Sintonia (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Alias: Formigão

Blessed be!
Listen up, Nando.
The guy doesn't speak
very good Portuguese,
but he understands it. He's Italian.
He's always well-dressed and nice-looking.
Don't worry, I'll make him understand me.
Where will we meet? At your restaurant?
I don't know, Nando.
Everyone's been kinda skeptical.
It's been hard.
Yeah, but life goes on, partner.
He's here.
Son of a bitch.
- I missed him. When did you last see him?
- Ten years ago or so.
So don't stare, okay?
Because prison transforms men
in every way.
I'm aware.
Yo! Old man Badá!
- Yo, my man.
- What's up, brother?
Bring it in.
- Good to see you, bro.
- The pleasure is mine.
- What's up, my G.
- What's good?
That's the life I was looking forward to.
Hey, where them hoes at?
- Hoes?
- Yeah, bro.
They're around.
- Let's celebrate.
- Straight up!
There's Pelica.
- What's up, dude.
- Good to see you!
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
Can't wait to get back to business.
The time has come.
Damn right. Let's have a toast.
Where's Badá's fucking glass?
POLICE - 133
Is it Cleyton?
Right. Cleyton Reis dos Santos.
"Cleyton Reis dos Santos."
We haven't detained any Cleyton.
How come?
He was brought here.
Is there anyone else I can talk to?
Are you his relative, his wife, or what?
I'm his girlfriend.
Silva, will you look it up again?
- Cleyton with a Y?
- That's right.
Nope. There's no Cleyton in here.
How may I help you?
Cleyton, AKA Formiga.
You're fucked, bud. Two homicides,
conspiracy to commit crimes.
And it's not your first time here, either.
I've never killed anyone, sir.
We got off to a bad start.
Who are you trying to fool here?
I know you are
the right-hand man
of the top dog on the East Side.
I want my lawyer, sir.
Lawyer my ass.
Where do you think you're at, Formiga?
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic messaging system
The longer your boss takes,
the longer you'll stay here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't have a boss.
I'm a delivery guy.
Who's this in the picture?
Do you recognize him?
Would he be
Vila Áurea's Nando by any chance?
You're lucky, buddy.
You're lucky some big fish has your back.
Otherwise, you'd be locked up
for a long time, rotting in jail.
So do you have a boss or not?
Do you remember or not?
Sir, please. I've been here for hours now.
You'll have to wait
like everyone else.
I just want
to know where Cleyton is.
Are you aware
that your boyfriend has ties
with gangs in São Paulo?
My boyfriend is a man of God.
"Man of God"?
Man of God.
Hear me out. The police took my boyfriend
Cleyton to the 133rd Precinct.
- I've been here for hours.
- Hey!
- Turn this off.
- I'm not leaving
- until they tell me where he is.
- I'll have to ask you to leave.
Am I doing anything wrong?
You're getting in the way
of everyone's jobs here!
Please. Drop the attitude.
Hands up!
We're no criminals!
Cleyton Reis dos Santos,
you like killing cops, you piece of shit?
I have your file right here.
If I cut a deal with your boss,
I can tell my boss that I didn't find you.
And São Paulo is a big city.
You can disappear.
Do you get me, Formiga?
If everyone cooperates,
we can work this all out real fast.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I need to talk to our friend. It's urgent.
Can't reach him. What's up?
Cleyton was arrested.
I need to talk to Nando.
Do you know where he is?
Did Scheyla change her number?
What's going on? I can get him a lawyer.
It's no use. Only our friend can fix it.
Hit me up if you hear from him.
Sure, I will.
- Let's go, Doni.
- Yeah.
Play it, buddy.
Friday has come
But you didn't ♪
I miss you, baby
What can we do about it? ♪
There's only one way
If you know what I mean ♪
Ever heard of making love online? ♪
You can trust me
I'm not going to screen record ♪
And I won't screenshot
Our conversations ♪
I'll only save what I see
In my memory ♪
I know we get loud
When we're together ♪
The noise we make
Is the neighbors' alarm ♪
But since we're apart
Go get your headphones ♪
Let's get dirty on video ♪
Take it slow
Or my headphones will fall ♪
Take it slow
Or my headphones will fall ♪
Hold it.
- Let's start over. I'm not feeling it.
- No problem.
You're doing great. Go ahead.
Friday has come
But you didn't ♪
I miss you, baby
What can we do about it? ♪
- Hear about Formiga?
- No, what?
He got busted.
Fuck, that's crazy,
now that he left and shit.
Did they set him up?
No idea.
- All I know is they got him
- Yo, Pulga.
- What's up, Ritinha?
- Cool.
- Hey, Jaque?
- All good, Rita?
I was just telling her
I can't believe they got Formiga.
Tell me about it.
I'm still processing it.
That's why I need to talk to Nando.
I feel you, but that's not how it goes.
- What do you mean?
- That's not how we roll.
We need to act quick,
or everyone's gonna go down.
She's right, Pulga. Shit got serious.
We gotta help our brother out.
Cleyton's nowhere to be found
since the cops took him.
Here's the thing.
I can't give you his contact, okay?
But tell me exactly what happened
and I'll see what I can do.
Fine. Cleyton is at the 133rd Precinct.
At least that's where he should be.
Please reach out to Nando.
Fine. We'll do something about it.
- Thanks.
- I got you.
Take it easy.
We'll take care of this for sure.
Don't worry.
We'll let Nando know we talked.
Thanks. Have a good one, guys.
- You got it.
- Thanks.
- Good afternoon.
- Hi.
- How can I help?
- I wanna check the cars you have here.
Do you have a specific one in mind?
No, none. I just need space in the back
for a baby seat and a latch system.
Anything else?
What type of armoring do you offer?
All our vehicles are at the B7 level.
It's the best you can get.
I think this one right here
meets your needs.
It's spacious and safe. Take a look.
Yeah, it does look pretty big.
How much is it?
346,000 reais.
It's very safe for families.
But I can show you
other cars in the store.
- Yes, I want to see them all.
- This way.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
Yeah. It's a little poppy, right?
I think so too. We can fix it.
This one has to blow up.
See if you got any beat
that has a funkier feel to it
and let's try that, all right?
Let's see.
It's already better.
That's more like it.
I like it too.
We just need
a rave funk beat for the chorus now,
to make it more stanky.
Let me try this.
- Check it out.
- Let's see it.
So, what do you think?
- That's it.
- Now we nailed it.
Mixing up pop and funk
makes it so much better.
A bit more, then.
- Perfect.
- Done.
- Is it better, Buiú?
- It's fire now.
I understand your pain, dear.
You just started a relationship.
You said yourself
that God had brought us together.
Rita, Cleyton has a past.
Unfortunately, being forgiven by God
doesn't clear him from the rules of men.
I don't trust this type of justice.
If God allowed this to happen,
He certainly has a reason.
But does He, really?
Doing this to Cleyton?
An honest, hardworking man,
who left crime to live in Christ.
So He gave us a chance to be happy
and took it from us like this?
There are things
that we aren't meant to understand.
But God is fair and merciful.
Instead of doubting Him, trust him, Rita.
Let's pray. Give me your hand.
Dear Lord, your servant Rita
comes before Thee
for the life of her beloved Cleyton.
He lived a life of sin,
but Thou didst touch his heart, Oh Lord.
He regretted it and gave his life to Thee.
Free him of those who hound him
in the name of Christ. Amen.
Rita, turn that off.
Sorry, Sueli. I gotta take this.
Don't worry, we'll take care of it.
You gotta get him out of there.
Did you talk to anyone?
You're not supposed
to say anything to anyone, you hear me?
Stay out of it.
Promise me you'll solve this.
Don't worry.
He is not guilty.
Do you promise, Nando?
Promise you'll sort this out.
I got this.
Can you show me more, please?
- Hello?
- Did you want to talk to me?
This kid wasn't built for this.
He's shitting himself.
I'll break him anytime now.
Cut to the chase. How much?
Two million and he goes home tonight.
I have 50 grand
to put this shit behind us.
Nando, I don't think you get it.
Once I book him,
word will get out real fast up the chain.
Then you know what happens.
Use this opportunity.
Are you fucking with me, doc?
I'm not fucking stupid.
If booking me were to do you any good,
you would've done it ages ago.
Here's the deal.
A hundred grand and that's that.
You're kidding, right?
Is this some sort of auction?
One and a half million.
That's what I can do for you.
Or there's no business. Okay?
and his little girlfriend is
about to screw you over.
She's been telling everyone
he was arrested.
That's a big ask, doc.
For that much,
we'd have to solve this another way.
Now we're talking.
I need assurance
there's not gonna be inquiries
with our names on it.
The process is already underway.
It's too late.
But I can simply just say
I haven't found him yet.
That should give you time
to hide until the statute runs out.
Hide for how long, doc?
Wanna get rich fast?
Try the lottery, dude.
There's no evidence against him.
He doesn't even work for me anymore.
I can come up with
something real quick, okay?
One and a half million
and we put this to bed, okay?
You have until the end of the day
to sort it out.
Calm down, Rita.
You don't know what's going on.
I talked to Nando earlier,
but haven't heard from him since.
It's getting dark soon.
What will happen to Cleyton then?
Calm down, I've got your back.
One thing I don't get is,
you just started dating, right?
You're overreacting.
What the hell, Doni? Are you crazy?
He is my boyfriend.
I love him and you know it.
What are you getting at?
Fine, never mind then.
Hi. How's it going, Rita?
Did something happen?
My boyfriend was arrested.
What do you mean? Why?
He didn't even go to trial,
but he's locked up God knows where.
He was kidnapped by the police,
which is even worse!
- I'm gonna grab some water. Want some?
- You go.
Come here.
You know Nando won't let his homies down.
He's gonna figure it out.
- What if people think he's a murderer?
- They won't.
Because he's not!
I know, but the truth will come out.
If the truth comes out,
who do you think will take his place?
There's no way out, Doni.
I think I know what to do.
I'm going to post a video exposing
everything they're doing with Cleyton.
What's up, bro. You good?
Yo, Nando. All good.
I talked to that son of a bitch.
All they want is money.
Damn, brother. Be careful.
What if you don't pay?
Do you trust your homie?
Kid's my brother.
Imagine if this were
to spillover onto your family.
He's beautiful, babe.
- Be careful, Nando.
- Okay, bro. Thanks.
Talk to you later.
No worries. Peace out.
Step on it, bro.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Let's do it.
All right. It's your call.
Good afternoon, y'all.
I'm here to expose something very serious.
it's a lot more common than we think.
Another young man from the favela,
a hardworking lamb of God,
was taken by the police and disappeared.
They abused him,
and treated him like a criminal.
People from the favela
know this happens all the time
to those who have no voice.
We are tired.
It happens to our family, to our friends,
to those we love!
Enough! This has to stop!
Enough of the injustice!
So, how did I do?
Let me see it.
So that's where we're at.
That's it. I'll come to collect the money
every Tuesday from now on.
All right, bro. Gotcha.
How are the shops doing?
Yo, we are profiting big time.
- You're the shit.
- I know.
- Did you collect it all?
- I did.
You know how it goes.
Now that Formiga was arrested,
the pigs might show up wanting money.
Bro, let me handle that Formiga situation.
I know you're on top of it,
but these guys always want a bigger bite.
And I'm ready to help with anything.
Stick to taking care of the shops, bro.
Yo, with all due respect,
I can take care of anything.
I have nothing to lose.
I have nothing, bro.
I gave up my life to crime.
I'm here to help till the end.
Pulga, we appreciate
your willingness to help,
but that ain't an easy life.
You gotta be 100% sure.
You either give your life to it
or you don't.
I hear you, Nando.
Rita's so badass.
I'm really touched by what she said.
Yeah. So, we're sharing her video, right?
Baby, I can't do it.
My image is my career.
I support her, but I can't.
But you don't think he's guilty, do you?
Give me a break, Tally.
What do I know about him?
I'm just asking.
And I have the right to be worried
about being around someone dangerous.
"Vote Ms. Rose for councilwoman.
Vila Áurea's community leader."
Guys, look at this.
Ms. Rose never gets old.
Black don't crack.
Did she win the election?
If the hood is a tough place for us now,
imagine how it was for Ms. Rose in 2001.
I forgot she had run.
My mom didn't make it, Rita, but we will.
You will. Trust us.
That's right. By the way,
did you post that video about Cleyton?
I did.
Hey guys, thanks for the help.
This whole Cleyton arrest thing
broke me to pieces.
it's the first time I've thought
about running for city council.
And I couldn't even say why I wanted to.
I feel you.
Some days I think
I can't even get out of bed.
Then I look at how
my mom's basically stuck.
And I think,
"This can't be right."
Then I remember
my brother's not coming back,
and I realize I gotta chin up.
For my own sake,
for mom's sake, and to honor Rivaldo.
I can't grieve forever, you know?
So we must fight. Fight, you know?
Fight together.
You're right. I fought so hard today.
The only thing that kept me going
when someone talked about Cleyton
was that he dropped everything for God.
That's the level of commitment
I aspire to.
You have to use this opportunity
to make a difference, Rita.
'Cause it's not only Rita's dream anymore.
It's the whole hood's dream.
It's our dream.
There. Everyone better sleep now.
I'm just resting my eyes.
Formiga got arrested?
Look. Rita posted a video
at the precinct. It's recent, Nando.
Let me see that.
The police took my boyfriend Cleyton
Did you know about this, Luiz Fernando?
I'm not leaving until
- Give it to me. She called me
- It's a bad idea.
I couldn't pick it up.
Unfortunately, it's a lot more
I told Formiga to stop
messing around on the streets.
Do you think they'll come after you?
- After us?
- I told you I'm leaving this life.
Soon it will be just you,
Bruninha, Enzo, and I.
Formiga had left too, Nando.
It's different.
Trust me.
Come here.
Thanks for accepting, Auntie.
Of course. The church leaders
must know Vila Áurea is with you.
Hey! Smile!
- One more.
- One more.
It's perfect.
I love it.
Yo, Rita!
- They better free our guy.
- Yeah.
- It went viral, Rita.
- You're killing it.
Dear, I know
you're upset about Cleyton, right?
Look, I brought you some chocolate cake
to remind you
that I'm here if you need anything.
Thanks, Auntie.
Take it easy, okay?
- Good call on the cake.
- I'll make you one too.
I'll take you up on that.
She's so skinny, ain't she?
Rita, pay attention.
This is none of your business.
Please stay out of it.
Let's meet up.
Okay, let's do this.
Let's double the amount.
If you show up with one ton, I'll buy it.
Can you do it?
Come on, come on, come on!
One trip. Instead of taking two trips,
take one. Get it?
Yes, yes. I get it.
I just think it's too big
of a load to transport in one go.
It's too risky.
You feel me? We can easily take two trips.
For me
this is how it works.
I can handle the logistics.
You can trust me.
We are part of this city,
and we do deserve
to be respected, to be heard.
Peace out, y'all. Have a blessed week.
Great to see you have
the support of your community.
That's essential in a political career.
But we were worried
about those other videos.
Come in!
- Peace be with you, son.
- Peace, Pastor.
You know that here,
we are like a big family.
Please, Daniel.
Rita, as a lawyer, I had access
to Cleyton's ongoing investigation.
You went over his investigation?
Yes. His situation is very tricky
due to the crime he's being accused of.
He hasn't even had
the chance to defend himself!
He's accused of being
the right-hand man to the head
of one of Brazil's biggest gangs.
Cleyton is a servant of God.
He dropped everything to be here with us,
to live by Christ's words.
His chances of getting off the hook
are very slim.
Rita, we're on your side,
that's why we called you here.
To guide you.
You're lending your name and your face
to a very complicated cause.
And here at the congregation,
your strength is needed in many areas.
God is watching.
And I'm sure He's going
to grant Cleyton and me the victory.
Pay attention to me.
We are going through a decisive moment.
We need to remain faithful
to our principles.
We don't stand just for our beliefs,
but also for the Church's beliefs.
We must not stray.
Think about it, dear.
You have a brilliant future ahead of you.
But it will depend on
the choices you make now.
Luan, I'm at Luzi's practice.
The song turned out great, huh?
What do you have in mind
for the music video?
Bro, I'm literally drooling over here.
What a goddess!
You're still going to meet
a lot of girls on the road. Take it slow.
Speaking of concerts,
it's been a while for me.
I miss seeing the crowd going wild.
When are we taking the stage?
As soon as we iron out
the details of our contract.
I'm super stoked, writing tons of tunes.
People want music they can dance to.
Take it easy.
Release your song,
come up with an identity,
then we'll think
about new songs and concerts.
Bro, you don't understand.
My songs are going viral.
The view count's going up every day.
People are digging it.
Yeah, everything's exciting
in the beginning.
But you gotta do things
in a structured way.
You've got talent, people like you,
but you still gotta take it
one step at a time.
Bro, I appreciate the advice and all,
but y'all asked me to hold off on working
and releasing new songs for too long.
I wanna do things my way next time.
Luzi, we'll take it from the top.
You coming?
- Yeah.
- Go on.
- Let's do the chorus.
- What's up?
Look. It goes like this.
Look down, then to the side.
Change legs.
Boom, boom.
Then go all the way down.
Step forward.
That's it.
The arms.
One, two, three
Go up. Yes!
That's it.
All this money in advance
will go into buying hydrochloride?
That's right.
Our brother Boi will provide
most of the funds.
That's it, bro. Let's take Boi's money
and close the deal in Paraguay.
The rest is on you, okay?
Yo, Nando. What's with this face?
That boy's arrest
is still weighing on you?
I'll put an end to that shit today.
Make no mistake.
Good, bro.
Cross your fingers
he'll keep his mouth shut
and you'll be able
to negotiate his release.
One ton, then?
Better figure out
where you'll get a plane, brother.
I can't, baby. I'm still shooting.
Come when you're done.
Everyone is super excited.
I had planned to study
the ad's script, you know?
But tell everyone I said hi
and have a great time.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. Miss you!
Me too.
Look who's back, y'all!
You know how I roll.
Pelvis. Pelvis.
I wanna know, when is MC Doni
doing a collab with MC Luzi?
Very soon.
For now, the goal is
to beat each other to the Top 10.
Is this a challenge?
- Damn right it is.
- I'll see you and raise you.
Let's hear it.
I want your ride
- Okay.
- and some famous chick's number.
Famous chick.
No, for real.
I'm more than happy with my girl.
Babe, are you listening?
We gotta send Bruninha to kindergarten.
Kindergarten? Already?
The girl needs to study, socialize,
meet other children.
Do you want your daughter to stay behind?
- But who'll take her to school every day?
- I can do it.
Or maybe we can get a chauffeur.
And, hey,
one sitter for two is not cutting it.
I need another one.
For God's sake, bro.
ALARM: 11:50 P.M.
Sorry to bother you this late, Nando.
I can take care of it, okay?
Were you waiting for my call, chief?
What's up, Nando? Have you decided?
It's hard to get a hold of you.
What's up? Is he okay? Where is he?
That's not how it works.
What do you mean?
You promised me you'd take care of it.
I did what I could, Rita.
Nando, I was there.
I saw it!
Didn't they want to cut a deal?
Can't you see? Their ask was so high
because they didn't want any deal.
I'm only here because you're my sister.
We're done with this, Rita.
Tell me the truth.
There was no deal 'cause you don't
give a damn about Cleyton anymore.
Rita, I only asked you for one thing.
And what did you do?
Posted about it all over the Internet.
Did you really think
that would help to negotiate?
I've always had your back.
- But this isn't your problem.
- Whose is it?
Whose fucking problem is it?
Is it Formiga's?
Who's locked up somewhere?
The problem is ours, Nando.
The fucking problem is always ours, bro.
That's all. Formiga got arrested
and will be prosecuted.
Nothing I can do, sorry.
What's bothering you?
I know you, bro.
My previous song already had
twice as many views at this point.
Bro, that tune was a collab
between three artists.
The new one is just yours.
Some people blow up on their own.
Why are you comparing yourself to others?
Looking back is a waste of time, bro.
Save the suffering for real problems.
Otherwise, move on.
Speaking of problems, how's Rita?
I don't want to talk about it.
All right.
No cheating, bro.
Fuck off.
Hey, Luan.
Just scheduled an appearance on Portiolli.
Portiolli's show? Good shit.
But it's just for Luzi.
Damn, the girl has blown up.
Oh, just Luzi?
We gotta walk her through
the ins and outs.
Will you do it, or should I?
I can do it. I'll show her how it works.
Cool, thanks.
Cleyton, how are you?
Hanging on.
Stay strong. I don't wanna see you crying.
They transferred me somewhere.
But I'm sure
they'll get me out of here in no time.
they won't.
- Where are you? I wanna see you.
- No.
- Rita, you don't have to.
- But I want to.
I'll do whatever I can
to help you from out here.
I need you to be honest with me.
Rita, you're the reason
I'm hanging on here.
You know how I feel about you.
It's real, Cleyton.
Did you do any of those things?
I swear
I swear to God
I've never pulled a trigger in my life.
Rita, I love you.
I want to get out of here
to build a family,
have kids with you.
And I want to do everything right.
We'll have all of this.
I'm not abandoning you.
You hear me? I'm not abandoning you.
Hang in there
and I'll stay strong over here.
I'll do whatever I gotta do for you.
I'm gonna fight till the end.
I won't abandon you, Cleyton.
I love you.
I love you too. I gotta go now.
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