Sintonia (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

If We Get Together Tonight, It's Gonna Be Lit

Hey, Doni.
Are you with us, bro?
Yeah. Good shit. Who's it for?
It could be yours.
It's called "Too Hot to Handle."
I wanted it to be a collab
between you and Theo Ribeiro.
What do you think?
But Theo Ribeiro is an influencer.
He does everything.
What about Kevinho?
One step at a time, Doni.
Isn't it a great tune, Marcão?
It's dope. Instant hit.
These hoes are too hot to handle ♪
Check this out.
His marketing game is so strong.
Damn. He's a poster boy for many brands.
He can probably hook you up.
He's one of the greatest TikTokers
in Brazil, man.
A collab with him is a sure hit.
Everyone's gonna win.
Hey, this one will top the charts.
The thing is,
there's this song I'm writing.
Doni, you're a very talented kid,
but this would be a collaboration,
not a competition.
You don't have to be rivals.
It's visibility for both of you.
I know, but it's almost done.
I'll bring it this week.
Fine. I trust you.
I'm fucked, man. I've got no fucking song.
You're unbelievable. Fuck.
It's so roomy.
Maybe we could put some more rows
here and there.
It'll look wonderful, Pastor.
I can already see it all tidied up.
Oh! Imagine all the blessings
and the anointing, Pastor.
Beautiful! Thank God!
I'm seeing issues
I didn't know were there.
Water damage, Rita!
Oh, Pastor Every problem has a solution.
Look at this church.
It's important to the community.
I'd be lost without it.
I hope the renovations
don't take five years or something.
Hey, don't forget you're talking
to a true grinder.
Doing God's work.
Well, we've got the building permit
and the head Pastors' go-ahead.
Now, the hardest part: raising funds.
- 'Sup, bro?
- All good?
- Nice scooter, huh?
- I busted my ass for it.
Look who's here.
It's the boss.
What's up, dog?
- Yo.
- 'Sup?
- How are you doing?
- Pretty good.
Hey. What's up?
Man, we sold almost half of the load.
- It's going great.
- It's flowing, man.
- That shit is top shelf, huh?
- No cap.
It's so busy,
I think I'm hiring someone to help.
Go for it, dog.
- You're the manager now.
- Bet.
Yo, I did the math. If we buy twice
as much coke and cut it a little more,
our profits will double.
- Good shit.
- We're gonna be cool.
Not sure when I'll be able
to get it, though.
Help us out, man.
- We need you.
- Trust us.
I'll see if I can get a discount
if I pay half up front
and the rest later.
If so, can we pay it off in three months?
So, based on my numbers
That's right. In three months,
we'll pay it off and even turn a profit.
Straight up. Trust me, it'll work.
- Good fucking hire.
- He's a beast, huh?
Real talk, bro.
- I'll ask Messinho and hit you up.
- Sounds good.
- Good talk.
- Help us out, yo.
Nice math, motherfucker. Let's move.
The crazy hoe wants to control me ♪
Yo, Rivaldo. It's golden, man.
Hey, I'm getting emotional.
The kids from the hood
are going to look fly.
Yo, people from the whole city
want to get a haircut from us.
Shit's gonna be wild.
The crazy hoe wants to control me ♪
She can fuck right off
She can fuck right off ♪
It's imported, man.
That annoying hoe
Keeps busting my balls ♪
She can fuck right off
She can fuck right off ♪
I'm getting there, right, Marcão?
Yeah, bro. Shit Totally.
What about that collab with Theo?
What? Theo Ribeiro?
You know him?
Guy has a pic with Neymar, bro.
Theo? He's the shit!
Kid's a great fucking singer.
And he's got swag too.
Show him.
He's real nice too.
One of his crew members
told me he's a cool dude.
Generous as fuck.
But he's no musician.
He's a TikToker. Feel me?
- We could send him some clothes.
- You bet.
Send him clothes, man?
Stop kissing his butt and let me write.
She can fuck right off ♪
No, wait. Give it to me.
We should turn around
to show the background, you know?
You're a jack-of-all-trades, Rita.
Looks great.
It's so great to see this place thrive.
Well, speaking of thriving, Levi
Do you think your dad
could possibly help our church?
I don't know, Rita.
Knowing him,
I can even imagine his answer.
"My dear, I know it's a noble cause,
but we're already paying
for the church's rent."
"Do you know how many congregations
fail to keep their doors open?"
What if I asked him myself?
Brother, will you please come over?
We're out of some supplies
and need help with the boxes.
No problem. The donor owns a grocery store
and told us to call if we needed anything.
- I got it.
- Thanks.
Levi, what if I reached out
to our biggest donors
about the renovation of the church?
God sure is working through you.
Thanks, bud.
Hey, Nando. All good?
I need to talk with you, bro.
I'm fine, man.
Go ahead. What's up?
It's about a song. I need your input.
Are you free right now?
I'm kinda busy, bro. But let me hear it.
Okay. This is the chorus.
You swear you trust me
But you're always so suspicious ♪
You can fuck right off
You can fuck right off ♪
This possessive hoe
Keeps busting my balls ♪
She can fuck right off
She can fuck right off ♪
Tell me what you think.
I'll be honest.
The melody's good, but the lyrics
It's not you, man. For real.
I'm fucked. I need to show something.
I want them to believe in me.
Bro, everyone believes in your potential.
Just do your own thing,
and you'll be fine. Alright?
I'm on the hustle right now.
Talk to you later.
Peace out.
- 'Sup, Nando?
- 'Sup, bro.
- How are you doing?
- Pretty good.
How's the shop and the family?
- All good, brother.
- What do you need?
I have an offer to make you.
Your stuff is great.
It sold like hotcakes.
- I was crunching the numbers
- Slow down, man.
Let me order a drink. Hey.
Pour me a G&T, please.
What is it that Badáwants now?
I'm not here for Badá.
I'm here for myself.
That shop is mine now.
Business is great.
We'll double the revenue soon.
I want to buy twice as much product
this time.
I'll pay half now and the rest in a month.
Let me ask you something.
- How many businesses do you run?
- Just that one shop.
I'll give you some advice.
Free of charge.
Diversify, Nando.
You know?
Maybe consider a restaurant. Remember?
Maybe a club.
A gas station, a car wash, a B&B
Something like this.
How much does a gin and tonic cost?
The gin, the tonic, the bartender
How much for the events,
the artists we book?
As much as I want, bro.
As much as the fucking owner
says it costs, you know?
I see.
Like hotel tariffs and such.
Exactly, Nando.
You gotta diversify, man.
But I really mean it, bro.
I can't pay for the whole thing up front,
but you'll get the money, trust me.
Listen, I made an exception for Badá.
I can't make one for just anybody.
It's business, man.
Think about what I've just told you.
One shop is too little for you.
But I'll help you out.
For this next batch,
you pay half up front
and half upon delivery.
Thanks, bro.
I appreciate your trust.
The crazy hoe wants to control me ♪
She can fuck right off ♪
- It's terrible, yo.
- It stinks.
What's wrong?
That annoying hoe
Keeps busting my balls ♪
She can fuck right off
She can fuck right off ♪
Yo, you guys.
I'm sorry if I was rude.
I had too much on my mind.
Is there something you wanna tell me?
We have a cousin.
Again with that story?
It's true, bro.
Our cousin is very nice,
and we've been meaning
to show you her music.
Feels like the right time, you know?
The thing is, she's a bit intense.
Come on, she's insolent, Jaspion.
Okay, the girl's a pain,
and you want to bring her over?
That's not what we said. Her name's Luzia.
- It's MC Luzi now.
- She's fire.
Okay. Can I hear her music?
Sure, of course. Here.
Hear this.
Thank God it's Friday ♪
I'm all ready to go out ♪
Here he comes giving me shit ♪
He thinks he can tell me what to do ♪
- Dope.
- She wrote it.
The beat's hers too.
'Sup, Luzi. It's Doni.
Come over. Let's hang out.
You're crazy, man.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
How are you?
I thought we should see Mr. Leonel first.
He sells gutters.
I have a gut feeling he'll help us.
Oh, Levy, that's so funny
Sounds good.
- Let's go?
- Sure.
When are we having another burger?
- You did like it, huh?
- I loved it.
I was thinking
I need more gospel playlists.
- Maybe rap, international songs.
- I have many.
- Really? Can you share them?
- Uh-huh.
- Awesome.
- We just don't play them during service.
By the way, Eliseu and Raquel
are going with us, okay?
Oh, sure.
- Hello, Eliseu. Hey, Raquel.
- Hey.
We're only spectators today.
You two lead the way.
My God, that's a big responsibility.
- And we have high expectations.
- See?
- Shall we go?
- Yeah.
- Our boy has gone big time.
- He even bought an X5.
- For real?
- Yeah.
Holy shit. Talk about success.
- Open that.
- This?
- The fuck is that, man?
- A gift, homie.
- No way, man.
- Yeah, it's for you.
- You didn't have to.
- You'll have your own shop.
We're climbing.
This is just the beginning.
Do you like it?
- Thanks, bro.
- No worries.
Hey, I'm next.
You suck, dude.
- Another loss?
- Stop it.
- Give up.
- Stop it, motherfucker.
- She's here.
- Yeah, she's here.
'Sup, guys?
Hey, hey, hey!
- Missed you, bro.
- Cousin!
Word. Excuse me.
- 'Sup, dude?
- Nice to meet you.
I was so happy you invited me over.
I'm a huge fan of yours.
- Don't worry.
- Thanks so much.
- Won't you say hi to me?
- I'd rather not, but hey.
All good? What the fuck is this dap?
Fuck, just bring it in.
It's easier, right?
Damn, you fucking made it, bro.
Awesome house.
It's huge.
- You dig it?
- Say what? It's dope.
I've heard your songs.
Good shit. Well done.
I knew you'd like them.
I have many others.
Me too, but the scene is always changing.
You gotta try new collabs all the time.
I had this idea I think you're gonna nail.
Damn! Awesome. Thanks, man.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Bro, I don't mean to
Real talk,
it was hella hard to get here.
- I took a bus, a train and had to walk.
- Don't worry, I got you.
Any chance you'd have something
I can drink?
Just to quench my thirst a bit.
What do you want? Water? Soda?
Maybe a shot of the green one?
- Coconut water ice?
- Yep.
Fuck yes. Excuse me. Don't mind me.
Hey, what's up
with your guy ratting us out?
That's bullshit.
Do you know who the guy is?
Nah, man.
But don't worry.
I'll crush the rat with my own hands.
I already told you, homie.
You can't mess up.
When you get him, show him what's up.
- Zero tolerance, bro.
- That's right.
Don't let me down.
By the way, I wanted to ask you something.
- What's up?
- Would you talk to Messinho?
I asked him to buy some product
on the cuff and he shrugged it off.
Bro, Messinho is complicated.
He's always suspicious.
Over-suspicious, actually.
Borderline paranoid.
- But I'm legit, bro.
- I know.
You see him strolling around
like he's some fancy-ass businessman,
but he actually don't play.
You hear me? He don't play, bro.
I owe you one.
Nah, bro. You'll owe it to him.
I may be his partner in some endeavors,
but if you fuck with him,
we're both dead, my nigga.
So, you better act straight.
That's the way we roll.
I'll put my ass on the line for you
'cause I trust you.
You hear me?
That's all.
Last stop: Josué's.
Dang, I'm starving.
We're gonna go grab something to eat.
- Sure.
- God bless.
- Amen.
- God bless.
Look, Josué is one of our biggest donors.
He's got many other stores.
He's a good friend of the family.
"I've known this boy
since he was this big!"
- Hello.
- Hello.
Good afternoon. How are you?
You don't know him,
but my impression was spot on.
I'm a little nervous.
C'mon, Rita. We've got the wires,
the tiles, and the windows sorted.
We just need the paint now.
I don't know.
Look at all you've already got.
You're great at this.
It's going to work out.
- We're here, so it better work out.
- God willing.
- God willing.
- Have faith.
Levi, come in!
- Thanks.
- Have a seat.
- When I met this boy, he was this big.
- Huh!
Same age as my goddaughter.
- He'll be the mayor one day.
- Oh, yeah?
I said to Leopoldo when he was a kid,
"The boy was chosen by God."
Josué, Rita is a sister of ours
from the congregation.
Her neighborhood doesn't have a church.
Headquarters are helping with rent,
but the renovations have been a challenge.
Renovations do take time.
But it shall be done before you notice it.
God's in charge.
We already have many donations,
but we're missing the paint.
I remember my first tithe,
when I opened my business.
According to Pastor Leopoldo,
it helped gather a new congregation
in a very poor neighborhood
and saved many lost souls.
Your cause is a noble one,
but I already give money to headquarters
and help the communities
around my stores, so
I understand, Mr. Josué.
But I'm thinking about what you said,
about the reason we're here today.
May I show you something?
I grew up in that church.
I can't say when it opened,
but I know for a fact
it's thanks to servants of God
like yourself
that I had a place to share
with my family and friends.
Do you remember how it felt
when your hard-earned money
helped bring more souls to Jesus?
That's exactly how my brethren
and I will feel
when we finally reopen our church
and spread the word of God.
It left an impression on me
to see families together.
To see the joy on the faces
of parents and children alike.
I see that same joy on your face today.
Your parents did a great job
raising you, Rita.
I'll chip in!
Praise the Lord, Mr. Josué!
Let's have a beautiful service
to show that God's blessing the church.
Thank you, sir.
You started off quiet.
I was just getting ready, Levi.
You read Mr. Josué like a book.
Everyone needs something.
Even those who seem to have it all.
- Dang! A natural-born politician.
- I know, thanks.
Well done! Wow.
Now, we must think of the opening service.
Yeah. You'll have to plan it all, Rita.
I'll help you, okay?
It'll be the most beautiful service
in the history of Vila Áurea.
Oh, yeah? I'll hold you to it.
- Do you guys want a bite?
- I'm good.
Thanks, Eliseu.
Jaspion, it's just a touch-up.
Don't go too crazy.
Yo, I know what I'm doing, bro.
Many years cutting hair.
- I know what I'm doing.
- Holy shit.
That trimmer is sick. Damn.
- It's golden!
- Golden?
Cousin, we only buy imported shit. Look.
By the way, you guys could sponsor me.
- Send me some stuff.
- Sure, I'll get you some stuff.
- I'll post it to my Instagram
- Hey, real quick.
I got the chorus.
- It goes like this.
- Hit us.
You swear you trust me
But you're always so suspicious ♪
You can fuck right off ♪
I'm not looking
For some possessive hoe ♪
You can fuck right off
You can fuck right off ♪
Alright, bro. Cool.
But it's kinda short, isn't it?
Just kidding, yo! Carry on.
From the top.
You swear you trust me
But you're always so suspicious ♪
You can fuck right off ♪
I'm not looking
For some possessive hoe ♪
You can fuck right off
You can fuck right off ♪
You tell me ♪
No, I go on. Now, it's like
Sorry to interrupt, bro. Carry on.
We can't work out
With that much jealousy ♪
Here we go again
Go bust someone else's balls ♪
That's it.
- That's all?
- I guess.
Man, you should be jumping.
Where's your enthusiasm?
You're MC Doni.
Cousin, let me see that glass.
- Give me a sip.
- Don't you chug it.
Something's missing.
Yo, didn't you say
you were showing this shit today?
That's it, bro.
Ring Marcão up and tell him it's done ♪
And then hang it up ♪
Ring Marcão up and tell him it's done ♪
Guys. Hey, gang.
You guys!
Real talk,
we should just write another song.
Let's come up with something else.
I don't really dig this.
Fuck, man.
I don't need to carry it around, right?
We don't wanna raise no red flags.
Your call.
You ain't a homeboy yet, right?
Yeah, exactly.
Let's keep it low-key, avoid any trouble.
Sure thing. It's up to you, man.
I was thinking
something more poppy.
It's not really my thing, but sure.
Any ideas?
The beginning
could be something like this.
Called her over to my crib
To go at it nonstop ♪
She gon be working that booty
Up and down ♪
Can you repeat that?
Called her over to my crib.
To go at it nonstop.
You know what? For a pop song,
I think it kinda lacks a rhyme.
- You know, it gotta roll off the tongue.
- How so?
Maybe go with "house" instead of "crib"
and "no pause" instead of "nonstop."
- "Pause"?
- It may work.
Try that.
Called her over to my house
To go at it, no pause ♪
She gon be working that booty
Up and down ♪
Right on. Let me think of something.
Then you take it away.
Called her over to my house
To go at it, no pause ♪
She gon be working that booty
Up and down ♪
Just got my tan on
Feeling frisky, turned on ♪
If we get together, we gon go kaboom ♪
Hot damn!
I told you she's awesome!
- What did you say?
- I told him.
Nah, it was me.
Hey, you both did.
Let us do our thing.
- "Kaboom," right?
- Yeah.
- Now, we build towards the chorus.
- Cool.
She likes to scratch
To lick, and to kiss ♪
Her deadly ass
Leaves me out of breath ♪
- Going up? Cool.
- To the chorus.
I begin to grind ya
I know how to tease ya ♪
I can't hold off anymore ♪
Now's the chorus.
It's too late to stop ♪
Then you
She won't stop screaming ♪
This is too hot ♪
Your turn.
"Too hot"?
"Too hot"
- The neighbors will call the cops ♪
- Ha!
There we go. It's dope.
Let's take it from the top.
Sure. You start.
Called her over to my house
To go at it, no pause ♪
She gon be working that booty
Up and down ♪
Just got my tan on
Feeling frisky, turned on ♪
If we get together, we gon go kaboom ♪
She likes to scratch
To lick, and to kiss ♪
Her deadly ass
Leaves me out of breath ♪
I begin to grind ya
I know how to tease ya ♪
- I just can't hold off anymore ♪
- It's too late to stop ♪
She won't stop screaming ♪
My turn.
This is too hot ♪
You know what's coming. Let's go.
The neighbors will call the cops ♪
Guys, I want to tell you something.
I had a very blessed day.
And, brace yourselves,
I'm going to help renovate
our church, brethren!
I'm so happy!
I wanna share it with you all.
Let's meet tomorrow.
'Sup, Rita!
Down to help if you need.
Let's arrange something.
Can't do tomorrow, though.
Maybe next week.
Hey, we're such hustlers.
I'm so proud of my fam.
Ritinha, count me in
when you guys set it up.
Next week should work for me.
Okay? Just hit me up.
Bye. Love you guys.
Hey, Rita. It's Levi.
Just wanted to say thank you for today.
It was great to be with you.
I begin to grind ya
I know how to tease ya ♪
I just can't hold off anymore
It's too late to stop ♪
She won't stop screaming ♪
- Pause it right there.
- This is too hot ♪
Holy fucking shit.
It's fucking lit, Doni.
Like it, Luan?
I wrote it with my girl Luzi.
She's the shit, right, Marcão?
Ágata, look up this MC Luzi
and see if she has a manager
we can sort out the rights with.
One second.
Oh, call Portiolli's staff.
Try and get us a spot for Doni.
Fuck yeah, man.
Kick ass on that show.
- This chick's got talent
- Luan, I need to talk to you.
Hey, Tainá. I'm almost done here.
Give me fifteen, okay?
Okay then.
Just one more thing.
The more you try, the more you get right.
Theo Ribeiro is a great guy
for you to associate with.
Give it some thought, will you?
Alright, will do.
Good job, boy. You killed it.
Yo, Luzi, hope you're ready to go on TV.
Guy sure knows how to enjoy life.
- He's living the good life.
- Yeah.
There he is.
- Let's go talk to him.
- Yup.
Check this out.
Fuck me, bro.
No cap. Don't be dragged into this.
- What's up, guys?
- What's up, Caneta?
- 'Sup.
- All good?
- Have a seat.
- Sure.
Hey, Caneta, remember my nephew Rafa?
- Of course. Boy's grown, man.
- Right?
How about this one, Uncle?
It's sick.
- We're buying the boy a yacht.
- Nice.
Better than having one
is having a friend who does.
That's why I'm your friend.
This guy
Listen up, Messi.
We came to make you an offer.
I brought Nando
so we can talk some real shit out.
Hey, Nando. Ever been on a yacht?
Not like that one.
You're still young.
There's plenty of time.
We work our fucking asses off.
Gotta have some fun, am I right?
- This one's sick.
- I want this one.
- 'Sup, Nando.
- What the fuck?
- My bad.
- Watch where you're going, boy.
- Fuck you!
- My bad, man.
Hey, jackass. Looking for trouble?
- You alright, bro?
- I'm good.
Cool. What a piece of shit.
Well, it'd be the same amount
I got from Badá,
except I'd be paying half up front
and the other half in three months.
I'll pay the next batches in cash.
You know? Every month.
You can trust me, brother.
Every month.
Our word is worth gold, brother.
Damn right.
What did you tell the big guy?
Fucking clown.
I politely asked him to leave.
Meet some of my girl friends. Psst!
You gotta diversify, remember?
You good?
You're up early.
I almost took your daughter
to the hospital.
She was burning up.
Do you need anything?
I got the sitter.
Is she feeling better now?
She's fine now.
Her fever broke.
If you need anything, just say it.
Take a shower, Luiz Fernando.
Rita, why with my eyes closed?
What are you up to?
- Relax, Pastor. Watch the step.
- Hey!
I talked with Mr. Joaquim
and the other guys,
and everyone's willing to help.
That's great, Pastor. Watch the step.
Now, we're missing the hardest part
the building material and the money.
Alright, Pastor.
Open your eyes.
Christ almighty!
What a blessing, Rita!
Blessed be Thy name, Jesus!
- Thank you, Lord. Thank you, my dear.
- My pleasure, Pastor.
We won't take five years, okay?
- Of course not!
- No way.
Soon, we'll be praying in a new temple.
Amen, Pastor.
- Hey, Marcão!
- Hey, man.
Did you get the green apples?
Damn, man, I forgot.
The freaking green apples, Marcão.
Gotta be on top of the green apples, man!
Damn, Marcão. What a fuck-up.
Marcão, the red ones won't do.
He needs green apples for his throat.
I've got a cousin who's a producer.
He needs a job.
Fuck me, I never know
when you're messing around.
They're always messing around.
Fuck you all.
Hey, Marcão. Did you get upset?
It was just a joke, man.
What? It's cool, man.
Look, Tally's coming
What's up, guys?
- Hey, Doni!
- How's it going?
- Fixing the look for TV?
- No, I heard you'd be here.
Such bullshit.
I love it.
Came to do a live with me?
I'll be the influencer attraction.
I'll interview Theo Ribeiro, you know.
Really? That's nice.
I gotta go, okay?
- Later. Call me.
- Sure.
Hey, Doni, I look so good
they didn't do my makeup.
They didn't?
Marcão, what's going on?
Luzi can't perform.
- What do you mean?
- She can't.
Luan only booked you.
It's her song too.
But she's not a Bang Loko artist.
But she can be.
Dude, Luan tried.
He talked with her manager,
tried to partner up to represent her,
but he refused.
Doesn't what she wants matter?
You'd be surprised how common this is.
He thinks the money from the song
will make him rich.
What an idiot.
She'll perform. Fuck it.
Calm down, man.
This ain't a fight worth getting into.
Business comes before the show.
Eat this crow.
But who is gonna tell her?
Good question, Doni.
Hey, I'm posting this with no filter.
Let's take another outside.
That's prime steak, Nando.
This cow was probably happier
than we are.
Hang on.
What's up, man. All good?
Everything's fine, thankfully. You?
All good. Thanks, Badá.
What's up, brother?
I heard you've met Messinho
and cut a nice deal to your shop.
Is that right?
That's right.
Gotta keep the business going.
Good for you. What about my shop?
Have you forgotten your godfather?
Come on, man. We're in this together.
If we really were,
you'd have found
the rat that took our load.
We lost another load, right?
Exact same way.
Yo, if you don't find out
who's ratting us out soon,
you risk losing your own load.
I'm on it, brother.
Brother, do better.
It's high time. You're the one in charge.
Make this happen.
You're right, Badá.
Don't worry, I won't let it slide. Got it?
I'm as thirsty as you are, rest assured.
Good talk, kid.
You have my respect.
I trust your word. God bless you.
Cool. Talk to you later.
What an appetite, Mommy.
Eating for two, right?
Don't worry.
I'll help you promote your next song.
The boys will help, too.
- Yep.
- Yep.
Doni, that's your cue.
Don't give up. It's all gonna work out.
Doni, one minute.
Let's go.
I'll shout you out on stage.
- Alright?
- Cool.
Let's go.
Alright. Our next guest
is a very talented singer.
Singing his latest single, MC Doni!
Shout out to MC Luzi!
Our song made it to the TV!
This one is ours.
It's ours.
Called her over to my house
To go at it, no pause ♪
She gon be working that booty
Up and down ♪
Just got my tan on
Feeling frisky, turned on ♪
If we get together, we gon go kaboom ♪
She likes to scratch
To lick, and to kiss ♪
Her deadly ass
Leaves me out of breath ♪
I begin to grind ya
I know how to tease ya ♪
I just can't hold off anymore
It's too late to stop ♪
She won't stop screaming ♪
Shout out, MC Luzi!
Hey, how are you?
How are you, sisters?
Over there.
- Where are the hymns?
- We like regular music too.
- I like this.
- Do you? It's gospel, see?
- Thought you weren't coming.
- Ain't I your right arm?
Hmm. You bet. Let's get to it, then.
Please take the paint buckets there,
Ms. Right-Hand Lady.
Boys, can you help unload the truck?
- You got it.
- Thanks.
Rita, this is heavy!
That's a full workout session.
How do you think I work out?
I see.
Hey, when were you
going to tell me about the boy?
What a nice car, babe.
- Hey, bud.
- Hi. Thanks.
- You like it?
- Yup.
- You drive.
- Why?
- It's yours now.
- Nando, are you serious?
- Are you for real?
- I'm serious.
Boy, does it suit me!
It's so fancy!
Look at that!
- Doesn't it suit me?
- Get used to it.
Get in, babe.
It's so smooth!
I love this new car smell.
You know I'm here for you
whatever happens, right?
If you need anything, count on me.
And on my fancy wheels.
Show off!
- Awesome performance, man.
- You did amazing, bro.
Everyone going
Check this out.
Congrats, Doni!
Nice to meet you. Theo Ribeiro.
- What's up?
- Great performance, man.
- How about we do a collab?
- Sure.
I'll hit you up. Later, guys.
Bye, Theo.
Bro, the guy just fangirled you hard!
He nearly kissed your ass.
Yo, your performance is trending.
You broke the internet.
Bro, it's blowing up!
Where's Luzi?
She's on the phone with her manager.
Fucking moron.
Hey, it's nothing to do with you.
It's these people.
We're just a cog in the wheel.
These managers look at us
and only see dollar signs.
They play with our dreams.
The hood is filled with talent,
but these leaches always screw us over.
So fucked up.
Hey, believe in yourself.
You've got talent. Believe in your dream.
- I know, but you know how it's like
- Hang on.
It was amazing, honey! Congratulations!
- I'm glad you liked it.
- I loved it.
I'll make that beef schnitzel you love
to celebrate.
Sounds great. Make plenty.
I'm bringing friends over.
I have to go now. See you later.
Is everything alright?
I got customers. Bye, son.
I've come for my buns, Lucrécia.
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