Sintonia (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Second Chance

Should the enemy prevail against you, the evil will not resist.
Why? [woman.]
God bless you.
Thank you, Sueli.
[man singing.]
Today I'll take it lightly in Mandelinha I'm gonna pick up young chicks And have some booze Today I'll take it lightly in Mandelinha I'm gonna pick up young chicks And have some booze Today I wanna be the man I'll go to the party To pick up some horny ones I'll go to the party To pick up some horny ones Oh, my God! MC Doni! Can you take a picture with us? To take to my bed and put it on her Today I wanna be the man How are you? I'll go to the party To pick up some horny ones I'll go to the party To pick up some horny ones To take to my bed and put it on her [Scheyla.]
Nando, what's with the face? Everybody is having fun.
Today I'll take it lightly in Mandelinha I'm gonna pick up young chicks And have some booze What's up, my family? Carry on, the production never stops.
There is a flow again tonight, so, step on the gas.
Wait, that's wrong.
Make it square, or it's gonna tear the plastic.
Like this.
What's with the long face? Hey, Márcia.
Where is that screw-up, Juninho? I don't know.
Are you sure? Aren't you always together? We're together when it comes to work, but he has his own things.
Take Juninho to the headquarters immediately and let me know when it's done.
- To the headquarters? - The headquarters.
The warehouse.
Are you sure, Márcia? Are you kidding me, boy? [music playing over car speakers.]
[cell phone chimes.]
Doni, no cellphone.
Hey, babe.
Drop everything you're doing and get your ass over here.
I've got some crazy shit that's gonna boost your career, dawg.
Ha, ha! [Nando.]
Juninho, wake up, brother.
- Wake up, brother.
- Leave me alone.
You're in deep shit.
And you're pumping your ass with drugs at a strip club.
Let's get out of here.
Get lost.
What are you talking about? Nando, is that you? My man I'm glad you came, homie.
Grab a beer for us.
- Fuck's sake, Juninho.
Let's go, damn it! - Get us one more beer.
He's been like that for a long time.
We tried everything.
You should give up.
Why don't you relax a bit? You and me.
What do you say? Do you like candy? I'm sorry.
Some other time.
The tithe is not an obligation.
It's a gift.
We must be thankful for God's good, perfect, and delightful plan.
So, let's praise the Lord with our tithes and offerings.
- God bless you.
- Thank you.
God bless you.
And it'll happen everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
Glory be to God.
- [Sueli.]
The service was beautiful.
- [man.]
- See you.
- See you.
- [Sueli.]
Thank you.
- [man.]
No problem.
Hey, Rita.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
I can't pay you, but I can help.
Your mom was a great help in building this church.
This is your home too, Rita.
I'd rather make my own money and have my own life.
They wrecked my home, Sueli.
But I'm gonna get back up.
I'll I'll get back to work and move on.
Thank you for everything.
I listened to everything you sent me.
Your baby face almost had me fooled.
Your sound is perfect, because it's youthful, you know, intense and it's got the flow.
And I have an amazing offer to make.
Let's make a video.
For "Love You With No Strings Attached"? Sure, it's super me.
Dude, I know how it's gonna be.
There's a dope Belvedere in my hood.
With a fly view.
The two of us, champagne in hands.
- Just tell me when we start.
- Calm down, honey.
It's not we.
You'll sign on as the song writer.
What's the problem? How is this amazing for me? Dude, it's gonna put you on the map, bring you status.
I'd rather be in the video than have status.
Doni, we're gonna hit one million, one million views in one day.
Do you know what that means? I know, but nobody cares about who writes the songs.
Okay I'll talk to the director and maybe you can be featured.
Featured? Yeah.
It's a fucking extra helping hand for your career, and you're gonna thank me later.
I love your insights but, I mean But what? I need some time to think.
Wake the fuck up! What are you doing here? I wanna talk with you.
Dondoka told me she would do my song and feature me as a guest in her video.
- I told her I'd think about it.
- Think about it? You said you'd think? Yeah.
I came here to ask you for advice, - not for your nagging - You got shit for brains? You know what I've got going on.
Get over your rich people problems.
Calm down, bro.
- I think we should talk to her, you know - You don't think shit.
This woman is offering the opportunity of a lifetime.
Let go of your pride, Doni.
Fuck you! I do everything, I write, I sing, and she just wants me featured? - She treats me like I'm nobody.
- You're nobody, Doni.
You're a spoiled brat, you have to work your way up.
Look at me.
Do you think I'm happy looking after this asshole? You don't know what it's like working your ass off.
When are you gonna tell me what's going on? We're brothers.
Your parents gave you everything.
That's why you always gotta have it your way.
- Stop being an ass! Just stop.
- Okay.
If you don't wanna help, don't get in the way.
- That's it.
- Fuck you.
Juninho, come on.
This shit's gonna stink! I changed my outfit.
See? Just for you.
Got time for me now? Fuck, man! Juninho! Motherfucker! Juninho.
We have to go.
Go where, bro? Get off me.
Leave me alone.
Márcia wants you at the HQ, the warehouse? Headquarters? Don't do this to me, bro Just say you didn't find me.
Bail me out here.
Help me out of this mess, homie.
We all deserve a second chance.
Bro, if you run, it's gonna be worse.
They'll hunt you down, all the way to hell.
Let's talk first, just the two of us.
[men chattering and cell phones ringing.]
Juninho, do you know why you've been summoned here today? I know nothing.
What's the matter? Our brother Badá, all the way from jail You're his manager, right? He noticed some errors in the shop's books.
Some stuff is missing, that's why Gláucio and I are here representing all our brothers present.
Word, bro.
Thanks for being here, showing you're all with us and putting in your best efforts.
Let's handle this in the best possible way, right, Juninho? Let's keep it chill.
Sure thing, let's talk.
Is Badáwith us? Hey, Badá, say hello.
Good afternoon to y'all, my family.
- Good afternoon.
- Hey.
Let's sum up the problems we're having.
This guy is working, you used to turn a profit of 30k a month in our shop.
Why are we making 15 now? I want to understand.
What's going on? He set up a scheme? Come clean, bro.
Hey, Badá.
Here's the deal, everything that comes in or leaves the shop is in the books.
Maybe there's an issue with the packaging, bro.
Yo, Handsome Boy, I'm stuck here in jail, and need to hear everyone.
So, lead the deliberation.
Lazy Eye, you're up first.
Straight up, this boy already stinks to me.
We trust each other in here, so I never weighed my orders, but then people started complaining about the portions I'm dealing.
- The rest is up to you, bro.
- Yeah.
Torto, wanna say something? Here's the thing, the shops have scales for a reason.
It's not for decor, we have to use them.
It's supposed to be two grams.
Not three, not five.
What's that story about different weights? Tell me the truth, bro.
Where's the drugs? Where's the dope? The cops came to the hood Was I supposed to just wait around? I bounced real quick.
We pay 10 grand a week to get the cops to go with the flow.
Are you fucking lying to us? - You calling me a liar? Do you have proof? - You bet I am.
Where's the respect? You're dealing with the Higher Ranks.
Hey, guys, let's keep it real and open.
That's how we do it in this family.
What really happened, bro? Your story has no beginning, middle, or end.
I'm really confused.
Come clean so we can understand what went down.
Juninho, come clean.
Don't twist the truth.
Speak it so we can all understand you.
You know what's next.
Lying to us is no good, understand? The workload's the same, but the product's missing.
This guy's a clown.
Are you messing up with the family? I write it all in my cellphone.
So, here's the deal, you gotta live up to your name.
Yo, Juninho.
Look straight at me.
Don't give us the long face.
You know how it is.
- You understand why I'm having problems? - You look angry, pretending it's fine.
- I'm not angry, bro.
- [Gláucio.]
Quiet, I do the talking now.
Lady, you are not understanding.
I needed to see her today.
You must register first.
You need to bring some identification documents.
And if you're underage, a legal guardian will have to escort you.
Are you family? As good as.
I just turned 18.
You have to come by during visitation hours, bringing your ID, two photos, your prior criminal records and a residence certificate.
STATE HOME FOR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION You kidding me? Just a featured credit in her video? Get real! I got you.
You're acting like the cool artist.
Quit the crap.
Don't say that.
You tripping? It's my song, whose video should it be then? Hey, calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down! Let's make our own music video, I don't wanna sit and do nothing.
Bro, this could be real dope.
I'm in.
- You take some pictures.
- Yeah.
- Just like that, man? No, no - It's gonna be a hit online.
Sister, God - is light.
- Mm.
Do you believe in it? Of course I do.
Then open your doors, let the light come in, welcome people in.
This place is their second home.
Let's get a move on, my dear.
Let's go bigger, bring light! Pump up the volume on those speakers, so, people on the street can hear the Word.
Invite people inside.
Sueli, when I came in, I noticed the water damage on the wall.
What happened there? Aren't you tending to your sheep? Nobody volunteered to help out? No, I'm gonna fix this, but we need to raise more funds.
Sueli, organize a fundraiser then.
"Building a Fortress," "Winning in Christ," "Noah's Ark Drive," in order to repair the water damage.
My dear, everybody wants to help with His work.
They just need some guidance and leadership.
Forgive me, reverend, but once we've held the festival, more resources will come in.
God is not the wait, love.
God is the action.
God is growth, God is victory.
If you don't work for it every single day, who will? - [Sueli.]
That's right.
- [reverend.]
Sueli, you are a chosen one.
We're holding an amazing seminar.
Some great kids will be teaching on how to improve your sermons.
I'd like you to attend, so, you can learn how to attract more souls.
Is it mandatory? Why? Do you have any prior engagement? No Look, Pastor, I chose your congregation to host the festival this year because of your utmost commitment to your duties in Christ.
Can I count on you? Can I get an amen? Amen.
God bless you, sister.
Okay, then.
I'm counting on you.
- Sure.
God be with you.
- Let's go.
May God be with you.
See you.
God be with you.
Sueli, see you later in the service today.
I'll go to the hardware store and paint it myself, at least to cover up that water damage.
I'll help you.
I'll even knock next door and ask the boys.
But the reverend is right.
People need to feel attracted to the church.
We must change our actions to create change.
For example, when I can't sell candy, I change it out for shampoo.
When I can't sell on one bus, I take another one.
This is completely different.
I like the simplicity I have here.
Sueli, imagine you're suffering and in need of God's words.
Then you drop by here and see the church looking like this.
What would you think? They are even worse than me.
- The bar next door looks nicer.
- Rita.
What are you afraid of? You sound just like your mom.
I have a lot on my plate, the festival coming up, so much to do.
My head is gonna If my mom were here, she'd convince you, right? Come on, Sueli.
Don't you wanna go to this seminar? I'll come with you.
But today I already forgot you Who's gonna help me paint the church? Hey, hold this up for me.
Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care It's no use telling me you love me I don't want love with no strings attached I warned you not to get too close You've got a crush, now what? It's a taste of your own medicine Time's gone by, that's just how life is Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you [cell phone chimes.]
Oh, boy You're mom's texting you.
You forgot to take your material to that fancy school of yours, again.
- Fuck.
- Don't drop the ball.
Hey, Jaspion, get over here.
I need a new look, please.
- Hey, bro, come check this out.
- It's too short.
- Shit, it looks dope, man! - You tripping? It looks like shit, bro! Your refused to partner up with Dondoka With whom? Don't bust my balls, Rita! I'm doing my own thing.
Your pride is blocking your success.
Go and get what's yours, bro.
You drop the ball too much.
Make your own way.
So, Juninho, are you gonna keep on lying to us? What's the deal? You know that loyalty, honesty, and above all the truth is how we roll.
What happened for you to go crazy and stab us right in the back? That's what we want to know.
Start talking.
[Handsome Boy.]
How's it going to be? How do you want us to remember you? As a lying coward? Or will you have the balls to own your fuck-up? Spit it out, homie.
Come on, say the words! We know you're lying, bro.
I'm gonna lay it out for you, Badá.
Lately, I've been having some drug problems.
You know? I used it, yeah, but I paid for it.
I'm paying for everything that I use.
Please forgive me.
Now you're asking for forgiveness, bro? If you want forgiveness, go talk to God.
You're in the crime biz, you ain't selling candy.
You fucking kidding me? HE IS THE EXALTED KING IN HEAVEN [all singing.]
May the Lord Jesus give you peace! Amen! May the Lord Jesus give you peace! Amen! We're here together for yet another blessed family reunion.
So, we can celebrate our Lord Jesus' name! I now give the floor to our pastor, Leopoldo.
Before God, our hearts beat stronger.
What do your hearts beat stronger for, brethren? [all.]
Amen! Don't say no to your mission.
Don't say no.
Right here, right now, God will touch your heart.
God doesn't choose the able, but make able those He chooses.
If you're here today, it's because He has a plan for your life.
Welcome it! Welcome it! Welcome it in the name of Jesus, and you will thrive! [inaudible.]
He is the exalted king in Heaven Hallelujah He is the exalted king in Heaven I'm glad you made it, Pastor.
Pastor Leopoldo will be pleased, very pleased.
What did you think about the service? Wow, it was a blessing, Pastor.
I'm leaving here with my spirits lifted.
Do you think he's gonna take long? I need to go back.
My church was left unattended.
Hello, who's this? [woman 1.]
Grace and Worship, good afternoon? - [woman 2.]
Two hundred and sixty? - How may I help you? [man.]
Hi, how are you? How much would you like to donate? Fifty? - Have a nice day.
- Thank you for your call and donation.
- Who's this? - Grace and Worship, good afternoon.
Often times, our faith is tested.
We feel all alone, with no family or friends.
It's as if no one really cares about us.
Not even Him.
But even if you have gone through tough times in your life, have courage, have faith in God.
He will change the course of your story.
I need to go.
Thank you very much.
What are you doing here, girl? God bless you.
Okay, we need to go to the fifth floor.
Homie, what are we here for? To waste our time? Why didn't you come to us and tell us the truth? What really happened was that you just don't give a fuck.
You owe us respect.
You know how we roll.
Loyalty, honesty and truth, always.
You betrayed the family.
From now on, you're banned from the biz.
Is that clear, you fuck-up? There ain't much to say.
Let's waste this motherfucker.
It's checkmate.
How does that sound, Badá? [guns cocking.]
Wait a minute, guys.
Wait a minute.
What's your deal? Hey, bro, just give me some space to say some stuff.
What stuff? Can't you see what's going on here? What stuff? Is it related? If not, you better get the fuck out.
- It's about Juninho.
- Say it already then.
What is it? I'm low under Badá's command, I'm an associate.
Most of y'all don't know me, but I'm here to help, not to mess anything up.
Just say what you wanna say.
Calm down, you guys.
Everybody has the right to speak.
- [Lazy Eye.]
Carry on, kid.
- Continue.
I'm still new, but I gained a lot of insight, I already carried out some stuff for you guys.
What did you do for us, punk? Remember the thing with Ganso? Yeah That was me.
He was holding back our turf's progress, so I popped a cap in his ass.
- [Gláucio.]
You did that? - [Nando.]
That was me.
What I want to say is that I've known Juninho since we were little.
I grew up with him.
Yo, excuse me here.
I told you already, it's not bedtime story hour.
Give us the real stuff, from the start, or walk away.
Bro, in all humility, I want to share my thoughts with y'all.
I see a guy with his brain melted from all the drugs.
This dude is out of his mind right now.
He can't even stand up on his own.
So, I think we should give him a second chance.
I want to bring in some ideas for the family to grow.
It's not about Juninho, it's about the family.
You can take Juninho out, but who's gonna pay off the debt? The family.
Are we gonna dump this problem on Badá, while he's in jail? What do you suggest? Juninho will pay back everything he took.
You feel me? Make him pay every single cent.
Taking him out ain't gonna solve it.
I know how the shop works, I can help him out.
It's his chance.
If he doesn't take it, it's his loss.
Paying with his life isn't enough.
We gotta set an example.
- Word.
- Man, we gotta hear Badáout.
Badá's in charge.
But you gotta believe me, all of you, all of you brothers here today are my role models.
The world out there wants to kill us.
And our fight's against the system.
Badá, are you listening? What do you think? What do we do? Hey.
Here's the deal Just to make it clear, we're no whores, we don't work just for the money.
But you gotta pay your dues.
We gotta set the example.
The ideas from this kid, I'm digging them.
I'm thinking I'm gonna give this fuck-up a chance, if he wants to be helped, you never know.
So, what's it gonna be, homie? I'll give you two weeks to get the money.
You in, Junior? I'm in, brother.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Is that right? Yes.
So, here's the thing, take everything he's got in his name.
You good, homie? Enough said.
In two weeks, you'll bring the money in.
You make this shit work, make it happen, I don't want no sad stories no more.
You got it, right? Untie the kid.
[Handsome Boy.]
Just to be clear, you got a pass but you ain't off the hook.
Opportunity is for those who deserve it.
This ain't no miracle.
Chin up, bro.
Anything else you wanna share? [Gláucio.]
You're good, homie.
You can go.
Now you do your thing, 15 days.
Walk away now.
[Handsome Boy.]
Hey, Nando, you got it, right? You're in charge of the shop now, you know the system.
Do not follow his path.
He has to be an example.
Got it, homie? Fifteen days! All right, let's wrap this up.
You'll be in charge of the shop.
Any trouble, you bring it to us.
Don't make any decisions alone.
- We're together in this.
- Good talk, bro.
Real talk.
Don't let him fool around, stay close to him.
Okay, let me get this straight.
Doni will feature in Dondoka's video or she'll be singing in his video? - No, I wrote the song - No, we're doing it separately You go first.
More or less.
It's my video.
Isn't it ours? Doni and Dondoka.
That's what we agreed on when I said yes.
Yeah, but, like, each of us sticks to their part.
Oh, my part I'd like to have like a leopard on a diamond leash.
We could end with it coming near me and giving me the paw, like that.
The end.
Yeah, I wanna be in a jet flying over the hood, you know, and landing in a soccer stadium.
- [Dondoka.]
Dope! - That's great In this case, I'd like to show you a more modest proposal.
Okay Location.
It has to live up to the magnitude of the artist.
Next must-have item: imported booze.
People like the contrast between humble origins and the ultimate symbol of social status.
Got champers! Now the dancers.
The women are more important than you in the video.
So, we need great casting.
Besides Dondoka, we're gonna need women who can dance, real kickass dancers.
About that, Dondoka's part is on me, and I have a limit of 20k tops.
The song is the hit, not the video.
In that case, I think you guys need to talk amongst yourselves.
Maybe for the next single.
The song's a hit.
I'll pay for my part.
What about the dancers? I'll help with the casting You pay their fee.
We still need the location.
Say no more.
I'll pay for the rest.
Okay then.
Here's the perfect location for the video.
- You tripping? No fucking way.
- Why not, bro? My mom will kill me.
You know it.
Do you believe that MGD is gonna direct it? As if he'd direct your video.
Dondoka's being part of it helped, right? Dondoka? Do you really think so? - You're my homie, right? - Fuck yeah.
Let me use your home and bring in some girls who can dance.
Man, no fucking way.
Stand on my feet the whole day to make 150 reals? You're gonna get a lot of views, you'll be famous.
Look at me! I need to pay off my mortgage.
Those people don't take views for payment.
Let's make a trade, then.
- Shoot.
- You arrange everything I asked you for, and you get your own scene with Dondoka.
- You shitting me? - Now you wanna do it, motherfucker.
I've seen you dancing on that stage.
You're dope as fuck.
You crush it, we need girls like you in the video.
When's the shoot? I'll tell you later.
Is it a deal? I charge by the hour.
Hey, Miro.
Hey, if it isn't Doni! What's up? - How are you? All good? - [Miro.]
All good.
You go first, Derval.
- How are things with you? - It's chill.
All good.
What's the news? About the money, I'm gonna need it 'cause No, I don't wanna know why or for what.
I don't care about that.
- I just wanna know if you'll pay me back.
- Of course.
I'll pay you back.
Okay, I can get it for you but listen carefully.
It's a 10 percent monthly rate, and for every month after, it's 10 more.
Which means: first month 10 percent, second month 20 percent, the third - Thirty, 40.
I know.
- Clever boy! Can I trust you, Doni? Of course.
You can trust me.
It's under control.
I'm gonna pay you back in 15 days.
All right.
Then we got ourselves a deal.
I know I can trust Chico's boy.
- That's right.
- Talk to you later then.
Send your father my best.
Let's get back inside, Derval.
See you soon.
- See you.
- [Miro.]
We'll be in touch.
Make the hymns perfect and it'll be great.
- Something wrong? - I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb you, I was just looking for Pastor Sueli.
- Why didn't you ask for directions? - Don't worry, Pastor.
How can I help you, my child? Ah Well I just wanted to ask the pastor to pray for my friend.
- What's your name? - Rita.
We don't allow members of the congregation in here without authorization.
That's okay.
Let us pray, brethren.
Let us pray.
Father, I pray for Rita and her friend, so that you may bless them and allow them to find what they are looking for.
Believing that the Lord hears and helps in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Welcome, my dear.
I appreciate your interest.
- Escort her to the door, please.
- Sure.
With faith, you and your friend will find grace.
Rita may God bless you.
Amen, Pastor.
I'm sorry, I just wanted to see what it was like.
You had no business going in there.
That's why you wanted to come? To expose me? How can you say that! Of course not.
I came here to learn.
But you have no idea what I saw.
It's amazing When I listen to you, I get on my bosses' bad sides.
They make videos for the Internet, for TV We could do that for the people in our hood.
What for? We already take care of the people there.
- But don't you want to expand? - Little by little, Rita.
I've heard it all before.
I've got too much on my plate as it is.
- I can help you.
- If I need it, I'll ask.
There's no point in you meddling in my affairs.
That wasn't my intention at all.
Don't you get in the way of my faith! And don't stick your nose where you're not wanted! Lord have mercy OCTOBER [Scheyla.]
You know what I think? [Nando.]
What? This turned out great for you.
They almost killed the guy, Scheyla.
The hell with Juninho.
They should've done it.
Hey, cut him some slack.
Keep it down, Bruna's here.
With him out of your way, you got yourself a promotion.
You don't get it.
If Juninho doesn't pay his debt to Badá, I'm the one getting fucked.
Keep it down, Nando.
Have they said you're manager now or what? Calm the fuck down! Calm down, my ass.
This is a huge opportunity, it's heaven sent.
I'm gonna kill you if you don't take it.
I'd like to register to visit Carla Souza.
My documents are here.
I need to check if you're on the visitor's list.
If she hasn't listed you, there's no point in registering.
- Carla Souza? - Yeah.
She's already been released.
Hey, you.
Stand on your mark.
We're about to start.
Go back to your mark.
Hey, what's up? I was told the waiter boy owns the house, but that you own the party.
I found it weird when Doni said he was gonna pay for everything.
You must be paying for everything.
- What's up, dude.
- Yo.
I've been here two hours.
Where's my fee? Hey, baby, where's the dressing room? When is my scene with Dondoka gonna be? Doni, where can we put the generator? [Dondoka.]
You must have some real good friends.
I hope they don't come calling to collect.

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