Single Drunk Female (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

I'm Sorry, But...

Oh, my God, they're doing karaoke here now.
We are so coming back to sing our asses off.
Yeah, for sure.
For sure.
Long Island Iced Tea.
Hey Ronnie, can I get another club soda? Is it always this sticky? Yeah, it's a bar.
You want to close out your check while you're at it? Yeah, sure.
Got it.
Here you go.
Four dollars a pop? For this? Yeah.
Sober doesn't mean free, all right? I'm running a business.
For you.
You charge for these, or Those are, uh, for the drinks.
I didn't get any in mine.
What? You too good for Sally's wings now or something? No, they just, um they don't taste like they used to, I guess.
I'm so glad you're back.
- It's like the old days again.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you know, I'm actually, I'm-I'm supposed to get my 30-day chip soon, so Really? Oh, my God.
You're such a star student.
Well, we'll see.
Hey, thought you were gonna share today? - Oh, I'm too hungover.
- Excuse me? No, not hungover, hungover.
Just emotionally hungover.
Went out with my friend last night and spent $40 on club sodas.
- Did you know about this? - Yes, but why were you there? I don't know, it's just, like, our spot.
It's where we always go.
Well, a bar is an endurance test.
You are so close to 30 days.
Maybe find joy in things that aren't triggering.
Like what? What do you do? On Mondays, I go to the movies.
- Tuesdays, it's, uh, Jog Club.
- Ugh.
Wednesdays, I have sex with my wife.
Thursdays, uh well, this Thursday we have an IVF appointment.
And, uh, Friday, I'm going to meet with my sponsor and she will talk me down off the ledge about that IVF appointment, and on the weekend I hang out with Vinny and the boys.
They're this incredible group of lesbians.
I've known them forever.
Anyway, what do you like to do? Sober? I don't know.
Hang out with friends that don't hate me.
You're you're still early.
You'll get to amends.
Most of my friends forgave me.
- And the ones that didn't - Well, their loss, right? God, no.
And, uh, these amends they're just like - a big apology, right? - No.
Uh, an apology is words.
An amends is action.
"I'm-I'm sorry" is like jumping over a puddle.
An amends is rebuilding a bridge you blew up.
I should probably give an amends to Brit.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's way too early for amends.
You cannot do that until you've changed.
Yeah, but I have changed.
I have.
I make my bed, I floss, - I do all the stuff.
- Sam, listen, the steps are in order for a reason.
Let's just stay away from people and places that we find triggering right now.
Got it.
No triggers.
Very good.
All right.
- Have fun with Vinny and the boys.
- No triggers.
Sam, don't eat that.
Those are for the book club.
I spend a lot of money on the snacks and they get judgy when they don't have fancy cheese.
Well, you know, I could get you a discount at Giovanni's.
Ah, that'd be great.
Uh, those are the those are the exact same pillows.
- You know that, right? - Look.
It's my first time hosting since your return.
I would like some normalcy.
And, like I said - judgy.
- Yeah, you seem super normal.
Samantha Hmm? I haven't shared your situation with the group, so here's the plan.
I hope it doesn't come up, but if it does, why don't we say you got moved to digital at Bzzzzzzzzzz so you could work from anywhere and nobody knows what digital means anyway.
Yeah, sure, or you could just tell them the truth 'cause I'm about to get my 30-day chip and it's, like, kind of a big deal, so And, of course, that works, too.
Happy birthday to my fianc-bae! Milkshakes are on me @rollerland! - I want Rollerblades this time.
- No blades.
I got to get you doing the "Savage Love" dance for TikTok.
Skates all the way, baby.
I'm really glad you texted.
- I thought you were dodging me.
- Oh.
Yeah, sorry about that.
But, like, you know, who doesn't love Roller Land, right? - Right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Mom, I'm hungry.
Oh, well, God, we got to fix that ASAP, then, huh? Um, are you cool to watch him? I'm gonna go get a snack, maybe have a little chat with the cute concessions guy, you know? Get my 10,000 hours in.
- Do your thing.
- Have fun, baby! All right.
And we have a birthday here today.
Let's give a happy birthday to Brittany! - Happy birthday! - Happy birthday, girl! - I love you.
- Brittany, let's see your best Cupid Shuffle.
We're dancing, right now.
What's your size, kid? Size four.
In blades, please.
And you, ma'am? Seven, eight, whatever you've got's fine.
Let's go! - We got to put our skates on.
- I-I think - we can just - We're putting our skates on, let's go.
- We don't have to put skates on.
- No, we're Come-come on.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Joel.
What are you doing here? Oh, this is my godson, Zacky.
We're here to skate.
It's Zack, not Zacky.
Yeah, Zack said he wanted to come to Roller Land today and I was like, "You got it, kid.
" So Pretty sure that's not what happened.
It is.
An adult is saying it.
Uh, do you want some extra tokens, buddy? Three.
- So, you good? - Yeah.
I'm actually glad to see you.
You know, after we ran into you at the grocery store - I-I just started feeling bad.
- Why? 'Cause it was awkward.
I mean, it's weird to see somebody you've known your whole life and ask them for deli meat.
Well, try serving someone deli meat you've known your whole life.
It's actually way worse.
Well, this is feeling pretty good right now.
It is.
It's a bit a bit better, yeah.
Less awkward.
- You here by yourself? - Uh, no, I came with Brit.
Oh, Brit's here.
Yeah, it's actually her birthday.
But You already know that.
Okay, no.
I-I can't get involved with the two of you, all right? Please don't - do this on her birthday.
- It's a good thing.
I'm here to make an amends.
Sam with all due respect, uh you have the shittiest timing of anyone I've ever met.
You should go.
Sam? Hey.
What are you doing here? Could you give us a second? Sure.
Um, I will just go play with this random kid that I just met.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, I'm sorry, you look gorgeous.
Did you get my Venmo? Yeah.
Well, I read this so fast.
You know, it really made me examine how trauma is passed between the generations.
Even if you don't know you're causing trauma, you are.
Were you able to discuss this with Samantha? No.
Not yet, no.
Gosh, her schedule's really busy.
Oh, well, what is she doing? She's working at a job.
And on herself.
Uh, any other thoughts? Anyone? On the book? Oh! Excuse me.
I have so many thoughts.
Does Samantha Fink live here? Yes.
Who are you? Her probation officer.
Here for a residence verification.
So, help me understand.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, the state can just show up whenever they please? You people don't think anyone's living a life? Ma'am, I got a lot of houses to get to.
Can I just see a gas bill? Okay.
You can come in.
- I have guests.
- Okay.
That's nice.
I got to pee, got to pee, got to pee Oh, hey.
Hi! - Hey.
- I'm Bob.
I'm Gail.
- Hi, Gail.
- Just waiting for Ms.
Oh, okay, well, we got a book club going if you'd like - to snag a snack while you wait.
- Oh, my God, thank you You Actually, she asked me to wait here, and I have a policy of not snooping around white folks' house without their permission.
I have the same policy.
But Carol would be so upset if I was the only one who ate these snacks.
- Come on in, come on in.
- Oh.
- The cream puffs are to die for.
- Oh, okay.
Wait, now, do you have a Lactaid? 'Cause I'm-a need it.
I can find you one.
- Thank you.
- Everybody, this is Gail.
I'm just for the gas bill, quick and painless.
Well there's a spot right here.
- Come, sit down.
- Welcome.
- Yeah, come.
- Thank you.
- I'm gonna go to the bathr - Can I speak to you - in the kitchen for a minute? - Sure.
I don't know what I'm doing here, but I never turn down a charcuterie.
What are you doing? That's Sam's probation officer.
She's a delight.
She fits right in.
I don't need book club discussing Sam's weird relationship with alcohol.
If you're ever gonna discuss it, this is the place.
These are your friends.
They're my book club.
Okay, then, in that case, why's it matter? I don't know.
I don't know.
I just wanted to have a place where I could sit and talk with smart people about books and take a little vacation from thinking about Samantha all the time.
All right.
I get that.
I get it.
Okay? And you are not alone in this.
All right? We're all far from perfect.
Thank you.
I really got to pee.
- What do you want? - Listen, I'm try I'm just I'm really trying to take this sobriety more seriously this time, and I I owe you an amends.
Uh, okay, yeah, right now.
Here we go.
Uh, right.
So so, you were there, uh, when I couldn't be, when my dad was sick, and I-I really appreciate that.
Yeah, no problem.
I was happy to help.
And, um also, New York.
New York.
I-I'm so sorry that I ghosted you when you came to visit me in New York.
That was so messed-up.
I mean But, to be fair, you were dating my ex and treating me like shit at the time, and Anyway, uh Oh, speaking of that.
I'm really sorry about all those texts that I sent you when I found out about you guys.
It was, like, way too aggressive.
And, you know, women shouldn't go after other women and just leave the guy out of it, but you were my best friend, so that was like, "Is she serious?" Uh anyway, uh, also really sorry about that time I puked on all the coats and the bags at that party - and then blamed it on you, - On me.
- but - But, but, right.
Um, Sam Sorry, I'm just I'm, like, really trying to apologize.
Yeah, but this-this isn't an apology.
Apologies don't have "buts.
" Sam, I just I really needed today.
I have worked 72 hours straight.
I've pulled 38 items out of body crevices.
I am always covered in bodily fluid.
I - Ugh.
That's what you do? - Oh, my God! Sam! You never listen to me.
Okay, sorry.
I'm sorry.
Can we j can we just start over? Why? Why do you care if I forgive you? I don't know.
It feels important.
What the hell? Is Brit bothering you again? - What'd you say to her? - Oh, my God, Felicia, stop with the mafia act.
Wait, where's my kid? Oh, he's with Joel.
I just I needed to talk to her for a second.
- Why? - It's my birthday.
Mm, you would be a Pisces.
Oh, so that's the reason you dragged us here.
- No, uh, that's not the only reason - No, you didn't want to hang out with me and Zack, you just needed a ride because you can't drive a car and you threw up in so many Lyfts that you have a 1.
8 rating.
You made me drive all the way to Roller Land so you could chat with the girl who's marrying your ex.
- I'm done.
Honestly, Sam.
- Felicia.
- Zack.
Zack! - Okay.
I waited 25 minutes in line to get you a corn dog with no condiments, just like you like it, you weirdo.
And he's wearing blades! - What the hell is wrong with you? - W Come on, baby.
No, no, no, Joel made him wear the blades.
- Okay.
- Got it? Felicia, you can't just leave me here.
Oh, like how you left my kid? Come on, Zack, we'll get you some ice cream, okay? You know what? People told me this - and I didn't want to believe it.
- Believe what? That you just see me as your drinking buddy.
Okay, no.
But, I mean, it's a little true, right? 'Cause, like, the only place we ever hung out was Good Time Sally's.
Because it was your suggestion.
Okay? I'm a full-time mom.
And a full-time employee.
I got real-life shit on my mind.
So when you name a place, I got to get a sitter, I got to move a bunch of shit around, but I do that because it's you.
And I appreciate that, okay? Why don't we go inside and talk? - He left his shoes.
- You know, I would just love to just, like, rip my bra off and sit on the couch and watch some mindless TV with you.
That would be so wonderful.
There's, like, seven seasons of Summer House we could binge, but no you don't want to do that because you don't know how to be an actual friend.
Buckle up, Zack.
- Oh, come on.
- Auntie Sammy needs a time-out.
Uh, Felicia I'm sorry, okay? Wha What am I supposed to do now? Oh.
Okay, I'm sorry, I have overstayed my welcome.
I actually wasn't planning on staying this long.
It was nice to meet you, Gail.
How do you know Carol again? Oh, we know each other from work.
Actually, Gail knows Samantha.
Sam was in New York, and she moved into digital, and you know, because you can do that from from anywhere.
- So - What does digital mean? Like, how does that work? Digital.
What does that mean? It's Digital.
It's online, it's computers.
It's just How do you not know that? Samantha broke the law.
She's a felon.
My daughter is a felon.
Gail is her probation officer.
- What? - Are you all happy now? - No.
- Not really.
That felt so good to say out loud.
Oh, yeah, girl.
The truth'll set you free.
C-Can you share with us what-what's coming up for you? I'm-I'm There's just something bubbling up.
Something I - I feel like I want to die.
- No.
Well, I mean, I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure you're feeling anger.
You know what? I I think it's anger.
I think maybe it's anger.
I think maybe I'm full of rage! Hmm.
That felt good.
Thank you for sharing with us.
It really meant a lot.
Right, guys? Sorry that you're going through so much.
Good for you, Carol.
You're walking in your truth.
I am.
Very good.
Barbara Oh.
Just kidding.
Terrible joke.
You should be proud of yourself.
It feels bad and good at the same time.
Oh, that means it's working.
Yay, me.
Show up for the people that matter and they will start showing up for you.
Yay, you.
Yes! You did it.
Um, sorry, could I talk to you for a second? Well, I'm up next to sing, so you've got however long it takes for this song to finish - to say what you need to say.
- Okay.
Fair enough.
Um look, you were right.
You know? I-I did see you as my drinking buddy.
Which is my problem, you know? I was the one that felt like they had to drink, and and it doesn't make sense, 'cause you're, like, the most responsible person I know.
I mean, you're my emergency contact.
That's how dependable you are.
I I know that I took you for granted, and I feel really bad about it.
I'm-I'm really sorry, and I don't I don't ever want to do that to you again.
You don't deserve it.
Go on.
All right, let's see.
You have, uh, the best high pony in Greater Boston.
- That is true.
- And you are the sexiest mom I've ever laid eyes on.
Don't flatter me, Samantha.
And don't even get me started on the tatas.
They are God's greatest gift to me, huh? And to me as well.
Oh, one more thing.
Zack's shoes? I thought we left these at the roller rink.
How'd you get them? Well, you know, I'm banned from all rideshares, but taxis still take cash, so All right.
I'm sorry.
Hey, whatever happened to the chip thing? Oh, uh Got it.
It's an actual chip.
Oh, my God, I'm so proud of you.
That's amazing.
Thank you.
Hopefully, it means I'm inching towards being a bit less of an asshole.
We'll see.
Hey, everybody, my friend is 30 days sober! I love you.
I love you, too.

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