Silent Witness (1996) s27e06 Episode Script

Invisible Part Two

- How long do you think?
- Six month, a year.
- Maybe longer.
- Nobody missed them.
Nobody missed them enough.
Is there an obvious wound?
- Mummification can disguise the injury.
- Have we got a name?
Paula Jackson was registered as
a missing person by a Leo Jackson.
Was my aunt murdered?
We haven't
established cause of death yet.
Has she been dead a long time?
Her boyfriend, Roy,
was a drug dealer. I blame him.
That's the likely cause of death:
Blunt-force trauma leading
to a subdural haematoma.
Now it's a murder investigation.
I lifted a partial boot print
from the scene
indicative of a size nine.
They'd stepped in wet blood.
So Paula was attacked
and then her body was moved?
I think you need to see this.
Our body isn't Paula Jackson.
- Where is she?
- We don't know.
- Hey, Kevin. My superhero!
- I'm here, you know.
- Hey! Who's whitey?
- Kevin. He's my aunt's friend.
All right, Leo.
How do you know my name?
DNA matches a young woman
with a criminal record
for financial crimes.
She's called Casey Lennox.
I'm guessing she stole Paula
Jackson's identity and her money.
Took out a loan for £15,000
and three credit cards.
Martin Piler? There's been a death
in one of your flats.
No-one checked on her.
Her body just laid there.
She didn't stop paying her rent.
Now I know where you live.
He's the past.
You're the future.
If he tries to harm you,
I'll kill him!
- I need to talk to you.
- Piss off!
Testator silens
Costestes e spiritu
Silencium. ♪
- Thank you!
- You're welcome!
Have you guys heard about the dead body?
Is it weird that
I kind of want to see it?
- I despair for humanity.
- No, you don't, Torres.
Er, I do. And please don't tell me
what I despair about.
Humanity? All of it?
I'd say you're spreading
your despair a bit thin there.
I despair for this broken dead man.
And I despair for all these people
looking at him
that have no concept of how much pain
this little carnival might represent.
You narrowed it down well there.
- Do we know who he is?
- We have a name.
Roy Lock.
No fixed address.
He has convictions for class A
drugs, possession and trafficking,
fraud, GBH, theft by menace.
He's 41 years old and has spent
nine of them in prison.
I can't tell you if he's done
a single positive thing
with his time on this earth,
but even he didn't deserve this circus.
I'll ask them to get the tent up.
Thanks, Ali. I'm done.
- Roy Lock?
- Yeah.
Paula Jackson's ex-boyfriend?
What do you think, Doc?
Is there such a thing as coincidence,
or is it all design?
- Yo're not really asking.
- No.
JACK: Did he fall
or was he pushed?
- Have you checked his pockets?
- Yeah.
Were there car keys?
Divide into teams of two,
go door to door.
We need to speak to anyone
who saw anything or heard anything,
- however trivial they might think it is.
- BOTH: Yes, boss.
- Car keys.
- Thank you!
Let's go in, Mum.
Excuse me?
Can I have a word?
Sorry. Didn't see nothing.
Can't help.
Jack, I've found the car.
I was walking to the flat,
and I saw Roy.
He was standing there like
Like he was waiting for me.
Then he started talking to me.
- What did he say?
- He was just talking shit.
What shit? What shit did he talk?
He's the one that scares you.
He's not going to scare you any more.
Mum, he was never going to hurt you.
It's never going to happen.
Did you and him
What did he say to you?
Nothing. It's just nonsense.
And what would he do
if he got a flat tyre?
How much pain and suffering
do you think that represents?
Are you feeling OK?
Yeah. Erm
Just can't seem to warm up.
I'll be fine.
Are you ready?
Yes, ready.
Solved it?
Knocked on every door.
No-one will talk to the police.
Didn't expect they would.
No-one round here trusts the police.
No-one wants to be involved.
- No-one wats to be called a snitch.
- Funny, that.
Don't look now, but our friend's back.
- The guy you couldn't catch?
- Steady.
- You think he's stalking us?
- I think it might just be you.
Why is he here?
He heard the ice cream van?
- Seriously?
- I think we should find out.
- Are you going to make me run?
- That what you call it?
- How far away is he?
- About 100 feet.
- Just past the police car.
- On three?
- OK.
- Do you want to count, or should I?
- Are we actually talking about this?
- I'm trying to be nice!
You count.
You like feeling in charge.
One two
- What?
- Are you winding me up?
- He was there!
- Of course he was.
He was!
Couldn't wait for three.
When the body was found, his head
was facing towards the building
and his legs were facing away.
Tell me what you can see.
Start with the head.
Crushed on impact.
There's a lot of blood
in the hair at the back of the head.
A skull fracture.
And, er
And the neck is broken.
All consistent with the fall, I'd say.
Can you tell me anything about
what took place before the fall?
Well, there's a lot of impact injuries,
a protruding humerus.
Before the fall.
There are no obvious defence wounds.
What's that?
I'm not sure.
A grey, flaky substance.
Some records for Paula's mobile.
I'd like you to break them
into three categories for me -
one, frequency called,
two, last calls received,
three, last calls made.
Got it.
Thank you.
As well as the cervical spine fracture,
there's a comminuted fracture
of the occipital bone.
All the injuries are consistent
with him landing on his back.
How we found him.
So is it accidental or intentional?
- Can we tell?
- Erm
No, we can't.
- Do we need more information?
- Yes, we do.
- What?
- Toxicology.
Toxicology reports will tell us
if there were any drugs
or alcohol in his system.
Mental health?
Hard to opine, unless there are
obvious indicators of self-harm.
But the, er, coroner would consider
mental health history.
Yes, and narrative reports
from doctors, family,
friends and colleagues.
Look at this.
Some kind of linear bruising
is appearing.
It's a fresh bruise,
no colour change from pigment breakdown.
Did he land on something?
Nothing linear near the body.
There's a handrail.
JACK: Had to be the third floor,
didn't it?
Too many steps for the cage fighter?
That's funny.
You going to check for fingerprints?
You telling me how to do this?
Just thought you'd want to be
as thorough as you always are.
And do you think looking
for fingerprints on a handrail
- might be a fool's errand?
- Why?
Handrails tend to attract hands,
and hands have fingers. There'll be
lots and lots of fingerprints.
We can collect fingerprints and DNA
from all the residents
and work through the rest.
- And if there are hundreds?
- You're here.
Shouldn't you just do it?
What are you thinking?
If he climbed on the rail, he might
have left a partial shoe print.
- Did he?
- Not that I've found so far.
Might he just climbed over and jumped?
- Height of the rail?
- Excuse me.
- 1,250.
- Same height.
If Roy was pushed hard,
slammed against it,
it could have caused
that linear pattern of bruising.
There might be DNA from
his assailant on his clothing.
How good am I?
I'm not worthy.
This button was on the walkway
above where Roy's body was found.
- Are you looking for fingerprints?
- Looking for trace DNA.
Skin cells get left when someone
makes contact with a surface.
We can get a DNA profile
from a tiny amount of material.
You might want to check
the underside of the collar -
it's a relatively untouched area
unless in a struggle.
Good shout.
This highlights the blood on the jacket.
Superficial mark.
It's not blood.
- Transfer from the perpetrator?
- Possibly.
You OK?
Yeah. Erm, I I just
No. I'm good.
Yes. I'm fine.
The deceased, Roy Lock,
had a historic relationship
with Paula Jackson,
and he fell from the walkway
outside of Natasha Jackson's flat,
- the sister of the dead woman.
- That's a flashing red light.
For now, we should presume
the three deaths -
Jackson, Casey Lennox
and Roy Lock - are connected
unless proven otherwise.
There was some sort of struggle
on the walkway -
linear bruising on Roy Lock's back,
torn clothing.
It still could have been accidental.
It could have been. Does accidental
pass the smell test, though?
Tried to lift DNA from Roy's clothing.
We've got Natasha's DNA on record.
We need to collect it from everyone
on that level.
- Did we find Roy's phone?
- Not on his body.
Can we search his car again?
Do we know how Casey Lennox
and Paula Jackson knew each other?
Yeah. They were both
in Bronzefield prison together.
- Guess what Casey was in for?
- Identity theft?
In one.
She's had a long record,
including drug possession
and prostitution.
We're sure Paula's dead?
The amount of blood loss suggests she is.
I've put a call-out for unidentified
bodies in case there's a match.
We're sure Casey's dead?
That's not in doubt.
So who put the cash through
her landlord's door every month?
She'd been dead for a year.
- Hello, Mr Piler.
- Good to see you again.
Yeah. What do you want now?
We were wondering what day the rent
was due at the York Road flat
Casey Lennox and Paula Jackson lived in.
Erm, third of the month.
- Is that it?
- Video doorbell.
We'd like to have the video files
for the last six months.
I wouldn't know how to do that.
Don't worry, I would.
I can show you, if you want.
I hate these video doorbells.
They make every delivery driver
look like
..Jack the Ripper.
Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.
Third of the month.
- It's not?
- It is!
Can you grab me a screenshot?
We're collecting DNA from
all the residents of the building.
So we can eliminate them
from our enquiries.
You have my DNA already.
I do, yes, so I just need to take Leo's.
With your permission.
- Why?
- Well, I've explained.
Well, I don't think that's a good idea.
Does it stay on, erm,
some sort of database?
No. It's voluntary,
so for elimination purposes only.
Is that a bad thing?
Well, they keep it on some sort of computer
so that the Government can track you.
No-one uses DNA to track people.
So why do they keep it on record, then?
Natasha, the police know there's history
between Paula and Roy and you.
- You have my DNA!
- It's simply for elimination purposes.
No-one trusts the police.
I didn't do anything wrong.
He hasn't done anything wrong,
so why does he have to give his DNA?
He doesn't have to now.
But later, if questioned
under caution, he may have to.
A young black boy like my Leo,
you know how they look at him.
He's guilty for just breathing.
Now, I can't be sure they won't just
use his DNA and use it to hurt him.
Who are "they"?
I didn't do anything wrong.
It'll be OK.
Let's do this.
VELVY: Gabriel?
Sorry, erm, have you got a moment?
What can I do for you?
I just wanted to ask
It's a bit difficult, really.
- What is it?
- How
can I apply for an advance
of my wages?
It's just that
..I have a cash flow problem.
Velvy, whilst I sympathise,
this isn't something
that I can help you with.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
Asking for an advance
is, er, rarely a good idea.
Next month, you'll be short,
the month after that, even shorter.
It's best to keep things
simple. Perhaps you could ask
a friend or a relative
- for a small loan.
- Yes.
You're right. I'll do that.
Thank you.
JACK: Paula's phone records!
- Yep.
- Good work.
Thank you.
A phone without the phone.
Pull records from the provider?
- Torres.
- ON PHONE: Boss. Heard back.
What did the coroner say?
I'm emailing over the details now.
OK, thanks.
Coroner's called. We've located an
unidentified body found last year.
It's a possible match for Paula Jackson.
Can they send a DNA report?
They say they took DNA at the time,
- but there's a problem with the sample.
- Of course there is.
The body's been in a freezer
for the past year.
A year?
They're sending her here tomorrow.
Anonymous and invisible.
No-one deserves that.
Paula Jackson's phone records
from May last year.
She either called or received a call
from one particular number 27 times.
- Who from?
- I don't know.
I've also got a number she called
three times
the last night she used her phone.
Could be relevant.
We'll reverse-search the numbers,
see if we can get some names.
This is a SIM card we found
in Roy Lock's car.
Check the number, see if Paula called it.
Will do.
A sample of the substance Roy had
under his fingernails.
- Sample from the handrail?
- Yeah.
A match?
Visual match, yeah.
I'll run chemical analysis to confirm.
I think he tried to grab the rail
to save himself from falling.
I created this from logging
the points of impact on Roy's body.
It shows the trajectory of the fall
and how far he was from the building.
He went backwards, but he didn't
fall like a dead weight.
He landed away from the balcony,
so he must have gone over
with some force.
He had this linear mark on his back.
Could be he was pushed into
and then over the rail.
He was murdered.
That's what we think.
Come on.
Do you think it's Paula?
There are superficial similarities -
female, mixed race, single incised wound.
- Found on Southend beach.
- Apparently.
This is the registered address
for the last number Paula called.
Kevin Barker.
She called him three times
in quick succession.
Fan club?
I need all the help I can get!
- I think I've found something important.
- Mm-hm?
Over the past three months,
Paula's phone records show
..she called Roy Lock.
Paula's calls were often
frequently followed
by return calls from an unknown number.
- Lock calling back.
- Could be.
Roy Lock was a drug dealer
and a pimp, yeah?
Chances are Paula was either using
or working or both.
- Kevin Barker?
- Let's go.
Really good work, Cara.
Come in.
Are you Kevin Barker?
Do you think I'm Kevin Barker?
Good. I do, too.
We have something in common.
It's hard to find things in common
with people,
so it's good to try.
It helps to break the ice.
Sit down.
I'm in the middle of preparing
me mum's medicine.
It's almost time for her medicine.
She has to have it on time,
every day, at the same time.
On time.
Can we ask you questions
while you prepare the medicine?
I can answer now.
I'm just stirring.
Do you know Paula Jackson?
Yes. She was my friend.
I like her a lot.
She was my special friend.
Why was she special?
Because she liked me, too.
That's why.
I bet you have special friends
you do special things with.
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
- I do, too.
So you know what I mean.
Do you know what I mean?
You see? That's good.
Another thing we have in common.
I think we've broke the ice now.
- Do you?
- I think so, too.
I have to take Mum's medicine.
I'll be right back.
Make yourselves at home.
OK. What do we do with this?
We'll ask some questions,
you get a shoe size, we go.
- How are we going to get DNA?
- That's your job.
I need to sit with me mum.
Can we just ask you
a couple of questions?
The last call your friend
Paula Jackson made was to you
- on the 18th of May last year.
- OK.
- Why did she call you?
- I don't remember.
- Why not?
- I don't know why not.
Do you remember who called you
on the 18th of May last year?
Me? No.
More things in common.
Do you work, Kevin?
I fix things, look after Mum.
What kind of things do you fix?
I can fix cars.
If you've got a dent or if you've
got a scratch, I can fix that.
We saw you at Paula's flat.
Why were you there?
Because she is my friend.
Why did you run away?
I was scared.
You're not scared now, though, are you?
No. I'm home.
Do you know someone called Martin Piler?
Yes. I have to pay money to him
every month, the 3rd.
Doesn't matter what day.
Always the 3rd.
Sometimes the 3rd is on a Friday,
sometimes it's on a Tuesday.
It changes.
- Why?
- I don't know why exactly,
but I think some months are longer
than other months.
But I don't know why that is.
Why do you pay him?
Paula asked me to cos she didn't
have time to do it herself.
I said I'd help her
cos she's my special friend.
Where is Paula?
I don't know.
Do you know?
- MUM: Kevin?
- Mum needs me.
Oh, hey, I like your boots.
Thank you. They are just boots.
Do you know what size those are?
- We need to go, Jack.
- Hmm?
We need to go now.
- We've got to go, Kevin.
- OK.
I hope you come back again sometime.
We will.
Good. I would like that.
Why did Paula like you?
I'm a superhero guy.
What happened there?
I don't know who or what
I'm dealing with.
I want to make sure his answers
to my questions
will be admissible in court.
- Torres?
- ON PHONE: Nikki.
The DNA results for Leo came back.
We found something.
I know what you found.
- Leo isn't your biological son.
- He's my son.
He shares less than 50% of the
biological components of your DNA.
Well, he's my son.
A mother is someone who looks
after you and inspires you,
takes care of you, puts you on a path.
Giving birth is just one step
on a long road,
a long, winding road.
Is Paula Leo's biological mother?
Why, er?
Why was she allowed?
I couldn't have kids of my own.
I couldn't let her hurt him.
She would have hurt him.
She was weak.
She was lost.
He was the most beautiful baby.
PAULA: Get out!
Get out
I took Leo.
Paula said she didn't care.
For years, she didn't,
but as time went on, that changed.
She loved him.
I could see she loved him.
Does Leo know?
No. I did all the hard work -
the first day at school,
the teenage angst, the homework.
Paula got to play the fun auntie,
just swanned in whenever she felt like it
and made me out to be the bad guy.
But I, at the very least,
earned the right to be called Mum.
How did Paula feel about that?
I loved my sister, but
she was selfish.
The relationship only went
one way and then
when she finally did turn up, I thought
she was going to tell him. I
I thought I was going to lose Leo.
But, no, you know what she wanted?
I need money.
I didn't have it to give her.
She said she needed £15,000.
How could she get into so much debt?
You have to go, Paula.
He will kill me.
Don't let him kill me.
Save me.
TORRES: Who did she think would kill
Her ex. Roy Lock.
But you couldn't believe
anything she said. She wanted pity.
She made threats.
I gave you my baby.
You have to go, Paula.
I'm going to tell Leo.
I'm going to tell him,
and I'm going to take him from you.
Get out!
She was weak.
Life made her weak.
Roy made her ugly.
Addiction made her selfish.
She just took from people.
She used people. She used me.
Does Leo know who his father is?
I don't know who he is,
so how would he know?
Roy Lock is Leo's father.
I thought it was him.
I just wished it wasn't.
You'd do anything for your son,
wouldn't you?
Was Roy coming to see his son?
Did you kill him?
Maybe you didn't mean to.
Maybe it was an accident.
Maybe you pushed him.
Did you kill your sister?
No, I didn't kill her!
I loved her.
I just I didn't save her.
Can we believe anything you've said?
Do you really think
she could have murdered Roy?
I don't know.
I think she's capable of it.
Every mother is.
Have you seen Velvy? We need to get
on with the Jane Doe postmortem.
Have you seen Velvy?
Jane Doe is an adult female.
About the right age.
Thank you.
Height is consistent with what we've
been told Paula's height was.
She has a nulliparous cervix
and no Pfannenstiel scar.
Whoever this is, she never gave birth.
This isn't Paula Jackson.
I'll inform Torres.
What are you doing here?
Yeah. Fine.
No. Don't.
I'm fine.
I have blankets. See?
I have
homes to maintain
a family to provide for.
There's no more money.
Couldn't we help him
with bare essentials?
Food and warmth?
You think we should get involved in
his private life?
- I don't know, Nikki.
- Will he accept our help?
- What about a council flat?
- Single man? He'll never get one.
Well, can we organise university
The accommodation is for students.
Well, you don't think we should try
to help?
He must have family.
JACK: Superficial mark
on Roy's jacket. Found more.
I can see fibreglass.
I think it's a fibreglass-based
auto body filler.
"I can fix cars. If you have
a dent or a scratch
I can fix that."
The underlining metal from the rust
and the composite paint mixture
on Roy's jacket
hasn't been used
in car manufacturing in years.
We looked at Kevin's bank account.
He stopped claiming Carer's Allowance
towards the end of last year.
What are the reasons Carer's
Allowance is normally stopped?
If you're not caring
for someone any more?
Three reasons:
They get better, they move into
a care home, they die.
He's definitely caring for someone.
Said he gave them medication
while we waited.
He's buying medicine privately.
What kind of medicine?
A drug called Trialozon.
It's a leukotriene
biosynthesis inhibitor.
Used to treat asthma.
Paula's asthmatic.
Are you suggesting she survived?
Do we have a body?
No man should walk out
on his wife and children.
You cannot call yourself a father.
You are an embarrassment.
You are a sheigetz.
Step aside, Kevin.
We have a magistrate's warrant
to search your premises.
No, don't. She's sleeping!
- Don't go in there!
- Hey, stop!
You can't be in here.
It's OK, Mum.
Don't worry. It's OK.
Nothing's going to hurt you.
They're going now.
Mum It's OK, Mum. It's OK.
It's OK.
Well, that went well.
Glad I listened to you.
- Oh, it was plausible.
- It was not plausible!
It was desperate.
I looked desperate.
It's not a good look.
He's a size nine shoes.
You upset Mum.
Did you think I was hurting her?
You're buying Trialozon.
Is that how you say it?
I call it Triathlon.
The doctor said it would be good for Mum,
but it's too expensive for the NHS,
so he said I had to buy it.
So I did. I bought it at
the chemist.
You stopped your Carer's Allowance?
- Yes.
- Why?
The person at the chemist helped me.
She was nice.
I liked her. I think she liked me.
She said we'd be better off
if I took off her benefits
because I work.
I fix things.
If you have a dent or a scratch
on your car, I can fix it.
Where did you learn to fix cars?
Dad showed me.
You scared Mum.
I need to sit with her.
I need to look after her.
I look after people.
I'm a superhero guy.
That's what people call me.
We're sorry.
Sorry, Kevin.
Three million people in England
have size nine shoes.
Let's just arrest them all!
We're going to need more than that!
His dad showed him how to fix cars.
Your point?
- Jack?
- Yeah.
You were right. I found it.
His father had a body shop.
Barker Bodyshop & Automotive.
It's in an industrial estate
and I've got the address.
Can I help you?
Hi, Kevin.
Do you, er, remember me?
Is this your father's garage?
He's dead.
You work here?
I've got a scratch on my car.
You said you could fix it.
Yes, I can.
Show me the scratch.
Yeah, I can fix that.
Reverse her in.
Come on, come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on!
Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't.
Watch it.
Watch it.
Don't do it.
You all right, Kevin?
You all right?
Paula Jackson?
Kevin didn't do nothing bad.
He was protecting me.
I look after people.
I'm sorry, Kevin.
Casey and me, we was working for Roy.
Kevin was someone
who I spent time with.
A client.
Casey stole my identity, stole my money.
I had to borrow money from Roy.
I confronted her.
- Casey!
- What?
Why are you doing this to me?!
You're hurting me!
Give it back!
Stop it!
I trusted you!
You're acting crazy!
She tried to kill me.
He saved my life.
He's the only one who protected me.
Roy said he would kill me.
He would've. He would've killed me.
I didn't want him to know where I was.
Kevin protected me.
He's my superhero guy.
You're angry
because I didn't fix your car?
No, no, I'm not angry with you.
Did you kill Roy?
I pushed him. He fell.
He was a bad man.
He hurt Paula. He laughed at me.
He said he could fly.
ROY: You're a superhero
..and I can fly.
He couldn't fly.
TORRES: Paula wouldn't be alive
without him.
JACK: In his own way,
he was a superhero.
Mum? You open it.
I'm so proud of you, Leo!
Me and your mum, we both are.
I'm looking for the mother
of Casey Lennox.
Yes. That's me.
Our postmortem samples of DNA
yielded a match
with the unidentified female.
We gave her her name back.
What Rivka said
she was right.
I have to live with it.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I collect strays.
There's a spare room.
Stay for a bit till you get yourself
sorted. All right?
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Testator silens
Costestes e spiritu
Silencium. ♪
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