ready for a morning in church with screaming babies tomorrow? Oh Do we have to go? Yes, we do.
But you said you didn't want to go.
Why are you so keen all of a sudden? Because our colleague invited us.
And I love seeing you all dressed up.
I have to dress up? Do I have to wear a tie? Wait, what's christening etiquette? Do we have to bring something? Here she is.
Hello! Hello, you.
Thanks for the gift.
Oh, I'm so glad you liked it.
Why don't you guys step inside to the party? I'm going to put her down for a nap, and I'll come and see you in a sec.
"I'm so glad you liked it!" You don't even know what it was.
What was it? One of those little mobile things that hang over the cot.
Little wooden stars.
You'd love it.
Are you actually good at this? CHILD LAUGHS Oh Ah.
Gunshot wound to the chest! Ohhh! That will never come out.
Maybe you could chuck it in the hospital laundry.
I'll get you another.
Emily! I can't stay long.
I just wanted to mark the happy occasion.
Darling, why don't you go inside? - I'll catch up with you in a sec.
- OK.
What are you doing? My colleagues are here.
Don't worry.
But we need to talk.
About Harry Fletcher.
I can't discuss that with you.
You know that.
There's more at stake than you think.
All our research, our life-saving research, depends on clearing Arnie's name.
Our grant was suspended because of the smears against Arnie.
I can get it back if I can prove he was wrongly accused.
Do you want everyone to know .
what I know? Hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is that Emily Braithwaite? Yes.
She's Adam's godmother.
Excuse me.
You'd think he might have mentioned it.
It is a bit odd.
It's more than a bit odd.
It's a direct conflict of interest.
No wonder he was so keen to do Fletcher's PM.
Are you going to confront him? Not yet.
Can I be there when you do? Hi.
Any news on the murder weapon? Erm, we're about a third of the way through the sharps bins.
Any central line needles we find are tested for DNA, but no matches so far.
Sorry I'm late.
But I've had an idea.
So we know Rahul's killer had on some pretty bloodstained scrubs, OK? We also assume that they were disposed of in the hospital system.
So You take scrubs from one machine with your ID badge, and then when you've finished you put them back in this machine and your account is credited again.
Now, this machine takes a photo of what you deposit, to make sure you actually put them back.
So? Well, if we found the scrubs themselves we might get some DNA, but we've already got the killer's DNA.
And 8,000 suspects.
So I'm saying we look at the photos instead, find the ones that are heavily bloodstained, and hopefully, hopefully, we get a staff ID.
Great idea, Jack.
Off you go Steve.
Come on Steve.
Let's do this.
Oh, and we had a chat to Dr Benning.
The anaesthetist who got suspended.
Oh, yeah.
What did she have to say? Well, nothing useful.
She seems pretty messed up.
But she has asked if she could see Rahul.
You OK with it? - Yeah.
- All right.
I'll set it up.
Dr Benning? Nikki Alexander.
- Dr Mitchell.
- Hi.
Are you sure you want to do this? Yeah.
If you'd like to come this way? Would you give us a minute? - No, I think I should - I'm fine.
Had you worked with Mr Rahul for long? We were going to move in together.
You were in a relationship? Well, he broke up with me after the Fletcher incident.
That was the last time I heard his voice.
He was ill.
He was falling out with everybody but that wasn't really him.
He was kind, he was caring, he was funny.
He was brilliant, brilliant at his job.
But everything he'd worked for was slipping away.
Can I ask you .
what do you think happened to Mr Fletcher? How should I know? Nothing about that day makes sense in my mind.
I thought I'd looked at his ECG, but apparently I didn't.
And I thought the surgery had started when he arrested, but it hadn't.
Wait - why did you think that? Well, I remem I thought I remembered Arnie saying, "Gas on.
" Meaning he'd turned on the gas used to inflate the abdomen? Yeah.
But afterwards Arnie looked me in the eye and he said that that couldn't be true.
So I don't know what to believe.
How was that? Benning was in a relationship with Arnie Rahul.
- What? - He called it off after the operation.
Interesting body language with Mitchell too.
A love triangle? So Rahul shags the girl you're in love with, then dumps her and gets her suspended.
Yeah, that'd make you pretty angry.
Or Mitchell is making groundless accusations of incompetence out of jealousy.
According to Dr Benning, the gas used to inflate the abdomen was turned on before Fletcher collapsed.
She has every incentive to say that, especially if she messed up.
I think Fletcher died as a result of Rahul's negligence and someone is covering it up.
I doubt it.
Occam's razor.
The simplest explanation is usually correct.
So Adam's sticking to his guns.
What are you up to? Looking at photos of dirty laundry.
If he says what I think he's going to say, then I'll have to tell the Coroner.
You sure you want to do that? What, so everything's OK if he agrees with you, but if he contradicts you that's a problem? Oh, yeah, yeah, you're right.
Come on, you know me better than that.
Maybe Adam should've told us about Braithwaite, but it doesn't automatically mean he's corrupt.
Then why all the secrecy? Secrecy or privacy? Hello.
What is a hospital cleaner doing with heavily bloodstained scrubs? Simi Jacobs? Bit of a guilty conscience? Hey.
So they made an arrest.
I just examined him at the station.
Got some DNA for you.
He's got a bruise over his eye, and get this - he has a puncture wound to the neck.
Really? Bang to rights, I'd say, and all down to your insane idea about the scrubs.
Brilliant work.
Sorry, was Was that a compliment? Adam? You all set for Fletcher's inquest? Yes, I've written his report.
Do you want to see it? No.
I can trust you, can't I? The Fletcher family have been through enough.
They're looking forward to getting the truth.
Dr Yuen, have you reached a conclusion regarding the cause of death? The postmortem examination confirmed that Mr Fletcher died as a result of hypoxic brain injury.
This is consistent with a prolonged period of circulatory arrest that occurred during an aborted surgical procedure on 5th August, 2021.
You have just heard the trust internal report, which suggests that Mr Fletcher had pre-existing cardiac disease.
Have you formed a view on the cause of the cardiac arrest during surgery? Yes, ma'am.
Please, go on.
There was no significant cardiac disease.
There was, however, a puncture wound to the liver consistent with the insertion of the Veress laparoscopic insufflation needle that records show was used during the procedure.
It's my opinion that this needle was inserted mistakenly into the liver, and pressurised gas was injected through it.
This gas entered the venous circulation and travelled to the heart, causing cardiac arrest.
So how do you explain the abnormal ECG? That's a matter for a clinician.
But Mr Fletcher died because of surgical error.
Adam! What the hell was that? The truth.
Arnie was not incompetent.
What does it matter? He's dead.
You have no idea what you've done.
This isn't over.
Well, you know what? I don't respond very well to threats.
It's not a threat.
Looks like you had nothing to worry about.
So Simi Jacobs.
Worked at St Jude's for two years.
He's denying everything.
Denies knowing Rahul, denies being anywhere near the new theatres at the time of the murder.
Says the bloodstains on his scrubs were from a rubbish bag that split.
- Ha.
- How long till we get DNA back? Any minute now.
Well, he has injuries consistent with blunt force trauma to the face and a puncture wound to the neck.
Yeah, it all fits.
Hot off the press.
Thank you.
And Simi Jacobs .
is not a match to the blood found at the scene.
Oh, for goodness' sake! Are we ever going to get a match on that sample? Yes.
Who is it? Erm It's Wilfred Okoye.
- The patient? - Mm.
That's impossible.
According to this, he's our killer.
Arnie Rahul was murdered by a man who was under general anaesthetic in a different room? Bonsoir.
Thank you.
Who are you? Oh Nikki? Adam, we need to talk.
No, you need to listen.
When I applied for this job, I falsified my CV.
What? "February to August, 2008, "Fellowship in surgery at the Heng Medical Institute in Singapore.
" It never happened.
I never went near the place.
I lied.
And Emily Braithwaite tried to use this fact to influence my findings in the Fletcher case.
It's my letter of resignation.
Effective immediately.

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