Sintonia (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Do the Right Thing

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care Weren't you the one who liked fooling me? I don't care, I don't care Look at you, you're famous, Donizete! Wow.
Seriously, how much did you spend on this video? Like 30 grand, right? I didn't pay for anything.
My manager pays for everything.
Manager? You didn't even have a video.
You've got to be smart.
Now I need to have my own concerts.
While you wait to become popular, you could perform at the festival.
You'd be great.
They don't even have a microphone.
But now they will, because I'm in charge.
- It's gonna be great.
- The pastor went mad.
You could help, right, Nando? A big donation Now, you can.
You can ask Scheyla.
There they are.
What's up, bro? - Hey, how are you doing? - Hi! - Hi.
How are you? - How are you? How's it going? How's it going, bro? - You gotta talk to him.
- I did.
You know that if he fucks up again, it'll be my fault.
- As I was saying, we're gonna win tonight! - We'll win! Let's do this! - Stop staring at him.
- Shut up, you idiot! Let's go, Formiga! - Fuck this, man! - They need to play and help me! Don't let the food burn.
Go back! Go back! Fuck, go back.
Go! Let's go! Go! The party is taken by it Listen to this beat The party is taken by it Fucking good! The party is taken by it - Go on, go on - The party is taken by it Branca Fina! Branca Fina! Is there a plate? That's right! So shake it, go ahead Go on shaking it If the party is wild She shakes her buns Cheers to Branca Fina! Go, Branca Fina! Branca Fina, Branca Fina Branca Fina Now that Cacau left, everyone will know the truth about what happened.
I'll be able to go crazy, find a place for me.
You're thinking about going after her? Her mom blocked her phone.
But I'll figure it out.
My God, Rita.
You can't do this.
Why not? What do you mean? This is in the past.
Forget about it.
I have to tell my version, Scheyla.
I gotta talk to her.
Hey, bro.
That's right.
If Luiz knows you've been in that place, he'll be pissed.
What's wrong, Scheyla? Are you Luiz Fernando's secretary now? Listen, my husband's not going to take care of you, Doni and Nando for the rest of your lives just because you grew up together.
Doni has not been coming to class.
What do you mean? - He's not coming.
- Since when? Well, he missed some classes before, but now he only comes twice a week.
But how? He tells us he's going to school.
- But he isn't.
- He is so responsible.
He works at the shop with his father.
My real concern is that you guys are unrealistic.
We are going to talk to him.
I'll talk to him.
Juninho is going crazy, bro.
He's been doing some thieving But he should be out stealing.
- He can't owe anyone.
- What do you mean, bro? He's getting high all night.
He broke the entire whorehouse.
He left ten grand with the pimp, bro.
- Zarulho gave me this information.
- He's a son of a bitch.
Fucking asshole.
Gotta check it out.
Hold on.
Hey, boss.
Have you forgotten about school? You never missed school, son.
What's happening? We've always been here for you.
Tell us, Donizete.
Turn off this phone! You're talking to your parents.
It's so you can understand.
Is that what you want in life? To be a clown in front of everybody? For what? You're betting your future, our future, on a game.
Son, it's a beautiful video.
But we want you to graduate.
For you to be someone in life.
This is my life, Mom.
It's what I want, to be an MC.
Chico! Okay, boss.
But what's the job? I've texted you the address.
There will be people waiting for you.
But what's the plan? Just get there.
Aren't you the mafia? When you get there, you'll understand.
- Hi, Auntie.
- Hi.
- How are you? - Good, you? Thank you for helping us.
I didn't expect such big donations.
It's great you guys are hosting this year's, - right, Rita? - Thank God.
We are honored to help.
I'll bring the food later.
You're an angel, Auntie.
You're coming, right, bro? Here's an idea.
MC Doni performing the worship.
I don't know Oh, Auntie He's an example for the folks here.
A lot of lost boys.
They'll enjoy it.
I'm leaving, but think about it, okay? - Okay, sweetie.
- God bless.
God bless.
- Bye, Doni.
- See you.
Study, son! Hey, Formiga.
Keep an eye on Juninho.
I wanna know everything he's doing.
Don't get distracted.
Don't worry, bro.
I won't.
But, hey, is everything all right? Everything is fine, we're on the same page.
- All right, bro.
- Okay, bye.
Rafaela, do you need help? All right.
To the left, please.
Isn't it beautiful? Look at this.
Where did you get this? A friend made a big donation.
It's all right, Rita.
Our little speaker will be fine.
But why is this bench so far down? That's for all the dancing.
Like they do it at the headquarters.
Listen, Rita.
You asked me to help, right? Then do as I say, for God's sake.
Put the benches back.
It's great.
- All the way back.
- Here? Make it taller.
Good, bro.
You're gonna look good on the same day your parents yelled at you.
At least nobody interferes with my hair.
Right, bro.
You're done.
Where's the smile? Smile? Shit is fucked up, bro.
Rita is hassling me to sing at the church, my mom's bringing problems Bro, your video is hot and you're sitting there complaining.
So what, bro? It's not helping.
My manager is a fucking scammer.
Doesn't do shit.
- Get someone else, then.
- Who? Talk to my cousin, he's a manager.
What? Your cousin? I need a badass.
With all the right badass contacts.
Then just go there.
Or call my cousin.
I told you, bro.
Jaspe is right, bro.
Trust him.
That's right, bro.
I'm gonna go there right now.
Move, man.
What the fuck? Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
- Slowly.
- I have a gun.
Marcia sent me here, bro.
Didn't you know you needed to stop the fucking car? We'll take it from here.
She didn't say anything except to bring the car.
No fucking way.
Let's go.
You fool.
Good afternoon.
What's going on? A ton of messages, the video is hot, aren't you doing anything? I have some parallel business, don't worry.
Don't worry? Everybody is calling to schedule concerts.
I sent them to you and nothing.
It'll happen.
You just need to be patient.
A bunch of kids making Instagram videos are already playing in hot clubs.
My video is popular and I'm not doing anything.
We'll talk later.
Okay, Doni? I have some friends who have a cousin, okay? Listen, kid.
Go home and I'll call you.
Rita, we didn't discuss any funk singer.
But Doni won't perform funk, he'll do worship.
He comes from an evangelical household.
He's Mr.
Chico's son, from the market.
He's a lost boy.
Pastor, let's think of the big picture.
Concerts bring people.
First, they come for the concert.
Then, they come to worship.
Listen, Rita.
I see you all fired-up to do things.
But for them to happen, you need my authorization, got it? I don't know if you're thinking about the church or yourself.
I'm thinking about the church, you, me And God? How about God? Hi, Mr.
- Hi, Rita.
How are you? - Good.
Hi, Mr.
God bless you, Pastor.
Thank you.
Help yourself.
Let's go.
Are you lost? Are you crazy? You lead.
Give me your phone.
The one in your pocket.
Give me the fucking jacket, too.
Hand over the fucking jacket, you fuck.
You lazy-ass.
Are you crazy? We're the fucking mafia.
The shirt, too.
Come on, you fuck.
I need it today.
The shoes, too.
Fucking lazy-ass.
I think I need to go check out your cousin.
Of course.
You can't lose hope.
You gotta believe.
You gotta have faith.
Has anyone said it would be easy? - No! - What? No! Hey, Doni.
Are you free later on? I scheduled you something for this evening, a rooftop downtown.
Five songs, paying cash.
Are you coming or not? On my way.
No, bro.
And the church? What about your parents? It'll be in and out.
It's okay.
Renan, keep an eye on him, bro.
Juninho sucks.
We can't trust him, you know? Keep an eye on him, bro.
- How's everything, guys? - Everything's great.
- How are you? - What's up? - How are you? - Are you busy? - I think I'm okay now.
- Can we talk? Sure.
I need to tell you something serious.
For real.
I had a dream about you last night.
And the night before.
And the one before.
- Formiga, you're such a player.
- I'm serious.
I think you're great.
With everything you do, what you've been through.
To be honest, I think I like you.
I've always wanted you, you know it.
And now that you said it, what do we do? Are you scared, nigga? Put your hands behind your back.
Get up, nigga.
Bring him.
I gotta get out of here.
I need to get out of here.
- On your knees.
- Lord - Have mercy on my soul - You're gonna die.
- God, help me.
- You're gonna die.
Help me.
A success! We can't help the Lord on empty stomachs.
Thank you, Lucrécia.
I already ate.
If there's something we believers can do, it's pray and eat.
It's gonna be so important to Chico to see Donizete sing here.
Where is he? Don't worry, Auntie.
He'll be here soon.
Doni is a popular guy.
That's true.
Protect me.
You're lucky the men didn't shoot you right away.
You know why? There are no emotional kids here, bro.
We're the mafia.
If this was the past, when the most powerful cries the least, you'd be dead, bro.
Put your clothes on, boy.
Quick, man.
Are you putting your makeup on? I don't have all day.
- It's fucking big here.
- I'll show you the farm.
Let me tell you.
Look at your car.
It's almost ready.
It got here light and it will leave heavy as fuck.
Let's stop there so you can see the family's process.
All right, boys.
How's everything going here? Everything okay? Here, kid.
This is the secret.
Get the recipe.
One kilo of cocaine paste turns into ten kilos of cocaine.
You know that, right? I do, bro.
I asked for you to be here today.
I liked your attitude during the debate.
You're a good guy, and a capable addition to our side.
You're smart.
But if you fuck up, bro, you die.
You know it.
And here, you write down the ins and outs.
Never forget this.
Use a pen.
No errors.
It's late.
What time are we doing this? Calm down, man.
You gotta be patient.
These parties have no schedule.
It's up to the birthday girl.
Don't you want to drink something? I'LLL BE LATE, BUT I'M COMING! I PROMISE! OKAY.
Hey, where are you going? I'm leaving.
This ain't for me.
Really? Doni, I've seen insecure people like you.
What are you thinking? The microphone's a lollipop, just put it in your mouth? But maybe this is not for you.
You're insecure Who's insecure? There are ten kilos in the car.
Once you get there, they'll know how to open the safe.
- Okay.
- You're lucky you showed your loyalty.
But don't make too many mistakes or you'll get hurt.
Bro, with all due respect, I wanted to ask you something.
- But if I'm annoying you, please - If you don't hurry, you're going too far.
I wanted to get into the walk, you know? Put shoes on your feet and walk.
The vibe here is responsibility.
You can be doing whatever you want, be with your family, but your loyalty is the essence.
Son, are you sleeping? Walk, let's go.
- All right, bro.
- God bless.
Are you coming up with me? For what? To join you? Of course not, Doni.
- Why? - Because I don't share the stage, baby.
Here it's every man for himself.
Go get them.
Hey, Doni, are you ready? Any 20 minutes can be a concert, okay? Okay.
Where were you? I got you another concert.
Come on, follow me.
Good evening, guys! I am MC Doni.
This is called "I Love You, No Strings Attached.
" It goes like this.
Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care Weren't you the one who liked fooling me? I don't care, I don't care Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care Weren't you the one who liked fooling me? I don't care, I don't care How's your boy doing? Is he better? - What a good surprise.
- Welcome to our party.
Thank you.
Good night.
Pastor, do you think you could pray for my family? Of course.
- How are you? That's good.
- I'm great.
Lord, powerful God and eternal father - Take my place real quick, please? - I present you the life of your servant.
And I ask you for protection in this very difficult moment in her life.
And to bless her.
In Jesus' name, amen.
How are you? I missed you.
I was so worried.
Shut up, Rita.
I don't wanna listen.
But I was just saying You're thinking of yourself again, you fucking selfish bitch.
Don't come after me.
Selfish? You're my partner.
I didn't mean it, Cacau.
Some people are selfish and don't know it.
Does the piece of shit know it's shit? If you had listened to me but you have nothing to lose, right? What's up, bro? Listen, Junior robbed the pharmacy and it looks like he's already spent the money.
Hey boss.
Junior is fucking it up again.
Tell him we need to have a conversation.
This sucks.
Everything went wrong.
Doni didn't show up.
Cacau hates me.
Let's go for a ride, I have the car.
- Ride where? - Wherever you want.
You can't be like this.
It might be for the best.
You need it.
The party was good.
I'm sorry.
I messed up.
Apologize to your mom, your friend, everybody.
I wanted to go, but I had another commitment.
It's my fault.
I was the one to encourage you when you wanted attention.
I've clapped for you since you were little.
You don't remember this.
It's the money from the concert.
The problem is not money.
Did you ever need anything? This easy life of criminals, cars, and women in your video your mother and I did everything to save you from that.
We lost Nando.
But he's not my son.
Dad, you know I love you and I'm thankful for all you did.
But I'm not doing this for money, fame, or anything.
I just wanna sing.
It's my dream.
- Were you running, asshole? - Are you crazy, bro? I'm just going to see my family.
And who'll pay that debt? I'll be honest with you, I am really hooked on drugs.
I'm going away for a while before someone kills me.
You're going to fuck me, Junior.
You're where you wanted to be, bro.
You're the manager, okay? You have respect in the hood.
Soon, you'll be a brother.
Let me go, bro.
I paid for your bail.
I did the right thing.
I put my name there and you get me in trouble.
Here's the deal.
You know how it goes.
In crime, you gotta be 100 percent.
If it's 99, you know it, right? You're gone.
Soon, there will be someone else who will do the same thing.
They'll kill you to take your place.
Isn't that what you did to take my place? Let me go, bro.
You'll be free from me, you know? Follow your path, bro.
Hold on, Formiga.
What was that noise? Nothing, Rita.
Relax, come here.
You're wonderful.
Hold on.
What is it? I think it broke, Formiga.
The condom broke.
My God.
I can't believe this, Formiga.
My bad, Rita.
- It was on my wallet for some time.
- For some time, bro? What do you mean? You used an old condom with me? - Rita! - Formiga - My bad, man.
- What do you mean? - No one ever asked me for it? - You idiot.
So it's all my fault? You didn't even have a condom.
Of course, I trusted you, bro.
I trusted you, Formiga.
Fuck! Old condom.
Fuck! Are you crazy? You idiot.
- Rita - You're so stupid, you must have put it on wrong.
Rita, hold on.
- If worst comes to worst, I'll step up.
- You will? Yes.
No fucking way.
- No fucking way.
- Are you kidding me? I'm responsible.
Responsible? I saw your responsibility.
You wanna be right about everything.
You're not right about shit.
Fuck you.
Fuck you? You're an idiot.
Excuse me.
- Rita, relax.
- Think about it, bro.
- Rita.
- You're an idiot.
Fuck you.
What's up? You really have no shame.
I had to talk to you, Cacau.
I have nothing to say to you.
I fucked up.
I turned my back and left.
I thought about myself and not you.
I just wanted to tell you.
I always thought you were awesome.
I always wanted to be by your side.
You made me feel stronger.
But in the end, I realized you only care about yourself.
I can only apologize to you.
I hope you can forgive me one day.
I know this day might never happen - I missed you so fucking much.
- Me too.
You're really shameless.
Girl, you're crazy.
Do you want to get beat up, Rita? - Calm down, Mom.
- Stay out of this.
Jussara, I know I made a mistake.
I know I fucked up Cacau's life.
- Don't give me this fake shit - I really mean it! I mean it, I just came to apologize to her.
I'm happy you're here.
- This girl is crazy - I want to change my life.
For that, I need you to forgive me.
All right, I see you didn't learn shit.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Jussara, I ask you to forgive me.
Oh, really? I'll send you to Jesus and you ask him for forgiveness.
- I don't wanna fight.
- Calm down! - What are you doing with her? - I decided to forgive her.
- Go home.
- Come with me.
- Only if you come with me.
- Go home! Go.
Fucking hell, go! Go home, you always do this.
I want to forgive her.
Hey, Doni.
How's it going, bro? Did you enjoy the party? I have news for you.
WHAT'S UP? We'll be featuring you on a show.
Things have started rolling.
MC Doni on the stage.
Doni! Come help your mother! Hurry! - Help me! - Dad! Dad! Dad, wake up! Mom, call someone.
- Hello? Please.
- Dad! - I need an ambulance.
It's urgent.
- Dad, wake up.
- My husband isn't well.
- Dad, wake up.
Dad, wake up.
Answer me! Mom! Dad, wake up.
Dad, wake up.
Dad, wake up.
Wake up! Dad! Wake up! Dad! Subtitle translation by Gabriela Haas-Cronk
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