Sintonia (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

The Family We Choose

[Doni] Hear me out.
Favela City. We're all on a journey,
following our dreams.
Hey, Netflix. Come on!
We need more rhythm.
I got this.
Drop the beat, Netflix.
This is our laid-back recap.
[Doni singing]
Don't even try to remember
It's been more than two years ♪
Sintonia is back for good ♪
The thing is I forgot everything
Pay attention to our recap ♪
We're hustling
That's who we are ♪
[Doni] Jesus, have mercy on my soul.
Doni wrote a hit
But messed it up and lost it ♪
Few ideas ♪
Nando is here ♪
Dondoka threw a curveball
And got herself in a collab ♪
Listen up, hear me out ♪
Rita took a beating and ran to Sueli ♪
And now everything's been forgiven ♪
Nando did the crime a service
And put Ganso to sleep ♪
But the shit hit the fan ♪
If you go to jail, we're screwed.
[Rita] I wanna be part of the house.
- Are you baptized?
- Not yet.
Wake up, Dad!
[Doni] Things I'd rather not recall
Mr. Chico's death still haunts me ♪
Our grocery shop can't close
I'll forever remember Dad ♪
At least we're together
The season went on and ended like this ♪
'Sup, family!
Doni signed a contract
And will do a lot of gigs ♪
A lot of gigs ♪
Rita was baptized
And will continue in the church ♪
Praying all the time ♪
Nando was sworn into the brotherhood
That's Badácalling him ♪
A whole lot of shit to take care of ♪
If things get ugly
You gotta talk yourself out of it ♪
We're Sintonia, show some respect ♪
That was Sintonia's recap.
Ready for the second season?
[crowd cheering]
[club music playing]
- [Rita] You look nervous.
- [Doni] Are you sure about this?
Don't be a baby, Doni.
- Come on!
- I don't know, Rita
This won't work.
It will be cool. Trust me.
- [Rita] Say the number.
- [Doni] It's 274-3578.
Good evening. I'd like to order a pizza.
Half cheese, half pepperoni.
And a soda. To 72 Buriti Lane.
Go, Doni.
- I can't do it, Rita.
- Stop being a baby.
- This won't end well.
- Go, Doni! Please!
Say the number.
It's 274-3578.
Uh. Hello.
Can I make an order?
[music continues playing]
- [dogs barking]
- [footsteps shuffling]
Come on! Come on!
[Rita] How does it open?
- Quick!
- Calm down!
Take it!
- Take the pizza.
- [gate opens]
[Rita] Shit!
Take it, Doni! Go!
[Rita] The soda!
[Badá] Tough guy comes by
thinking this is the Wild West.
Hey, Juninho.
Show it to this piece of shit.
Don't worry, Badá. I got it.
[Juninho] This is a reminder. Hear me?
For assholes like you
who think our turf is a free-for-all.
That it's lawless.
Hey, Nando! Watch this, kid.
[man 1] Please, man.
Hey. This is what we do
to robbers in our hood.
- A soaked one won't break.
- [man 1] Please, man! Please.
Please, man!
- [Juninho] Piece of shit!
- [thudding]
- [grunting]
- [Juninho] Fucking asshole!
This pizza is dope
Pepperoni, mozzarella ♪
People say it's the best in the favela ♪
Delivery boy done goofed
We went for it ♪
The pizza is damn good
And Nando has arrived ♪
- How's it going, bro?
- [Doni] Chilling.
- [Nando] And this pizza?
- Enjoy, bro. It's ours.
- Where did you get it?
- We took it from a fool.
[Nando] What fool?
What fool?
Chill, Nando. Just some delivery guy.
Do you know what happens to robbers here?
Relax, Nando.
They die.
Why did you do that, man?
Your dad could've paid.
It was just for fun.
It's just one pizza.
We may be that pizza guy one day.
I'll be anything but a delivery person.
You know I'll be a funk singer.
What about you? A soccer player?
Hell no. I'll run the shop.
[chuckles] I hope it's not the pizza shop.
- Have a slice, bro.
- Take it.
Have one.
- [Rita] Take it.
- I'll get this one.
[Jaspion] Hey, guys.
All these pizzas cost as much
as Rivaldo and I pay for our bike.
The rich kid from the hood is what now?
Billi, billi, billi, billi ♪
Whoo! The billionaire from the hood.
It's not just the pizzas.
- He's got the style.
- Yeah, man.
Look who's talking.
You too, sis.
God worked a miracle on your clothes.
Praise be!
You know I fucking love you. Right?
I have news.
I've bought an apartment nearby.
- [Rita] Awesome!
- Very cool!
[Doni] Listen.
I won't miss you,
'cause I want you around all the time.
[all cheering]
- [Nando] For sure!
- The grand opening is next week!
Let's go!
[opening theme music playing]
Family, it's been great,
but we have to go.
Mom is already texting us.
She'll start calling soon and
- No worries.
- See you, guys.
- [Doni] Text when you get there.
- Sure.
Take a look.
- It's insane!
- Dope, bro.
[Scheyla] I gotta go see Bruna.
All right.
Blowing money, man?
You too. I saw your ride.
Money doesn't last forever.
Hear me?
It eventually ends.
It's the money you save
that makes you rich.
I know. I'll start saving soon.
My entire month is booked.
And I don't owe anyone money.
Remember the meeting.
Luan discovered everyone.
- Revelação
- Thiaguinho
- You said that a thousand times.
- It's true.
Relax. We'll be there.
- Cool.
- [cell phone vibrates]
Hold on.
[cell phone chimes]
Bro, the load was late,
so I tracked it down.
It was a police checkpoint.
They pulled us over.
We couldn't get out of it.
The driver was arrested.
We lost everything.
[cell phone beeps]
[suspenseful music playing]
What happened?
Nothing. Just the usual.
It's chill.
[Rita] Moving will be good for Doni.
I'm here for you.
Just holler if you need.
[Lucrécia sighs, chuckles]
What's up?
Your dad would be so proud of you.
No. He'd be scolding me.
"Hard work brings respect, kid."
We miss him.
[chuckles] We sure do.
It's been less than a year.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
You know how it is.
Don't you miss your parents?
You're my family.
[Doni chuckles]
Speaking of family,
today's my last day on the spot.
- [Lucrécia] Ah. Ah.
- Then, back in communion.
I'm going to be there
for your reconciliation service.
You bet I will.
Thank you, Auntie.
Family, time to take care of business.
- [Doni] You barely come here.
- Bye, son.
[Rita chuckles]
Scheyla is coming. Want a ride?
It's okay. I'll walk.
- I'll give you a ride.
- Don't worry, Nando. Thanks.
- Stay here. It's late.
- Yeah.
No. Thanks, guys. I'll go home.
Got to get used to being
the only one in Vila Áurea.
[all laughing]
So dramatic.
No. Stop it.
I'm very proud of you.
The two of you.
[club music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[phone ringing]
[Doni] How are you?
Hello. We have an appointment with Luan.
[receptionist] Just a sec.
- Welcome, Doni.
- Thanks.
Luan, this is Doni.
He always says he wants to work with you.
- That's right.
- Doni, nice to meet you. Luan.
Likewise. I'm glad to be here.
I did bust his balls about it.
But it was your success that got you here.
You're his agent. Right?
Luiz Fernando.
[Luan] It's important to have
someone you trust with you.
I'll introduce you to our team.
Ágatha, Duda, and Tati.
That is Marcão, your producer.
Hey, Doni.
- So, Doni. An A-list crew. Right?
- Hell yeah.
And we're here to transform
your career into a solid one.
[Luan] You'll go through media training,
singing and acting lessons, body language
- People will line up to collab with you.
- [cell phone vibrating]
[Luan] Who would you like to sing with?
Off the top of my head?
- Lexa, Kevinho?
- Dream big, Doni. Go for it.
- [cell phone vibrating]
- Any of them. They're insane.
Tell him.
[Luan] You'll have a chat with them
in person, this weekend.
We've booked you on KondZilla Festival.
For real?
The thing is,
we only have three days to rehearse.
[Luan] Are you up for it?
You can trust the boy will deliver.
I'm down.
[Luan] All right, then. Let's kill it.
- Let's kill it.
- Let's kill it.
I need you ♪
My beloved brethren ♪
You're so precious to me ♪
My beloved brethren ♪
This is a special part of our service.
It's time for reconciliation.
[mouths] Amen.
I'll call up on stage
sisters and brothers who have sinned,
but who ask for forgiveness
before the church, in the name of Jesus.
- Hallelujah!
- [congregation] Hallelujah!
Sofia, Rodrigo.
I hope you now understand
why I asked each one of you
to sit in evidence on the front
for three months.
[dramatic music playing]
[Leopoldo] Reconciliation.
It reconnects you.
Reconnects you to Jesus.
This time transforms
the brethren for life.
- [Cacau] One line means negative.
- [Leopoldo] Watch.
You must pray and watch.
Like the Bible says,
"Watch and pray,
lest you enter into temptation."
You said we'd taken different paths,
but I'm right here.
Why can't I call you,
text you, to see how you're doing?
This is the time for reconciliation.
To wait in Christ.
To start a new life
and leave all your baggage behind.
I made a life choice.
If this happens every time we meet,
I won't be following it.
I'll just be fooling myself.
We all make mistakes.
My question is,
does the church want to forgive
these sisters and this brother?
- Amen!
- [congregation] Amen!
Does the church want these brethren back
to the communion of the body of Christ?
- Amen!
- [pianist singing]
Commitment to life ♪
Filled with Christ's love ♪
I need you ♪
My beloved brethren ♪
You're so precious to me ♪
My beloved brethren ♪
[Leopoldo] Amen.
listen to me.
- This is big, man.
- It's huge. Right?
Now that you'll make big bucks,
you need real pros with you.
Yeah. You're with me. Right?
We'll sort it out.
He will be closer to you,
and I'll be the backup.
No worries.
You're doing really well too.
Why don't you handle any pending business
and live off music with me?
Don't worry, Doni.
I'm here, ain't I?
Focus on the festival, bro.
- [Rita] I'd like to see Pastor Leopoldo.
- [Leopoldo] Come in!
- Come in.
- Thanks.
Excuse me, Pastor.
- Hi, Pastor. How are you?
- Hello.
I'd like to talk with you.
Rita, I'm late to pick my son up
from the airport.
Make it quick.
I'd love to share my testimony
during Saturday's service.
Levi texted me saying he's waiting.
- We'll see. God be with you.
- God be with you.
Rita, we're happy to have you back.
Follow the Lord's path.
- One step at a time.
- I know.
Please Jesus by doing His work.
There is a lot of volunteer work.
I'm kind of short on time
because of my job at the mall.
Everyone's got things to do.
- I'm sorry, but I must go.
- Sure.
- Let's go?
- Yeah.
[cell phone vibrating]
[cell phone beeps]
[Badá] Morning, brother. How's everything?
All good, partner.
- How about you?
- I'm fine, brother.
I'm getting the load.
It's enough to pay Caneta
and start off the next month.
That loss won't knock us down.
We got lucky, but we spent big.
Can't fuck up again.
Cool, Badá. Good talk.
Peace out.
[cell phone beeps]
- [Rita] Pastor, can we talk?
- [Sueli] What is it, child?
I decided to go after my dad.
Do you think it's a good idea?
Remember what he did,
his marriage with your mother?
I know. I remember.
Rita, sometimes we want to take a path
and believe God is pointing it to us,
but it's not really Him.
Think about it.
Your father left you
when you were a child.
I've been thinking a lot
in the last three months.
I've got to put some things to rest.
I just think you need to be careful.
Be prepared.
You don't know who you'll find.
Yeah. I've been praying a lot.
- Hey, Marcão.
- What's up?
- How's it going?
- All good?
- Toncar Fi?
- Ton Carfi, man.
- Can't believe you'll be my teacher.
- I love your songs, man!
Have a seat, guys.
We need to work on that voice
for the festival. Right?
It's fine. I'm used to festivals.
But singing for 5,000
or 10,000 people is one thing.
Imagine singing for a sea of people.
You need to connect with them.
Your voice needs to reach the front row
all the way to the last one.
You gotta kill it.
Your voice must resonate
in everyone's ears and hearts.
- Let's make a difference.
- Yeah.
- Let's practice.
- Sure.
- Let's do this.
- [piano music playing]
- All right.
- Yeah.
[vocalizing scales]
[vocalizing scales]
[Ton Carfi vocalizing scales]
- [vocalizing fades]
- [hip-hop music playing]
[man 1] Take this over there.
[man 2] Put it here.
[man 3] This one's ready.
[bag zips]
[man 4] This one is good too.
[man 1] Move!
[cell phone vibrates]
Formiga, we scored two.
Didn't even sweat.
[man 1] Yeah, player.
[man 2] Hurry up. No time to waste.
[indistinct chatter]
Excuse me.
Everything okay? Need any help?
It's cool. We'll let you know.
- We done?
- Zip it up.
[suspenseful music playing]
[policeman 1] It's over, boy. Move.
[policeman 2] You lost it, pal.
Come here.
[policeman 1] Move.
Down on the ground! Hands on your heads!
- [policeman 1] Move! Move! Move!
- [policeman 2] On the ground.
[policeman 1] Against the wall!
[policeman 2]
Look down if you wanna live.
- [policeman 1] On the ground! You lost it!
- [policeman 2] Let's go. Get down!
[policeman 1] Everyone on the ground!
[policeman 2] What are you looking at?
- [policeman 1] Down!
- [policeman 2] Look up, you die!
[policeman 1] Come on!
[policeman 2] You're dead!
[Nando] What the fuck?
Another haul.
I can't lose another load.
What's up, man?
Are you in charge?
I asked you a question.
We're the police, boy.
Let's talk this out.
It's your lucky day.
I'm only taking the product.
Move, guys. Take it all.
[policeman 2] Grab what you can.
[policeman 1] Take this shit.
[policeman 2] Quick!
[policeman 1] Come on!
- [policeman 2] Don't slack around.
- [policeman 1] Come on!
- [policeman 1] Move!
- [policeman 2] Go!
[policeman 2] Go!
[policeman 1] Move, man!
Pick it all up. We're leaving!
[man 1] Quick. Before they come back!
[indistinct chattering]
[Badá] 'Sup, man. All good?
No, bro. Shit went down.
I hear you. What's up?
We'll work it out, homie.
Spit it out. What happened?
We got busted, Badá. They robbed us.
- The police took it all.
- We lost another load? Fuck.
Second fucking time.
They didn't take anyone in
and didn't negotiate.
- They took it all?
- Everything, Badá.
We don't have enough for a week.
Without drugs, the hood stops.
- So, do I reach out to Caneta?
- No. No. No.
Not him. That batch is gone.
We were already on a deadline.
- Who do we go after?
- We'll collect the bill.
But we must be smart. You hear me?
Let's take it easy and figure this out.
We can't get ahead of ourselves,
or we will go down.
We gotta keep the business going.
When I first started,
I met a guy called Messinho.
A business partner.
He runs the entire shit.
Caneta is a small fish. Reach out to him.
All right. I'll wait for your call, Badá.
Cool. Take care, man.
Sounds good, brother.
[cell phone beeps]
Thanks for coming with me.
- Don't mention it.
- I mean it. Thank you.
It's good to get out of the house.
And how are you doing?
Rita, moving was great.
- Leaving the hood, brand-new stuff
- Hmm.
Groceries never cost less than 100.
Good grief!
[both chuckle]
I miss you guys.
I was glad Nando asked me to drive you.
It's great that you're looking
for your father, Rita.
I don't expect us to be close.
I just want to put an end to this.
I don't know. God knows what he's become.
I know that you already dance
and it's a basic routine,
but we have a concert tomorrow,
so I need you to focus
to get everything right. Okay?
- Okay.
- Let's go. Focus, Doni. Five, six
[pop music playing]
[dance instructor]
One, two, three, stop on four.
Four, five, six, seven, jump on eight
Up and kick.
Arm, arm.
Shake it.
It's when you move your hips.
Eight beats.
[dance instructor]
One, two, three, four, five, six
I messed it up.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, jump, eight.
One, two, three, four.
Yes. Very good!
[dance instructor] Good one!
- Did I get it? God!
- [dance instructor] Good job.
- Tired?
- Yeah.
- Get some water. Let's take a break.
- Thanks.
Holy shit, man. Those girls can dance.
- [Doni] Totally.
- [Jaspion] The routine is sick.
[Jaspion] Just keep the focus. Ba, ba, ba.
Loosen your hips, man.
Let's loosen those hips.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four. And hump.
- Hump.
- Whoa, Rivaldo.
[Jaspion laughs] Chill. Are you crazy?
- The girls can dance.
- The crew is dope.
Hmm. Very professional.
It's time for you to show
that the king of the hood
is a pop star, man!
- Good afternoon.
- Hello.
Luiz Fernando, to see Messinho.
- He's expecting you.
- Thank you.
- Nando.
- It's a pleasure.
The pleasure is mine. Please.
Thank you.
- All good, brother?
- All good.
What are you having? Beer? Wine?
Sparkling water is fine.
[footsteps approaching]
Another one. Ice and lime, Nando?
- Sure.
- [Messinho] All right.
[Messinho] So
Badá's godson.
Been a while since I talked to him.
We did time together in Mirandópolis.
Badáis my godfather.
- I'm grateful.
- Yeah. Badá's the real OG.
He calls the shots.
Fuck, man!
Check this out.
[smacks lips] More gossip, Rivaldo?
- You're such a bonehead.
- Keeping up with the news.
- What does it say?
- MC Dondoka's career is over.
She got lost in the character.
She was paranoid and afraid to perform,
so she started drinking.
- [Marcão] Could only sing drunk.
- [both] Yeesh.
She was lucky to record with you.
All right. One more hour of rehearsal.
- [Marcão] So you do a good job.
- Again?
- Move, kid.
- Gotta work, bro.
[Scheyla] I think this is it.
[Scheyla] Number 190.
[Scheyla] I'll wait for you here.
[Rita] Thanks.
- [water running]
- [dogs barking]
[tense music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
Hi, Dad.
[emotional music playing]
In one month, we'll pay for the product.
The shit's good.
People like it and recommend it.
If you could help us stock our stores,
we'd appreciate it.
[spoon clanking]
[chuckles] Well said.
I wish I was smart like you back then.
But that's not how it goes, Nando.
A man's word is not enough.
This is business.
You already got stuff from Caneta.
It's hard to give you that kind of credit.
I can do a 25% down payment.
The bare minimum.
I wish I could be more helpful.
[Messinho slurps, exhales]
Take it, man.
It's only 400 grand.
You can come up with it easily.
[cell phone vibrates]
[exhales] Right?
It's what I can do.
Pick the date, I'll bring the money.
And lunch is on me.
Relax, man.
I own the restaurant.
- [indistinct chattering outside]
- [dogs barking]
I don't know where to start.
With your family.
I should've gone after you.
I know.
I was weak.
[breath trembling] Rita, I left
I had enough.
My life turned to hell
after what they did to me in the church.
[exhales] Everyone turned away from us.
I didn't know what to do.
I lost everything. No one helped.
I felt
Ever think about Mom and how she felt?
The only person who didn't reject you.
She did not abandon you.
Even though her life crumbled
by your side.
I thought it was best for you two.
You knew she was sick,
and you chose to leave.
I didn't know.
I swear, Rita.
When I left, she wasn't sick.
I don't believe you.
[emotional music playing]
[Rita's father breathes deeply]
Remember how I was?
Remember how our family was
before disgrace fell upon my life?
Do you know why I came?
I wanted to see you.
I just wanted to look at you.
- I wanted to see you too.
- See how you were doing.
I found out you have two daughters.
Two beautiful daughters.
And that you're still a selfish guy.
Because you're only making excuses
since I got here.
You didn't listen to me
or ask how I'm doing.
You abandoned a 14-year-old girl.
Have you ever
Please. Tell me.
Have you ever thought
about what you did to me?
How I struggled to survive on my own?
Alone. I got by on my own.
Rita, when I heard your mother had died,
I wanted to come back.
I tried.
- I'm so ashamed. So much shame, my God!
- Maybe it was for the best.
You are my father.
I forgive you.
[chair slides]
Thanks for the coffee.
[breath trembling] Rita.
[all singing] We play all the time ♪
With those who stick up for me ♪
- I count my true friends on one hand ♪
- Rita! Rita!
Come on, honey.
I told you to be home before dark.
It's late.
- Sorry, Dad.
- Mom's waiting.
[Rita] See you.
- Are you hungry?
- [Rita] Yes.
Come, Doni. Chico must be worried.
Where are you staying, Nando?
Come, Nando. You can sleep over.
I can't. I have to take care of Grandma.
[Rita's father] Go home, then.
Is his grandma better?
- [Doni] He doesn't talk about it.
- [Rita] No, Dad.
- Huh?
- No, Dad.
- I'll make you some coffee.
- Thanks, Auntie.
- We're almost done.
- Check this picture out.
Deceiving. Right?
He was gone in a year.
But we're here with you,
like in the picture.
[Rita sighs]
Tomorrow is my testimony,
and I want you there.
- We'll be there.
- But we will have to run.
He's got the biggest concert
of his career.
That's right!
I hear the stage is huge.
- You can play soccer on it.
- Insane.
I'll be okay.
It's a shame Dad is not here to see it.
[Rita whispering indistinctly]
[suspenseful music playing]
[cell phone beeps, rings]
- Hey, partner.
- [Badá] Hey, brother.
All good? How did it go with Messinho?
We talked, man.
And I came up with a solution.
Great, Nando. What is it?
He's gonna hook us up with some product.
But he demands a 25% down payment.
I figured if I turned up with the money,
I'll restock your shops.
I see.
The money I'm putting in
is worth what the shop on the steps makes.
Hand it over to me,
we'll just call it quits.
Badá, are you there?
[tense music playing]
- [keys jangle]
- [lock clicks]
Fuck. How did you save all this money?
I just don't splurge.
Gotta be smart, you know?
This was an emergency fund for my family.
My wife, my daughter.
[cabinet door closes]
- [keys jangle]
- [lock clicks]
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
[singing indistinctly]
I'm calling up here a young woman
who's been with us for some time.
Her testimony is very personal.
I hope her testimony
will help stimulate and galvanize
your faith.
[Leopoldo] Rita.
[woman] Hallelujah!
Thank you, Pastor.
[emotional music playing]
- Good evening.
- [congregation] Good evening.
Greetings. Lord be with you.
[congregation] Amen!
I want to talk about forgiveness.
It is hard,
but it's also very important
to learn to forgive.
Forgive those who hurt us.
Those who still hurt us.
But also remember
that it's vital we forgive ourselves.
[breath trembling]
On my way here,
I asked God to use me.
To fill me with His endless goodness.
To make of me a new vessel for His wisdom.
I realized one thing is very important.
Brethren, I want us to reflect
on a passage in the Gospel of Matthew,
chapter 12, verse 46.
"Jesus spoke to the multitudes,
when His mother and brothers
stood outside,
seeking to speak with Him."
"One said to Him,
'They are standing outside,
seeking to see you.'"
"'Who is my Mother?'"
[whispering] "Who are my brothers?"
'"Who are my brothers?'
Jesus replied."
"And He stretched out His hand and said,
'Here are my mother and brothers.'"
"'Whoever does the will of my Father,
is my brother, my sister, and my mother.'"
Jesus is the son of God,
but this is not His only family.
[voice breaking] Family
are those we trust.
Those who grow up with us.
Those by our side,
cheering for us, for our victory,
for our battles.
They're also there for the tribulations,
the hard times.
It's a choice.
To love is a choice.
That's what family is. Thank you.
- Thank you, Pastor. In the name of Jesus.
- [band plays music]
Well done, child!
And we're a big family.
Did I hear an amen?
- [congregation] Amen!
- [Leopoldo] Amen!
[singer] We are a garden ♪
Before the Lord ♪
A garden irrigated by ♪
Thy grace and Thy love ♪
We are the Christ's ♪
Sweet perfume ♪
Emanating the smell of life ♪
We are a garden ♪
Before the Lord ♪
A garden irrigated by ♪
Thy grace and Thy love ♪
- [host] This is KondZilla Fest, guys!
- [crowd cheering]
Let me hear you scream!
[pop music playing]
He showed up at the party all cute ♪
Check out his body
Imagine a hot guy ♪
I'm no fool
And I'm up to no good ♪
I don't lie to friends
So I told them the truth ♪
- Not even a crane ♪
- [crowd joins in singing]
Could pull me off
From this scumbag's lap ♪
Not even a crane ♪
Could pull me off
From this scumbag's lap ♪
Not even a crane ♪
Could pull me off
From this scumbag's lap ♪
Mila's in the house!
Bro, the place is packed.
- Really?
- [Rita chuckles] Packed!
That's it. You know what to do.
- Go and kill it, bro.
- You got it.
Marcão, when am I going on stage?
Soon. Keep it cool. I'll let you know.
- Thanks.
- Cool.
[Doni singing] Father ♪
I wish we had more time ♪
There were things I wanted to prove ♪
I'd live off my talent ♪
Today, I live off it but still ♪
It's hard to come to terms ♪
With knowing I made it
But cannot show you ♪
But I know you're up there
Watching over ♪
My every step
My every plan ♪
And down here on Earth
I'm taking care of Mom ♪
And I keep on singing
And I keep on dreaming ♪
Dad, I'm right here.
Go do your thing, son.
Dad, wherever you are,
know that I made it.
Excuse me, bro. You're up.
[Doni] Cool.
[hostess] Vila's star.
- [host] All right. The time has come.
- [crowd cheering]
It's the most anticipated moment
of the evening.
Say his name!
Make noise for MC Doni!
MC Doni, coming in hot!
- I don't believe in love anymore ♪
- [crowd singing along]
I've suffered too much ♪
I saw that love hurts ♪
But I feel in love with that ass
Her moves are insane ♪
She twerks in slow-motion ♪
I wonder if I should try my luck ♪
It's too much ass for me to handle ♪
I'm trying to prepare my heart ♪
This time
I'm not letting it get attached ♪
She goes down and up with talent ♪
She stares at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
She goes down and up with talent ♪
She stares at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Shake it, shake it ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Shake it, shake it ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Hey. Hey.
This is how we roll.
Over 30 million YouTube views,
top 50 on Spotify.
Come on!
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
I don't believe in love anymore ♪
I've suffered too much
I saw that love hurts ♪
But I feel in love with that ass ♪
Her moves are insane
She twerks in slow-motion ♪
I wonder if I should try my luck ♪
It's too much ass for me to handle ♪
I'm trying to prepare my heart ♪
This time
I'm not letting it get attached ♪
She goes down and up with talent ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
She goes down and up with talent ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Shake it, shake it ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Shake it, shake it ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Hey. Hey.
Thank you.
Come on!
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
- [Doni] Thank you!
- [crowd cheering]
What's up, boys. Have a good one.
[cell phone keyboard clicking]
[Badá] Hey, Nando. All good?
Hey, Badá. All good, bro.
I called to tell you
that I worked it out with your guy.
We changed warehouses to be safe.
Tomorrow, all shops will be stocked.
Well done, man.
We gotta catch the rats.
Our asses are on the line now.
I got this, bro.
It's my only mission from now on.
Good shit, homie. Well done.
You're the only boss in Vila Áurea now.
Hear me?
It's with you now, bro.
Talk to you later. Peace out.
All right, brother.
Call me if you need me.
- [Nando] What's good, guys?
- [man 1] Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, bro. Where are you going?
- [hip-hop playing on radio]
Bro, why are you messing with the boy?
Leave him alone.
Come here.
[Juninho] Hang out with us.
- All good?
- Cool.
[Juninho] Here, kid.
Get five take-outs from the lady's joint.
Hey. Hey.
One for you too.
What the hell? Don't bother the kid.
The kid's an orphan.
[Juninho] He's got vision, man.
He could become the boss.
[hip-hop music playing]
I don't believe in love anymore ♪
I've suffered too much ♪
I saw that love hurts ♪
But I feel in love with that ass
Her moves are insane ♪
She twerks in slow-motion ♪
I wonder if I should try my luck ♪
It's too much ass for me to handle ♪
I'm trying to prepare my heart ♪
This time
I'm not letting it get attached ♪
She goes down and up with talent ♪
She stares at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Shake it, shake it ♪
She stares at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Hey. Hey.
I don't believe in love anymore ♪
I've suffered too much ♪
I saw that love hurts ♪
But I feel in love with that ass ♪
Her moves are insane
She twerks in slow-motion ♪
I wonder if I should try my luck ♪
It's too much ass for me to handle ♪
I'm trying to prepare my heart ♪
This time
I'm not letting it get attached ♪
She goes down and up with talent ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
Shake it, shake it ♪
She keeps staring at me
Shaking without mercy ♪
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