Sintonia (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

As Life Begins

[upbeat, tropical music playing]
[Doni] What's up, everyone!
I wanna say something a bit cliché,
but worth remembering.
Never give up on your dreams.
Look at me now,
in Paris, wrapping up
a crazy successful European tour.
And it's the first of many.
- [recorder chimes]
- 'Sup, everyone! Don't ever stop dreaming.
Giving up is not an option.
The sky is the limit, and hard work
is the key to success, all right?
Peace out.
[music ends]
It took him three days,
but he finally confessed.
- He is a fucking snitch.
- [captive grunting]
He snitched on one of our homies.
Let me talk to this clown.
Let's hear what you have to say,
- [slap]
- [captive grunts]
That's right.
[Nando] What's right, yo?
You know how this works. What's up?
They threatened me, bro.
They threatened to arrest my wife. [cough]
So you snitched on your homie?
Yeah, man. I did.
Come again? Did you snitch on him?
- I did.
- You hear that, brother?
Yo, Pulga. You know what to do.
End this shit.
That's what's up, bro. Peace out.
You know what to do, guys.
Drop this bitch.
Ice this motherfucker.
[ominous music building]
[coughs, gasps]
[straining, grunting]
[theme music playing]
[car engine accelerating]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Nando] Yo, here's the thing.
I want you to keep your eyes peeled,
you hear me?
- [driver] Word.
- This ain't no day at the beach.
If the pigs show up, you know what to do.
Light them up and get out of there.
Do you understand?
- Yes, boss.
- All right.
Give me that hat.
[suspenseful music continues]
["Célavie" by Sainte Fortune
Feat. Arom, Bonetrips & Liqid playing]
[music continues faintly]
[crowd applauding]
[Doni chuckles]
[keypad clicking]
[line ringing]
Hey, babe.
Hi, babe. How are you? I miss you.
Are you at a nightclub?
Yeah. It's lit, but I miss you.
I don't know anyone.
- Listen to what's playing.
- [hip-hop music playing]
That's dope, babe. Have fun, okay?
I can't wait to see you.
Word. I'm flying back tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye. Love you.
[keypad clicking]
- [recorder chimes]
- Everyone, check this out.
Talking all the way from Paris.
Just miss my girl here. Peace out.
- Doni! Come here!
- [Doni] Yeah.
[in English] This is his music.
Ah, I know you. Alok, right?
Nice to meet you, man.
Come on, man. He's not Alok.
My bad. Is Kevinho
the right pronunciation?
No. This is Doni.
The other guy.
No way. The third man?
Hey, congrats, bro.
Your music's a hit.
Enjoy it. Success is short-lived.
It is.
[in Portuguese] He's telling you
to enjoy your fame while it lasts.
[girl chuckles]
[tense music playing]
Rita, just be yourself
and it will all work out.
[sighs] I'm so nervous, you guys.
- Who's in control, Rita?
- God is, Pastor. God is.
It's not luck. It's God.
- Peace be with you, dear.
- Peace.
There's Rita.
- [Rita] Hi, Levi.
- [Levi] Hello.
How are you?
[sighs] He who watches over me
will neither slumber nor sleep.
[Leopoldo] Brethren,
I'd like to address a very serious matter.
Our role as Christ's disciples
is to spread His word and win over souls.
That's why, year after year,
we're getting stronger and stronger
on the streets and in politics,
representing the people and God's will
among our representatives.
- [congregation] Glory be to God.
- Amen.
[Leopoldo] Glory be to God.
I'd like to call upon the stage
two members of our church,
who are potentially
running for city council.
Both are deserving of it,
but we'll wait out the next few months
until God names the chosen one.
Then, we will work really hard
so that one of them can represent Him.
First up,
my dear.
The youngest of our candidates.
Full of energy, vitality, and faith.
[congregation applauding]
Our sister Rita,
a vessel of our Lord's will.
Thank you, Pastor.
- Peace be with you.
- Peace.
Peace be with you all.
- [Nando] Thanks.
- [nurse] Okay.
Let me help you. Is this your first child?
[Nando] No, it's the second, but
[nurse] It's always like
the first time, right?
[Nando] Always like the first time.
[nurse] Have you picked a name yet?
- [Nando] Enzo.
- [nurse] That's beautiful.
[garbage can opens, shuts]
[breathing shakily]
[Nando] Thanks. Good afternoon.
[all together] Good afternoon.
[Scheyla exhales]
Baby, calm down.
Breathe. Everything's okay.
You breathe too, Luiz Fernando.
Everything's okay.
[Rita] I believe many of you
- know a bit of my story
- [music swells]
my background.
I lost my family early in life
and had to get by on my own.
And, unfortunately,
I recently lost a great friend of mine.
So I wanted to tell you,
brothers and sisters,
that if God chooses me to represent you,
rest assured that I'll give my all
to make sure our voices,
the flock of God, is heard, is respected,
is spread with humility, and, most of all,
is used to achieve true transformation.
I'm done with this life.
I want to give my soul to Jesus.
- [congregation clamoring]
- [Rita] And I humbly ask you, dear Lord,
to give me grace and wisdom.
- Amen, church.
- [all together] Amen!
- [all applauding]
- [Rita] Thank you!
Thank you, dear. Your young vitality
is a blessing to all of us.
- Amen, Pastor.
- Amen.
I'd like to call our next candidate.
Our accountant,
our lawyer,
our example
- [indistinct whispers]
- of a family man and of God's witness.
Our example of a father,
a husband, a disciple of God.
Our dear brother Daniel.
- [all applauding]
- [Daniel chuckles]
Pastor Leopoldo.
What a blessing it is to be here with you.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Well, first I'd like to salute
all the brothers and sisters present
in our beloved church.
- Peace be with you.
- [all together] Amen!
- [baby crying]
- [Nando] Daddy's here, son.
Daddy's here.
Daddy's here.
[baby continues crying]
Daddy loves you.
[baby coos]
My prince.
You're so brave.
- [baby continues crying]
- Oy, oy, oy!
- [Nando chuckles]
- [kisses]
[Nando] He's so handsome, babe.
[Scheyla] My prince.
You did great today.
It's remarkable
how you change when you're up there.
- Don't exaggerate. [chuckles]
- It's true.
I know you too well.
The other one didn't convince me.
You're my candidate.
I didn't expect less from you.
I really enjoyed it.
- Seriously.
- I'm so happy you came.
In that case,
I'll be very happy to give you a ride.
Do I have a choice?
- I don't think so. Shall we?
- [chuckles] Okay.
- [upbeat, party music playing]
- [crowd clamoring]
[man in English] Check this out.
Check this out.
So suddenly, he gets to the room,
and everybody stares at him.
- [woman] Oh really?
- [man] Yeah! [chuckles]
And he's like, "What the fuck
are you doing here? This is my house."
That's so funny!
- [man] I can't make this shit up.
- Oh my God!
- [in Portuguese] I don't understand shit.
- It was a joke. Relax.
Take a look at my boy.
He was just born.
A chubby nine-pound baby. Holy fuck!
Hooray! Grow up quickly
to play with your godfather, boy!
He's such a precious little boy. My God!
Rita, we're celebrating later.
Sounds good. Text me the details.
Love you. Love you guys!
Bye, bro. Love you guys.
All right. See you, guys.
[line ends]
[Rita sighs]
He invited me too.
But I'll just stop by quickly.
Everything's still too fresh.
I know. It's okay.
I just want to give him a hug.
I think he deserves it.
Maybe this was
what he needed to quit that life.
Like you did.
I had a different incentive.
Oh really? What was it?
- You.
- Me?
[romantic music playing]
[wheelchair rattling]
[dramatic music playing]
[knocks on door]
[cop] Hi.
I'm here to see my newborn nephew.
[nurse] Come in.
- [door shuts]
- [Nando inhales deeply]
- [upbeat, party music continues playing]
- [crowd clamoring]
[bag crinkles]
[trance music playing]
[distorted sounds]
[distorted swell]
[distorted swell]
[woman chuckles]
[chuckling continues]
[tense music playing]
[gunshots firing]
[crowd applauding]
- [gunshots firing rapidly]
- [all clamoring]
Yo, everyone!
[man] What up, boss!
[Nando] What up!
- Fucking hell!
- [kissing]
Hey, Doni!
Fuck! You're such a piece of shit.
- [Doni chuckles]
- I've already told you, man.
You gotta look these chicks up before
you make a move now that you're famous.
Next time, let me know,
and I'll do a background check.
Marcão, we are far as fuck.
Nobody knows me here.
- They don't?
- They don't.
Whatever. Party's over.
We're gonna miss our flight.
Let's go. I'm serious.
Looking cute, Marcão.
Fuck off, man.
[crowd clamoring]
[upbeat music playing]
[lighter clicks]
What's up, brother!
My brother!
- It's a very special day for me, you know?
- Welcome!
My baby boy was born,
and you're a part of it.
You can make it out of the hood,
but you never leave it behind, right?
Keep the beer coming.
Let's dance. One, two.
- What's up, brother?
- [both chuckling]
- Congrats, brother.
- Thank you, bro.
- Hey, what's up?
- Congratulations, man.
- A baby boy!
- Damn right!
- Here you go, brother.
- Damn, bro.
Twenty-one years, pure malt, all right?
It's worth the occasion.
- I'll put this one on my shelf.
- [chuckles]
Listen, Nando.
Next week I want to chat with you.
Now that you have a new bird to feed.
- [Nando] You know it.
- Business has to pick up.
That's right. We'll talk next week.
- Nice. [chuckles]
- I got you.
- Thanks.
- [Nando] Hey, bring him some beer.
[Messinho] Hey! Now we're talking.
I gotta confess
I feel so lost now ♪
It's hard to believe you're gone ♪
I was connecting the dots
Until I realized ♪
I'll try to move on with my life ♪
Without you ♪
[Nando] No way!
Did you two come together? [chuckles]
What's up, sis?
- My brother!
- [Nando] What's up, bro?
What a blessing, bro.
- Thanks, bro.
- No worries.
Here's the thing. No cap.
- I always knew you'd get back together.
- [all chuckle]
Fuck, this is
- My son was born, goddamnit!
- [applauding]
[all singing]
Fuck yeah!
Let's fucking go!
[crowd clamoring]
[indistinct chatter]
[Formiga] There he is.
What's up!
What's up, bro?
Did you guys eat and drink?
- Plenty, brother.
- Yes.
Bring them some steak!
No, we're leaving.
You gotta be kidding. This soon?
- What a joke!
- [Rita chuckles]
- I gotta work, bro.
- [Rita] Yeah.
The night's good
to make money with deliveries.
It's good.
Fuck, brother.
I'm so proud of you, you know?
You really found your path in life.
You can count on me
for anything you ever need, and I mean it.
That's it.
Soon it will be your turn, right?
- [Formiga] Easy, Nando.
- Nando!
- I'm joking, goddamnit!
- [all chuckle]
- I love you, brother.
- Love you too! [kisses]
Let me know when we can visit.
- I will.
- Send my love to Scheyla.
I'm leaving.
I'll go say bye to everyone.
Meet you outside?
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
Take care, brother.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Are you doing everything right?
You know me, bro. [chuckles]
'Cause when I'd ask you to do something,
you'd be scared, but you'd still do it.
Come on, man. You have so much help,
you don't even miss me.
Real talk, bro.
Be careful.
All right?
Don't be messing around in the hood.
The pigs are watching.
Got it, bro?
You have a new life now.
Soon I'll be just like you, Formiga.
Free as a bird.
You're right.
- By the way, it's Cleyton now.
- [chuckles] Good shit, bro.
As for the cops, don't worry, bro.
God's watching us.
Nothing bad's gonna happen to us.
Trust me.
- Keep it up, bro.
- Always. You can count on that.
- Love you, bro.
- Love you.
- There's a little trick to close it.
- Oh yeah? [chuckles]
- No trick needed.
- Done.
Nando was different today.
I didn't know this Nando.
I knew other Nandos.
- What do you mean?
- Never mind.
Tell me.
Sometimes it feels like
he's two different people.
No. He just had to grow a thicker skin.
But I know my friend,
and I know he'll follow in your footsteps.
- I hope so.
- [both chuckle]
You'll see.
I can feel a change coming.
What he said really moved me.
About what?
I dream of having a family.
[gentle music playing]
Me too.
But we still have a long way to go.
- You're right. Shall we?
- [chuckles] Let's go.
Let me put this on.
[mellow hip-hop music playing]
- Hey, Mom. This is for you.
- Honey, I missed you so much! [chuckles]
You didn't have to, son.
- This is for my love.
- Let me see it.
I couldn't pick one,
so I bought all three.
I'll wear them all. I love it!
Now, look what I got for my godson, Mom.
- Look. [chuckles]
- [Lucrécia] It's so cute!
Babe, it's huge. He was just born.
Nando said he is huge.
Babies grow up fast. It's good
to get them larger-sized clothes.
[murmurs] You two watch out.
Take it easy 'cause you're too young.
- I'm focused on my career, Mom.
- Me too. God forbid.
Well, I'm gonna make some coffee.
I love my presents!
[hip-hop drums playing]
[doorbell rings]
- [Formiga] Delivery.
- [chuckles]
How come?
Didn't you order breakfast?
I don't know about that, but I'll take it.
- Morning.
- Morning.
How are you?
- I'm great. Even better now.
- [door lock clicks]
Eat it before it gets cold.
I love the surprise.
You gotta eat.
An empty sack can't stand upright.
I know. Can you hang out for a bit?
I'm still working,
but I can make time for you.
- Mmm.
- Fifteen minutes.
- Fifteen minutes?
- Fifteen.
[ominous music playing]
[baby coos]
- [inhales]
- [baby coos]
Good morning, babe.
- Afternoon, you mean.
- [chuckles]
Did you get some rest?
A little bit.
I have something to tell you.
I'm quitting, Scheyla.
[uneasy music playing]
I'm gonna change my life.
Start a business, I don't know.
You may not believe me, but I'm serious.
I promise you.
[cell phone vibrating]
[Scheyla inhales]
[Nando speaks indistinctly]
I've always known
you had feelings for each other.
Now everyone knows, right?
You, Nando, who else?
- Everyone knew, Rita. It's not news.
- Right.
- I've always been Team Formiga.
- [chuckles]
I've always made that clear.
But tell me.
What did you tell him?
- I said yes, of course.
- Wow.
But I want to do everything by the book.
I want to talk to the pastor.
I want her to give me her blessing.
- I'm standing firm on the rock.
- Hallelujah!
I already got one blessing.
Just the election to go now.
- Uh-huh.
- [chuckles]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Rita] What's he doing here?
Who's that guy?
He's the other potential candidate
for city council.
I don't like him already.
- Hi, Auntie.
- How are you?
- [Cacau] Hi, Ms. Rose.
- Hi, Daniel. How are you?
Hi, Rita. Nice to see you around here.
Well, I'm from here. From Vila Áurea.
You know that Vila Áurea has always had
Everyone here will always have
a special place in my heart.
- I can imagine.
- [chuckles]
Vila Áurea is a part of my heart.
- All of us.
- Well, I gotta go now.
I still have a few places to visit.
[coughs] Peace be with you.
Peace be with you.
Peace be with you.
What was that?
Auntie, what's he doing in our hood?
I've never seen him around.
I don't get it either, Auntie.
When you were little, the church was
a lot more present in Vila Áurea,
and Daniel was always around.
We did community service together.
- [Cacau] Oh yeah?
- [Rose] Yeah.
So he's trying to get back at it again?
No, of course not, Rita.
He was here to ask about you
and intimidate you. Politics.
It was obvious, right?
[chuckles] Now it's time
for you to bring it.
As I said to Daniel,
if it's up to me,
Vila Áurea will vote for you.
And I will honor your support, Auntie.
Daniel's campaign is going full throttle.
When are you getting up to speed?
- Now.
- Now!
I'm gonna call Jaspion
and set up a meeting.
[hip-hop beat playing]
[knocking on door]
[Lucrecia] Doni? Marcão is here.
- I'm coming!
- [Tally groans]
Damn. Babe, I gotta go, okay?
You can stay.
Nah, I have a thousand things to do today.
- Like what?
- I'll tell you later.
Good luck with Luzi.
Thanks. But tell me.
Trust me.
It'll be good for us if it pans out.
- Okay.
- [knocks on door]
[Marcão] Doni! Hurry up, man.
They are waiting for us.
I'm coming.
[both chuckle]
I'm so glad to be with you right now.
- I love you, okay?
- Love you.
Brother, first I want to thank you
for coming to celebrate my son's birth.
Right on.
And I'm so grateful
for everything you do for me.
Don't mention it, man.
But be careful. Debts of gratitude
are the worst kind there is.
It's better to owe
a finite amount of money.
It feels like
you can't pay off debts of gratitude.
Word, man.
So you wanted to talk to me. What's up?
There's this big opportunity
I'm looking into.
Big for whom?
For you? No such thing, partner.
Everyone has a limit, brother.
Sometimes it's not worth risking it all.
Right on.
But what's the deal?
I got an offer,
but I'm still considering it.
Some serious cash,
but so is the risk.
[suspenseful music playing]
Check it out.
Whatever we put in,
we'll earn back tenfold.
What do you say?
You're speaking my language.
Tell me more.
That's the problem, brother.
If we lose it, it's not just a few bucks.
We lose millions. We lose it all.
I hear you, man.
The bigger the risk,
the bigger the profit.
Our big-shot friend up the chain
reached out to me. Boi, you know him?
The one from Lindão's trial, right?
Yeah, that's the one.
He wants me in it with him,
but I don't know.
'Cause this shit is crazy, Nando.
It's like
It's like, great-grandkids-set-for-life
type of money, you feel me?
Here's the deal.
Taking some Bolivian treats from Paraguay
all the way to some Italian fellows.
But we're not talking about a few kilos.
Half a ton, brother.
Marcão is such a blessing to Doni.
I'm so relieved
that he takes good care of him.
And you too.
You know Doni needs people
to look after him, right?
- He's a grown-up.
- He's just a boy.
Hey, Lucrécia. Don't start.
[all chuckle]
- I'm leaving, okay?
- Bye, son.
- Bye, babe. Love you.
- Love you too.
- Tell Luzi I said hi.
- Bye.
[Messinho] We might get exposed.
Don't forget you killed a pig.
If you get caught,
everyone goes down with you.
If someone's arrested,
the top dogs will be itching
to blame someone else.
And you know
what can happen to that someone.
Or to their family.
- Watch out.
- Right on.
- [cell phone vibrates]
- Hurry up. We're about to open.
[gentle music playing]
[hip-hop music playing]
Oh yeah ♪
I don't take orders from no man ♪
Apparently, he thought I did ♪
It ain't gonna happen
We're strictly physical ♪
I'm one tough cookie
Since I was little ♪
My heart is cold
But my bed is steaming ♪
I'm a sexy shorty
Just how they like it ♪
Them fools should know
Lionesses wear no saddle ♪
To carry clowns on their back ♪
Look down and respect this mama ♪
Don't give me shit
Or I'll make you cry ♪
I already told you I'm like this ♪
Your either accept it
Or you'll go crazy ♪
Look down and respect this mama ♪
Don't give me shit
Or I'll make you cry ♪
I already told you I'm like this ♪
Your either accept it
Or you'll go crazy ♪
Look down and respect this mama ♪
Don't give me shit
Or I'll make you cry ♪
I already told you I'm like this ♪
Your either accept it
Or you'll go crazy ♪
This woman is a force of nature. My God.
Taken aback by your friend, Doni?
Nah, I know she's a badass.
- Yeah.
- It's crazy.
I told her,
"I'll show you the way to success."
Let's speed up the chorus a bit.
Good call.
All right, let's start over.
But later I wanna try out an idea I had.
Can you cue the music?
[music plays through headphones]
She has a strong personality, attitude.
Now all she has to learn
is how stuff works around here.
By the way,
we gotta expedite her contract.
A verbal agreement won't cut it.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
What about my new songs?
I wanted to tell you in person.
No new songs for now.
I'm holding off on it.
What are you talking about?
You're gonna play a rodeo out west.
The biggest state fair in Brazil.
And that's good?
Your fee has tripled,
and our backers live there.
I don't know.
I wanted to release my own solo hit.
For God's sake, Doni,
just enjoy the moment.
You'll make more money this month
than you made the entire last semester.
You worked hard for this.
[music continues playing]
Fine. I'll do the concert
and fill our pockets to the brim,
but then I'll do things my way.
Look down and respect this mama ♪
Don't give me shit
Or I'll make you cry ♪
- [music ends]
- I forgot what I was gonna say.
Calm down. Breathe.
Remember you were Vila Áurea's Ritinha
before being Rita from the church.
- All right.
- Do it as rehearsed, and it'll be fine.
Okay. Let me take a breather. [exhales]
- I'll snap a few pics.
- Okay, let's go.
Hey, family!
Since lots of people from Vila Áurea
and other communities follow me,
I'd like to share some news with you.
I'm taking on a new challenge in life.
I'm running for the city council.
And one thing I can tell you
is one cannot win a war alone.
Getting into politics will only make sense
if we come together
to think about ways to live with dignity,
to be more respected,
and to demand opportunities
to have a better future.
With that in mind,
me and my incredible team
are officially kicking off
our social media campaign today.
Stay tuned for our posts, live streams,
and for our visits to the communities.
Let's stay in touch.
That's what it's about.
I want to get to know you.
Your plans for the future.
Your ideas for improvements
in your neighborhood.
I want you to get to know me too.
Enough talking for now.
Share this news with your friends,
neighbors, and family, if you can.
Let's unite, y'all.
And one last very important thing.
We are part of this city,
and we deserve to be respected and heard.
Peace out, everyone.
Have a blessed week, and God be with you.
- Ah!
- You killed it!
- Wow!
- Awesome!
- [sighs]
- [phone line ringing]
Hey, babe.
I was trying to reach you. Where are you?
Marcão, what's this city called?
- [Marcão] No idea.
- The connection is terrible.
Can you hear me?
Okay. But it's serious business.
How serious? Do you ever get tired?
That's not it.
I got an offer from a cell phone provider.
Well done, babe.
It's a huge deal.
But there's one little problem.
They don't want me by myself.
What do you mean?
They want both of us in it, baby.
"The 'It' couple," is what
the agency guy called us.
My manager talked to Luan,
but I wanted to give you the news.
So, are you in?
Hell yeah, of course.
- Yo, is it fixed?
- [Marcão] Not yet, but don't worry.
What happened?
We have a flat tire.
Let's talk more later, then.
- Okay. I'll call you. Love you.
- Okay. Love you.
The driver is fixing it.
If you need help changing it
To change the tire? [chuckles]
Did you hear that, Buiú?
Doni wants to change tires.
- Never seen a screwdriver in his life.
- Funny guy.
You two heavyweights gotta sit
one on each side to balance the van out.
[drum sticks clanking]
and we deserve to be respected and heard.
Peace out, everyone.
Rita, you could
change people's lives here.
That's the only way
I know how to do things,
when I speak from the heart.
It's the only way
I'll bring more people to Jesus.
Like you brought Cleyton.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Speaking of whom,
I wanted to talk to you about us.
You've probably noticed
how we've gotten close.
- Yeah, I noticed.
- [chuckles]
I know he just converted.
I even questioned if being with him
would challenge God's plans for me.
There are so many good
Rita, Cleyton repented. He accepted Jesus.
There's no reason
to live in continual penance, dear.
Go live your blessed love.
If God brought you two together,
it means He approves of you two.
- Amen, Pastor!
- [both chuckle]
- But behave.
- Absolutely.
- Let's get to work?
- Let's go.
[Lucrécia] I want you to rehearse
the first part of the speech.
I think there's some room for improvement.
[gentle music playing]
So, did you talk to the pastor?
Yeah, I did.
But she
She gave us her blessing.
- For real?
- Yeah.
So it's official?
More than official.
It's reality.
- You're my girlfriend.
- I am. [chuckles]
[sirens wailing in the distance]
[motorcycle approaching]
[tires screech]
- Get down on the ground!
- [sirens continue wailing]
[cop 1] You're going down, motherfucker!
- We're working people!
- [cop 1] You stay quiet!
Hands behind your head!
[cop 2] Don't move.
[cop 1] Cleyton Reis dos Santos,
you're under arrest for homicide.
You like killing cops, don't you,
you piece of shit?
[dramatic music swells]
[breathing shakily]
[hip-hop music playing]
[music fades out]
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