Silent Witness (1996) s27e05 Episode Script

Invisible Part One

This programme contains
some violent scenes
and scenes which some viewers
may find upsetting from the start
The devil shows up,
pretending to be your friend.
- That's the problem.
- Yep.
All this social media bollocks,
it's the devil, I'm telling you.
It's evil.
- Yep.
- Toxic.
Connected? We're not connected.
Which tells you everything.
Little worms, burrowing in our ears
every minute of every day, influencing.
Don't want to be influenced.
You know how I feel about influencers.
- We've got history with that.
- Yep.
We're more distant now than ever.
Somehow, people are seduced into thinking
we're, I don't know, intimate.
People can't talk to each other any more.
We're remote, glued to devices,
phones, computers,
victims of the tech bros
promising an easier life,
while picking our pockets
and stealing our souls.
I'm serious! I think
they're taking our souls.
We'll wake up one day
in a world without soul.
No souls left.
I don't want the tech bros
taking my soul.
- I get that.
- "I get that"? That's it?
I'm spilling out my heart here,
and all you can say is,
- "I get that"?
- It's 6am, and I'm tired.
- I need sleep.
- Everybody needs sleep.
And we'll still have Marvin Gaye.
- What?
- Soul.
I wouldn't exactly say you were
spilling out your heart.
I was!
Please tell me that's not
the contents of your heart.
- All right, maybe not, but it worries me.
- Yep.
I get that.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Don't know how long he's been there.
Too long, that's for sure.
Not going to be pretty!
Is it ever pretty?
- Hey, Nikki.
- Sarah!
And if it isn't my favourite
Northern Irish bloke!
How many do you know?
You're it.
How are you, Torres?
Still pacing
the Earth, in my search for justice.
- Yeah.
- Good to see you, Jack.
You and me, we're like distant
cousins who only meet at funerals.
Takes a dead person to get
the family back together.
And look at that,
- we've got one.
- Yep.
But not one with a family
that gave a toss.
- Do we know who it is?
- Not yet.
We got an anonymous call a few
hours ago
a would-be burglar,
who got more than he bargained for.
The guy's going to need counselling.
How long do you think?
Six months, a year. Maybe longer.
Nobody missed them.
Nobody missed them enough.
I'll start around the body.
Flat seems undisturbed.
Nothing to suggest any kind of struggle.
Broken door?
Yeah. That's where the burglar
made his entrance.
Housing association says the flat
is rented to Martin Piler.
All the utilities are in his name.
Piler's got post!
Piler dies and no-one notices.
Was he on a social care register?
- Was he on benefits? Pension?
- All on my list to check.
Housing association doesn't wonder
why rent's not being paid?
Utility companies didn't cut him off?
They're all busy working from home.
None of his neighbours noticed.
He just fell into a
black hole of nothingness.
Does anyone care if
Martin Piler even existed?
- All right?
- Mm-hm.
Someone was in pain.
15.5 million people say
they're in chronic pain.
34% of the population.
Why do you know that?
Doctors deal with pain.
That's what they do.
Yeah, but your patients aren't really
feeling it any more, are they?
No prescription label.
Maybe there's just no label.
Pharmacists are obliged
to label every box.
Paula Jackson. Who's Paula Jackson?
The body looks like
it could be an adult female.
Not Martin Piler, then?
Apparently not.
Eight credit cards?
- Eight?!
- Yeah.
Do you not have eight credit cards?
Of course I do.
Along with my six cars and three houses!
When do we think Paula died?
We're never going to be exact
based on an in-situ examination
of the body.
The use-by date on the milk
is the 15th of May last year.
Nearly a year ago.
- Possible.
- Gives us a window.
Old people die in their sleep.
I think I'd like to die in my sleep.
- How old do you think she was?
- I don't know.
I'll use a CT scan.
I can try to estimate age
from a 3D reconstruction
and anthropological measurements.
Going to put a UV light on in the room.
Jackson bloody Pollock!
Hmm. Insects feed on the body
and spread
minute fluid samples all over the room.
Insect staining.
It's a natural decomposition process.
Never seen it like this before.
It's indicative of how
long she's been here.
Maybe she didn't die in her sleep.
Are you residents on this estate?
Well, we live on the top floor.
We heard a noise from the third floor
- Thanks so much.
- Thank you.
TORRES: Do you know who lived here?
Did you have any contact
with your neighbour?
MAN: I never saw her.
You know how it is.
We're busy, working,
looking after our kids.
SECOND MAN: I'm really sorry.
We didn't really know her.
WOMAN: Well, we keep ourselves
to ourselves. We wouldn't want to
pry into anyone else's business.
TORRES: We're investigating
a serious incident.
Did anything unusual happen
on the estate last year?
Last summer
there was a terrible smell
coming from that flat.
We told the housing association about it,
but they wouldn't do a thing.
Another tenant mentioned a smell
about a year ago.
Do you have any memory of that?
THIRD MAN: I remember
about May or June,
we had flies, hundreds of them.
It was disgusting.
I was changing my light
in summer last year,
and a whole load of maggots
came through the ceiling.
I complained to the council,
but no-one came.
SECOND WOMAN: I can't believe it.
There's been a woman in there,
dead, all this time!
I need to ask you about
the person who lived next door.
Have you ever heard of someone called
Paula Jackson?
How about the name Martin Piler?
- Ring any bells?
- No.
When was the last time
you saw your neighbour?
Can you tell me what she
looked like? Was she old?
- Was she young?
- I I wouldn't know.
I wouldn't know what she looked like.
They were always different people.
Did you have any contact
with your neighbour?
Did you ever have
a conversation with her?
FOURTH MAN: Not that I can
remember. I never saw her.
She lived on your floor. You must
have passed on the stairs,
seen her go into her flat.
Anything you can tell us
might be important.
I'm really sorry.
I'll get the DNA
from the blood on the rug
to compare to the body.
I think we'll struggle to get
- a decent sample of DNA from the body.
- Hmm.
If we can get pulp from a molar tooth,
we should be able to get
mitochondrial DNA.
- OK.
- Blood on the rug
why did they bleed out?
Is there an obvious wound?
- Nope.
- No?
- Mummification can disguise the injury.
- Yeah. OK.
- We got a name?
- Paula Jackson.
- And what do we know about her?
- Very little.
I'll get started.
There she is!
First day, work placement.
Are you ready to get started?
I've been waiting.
Who's this?
This is Barbara,
my Access to Work interpreter.
Hi, Barbara.
Great. Shall we get you set up?
Right, let's get to it.
- Hey, Gabriel. Lovely to see you.
- Sarah.
Not lovely in the
traditional sense, but
Anyway, you know what I mean.
In a nontraditional way.
Yeah. Thanks for making that
more awkward than it needed to be!
Can I borrow Nikki to swab some DNA?
Whose DNA?
Paula Jackson was registered
as a missing person
in June of last year, by a Leo Jackson.
So now, she's busting out
the dance moves!
Yeah, you should see my twerking.
Mum, you're so sus!
Get that door.
And if that's Mrs Bauer
complaining about the noise,
tell her to clear up after that cat!
- TORRES: Morning.
- Morning.
- I see you're working hard.
- Always.
Sorry to disturb you.
Detective Inspector Torres.
What do you want?
I'm looking for Leo Jackson.
What for?
Why do you want to talk to him?
We can use your DNA to try
to formally identify your sister.
Can't we see her?
I wouldn't.
She wouldn't look like
the person you remember.
Has she been dead a long time?
How did she die?
- We don't know.
- Drugs.
I'll be able to answer more of
your questions after the postmortem.
- You are Natasha Jackson?
- Yeah.
- Older or younger sister?
- Older.
- How old would your sister be now?
- 37.
I'm just going to swab the
inside of your cheek, OK?
One more.
Thank you. All done.
Any medical information
that you could give us
- would really help.
- She had asthma.
Um, she took some medication for it,
but it never really seemed to bother her.
Didn't stop her from smoking.
When was the last time
you heard from Paula?
About a year ago. A long time now.
- She was always disappearing.
- You weren't worried about her?
We, um, lost touch.
I-I didn't even know
where she was living.
So, there are no NHS dental records
to cross-reference.
The body is in
an advanced state of decomposition.
No obvious external injuries
on the visible surfaces.
Breast implants present.
They seem intact.
I'll take some hair
for some long-term toxicology.
Some scissors? Thank you.
Please can you make sure you label
- the scalp edge?
- Mm-hm.
All right.
Let's see if we can get a tooth.
Our best chance of getting
a decent DNA sample
for the coroner.
Definitive identification.
DNA register?
Or family.
Family is something
very different on paper
to what it is in reality.
We can distance ourselves
from our families,
but we can't
sever the genetic links.
We didn't recover any
mobiles from the flat.
- Can you give me her number?
- I don't have it.
A photo would be helpful.
I don't have one.
I've got one.
On my phone.
We're painting my room,
so I'm studying in here.
What are you studying?
English, history, maths,
and computer science. Four?
I'm not sure what I want to do yet.
- Options?
- Yeah.
I want to do something
I don't know good?
That's what my history teacher
says, Mr Grossal.
Says I'm capable of something
I'm just not sure what that is yet.
That's her, my aunt. Paula.
Can you send it to me?
Of course.
Your mum said
Paula used to disappear a lot.
All the time.
Was that ordinary behaviour from her?
So why did you report it
this time? What was different?
She'd go missing with Mum, maybe
but she always
stayed in touch with me.
We were more like mates.
- But not this time.
- No messages.
No nothing.
Deep down
I knew she was dead.
Why would someone like
you want to be police?
Cos I believe in giving
someone like you a future.
And I have two sons,
and I want them to be
"consequential", too.
Did she take illegal substances?
- Yeah.
- Do you know which ones?
She was a crack whore.
It's what she was.
She probably took all
of them. I don't know.
Her boyfriend, Roy, was a drug dealer.
She'd get clean, go back on,
get clean, go back on
She had a dozen second chances.
Couldn't trust her. My own sister,
and I couldn't trust her.
I blame him.
Where is Roy now?
I don't know. He went to prison
for a while
as a pimp and a drug dealer, so I
don't know what happened to him.
Just scum of the Earth.
Anything else?
Anything that could help us identify her?
Did she have children?
She wasn't capable of being a mother.
LEO: Do we have to
talk about this now?
- TORRES: Of course not.
- Thank you.
Thank you for speaking with us.
In case you think of anything.
And if you need to reach me
Was my aunt murdered?
We haven't established
cause of death yet.
The internal organs
have largely decomposed.
There is residual lung tissue
on the inner aspect
of the chest wall. Histology.
Moving back to the face now
- What's that?
- Cosmetic surgery.
Bilateral and symmetrical.
With viscous filler still present.
I understand the need
for plastic surgery,
but cosmetic surgery, why?
What do they hope to create, what image?
We struggle to see ourselves
for who we are.
Can I take a look at the CT scan,
please, Velvy?
JACK: We could check for DNA
from the swabs taken at the crime scene.
This is the insect staining
I explained to you.
We have to prep these samples.
Yeah, I knew that one.
OK, copy what I do.
There are several areas on the CT scan
of the skull that look equivocal.
It could be fractures,
or could just be imaging artefacts.
Mm, it's not very clear.
I need to strip the tissue from
the bones, without damaging them.
I'll call the coroner.
We're doing an enzyme bath.
I've never seen that before!
They're not done very often.
Silicone doesn't decay.
VELVY: So, gas chromatography.
Mm. In theory,
we should be able to match it
to the source.
The silicone in the prosthetics
are largely manufactured abroad.
There's a chance we can match
the liquid silicone
to the right batch
if we can get another sample
to compare it to.
Nikki take a look at this.
Samples from the remnants of
Paula's lung tissue.
There's silicone in the blood vessels.
And in her system, travelling
around her body when she was alive.
The surgery could have killed her.
I've never seen a case of
silicone embolism before. Have you?
Hmm! In the December
before she died,
Paula took out a loan for £15,000
and three credit cards on the same day,
maxed them out within hours.
She paid three grand
to Nu-Sculpt Medical Aesthetics Clinic.
Three grand to be a new you.
- Yeah.
- Bargain!
She took out five additional credit cards
the following month,
missed all the payments,
got herself blacklisted and
couldn't pass a credit check
for a place to live. I can see
all the credit searches right here.
What happened to the £15,000?
Vanished without a trace.
Found it!
"Cause of death -
silicone embolism."
GABRIEL: First, add
the biological washing powder.
Now, the water.
We change the water frequently,
to replenish
the proteolytic enzymes
present in the washing powder.
The enzyme solution cleans the skeleton
of any soft tissue,
then we examine the bones
in greater detail.
What, er, temperature?
37 degrees.
Now, we wait.
GIRL: One, two, three, four, five
Paula, you've got to hide!
eight, nine, ten.
I'm coming to get you!
YOUNG PAULA: You won't
find me. I'm invisible!
Cosmetic surgery gone wrong.
Why do people put themselves through it?
- It's just not worth the risk.
- Hmm.
- WOMAN: Thank you for coming so early.
- No problem, Mrs Frank.
- See you Thursday.
- Yeah, see you Thursday.
Hi, it's Tasha Jackson.
Er, yeah, I just got a text.
I don't know a Mr Scrubs.
MAN: He's a new client.
Oh! Right, I see.
A two-hour tidy?
- Yes.
- Yeah, OK.
This shows the silicone
in the blood vessels.
Paula had undergone
a recent cosmetic procedure
in which fat harvested
from her body is injected
into the area of the gluteus,
a gluteoplasty.
A Brazilian butt lift.
Some practitioners use silicone illegally
because it's cheaper and quicker.
You can clearly see
the silicone deposits in this area.
It's a particularly dangerous procedure.
It's easy to hit a major artery there,
if you don't know what you're doing.
- Can it be fatal?
- It can, yes.
Four years ago, another
young woman, Kate Black,
died a few weeks after having
this same procedure.
The recorded death was silicone embolism.
The silicone got into her circulation
and travelled around the body,
causing blockages and blood clots,
which are potentially fatal
in the brain and lungs.
Was the clinic investigated?
Yes, but Kate Black had
an undiagnosed heart issue,
so it couldn't be proven
definitively if she died from
the existing heart condition
or from the silicone embolism.
The silicone in Paula's body
has an identical chemical profile.
And now, Paula's dead as well.
LDN Diamond Cleaning.
Mr Scrubs?
You can call me Wormwood.
Are you pleased to see me?
Leave me alone, Roy.
Don't talk to me.
She owes me money.
- Piss off!
- You're going to pay me.
You're going to pay, one way or another.
I want to see him.
I have a right.
You ever think about a little, er?
My husband seems to like me how I am,
- so who am I to blow against the wind?
- Aw! That's nice.
You could probably do with some work
around the eyes, though.
Maybe some filler, plump up
those thin lips of yours.
Or you should just let
nature take its course.
- Probably best go with nature.
- Yeah, I think so.
Meryam Parlak?
I'm Detective Inspector Torres.
This is Jack Hodgson.
I'm so sorry to have kept you.
We wanted to ask you about
a patient of yours, Paula Jackson.
I'm afraid I can't speak
about specific patients.
Confidentiality. You understand.
It would have been over a year ago now.
We believe you may have performed
buttock enhancement surgery on her.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
How about Kate Black?
Do you remember her?
- Nothing was proven.
- So I hear.
Must have been a very difficult
time for you, professionally.
Not something you'd be keen
to experience again.
Now I know where you live.
Sorry. Forgot my keys.
A-star in maths today.
I got so much love for that
from Mr Ambler.
Are you OK?
Bad day at work.
Are you a doctor, Ms Parlak?
- In Turkey, yes.
- Not here?
Here, I'm a medical technician.
I'm able to perform
some cosmetic procedures.
Do you do Brazilian butt lifts?
We don't call it that, but, yes,
we can do gluteoplasty here.
Are you interested?
Paula Jackson was found
deceased a few days ago.
What's that got to do with Nu-Sculpt?
We need a sample of the silicone you use
- for your butt lift procedure.
- Gluteoplasty.
We don't use silicone for that procedure.
- But you do use silicone?
- It's pretty standard in cosmetic work.
Yeah. Could we have
a sample, please?
Then we can eliminate you from
our inquiries.
- What inquiries?
- Into Paula Jackson's death.
I could get a warrant, if you prefer.
Your call.
All my clients sign a consent form.
They are aware of the risks.
Thank you.
- What's this, Spanish?
- It's not illegal.
Glad to hear it. I'll be in touch.
How about you?
Paula Jackson was convicted
and sent to prison for drug offences.
Her DNA will be on the register.
Blood results from the rug are back.
Is it a match?
- We need to speak to Torres.
- OK. I'll be right there.
Body's ready.
DNA from the blood in the rug's
a familial match
to Natasha Jackson.
It's Paula Jackson's blood.
A high-impact fracture.
- Accidental?
- Unlikely.
There's a depression wound,
just here.
That's the likely cause of death:
Blunt-force trauma, leading to
a subdural haematoma and death.
Now it's a murder investigation.
- Hey, Kevin.
- Hi, Leo.
My superhero! You all right?
Yeah, all right. Are you?
Yeah. I'm fine.
If you need anything,
you know, I'm here to help.
- You know, with anything.
- I'm good.
- Thanks, Kev.
- I'm here, you know?
I know. Thanks, Kev.
- Be careful, OK?
- Back at ya.
- Hey!
- Hey.
You got a regular game you running?
I'm looking for one.
Nah. Guys just show up
at the park and join in.
Who's whitey?
He's my aunt's friend.
He likes to think he's looking after me.
- White saviour?
- Yeah, whatever.
He's always been real with me, though.
Anyway, I've got to go.
All right, Leo.
How do you know my name?
I've documented and processed
all the insect staining
from the bedroom at the crime scene.
Appears to be normal.
Depositing matter from
the decomposing body clustered in
any area of warmth and light.
We're running DNA from the swabs,
in case the tooth yields no results.
There must have been hundreds
of insects. No-one noticed?
Toxicology confirms that
Paula Jackson was taking
corticosteroids in the months
before her death.
- It was in her hair.
- She had asthma.
It could have been for her asthma.
Seems a severe course of action.
I agree. And her sister said
that it was being controlled
successfully with normal medication.
If she was living with the results
of silicone in her lungs,
she may well have been
started on corticosteroids.
She would have had
all sorts of health problems.
There is an old fracture in the left leg.
Pins. An internal fixation
screwed into the femur.
Road accident?
No road traffic accidents
on Paula's NHS records.
No internal fixations at all.
- Happened abroad?
- Mm. Possible, I guess.
The depressed skull fracture.
The break is 1.6 centimetres long.
Would she have bled out from that?
- Perhaps.
- No.
Crime scene doesn't fit. Blood
was on the floor, not on the bed.
- No blood in her hair.
- How big were her feet?
Around a five, I would say, possibly six.
Mm-hm. I lifted a partial
footprint from this scene,
indicative of a size nine.
They'd stepped in wet blood.
Someone else was there
the night Paula died.
So Paula was attacked
and then her body was moved?
Who moved it? Her assailant,
who was wearing a size-nine boot?
Speculation, but it fits the evidence.
Have you got a minute?
I'll be with you in a second.
We're almost done.
- Er, I think you need to see this.
- I'll take a look in a moment.
DNA results from the tooth we extracted.
Our body isn't Paula Jackson.
Kevin is still out there,
hanging. Is he OK?
We know him and everything,
but with people, he scares them.
Mum, everything's going to be fine.
Don't worry.
Leo, that that man
you were talking to
The guy who stopped me?
What did he say?
He was just talking shit.
I mean, he wanted to play
basketball or something.
Seemed like he knew me.
I mean, he knew my name.
Stay away from him.
Why? Who is he?
He's a devil.
He's evil.
He got your auntie hooked.
Stole her money. Destroyed her.
Stay away from him.
If he offers you anything,
- don't take it. Don't speak to him.
- OK, I I get it.
I won't let him come for you.
He's the past. You're the future.
If he tries to harm you, I will kill him!
DNA matches a young woman
with a criminal record
for petty crimes,
financial crimes, fraud.
Spent a year in prison.
She's called Casey Lennox.
So, where's Paula?
Is she still alive?
It would be extremely hard to
survive the arterial bleed she had.
VELVY: I checked with
all the local A&E departments,
urgent-care centres.
No injury of this kind was reported
for anyone matching
Paula's description during
our possible time period.
Was Casey Lennox murdered?
Were Paula and Casey known to each other?
Yeah, what's the connection?
JACK: We don't know. But we do know
there were three people
in the flat that night -
the woman in the bed, Paula,
and whoever took Paula's body away.
- Where are you going, Torres?
- To work.
You coming?
- Hi!
- Hi.
Didn't think I'd be back, did you?
- I didn't know what to think.
- Do you do before-and-after photos
- for all your patients?
- Of course.
Can I look at before-and-after
photos of Paula Jackson?
I know - confidentiality, GDPR,
all that bollocks.
It'd be a lot easier than asking a court.
And it would show goodwill,
which would be smart for you
at this particular moment.
I could be shut down.
Oh, I think you're going
to be shut down anyway.
It's whether you go to prison.
See? Told you she liked you.
I'm guessing Casey Lennox. You?
Eight credit cards, 15,000 quid and
a butt lift? I'm guessing she stole
Paula Jackson's identity
and her money. Yep.
Casey's medical records say
that she had a car accident
- about seven years ago.
- Oh, the pinned fracture?
She struggled with body dysmorphia,
mental illness, she'd
been in chronic pain,
lung problems,
all caused by the silicone.
According to this, Casey's GP
wrote a letter for her last April.
She was gathering evidence
to take her surgeon to court.
Martin Piler. How did you find him?
His car's registered here.
And he has Universal Credit
housing allowance
for 32 properties
from all over the country,
paid to a bank account with this address.
Count the laws that have been broken!
The flat where we found
Casey Lennox's body isn't on that list.
- How was he paid?
- We'll find out.
Martin Piler's about to discover
- a whole new world of pain.
- Let's see if he has size-nine boots.
- Can I help?
- Martin Piler?
I'm Detective Inspector Torres.
There's been a death
in one of your flats.
Paula Jackson?
I don't know a Paula Jackson.
Casey Lennox?
I don't remember meeting her, but
Yeah, yeah, that name, yeah.
York Road. Yeah.
She's dead.
This is a murder inquiry.
- When?
- About a year ago.
Just found her body.
No-one checked on her.
Her body just laid there.
Well, I didn't hear from her,
but that's not unusual.
Just out of interest
why didn't you check up on her when
she stopped paying the rent?
Well, she didn't stop paying her rent.
- Direct debit?
- No, cash.
- Envelope through the letterbox.
- Cash?
Useful for tax.
WOMAN: Martin Piler? We're here
from DWP fraud investigation.
Torres, how many bedside tables
have you got?
Like most couples, we have two.
- How many lamps?
- We are a symmetrical household.
- Does that mean two?
- Yes.
- Can you just say, "two"?
- Thought we were having fun.
You think the missing lamp
is the murder weapon?
I think the missing lamp is missing,
and that begs a question.
- Who cleaned up?
- Yeah.
Size-nine boots.
Sorry, sir, you can't be in here.
Tell me - why did you feel
the need to chase him?
I see God gave you muscles, but no speed.
I'm wearing a paper suit.
- Everybody's got an excuse!
- Yeah.
TORRES: You think the missing lamp
is the murder weapon?
JACK: DNA from the blood in the rug
is a familial match to Natasha Jackson.
It's Paula Jackson's blood.
NIKKI: It would be
extremely hard to survive
the arterial bleed she had.
JACK: There were three people
in the flat that night.
NIKKI: It's the likely
cause of death:
blunt-force trauma, leading to
a subdural haematoma
..and death.
I think the base of the missing lamp
could be the murder weapon.
I called them.
You need to talk to them.
NATASHA: I hadn't seen him
for years.
This happens to Paula
and then, suddenly, he arrives.
He said she owes him money.
I did this to her.
I forced her back to him.
She said she wanted to meet up,
and I thought she'd changed,
but she hadn't.
She was desperate for money.
PAULA: It's not my fault.
How much do you owe?
Get out, Paula! Get out!
I'm begging you.
I'm begging
It must have been for drugs.
She said she owed people
and it wasn't her fault.
Same as always.
She wanted to get a flat.
She asked me for help,
but I'd done enough.
I'd done enough!
We think she was a victim of
identity theft, or coercion.
The body we found isn't Paula.
Where is she?
We don't know.
JACK: Even a partial footprint
can tell us a lot.
Look, with the AI, we can get a
clear image of the footprint.
Took this at the crime scene.
Might shed light on the third person.
Codes the footwear mark,
based on features,
and searches the National
Footwear Reference Database.
And that is what it looks like.
All right, Leo?
Get away from here!
I need to talk to you.
Piss off!
Cara! Ride home?
Oh, yes, please.
Torres. Long time no speak.
Jack, I need you and Nikki
to get to Bridge Hall Estate
as soon as possible.
I'll meet you there.
Bridge Hall Estate.
That's where Natasha Jackson lives.
Why is it whenever you see
an ambulance, a crowd gathers?
Curiosity. It's human nature.
Let's hope someone saw what happened.
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