Sintonia (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Paying Up

Called her over to the house
To go at it no pause ♪
She gon' be working
That booty up and down ♪
Just got my tan on
Feeling frisky ♪
If we get together
We gon' go kaboom ♪
She likes to scratch
To lick and to kiss ♪
Her ass is deadly
Leaves me out of breath ♪
I begin to grind ya
I know how to tease ya ♪
I can't hold on anymore ♪
It's too late to stop ♪
She won't stop ♪
[Rivaldo] Damn, people are commenting.
- I sent you the routine video.
- Man, I'm falling in love here.
- Can you be more professional?
- I mean, the routine.
[Rivaldo] You're taking off, man.
We'll be bigger than Theo Ribeiro.
Theo Ribeiro my ass.
Kevinho's gonna want to collab.
- Refresh your YouTube.
- [Rivaldo] Let's.
I bet you're trending.
Let's hit one million, girl.
[song continues playing]
[MC Luzi] 700,000! 700,000! 700,000!
Seven hundred thousand views!
We killed it.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Should've reached one million by now.
[theme music playing]
[Scheyla] Damn!
- Cool, huh?
- [Scheyla] Insane.
- It's huge!
- My God!
Imagine watching soccer on this?
Remember what you promised
when you proposed to me?
That my two queens
would never go through hardship.
And now, we've got a prince.
- Nando, look how perfect this is.
- You can see everything!
He's got his daddy's mouth!
[chuckling] And his cheeks?
Bruninha had none of this.
We'd wait for hours in the hospital.
I remember.
No one knows what
we had to do to get this far.
Our kids will have everything.
We can afford all of this. Right?
If I wasn't a go-getter,
we'd still be living in that alleyway.
[hip-hop music playing]
[cell phone vibrates]
- Peace be with you.
- [man] Amen.
- Morning, Pastor.
- Morning. God bless you.
- Morning, Levi.
- [Levi] Hey, Rita.
- Good morning, sis.
- You're in high spirits.
- I'm in such a good mood.
- Good for you!
My parents just confirmed.
They're coming at 3 p.m.
[Rita] Great.
[Levi] Let's get moving.
There's a lot to do.
Rita, you can't fool me.
Your great mood has a name.
- Stop it, Cacau.
- You're into him. Aren't you?
Okay. I kinda am.
But it's complicated.
No. It isn't, Rita.
He's into you too. It's obvious.
I don't know.
- He's not from around here.
- But he's here.
[Doni] She likes to scratch
To lick and to kiss ♪
Her ass is deadass deadly
Leaves me out of breath ♪
[MC Luzi] I begin to grind ya
Know how to tease ya ♪
I can't hold off anymore
It's too late to stop ♪
Enough gossiping. Let's get to work.
There's lots to do.
[Rivaldo] Hey!
Let's get to a million. Make it count.
Hype it up. Hype it up. Hype it up.
God bless, brother.
[Rita] Raffle, check.
[song continues playing]
[Doni chuckles]
One more time.
One more time. One more time.
[cell phone shutter clicks]
How many more views
will this picture bring?
Posters, check.
We must've hit it by now.
Oh, man.
[cell phone beeps]
[gun cocks, fires]
We're doing well, man.
Nah. We've failed.
Forget the collabs.
Bro, chin up.
Luan knew Theo's song was gonna blow up.
By now, he's way ahead of us.
Hey, Doni. Our marketing team is on it.
The numbers will blow up.
Fuck marketing.
If they like the song, it blows up.
Not marketing.
[MC Luzi] People don't know me yet.
What if we go live
with someone more famous?
We sing the song and do the TikTok dance.
[Nando] The load arrived?
[Caneta] It's coming. Don't worry.
Too many palms to grease, you know.
Sorry to pressure you.
It's a lot of money on the line.
Chill. We didn't get busted.
You know what to do to be sure.
I'll crush that rat.
He's caused us too much loss.
- That's all, bro. Peace out.
- [police siren wailing]
[cell phone beeps]
- Everything's on track. Right?
- Thank God.
Praise the Lord.
My parents will be impressed.
I've been asking God
if you're right for me.
Why don't you ask Him too?
- I already did.
- So?
No answer just yet.
- [woman] Oh, my God! Hurry!
- [man] The pipe burst!
[clamor continues]
God have mercy!
I'll cancel with the pastors.
This will take hours.
It's either calling it off
or showing them this.
Let's brush it up, Sueli.
The facade is great,
we have tons of donations.
That's right.
Rita, give Cacau the squeegee
and go get the donations.
- That'll speed things up.
- Okay.
- [Levi] I'll drive you, Rita.
- [Sueli] Yes. Go.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Good to see you.
- You too. Did you miss me?
Gotta find out who the rat is.
It's my load and your money on the line.
I'm tailing his cop buddy.
[man] They're setting up
a sting operation. He'll be there.
This guy and your rat
will probably meet up.
Don't get off his ass.
All right?
We're catching that fucker tonight.
Keep pushing.
[car door closes]
[car engine starts]
- [Levi] She is Doni's mom?
- [Rita] Yes. She is.
[dogs barking]
- [Rita] Hi, Auntie.
- Hi, sweetie.
- [Rita] Everything okay?
- [Lucrécia chuckles] Yes.
- Need any help?
- That's all right, dear.
It's just paperwork.
Who's this handsome man?
This is Levi.
He's helping me restore the church.
- Peace be with you, honey.
- Likewise.
- What a beautiful job you're doing.
- [Rita] Hmm.
- [Levi chuckles] Amen.
- Thank you, Auntie.
[Miro] Good afternoon.
I'll get your stuff in a minute.
Let me help that man.
Make yourselves at home.
- Okay.
- [Levi] Excuse me.
[suspenseful music playing]
My bread rolls, darling.
I'll go get them.
Levi, I'll be right back. Stay here.
[Lucrécia breathing heavily]
[filing cabinet closes]
Doni, can you tell us
what your inspiration was
for the first song?
When I was a kid,
I had a crush on this girl.
[chuckles] She didn't look at me,
so I wrote the song.
You poor thing! What about now?
Is there anyone who inspires you? Tell us.
There's a girl.
[Tally chuckles]
Let's talk about the song,
because it's dope.
Let's get Luzi here.
- [Tally] Luzi, come here!
- [both] Yay!
- What's up?
- [cell phone chimes]
Tell us how this partnership came to be.
Doni and I have known each other
since childhood.
He's very close with my cousins,
Jaspion and Rivaldinho.
- 'Sup!
- 'Sup!
- [MC Luzi] We wrote it together.
- Beautiful.
- Show us the TikTok dance.
- All right!
- Slay!
- Turn it up. Turn it up.
[song playing]
Everything okay?
Yeah. Fine.
Something happened
with my mom. I'm worried.
Wanna call it a day?
We can finish this later.
Family comes first.
You rock, Tally.
Levi, why don't you head back?
I can take care of this.
- What's going on?
- [Rita] Go.
Check if they fixed the pipe.
You're not coming?
What's going on?
My auntie is in trouble. I need to stay.
Your parents are coming. Go greet them.
We stay, help your auntie,
then we go back.
Skimping this week?
- I had a problem, but
- You have one hour.
You always help us. We'll help you too.
See you soon.
[Lucrécia sighs]
[cell phone line ringing]
[cell phone vibrating]
[cell phone beeps]
[Formiga] Hey, Nando. What's up?
Hey, bro. All good?
How's the ball thing going?
Stay on top of it.
We can't have cops around today.
The kids start it anyways.
I could give them a beating.
That's not how we do it, Formiga.
Do you understand, bro?
Just talk to them.
They're just kids. Don't be afraid.
I had them delete their posts about it.
People heard about it
and they all gave me a hard time.
It's tough.
Just make them follow the rules,
so the cops are not called.
Bro, they're posting about it again.
Let it slide, bro.
Please. I'll get the hang of it.
Fine. I'm on my way.
I'll wait for you here.
- I'll go talk to her.
- Sure. Go.
Rita, I'll take the donations later.
I need to run an errand now.
What's going on, Auntie?
I need you to be honest.
I got tangled up in something.
Don't worry, Rita.
Of course not.
You're always helping us out.
Let me help you. What's going on?
The store was not doing so good,
and I borrowed some money from Miro.
Auntie, from Miro?
Why didn't you come to us
or talk with Doni?
- Doni is busy doing his things.
- [cell phone chimes]
- I don't want to bother him.
- My God.
How long has this being going on?
Not long. It's not a lot of money.
I'll pay it off by the end of the month.
It will be fine.
If you exceed the limit,
Doni can bring it.
I don't want him to get involved.
He's got a new song.
You're family to me.
We'll sort this out when he comes back.
How much?
A little over 20 grand.
Listen, if Doni hears Miro is involved,
he's not gonna be happy.
And that man is dangerous.
How are things?
My parents are pulling up,
but they fixed the pipe.
[Rita sighs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[car horn honking]
Doni, I promised Auntie
I wouldn't tell you about Miro.
Fine. But why did he come?
It seems she had a few problems
and had to borrow from him.
- She didn't tell me.
- Not to bother you.
You know your mom.
Take it easy. She's nervous.
Let's fix this before he returns.
Got any cash on you?
My checkbook, but I want to understand it.
Looking good, Doni.
Even forgot your old friends.
Hey, Miro.
I've been traveling the country.
Not much time to come by.
[Doni sighs]
[Miro] Well done, Doni.
Traveling across the country,
enjoying your success.
[Miro] You even forgot our business
Tell the pastor to buy time
showing them around.
Gotta work today
to reap the benefits tomorrow.
Sure. So, my mom owes you money?
- Your mom?
- [Doni] I paid my debt off ages ago.
[Miro laughs, inhales]
Oh, apparently Doni boy
needs to have his memory refreshed.
Well, let's see.
Wasn't it your debt?
He's extorting you.
Why didn't you tell Doni?
I couldn't, Rita.
The boy just lost his father.
He's living his dream.
[Levi sighs]
[Jussara] Nando, we just wanna talk,
figure out how it's gonna be.
At the end of the month,
don't we have bills to pay?
I'm a single mom, I gotta work.
I'm not trying to get in the way.
- Let's talk.
- Listen, Jussara.
I want the best for everyone.
- [Jussara] So do we.
- The ball is back on.
With rules.
Everyone's gotta chip in for clean-up
and no music after 3 a.m.
We can't have the pigs around.
It's a key moment.
Yes, Nando.
We're on the same page.
Everyone's happy now. Right?
Thanks, Nando.
[Nando] It's a trial run.
If anything goes wrong, it's all over.
You hear me? For good.
Okay, Nando. Come on, Ju.
We gotta get organized.
I'm always the one
who does all the talking.
- [Rose] So I don't talk?
- [Jussara] You do, but you're too soft.
[Jussara] Be more aggressive.
Your parents must be asking about you.
- Don't worry about it, Rita.
- I mean it.
Things are going to heat up here.
Exactly. I can't leave you behind.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Miro] Well, you got the money
on the first. Right?
- I gave you 30k by the end of the month.
- It was after, actually. Hmm?
Remember the terms?
10% on the first month,
20 on the second
Thirty on the third, I know.
Smart boy.
But you forgot the interest.
Are you trying to rip me off?
How much is it, Mr. Miro?
[Miro] Well, since one month went by
and you didn't pay the interest,
it's 10% of 30 grand, so it's 3 grand.
[Miro] We add up the previous months
It's 3 grand plus 20%,
30%, 40%,
50%, 60%
90%, plus 100%
After ten months, it adds up to
You gotta be kidding me.
[Miro] Relax. Relax.
You can pay by the end of the week.
I'll do better.
If you pay it today, I can do 180. Hmm?
Can't let them snarl.
Gotta stand your ground.
Man, Jussara is a tough bitch.
Too feisty. I don't like her.
That's why you can't let her snarl.
- Is the load ready?
- We're cool.
But running low.
We may have to close the shop
for a few days.
Fuck. I can't catch a fucking break.
The sooner we settle, the better.
Son, just pay him. We'll figure it out.
He's acting in bad faith.
I'm calling the brothers.
Good. Call them. Call Badá too.
Call your guys, call everyone.
All the more people to explain it to you.
[cell phone keys clacking]
The brothers?
How did we do this week?
Sales are up.
If all goes well,
we'll make a week's worth in a day.
- Good.
- It'll be a relief.
We can't take risks.
Levi, you should go.
No. I'm staying.
You may need me.
[Miro] Whoa. Whoa. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
On speakerphone. Eh?
[line ringing]
- The ball is your responsibility.
- Okay. I got it.
[cell phone vibrates, beeps]
Give the people some attention.
Hey, brother. How are you?
Hey, Nando. What's up?
Miro is being unfair with me.
Hadn't you paid off your debt?
I had, but he came back full of bullshit.
He came up with 200 grand in interest.
Today, 180.
[Doni] He brought an off-duty cop
to scare my mom.
Hold on, I'm on my way.
[cell phone beeps]
Leave Magrelo in charge. You come with me.
What's up?
Miro's fucking with my auntie.
- Fuck no.
- Get in.
Here, Auntie.
- Thank you, sweetie.
- Sure.
[Lucrécia's breath trembling]
Son, why mess with those people?
You have a family.
I needed the money for the video.
Dad was mad at me.
[Lucrécia] But I've always supported you!
I know. But it was a lot.
And I paid it off.
[Sueli] Follow me, please.
My dad's asking about me.
I've run out of patience, Doni.
I want the 200 grand today.
Wasn't it 180, Mr. Miro?
[chuckling] She's a cheeky one.
Hey. I don't know this one.
[gate clattering open]
[suspenseful music playing]
- Hi, Auntie.
- How are you, son?
Good, thanks. Hey, brother.
- Cool.
- Rita?
[Nando] Hello, Mr. Miro.
[Miro] Always a pleasure, young man.
[indistinct chatter]
I paid it off before the month's end.
I had just signed with the label.
[Miro] Yes. I remember.
You arrived all happy.
Two hours late.
Late my ass. I paid my debt and left.
- Tone it down, bro.
- You took me there. Remember?
When was it?
- Nov 30th.
- Dec 1st.
What the fuck?
You were driving that red Golf.
What did we do after?
You dropped me off
and were late for something.
[hip-hop music playing on radio]
Bruninha's birthday.
- That was after.
- It was December 1st.
- I had her gift.
- [Doni] I asked for your help.
I'm straight up, Doni.
I do what's right. That's how it is.
- [Nando] Do you have the money?
- [Doni] Of course not.
He's right, man. You gotta pay.
I can't do anything.
Nando, I don't have all this money.
- What about your car?
- [Miro] Sell it and pay me.
Hold it, Mr. Miro.
I'm the one negotiating.
Wait. What about the money
he took from Auntie?
What money?
I saw Auntie putting money
in a paper bag for him earlier.
How come, Mom?
He's been shaking her down, Nando.
Using Doni's debt
to get money and terrorize her.
Is this true, man?
You've dragged out my debt
to come after her?
Do you take me for someone
who collects problems?
[Miro] Hmm?
Auntie, we are family.
What's going on?
- Enough, Luiz Fernando.
- Why didn't you tell me, Mom?
What did Miro do to you?
Look. As far as I know,
talking to her is not a crime.
Where are you going with this?
Auntie, you don't deserve
what he did to you.
When he came by for the first time,
he told me Doni had
unresolved business with him.
That it wasn't much,
that I could take care of it myself
without having to bother my son.
But he came back,
saying there was interest left unpaid.
Doni was so happy.
My boy was living his dream.
[Lucrécia's breath trembling]
I didn't want to worry him.
The next time Miro came,
I said I wouldn't give him another dime.
But he said he had eyes on Doni.
That he knew where he was.
He kept sending me photos.
He said
he'd do terrible things to him.
That he'd give him a scare.
That he'd break his whole body.
I just wanted to keep Doni away from it.
[Lucrécia crying]
[whispering] Calm down.
[Lucrécia sobbing]
Take Auntie and go home.
You messed with working people.
That's a different level.
Dismiss your little cop.
We're getting our boots dirty.
I'm gonna call my partners from the North.
[cell phone chiming]
[Miro] Hey, Peixe. What's good?
Nando from Vila Áurea
is suggesting some weird shit.
Can you help us settle the matter?
Friends with thugs and cops.
That's fucked up.
Piece of shit.
Luiz Fernando.
Promise before God
there won't be violence.
[suspenseful music playing]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Take that with you, man.
I'm sorry Doni isn't here.
I shouldn't have interfered.
I just want him back home, Rita.
That's all.
But he's with Nando.
He's safe, Auntie.
I couldn't see that guy
exploiting you and look away.
I know, darling. I know.
You're my second mom.
We'll pray for Doni.
- [indistinct chattering]
- [dogs barking]
[Rita] Dear Lord
I praise You and thank You
for my friend's life
and the lives of all kids on Earth.
May Your grand love
and Your protection fall upon him.
[Rita] I leave it in Your hands, Father.
The life of Your beloved son.
[Levi] Jesus.
- [Lucrécia] Glory to God!
- [Levi] Hallelujah.
[Rita] Your will be done, Father.
- Amen. Amen.
- Amen. Glory.
[Nando] What's up, guys?
What's up?
[Pulga] All good?
- [man 1] Evening. Evening.
- [Pulga] How's it going?
- [man 2] All good?
- [indistinct chatter]
- What's good, everyone?
- [line ringing]
[Peixe] 'Sup, family.
[everyone] Good evening.
Good evening. Peixe in the area.
Happy to talk to you.
I don't follow.
We have no business meddling
with loan sharks.
What are we here for?
Brother, Miro did some shitty stuff.
He dunned an old woman
for a debt that wasn't hers.
Explain, Miro.
Ha. The boy doesn't want to pay his debt
and is making stuff up. That's all.
Nando, with all due respect,
you're Doni's friend.
Let me handle this business.
Though Doni and his mother
are family to me,
we're both gonna handle this. Okay?
Tell him the whole story.
So, he kept chasing my mom for money,
saying she had to pay my debt.
[Pulga] Is that right?
Miro, why didn't you reach out to the kid?
My dad is deceased.
My mother was an easy target.
Miro, speak the hell up.
Man, I didn't take any money.
Where's the evidence?
How do we know he did it?
Brother, the money is in his pocket.
In a paper bag.
What the hell is wrong with this douche?
Do you confirm it, Miro?
Lying is worse, man.
Here's Here's the thing.
When a boy cuts a deal with a shark,
his entire family is on the line.
That's how it works, man.
[girl] Shady fucker!
Going after the family?
On top of my mother's money,
he charged the debt in full.
On top of the money
you got from the woman?
This is fucked up, man. Do you confirm it?
[Pulga] Start talking, man.
- [girl] Don't freeze.
- Piece of shit.
Don't give me bullshit,
or this will get ugly.
Speak up.
[girl] Are you choking, bro?
Yo, I don't have eyes on the scene.
- I confirm it.
- [Pulga] Fucking douche.
[Formiga] Piece of shit.
That's it. Good talk.
And the debt?
Nando, let's forget that debt.
You decide the best way to punish him.
Sounds good, Peixe. Thanks, bro. Peace.
[cell phone chimes]
- What now, man?
- What?
[Nando] Are you deaf?
You choose his punishment.
[Pulga] What's the punishment?
Tell us what it's gonna be.
Say it, bro. Time is money.
What will it be?
I don't know, man. Do what you usually do.
[suspenseful music playing]
If you soak it
- When you soak it, it doesn't break.
- [man] No. Please!
How could anyone do that
to a woman who just lost her husband?
Enough talking.
Your arms, legs, ribs.
I'll make an example out of you.
Are you messing with my family?
No one messes with them.
No one.
- [thudding]
- [Miro grunting, collapsing]
Next time you mess up,
it won't be a fucking stick, asshole.
[Miro coughing]
I'll fuck you up.
[Miro panting]
Tread carefully, bitch.
[stick clatters to the ground]
[Pulga] Yo, clown.
Next time, you're done for.
[Pulga] Shady fucker.
[Miro breathing heavily]
Sorry. That must have been
a lifelong trauma.
How are you?
It's just another day.
Well, I wanted to thank you for today.
You're a nice guy, Levi.
Thank you.
Talk to you later. Bye.
I had never seen that, Rita.
It's a family thing.
You went for his throat like a lioness.
Ready to sacrifice yourself
for your auntie.
God, I
I felt God's confirmation
burning in my heart.
[soft hip-hop playing]
Bro, I know your head must be buzzing,
but now that you're famous,
you've become a target.
I know. But I swear
I thought I had paid it off.
With them, you either pay it or you don't.
- There's no middle ground.
- [Doni] Yes.
I didn't want to get you involved.
Be smart, man.
Do you know how I'm still here?
Keeping my eyes peeled,
always protecting my people.
That's why I need you.
You gotta protect yourself.
Only you can do that.
Thanks for coming, anyway.
Man, I'll take a bullet for you.
You're lucky I'm on good terms with them.
I won't be here forever.
That's crazy talk, Nando.
I've got my plans.
I'm not gonna do this forever.
I'm gonna be a daddy again.
- Really, bro?
- Yeah.
[laughing] Cool!
We're on the same wavelength.
- We're family.
- I love you, bro.
What is it, son?
I got one million views.
Congratulations, honey.
One million is nothing.
I love you, Mom.
["Cometa" by MC Vinny playing]
Have faith in your path
Focus on your progress ♪
Let God take care of misunderstandings
Sow kindness to reap kindness ♪
We used to have nothing
Now we do and have it delivered ♪
Black B-King, moon comet
We'll take 24k ♪
Rid me of all evil ♪
Bruninha misses her daddy.
[Bruninha] Daddy, are you coming home?
I miss you!
[cell phone chimes]
Hey, baby! Are you still up, honey?
[cell phone vibrates]
Daddy loves you.
I won't be long.
[suspenseful music playing]
["Cometa" by MC Vinny playing]
["Too Late To Stop" by MC Doni
and MC Luzi playing]
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