Sintonia (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Moving to the Same Beat

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Nearer, my God to Thee Nearer to Thee NANDO WHERE ARE YOU? Are you okay? If you need anything, you know where to find me.
I know God is guiding every one of your steps.
CLOSED FOR MOURNING - What's up, little brother? - Hey, bro.
Remember when it was just a warehouse? Or just a small shop.
This is crazy, bro.
Your pops was dope.
XI MARKE CLOSED FOR MOURNING Now it's all yours, bro.
Thanks for everything.
I was wondering Do you want to work with us at the store? I'm trying for a job at the church.
I'm so glad you've found God's path.
It's really good for Doni to have you around.
As for Luiz Fernando Oh, Nando Nando is distancing himself more and more.
Don't let this distance come between you, darling.
What's going on? - I came here to support Nando.
- What for? Why is Formiga here? We're late for Doni's.
You know his best friend's father just died, don't you? Go and tell him he has to go.
- He has to go to his friend's house.
- There's nothing I can do.
Nando, when will you be done? Nando, talk to me.
RITA: WHERE ARE YOU, NANDO? The money we're short is the rat's part.
I want to see him squeak.
Now go and deal with the cops.
Nando, listen to me.
You always complained you had no family.
Chico was family.
I'm your family.
You promised to always be there for me.
You're not doing that.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
And the grocery store? What should we do? It'll be closed for the week and we'll think about it later.
Pops would get mad.
Let's open as usual.
You're right.
And the stock is out on the street.
We have to bring it inside.
I'll do it.
Rita can help me.
I can't picture life without your dad.
But having you by my side comforts me.
Doni We've always done everything, everything for you.
But now, it's time for you to grow up.
Get out of the car with your hands on your head.
Go! Slowly.
Against the wall.
Where's the money? It's all in there, right? Can I trust you? - I couldn't get all of it, sir.
- You what? What do you mean? I made a deal with Bada.
I brought you the cash you're going to get.
It's all we had.
Look, Bada and I had a deal.
This is not what we agreed.
Are you joking? No, sir.
Sales are down, you know.
I don't give a shit about it! Bada broke our deal! Damn it! You know, it's hard to find a straight shooter like you.
Your boss must be very happy.
You know it's a short career.
A smart guy like you, wise - Top gun, rolling with the Higher Ranks - I am not with the Higher Ranks.
- You got a baby girl to raise, right? - That's not it.
That's what people say.
Listen here and do me a favor.
Why don't you ask Bada to be a little nicer to us? I help you, you help me.
Your business can keep cashing in.
I have your back, you have my back.
Right? Your freedom is worth more than that, isn't it? Watch your back, boy.
Good afternoon.
Hi, bro, are you good? Hey, good afternoon.
- Hey, bro.
- All good? - How's auntie doing? - She's okay.
Where were you, Nando? Nando.
You've changed, dude.
Only thinking of your own stuff.
I don't recognize you.
Are you going to preach to me now? This is no godly thing, get real! Why are you talking to me like that? Because you wear fancy clothes? Because you're a big shot in the hood? Nando, I'm not afraid of you.
Rita, when you're in trouble, we help you.
When Doni's in trouble, we help him.
When I'm in trouble, I'm all alone.
You don't think I wanted to be there? You know nothing about my life.
So tell me, you can trust me.
Hey! What are you doing? You two are fighting now? MARCIA: THERE IS SOME SHI GOING AROUND ABOUT ONE OF OURS Wasn't your manager going to get you on TV? Yeah, when is it? - Today.
- Today? Bro, if you want, I'll give you a ride.
- No need, I'm good.
- Doni, this is important for you.
MÁRCIA: COME OVER NOW Don't give up.
It's your dream, your career.
I have some shit to handle, but I'll take you there.
- No need.
- Are you sure? Count on me, bro.
Bye, Rita.
What time is that? No idea.
I don't think I'm going.
What do you mean you're not going? It's your dream, your career.
- You have to go, homie! - Why? I'm trapped in this store! I'm just hotheaded right now, okay? What's up? Hey, bro.
What is this? I told Formiga we had no bullets.
This shit's selling a lot.
So if I'm not here nobody eats or wipes their asses? You don't do anything? You have it out with him.
Don't give me that crap! If we're out of something, go and get it.
Where's Formiga? Hey, Nando.
All chill, bro? Chill.
You good? There's a dude looking for you.
He knows the boss.
Hey, bro.
What's the matter? Everybody knows it.
It's the rules.
If you don't comply, you can't complain.
Now she comes to me and says she won't pay? This is a mess! She's playing us for fools? Bada said you're going to put an end to this matter.
You're not gonna say anything? Hold on, man.
I didn't get it.
That hag thinks she can sell booze at the fluxo without paying the fee.
- What hag? - The one with the cooler.
Are you the bar owner who got in a fight with the booze lady? Is that the shit you want me to handle? I'm not the one asking you.
It's Bada.
He's my boy from back in the day.
So, what's the procedure? Bring her here so I can talk to her.
Okay? Thus spoke Jesus: "God sends fools to confound the wise.
" You know that among these 2,000 people, I noticed from up there the precise moment when God touched your heart.
I had a vision.
He showed me that he has big plans for you.
But child, what do you want here? I want to help, Pastor.
My child, you can't admit it to me.
Do you have the courage to admit to yourself what you really want? It's not a sin to be ambitious.
Getting to know God's word is a path.
But tell me, what do you want? - I want to spread God's word.
- You can already do that.
Just go to those in need and pray with them.
I want to be up there, just like you.
My child, in order to spread God's word, you must have a clear overview.
The pastor is a guide, someone who's farsighted, who can steer his sheep towards the promised land.
We sense this calling, but it doesn't happen overnight.
Every gift needs to be groomed and prepared.
You need to be engaged in the church, first as a volunteer, then as an employee.
What does your family think about this, - about you going down this road? - I don't have anyone.
I won't make it.
My head's elsewhere.
You have to go, Doni.
It's a great opportunity, man.
I worked my ass off to book you there.
I just came here to give you the heads up.
I know it's a tough moment.
Such is life, my friend.
You need to toughen up your psyche.
I'm going with you.
Look I also lost my dad when I was a kid.
So I know exactly how you're feeling.
But now, you're your own boss.
And you have to make a call on what to do.
If you want to be stuck in the grocery store or get out there and sing, do what you love the most.
Your car's here.
Go ahead, I'll meet you there.
She shakes her buns, shakes her buns To the cavaco sound She shakes her buns, shakes her buns To the cavaco sound Of course, of course She shakes her buns to the cavaco sound Then she gives it away real easy - Then - Then she gives it away real easy Then Damn! This crazy Jussara again.
I won't have them breaking my bottles.
Who is in charge here? I was working.
Let's get this over with.
Jussara, you're banned from the fluxo, okay? You only make trouble and you don't pay the sound wall fee.
Look at you! So you're the one who's going to solve this problem? I'm representing our brother Bada, who's in jail, who knows everything that happens in the hood.
Well, okay, then Bada is doing pretty well! Jussara, we'll deal with this respectfully or shit will go down.
I won't waste my time on you.
Okay, then, let's do this respectfully.
Who's going to make up for my losses? Because they went up there, broke my cart and all my bottles.
Who's going to pay? Is that true, Anderson? We went and talked to her nicely.
But she acted like a bitch to the boys.
Talked nicely? You offended me right away, shoving your finger in my face, threatening me with your thugs.
What was that? Now you're playing the victim? You're a troublemaker, everybody knows.
I was minding my own business.
You called the boys.
Deal with it.
I don't need no thugs! Go to hell, bitch! - Oh, yeah? Here - Enough! Let's sort this out! Rita! - Help! They took my mom.
- What happened? Nando cornered her! You have to help me! Girl, I'm sorry, but if he took her, there's nothing we can do.
No! Only you can help! Talk to him, he'll listen! I can't meddle in this anymore.
I'm in the church now, I'm on a different path, you know? I'm so sorry.
You said you had changed, that you weren't selfish anymore.
I trusted you, I forgave you.
I'm your best friend.
I'm asking you, in Jesus' name.
Come with me.
Donizete, MC Doni.
You're not on the list.
Do you think I'm making it up? Check it out.
You don't look like a funk singer.
What does one look like? Do I need a gold chain and a cap for you to let me through? Hey, gorgeous.
He's MC Doni.
I spoke to Claudinei, he knows.
He's not on the list.
He's last minute, but it's all settled.
- Hey.
- What the hell's this shit? Chill, man.
Abusive producers are all the same.
- Follow me, please.
MC Doni, right? - Yeah.
I won't pay anything, you hear me? And if she shows up with her cooler again, we'll break her.
So I'm not supposed to work? Is that it? Okay, but don't forget I'm not by myself.
Hey, Nando.
How is it going to be? He is annoying my aunt! Plus, it's just a cooler.
Damn! You guys sell ten times more than me and you want to tax me? Did you at least tell her she had to pay for something? - He didn't! - She doesn't have a crystal ball.
Everybody knows you've gotta pay your fair share.
Okay, let me break it down.
Pay your fair share and it's all good.
Pay her fair share? What about all her stuff they broke? If we see her at the fluxo, shit will stink.
She's crazy.
Crazy, my ass! Is that how you're going to deal with this? We do right by the righteous, you know? You have to fork it out.
Then why is nobody paying for my losses? Right by the righteous? How is it right to keep her from working? Your methods aren't right, man.
And I won't have it.
Not here, bro.
Let's bring it to the warehouse.
Let's escalate this, call a dialogue with the brothers.
You're forgetting Bada put you here for this, isn't that right? Is there any funk stuff in the wardrobe? Some bling or something? Look, that's what we've got.
Next time you get someone to fill in, send them in the right outfit.
Fill in, dude? That's why I wasn't on the list? We should thank the other MC for bailing.
It's super hard to get a slot with Bruno Soares.
You said they wanted me, that all this was for me.
Today's the worst day.
You have to seize the opportunity when it comes.
I'm dressed like a clown.
Listen, you get in and answer his questions quickly.
He'll announce your track, playback will roll and your mic will be off.
Any questions? Hey, cheer up! No sad face, no sad stories.
Bruno likes a big smile, a cool attitude.
Go in there, be playful and charming with the girls.
He loves that.
Do it like that and it's going to be a hit.
Bro, Bada put me here, all right? Sure you want to go over his head? My aunt isn't leaving without getting compensated by him.
What's going on? What are you doing here, Rita? Do you want - to ruin her life again? - I asked her to come.
Bro, get your aunt under control.
Calm down.
Are we going to solve this or what? You're a dirty asshole, and you're some motherfuckers, nobody's here to solve my problem! - Easy! - Mom, do you want to die? Shut up! Do you want to drag me down? Damn! Do you still want to escalate this issue? So, what's it going to be? I have to work to provide for my daughter.
I always did my own hustle, I don't depend on men or anyone.
- Can I say something? - No.
It's over.
I've always done my own hustle.
I'm sick and tired I hated you so much.
You did what you did to protect Cacau.
I'm not saying it was right.
People make mistakes.
Nobody can judge anybody.
Everybody deserves a second chance.
So that's it.
A second chance.
Jussara can set foot in the fluxo once she's paid the sound wall fee.
You have to compensate her.
You can't go berserk without consulting us first.
That's all.
Now everybody go home.
All right, Nando.
See you around.
Cacau, see you around.
Hey, Rita Thanks.
Thank you.
Really, I'll never forget that.
See you.
My bad.
Okay, just don't do it again.
Don't say it was God's work because you've always been a busybody.
MC Doni! What's up, brother? NEW FUNK TALEN MC DONI SPEAKS OU Everybody wants to know about MC Doni.
How long have you been a funk artist? I guess since I was born.
Wow, good answer! There's something that arouses my curiosity: to be a funk artist, what does it take? You need to sing, have some style, right? - And be true to who you are.
- Some style? We have tons of style on our show! Come here We're never short on style! Am I right? Yeah! Yeah, style! MC Doni! Here is our show Hand me your cap.
What do you think? Do I look like those kids from the hood parties? FIRST TIME ON TV: MC DONI Yeah! What do you think? I don't think he liked the joke very much.
Oh, well But hey, I'm glad you're the funk singer because I don't have a knack for that.
But let's move on and make some music.
MC DONI SINGS DONDOKA'S HI Because MC Doni will be singing on our show for the first time ever! "A Roll in Our Ride"! - "Rolling in Our Ride.
" - Oh, I'm sorry! MC Doni singing MC Dondoka's hit, - "Rolling in Our Ride"! - It's my song.
We've been struggling for a long time People don't understand our situation They got impressed with our lifestyle Every time they see our homeboys Riding a whip It's my fault.
I'd cheer you on, since you were little.
You don't remember that.
All I want to do is sing.
It's my dream.
Tonight's the party Speed up that ride We're all coming, we're all coming DJ What's going on, MC Doni? I'm going to sing a different song.
Dad, this one's for you.
It's not easy to get to where I am today I had to keep on hustling real hard Mom, thanks for your prayers For being there and for all your support People would say I don't belong To the hood that has seen me grow up Dad, thanks for your motivation I really wish you were here now But I moved and kept on pushing I know I can fulfill my dreams Of being a successful funk artist To be cheered by those who criticized me There is no heaven without a fight So we will never give up It won't be easy, but that's no excuse Make it happen I will get there, you bet There is no heaven without a fight So we will never give up It won't be easy, but that's no excuse Make it happen I will get there, you bet MC Doni! MC DONI HONORS HIS FATHER WITH UNRELEASED SONG I have no idea what took over me there.
You made an homage to your dad.
If he were here, he'd get it.
Right? Yeah, bro.
Yeah, I know.
But I need to take a break from everything.
CACAU: COME BY TOMORROW? - Are you crazy? - What? You don't have the right.
Singing on stage performing This dream isn't yours alone.
We dreamed it together back there.
I know, but Éder was pissed.
- That dude is shortsighted, Doni.
- He's such a loser.
I got it from day one.
I know, but it was wild in there.
It was the first time I felt like singing for my dad, just something special, you know? People liked it, they wanted to listen.
Why are you still with this manager? He's in the past.
Leave him.
I can't just walk away.
He doesn't believe in you.
Did you sign anything? No, we just have each other's word.
- Really? - What do you want to do? Partner up with someone who listens to what I have to say about us, my family, the hood.
I don't want to be seen as a piece of merch.
All right, let's go talk to this man.
Doni, this business is a swamp.
You'll drown in no time without me, bro.
I'm grateful for everything you've done for me.
Now I need to do things my way.
Tell me what else you need.
I'll get it to you.
You name it.
Do you want a bigger team? Make more videos? It could be good.
I have friends in country music who can put you at some festivals.
I see.
Did someone call you? Nobody, man.
I just want to sing about stuff I live.
The big shots are after you.
I get it.
Then, just pay the fine and go on.
Fine? There's no contract! And the investments I made? Are you crazy? I paid for everything! - So you want to play the smartass? - Hold up.
You already had your share on his work, and got your money back.
Do you want to hold back his progress? The kid's a bird, he has to fly away and sing.
Are you going to be his manager? I'm his brother.
Damn it! Doni, you told me that Éder paid for the video.
Where did you get that money? I borrowed it from that guy, Miro.
Bro, you have to pay it soon.
Or you'll be fucked.
Is that what you wanted? Just hear him out.
I know you don't want to see me, but I can't stop thinking about you.
I'm here to apologize.
You're a nice guy.
But your life is not for me.
I've changed.
This path is not for me either.
What is it? I've seen too much stuff, shit keeps getting crazier and I don't want to go to jail or God has a plan for everyone.
My path won't cross yours.
I decided to wait on the Lord.
My path is now with God.
- Hi, Pastor.
- My child.
I'm ready to be baptized.
- Are you? - Yes.
Pastor Sueli told me a whole different story.
About your father, who turned against God and about the bitterness of your mother.
I'm going to baptize you, but you go after your father because family is divine work.
I have to go.
Give it some thought.
DJ RD, MC Menor MR Yet another one, huh? If you have a dream You gotta focus, persist Never let them change your mind Go on with your head up high And listen to your heart's voice Money not only attracts whores But also deceives many idiots Who fall prey to the appeal of easy money And get lost with so much thrill Still as a child, I learned That a real rascal Maintains his principles Just because you're into pot Doesn't mean you're the bomb You're delaying your return - Spit it out.
- Calm down.
- Damn it! - Come on! Your performance on the TV show was dope.
Drop by the label so we can talk.
- Awesome! - I'm so happy! - I told you I'd be someone in this shit! - Wow! More than just someone, bro.
You'll be a hit, bro.
We're getting to the top.
The tables have turned, man! You'll be at my baptism, right? Of course! I'll be there.
My brother, we're family above all, you know.
All the way down.
Yeah, we do what we have to do to survive, you know? It doesn't matter what we do, - we'll always be together, right? - You bet! - Are we a family or not, Nando? - We sure are.
Hey Nando, get to the warehouse.
Did I do something wrong, Bada? Get to the warehouse, now.
Hey, my brothers.
Bring it here.
I got Bada on the line.
Hey, Bada! Hey, guys.
Firstly, I'd like to thank everybody for being here.
I wish I was there to welcome another brother into our family.
You can get started, Torto.
The brother has shown loyalty, brotherhood, organizational skills, and sincerity above all.
You, guy with the book, jot down what I say: Registration number 178882, got that? Since brother Bada is doing some time, he'll do the baptism with me, all right? - Bring it on.
- Hey Bada, the time is now.
Yeah, Torto.
That's how we roll.
Word up, brotherhood, since day one this kid's been solid.
He'd jump off a cliff with us.
He works directly for me.
My dear and beloved ones, we are gathered here today in the name of Jesus, to baptize these souls in His faith and words.
- Amen, church.
- Amen! Our celebrity's here.
Welcome, Doni.
This office is dope.
He has shown true commitment.
Forget about friends, partners and family.
If the Organization calls up, you have to show up to the missions.
By reading this statute, you'll confirm 100 percent you want to become a brother.
Now, raise your hands, and let's confess our faith.
- Dear God.
- Dear God.
I recognize your great love for me.
- I recognize your great love for me.
- Utmost loyalty, respect, and solidarity to the Organization.
The struggle for freedom, justice and peace.
The contribution of those who are free to help the brothers who are in prison, such as lawyer fees, money, family support For you gave your son, Jesus Christ For you gave your son, Jesus Christ What about the changes in the contract? All good? Yeah, sure.
No worries.
So you're saying I can produce the songs the way I want to? Absolutely.
The lawyers are taking care of everything.
Then let's finish this so we can celebrate! - Sure.
- I recognize my sin.
I recognize my sin.
And I regret living apart from you.
And I regret living apart from you.
The Organization doesn't admit lies, betrayals, envy, greed, slander, selfishness, and self-interest.
Whereas the truth, fidelity, manhood, solidarity, and an interest in the common good are all cherished.
And ask you for forgiveness.
And ask you for forgiveness.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Amen! Freedom, justice, peace, equality and union.
Hey brothers, here's to freedom, peace, justice and union.
Doni, I really admire your work.
But we should think about assembling a more professional team.
A more experienced manager Your friend seemed a bit Nando, right? No I can trust Nando.
They're all top-notch professionals.
Check this out This pen here won lots of Grammys, and has written many names in history.
It's your turn now.
Glory be to God! Glory be to God! Child, today is the day when your family is our Lord Jesus' family.
From now on, you'll leave behind everything and everyone that isn't in accordance with God's teachings.
Are you ready? Rita, are you ready to be born again in Christ? Let's do this.
You, man, with the book, got your pen? The time is now.
- Name.
- Luiz Fernando Silva.
- City and district.
- São Paulo, Vila Áurea.
I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son - Good afternoon! - Good afternoon! Amen! Date of birth.
May 6th, 2000.
GODFATHER REGISTRATION NUMBER Nando, welcome to the Organization.
From now on, you're our brother.
Let's celebrate! Cheers! Hey, brotherhood.
We have new blood in the family to take our name forward.
We're here for progress.
A toast to MC Doni, Cheers! We're in this together, brother.
Keep it real.
Thanks for the opportunity.
I'm here to make it stronger.
We're together now and always.
Brother, you're the person I trust most in the world.
This is our dream, and we're in this together.
- That's right, brother.
- This is your way out of that life.
- Soon you'll be in this picture with me.
- Come here, Doni.
- Come on, you too.
- No, I'm good.
- You're the man! - Stop, bro, you're the best.
- Yeah, we rule.
- Vila Áurea's the shit! What's up, Nando? - So, do you like your mansion? - It looks great, babe.
I brought you this for the beach.
- Are we going to the beach? - Yeah, this weekend.
You, me and the baby.
This is dope! I love it! - Thank you! - Try it on.
How do I look? - It's great! - I love it! Are you hungry? What's for lunch? The pasta will be ready soon.
- Did the baby eat? - Yeah.
One moment.
Homie, you read our oath and it's very clear.
Our brotherhood comes first, before anything, Nando.
Sure, Bada.
I got your back.
Nando, you have to learn to trust no one.
No one.
Or you'll have to sacrifice who you love the most.
Scheyla's your wife, right? She's talking too much.

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