Single Father s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

He wants to see you.
His name's Stuart, Stuart Quinlan.
You're perfect.
Maybe I haven't just found Lucy's dad, maybe I've found Paul's dad, Ewan's dad and Evie's dad as well.
When did you find out that Rita had been seeing Stuart? Was it just before you bedded me for the first time? Just before we'd done whatever damage that we might have done to Evie? You and Robin, I feel responsible.
Dave, there is only one person to blame for this situation and that is Robin.
I'm not going to put this as a question! Let's just call it a day.
What's this? It's a paternity test.
No, I can't do that, no.
Dave! No, I can't sorry, no.
Why not? Because I don't think they are mine.
I believe in the Holy Ghost Ewan, stop it! The Holy Catholic Church Stop it! Stop it, both of you.
Mum, can we get a guinea pig? No.
Evil Lex Luthor! Ewan, stop it! I want to know if it's come! Has it come? I don't know, I've been at work.
Argh! What if it doesn't come in time? I believe in the Holy Catholic Church Paul, Paul, Paul.
It's like having a wasp in my ear.
I know it now.
OK, let's go for a baby.
We'll have a baby and get married.
Even the right way round, we'll get married in a church before we have a baby.
Hey, come on, I'll give you everything.
I'm sorry.
I Please.
Sarah, please.
No, no, no, no, no I mean, Stuart says I can join them any time, but it's Italy, you know, and I'd rather fly out with them.
When did you apply for it? Three weeks ago.
Oi! Don't do that, fingers out.
Sweetheart, because sometimes a passport can take ages.
When are you going? In two months! Argh! All right, Dad? It's all right, we were shooting food all day and well, it's not all right cos we were handling chillies and I rubbed my eyes.
Dad's crying.
Yeah, give us a cuddle, come on.
Can I have one? Course you can.
You, too, Paul, come on! I'm just getting some water for your eyes! I always wear gloves with chillies.
Raaah! Dad! You're tickling me! Aaaah, ha ha ha! Dave? Sorry, but .
do you know whether Robin's going to the inquiry tomorrow? I am, obviously, but Now he's not acting for you, I think he should stay away, don't you? You know what I think? I think he misses you more than you can imagine.
Well, it's not for me to go to him, it's for him to come to me.
After all, who left who? OK.
Well, he probably is coming tomorrow.
As long as I'm prepared.
OK, no need to hurry back, I've got nothing to go home for, eh? You got my message.
Yeah, you said you had some news.
Are they the paternity tests? Yeah, but it's OK.
It's OK! Paul, Ewan, and Evie.
They are mine.
You see, I told you! I know, I feel bad.
Good! Yeah, you were right.
I was.
I should have done it sooner, I was just scared.
Come here.
And have you got news for me? Has Matt moved his stuff out? Not yet.
But it will be gone by the weekend.
So is this the day when everything changes? Yeah.
All right, Dave, put her down or we're all going to want some.
Hiya, Rita.
Jimbo, this is actually Sarah.
What am I like with names? It doesn't matter.
How many kids have you got and you're still doing that to each other? I lose interest sometimes even before they've took their kit off! Let's go and eat, let's celebrate.
No, you've got a match.
Yeah, but when you hit me you put my shoulder out.
So, oh, dear.
Jimbo! Jimbo, I'm sorry, you're in the sticks again tonight.
We can start being together now.
Just being around each other in front of the kids.
Thank you.
You know, just hanging out, doing things.
And in the holidays we could maybe take a wee cottage.
You, me and the kids, two or three weeks, see where we are.
No? No? You don't want that? No, I want it all, I want everything.
You're just racing ahead.
I mean, what about what's happened? What about how you feel about Rita now, how you feel about the children? What about the inquiry tomorrow? Yeah, I don't know, I'm all over the place.
I just want to be six months down the line waking up next to you.
Sorry, thanks.
I don't know what I feel about now.
It's like swerving, you know? You don't just straighten up.
I mean, it went from, "Rita's everything" to, "Oh, no, she's a bitch, she betrayed me," to now and, "Oh, she did nothing.
" Except actually, she didn't tell me things, she didn't tell me about seeing Stuart.
And maybe for good reason.
Yeah, no, I yeah.
All I'm saying is, I'm weaving down the road with everything going on.
Tomorrow's doing that.
I don't know, I don't know anything about anything.
You just want to look for cottages.
Yeah! I know.
You're coming tomorrow, aren't you? Yeah.
Yeah, I booked the morning off.
You've got to come.
Oh, yes! Thank you! Thank you! Lucy, it's ten past eight, get ready for school.
Sono molto felice di essere qui oggi! I'm very glad.
Can you chase the others up for me? Dad.
Yeah, it's gone ten past eight and I've got things to do today.
I spoke to Stuart last night and he asked if I was going to Mum's inquiry this morning, and he was saying I maybe should.
Oh, did he? Yeah.
I'm just letting you know, I'll be there.
Yeah, hang on.
If you don't want me to come with you, I'll go with Stuart.
Why's Stuart coming? Dad! She's my mum, he's my father.
He's not making a thing of it.
If you don't want him there, ring him and say.
But I am going, because I want to know what happened.
Yeah, course you do.
And I've also I should have asked, sorry.
I've also talked to Paul about it.
He wants to come, too.
He's old enough, Dad! Who says, Stuart? I'm not saying Ewan should come.
Oh, well, hooray for that.
Faster than a speeding bullet! Hiya.
We have to be at the court for 11.
So while I take Ewan and Evie to school, you order us a cab, yeah? Yeah, OK.
What time? Quarter past ten, all right? Lucy and Paul wanted to come.
Right, OK, yes.
He's here already! Hi.
Hello, how are you? I'm fine, I'm fine.
There's lots of people to meet.
This is Paul, my favourite brother, which you'll understand when you meet Ewan! Paul, hi, I'm Stuart.
Stuart, hi.
This is Robin Knowles.
Robin, yeah, hi.
By the way, thank you for suggesting Lucy comes without telling me.
How many ways do you want this to be inappropriate exactly? Anna.
Oh, which of these exactly do you think is a good idea? He's definitely too young for this, she seems to think it's a garden party and he should not be here whatsoever! He's here for Lucy.
It's not about Lucy! It's about Rita! Will you see what you've done now? Want one? Yeah, thanks.
Once we're in there, if you want to come out, just say.
Rita Morris left the school where she worked as a teacher's assistant at 1346.
She was travelling by bicycle along Gifford Road to the Metropolitan College where she was due to sit an exam.
At 1401 and 56 seconds, Rita Morris reached the traffic lights at the junction of Gifford Road and Mariner Street and crossed the intersection.
The lights were on green.
At 1401 and 57 seconds, a traffic officer on patrol answering an emergency call went through a red light and collided, fatally, with Miss Morris.
The emergency lights and siren were in operation when the collision happened.
The officer, who then stopped and called for assistance, has since been suspended from driving duties.
Yes? Sir, can I suggest the court views the street CCTV footage and the in-car video, since both clearly show the siren and emergency lights were only activated at the very last moment.
Very well.
Can we clear the court for this, please? I think we'd better go.
The sirens came on at 1401 and 56 seconds.
One second before impact.
If we could verify that with the CCTV footage.
Timings confirmed.
Have you reached agreement over compensation? Broadly speaking.
OK? Not in the slightest, no.
With regard to compensation, both sides wish the sum to remain confidential.
However, taking into account that Rita Morris was the mother of four children, determinedly setting out to become a teacher with a professional career ahead of her, I wish to make it clear that I have awarded the full settlement as requested, and regard the figure arrived at as suitably substantial.
Thank you.
Dave, Paul, and Sarah, you're in one taxi, Lucy's spoken for.
Robin? You come with me and Mum? And Michelle and Tanya, are you and coming home with us? I don't think No, actually.
Do, please.
You're very welcome.
Dave, that's your taxis.
Dave? Are you sure about going back to school? Yeah.
What did you think about Stuart? Well, I only said hello.
You know, how does he get skin like that? Skin like what? It's like, rich skin.
Because he is rich, and unlike the rest of us nothing touches him.
How much was that? Thanks.
How did it go? You all right, Paul? All right, Matt.
Thanks for coming, Sarah.
Come on.
Don't look so worried.
Look, I just came to let you know that all my stuff will be out of the flat by tea-time.
So it's all yours again.
Well, like it always was.
Yours, not ours.
I'll leave the keys on the table so I don't ram them down your throat.
Dave, have you got a minute? Sorry? Have you got a minute? Yeah.
Mum Guess what I'm here to talk about? Mum, this is the wrong time.
No, Tanya, the wrong time is when it's all been spent on some I don't know, new house, or whatever it is you're going to do with what I hear is a fortune.
Sorry, you want to talk about the money? Oh, is this too vulgar for you? Well, you tell Anna that, because I've had to listen to her informing me about how the kids are going to go to better schools, private schools.
What? Yes.
So while we're at it, your daughter and your grandson are living in some pokey wee flat, and given you've done absolutely bugger all for them until Rita made the effort, maybe now you can put that right, maybe now you can actually do something for them! Dad, I don't need a new flat.
You're not getting a lump sum, Tanya.
It'll be frittered Were you at the inquiry this morning? Don't you try Cos it wasn't about winning the fucking lottery.
It was about Rita dying and leaving four children without a mother.
And I know what Rita would've wanted.
Oh, really? Yeah.
Because she could see what you never saw, Dave.
That you have a responsibility Who are we talking about here? We're actually talking about you and what you want.
You take that back! Cos we're all obsessed with ourselves.
So obsessed that you have to be told you have FIVE children, Dave.
She is also your child! All I'm saying is that maybe I know what you're saying.
Right, so Invest in her.
Maybe set her up in her own photographic studio or something like that.
Michelle! I don't even know if I have control of this money yet, and she doesn't want to be a photographer.
She isn't interested in photography.
Are you? Are you? She never has been.
Hey, look, if I'm wrong, put me right!.
You're wrong.
Tanya, do you wake up in the morning and want to take photographs? Do you have a camera with you wherever you go? Look.
Tanya would never survive on her own as a photographer.
I have to say that.
But this money is going to free up other money whatever happens, so Why don't you look up college courses and find out what does interest you.
And I'll keep paying you.
I've got to go and pick up the kids.
I'm sorry, darling.
Dave? Dave? Good outcome this morning.
Yeah, look, I've got to Yeah, I'm sure you're dashing off for the school run, and, well, now I know you and Rita's other children are well set up Very nice lad, by the way, Paul.
Lucy doesn't know anything about this, but I wanted to tell you face-to-face, because you've obviously invested a lot of time and energy in bringing her up.
I'm going to ask this weekend if she wants me to begin adoption proceedings.
Which is a lengthy process, so, you know, nothing's going to happen immediately.
And when she's 16, she can do what she likes.
So why don't you wait till she's 16, then, eh? Why don't you let Lucy have the thought? Why don't you not ask her and risk finding out she's happy where she is, eh? Dad! Dad, I've got nits.
It doesn't say my name, but Sarah checked.
I've been picked for the football team! Hey! Yeah, we're versing a school from Stirling! When? Tuesday.
Great! Oh, and, yeah, I've also got nits.
We've all got nits! We can feed them lettuce.
I don't think nits like lettuce.
No, you don't keep nits.
Nits? What do you mean, nits?! I think he means nits! We can't have nits! I'm going to Stuart's this weekend, how can I have nits? They're like little beasties that climb onto your head with hooks and lay all these eggs on you! Thank you.
What if I give them nits? Yeah, imagine! Dad, it's not funny.
I mean it.
Dad, I'm serious.
I can't give them nits! OK, I'm going to look it up and see what you have to do and then we'll do it.
So let's not I can't have nits! I can't have nits! Oh, no! Sarah? I'm sorry for what I said about the keys.
I just want to ask you something.
Yeah, so phone me up.
I don't need to come in.
I just want to see you.
There is someone else, isn't there? Of course there is.
You don't do "on your own".
How did me and you start? You were with Patrick.
How did you and Patrick start? And it's Dave, isn't it? Yeah, I'm a bit slow.
Let me tell you how I know.
I was told.
Yeah, well whoever told you was lying.
It was Dave! Dave told me.
Do you want to know what he said? He didn't say anything.
He came back out of the school just after you'd left.
And he'd been seeing Paul in, and he looked at me and then walked off in the opposite direction.
I was thinking, "Why he would do that?" And then, like an idiot Course it's Dave! Now I know for sure.
Thanks a lot.
'Hi?' Hiya, it's Matt.
I'm looking for Dave.
He's at home.
I just wanted to check here first.
Can I help? I dunno.
What are you doing? Trying to prove Dad wrong, and failing.
So how are you? Haven't seen you in a while.
Me and Sarah split up, so new paths, fresh pastures.
Do you want a beer? Something stronger or even illegal? Ooh! I mean, if you don't have to go anywhere.
I don't have to be anywhere.
Come on, boy! No barking.
That's it.
Night, Liz.
Hey, Jake.
Darling, I was just leaving.
Yes, I thought I'd save you the bother.
So what's this? It's your credit card statement.
Yes, yes, it is! Get off! You weren't welcome back, anyway.
So what am I looking for, exactly? Oh, try the £225 for the hotel in Edinburgh on the Saturday after you and I separated.
Which I phoned up, which happens to be, or claims to be, Edinburgh's most romantic hotel, and where you apparently enjoyed the benefits of the bridal suite.
Try that one! When was this? Two days after you left me, don't prevaricate.
Who is she? At least own up to it, do me that decency.
Oh! Here we go.
Do I know her? Oh, dear.
Who is she! No.
Robin! Shush.
Shush! Shush! The day before I left you, and he had it for two weeks, I gave the company credit card to Dave.
Remember when his credit cards got refused? This is his bill.
What would Dave want with the bridal suite of Edinburgh's most romantic hotel? I wouldn't know.
Anna, absolutely not.
That is completely That is not only completely verboten, it is also utterly forbidden and not allowed.
Is that clear? Come here, you twit.
Guys, I think I've found one.
Dad, you're scratching as well.
Yeah, you're scratching.
Look, let me see, because I think I know what they look like.
Get off, get down.
Let's just accept we've all got them, OK? This, apparently, is what your mum used.
Yeah, well.
That might be all right for her hair if you do it properly, but mine's too long.
Not if I do it carefully.
But you won't do it carefully enough and I'm going to Edinburgh and I can't have nits! Lucy, only people with clean hair have nits.
Yes, and you probably got them from your posh dad.
Hey! It's not like there's any alternative, OK? So wet your hair and wait for me.
One at a time, starting with Lucy.
Can we have a bath? I'm not having a bath with anyone! One at a time and wet your hair, not have a bath, for fuck's sake! He said a bad word.
Oh, hi Ewan! Ewan, stop it! Not a great time, I'm afraid.
I know.
I'm so sorry Matt found out.
Dad! Ewan's using the nit comb as a weapon! Dad! Dad, stop him! Ewan! They were just scratching me with it.
I'm just defending myself! Pack it in, all of you! Then tell them I'm first and come and do it! When you've wet your hair and put conditioner in it, then I will! Matt knows.
Right, Matt knows.
Right, well, you know We need to talk about it.
Yeah, but probably not when I've got an hysterical teenager freaking out about head lice and I'm about to do my nut! Here, use this.
I get nits about five times a year and it's really good stuff.
It's pesticide, it's an insecticide.
Yes, I know Rita wouldn't have liked it, but if you want to get rid of them.
If you know Rita wouldn't have liked it, why would you bring it? It was just an excuse to come round because of what's happened.
If you don't want it, don't use it! I won't.
All right, I'm finished forgetting about Rita.
So we're ready, where are you? We'll talk when I'm done.
Do you wanna go to a gig tomorrow? What kind of music do you like? Because we could do somethin' and then "do something".
You know, I'd never have done this when you and Sarah were together.
But I always wanted to.
Me and you, we can use place this as a bolt hole whenever we like.
Me and you? Yeah.
Why not? Well, apart from the fact you're younger than some of my students.
I have a son.
Yeah, and the only reason Sarah and I split up is because Sarah and your dad, Dave, were shagging each others brains out.
Dad, why can't we come down? Cos I've had enough of you all for one evening! Read a book, play a game, amuse yourselves for once! All done? No, I've run out of conditioner.
Can I use your stuff? Why don't you sit down and let me do it? No, it's OK.
I'll do it.
So, how did Matt find out.
Did you tell him? No.
It Look, I wasn't trying to make a point about Rita by No.
Can I get a drink before we get into this? Is that all right to get a drink? You bastard! You shit! Tanya! Tanya! You fucking, stupid shit! You do this to me! You do that to me! Evie, go back upstairs! So everyone else knows, and I'm the one who's used.
Used cos you ditch Matt cos you're shagging Dad and Matt comes round and has me to get back at him! He did what? Lucy, take Evie, Paul, Ewan back upstairs.
Go! Now! Yeah right.
Take care of your children.
I'm your child too, you know, and you don't look after me.
Everyone feels so sorry for Dave doing it on his own.
You're not doing anything on your own.
While we're all helping out, you're off screwing her.
OK, that's enough.
Everybody back upstairs.
Come on! Don't you touch them! You two have probably been at it for years.
So pretty fucking convenient what happened, then yeah? Tanya.
You two? Not in that way.
No I was only going to Italy for the two weeks.
But Stuart says I can go for the whole holiday and I will cos I'm out of this.
No, not if you'd do that to Mum.
It's not like that.
I seen you two, didn't I? And I will NEVER forgive you for this! What's she still doing in here? Sarah you have to go, please.
RECORDED BIRDSONG We've got to look upstairs again.
Ewan! EWAN! EWAN! Do you mind? Have you seen Ewan this morning? No.
I'll check out the front.
Dad, he isn't under the bed.
Who saw him last? Police, please.
Ewan? Excuse me, have you seen Ewan? Um, he's nine-and-a-half and nobody's seen him since he went to bed last night.
He was upset so Dad, I can see him! Hang on.
I think we've found him.
He's up the tree.
Oh, fuck.
Ewan? Go away.
I'm not comin' down.
Just go away.
It's a bit dangerous up there, isn't it? Good.
Dad Dad, is that a good idea? You're a bloody good climber.
Dad? How long have you been up here? I broke your sunglasses.
I miss Mum.
I miss her all the time.
So do I.
Every day.
And it'd be awful if we didn't, wouldn't it? It's OK to miss her! And if it gets too much you just tell me Right? What time's that game of yours against Stirling? It It's on Tuesday.
Well, that's not gonna work if you're stuck up this tree.
Good, good.
Well done! Let's get inside.
Come on.
Come on! I'm not ungrateful.
I know you've looked after us for, well, I can't remember you not being around, but after what's happened.
You don't know what's happened.
Have you slept with Sarah? I was never unfaithful to Rita.
Have you slept with Sarah? After what's happened.
When I get back from Italy, I'm going to go and live with Stuart.
Yeah, OK.
Well, I don't want you to do that, but I know you love me, I know you all do.
I know you'll all miss me and I know it's hard, but I'm old enough to know what I'm doing.
And it's very brave.
And when I first went looking for Stuart, I always knew this was a possibility.
I almost didn't do it for that reason.
But, OK.
And I'm sorry cos we're gonna be really upset, but Thanks for telling me.
Dad, I didn't mean all that.
All my fault, OK? My fault, not yours.
Yeah, but in front of the kids.
Hey, look I've written to each of them.
Can you give these to them? Yeah, of course I will, yeah.
The trouble is, they still saw and heard all that.
Yeah, they did, they did, but hey, how are you? Well, Matt's been calling and apologising all morning, so that's two of us wishing we hadn't said and done all that.
But he did say that him and Sarah hadn't been right for ages.
Yeah, listen Dad No, listen, just listen, right? You and Lucy Paul And Ewan And Evie.
That's it now, cos you're mum's right, I am a shit father.
Case proven and until that's put right, if it ever is, that's it.
All right? When is everybody arriving? Oh, I think about 20 minutes.
I'm surprised Lucy even has any friends.
When do you fly out, Lucy? Saturday.
To Venice? Yeah.
We went to Venice, didn't we, darling? Oh, yeah, Venice.
Ohhh, it's beautiful there are some places in the world that don't live up to expectations, but Venice! You'll love it.
Love it.
Where's Dad? Over there on the phone to Stuart.
Where's Venice? Italy.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, OK, see you at the airport Yeah, yeah, bye-bye.
Dad? Yeah? Y'know Lucy's going? Yeah, it's a bit weird having a party to celebrate isn't it.
That's Anna for you.
But I've been prayin' she won't go.
And she is.
That's a tough one, yeah.
D'you think I'm prayin' enough? Well, I'm not really the right person to ask.
But, um I think some people think there's a like a plan that's bigger than what we want .
cos sometimes what we want isn't what's best for everyone.
So, you think this might be good for Lucy? Well, it might be yeah, yeah.
But then again, a story isn't over till it's finished so, maybe she has to go so she can come back.
Just like the prodigal son.
Like the prodigal son, yeah.
Yeah, in a house full of heathens, you know your stuff don't you.
Dad, you don't believe.
No, no, I don't.
I struggle with that but who says I'm right? You stick to your guns.
Your Mum would like that.
Thanks, Dad.
I know where the cake is.
Will I go and get us a bit? Yeah! Go and steal us some cake.
Excellent! Watch out for Anna.
Oh, God, he thinks, "Oh, no, it's her!" I don't think that at all.
Thank you.
Hmm! So, have you called her yet? Sarah.
Maybe you should.
But you do miss her.
It was the wrong time, Anna.
But you do miss her? It doesn't matter what I feel.
Dave! No, the kids come first.
Yeah, but does it have to be one or the other? Listen .
I agree, it was too soon, it was.
It was indecently too soon.
But maybe, now, it's not? Look, every adult in there thinks the same as I do.
I mean, what the hell do you think we've been talking about for the last eight weeks? And I'll tell you something else, the children never mention Sarah, do they? No.
Yes, they do.
Oh, no, not to you.
But to Mum, to Robin, to me, to everyone except you, cos they don't think that you want to talk about her, but they miss her too.
Paul, Ewan, and Evie each one, on their own, has said that to me.
What about Lucy? I haven't spoken to Lucy about it.
But Lucy is going.
That would drive her away for good.
No, no Sarah and me, not for Lucy.
Oh, she's 15, Dave, 15 and she's lost her mum and found her father and she's going to Venice.
She's all over the shop! Dave, you can't let Lucy dictate everyone else's happiness.
It's not fair on her, it really isn't.
Careful, careful, careful.
Dad, I'm fine by the way.
All right.
Lucy? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! What is it? What is it? I don't want to go.
I don't want to go.
It's like when you have a bath there, you've got to put the towels back just so.
No, really, they have napkin rings.
Like, their own with their names on them.
They've got me one and I mean He's my father.
But you're my dad.
And we just put our towels anywhere everywhere.
In fact, I think they're all in here.
But will you tell, Stuart? No.
But I'll hold your hand and I'll talk to him when you've finished.
But, I came here to tell you something, which might change things.
What? I haven't seen or spoken to Sarah .
since we all last saw her.
And I'm going to see her because I need to.
Have I stopped you from seeing her? Why didn't you just tell me to grow up and mind my own business? I mean, what do I know about anything? HE TAPS ON WINDOW Sarah? Did you see her? Well, was she in? No, she wasn't in.
Ring her.
Call her.
I tried.
Her phone's switched off.
It's OK.
You can see her tomorrow.
It's end of term.
We've got Evie's assembly.
- Good morning, boys and girls.
- Good morning.
Is that it? I said, "Good morning, boys and girls.
" GOOD MORNING! And may I just say thank you to all the parents.
It's good to see you here.
Welcome to our end of term assembly.
We begin, as ever, with the children singing to those teachers who are unfortunately leaving us.
And this year, we say goodbye to Adrienne Kestler.
And very sadly, and she can't be here, unfortunately, to Sarah Manyon, who has been with us for seven years.
And now the children will sing.
Cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green Strawberries sweeter than ever I've seen Excuse me.
Sarah Manyon? Oh, yes.
Where is she? I'm afraid I don't know where she is.
Mr Tiler.
Yeah, Sarah? Yes, we don't have any information other than she left a message yesterday saying she's resigned.
I really have nothing else, I'm sorry.
Come on, guys.
Where are we going? Dad, open it! Put your seat belt on.
Just shut up.
I think that's it if you wanna go and check.
Er yeah, OK.
Stay in the car! But we want to see her too! Back in the car.
Do it.
Move! Sarah OK to go? Er, yes.
Go where? No.
Don't go.
Five minutes.
Back inside.
Wind up the window.
What's it to be, love? You're the boss.
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, please! I came round last night, I tried to call.
I wanted to call you every night.
I know I've hurt you.
I know I have, but, please! Where are you going, cos listen Dave.
Excuse me.
Are we stayin' or goin'? Time is money.
Look, here.
Ten minutes, yeah.
Yeah? Shove off! Dave.
I love you! And if you love me, then Lucy, and Ewan and Paul and Evie and the whole family, they all want what we want.
Yes! Yes! Dave I know you've resigned.
I know, but there are other schools.
We can all move we can get a new house.
We can, we've got that money, we can move together.
I mean, where are you going? And why didn't you ring me? Dave.
I'm pregnant.
From Edinburgh.
From the first time.
I've had a scan.
I knew what I was doing.
What d'you mean? I mean it wasn't an accident.
Yeah? What d'you mean? I wanted to get pregnant.
I set out to get pregnant.
In Edinburgh? Yeah.
And I knew I would, I just knew.
But look I wasn't thinking.
Oh, I dunno, sounds like you were.
Yeah, about myself, yeah.
Look, but a baby isn't what you need and if you can't see that, I can.
It's not what anybody needs.
Except me.
I do need it And I'm going to keep it.
But I'm going away.
I love you! No.
It won't work.
Cos I am thinking now even if you're not.
OK, what won't work? What won't work? We've never even lived together.
I'm looking forward to it.
Would you just stop.
You don't know what it's like to be with me day in day out.
We We're not straightforward people, either of us and to begin with a baby I love babies.
Dad? Can we say hello yet? In the car! And it's definitely, especially not fair on them.
And what about Rita? I mean, she's with us all the time, Dave, and she always will be.
I love Rita, you love Rita.
What's ever changed? Except she's gone and we're still here.
And she would be smiling on down on us right now and she'd be saying, "Make it work.
" She would.
And we will.
We will.
We will.
It will work.
It will.
I think it will.
I think it will.