Sintonia (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

A Thousand May Fall At Your Side

So, what do you guys think?
It's looking great.
- Beautiful.
- It's awesome.
Wrapping up painting tomorrow
and it'll be ready.
Remember that game
of popping a balloon and reading a verse?
Yeah! I've got many memories
from that time.
Bible study, music classes.
- Do you remember, Nando?
- Sure do.
Hear this out.
God is among us ♪
Hallelujah ♪
As much as the air I breathe ♪
As much as the sun is rising tomorrow ♪
As much as I speak and you hear me ♪
God is among us ♪
Hallelujah ♪
As much as the air I breathe ♪
As much as the sun is rising tomorrow ♪
As much as I speak and you hear me ♪
As much as I speak ♪
As much as I speak ♪
As much as I speak ♪
And you hear me ♪
Uncle Chico once told me
that I was strong,
but had to find my path.
- The old man was the shit.
- Yeah. He was.
I prayed so much to God. I begged Him.
And He used Pastor Sueli, Josué,
Levi, and this church
to show me I don't have
to be like my father.
Enough of that Rita.
I have a purpose now.
I want to bring more souls to Jesus,
because He trusted me.
You're right.
- I have your cash here.
- Yeah. Right.
- Three hundred?
- Yes. Thanks, brother.
No worries.
Let me know if you need anything else.
- Always.
- Is everything set?
Yes. I'm organizing the concert,
Levi got the band, now we need the singer.
You two are coming. Right?
Yeah. What if I sing at the opening?
No funk, just gospel.
You won't blow me off?
- No.
- I hope not.
- Trust me.
- All right.
I gotta go.
- Tomorrow. Right?
- The day after.
- The day after tomorrow.
- Deal.
Listen. Every time I'm scared
and I look at you
I know it's gonna be okay.
I need this to go well.
It's my chance, brother.
It will go well.
- I'll be here. Okay?
- Okay.
- See you, bro.
- Later, man.
- Just one funk song?
- I'll rip you to pieces!
What's up?
Hey, partner. All good?
- Yeah. You?
- Here.
These guys have been doing
this for some time.
They make money
and hurt the competition.
I know this motherfucker.
Anyone else know about this?
No. That's all I know.
- That's fucked up.
- Fucking Lindão.
You take it from here.
This is family business.
My family or yours?
Hey. Listen up.
Don't go looking for trouble
with those guys.
They are psychos, man.
They're well connected.
If you go after them, you're fucked.
I'll be fucked too.
I've warned you.
Doni, you caught us by surprise.
A church event?
We already have two gigs
booked for the day.
One is in São José dos Campos.
How far is that?
It's about two hours away.
The client is that guy
who calls a ten-minute delay
a breach of contract.
It won't be long.
It's just a few hymns. Right?
But we don't know
what kind of structure they got.
But we can make it work.
The organizer is my sister.
Marcão can send you her number.
Nothing will go wrong.
Doni, we're not trying to hold you back.
But we agreed you'd do a collab first.
You can do a nice church gig
down the road. Okay?
I know you're in a hurry, Luan.
But I started singing in the church.
There were many talented kids there.
But not everyone gets a chance.
It's not just a church gig.
It means a lot to me.
Okay. Let's make it work.
But we can't miss the other two gigs.
Be good to Marcão, Doni.
There's a line of artists
dying to work with him.
And get your vocal cords ready.
Gospel music requires
a lot of voice.
Son of a bitch. Look.
- Scumbag.
- What's this, man?
What's up? I don't get it.
That's right.
Lindão's got to explain to the family
what is going on.
To hell with talking to this guy.
What else is there to know?
This piece of shit fucked us over.
You know what to do.
The pictures alone aren't enough.
If we call him, he'll run away.
We kidnap him and take care of it.
Off him if we have to.
I'm with Messinho.
We should smoke everyone
involved in this shit.
They deserve it.
Slow down.
We gotta think this through.
The cops are in it with them.
We gotta be careful or it'll backfire.
You think that piece of shit
stole the drugs to supply his shop?
There's more people involved.
Not just the cops.
We're in the right, brother.
Get ready. They're gonna come after us.
The evidence is here.
We deal with him, if someone asks,
we show the evidence.
No chit-chat.
Your head is smoking.
I didn't see you there.
I wanted to ask you
How are your parents? Are they mad at me?
- No.
- Are you sure, Levi?
- It's fine, Rita.
- I was so worried!
I wouldn't be able
to look them in the eyes.
They were mad we just vanished.
I had to tell them.
Auntie Lu felt sick,
we got worried and left in a hurry.
Thank God we took her to the ER in time.
High blood pressure is a serious thing.
Is it, Levi? Really?
She's asking what time I'm coming,
if I need the driver,
if I think people will come.
- She runs a tight ship.
- Yep.
With Doni playing,
we'll have a full house.
Speaking of which,
I gotta rent a more powerful sound system.
How much would it be?
No idea. But I know someone who can help.
- Miro, ever heard of him?
- Oh, Miro!
- I've heard of him.
- He's a great guy.
- Give me his number, then.
- You got it.
And that question you asked God
about the right person?
Come look, Rita.
It's getting beautiful.
- I'll be right there.
- Looking great!
JOHN 8:32
Receive the cure ♪
Receive the anointing ♪
Anointing of boldness ♪
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
It sounds so beautiful, son!
That was your dad's favorite hymn.
- It's really beautiful. Go on.
- Have faith.
Auntie, sure you don't need
any help at the store?
Rivaldo can help you.
Yeah. I can spend the day with you there.
Thank you, boys. But it's not necessary.
You're a role model to the kids out there.
You made it doing the right thing.
Is Luiz Fernando going?
He said he would, but you never know.
Won't you eat?
I gotta rehearse.
I'll change the song tone to fit my range.
Can't wait for the singing lessons.
Relax. You'll do great.
Look who's messaging me
and commenting on my photos.
She's so cute.
She's been ghosting me.
That girl who was here the other morning?
Yeah, Auntie.
It's the girl who Doni's got a crush on.
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
Invite her over for lunch.
I've been sending emojis,
but she doesn't reply.
Maybe she's not into me.
Yeah, Auntie.
The smileys on WhatsApp.
Doni keeps texting her
with a bunch of these.
All they do is crash the phone.
Enough, Jaspion.
Son, boys like these things.
Girls are not like that.
Call her, open your heart,
tell her how you feel.
I bet Rose tells you boys
the same thing. Right?
- Nice to see you.
- My pleasure.
All good?
Yo, family.
Hey, Badá. Greetings, bro.
Awesome, family.
Firstly, I'd like to salute everyone.
- Greetings.
- Thanks, Badá.
So, Lindão is quick?
But he knows.
We're gonna get to him at the right time.
But we gotta make a move now.
We don't know who's siding with him.
Nowadays, you can't trust anyone.
We're deliberating about his life
because we know
what it's like to take one.
But that's it. We do what's right.
My boy is right. Got it?
No matter who it is,
you betray the family, you die.
We take our rifles. Right?
If it's armored, we won't waste our time.
I need your help
with a ride and two rifles.
My guy tails them on a bike.
- Give him checkmate.
- Let's roll.
It looks great! I really, really like it.
That's great, Josué!
It reminds me of the church
where I met my wife 30 years ago.
Back when life was simpler.
Good times.
That's when I met your father.
Did you know?
I've heard that one before.
As agreed, here's the last check.
Thank you.
Look who's coming!
5,000 REAIS
Pastor Sueli, Rita,
this is my goddaughter Laura.
- God be with you.
- Amen.
- I know this one.
- Hi, Laura.
See what a divine work
they did in this church?
- It's true.
- Beautiful. Right?
Don't you want to do this some other time?
I'll help you with the books
after the opening.
We have a long day tomorrow.
Just a few more minutes.
You can go. I'll lock up.
If your mother were here,
she'd be happy to see
the woman you've become.
What's bugging you, child?
I can't make a mistake.
Everything's gotta be right.
- Rita, you're not your father.
- I know.
- What if people think I am?
- There's no reason to.
If they do, I'll have your back.
God knows your heart better.
That's what matters.
- Don't stay too late.
- I won't.
- Get some rest.
- Will do.
Hello. This is Rita, from the church.
I called yesterday.
I've changed my mind.
I want to rent
the more powerful equipment.
One thousand. Right?
If they tried ♪
To kill your dreams ♪
By suffocating your heart ♪
If they threw you in a grave ♪
And hurt, you lost your sight ♪
- Let's try a little vibrato.
- Okay.
And hurt, you lost your sight ♪
And hurt, you lost your sight ♪
- Don't give up ♪
- Don't stop believing ♪
God's dreams will never wither ♪
Don't give up
Don't stop fighting ♪
Don't stop praising ♪
Look up and see ♪
That God is
That God is restoring your dreams ♪
And your sight. Vibrato.
And your sight ♪
- I go high now?
- Yes. Receive
Receive the cure ♪
Receive the anointing ♪
- Anointing of boldness ♪
- Yes!
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
Receive the cure ♪
Receive ♪
Receive the anointing ♪
Anointing of boldness ♪
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
Anointing of boldness.
Anointing of boldness ♪
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
Last one to close it out.
Anointing of boldness ♪
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
Yeah! Well done!
Man, your voice has a great rasp to it.
- It's dope.
- Thanks.
You gotta explore that, man.
It's fantastic.
By the way,
what you're doing is beautiful.
An artist of your stature
making time to sing in church.
Songs for God. It's great.
Do you know what would be cool?
Uh. Maybe you'd like to sing with me?
In the hood?
- Are you down?
- Totally!
- Really?
- Super!
- All right, then.
- Yeah. I better get prepared.
Receive the cure ♪
Let's sing another one?
- Let's sing, honey?
- Sing for us.
The itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout ♪
- Tired of playing, honey? Eh.
- I'm sleepy, Daddy.
- She's tired.
- Come to bed.
I'll take her.
Did she fall asleep?
In a heartbeat.
Oh. Playing games is exhausting.
We could get some rest too.
Where are your thoughts?
Far ahead.
There's no need.
We have everything we need here.
And here.
What will he grow up to be?
Whatever he wants.
I've got some stuff to settle,
but I'll soon drop out.
I'll invest in something for our future.
He's big, huh?
The belly grows faster
after the first baby.
- Soccer player.
- Ah.
Did you give it a look?
Did you see who bought many?
- Nando?
- Yeah.
I'm so happy, sis.
Bro, did you notice how happy Rita is?
Me too. I'm nervous.
This church makes me feel
like I'm up in Heaven.
And I'm in the clouds!
Jaspion, can you test the mic for me?
Right away, Rita.
Sound. Testing. It's perfect.
Is it? Let's take a selfie
to register this moment.
Nice job with the balloons.
Ritinha deserves it.
She does. Do you need help?
We're just trying
to take this back.
Another broadcast?
I have a photo shoot.
I'm in the dressing room.
Where are you?
Where I was born. Look.
Back there is the grocery shop
my mom runs.
I wrote my songs here.
I didn't picture it like this.
Looks like a small town.
I wanna see you, Tally.
There's a party tomorrow
after my friend's fashion show.
Wanna come?
How about something more intimate?
Maybe get some dinner. What do you think?
Mmm. I'm free after this.
I'm kinda busy tonight.
I'm singing hymns at the church.
Wow, Doni! I didn't know that side of you.
And I like that you called me.
I'll call every day, then.
Until we meet again.
Really? I'll be waiting.
Come on.
Be on alert, brother.
Jump out on my mark.
Caneta will get you out.
We've only got one chance.
Light them up, step out, and shoot again.
Mourners will have to cry
over a closed casket.
Right on.
Peace be with you.
Amen, Pastor.
- Full house. What a blessing.
- Tell me about it.
I feel that God is going to do
great things in this place.
- Amen.
- Great work.
Rita helped so much.
She's a true servant of God.
- Well done, Rita.
- Congratulations.
You were of great help.
I'll be right back. Thanks for coming.
I'm so happy you guys came, Nando.
- How are you?
- Very excited.
- Hey, Scheyla.
- Hi, Rita.
I saved you a seat.
- Let's go. Thank you.
- All right.
- It's Auntie!
- Fernando!
Hey. I'm glad you came.
How could I not? I'll sit right here.
- Sure. Go ahead.
- Thanks.
- I'll take care of her.
- Go with the other kids.
Go, honey.
We have candy. You're gonna love it.
- It's looking great. Right?
- Yes. It's beautiful.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
I'll let you know before the last hymn.
Okay. Is Tom here?
Yeah. He's changing.
Listen. The van is gonna be waiting.
Don't be late. Luan's in our hair.
- All right.
- Cool.
- Marcão!
- Shoot.
- You forgot something.
- What, man?
Where's that great smile?
All right.
You clown.
Hi, son.
Just wanted to kiss you good luck.
You're looking great.
You know,
sometimes we mothers love our kids so much
we forget to tell them.
My baby boy,
I'm so proud of you.
So proud!
Stop it.
- Do I look okay?
- You look great. So handsome.
My dear and beloved brothers and sisters,
may the Lord be with you.
Let us pray.
Dear Lord,
we are now gathered to glorify
Your holy presence
and thank You for this new temple
You have given us.
To thank You, in the name of Jesus,
for the opportunity You give us
to carry out Your work.
To believe,
to work
to have courage.
May You let us, Lord,
grow Your flock.
May we bring
new brothers and sisters in Christ.
- Hallelujah.
- Hallelujah.
And when our brethren
walk through that door,
may they be transformed
by the power of Your glory!
Glory to God!
Amen, brethren!
Amen, brethren.
- May the Lord be with you.
- Amen.
Brothers, sisters, friends.
We are opening a home
built by the hands of many.
I can see so many people
that have helped me build this.
So many well-intentioned hearts,
guided and blessed by our Lord.
Hey, Tally. I'm at the church.
Slightly different outfit tonight.
Do you like it? All the way up.
the joy of being
in the Lord's home.
Here, brethren
So, if you left your home
a bit discouraged,
if you woke up feeling down,
a bit lethargic,
angry, nagging around,
tonight, you will cheer up!
In this house, in God's house
you will always be protected.
Glory be to God!
Those who already attended
our church
Those exercises really help.
Yeah. The singing lessons
make a huge difference.
Guys, it's time. Let's go?
- Sure.
- Let's go.
I'd like to invite brother Doni,
so we can together
Hey. What happened here?
Lord have mercy.
Something happened with the microphone.
But it's okay.
Because first I wanted to tell you
that I asked God to guide me
on how to carry out today's service.
- There's no other way?
- It's fried.
Without power,
we can't use any instruments.
Where can we find another one?
I have a friend nearby,
but it won't be for free.
The clock is ticking.
How much?
We march on
Your army is powerful ♪
Your glory will be seen ♪
- Let us sing ♪
- What?
The victory chant
Glory be to God! ♪
- We have to go.
- Wait, Nando.
Let's go, Scheyla.
We have to go get Bruninha.
Jesus Christ is our general ♪
We follow in his footsteps ♪
No enemy shall resist us ♪
One more time!
Jesus Christ is our general ♪
- Rita, what's going on?
- The equipment is busted.
Something to do with power.
They can't perform.
- I'm going to fix it.
- Lord have mercy.
Shouldn't we send someone
who knows this stuff?
If I don't do it, no one will.
Be right back.
- Let's go, Marcão?
- Yep.
Do what you gotta do, but come back.
For me and for our kids.
Look at me.
Don't forget what you promised us.
Bye, sweetheart.
Daddy loves you.
'Sup, fucker? Step on it, man. Step on it!
"Every gun pointed at us shall perish."
Bro, it's time to fuck that rat up.
Doni, since we're out of juice,
how about we go unplugged?
I'm down. Let's see what Tom thinks.
Pulga, are you on his tail?
I'm on his ass, brother.
Let's do it?
If they tried to kill your dreams ♪
By suffocating your heart ♪
Sing, brethren!
If they threw you in a grave ♪
I'm behind them.
Here's the location.
We got him.
Let's jump him.
Hit the gas.
kill your dreams ♪
By suffocating your heart ♪
If they threw you in a grave ♪
And hurt, you lost your sight ♪
Don't give up ♪
Don't stop believing ♪
God's dreams will never wither ♪
Don't give up
Don't stop fighting ♪
Don't stop praising ♪
Look up and see ♪
That God is restoring your dreams ♪
And your sight ♪
Receive the cure ♪
Receive the anointing ♪
Anointing of boldness ♪
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
When the kids only cared
about getting new shoes,
I was already in the business.
When I was 12, I got me a shiny piece.
Hard chrome finish.
I was the talk of the hood.
What about you, Nando?
What did you want to be?
I wanted to be a businessman.
And a singer.
Anointing of boldness ♪
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
Anointing of boldness ♪
Anointing of victory ♪
Anointing of multiplication ♪
Anointing of boldness ♪
Bad news, brother.
I have him,
but he's with that fucking cop.
He's with the cop.
Call Messinho.
God, protect me along my path.
I put my life in Your hands.
- Glory to God!
- Hallelujah!
Thank you, brethren!
There they are.
Hurry up, Formiga!
- I'm trying, bro.
- Step on it.
You can get out, Pulga.
We're right behind them.
It's time, man.
Come on, bro! Don't lose them!
I got him. I got him.
Caneta, keep calling Messinho.
I'm trying. Don't worry.
Stop, man. Stop.
They're pulling over.
Pull over, Formiga!
Messinho, the cop's with him.
Do we off them both?
Messinho just gave us
the go-ahead.
Let's fry this fucker. Split him in half.
Let's do it.
You know the law of the hood.
- You either roll with us
- Or get rolled over.
Let's go.
Let's get him.
Let's double check.
Let's double check.
Light them up.
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