Single Father s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

This programme contains some strong language.
This programme contains some scenes of a sexual nature.
This mustn't make us awkward with each other, cos it was just innocent.
I'm sorry, are you telling me that you're her father? As far as I know, yeah.
I took all these.
Where did you get them from? Rita would send me one a year and we'd meet - and then - What? So how did it go? Good, yeah.
I'll tell you later.
Dave - Is this all right? - Yeah, oh, yeah.
Dave, Dave, Dave What did she see? She didn't see anything? I don't know.
She was just just stood in the doorway.
What? Looking? Er well, as if she was going to come in.
Oh! Hiya.
How are you doing? This won't do up.
Yeah? Let me see.
Shall we see if you've still got a temperature? No, it's a bit better.
Michelle gave me medicine.
She had to bring you home, didn't she? Yeah.
No, not like that! Sorry.
What are you like? Hey, where are you going? Sarah can do it.
- Sarah? - Yeah? Hey.
Can you do these up? Sure.
She's pretty.
Can you do another one? Yeah, OK.
Call me a cab.
I know! What's that? A tea-set.
Toys want a tea party.
Did she say anything? No, not a word.
She's going to say something to someone at some point, though, isn't she? EVIE: The toys want real cake for the tea party.
Maybe it didn't register.
Maybe she was sleep-walking.
She wasn't wearing her glasses.
She's not blind! And maybe if I tell her it's too late for a tea party, which I would do, then we'll find out.
I mean, what do I do? Do I? Do I talk to her about it? And if I do I mean, I don't know what to say.
I I can't ask her to keep it a secret, can I? - No! - No! EVIE: I said the toys want real cake! - I'm just seeing if we've got any.
- (PHONE RINGS) Hello.
All right.
Two minutes.
Thanks, yep.
Thanks, bye.
That was the cab.
Just keep an eye on her.
Just see how she is.
- So don't mention it? - No, no, well, not to start with.
Matt's away till Monday.
Call me any time.
Dad! Tea party! I said the toys want real cake.
Well, hang on, cos Sarah's just leaving.
- Here, here! - See you soon.
Right, come on, you.
Say goodbye.
- OK.
- All right, bye-bye.
- Oh! Um Your meeting with Stuart.
- I'll ring you.
Dad, come on.
The toys are hungry.
Lay the table.
- All right.
- Bowls.
A couple of bowls.
(CHATTING IN CAR) All right.
The coast is clear.
Come on.
ROBIN: Let me take that.
To the perimeter, attack! EWAN: Paul, you go in first and I'll come in.
Yeah? Ready.
(IMITATES MACHINE GUN) - Is that what your crutches are for? - Dad sniper! Yeah, how is the ankle? Er, yeah.
It's gone blue and yellow.
It doesn't hurt that much.
Right, good.
Well, give it a chance.
Don't throw yourself around and before you come in next time say hello, yeah? Have a nice time.
Be good.
Er, Boy's at the vet's.
- Oh, yeah.
- What's wrong with him? - He ate Anna's chocolates.
- Yeah, he ate a box this big.
And it may turn him psycho.
Chocolates poison dogs.
Messes with their brains a bit.
Yeah, like a mad dog.
Like a wolf! Anyway, they're keeping him in till tomorrow.
- Yeah, but he's fine.
- Maybe.
Right, OK.
Well, thanks.
- Do you want a coffee? - Yeah.
You had one this morning.
- Er, tea, please.
- Tea? Thanks.
How was Stuart Quinlan? Um Here.
Off you go.
Um yeah Yeah, he says I should do checks on him.
You mean he is? It looks pretty likely, yeah.
He's got a bunch of photographs I was sick last night.
- Oh, were you? - They woke me up.
Oh, did they? - And then I went to Dad's room and I don't need to hear about being sick.
- No, not blaaagh! - Yes, thank you, thank you EWAN: Dad! Dad! I'm talking.
What? Robin's never been to a football match.
Yeah, can we take him? Him and Anna? Because Robin can have your ticket and Anna can have Lucy's.
- Well, not if Dave wants to go.
- Yeah, no, fine.
- I go all the time.
- I don't really think I don't want to.
Go on! It'll be fun.
Well, what about Lucy? Where's she? She's at a friend's.
But we don't know which one.
I have been trying to call her, so Yes, and how old was Tanya - Anna! - .
when she got pregnant? Lucy, it's me again.
Come on.
Did he say anything about the lawyer? You don't know about that.
Hi! Do you want Sarah? No, no, no.
No, you're great! Yeah, cos Yeah, there's a whole gang of us going down to the Thistle game this afternoon and I just thought, "Hey! Matt and Sarah!" All right.
Who they playing? Um I have no idea.
Um It was just a thought.
Yeah, OK.
Great, thanks.
Great! All right.
'Great!' Yeah, come round here before.
Yeah, good.
See ya, then.
Bye! What you doing back? A kid was homesick and so was I.
All right? Yeah.
(CROWD CHEERING) Here's trouble! Hello, missus! Do you like cuddles? Me? I love them.
You do, don't you? Hey, come here you.
Let's watch the match, I think.
Evie, do you want one of these? I hate sweeties.
What's the matter? You're looking worried.
I still haven't heard from Lucy.
Yeah, well, you give her that much freedom, what do you expect? Excuse me! Excuse me, you gave her that mobile phone.
Before she had that she made sure I knew where she was religiously.
- Oh, yes, blame the phone.
- She won't return my calls.
- Well, text her.
- I have! Evie! Right, what? So you just want to find out where she is? Evie.
Evie, if you don't sit down I'm going to take you out.
SARAH: Stop it.
- OK, come on.
We're going outside.
- Dad, you're going to miss the game.
I'm missing it, anyway.
- It's all right.
Oh, hang on.
Where have you b? Lucy, sorry, sweetheart.
Who? I'll be there in 20 minutes.
All right, all right.
I'm on my way.
I've got to shoot.
Dave? Dave? Evie's hat.
What's happened? Anna's told Lucy I've found her dad.
What? - Yeah, I'll f - So Stuart's Lucy's dad.
Well, he says so and he's ready and willing.
What's he like? Oh, I don't know.
Successful lawyer.
You know, expensive suit.
Why is Matt not on his field trip? He had to bring a boy back.
I'd better go.
Evie might Yeah, I know.
I'll call you as soon as I can.
Good luck with Lucy.
Tell me what he's like, Dad, please.
- Please.
- Look, look, listen.
- No, you can't do that.
- Lucy You can't find him and then tell me nothing.
- Lucy - No, no, it's not fair! (FOOTSTEPS) Sorry.
It's all right.
I understand.
Lucy, this is a huge step we're taking.
You've got to let me do this properly.
I'm just excited.
I know you are.
Of course you are, but please just trust me.
I've only met him for ten minutes, so what I'm going to do, I'm going to email him.
So I can meet him.
Towards that, yeah.
What does that mean? Lucy, I'm responsible for you, all right? I'm sure you will meet him, hopefully soon, but before that happens I have to know what I'm getting you into, don't I? - Eh? - Yeah.
So I'll email him now.
Why don't you go and see what you can get for tea with this? How did you find him? Your mum kept diaries.
- Can I see them? - No, you can't, no.
They're in the car.
Which is in the garage, which is closed till Monday.
But even then, I'm still going to say no.
For now.
Maybe when you're older, eh? Yeah.
- Biscuits! - Email! MATT: Evie's great, isn't she? Yes, she's lovely.
Yeah, if you could get one like her, I'd have kids now.
Unfortunately, Ewan's on hand to remind us it's a bloody tombola and you can also get fantastically irritating.
I mean, did you see him with Robin? He never left him alone.
I like Ewan.
Yeah, um Yeah, I like him a lot, and so does Robin.
No, I'm just saying who wants their ears bashed all afternoon by a nine-year-old? But Robin's a bit older, isn't he, so maybe that makes a difference? EVIE: This is my room, not yours! Get out Oi! Pack it in, Ewan.
- In fact, come down here.
- I'm doing something.
I know, the washing up.
Come on.
- (PHONE RINGS) - I'm resting my ankle.
Ewan, go and do the washing up for Dad now! PAUL: Hello? Hi! Hi, Anna.
Dad, it's Anna.
Yeah? Yeah, thanks.
Thanks, bye.
- (PC BEEPS) - Dad? Yeah.
Lucy, leave it! Dad.
- Yes, sorry, what? - Can I join the church choir? They practise on Fridays and sing on Sundays.
And sometimes at weddings and once a month you have to be a server.
Which church? St Mary's.
You only have to go the first time to sign things.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah? (PC BEEPS) Yeah? Yeah.
I'm seeing him tomorrow.
I'm looking for Stuart Quinlan.
Oh, yeah, thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Good to see you again.
- And you, yeah.
I've ordered coffee.
Yeah, good, yeah, OK.
The food's very good here, but I wondered perhaps if you'd like to meet my wife and children and you know, see where we live and Yeah, that would probably make sense, actually.
Yeah, good.
Can I ask how Lucy is? She's very excited.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Sorry, is this where you and Rita came for lunch? When you met, when the two of you used to meet up.
I'm not sure.
Um yeah, I think we probably did once or twice.
Three times maybe.
Rooms nice? Are the beds comfortable? I don't know, sorry.
- No? - No, I've never stayed here.
Really? Have you still got those tapes of Lucy when she was I think she was four? Four and half, yeah.
No, no, I was only allowed to watch, not keep.
So where did you watch them? It's only I didn't have a camcorder back then so I shot everything on super 8, put it on to VHS.
So where did you watch them? Is there a TV lounge or? No, I had a machine in my office.
I still do, I think.
It's just round the corner, the office.
Um As I remember it, we'd have lunch, then if Rita had brought a cassette, then we'd adjourn there for coffee.
Oh, right.
Lucy's very eager to meet you, so - OK, we can do this very carefully.
- Yeah, thanks.
OK, we're just up here.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
Nice to meet you.
Francine, Jemma, Alice.
- This is Dave.
- Hi.
- Shall we take your helmet? - Thank you.
- Right.
- Carry on upstairs.
Wow! - It's amazing! - FRANCINE: Thank you.
Voila! Oh, thanks.
Thank you.
You have four children, Dave? Er, well, including Lucy Oh, yes, of course I include Lucy.
- Of course.
- Yeah, well, in that case Rita and I have Paul, Ewan and Evie Papa! Il n'a pas le bon couteau.
Si, il est sous sa assiette.
- Here it is.
- Hey! Qu'est-ce que tu veux? Tu ne devras pas faire ca.
Ai-ai-ai! Sparkling or still, Dave? Still, thanks.
So two boys, two girls? Yes, but I also have a grown-up daughter from my first marriage, Tanya.
Oh, wonderful! A big sister for everyone.
That's beautiful.
Yeah, thank you.
The girls thought Lucy might like some photos of us.
Yeah, thanks.
And with regard to meeting Lucy, if you give your solicitor these, that should speed up any remaining checks.
Can I have the name of your solicitor? Ah, yeah.
Robin Knowles.
Of Knowles and Lunkhart? Highcrown Road.
Yeah, he's my brother-in-law, well, he would be if Rita and I had And is he acting for you against the police over the compensation claim? Yeah, how's that going? I really don't know.
I leave all that to him.
He's a good man.
He's family, so Dave, no, I don't doubt it, but I promise you, when the police see Knowles and Lunkhart coming they will be grinning from ear to ear.
Please, this makes a huge difference over the settlement you get.
If you don't go with a firm who've got clout Yeah, thanks for your advice.
they will rob you, Dave.
Thanks very much.
- Number six.
- (MOBILE RINGS) Sarah, hi.
Dave, look, I've got no time.
Matt's just gone out to the car.
I've been checking my phone all day.
I know.
I've been trying to find a moment.
It no work.
One sec.
Give it a clean.
Sorry, Sarah.
One minute.
No, no work.
All right, here.
Sorry, I'm ahead of a queue in the petrol station and my card's playing up.
The world doesn't realise you and me have got stuff to talk about.
I know.
We've got to see each other and talk.
Yeah, I know.
I've got to go, Matt's here.
It no work, either.
Both no good.
- Well, clean it.
Try again.
- It's not about dirty.
Pal, there's a cash machine outside.
I'd try that.
All right? Can I use the cash machine? Here you go.
Oh, no, no, no! (WOK SIZZLES) (# DIRTY PROJECTORS: Two Doves) Oh, yes! They call him King of the Wok.
Hey, we haven't booked our holiday yet.
Where are we going? Where d'you fancy? How about Croatia again? Or Turkey? Turkey's cheap, but Croatia's where we first met, so that might be nice.
Hey, I've been thinking, though.
We should maybe have a chat about moving down south.
I mean, we've done Glasgow now, haven't we, and you'd get quite a bit for this place? Just a thought.
Warrington has its charms.
Apart from the fact that it's where me mum lives but they've got a massive Ikea, haven't they? I think George Formby was from Warrington.
When I'm cleaning windows There's loads, actually.
Ian Brown.
Never going to give you up.
Rick Astley! .
For your love, better than wine For your cologne is really fragrant Call on me Call on me Call on me.
Dave! I had visions of you walking back.
Yeah, I did.
They had my keys.
If it wasn't for Robin So how was it? How did it go? He has a townhouse in the new town.
- Really? - Yeah.
He had this huge, plush house, all tasteful, everything just so.
I made the place untidy just being there.
That's the only dilemma.
I just keep thinking, "How's Lucy going to fit into this?" But, you know, so much money.
Dad! I'm really trying to be cool about this.
Yeah, OK.
Dad, come to me first, cos I'm hot like I was when Sarah was here.
Dave, just see Evie first.
Dad, please.
Lucy, two minutes, then you can have my full attention.
But am I seeing him? - Next Saturday.
- Dad, Robin got us this.
- Come and have a go.
- Yeah, in a bit.
I was putting her to bed, and she says, "I've got a secret.
" And I say, "Oh? What's that?" And she says I've got chicken pox! I'm pretty sure it's chicken pox.
They came out this morning.
Some children get excited about meeting their father, and some All right, all right, all right, lie down.
There you are.
I'll leave you with Granny, all right? He really wants to see you.
His name's Stuart.
Stuart Quinlan.
He's known about you since you were a baby.
Rita used to send him photos every year.
So you were right.
You said you didn't think Mum ever had a one-night stand.
You said she knew who he was.
Yeah, I did, didn't I? Can I look at these on my own? Of course you can.
PAUL: Dad! Dad? Dad? Robin says that he's going to have the dog tomorrow because the vet said that it mustn't get excited, so Who? The dog or Robin? Whoa! What? So it's only when you want it? Will you listen to that echo? What does that mean? What do you think it means? What's going on here? (BELL RINGS) Dad, how long are you off school if you get chicken pox? About a week.
- A week? - Here you go, nice and quick.
DAVE: Right.
Dad, can we do what we used to do with Mum for my birthday and get everyone round? Yeah! When is it? - Sunday.
- Sunday, yeah.
- Have I had chicken pox before? - Morning, Polly.
- Look, Dad, Dad - No, I don't know.
Dad, it'll have to be in the afternoon cos I've got choir in the evening.
- Right.
- Right, OK.
Can you have chicken pox twice? Ewan, I've absolutely no idea.
Yes, you can, yes, called shingles.
- Have a good day, guys.
- Bye, Dad.
Evie's got chicken pox.
Er, sorry.
- Thought I'd let you know.
- Yeah, thanks.
- I'll call you at lunchtime.
- All right.
Any forms, girls? Mum's coming to pick him up.
She won't be long.
Yeah, no, it's all right.
Hello, you, you all right? - Yeah.
- Good.
Um, can you ring the garage? See if the car's ready? It is.
It's 260 quid if you're not paying by cheque.
- Have you been paid this month? - Yeah, why? Nothing.
Just a bit of a cashflow problem.
Listen, I'm looking for a letter from Robin's office.
White envelope, solicitor's logo on the corner.
I've had another go at the brochure photos.
You know, the ones for the school museum.
- And if you want to see them.
- Yeah, yeah.
Hello, hello, hello! Oh, hi! How are you? - I'm very well, thank you, Dave.
- Yeah? Listen, I've really got to go and see Robin but let's look at them later, yeah? Evie's got chicken pox.
You want to check Samuel.
Oh, keep up, Grandpa.
He's had it, haven't you, darling? Robin.
- Dave, hi.
- (DOG BARKS) - Oh, hello, stranger! - So you missed him? Well, nice to see him again, but - No! - Oh, what a thing to say! Why? D'you want him? No, no.
Robin, if you want him, keep him.
Really, the kids never take him out.
I mean, they like him, but he's on his own most of the day.
And they'll still see him.
Well, he does seem to quite like it in the office.
Check with Anna.
No obligation.
Even if you say yes, you can change your mind.
Oh, happiness! Marvellous! What about that, hey? I'm glad I've got you in the right mood.
Yeah, um First of all, thank you for yesterday, for the petrol station but the reason that my cards got refused is cos I've run out of money.
Yeah, I mean totally.
Um which I should have seen coming cos the business hasn't been at full tilt, which I'm going to have to put right but till I do I'm sorry, I've lost your letter about the compensation offer from the police.
But I think you said something about an interim offer.
I'm just wondering if I could have it, you know.
The payment.
Hm no.
Well, in that case, er and I'm really sorry, but Can you lend us a couple of hundred? Look, Dave, money's no object, but vis-a-vis the compensation, um Stuart Quinlan called.
- What? - Please wait.
I was asking for this amount.
- How much? - Yeah.
But Stuart can get you double that.
- I don't want him involved.
- Dave.
- No.
- Dave! This is for the children.
They've lost Rita.
OK, and money is no compensation.
Nothing is enough, but I could never get that for you.
Stuart's right.
The police haven't got a leg to stand on and yet they're walking all over me because I'm small fry.
But Aitkenson Dewer? That's another matter.
Aitkenson Dewer terrify the life No, I don't want fucking Stuart Quinlan doing this.
He's done enough.
Dave, he's only trying to help.
- I don't want him involved.
- Well, he won't be.
He's a barrister in business law.
This'll be another arm of Aitkenson Dewer.
And please be guided on this.
Please trust me.
Because I love you all so much.
And, well, look, if If you say no, then really I couldn't represent you any more.
Not now, so - (DOG WHINES) - Oh! Look.
Oh! Look, don't It's all right, we had a practice run earlier.
It's OK.
Look, never mind.
I'll do it later.
I'll do it later.
Don't you worry.
Don't you worry.
Look Take this, OK? It's a company card.
OK? Hang on.
And this is the PIN number.
You can take out £500 a day, OK? Dave, it'll all be on the statement.
I'll get it back.
I feel confident.
Take it, and take my advice.
For Lucy and Paul All right, as long as Stuart Quinlan himself has got nothing to do with this and it all goes through you.
Still want the dog? (MOBILE RINGS) Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.
Life is conspiring to keep us apart.
' I'm sitting here with Rita's diaries and a photo of Rita.
(HE GROANS) Oh, I don't know.
I feel like I'm going mad.
Dave You know if we've made a mistake .
then maybe it's best if we can't see each other.
'Maybe I'm pestering you.
' Don't say that.
What are you talking about? I have got to see you.
I don't care how.
D'you mean that? Yeah.
Well, not with Matt.
I don't think I can do that.
Anyway, he's on patrol, so - What d'you mean? - Oh, he knows something's up.
Between us? No, between me and him.
But listen .
I'm free Saturday during the day.
Oh no, I've got to go to Edinburgh on Saturday.
I'm taking Lucy to meet her dad.
It's going to be a long week.
'I'll call you when I get back from Edinburgh.
' OK, bye.
You look great.
You do.
What's the time? (CAR ENGINE) It's OK.
I don't want you watching.
No, OK.
So when I get out, you go.
- Don't wave at him! - OK.
Just go.
Waiting for you.
Have a good time.
(MOBILE RINGS) Hey! How are you? OK, yeah.
I'm underneath Edinburgh Castle killing time.
Why? Where are you? You are where?! - Excuse me, sir? - Yeah, it's OK.
Room 123.
I know where I'm going.
- Yes, sir.
We'll just ring up? - No, don't worry.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) You are perfect.
You are You are perfect in every way.
You know what they say.
This is Edinburgh's most romantic hotel.
Well, it is now.
Or should we talk first? What? We're on our own! Come here! Come here! Sarah Manion, to think of this.
(MOBILE RINGS) - Lucy, hi.
- 'Hi.
' How's it going? Good.
It's good.
Yeah, but listen.
Can I go back to the house? I know you said that should wait.
'But I'm not sure why.
' Well, cos we agreed not to rush this.
But we're getting on so well and you know I'll still meet you at six, that doesn't change.
' OK.
'See you at six on the dot.
' We won't be late.
What time d'you have to go? Six.
That's OK.
- Got to get back.
- Yeah.
Can we go for a walk? Down the mile? Arm in arm? We won't run into Lucy.
She's in the new town.
Yeah, I'd love that.
Is it going well? Lucy? Yeah! Seems to be.
She's going to meet the family.
Don't know how I'd take that if you weren't here.
Take what? The two of them getting on.
Why? Nah, it's nothing.
Dave? This is our time to talk.
We can actually talk without looking over our shoulder.
I haven't told anyone this.
Turns out that Rita .
was in touch with this Stuart guy .
well, ever since I first met her.
What d'you mean, in touch? Well, she started off just sending him photos of Lucy but then they used to meet up.
Here in Edinburgh.
I mean, this is all coming from Stuart.
Well, not quite, actually, cos there's Rita's diaries.
And one entry actually says, "Went to see Stuart.
" Plus there was always the opportunity around the right dates.
What dates? What are you saying? When I met Rita I mean The first photo she actually sent him of herself and Lucy was taken by me.
That's when I met her.
And She actually told me that that photo was for her mother.
And given she doesn't know who her mother is pretty much sets the tone.
Well, she'll have meant Beatty.
Yeah, but it wasn't for her, was it? Anyway, I fall for her and I pursue her and that's the word cos she doesn't want a relationship.
You know, but I keep going and I win her round.
This takes two years, right? Cos Rita, for ever Rita .
wants to be, has to be separate or in control, and I always thought that I'd helped her overcome that.
Then I find out about Stuart and how that worked.
How what worked? She picked him out.
No strings.
So he gets to have her, she gets Lucy.
And when we tried for a baby for Paul, and we'd only just started, Rita goes AWOL for six weeks.
And it's in her diary.
It says, "Not sure about Dave.
" Then she comes back pregnant and I'm so happy.
What are you saying? I'm saying maybe I haven't just found Lucy's dad.
I'm saying maybe I've found Paul's dad.
Ewan's dad and Evie's dad as well.
Cos why hide this man from me if there's nothing going on? Why hide that she at least knew him cos I asked.
I asked who was Lucy's dad and I get told, "A one-night stand, never seen before, never seen since, identity unknown.
" Not unknown, not at all unknown, known very, very well.
And I'm the fool, aren't I? And I fucking, I fucking hate her for that - No, stop it.
- .
and I always will.
Well, I mean, OK, maybe it's not just Stuart, maybe it's Maybe there's other guys as well.
Maybe Maybe one of them's mine.
Maybe I'm lucky.
- (DOOR SLAMS) - Sorry! Sorry, this isn't just talking, I know.
It's ranting.
Let's Let's Let's go for that walk.
Sarah! Wha? Sarah? When did you find out that they met up? When did you find out that Rita had been seeing Stuart? Was it just before you bedded me for the first time? Just before we'd done whatever damage we might have done to Evie? Because I think it was.
I won't have you using me to get back at Rita.
Don't come after me.
Sar! (MOBILE RINGS) Sarah, come back.
Come back, come back, come back, come back, Sarah.
Sir, excuse me, sir, sir, excuse me! I'm very sorry, but Miss Manion just left.
- So? - So the room's not paid for.
Oh, great! Fine.
What d'you want? Here.
- Here.
- Company card, yes, sir.
There you go.
Hello! - Hello.
- Hi! Hey, you lot! Come and see what you've got from Edinburgh.
Come on.
Beatty? Beatty? - Oh, a PlayStation! - With games.
Is that a PlayStation 3? - Hey, what is it, Beatty? Hey! - PAUL: Dad! Mum hated PlayStations.
Hated them! Yeah, I'll deal with that in a minute.
What is it? - EWAN: Who got us it? - LUCY: My dad.
Now tell me about Robin and Anna.
It's to do with Robin giving Rita's compensation claim to that other company.
Anna said if he did that, she'd leave him.
- He wouldn't back down.
- Oh! And he's left her.
With the dog.
He's taken the dog.
I'll call him.
Well, you can try, but you'll just get his message saying he's fine, which is more than can be said for Anna.
Well, you'll see for yourself tomorrow.
How was Edinburgh? So you knew I was going out for the day.
You arranged You actually encouraged me to go out for the day.
Hang on.
This is supposed to be a nice surprise.
You know The only reason I got the estate agents I haven't finished yet! - I wouldn't bother.
- Sarah! They've valued the flat, that's all.
It's not on the market.
It's just so we can see all our options.
Well, this is what you get for that money in Manchester and Liverpool.
All right, listen.
It's not a big deal.
Oh, no, I think it is.
I think that getting away from here is obviously what you want and given as it's not what I want, why don't we just I'm not going to put this as a question.
Let's just do it.
Let's just call it a day.
Let's face it.
What exactly have we got in common any more? Cos I can't remember.
Is there anything? I don't think there is.
Hang on, hang on.
Sarah, don't! Wha? Happy birthday to you.
EWAN: Right, blow them out in one.
(CHEERING) (EVERYONE TALKING) Try it on! Oh, yes! Who's that from? From Robin.
I asked him for one ages ago.
And it's a beauty.
- What is it? A bible? - Yeah.
A strange choice.
Where's Robin, anyway? Oh, he's at a conference in the Lake District so he's very sorry that he couldn't be here.
(TEARFUL) I'll I'll just Open mine! Anna.
- You and Robin, I feel responsible.
- Dave.
Dave, um There is only one person to blame for this situation and that is Robin.
He insists that he is right, but he is utterly wrong and when he gets to his senses and apologises, then normal relations will be resumed.
OK, yes, it's fine.
Here we are! Ooh! What's that? - Digital photo frame! - Hey, nice! Oh, thank you.
- Where are Matt and Sarah? - Oh, they were doing something.
I did ask.
Yeah, Sarah's giving Paul £10, but she's going to give it to Evie at school.
Yes, I'm going to school tomorrow.
Paul, look! There you go, and there's loads of room.
You can load whatever you want on after.
- EVIE: Is that me? - PAUL: Yes, and that's you and Mum.
DAVE: Ah! What a handsome family! Look at that! Whoa! You like doing that, don't you? Careful, girls! Bye, sweetheart.
Off you go.
Have a good day, see you later.
That is the address of the pub on the other side of town I'm going to meet you in tonight.
If you don't come - I'll be round your flat.
- Dave! Cos I love you.
Please be there.
Eight o'clock.
Sorry! Sorry, hi! Hi.
It's OK.
What? Oh.
Have you seen the new museum photos I did? Sorry.
Oh, yeah, yeah, but it's not that.
I opened an email.
Thought it was a booking.
It wasn't.
It was from Aitkenson and Dewer.
Something about compensation for Rita.
It's all right.
You weren't to know.
Can you not talk to Mum about this, yeah? She was here when I opened it, um She was picking up Samuel.
It's not a bloody creche.
This is where we work.
Take that back.
Sorry, sorry.
It's taken back, sorry.
But is it true about Paul and Ewan and Evie? What? It just said something like That they're not legally yours .
because you and Rita weren't ever married.
D'you want a drink? Er, no, thanks.
OK, look Dave .
I've actually got a few things that I need to say.
OK, but, please, cos this is important, right? You knew what I felt about you from the moment we first kissed.
You knew and I knew, and that was before I had any doubts about Rita, before I even knew that Stuart existed.
You know that's true, don't you? Yeah.
All right.
But it's what happened after you found out they were meeting cos that's when you moved things on.
Yeah, because before that I was I was guilt-ridden.
Yeah, we both were.
We still are.
No, I don't feel that any more.
Why is that? What I feel for you is It's separate to what I feel about Rita.
Oh, Dave! Joined at the hip.
No, not for me.
Right, well, then, that's our problem.
I am still guilty.
I'm guilty about Rita, I'm guilty about Matt.
- About Matt, yeah.
- But it's Rita where it really lies.
I still love her and I can't unravel what I've been doing since she died.
It's just all too close.
I'm talking time.
You know? This is just It's happened too fast.
I'm talking you and me.
Is it proximity? Or are we just using each other or is it just a way for me not to be with Matt? And the kids Do I want to be with them for them or for Rita? Or is that just another way for me to be even closer to you? I think about these things all the time and none of them are clear cut, but But what is clear cut is I don't believe Rita ever cheated on you.
In that way.
Are you saying she didn't deceive me? She deceived me.
We could go round in circles.
Cos you've had a thought and it's taken hold, but .
there's a way to really put this to rest, to really move on.
What's this? It's a paternity test.
So you would take a swab from Paul, Ewan, Evie and yourself and you seal it up and send it to the lab in Glasgow.
When you get the results, it will confirm exactly what I'm telling you.
No, I can't do that, no.
- Dave.
- No, I can't.
Sorry, no.
Why not? Because I don't think they are mine.
Dave! - How's your shoulder? - Hi.
- Jimbo.
- How's your shoulder? - Fine, yeah.
- Great! Wait till I tell the lads.
Cos I've been playing in goal.
Look at the state of me, I could have saved tuppence.
Oh, Rita.
Rita, right? We've not been introduced.
I'm Jimbo.
What a darling.
No wonder you got rid of what's-her-face.
Oh, and, Dave, I chucked Fat Face on your advice.
She's gone, departed, she's been D- I-V-O-R-C-E-D as we speak.
Jimbo, we're kind of in the middle of something.
Oh, you're on for Sunday, yeah? Six o'clock kick-off? Yeah.
Watch me skip away as I go and phone the lads.
Nice to meet you, Rita.
Will you tell him, d'you think? I don't know, maybe not.
It's a bit of an oasis.
The way things were before all this.
I ended it with Matt the other night.
I mean, it's been wrong for a long time.
If it was ever right.
I didn't mention you and me.
And as for us, Dave, I You see, the thing is I've got this I've got this great capacity for screwing things up, so You know, just witness my life and everything that I've actually achieved in it in a relationship, which is But given what I feel for you and the complete and utter mess that surrounds everything about us I, um I want to clear the decks.
And give us every chance possible.
I know this is really hard, but if you don't do the same then I'm gone.
Cos it will kill it stone dead.
And I can't bear that.
There is someone else, isn't there? Course there is.
You don't do on your own.
I'm going to ask this weekend if she wants me to begin adoption procedures.
- Have you seen Ewan this morning? - Ewan! Police, please.
I will never forgive you for this! Sarah! There's a way to really put this to rest.