Sintonia (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Make Your Mark

My Lord and my God, have mercy on my poor soul, Jesus.
Don't let anything bad happen to me, Father.
In the name of your beloved son, Jesus.
[cell phone ringing.]
Hi, baby! Guess who wants to talk to you? [girl.]
Daddy Hi, Daddy.
Daddy? That is so beautiful, baby girl.
Daddy loves you.
[girl speaking indistinctly.]
Nando, will you be long? Your daughter needs diapers.
Nando? Sweetheart, are you there? Nando, can you hear me? Leave it to me.
I love you both.
We love you, too.
Don't be long.
Is that true? - Come in.
- All chill? Good morning.
Two, three down to set the example and stop this shit.
No one gives a shit.
- [Lindão.]
It's time to teach them.
- Hey, guys.
Hi, Nando.
What's up? - All good? - Chill.
Are you good? Nando, did you see the horrible death of Badá's manager? - [Caneta.]
Cops everywhere, bro.
- Yeah, I know.
If I catch who did this, I'll beat him bad.
- [Torto.]
Hey, guys.
What's up? - [Zarolho.]
Hey, bro.
- Hey, all chill? - All good.
I'm good, bro.
How are you? How are you doing? [Lindão.]
We're talking about the crazy shit that went down.
What's up, bro? What's up, Formiga? [Lindão.]
Some crazy shit's happening.
Chill? Hey, Nando.
Everyone knew Juninho was always hustling with us, you know? He's my family.
- Was he? - My family.
Besides, he was an employee of Badá's.
That's not cool, bro! I don't give a fuck, bro.
The other day we had another talk where this dude had the balls to cover up for him, and then what happened? Where's the kid? - Excuse me, I'd like to say - [Caneta.]
Hang on.
Hang on, this isn't cool, bro.
If shit goes down in the hood, did you bring it to the Higher Ranks? - [Nando.]
To who? - [Gláucio.]
We're the Higher Ranks.
Can't be going over our heads like that.
That's not right.
And you, Caneta, weren't you his neighbor? I'll check if my brother saw something.
And you, Nando, are you out of the loop or what? Do you have anything to say about Juninho? That's right, bro.
It was me.
You fucking crazy, bro.
What are you saying? Where were you last night, Rita? I didn't see you come in.
I did something dumb.
Shit, the condom broke! Fuck! I trusted you, Formiga! There's no point in wanting a new life if you hang out with old friends.
My friends are the greatest thing God has ever given me.
You have to stop looking only at yourself.
You're always going against everything he puts in your path.
If you'd only accept his plan for you Since when do you know what his plan for me is? It's just me, God and my cross.
That's how it's been and will always be.
My fear is that I see too much of your parents in you.
Hey, Rita.
I GOT YOU TWO GIGS TONIGHT! DON'T BE LATE! IT'S YOUR CHANCE! Mom, don't you think he should stay here one more day? [scoffs.]
Try convincing that stubborn old man.
What about you? Don't you have to go? Don't you have something to do today? I have some gigs booked, but I'm gonna stay home with you guys.
Come on! You can go.
He'll be fine.
The doctor said so.
It was just his blood pressure.
Let's get going.
I've got a delivery coming in today.
Easy, Dad.
I won't be hanging around any hospitals.
Doctors only care about making up diseases.
I can't believe how stubborn you are.
[Chico chuckles.]
You're trying to kill me with all that salt in the food.
But my heart is beating steady, like a samba school.
Dad, I'll take care of the delivery.
You just chill, all right? All right, you do that, but don't forget to do your stuff.
We'll be just fine.
Won't we, Chico? Yeah, kiddo.
Thanks, Dad.
Count on me.
Go do your things.
Your mom also turned her back and walked away when God tested her faith.
My mom walked away? She was expelled from here.
Excommunicated, pastor.
She should've stayed and preserved her family.
Really? Why do you always blame her? Imagine if it was your husband leaving as a thief, how would it be for you? You know what happened to him, you know he went down the worst road.
She wouldn't take crap from anyone.
She left to protect me.
Your dad was wrong, and God punished him.
The human heart is deceitful.
Humans are flawed.
You can't rely on them.
People need to respect God's plan and stick with their families.
Look, Sueli, thanks for taking me in, but now I need to go and stay with my family.
[glass shatters.]
Fuck, man Elton, grab me a broom to get this cleaned up.
Hey, guys.
What's up? How's Chico doing? He's getting better.
He'll be back in no time.
Thank God.
So, Doni I know the timing isn't good, but can I stay at your place? Sure, Rita.
We're family, remember? You can help take care of my dad, too.
- Are you crazy? - You're going to die.
[all shouting.]
- You're going to die.
- Yeah, you are.
- Are you crazy? - You're going to die.
[guns cocking.]
Have mercy on my poor soul, Jesus.
I'm so fucked, man.
Don't let anything happen to me! Damn it! Give me the answer, Father, I beg you.
That's all I ask.
In the name of your beloved son, Jesus Christ.
These motherfuckers won't fuck me.
What was that? Hey, bro, listen to him.
- It was me.
- [Lindão.]
You what? Juninho was robbing our hood, you know, our community.
- That's not right.
I went after him.
- What? Hold up there.
Let me talk.
I went after him to talk and he tried to kill me.
He was part of my family, bro.
Who let you do this? Formiga was there.
Tell them.
Were you there? - Speak, man! - [Zarolho.]
Start talking.
- [Gláucio.]
Let it go.
- Yeah, that's right.
What's right? Juninho was high, you know? He got some coke, snorted - [Gláucio.]
So? - I was tailing him and I saw he was going to rob in the hood.
What about the footage? The guy was wearing a hood.
Are you sure it was him? Can you prove it? I saw him putting on the hood and entering the drugstore.
Are you sure about that? [Nando.]
Family or not, he became a junkie and started taking from the hood.
- Don't bullshit me.
- There's no forgiveness.
- Who authorized you to do it? - I didn't go over anyone's head.
You came through for him last time and now you play Mr.
Justice? Don't get me wrong.
Everybody deserves a second chance.
He got his.
And it was right here that Juninho was saved, but everyone said it'd be a whole different story if he screwed up again.
You should have brought him here.
You know how things work around here.
We call the shots.
Nobody here can put a brother six-feet-under without running it by the Higher Ranks first.
I didn't go over your head.
Didn't you? Who gave you permission? Who, bro? I got this mission from your brother Badá.
- Fuck! Who? - [Nando.]
Brother Badá.
You're on the red line.
- [Gláucio.]
You sure? - [Lindão.]
I'm calling him.
I want to check.
Check it out.
- [Gláucio.]
Call him.
- It's ringing.
[cell phone beeping.]
Oh, God! It's him! [girls screaming.]
Hi! [cameras clicking.]
Gorgeous! How are you? - Thank you.
- You got it.
Hey, Doni, say something for our channel.
MC Doni in the house! Thank you for your love and support.
Film me! Sorry, we're late.
He'll put on an awesome show for you.
Thank you, girls.
Give me that.
But it looked awesome.
[dance music playing over speakers.]
Hey, the most important are your fans and the press.
If you're not nice to her, a girl like that can burn you real good.
But for now, screw them.
Focus here and burn this house down.
- [crowd cheering.]
- Can you hear it? Yeah.
Bro, some of the best people started on this very stage.
Yeah? So, let's do it.
Go up there and make your name, MC Doni.
You're the man.
I promised you'd take this medicine.
Or Auntie Lu kills me.
Just the other day, you were chasing Doni and Nando, knocking everything down.
Now look at you.
Yeah, we grew up, didn't we? So did Doni.
I'm so proud of what's happening to him now.
Donizete's just a kid.
He'll be a kid forever.
That's his greatest quality and flaw.
You were always different.
You're strong, girl.
But you must find your way.
Channel this strength properly.
Otherwise, it turns against you.
[Chico sighs.]
Hey, Badá, are you there? [Gláucio.]
Hey, brother.
[Badáon phone.]
Hey, family.
Good day to you all.
Hey, brother.
Hey, bro.
This is Gláucio speaking.
So, what's up? Hey, Badá, my brother.
Your boy, Nando, is here.
He's wasted our brother Juninho, and he told us that you gave him permission to do it.
Is that true? Who's listening? Here it's me, Lindão, Torto, Caneta, Zarolho, Formiga, and your boy that we're about to put out.
What's the rush, bro? Already making decisions on your own? Do you think you call the shots here? Hey, Torto! Hey, Badá.
Bring it here.
You can count on us wherever you are.
How are your mom and dad? All chill? All chill, always struggling.
That's it, Torto.
Is Badáaware of this shit? He's gonna be so pissed.
We need to tell Márcia.
We're gonna die, and I don't want to die.
Just do as I said.
I'm gonna tell you straight, bro.
I can't be picking up the phone because of shit like this.
You're wasting my time in here.
MÁRCIA, TELL BADÁ ABOUT JUNINHO, NOW! We already got our share of big fucked-up problems here.
We're not free like you guys on the streets.
We're bringing this to you, boss, because your name came up, okay? The Higher Ranks don't know anything about it.
The kid said he had your permission.
We just want to confirm.
Hey, Badá? [line disconnects.]
It cut off.
Guys, the boy's already said he did it.
He didn't bring the matter to us, - let's waste him - [Torto.]
Hold on.
Calm down, calm down.
What if tomorrow we find out the boy's got it right? It's gonna look bad on your side.
I respect you and your words, but what about our authority? Listen - He didn't come to us.
- [Torto.]
The call got cut off.
MOM [cell phone chimes.]
[Doni on phone.]
Hey, Rita.
I'm shocked.
The place is crowded.
How's Dad doing? He's doing all right, well-behaved.
Don't worry.
Tell me about the gig.
It's crowded as hell.
I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
[man over PA.]
Let's go, everybody! And now we present Stick around.
The party's just getting started! [Rita on phone.]
I'm on that stage with you, brother.
We're in this together.
We've always dreamed of it.
Go and do it for your dad.
You'll be hugging him in no time.
[crowd cheering and clapping.]
It's bumping, bro.
Go get them! - Go and bring the house down! - [man over PA.]
And now welcome MC Doni! Hey, family! Funk lovers, give me a shout! - That's right! Hit it! - [dance music playing over speakers.]
It's no use telling me you love me I don't want love With no strings attached I warned you not to get too close You've got a crush, now what? It's a taste of your own medicine Time's gone by, that's just how life is Sing along with me! Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care Weren't you the one Who liked fooling me? I don't care, I don't care Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care Weren't you the one Who liked fooling me? Jump and sing along! Weren't you the one who liked [Gláucio.]
Let's hurry.
He's history.
Chill, bro.
We'll talk to Badáagain.
Badá's calling us.
[cell phone beeping.]
You got cut off? [Badá.]
Gláucio, hear me out.
I respect the High Ranks.
The order came from upper management.
Above me, there's more people, and they have a say, understand? It's not my sole responsibility.
So, here's the deal: I talked with them.
It's all by the book.
Let the kid go, all right? That's right.
All right, we're gonna release him.
But what the fuck, man? We know nothing and our decisions aren't worth shit now? Brother, so you're saying that my employee from my hood took an isolated action? Is that what you're saying? Nobody respects me now? Not even in my hood, in my house, I ain't got no respect? So? Bro, you're saying you gave him the green light, right? So, now he can just take action here and go straight to you.
That it, bro? - Listen - Your boy's here, we're gonna let him go like you asked.
Off the hook, free to go.
But this isn't how we roll.
Respectfully, Gláucio, you and I go back a long way.
You've been in the mafia for a while.
I expected more from you, man.
Watch your words! The right thing has many ways to show itself.
Many ways.
That was my decision.
If you want to kill someone, bring it on! Pop one in me.
Are you crazy? We're family, we're together.
But no one takes a life in the hood without running it by us.
I hear you.
If we don't know about it, we have to check it out.
- Isolated action.
- That's why we brought it to you.
You gave permission, so it's all good.
Peace out.
We're family.
You just said it.
Nando is my boy.
He's my word out there, you know? Whenever you see him, you see me.
You're gonna see me.
All right? If shit goes down, if someone drops the ball with him or you lay a finger on him, you lay a finger on me.
Hey, this is Torto.
I think I can wrap it up, Badá.
Before anyone hurts him, they'll have to hurt us.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
That's how it is, Torto.
Thank you for your words, everyone.
You all have to be more humble.
We gotta stick together, okay? People are trying to take us down all the time, and all you do is hit your heads against the wall.
You carry the name of our family.
We move forward together, all right? God bless you, bros.
Bye, bro.
God bless you.
- We're cool, brother? - We're cool after Daddy saved your ass.
- Let's go.
- Once again I won't forget it.
Peace out, bro.
You all know what to do.
Count on me, bro.
- We're together.
- Peace out.
disrespecting the High Ranks No hard feelings.
our situation They get impressed with our lifestyle Every time they see our homeboys Riding a whip Wearing all the nice brands Rolling with the gear Wherever he goes, he shocks everyone And several Many times, God tests our faith.
We feel lonely, with no family or friends.
We feel like nobody cares about us.
Even him.
But even if you have gone through difficult times in your life, be brave and believe in God, for he will change the course of your life, thanks to his providence.
The favela has won! Spread out the word We're all coming Thank you, family! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Thank you, family! [man over PA.]
Did you enjoy MC Doni? MC Dede's van broke, we're filling in for him in 45 minutes.
Are you in? You bet.
Get your shirt and hurry, I'm waiting in the car.
I'll just say hi to the fans.
All right.
Doni! Let's go, man! Do that later! - I'm going! - We have to go! We're late! Come on, boy! I'm leaving without you! [moaning.]
[siren chirps.]
Police! Pull over! Now! Take a right and pull over.
Pull over! Get out of the car.
Turn off the engine.
Get out slowly.
Lean against the car.
Do what I say! Turn around.
Then what? - Do you have drugs in the car? - No.
Guns? Boy, I won't say again.
Do you have a gun in there? - Yes.
- Yes, what? - A gun.
- Where? In the glove box.
Jeff, check the glove box.
Out for a drive? Huh? What are you looking at? Did I say to look there? Lock the car, we're going for a ride.
Move it! Where do you think you're at? School? For you alone, our God eternal Throughout the earth And heaven above Let us praise the Lord with our tithes and offerings.
As it says in Second Corinthians, chapter nine, verse seven: "God loves a cheerful giver.
" In the name of Jesus Christ, we're starting a new campaign, a campaign to help fund the construction of a new temple at our new premises.
Amen, brethren.
Amen! And, Lord, we want to lift Your name up high Hallelujah.
And, Lord, we want to thank you For the works - You've done in our lives - [speaking indistinctly.]
And, Lord, we trust In your unfailing love For you alone, our God eternal Throughout the earth And heaven above - Sister.
- Yes? Please move to that other line.
You too, sister, go to that line on the left, please.
And, Lord, we want to thank you We want to thank you For the works you've done in our lives And, Lord, we trust In your unfailing love For you alone, our God eternal For you alone, our God eternal Throughout the earth And heaven above [pastor.]
"Master, who has sinned? Himself or his parents, for this man to be born blind?" And Jesus said: "Neither he nor his parents have sinned.
Those things happened so that God's work could manifest in his life.
" Hallelujah! Glory be to God, my Lord! After saying that, Jesus spat on the ground, mixed soil and saliva, and rubbed it on the man's eyes.
Jesus said: "Go wash your face in the pool of Siloam.
" The man went and washed himself, his sight came back.
Amen! Hallelujah! Holy Spirit Comes as Holy Fire Like on the day of Pentecost [man.]
Here's the deal.
If we bring you in today, you'll be in jail for the whole sentence.
But I'm not interested in that.
We want Badá.
But he's in jail and you're here to represent him, so it's up to you.
What's the deal? What is right is right.
We're the same as you, but on the other side.
How much do you want? I want your phone with a direct connection with Badá.
Only he has what we want.
You should know there's no way to contact him.
If I were you, I'd forget about this to protect your family.
What was that? You heard me.
So, you think you're a thug.
Look at that! Shut up, you motherfucker.
You're just an errand boy.
You're lucky that your boss is a big shot.
Leave him out of this.
Tsk, tsk.
We'll talk to Badáright now.
Take his phone, Jeff.
I don't have Badá's number! But he has yours and he's been told to call you.
Give me that! Wow! Look at this! Gentlemen, place your bets.
Which one will ring first? I choose this one.
Look who showed up! Wait a minute, I'll be right back.
Yeah, sure.
Look who's here! [chuckles.]
So did you forget about me? Of course not.
I'm saving up to settle my debt with you.
No, please For God's sake, I've told you, Doni.
You don't need to settle everything at once.
Hence, the installments.
But even that is impossible for you - I'll settle it.
- Heh.
Listen, here's what I say to everyone who becomes famous: Never forget those who took a chance on you when you were no one.
If I had the money with me now, I'd give it to you.
If you like, I can talk to that man who seems to be looking for you.
No, chill.
I'll settle it with you in the next couple of days.
Cool? All right.
See you at the bar.
Or maybe at your dad's grocery store? We're partners now, Doni.
Let's go home? To the next show.
Let's go.
[cell phone ringing.]
I think you're fucked.
[Badáon phone.]
Spit it out, doc.
What's the deal? Two hundred grand, tonight.
No, doc.
There's something wrong.
I'm in jail.
Twenty grand is what I can get you.
Twenty grand? I won't buy that old bullshit.
Name your price.
Do it quickly because your boy's here and he's fucking scared.
Are you crazy, doc? We're in jail here.
We're not running around on the streets.
This ain't no Disneyland.
Thirty grand and you drop him where he asks.
He's gonna ask us to take him to you.
Forty grand and that's it.
Can't do any better.
One hundred and fifty.
Because you're an old friend.
Okay, here's the deal for you: 50,000 and your family lives.
Fifty and yours dies.
Doc, I'm gonna tell it to you straight.
I've had enough of you.
You know what? Fuck you all.
I want nothing to do with you.
Cool, bring him into custody.
If you take one down, another ten will take his place.
I'm already locked up.
I don't give a shit anymore.
I'm drowning in problems in here, doc.
I got nothing to lose.
We're gonna war.
All right, do that.
Will you lose another manager? People will think you've lost control.
They'll take it from you.
Hear me out, man.
Your name is getting weaker.
Let's do this: 100 grand.
Neither of us wins.
No, doc.
I can't afford that.
Let's make it 60.
No more.
Eighty grand.
Eighty and we settle this for good.
I'll give you the address tomorrow.
You have a deal, doc.
This is an old fight, you know that.
Same old fight.
It's far from ending.
This war is very far from ending.
Thanks, brother.
[cell phone beeps.]
Why the face, Doni? We have one more show to go.
Energy! I'm worried about some problems.
Our job isn't just success and sleeping with the fans.
Picture this, bro You in a hotel room, all by yourself.
It's Christmas Eve, in a little town you'll never want to set foot in again, waiting to perform for a bunch of drunk teenagers.
Are you following me? Well, this is what we do, man.
There'll be days where you'll question all this shit.
But work is work.
And only your dedication can take you to the top.
But the most important thing, and what we can never forget, is that this is the business we chose.
Get the fuck out.
[man singing.]
This river That emanates from the cross Beside Jesus I want to make an invitation.
If you want to accept Jesus or if you want to return to Christ, please step forward.
Come up here.
Who is coming? Who is coming? Come, brethren, let Jesus in.
Hallelujah! Come, child! Come here! Come here! Let Jesus in.
No more running away.
- Let God be in charge of your life.
- [crowd.]
Hallelujah! [pastor.]
Come live in another time, a time of victory! Go all the way! [woman.]
Hallelujah! Because God believes in you! [woman.]
Hallelujah! [pastor.]
It's all canceled, annulled! All misery gone, in Jesus's name! What seemed To be impossible Sing with your heart! What seemed To have no way out What seemed to be my death But Jesus changed my fortune I am a miracle and I am here [Scheyla.]
Did you bring the diapers? Nando, are you okay? [muffled.]
Nando, what's the matter? Look at me, talk to me.
I'm worried.
Talk to me, baby.
- [pastor.]
Let us all say amen! - [crowd.]
Amen! [pastor.]
God bless you.
This is your chance to go and talk to him.
My child.
I want to confess, pastor.
Of course, what happened? I have sinned.
Do you repent? If you truly repent, God has already forgiven you.
God is love.
Be in peace.
But you must be vigilant.
Stand and pick up from where you fell, and begin again.
I remember you, from my office.
Something caught my attention.
Earlier this morning, God showed me I was praying for a young woman, and when I saw you receiving the Holy Spirit, God confirmed that in my heart.
God has a plan for you.
I want to be part of this house.
Are you baptized? Not yet.
"Openings for aspiring deacons.
[Badáon phone.]
Bro, some rat tattled on you tonight.
But that's all right.
When I find the fucker, I'm going to rip his head off, you know? Márcia is gonna get you the funds.
Tomorrow you will deliver 60,000.
It's not 80, you got that? Don't even ask.
Trust no one.
No one.
I'm your ally, Badá.
You can trust me.
I trust you.
And you know why? Because you are a clever boy, you have a vision.
That's why I've helped you this far.
But if you make one mistake, you're fucked.
You know how serious the family is.
From now on, you answer to me alone.
You don't report to anyone else.
Not even to Márcia, do you hear me? Whatever I tell you to do, just do it.
- You got it.
- We're together, kid.
It's on.
Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care - [dance music playing over speakers.]
- I don't care Weren't you the one Who liked fooling me? I don't care, I don't care Yesterday I told you I loved you But today I already forgot you I don't care, I don't care Weren't you the one Who liked fooling me? I don't care, I don't care You look great.
Let me see.
You're coming to my baptism, right? Of course, my darling! How could I miss it? Now tell me, what happened between you and Sueli? We had a falling out.
- But why? - We see things very differently.
And she talked about my father.
I'm not like him.
Do you want to talk to him again? [sighs.]
I don't want to think about it.
I just want a new life.
Lucrécia, help! I'm coming, Chico! Don't walk in the dark! - Everything all right? - [Lucrécia.]
Rita! Rita! We've closed out today's accounts, and there's nothing for you.
- Come on, man.
- [crowd cheering in background.]
We booked this earlier tonight.
Help me out here.
The kid's show was added on.
That's the rule for the first time here.
Why don't we book some more gigs for this month, so we don't leave empty-handed? Are you crazy, Éder? I went up there and performed.
- [cell phone ringing.]
- Forget it, let's go.
Are you kidding? I'm not singing for free.
That's how the industry rolls.
One day you're gonna thank me for this opportunity.
- Never mind.
Let's go.
- If it was for free, I'd be at home.
Do you think I'm dumb? We're from the hood, but not stupid.
- Calm down, kid.
- I saw it.
It was a full house.
How come you don't have any money? Calm down, man.
Screw you! They loved my performance.
I really don't care.
There are hundreds like you.
Those are our regulars, not your fans.
- Get this brat out of here.
- I'm not a brat.
Hold on! Calm down! It's all good.
Sorry about that.
- Sorry, my ass! - [cell phone ringing.]
Don't touch him.
Talk to you later.
Hello? Rita, what's up? [sirens wailing in distance.]
[Doni singing.]
Because he lives [Lucrécia.]
Chico, react! - [man.]
Three, two, one.
- [Lucrécia.]
Chico! React, Chico! - Wait! - Chico! Chico, please! Chico! [Rita.]
Calm down.
- Calm down.
- Chico! Chico, react! - I can face tomorrow - Chico! Because he lives - Mom! Calm down! Mom! - Chico! [Rita.]
Calm down! All fear is gone Because I know I know That my life Is in the hands Of Jesus Because he lives [sobbing.]
Is in the hands Of Jesus Because he lives [sobbing.]

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